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Jeffrey Epstein, Tom Steyer, and Ross Perot

2019-07-10 | 🔗
On this high-energy episode of the Free Beacon Podcast, the gang discusses wealthy Democratic donor Jeffrey Epstein being arrested, liberal billionaire Tom Steyer joining the 2020 race, and the great American Ross Perot.
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but go ahead, make my day, why welcome to the Washington Free Beacon, podcast, I'm your host Daniel helper. Thank you for listening. The free beacon podcast is also available on Apple Google play in stature. Please subscribe. Tell your friends and leave a review coming up on the show Jeffrey Epstein arrested on sex trafficking charges. What really happened aboard the were we to express will explore another Damn donor Tom's dire, whose pledged to spend on two million dollars to become leader. The free world. Ross Perot is dead. His legacy endures soccer, the men's team did the nation proud over July. Fourth weakens how the
Will you stay tuned and straw wars, the most compelling case yet to stick with plastic joining the show? Today's editor, in chief Matthew, continuity, who is right, is Aaron Harrison the presence of the free beacon and also on today's programme, Michael Goldfarb, chairman of the free beacon. While gentlemen. I feel like we should applaud you for making up through that introduction twice at a recent audited by lunacy lies. I see some of the lady software up to date to rubble hosts have yet to take effect path. Now voted the middle. I thought when we started in one breath. I always back to the lab lasted some of these bodies, but it appears that baby wearied cup more week, but I do where it yes of the Tamil its wealth was that well said. Thank you for this bored, in our view, try to rise it out by the right.
This is what are we doing here of Jeffrey Epstein financier with ties? The democratic party on sex trafficking charges has ignited firestorm against the Trump Administration the President years ago, when he too was a Democrat, was a friend of his and the current labour secretary, Alex Acosta was prosecutor and Epstein face similar charges over decades ago and appears to have got not easy man. Why are Democrats who long benefited from Epstein blaming it cost us for their donors, porn behaviour? Well, I think your question suggests the answer, which is that in one level this is an extreme. This helps distract from the Democrats, sociologists and with with Epstein, which has long running and an especially President Clinton's association with him.
But I am basically the democratic argument against a cost. Is he you know, then it he didn't. Let Epstein go to jail for long enough, for he arranged the work release in such a way that it was kind of a slap on the wrist. The cost is addressed this and he's planning to address it again. Today, after we record this episode, my since, as you know it should, he leave, Democrats might come to read it because my friends of the Wall Street Journal at a toy page have long been criticising the way that he is slow, walking some of the date deregulation efforts of the administration and his replacement might be much more pro market and dumb more forward. Leaning in terms of getting rid of these regulations, Harrison Acosta Interim resign. This isn't pr all of the size of the hell kind of question is that absence
Do we not Acosta has no reason to be to fear. Any use gives no reason resign over this fake scan. Your eyes is fake scandal. Ok, ominous amateur breakdown. Forty Epstein at the stories die then like they're, trying to make us about tromp right the Costa, who failed to what send him to jail for a thousand years and get him the death penalty, he's look. He was the chief prosecutor in in Miami Day County What have the first whack at this pervert Epstein and real based the evidence they had thought you did. The petticoat wasn't see that's inserted again. The whole reason that the southern district says it can now day. Him again is because I think is the dude says in the big lobby. New information have come to light. It's not wish this Florida.
