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ISIS Falls, Biden’s Bad Week, and Dr. Pondriver’s Return

2019-03-22 | 🔗
On the latest episode of the Free Beacon podcast, sponsored by Calm, the gang discusses the downfall of ISIS, breaks down Joe Biden's bad week, and welcomes Dr. Leonard Pondriver back to the studio.
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The programme that you're about to hear contains material that may be offensive to some listeners listener. Discretion is advised. But the good make, my dear fellow, and welcome to write and writer the official package of the Washington Free Beacon sponsor by com, I'm hustlers with Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W F B.
The freebie compact gases available on Itunes, Google play and sticker. Please scribe. Tell your friends and leave of review. Dreamy from the right today is free, beacon, editor in chief Matthew continuity. You may remember him from such mainstream media programmes as Fox NEWS, Sunday and Chicago's morning answer you can follow him on Twitter, at cut nutty, Huemac, pillows and further to mats right is freebie camper. An errand Harrison who is not a husband from Hell, we're not exactly sure he does around the office besides checks and that's good enough for US hookers. So, let's just alleged, but before we started the day, I do want to argue the special shot out. My man, John from the asked and Martin of Washington DC dealer who hosted me in several of my colleagues last night at at Duff, Yola Mari here in Washington, D C and too. Rapid, laid on the virtues of the fine automobile that is asked and Martin so he's fine.
The upper right and writer Rob Rogue software get that guy role in pretty exclusive company. If you're not aware inside is well, let all the right writer listeners out their say go, get yourself A fine luxury automobile out at asked, and Martin washing Dc Thyssen's corner tell em Harrison from Free Beacon censure in their approach hook you up with car your dreams. They then up. First, on reckon writer, the ICES Caliphate has crumbled, as the last stronghold of the terrorist state was liberated in Syria. According to Fox NEWS report, on the ground, and by witnessed american troops bringing down the black club flags vices, the Jew heavy team that once rolled over eight million people Matt, are you tired of winning at this group, is a great victory for America the World and Trump Administration, and the question, of course is what happens. Next, does reassured that there may be more troops left in South eastern Syria.
Than was originally planned. A more bit worried us our report today that the iraqi Parliament is moving toward making us leave once again. That would be bad thing and we should try to use diplomacy to stop it from here. But there is no question that this is a huge victory against terrorism and against radical Islam Harrison yet. I would always grew up. An athlete. In high school, and are some collegiate experience it we're all trades well aware of not actually not crew. I dont believe that was an option in. If, if it was, I mean, God help the poor crew members of my university cause. I'd never met them, and that means they were nobody's back then so thoughts and prayers. Anyway, as an athlete
We were always brought up to never celebrate victories over the Jamie Squat, like that's just practice for the virus. The team bright. So I dont really get what the big deal is is why are we railroad? Why we plunging down Jamie right. What such a satisfied expressed, I was such a good line, is tell you're so are always did I I do love to to praise former President, in a lot of his wonderful per excesses. Yes, at next Washington, as a buzzing with anticipation and sad dying. Liberals everywhere are clutching to their last breath for the release of the Mulder report, the media, I am sad that mauler will likely not indict the duly elected President United States for his crime of crime, of winning the twenty sixteen election like
baby to be born, said trumps attorney, Rudy Giuliani. If the report is good I'll, give out cigars Harrison, how are you going to celebrate? No collusion has told nobody's seen rosemary baby Cosette not merely the final see terrifying stolen, haunted by that one. But now I got the apparently Rosen steam says. There's no! No, I don't. It's coming down coming down? So what's the point what have we been doing what what seriously not after serving as just a gigantic exoneration of collusion. Bribery or murder or urinating on mattresses or whatever the hell that they actually are investigating here in this stupid report. If they don't come down with some it with either a full exoneration or movements across the board, then they wasting their time. Ok because if we are just our money, we are just left with an income the report that just some innuendo and
says? Well, maybe this was bad and Anne and maybe maybe trot, a phone call. He shouldn't have taken it's just going to open up more doors for the damage, that's too. We eat a parade around town with and get on MSNBC. I just think that if this, is there nothing Berger that apparently everybody expects to be. The conclusion is that this entire investigation was a colossal waste of government resources in time. Well not everyone expects it to be a nothing Berger. I was among some friends yet just the other day, who are steeped in mauler mythology and what I got there's more than one thousand one of them was talking about how there might be as many as seven indictments that are waiting waiting to be entity. It was like the book of Revolution
waiting to be unsealed when the report is submitted and that when this report is submitted than all of these indictments will be opened, and next thing you know ass, the Trump Administration end or family will be be a frog marched. Prison I think that's an overriding. What happen. But it's it's exemplifies the state of mind. I think, among the more addled members of of the left, the real story is: why did this investigation happened? Yes, and the more you fainted railleries collusion Russia, while or with the bread he right. Ok, it crystal was a british National Right and it also relates to the war. Of words between John Mccain at between Trump and John Mccain's? Ghost that's happened this week, with no one in the press reporting on his car versus saying how it's done.
