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Jussie Smollett, Carlos Danger, and Millennial Dating Tips

2019-02-19 | 🔗
On the latest episode of theĀ <em>Free Beacon</em> podcast, the gang discusses fake hate crimes, feels bad for Carlos Danger's delivery man, and gets some dating tips from generational ambassador Paul Crookston.
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The programme that you're about to hear contains material that may be offensive to some listeners listener. Discretion is advised Go ahead. Make my day. Oh and welcome to write and writer the official package of the Washington Free Beacon, I'm your hosts Elizabeth Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS. W F, B journey me from the right today is free, an editor in chief Vatican Eddie. You may remember him from such mainstream media outlets as National Review and the Claremont Review of books. You can follow him on twitter. At cut, Nettie, hello, math, hello is further to match. Right is freebie, can present an Harrison former extra on.
Pyre were not exactly sure does around the office basins of checks on that's good enough for us her good morning up first on right writer, President Trump told Nicholas Maduro to let his people go and warn the venezuelan military to let humanitarian aid into the country, or they will find no say. Harbour no easy exit and no way out quote. We seek a peaceful transition of power, Trump said, but all options are open mad. When should the invasion begin well worth? The inflection point seems to be the Saturday February. Twenty third marks, one man Since the United States recognise one white, always the legitimate president of Venezuela and is also quite owes deadline for the venezuelan government, basically to allow the humanitarian aid which is amassed on the colombian border into Venezuela. The question is what happens because its
My understanding is in I'm working on something on this right now. My understanding is that quite is was going to try to bring in the aid, so we won't bring in the aid he will gets Venezuelans to bring in the aid is. The question, then is: will the military fire on the Venezuelans? And if that happens, what is the consequence? So I think Trump has done a good thing so far in recognising white, oh and leading an international coalition to pressure Maduro and a enforcing freedom in Venezuela, however, were now getting to the part, where the rubber has to meet the road, because if you just have a bloodbath- and we know happens and Maduro and
it has the military, then what exactly is the outcome here? Harrison this a big problem for the democratic party. I need Bernie Sanders on record today, fit not which side peas on now that now that Sanders is in the race right wing user there. This is kind of like they're, they're utopia, society down there in Venezuela, like they ve got the socialists running the country this. Where it always go. So you know why you have to figure out what the military policy is gonna be behind the soul. Was government, gay, o c, I think, is already on record, saying that she's town with Maduro yeah, sideways, Johan, Omar any Might and you ve got tolls Gabert who's out there, big Spic, Syria, Bashar, Al Assad fan so
this is really worth the divide is going to be, and this is what really gonna. I think this is going to separate the lunatics in the Democratic Party from the people that might be able to responsibly government. They are yet they know, because it's a race to the left right, nobody it the more They say that they support what we would consider a democratic republic down in Venezuela the fuel the less their support is going to be from the Democratic Party like that's where they go because they lose the act. This. When you lose the activists, the shake what work of war a t, shirt wearing freaks out there, then you got no, is to go and you're not gonna win the democratic nomination. So it's a real problem for them I mean the Republican Party is united on this. We know the bad guys art in when were taken a tube at night
known liar imports and hack anaemic. Cape continues on his resistance book tore. As that was more conspiracy theories. He said he personally opened up a counter intelligence investigation of the present United States because he believed Trump may be a threat to national security, and he believes the inspector general appointed by President Obama was out to get him. The cave now says his plot to remove a duly elected president nights. By means of the twenty. Fourth amendment is a quote distraction from I suppose, to years of maybe Trump being a russian stooge with zero evidence. Meanwhile, deputy attorney general broad Rosen steam who likes to joke about wearing a wire is planning to leave the Justice Department next month, Matt good Riddance, yeah- I mean I don't know- why was still there after the New York Times reported that way that when was that there was a hot time long time ago, somehow he stuck to his job to another site