This paper had got some victims to talk a little bit more than they had in the past. So it's not a double jeopardy. If these weren't this Amy New charge right in these weren't the same facts so when accosted got the deal so yeah, but but you don't wanna play the democratic game here. I'm I'm willing to play am willing to entertain it for the utilitarian reasons that my colleague, Mr Continuity, suggested that maybe we, if somebody that little little more rapid with the deregulation that that could be executed by the Labour Department but wanna play this game. I'm happy to play. Ok, what are the biggest murderers, in american history is clearly walking the streets I'm talking about o J Simpson. Ok, I thought you were gonna, say Hillary Clinton. I said one of them, not mass murder, big difference. Ok Simpson was prosecuted by Ganem Kilgore setting
in LOS Angeles. His son is now the mayor of LOS Angeles and was a was. He was an aspiring presidential candidate in this field of eighty, did that are running on the left hand side. So if they, cost up to be to be held up here. Both for a lack lustre prosecution I won't kill girl. I want your Seti, the mayor of LOS Angeles, to resign as well for letting that monster Oji Simpson, free after chopping off his wife's head and Wrong Goldman Sachs what this is really about? What goes along the way, but you're thinking, The game they wanna play I'm happy to play this game of an eye. Under the sun. What unorganized we take! Seventy there MIKE Bill Clinton famously befriended Epstein. He travelled on his private jet. Were we to express business enough evidence of Epstein skill. I mean that love
That's for sure, not even use gloves this statement from Clinton's press guy was like I mean it's. Yes, they might as well just put guilty on the top of it. I look having a lot of people are gonna go down in this in this scandal. It is kind of amazing that guy got off, but its value is nobody's, there's no ipl. Why would have caused? There's no motive provided here for why, across the? U know, lead go and he didn't want him. Cost says. The state was the one that had this ridiculous programme, let em. Let him out of jail every day to go to work, and we put the guy on this sex offender list, but this is that this is that this is just such a ridiculous story, but it also is, it shows how them,
you will jump on any story line that can possibly be related to the downfall of President Trot mean it's a failing that all day long yesterday this that they start the cables, ask then stick them like a phone in the face. Do they can should cause to resign and then, in the bottom of during their calls grow for accosted resign as an issue like this seller showed have hit our liking ice cream, coconuts this become about Alex, causing it makes them Democrats but an opportunity completely cynically and their bodies in them, but I would I do so with I was talking to somebody yesterday. You said exactly that this is it this This might be the what brings in doubt as I would alter. I told her when he mean like Stormy Daniels or my clever, naughty or James call me or robber color, meant the desire for something to come that will just miraculous sleep remove trump from the presidency is so strong weathers among the left.
But they really to listen to the same numbered ray and take his like both statements, as the word of God and the sky was next to grind and mental issues. You know beyond what any, can comprehend and these quotas at the New York Times, like will Trump said this in Trump said that it's not incredible. Trump obviously had a relationship with the guy. God knows what went on there, but then trumps severs his ties wearing a guy in a very dramatic caution and then Trump is licking his chops at the idea of Epstein getting wrapped around the actual on this stuff. So I just think as a man or of logic. If the guy really had something be afraid of. He would not be like sitting there can't wait till Bill Clinton gets caught. Up in this thing. Does he be like a one next, but that's not how we was. This is the birth. There is some of the left, and what I mean by that is it is. It is their what Matt was saying it is their their biggest fantasies. That's something falls out of the sky and onto Donald Trump Head in,
his pregnant urban well now would be something to help us on my mind these days. While you want Trans man, wish. I didn't work out an advocate for the two weeks ago. They were accusing our president of raping a senior citizens at Bergdorf Goodman. As I am its fourteen year, girls knife, and I said you know I told her- that man, president Tromp, has an m o. He has a very specific type that he does not need to deal run, and it's like thirty year old system are models and play this thing, and you know what they like him He happens to be there to that's right. This does help this whole thing does at the flavor up. You know it wouldn't be happening if it were under if it's a week at Monodist, it was happening. Not only can present, nothing is happening. Nothing is happening out in the story will fade with next week, because Mahler testifies next week and then then Mahler will fade because we
for that we get some more democratic debate. Also noticed this is just its. Let's just speculate mindlessly for forty two, I think I got the money I'll yearning to say that on MSNBC yesterday I was watching that shown as like he's gonna say, like react, let's just speculate, I can't because that would and my tells me I learn my lesson years ago- you have to play by the rules, but the story Justine seems to me is like it's. I hope he goes to help. The guy goes to jail. That's it.