Now. It's really is a news report. I think in the news. Four times the mainstream media about how Mccain's aid, David Kramer, your mental ends, shopping the steel report too various media and security officials, so that element of the story, I think, is left to be explored. It won't be explored by the media. It probably won't be explored by the Justice Department, but it remains. I think a scandal at least the largest trumps firing of call me, which is allowed to do presidential powers? I do care, I dont understand why everybody is so confused as to why Trump would be angry with sabotage Years of his presidential aspiration and his campaigns in his presidency there, everywhere. I understand the paranoia he should be, and I don't care that he's
Picking out and anger I mean Harrison tries to sabotage me every day of fat. You know the next Joe Biden, political team is floating some ideas to fix his problems in the democratic process. Mary, namely that he's a very old white male aid, say creepy Joe, who would turn eighty halfway through the first, his first White House term could pledge to just serve one term. He also might kick off his campaign by announcing his choice of running mate in romance novelist, Stacy Abrams, who checks off all the political boxes for the left he's an african american female and a loser who holds no elected office. Matt Biden sure sounds like a very strong front. Runner Byron use.
What kind of rolling around in desperation it seems to me I'm this was weak, made me doubtful that he will enter the race after all, I am convinced he was going to enter, but the back to back stories. First saying that he was worried. He can't it is much from small donors as better and burning edge, and so he's lining up all the corporate lions to get the money, and that was okay well Why are you telling the New York Times that you're you're worried about that? Then that day, Next day it was followed by the story of him saying: oh, I'm will announce a state. Abrams if my running made, because I know that I'm too old to widen to mail to join up enthusiasm among the democratic base, well, you're, making your opponents arguments for them
Your new were making the case against your nomination yourself, It makes no sense if you want to the present in the United States. You need to ignore all the criticism that is going any wanted a guy on your candidacy. Not yet, I have to say, I think, just compare that Elizabeth Warren Right who has gone through the swamp right, who is almost a belated her candidacy because for identity politics in poke in being Pocahontas and she's, still go on forward. She still came she's still determined she's still come up with an idea. They fight back LEO. You know who that is. Actually what a presidential candidate does look at tromp near Trump, never you know you're right, I don't have any government experience. I shouldn't
running for president. That's what both Joe Biden, bearing only listen. You don't apologize for who you are, what you're doing and why you're running. So I think it's a really bad sign for binding Harrison, even As far as I am glad to see everybody's finally, coming around what I have to say about Joe Biden, I'm gonna save everybody a lot of time. I pledge the Joe Biden will serve zero terms in office. I've been a bit, maybe Joe Biden do a better job for Joe in this would probably preserve his status as an elder statesmen in the Democratic Party is that he could play to be kind of the ring master, an arbiter of the democratic primary. Thank you should put himself forth in this role in possibly what he should do. Is we have a real situation, Democrat Party, where there are so many people running? They can't really put debates together that are going to collect all eighty five of the king.
AIDS on the same stage, it would be like an arrogant and our other under car lot. Republicans did Joe Biden has expired, in such matters, and I think what he could do as he could take the democratic field and divided into three it. You'd have your ain't. What he wanted to do with the rock. I believe what you're saying you should partition the democratic field. He partitions the democratic field into three independent pools of candidates, Have CNN, be the network for a? U can have our t be the network. For me and you can have Al Jazeera, be them one for the sea pool, and I think that, if you put all of that together, there all going to have equal airtime too audiences that will be voting for them in a potential general election are those are the facts supporters of each of these candidates and so actual binds the guy that kid he's got. The status he's got the
the yeah, the mole joke, if you will technocratic Charlie's, help the party out, and I think this would be the best best service it. He could do Joe Biden what the hell is. He doing given the re spotty if you're gonna body resident for you don't need to think about whether you should be president. Ok, you're, innocent, ions alleys, it's not as rapidly and are afraid of losing and he's. Gonna was now it's time to check in with our sponsor com with stress and anxiety, many people can often feel exhausted during the day, but when it's time to go to bed, they just can't fall asleep if worry is affecting your days and nights is probably also affecting your overall health. That's why we're partnering with calm the number one up to her.