Maybe they expect more to finish next month, because these become so invested in Mahler, but yeah. That's Don T leave reading it and mindless speculation on my part, Mackay is trying to clean up his reputation. Just like call me was trying to clean up his reputation and I don't think it's going very well. The key is, I have to to take a ways. One is it's not for Andrew came to decide based on statements. The president makes whether this president constitutes a threat to national security. Yet exactly who does he think he is, and the second is in one of the reports. I saw that
when this discussion was being you know held over the twenty fifth amendment. Someone said the two cabinet officers were interested and I wonder whether either of them are still in the cabinet, because my suspicion would be that they both were part of two of the big for and both by December of last year, have resigned. Well. Today's episode has also brought to us by the number one, because that is, I believe, where he is currently ranked. As new book is on Amazon all of this publicity the media is there to provide him with sixty it's in the over exposure in the round the clock cover John on MSNBC, but you don't they all going nowhere, we gotta lotta legal bills to pay he's got a lot of my hands. I go fuck me because of the leak I mean that whitewashing what he did also you know he whose hardest hit by his number one book sales, how rituals, whose distant
for three, how the hell us, how it short number three. I can't believe that guys in the top one hundred, that's that town hall that that clown put on last week on CNN by the way, what the hell I see an enduring like with these they are in such a way that their such kind, the vast rump, that's what they're doing they have Five democratic. They now owe a town hall to think I was reading this morning that they're all the other campaign when there are like getting moody gig good again. Yes, he had his talent. I am sure that that booty gags top top hall or Talk Town Hall agenda next week. I am sure, but you see that you're one of these things in the New York Times today, either as a piece about Obama and you're, giving advice regrets gas over his Obama's expressed interest in video,
I'm sure she's expressed a lot. I value his aid expressed interest in doing a town hall for himself that, where does the bomb, let it when we were gonna show what would I let the whole story than Europe type stories? A very interested because he was a talk about himself like he does it. It was not talk about how his campaign won't, because what that's his advice will the big problem for trial or offer Obama is that he doesn't have a legacy anymore? his legacy downloaded, and in these two areas the kicker quote with some I forget who, but it was like all the diverse candidates. Here, that's Obama's legacy
really the closest studying the two while the closest thing and they nice one. Let us everything that is thinking about, and it's all gone the Paris I read deal everything you would think that if he has set to healthcare mandates gone, one would think that if he was interested in preserving a legacy that the endorsement for Joe Biden would have already taken place, that is your hair. That's every kind word yet again he can, bring himself to endorse Joe Biden. Heat and out of running in two thousand and sixteen doing it again actively right now, because there was no nugget that story the who else was o bomber. Talking to and really you haven't serious conversations about well his best friend Eric Hole the ever hear that oh, he would. He would rather holder or better like bite a merry much better, beta or Biden like those. The two guys
He would, I think, honestly he would want hold her to be in their like. That is the guy that has been with them arm in arm sins, Lily, Walter, just exudes charisma, so ensuring he's gonna jump to the top of I want to twenty. I just don't know how, as a former vice president, you can credibly run for president without having the endorsement of the guy who you were serving with next Anthony winner is out of the slammer spotted getting food delivered. Halfway house oddly winner, wasn't answering his phone when the delivery Guy Carlos was way rebuilding Carlos had no idea. He was delivering food to Carlos danger, but after he was told he said, he's a pervert Harrison Accurate observation, Carlos was delivering closure. Amazing, look winner out. He is sprung free from We have a winner, Wiener out the packer pick
so where's back when you need both fouling, let us always and everywhere. Yes, I have to say I have missed winner. Ok best having the shenanigans. This guy continues to find himself in using cable, of making a correct decision like there is no susan that enemy wiener has made in his entire life, to my knowledge, after watching that documentary, that is the correct decision, so I am going to all right now winner will be back in the news in six months, like he's going to do something there Don't technically married you, that's all just glass where's whom they are still married. Well, listen! True, love finds a way to conquer all
but I am hoping for the best, for we know that. I really do think that we need such as own show. Maybe it maybe a midnight Collins, recognise selves advised him yesterday was gone. Celebrity big brother. When was when it was the first winner skin was a twenty eleven. Yeah, they're gonna. What twenty well went right when preparing this that's ever ass. I think I have one memory from all that which was, if you recall, Trump recorded, like AIDS, direct twitter video I'll go where they re, basically, there's no perverts in New York City, and I think that in retrospect was a key political moment, because it happened around the time. In twenty eleven when tromp was thinking of running for president then, but it also showed how he had. This has its connection with the deep thought. Maybe deep thought is the right word: the