Eric swore, while the democratic counting on you horse in a country of great move acquisition of a democratic bribery transitions at the next stop, we just need a faster processing ship. That's all swallow announced this week. I ran for president and while the smarmy partisan dropped his bid, another jumped in Tom's dire another democratic billionaire announced he's going to spend a hundred million of his own money to when the presidency at buyers and partisan consultants rejoiced Harrison. What these stars pathogens nation o eggs, the same as everybody else's path, which is like, maybe the other fifty people in the race get struck by ironing and they happen to be the one. You know that wins the lottery and suddenly the the nominee for this catastrophic party did they have created
what a nightmare is. What is going on in the democratic party? You don't concern the right and conserving media are the only people that are talking about the fact that they have no cohesive message in no cohesive strategy. To take down Donald Trump, how the hell are they going to win this race you're, just gonna, throw rape accusations every eight every seven or eight days that the planned, nor the plans for the economy to go in yes, the willing for America without well, I mean that was our plan in twenty well. That was, I remember, checking those unemployment numbers every month and is waiting oversee, lets the cook and wandered out right. We wanted Obama, the veil and he did, and they won't talk to fail and he's not so tell me how twenty two he's, gonna go folks. This is such a it's just such a bunch of book. I hope I hope, the other
billionaires like Michael Bloomberg and Howard Schulz, Starbucks Character, get back in the race Because they can't be intimidated by Tom Stars, billions of dollars, the I hope, George Soros gets in the race. I hope. These other left wing billionaires have been financing all of the left wing propaganda campaigns. You see against guns on this climate change, nonsense on on raising taxes on universal health care, for every body that is paid for by two dollars. You look, I honestly, I want them all to go in and go full socialist, embrace it and ensure the wealth, the wealthiest, the wealthy liberal guilt for everybody to see MIKE. Why is that every billion or think she knows american politics better than the professional politicians? You know? Look. I have a very high opinion of politically interested billionaires. I think some wonderful people
I encourage their participation in our political system. I was kind of dumbfounded watching Bernie Sanders answer this question yesterday and say what a good friend of his Tom's dyer is. After he's, like spent the last year, eighty years really IRAN's millionaires and millionaires now a millionaire and his friends of billion airs it's a little, but it doesn't it for me. No, I mean at the thing that struck me about Tom Stars, launch video which of people haven't. Why should I encourage them to launch it causes just like a fascinating piece of political? I don't know self satire is that this guy, if you were to come up with like dastardly plan to you, know scarface style. First, you get the money. Then you get the How're, you know, then you become friends, Jeffrey Obscene, and then you have the girl stars basic We following like what like an evil genius is plan right. You make all this money and then you Spend you know
percent a year when you're making ten percent in the hedge fund. Anyway, he made the money in coal and oil and placid straws and God knows what else, and now spending, the money to buy political power. He spent several hundred million dollars already everybody's gotta be nice to now. Even Bernie Sanders has to be nice to a billionaire who gets in the primary and the by with a hundred million dollars. So what this guy, really after I mean excuse me for being little cynical that maybe this guy is is like just out for himself. And out for money and power and then he's gonna, pull it all up behind them and nobody else is going able to invest in the things he invested in to get rich, no one, can be able to work those kind of jobs and then he's gonna goes down the loopholes are. No. Nobody also be able to spend that kind of money on politics after he's done, but we like the only guy
Let's do it, it doesn't seem very fair to me. I think this is really bad for the Democrats that he's entering the race. I mean he's quoting this big number that he is prepared to spend to win the nomination, but ya save even spends A quarter of that. How is he I mean? He's got deep pockets, but is he really gonna be enthusiastic about supporting the eventual nominee. If it's not him, you know, is he gonna? Do the independent expenditures that he, in doing that past cycles. What's his actual objective here, the already has a huge list from his impeachment campaign. I just it is even a draw resources away from the other Canada, it is obviously not gonna be donating to them during the primary, at least it's uh, it's kind of em, a mass weird you didn't mention impeachment in the video either right me. No. If Teddy targets are weird platform to run on impeachment minutes,