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W F B, get unlimited access to all comes content day at conduct com. Slash, W F B, now were pleased to be joined once again by Doktor Leonard pen. Pond driver excuse me vice president of the David Gherkin Institute of Bi partisanship, whether excellence by I'm. So sorry, So sorry, doktor, p o are welcome back so you're you're, a creature of Washington you're, a big fan of Miller. I hear well, I have mixed feelings and when we get into it when he was announced, of course, I was proud, not just an american, but as a human being that so many Democrats and Republicans were praising his record and law enforcement, and that really gave me great hope, but, as I watched the smaller investigation over time, you know one thing: I've noticed is that
We have somebody who is indicting, but if you listening he's indicting Russians, but He s. A good point talk russians- and this put me a bizarre situation because it seems like the only person right now in the national conversation whose willing to hear the russian side of the story is Donald. And he's the one being investigated right. It's a real pickle, and that is why we have the Urban Institute and run a sword through all this, but I'm just concern that were only hearing. You know one side of the story. You know I mean What how far we gonna get. Imagine if we had a budget negotiations were one side was saying you Democrats did this and you did that, and you did this and we're I put you to jail for that and this in everything else, and we never listened to them, What is one of the Russians? Why did the Russians do this? Why did the Russians put out these trolls? What are they interested and why are they reaching out to black lives matter, and
nazis. What's going on here, really I there we have not talked about Russia besides Donald Trump. Now I'm not going to support democratic he's a diversified, He is not about art that is of lilies closed minded approach, so I'm somebody who many things that he has done and I No our eyes are open at the Durban Institute. We know what we're dealing with, but on this one I oughta where I would like the IRS to look into the tax status as a non political, adding now you're acting like Robert Mauler, that's exactly what Robert mother would do here today. I am going to developing liberalization with the IRS you're, not starting any conversations. There's no listening, you're, just indicting you're coming up with allegations that an that's animals of its it. I have to say it was a disappointment for me personally was a disappointment for me. I would like to hear from more Russians, and maybe we can come up with
Fifty fifty on this one, maybe what we say that the way funds and russian influence state and local elections, but not federal elections. I dont know that we need more out of the box, bi partisanship on it, but I have to tell you know: we're getting we're going down the line partisanship from in a robber moment. We had so many great hopes, but. I mean that circles that you travel and doktor pond re are. Obviously I you encounter a lot of folks who are very supportive of Mahler and we ve been reading reports. People who just idolized more so much that they're turning his visage and too I rings and jewelry and other memorabilia ones ease baby ones. And one are you: are you have any Mahler memorabilia while, as I said earlier on, I was a great admirer of him and it will also come siding with my recent divorce. I was back on the single seamen, you know dating with me now, but they call apps. I suppose so I bought a single Robert,
hearing the kind of look younger rearing. Well, I mean it's, it's listen. I'm trying way more in touch with people everywhere it s a good grinder. It's it's a left hearing, but listen! I there are a lot of things you know men do in their in their middle age to try to appear younger, and you know, one of those things for me is that we would have had a robber Mahler hearing and does it a foot? Was it a dangling hearing with his full? Now we all know it was a start with his face. I mean it. I thought way. They thought it was quite tasteful so, but, as I said I mean now, I have to go back to my coffee and on hearing, which is much more effort where I met at this point. It didn't work, with the feminists, the Robert Miller, I've, I feel listen I haven't been dating market for several years, though it does a lot of things. I'm learning about how it works these days
depend gotta, listen to them a line on your your phone profile. Exactly used to be you use your. Asked someone on the Tenaya user found a figure out what you're gonna you're going to deal with it. All hard for you, though, to meet singles living on the seller says you are you generally, I must have you well, these and United Europe. How does the seller bar car Our view is not only a lovely unromantic spot from my perspective, but it's a great way to meet people that one of the few ways to meet people I found not online So it's our allies and then say what is difficult for. I can imagine, as somebody who has dedicated his entire career, to bringing people together, you mean you're more of a match maker the one meeting the match himself.