instincts, the deep instincts of every conservative republican in the world, which is when you, when you see see what was happening with Anti wiener, there's no, nothing less to call it other than you, the guy's, a message. Perverted and from just said it is very out. That's why everyone saw that video and at that time, including myself and was laughing at yep, you got it any also predicted the national security threat to with the emails you had, the tweet about wineries, I got national security admitted happen, he's very tune, The flaws of others are now it's time to check in with our generational ambassador, Paul crooks, then oh Paul, colourless here you have an update millennials I do so. As we all know, millennials are plagued by anxiety and you know it's a lot of anxiety relationships. Specifically the uncertainty in relations
so many of my fellow millennials have taken to drawing up these relationship contract for people their dating contract. I think there's another word. No c mon, you think of it. Here's the thing, though, I think you're getting at the end of the year. This is not marriage. Mona LISA maker millennials are also into preen ups, but there are literally making contracts. So what for dating relations your what's in the contract yeah, so they ve your lot, some of them are just a few bullet points according to wash imposed, but some of them as long as fourteen pages singles based on the green new deal. They They vary a lot, but the idea is to create stew guilty and certainty in something that is just
heraclea anxiety and do so for years. But this night did you say I leave me like right out of, or is it the effort, the whole affirmative consent thing colleges weep every time you have they will have to ask permission or is it just simply Becky she'll, do the dish on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Bobby says he will take out the trash on Monday once a Friday? It it's more more. The latter, I think, but the idea is that it's too we up to you. I only know young ninety urge so right. So then these contracts are there Forcible, who They are not legally binding, generally speaker according to the experts, but the idea is to have a strategy for your relationship so, for instance, Rachel simply a marketing director for a company that makes a virtual reality had that ends blizzard,
between acid in San Francisco. She drew up a relationship very Berlin out very that that is the most Merlin. I always this first here, where I can this contract that exist in the real world. We just the virtual work. According to the Washington Post, the fact finding expert their say, he's real energy, rubber relationship contract with her man, John and she said this is her explanation. Both of us very much understand the value of a strategic, way. I a contract is just so clearly the way, optimize happiness and clarity in relation. So millennials are just happiness. Optimized through the contract and never so when you break up, can you just break the contract? yeah. I mean, I think it's the idea. Is that like how to split the cat or something is that, what's in this contract again That can come up. I think the idea
It lays down expectations, so relationship, expert, Vicki Larsson, says young people today have more expectations for what they want. In a partner, the contract helps them define that for himself and for each other, have you ever had a relationship contract? No I'm not in this. This leads into another important factor for millennials, which is that they are are all struggling with singleness too. Do you know what you mean by their single there's no one to actually get into a contract with, and then we had drawn up and ready right for when one day and then you get in the contract. If you break it, there are no the question well depends what you mean by no consequences. I think there is no legal consequences, but either the relationship might end. Yes, exam lay. So a lot of us to deal with one of the repercussions? That is more point of contracts, the ability to
go to a neutral third party and thus ask for redress when you say they broke the contract. So let's it just shows how purposeful list it is, You can break up with somebody for whatever reason whatsoever notes that this brings up an important point, which is that this is about intentionally that's important work yeah. I know basically any word that you have our lay new word that Microsoft word doesn't reckon nine isms analyses? That's everytime. I read about intersection malady. It's always the red squirrel length is not real pick a word. Can your internet? Can your intentional it'll be introspection, allocate probably intersection all yet so dating, Ouch Logan URI Data held many successful relationship saw drivers even Oliver. He said