he's a weirdo decided, I know you're in a hundred million dollars pursuing it. Everybody said this weird thing to do is counterproductive. It's stupid! It's a waste of money, the ways the money he did it anyway now is running for president. He doesn't mention it. Met, brings up a really interesting point, which is: is this going to divert resources from where they often where else they could go? But the question really that needs to be asked is: where are the rest tribute it within the Democratic Party. I'll. Have you guys been seeing this, but every it seems like every Democrat out there is attacking the friction Dnc, which is supposed to be the financial of of the rest of the party. I like it, apparently it off you give to the evil autumn. Perez led Dnc on the on the left. You somehow selling out your own cause will act. Blue I mean is the real financial hub. All dollar donations and Elizabeth warned seems to be doing pretty well with those out raising Bernie and for that for that in terms of the big donors right now to
then, in Budapest in bondage, of course, has no future at all, and it's just that it's weird mess I just you look at insight. Was star gonna qualify for the round in July I mean I'm starving. He doesn't what what's the point I dont see at the emissions I don't understand why you would run for president if you can't qualify for the debates, because the is the only chance any one has is getting on tv and there and having a little bit of a run like calmly, did when she attacked by them, but what they think about how much oxygen and attention is being sucked up by either the lesser tiered candidates from the Biden the Harris the warring, what I would consider the top ten nobody talks about them. They haven't any point here. You think so I mean in the long run, for the democratic party I would say for both parties it is an advantage to not be,
in the limelight and the more you're in the limelight, the worse you're doing, Texas, born Texas, bread and now Texas, dead, Ross, Bro passed away this week at the age of eighty nine, the regional tech tightened Billinger was, was famous for its attitude dog dire something. No, that was a source of software. Is a software glitch, we're gonna work on this, and that was his final comment to the Dallas. Nine. No, but you just seem so depressing says a sad day. We lost a lot of american euros over the past few days we have kicked. Please continue Sadly, I know how difficult it is most famous for ninety ninety to run for president, where he got. Nineteen percent of the popular vote, though, failed to win any electoral votes MIKE what is prose legacy. You know my five minutes to answer the question. That's probably a better person to ask what his what his place in the in the pantheon of a man in politics and populism is an unambiguous dear what he says about all that, but I did read
story, the other day about how he eats his last political act, had been maxim out. The trauma of two which was fascinating to read and locked, the guy was a total icon and you know those like great american story. In a great american hero in all ran thing, you know just a complete ban on major supporter of all military charities over the years and final appeal, WS, you know he was a great american. Emily was Bobby. I thought the Russia of all people actually eulogized him the best. Yes, day. This rush was no fan of Peru in eighty or ninety. Six have been spent. Probably seven April spent more time attacking him in two than he did Bill Clinton, but he's this beautiful and describing parole living the american dream- and he was one of the one of the great americans- are the twentieth twentieth century. Yet he was raised and dirt poor depression. The guy was,
He had, he came from nothing and he is. He was a self made almost became the richest man in the entire country and almost the entire world at one point: but he was also somebody who we don't never lost, touch with what brought him to such great fame fortune and wealth. I've got some friends of mine that are close, personal friends and colleagues of MR per hour were in some of their stories. You know they talk about how even into his late eighties, he would still visit the company cafeteria and go down just sit with the average Joe. That was economic, burger fries and in the cafeteria any of those type of conversation, there's somebody that was not like this aloof billions, sitting in his mansion. Like Howard Hughes, this was a very hands on genius. He always did have pretty tight security, though the well. This area I have heard, is as you well, if you were called to see him, you had to go through a lot of land.
Secure learn? Oftentimes. He himself was art and hotel it? U S Naval, Academy, bread and then his running mate. No annual dream, Stockdale another great american hero who is kind of put through the grinder by the media, because it is a debate, performance and ninety to oppress, fascinating character of its amines hearted. Obviously, the parallels between him and tramper pretty clear- and I think I noticed the same thing MIKE Mike- did- would when we saw that one of his last act. Was to max out from twenty twenty and I've no funny. I spent some time yesterday every died watching some of those infomercials. First time had seen them in time? seven years? There's I remember watching them as a child and ninety two and my favor
chart with one where he lifted up, means that you now here's the deal see these our competitors and the four countries he listed were removed his three countries. It was Japan, Germany, in Taiwan,. And I'm looking at the map and there's no China. China is not even a thought, and you really are Japan in Germany in Taiwan. Really being at our heels, now know they're, not, and so to me. It was actually reminder of how great America is in a way is that generation can pass, and here we had spent all this time worrying about these countries and yet there nothing and now our all of our time bring about another country which, as you know, signet get me more threatening, I think, than either of those than any of those three mainly because their their system of government is very different in their a hostile power.