And so the other fellow turned a bit? They have turned its very difficult, but you know with a little luck Furthermore, earrings I think we can, we can make it work. What else did we want to talk to professor, driver about was there and I were there. Is we also wondering about yet bite so you're going to say he crept. Therefore, for whispering the cue to me, we were due to have that wonderful discussion about Joe Biden and possibly naming Stacy Abrams is running made out of the gate. What's your wits, your take on the emerging twenty eighteen, democratic, twenty, twenty democratic field. Why, heard the earlier conversation. I think you guys are dead wrong on job. I, If you go on the internet, where a lot of young people spend their time, what you find is in men or may I said
pronounced much member right there tell that to your day. You know you know with where there's a lot of emphasis on this idea of the daddy or those adding who's the tyranny of the eighty of them all out how websites you go to the girl get. It is hidden livers thing. Well, I'm saying Joe Biden is quote: unquote, daddy and that's a very popular right now Maloney lightly or into what I want him. Seeing on we're getting dangerously close to me too. Well, it's not only to undo saying that. I think that there is a real opening their now. If you were to ask me who's the original daddy worlds. Patrols and worse, you know, he's got them millennials with a Starbucks thing. You know he's got the millennials with a bi partisanship. Some too, I think you're strong, but he's wary about Biden right now by now
Abrams, that really is a continent, but it's all over the place there. So I'm looking at that and I'm saying what is shots gonna do have you got a deal with this right and I given my research, my preliminary research on this daddy thing, daddy? May? Yes, the daddy may feel Donoghue Howard folds. And filled the shots diary Larry you go out and he sat at the mine by the size and shape out of the box sexy Bipartisan done with me. I was good. That was my next question is the actually living I have looked at I'm gonna give you know why people now and get our research programme then go back. You I'm, but I if he is alive, how can you imagine that dynamism, our children and fill Donoghue yeah? You know hang on the stump we are talking about issues and coffee. It's amazing. I mean I can't barely contain myself now you know they talk about
want a hearing a protein to me. Will you try to get to your rings? In that case, one one wonders: Donoghue wondered how regional out what the younger generations doing. Well, I think I, like you, can make your approach to make your own jury good. Can you do that? I'm right only used in filled Donoghue? Is your goat Well, I wouldn't relevant since that the pocket what the ninety three academy awards. First of all, if it turns out our research comes back in that field, aren't you is in fact did Then how do you ever feel? I do. I write like you, have a back up like a good documentary, film maker turns out. Has that's really can neighbouring everyone to get another daddy? So anyway. I just think. Millennials love. Daddy's Biden is got that when you ve got it look at him, he's got it. Yeah got the deadlines that way, so I say you get it
double down? The daddy will. Thank you for this insight. Please doktor pond driver continue to join us for culture hound up first daily Marijuana use has been linked to psychosis. According to a new study published in the Lancet psychiatry as more and more states seek to legalise the drug and democratic presidential candidates brag about smoking. He found daily pot. Users were three times more likely to have a psychotic episode compared with someone who has never used the drug researchers also found in London, Paris and Amsterdam were high. Potency we'd is most commonly available higher rates of new cases of psychosis like schizophrenia and by Lord disorder, man, no big deal. That's really disturbing news. Behaviors we're like no big deal, it's legalise it! Well, I'm not! The person is becomes subject, never having tried it. So, doktor program. I've travelled on our shores
I was very your time in the Ashraf in the survey so yeah Aviano have I'm happy overhead psychotic. I was briefly a roadmap for the derby brothers, the different era. I voted in favour of your marriage. There was a yes, it was a lot of me. Jane going on at the time, or what do you think about this darker they're talking about high potency, marijuana and other stuff? I assume that you were yet year. Ninety the Seigneur daddy's we'd. If you will well lotta hydroponic The culturally has gone into it. Today's modern strings use my enemies, no vapor. I think we have varying so maybe the vapours yeah, probably well. You know I'd like to see more research, gherkin institutes,
I'm sure, setting this closely, probably away to combine the research into the mortal state of filled out of you and the narrow, logical effects of th see right, I we don't. We crossed the streams of the garden. Ok that sets out I'd be a separate proposal. Well, it's it's just it's like good scholarship cells, firewall dounia I next flat Arthur's are planning a big, bold crews, to the edge of the world to prove that the earth is flat. The flat earth international conference is organizing the boy, age, which will take its followers Antarctica, where they believe they will finally frozen barrier that marks the edge of the world called the earth surrounded on all sides by an ice wall that holds the oceans back. This ice law is would explores, have named Antarctica the flu. Earth society says Harrison: Wendy Sale will probably it's gonna, be around April twentieth, which I believe is the day of the game of Thrones Premier
Think that's really what we're talking of rights that we are going to find out what is beyond the wall revisited well beyond the wall, but they don't really know what goes beyond the wall beyond their other than more winter, in zombies so Look, I think these people taking their lives in their own hands togethers reason: nobody lives there, it's inhospitable freezing snow and ice and snow, so I dont think that you are going to see a lot of success in this endeavour, because I really think that, like how do you have any plans to navigate the giant sea wall, I don't Well, you don't have to stop your boat, get off. Then walk or ice mobile across the card, freeze manner. I mean look, there's a reason that there is a giant ice wall there. They work Ok, I just kept us from falling off the edge of the earth.