It's all about self reflection. Actually loudly has solving it, always always really just about the person writing the contract. In its regular wine. Have self expression know exactly so. He hasn't reflection. Urgency use writing these visits. The girl idea or that the guy's got not be they can't. You The sources I read? It say that they they are always working together to remedy things which I am sure means that the girls is doing it, but he looking Europe is about intention Amity and how you approach relationship. So it's more about the approach. Didn't larger idea, nine light. I think that just underscores that relationship coaches sex therapy-
solve these things. They ve fleece, to the baby boomers so thoroughly that now they need to move on basically signing into her generation yeah. So good news males, we apparently have enough money now to receive. You seem to have added, tells the house and a relationship contract thanks report I want you to write a contract for your relationship to write and writer. Applause. It will not be fourteen pages. Thank you, verse. Culture around the racist, homophobic attacks on Jesse, small it here by two guys in trumpets, during a polar or in Mega country, we also known as Chicago appears to be falling apart? The actors refusing to meet with cargo police has hired a crisis pr firm and after that, aspects in the case now say they were paid by small to stage the attack after immediate calling the alleged attack on Mars
day? Lynching Democrats, Corey Booker in Kampala, are now urging caution until the facts can be learned, Matt. This is our first mention of Jesse smaller on right and writer, because it was so obvious that this story was going to be complete and utter. Well, that's one explanation, wives, first appearance. My explanation is that I wanted to see The evidence o er I wanted in wanting to jump to conclusions. I do now I'm one of the few people left in this country. Apparently, that wants to see the evidence and let the stories unfold and see what happens and can we way, the different testimonies and now you see this and that the whole thing is just been exposed. As a farce. You got the two nigerian boxer brothers HU. I love in their statement. They went, sure they said we're we're not anti gay
and were not raises, but were also not anti trump right. Odessa sooner Trump has to invite them to the White House, along with the could have eaten boy victims of a liberal, hoax grave and, moreover, I think that it also has its weird ricochet fact of exposing Comma Harris is not being quite ready for. Primetime has no. During her trip to New Hampshire. Over the weekend, she was confronted with tweet, where she called this a modern day, lynching and justice for Jesse and she on her face was classic. She had no idea came around in our help for a report in plenary. By the way of why she must the question on private insurance in her CNN town Hall. I don't think she's, actually, all on top of her home team, and what we doing and where her policy stands or so, when there
What do you think about the street she this? As is blank look, and she goes well. The facts are developing. Yet the facts are developing and not in small its favour, and I just wish this will make people more sceptical of what C in the news. What this shows, how much more of an authentic character and an authentic candidate Donald Trump is because does anybody out there doubt that he writes his own tweets. How do I have to go through hours? A Negro AIDS camel hers, did not write. This tweet rank. Ok, she had no idea what was happening in and she doesn't know who she's hiring, because she is actually locking up talent of lake out there
a non Gaia, because somebody, an attorney like Gamala Harris, a cop. If you will law enforcement, efficient, tens of thousands of people to prison knows how line orange or is jumping to conclusions is a legal case. She would never have done this, but the whack Oda wacky, liberal activist set that will work on somebody. What we're gonna democratic campaign today. They are the ones that are running the tweets and there are the ones that led the knee jerk reactions. So I think the gear actually right Kamel. It doesn't know exactly what she's doing here. This is a welcome to national politics milk moment for her, but on this case? You know I just gotta say: I'm sorry lives that just mega hate crimes- it's not gonna happen if we are trying to make invited to? I am during a polar vortex. Also, it's just so put the media
the media and the Democrats are on the same areas they want. They want these scandals to happen because they further a car is, is their world. It is in its apparent in the media trying to absolve themselves of any type of blame in. This is just ludicrous on its face: they're the ones that poor the gasoline on these raging fires of heavy aid you at any rate, that is good. Look the Duke lacrosse thing, the uv! a pokes, those with that there's that whole campus sexual assault storyline that they're trying to feed, nay needing national story to make people believe this is actually a serious crime when serious crimes do happen. But it is not like port part of this narrative that we have massage earnest in chief right now, and the White House is somehow Paul gasoline on these and making it ok to rape people on care It's just a crazy story. This falls right in line with that and we trying to do this whole.