China, but whose reminder that America just somehow keeps plugging along despite everything, what did he was? Also a precedent? Is business acumen? He was the you know its deep jobs got out at apple. He was the primary investor in his next computer company has now proved very smart man ever there. Does that mean we all look at him through political lens right and through the ninety two campaign, what that represented in your it's interesting to think about it if propose protrudes, and I wonder if he had just been pro life, how that might have changed? things cassettes. Of course it and then the other decision he made was to run independent and not to run for the republican nomination. Trump remember became pro, life in twenty eleven? I was there when he announced it He knew that he had to run with in the party. He could not run as an spoiler, Independent Canada, so
Maybe that was learning from per hour, makes you wonder what in politics would look like at proud done. What trumpeted also that and then, of course, the asterisk. Its trump was a rather pro in some ways. From a very unusual person and the question mark, and ninety two is what would have happened had pro not dropped out of the race in the summer of ninety two over You know, George Bush insult to my daughter. You know it's lying. I wanna get despite said, Bessy very satisfied at the wedding. We just kind of my heart Bush stopped all his momentum there in that summer and if he had just continued in the race, it might have been different yeah I mean that some cool I don't remember it as a child, but We all remember if I came on tv, but we gotta King Larry, but that the job being out over this theory? I mean
Who is it just shows the like being a super. Successful tighten of industry does not insulate on from the occasional, and you know, lunatic conspiracy, their ideas. There was a tick or to parade and Wednesday to celebrate american women winning the World CUP. That's a soccer tournament for less nurse who may be unaware the media's calling the american women's victory there, a win, a victory for women everywhere, which is a strange thing to say about victors of an all women competition clean can we now go back to not caring about soccer. I was that as soon as that, we added care how hundred percent hidden care. I just had to say there. I watched the little bit of it this. Running on CNN. You know, there's not that many people there CNN was like Workin really hard to keep the camera tight so that you couldn't see that there are like no people on the site
its road tromp needs to releasing what real pictures just like this could be retribution for an operation, but on the other, the person at the centre of the bread was billed Bosnia who's running for president. It had the feel of a campaign event much in the same way. The Democrats criticise trophy mors, derive, Walden was so excited on the sidelines and she pulls these three Girls, a sigh and there like nine five and six years old- and they at this in time, somebody hands and equal pay up on the float and Bruce Baldwin, says these little girls equal pay. What does that mean to you. I mean. Obviously, this woman does not have children because children, it doesn't mean anything to them. They dont understand, pay or work. How the world works? Levitating live oak. I know a little thing about equal pay, an exit, unequal pay, the nine year old girl says, will it they want to be paid as much as the boy soccer players, which is
We correct answer right. They are totally self interested in wanna be paid as much as the males one their own. We avail soccer players are apparently I don't they. And they should be. Only Romeo Aldwin says tour. That's right there! Fighting for you. Furthermore, I mean it's just: they turn this into just a political, we're activist issue. And they're like surprise that people like us, really go to view. We don't care, but it's not even it's not even a milestone. The women have won the World CUP for they all. We always do. We have the best women's protein I'm in the world they talking lay because, as the World CUP is not actually a competition, because
the only ones that actually really allow women to participate, not Lennox? So that's what I dont an I I've. That's I've viewed the story is kind of like. Why am I supposed to care? I guess we're I'm supposed to care, because the players are agitating for the same, pays the mail where's, but thou be like, wouldn't that be the same as W Nba athlete saying that they should be paid the same as. Finally, I think I've been advocating for that for a long time it it's just I mean like this. One thing here is one who is equal pay and that if they want to pay its equal pay for equal work, which is if the market is pricing, a job, point then women and men should be paid the same. I completely agree with I don't think, there's a single american but professional sports, the marketing clearly paying differentials because ended. That's not like that! Some mail-
Spirits see denying any one pay its note. This is what weaken the revenues we can generate, deter in how big our stars are in and in what we're going to what their pay off is. Gonna the lightest items, not the winning, that's determining their revenue. I think- and I think there actually sophisticated and savvy about this- they have realised that there more likely to get attention and therefore revenue with this what a cobra burden they are by winning the World CUP, which they do every four years I nobody gives and then that's. Why end? So that goes into the other reason: we're supposed to care about this, which is the rapid, no criticism of Trump. It's the same as the ski as the ice skater, who were Andy Report. I think his name was going after pencil. No one cares the only way any one cares about. You is. If you take a courageous stand against the monster in the White House as
Is it some of them? They're gonna come the washing to me with a Yossi in Ohio, more that can be they in their stopping american flag. The book didn't exactly bolster. There came Somethin american flat. You didn't see during the celebration. They grab american flag and throw it on the ground and stamped on until another player came by and took it away. I think they stop. I bet might be adopted, it wasn't accident. I mean I look. This is the other thing I do think to some extent. We are spending too much time as conservatives on this. This, like whatever no one cares. Nothing will happen because it's not it's not equal work. That's the point is like the woman, it does not like there's a woman on the men's team. That's not getting the same as the similar old player on the men's. These two different leagues are two different things. You can't they are getting equal pay for equal work with in the category of women soccer while they were attacking the present. The United States and conservatives in this country are the patriot, are the patriots. I know everybody TAT