That's got the lesson, I'm all words that you gotTA giant ice wall, its keeping five plus billion people on this planet safely and not drifting into outer agenda various scenarios and gather river to rail guy by the name of Magellan. Ferdinand Magellan, I believe use was spanish of humanity all around the globe. Hence As president, I want you to thing allegedly what how did it go to, and I would like to see video evidence of that I've, my pc or as regards Harry, would happen unless there's a cellphone video Ok, don't look! You would have read your little history books over there and claim that those are all filled with facts. You have you no! I apologize. I violated this. The cardinal rule, dialogue, finally This jam pact signs episode. Physics explains why time flies as we age. Researchers at Dig university have come up with a new explanation, for why is kids days,
endless, but time seems to move faster. The older we get science daily reports, this can be attributed to the ever slowing speed at which images are obtained and processed by the human brain as the balmy agents, as tangled webs of nerves, neurons mature? They grow in size and complexity, leaving to launder paths for signals to traverse the report says, as those paths then begin to age, they also degrade giving more resistance to the flow of electrical signals. These phenomena cause the rate at which new mental images are acquired and processed. To decrease with age quote? People are often amazed at how much they remember from days that seem to live. Forever in their youth said Adrian John and Engineering professor. It's not that their experiences were much deeper or more meaningful. It's just that they have been. They were being processed in rapid fire, mad this is true, then why are we still living in twenty? Sixteen
the fascinating hypothesis- and it's something I think about a lot, because I noticed, as I get older David, don't go last months and years to start flying by. I always thought it was because each additional year of your life is less than the total amount. You have lived rights or the fraction, If it is they denominator, given earlier that, it is likely that animal radar matters laughing all fell out development. I mean that's touching on something that's important here and I think that they really are a lot of problems with this study. When I read it and I said the last astrophysicist to South Africa filed biomechanical engineers as well. But the fact is, there are over thinking this met your exactly right. This goes back to Einstein theory of relativity. All things relative If you are one day old, one day constitutes one hundred percent of your life. If you a hundred years old one, day, is just a is a minuscule fraction
you can't. Even you can't even know, I don't even know is so that's really or is it just relativity, but you look at the yard. The other report that talked about the fact that protons can exist in dual states, perhaps leading to that there are dual realities that exist. They have broken the laws of physics and certain states that I've been reading. Have you I've? I've read the Journal of Sarajevo that to have a psychotic episode, we're gonna get some of that high powered hydrochloride factors that I have a very wide bread base of materials that I sort through on a daily basis in the lot of that involves scientific research with studies in this is a huge challenge. Retailing aren't you contains such depth. Multitude listen. Life should not be lived on a singer track you, Norman Young Doc. I think you're back me up on that. I'd upper leave me alone.
Where is a whole other side, the doktor pod drivers personality today, drivers personality further. The swinging single it out, like that day, lighting up right here at the l, a single, the azalea swinging, a seller single lighting up is Debbie. Wearing an eye on hearing the Ladys away as Messiah can say. Unfortunately, that's all the time we have read today's edition right right, I'd like to give a special thanks are producer. L before, of course, are freebie guess magic got many an Harrison and Doktor London pond driver. Remember if I palm driver remember, find us on Itunes, Google play in stature, just search for free beacon. Please subscribe to your friends only. They pose a review like listener. W M J ten who says, despite the unstinting Bela Causative, Harrington continuity in Harrison well worth listening to for the measured wisdom of one Doktor Leonard,
is a welcome voice of reason in these troubled times a thin until next time
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