Oh everybody, that wears a mega hat- is a racist and is going to act out on it. You saw it at the Covington kids. That was a nonsense story as well. So anyway, I mean the bottom line. Those gather narratives, but this guy small. It is not yet a meal. Clear if you'd Steve David Ruts, his great super cut the interview with Robin Roberts and she's like. Why do you think they would have done this, and he any like has is weird green on his face ass. He says, but we know all know my stance on. Forty five, but really I didn't I didn't know who you are. I don't know who you were until this happens realists each category. I know who he worries. Clearly, like delusional- and what I love it Charles blow of the New York Times, who you know we writes about race twice a week for the New York Times. And he said he said over the weekend- he said yeah- this kind might be crazy. You think what I may be, not trust the crazy people when they start telling
story. I found a very curious and I'll sharp and came out and condemned the smaller for a four hour in areas like we have later after he endorsed year after he salaries is how shows race in America. While I think I think that we should really shows, is that AL sharply needed to be involved in this conspiracy from the beginning, because our clearly was not in the least but I think you would have been better owls on bananas from aging out of the demo that can lead one of these nonsense storylines. So I think you might have been a little affinity. Wasn't insult first place. Next, ye see them on the street. You see them in the office. All of a sudden airports are everywhere. The cordless apple headphones that make you look really stupid, are suddenly socially acceptable. After going on sale in December, twenty sixteen, the creepy had friends, are now taking over axioms reports with broad adoption. Apple has managed to react,
attack toward a socially acceptable and even desirable one of its reporters. Courtney Brown got a pair for Christmas and now, apparently cannot function without them quote day without airports, taught me that I've forgotten how to talk on the phone and basically do my job without them. She says here Then, for a hundred and fifty nine dollars, you two could look like a weirdo. Well, I have never understood why I pods were a good decision for a consumer to buy horror understand ipod, I mean hyper year by year, laws, Europe, I'd arabic odds airports eyes. Policies. Those two thousand. I thought that the other airports, where the dumbest idea for you consume, to buy from the day that they debuted reason is like: if anybody out there has ever put you know you're odds, regular, your buds in with the cord
this thing about those damn thing's keeping them in your ear when you're moving. So I actually liked the cords, because that prevented them from like falling down a storm drain. When you read the cord catches down and is so, I was that this was a big plan from apple to design, something that is so easily lost and so easily misplaced that you would have to just go back by a hundred dollars on another page, like five you by five pairs, these things you're out over a thousand dollars over the course of the year. Just about so you know that what I thought the Thorp plant was. I just can't believe that there are that they are this ubiquitous. The people actually bought these things and mass. You know this happened before with blue tooth and now you go to went nowhere, you rarely see them But now you see these here buds airports, air wherein it is true who, in the end, was recently in pen station and it's hard to separate. The
SK itself from the business people and yet so I now have to do a double take for everyone and say hold it our you'd, dangerously crazy Will you just on a phone conversation talking looks like you're just talking the air gap and in closed in your own little sphere. You look like an alien and you may look we're. Maybe this will make beings gets a frederick, more socially acceptable, well we're going along? We ve already got a long ways towards that end. Yeah I've worried that this might be another step, as you say at next, just what we ve all been waiting for to make flying better airline. Are going to give us a non binary choice under gender or to be more inclusive, the AP reports, the gender option on airline sites, will soon include choices such as undisclosed or unspecified there could all? be the optional title of an ax Harrison, but when
Are they going to ban men from stripping down to their boxers on international flights? I've never found a problem like any time. I want to get a little more comfortable changing. Jammies on, the main cabin on my international flights, will do that that happens. I haven't over the weekend loses tweet going around that she was on. Flight? I don't know so retreated a picture. The guy in his boxers They got into the air going too answer something. While this is what our disgusting, I now ask when you? U let people take their shoes off then their socks. Yeah, eventually we're just gonna be rolling around naked on these, so the mile, I don't understand. What does I'm I'm thinking with you. Have non binary option on you on your for, like what What I don't understand what gender really are used is that sir, in registering on the flight in the first place other than to know how many dicks you have to fight after that, after the plane crashes,
You now is like there's not a whole lot of people laugh or a whole lot of gains made out. They have curves, but I would add that the task of some of the tides, why your former job, when I was a I was I was in charge of of counting the dicks after plane crashes. It was, it was a difficult job. Unless I always look, I sang here whenever and looking after that, inhalation airlines flying out Pacific, it was bring out the dictator, What is also there? Are they another data point that that security officials won't have because your people, me don't like sharing a lot of personal information with the government, so I may start just during, is non binary just so they have little that less less information on me right.
In this isn't, but these are the airlines doing it. My government so complicated things even further, as you still do have to have a gender on your license in that Trans people They just put the day I didn't find work. Sixty just right want anything. Now. Username, but why why are you forcing people into making a choice of just one kid be a lot of evidence. Can you be a lot of them now, and this is where we need Docker Programme, because I think You can save a proper common counterfeiter. Unfortunately, that's all the time we have for today's edition right right. I'd like to give special thanks to producer l before and of course, our freebie can guess, Matthew Continuity, errand. Carson and Paul Kristen. Remember Venus on Itunes, Google play and sticker just search for free beacon. Please subscribe to your friends and leave a positive review like Listener Chan, Croquettes, who says I like beer, but twenty five dollars for a tank up. Yes, it's well worth it
look fashion IP car logger felt he said spare no expense, look good stuff, until now
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