president of the United States, not real Americans. We love our President Matthew and also on this painting I was so confused by. Why is this the issue there can dare onto? I didn't even know: what can we do this empire? I look, I didn't even know yet immense team until we started to show so I thought they were advocating to play for free. We'll pay. Yes, I've been out be happy to pay that zero dollars so that this things it's really is overwrought it we spent with much time on it, but you know, I guess you note in order to cover us, but I was going to say nationally that thanks to the media coverage of this is that for the first time my dont lifetime, I was proud of our country when, when they went away, did William program that need already instruct trophy saw. Did you see the story that Michelle Obama taken back being
the country has not brought any more involved now because of the Trump inauguration fired her president, her husband, she told the king this week, it was like not half, should not happy with that of migration in crowded Harrison. What Do you this week. I want to talk about a more and more like a mini podcast here literally was living that movie San Andreas Start, the rock where I was the rock trying to Obviously, we are united with my family. For those, don't live in the DC metropolitan area. We experienced what can only be described as a biblical event Monday morning, At about nine a m, was set to make a move within Northern Virginia and just as I packed up my wife's car with our dot pearl,
vodka, and were they were being sent off to the new the new mansion outer the new state the skies opened up. I released my wife into the wild and just as the garage door closed and she went off into what can only be described as a health care. The skies opened up, and we we received about thirty feet of of rain inside of an hour, though proof of the building that I live in caved in flood all the elevators. I cannot escape my building at this point, they are out there running around in help those trees. Falling down cars or smoking power lines are falling over anyway. This whole thing glass, like forty eight hours we know or living in the new eighty thousand Square Foot Mansion armed security, twenty four slash unlisted, more funding,
I agree with him were happy. Let you re eyes it was. It was me, looked I well, it's all right, is this a fragile today, but you know what I spent forty hours running it reunited with my family on the streets of t see it was like that movie. What was the one James Franco, that, where the end of the world and reaches now resolve or that this is the end that movie like they're, all at our House Party. They walk out sudden interest. Chaos is going on. I would like it to be alive and we are happy to have you unhappy to be here too good to be back on free beacon, podcast. With with rowboat an tuna. Finally, another fatality,
the Great star wars of twenty nineteen, a british woman was fatally impaled when she fell on an eco, friendly metal drinking straw, which went through her eye pierced her brain and killed her no way. This wouldn't happen with plastic and there's no such thing as a working paper straw. This really happened while an eye for an eye MIKE which Eco terrorist should the death penalty for this. That's amazing, as this like a ritual which is currently incredible, british tabloid. You find the story evident, USA, today, they know it must be true. That's amazing how old mushy middle aged, I can't remember, maybe earth fifty or so serves arena where were rather, why we're rapidly approaching middle age? For now that middle aged, as a category, doesn't really work for MIKE me, I'm gob smack piano. He speechless
Well, you know, look xyz levy. Anyone used metal, straw, I've, never even rough. In the teeth of I've. Seen em, I haven't me: I've never used one can but papers, trouser worthless there, so bad a terrible. I might get a good, I think their last. Yeah need. I would like to sound out yet a countdown begin. It must do more to drink is cold. If it's hot forget it, you and even haven't eight minutes. You gotta, but twenty second use the straw for hot drinks. I don't I've seen it started. I summit that are now you got other problem if you can use for hot I'm totally against draws in general. I think it's a disgrace. Let this be a lesson to all the environmental us out there. That would rather use a metal straw them a girl, safe, effective plastic straw. She gonna brought this on our self of you ask me. I just don't get over our dearly departed. Colleagues, sunny bunch. Actually a great twitter ran on this. You know about how
environmental, it's all a one and another continuing series of thousands of tweezers. That's all. That's all apparently does now sweet, but yeah he's. He said This is why the environmentalist makes such good movie villains it's because they want to story. Our lot every eye was a human who died, not a right, not some sort of but the environmentalist killed her, that's what other those straw mandates like people are going to alternate means straws in books, plastic straws work just because some total. The middle. The Atlantic decided to inhale an entire straw into its nostril and just happen to be caught by much of enviro activists that video them extracting the straw, which have seen that no fewer than three thousand times, because thanks Facebook, if you don't have any political agenda, forcing these frickin propaganda videos out there, Don't get straws, because Facebook pushed a freakin total video, where a straw is being pulled out of its nasal cavity
why we don't have straws. Thank you, Facebook, but big, in the world a better place, killing women with metal straws through the eyeball he had big of a worse, waited die. Ok, That does it for today's episode, special thanks target when, of course, a regular, stable, a free beacon stars, Matthew, Con Eddie Errand, Harrison and Michael Goldfarb remember find us an apple google play in stature, just search for free beacon. Please subscribe and leave the positive review until now you until next,
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