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Lebron, QAnon, and Fat Cats

2018-08-07 | 🔗
On the latest episode of the <em>Free Beacon </em>podcast, the gang discusses what went on in that Trump Tower meeting, delves into a bit of sports analysis, and wonders if our cats are getting too fat.
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below and welcome to write and writer. The official package of the Washington free begin. I'm your host Elizabeth Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W F, b freebie can pack gases available on Itunes, Google play and sticker. Please subscribe till your friends and leave a review journey me from the right today is the chairman of the free Beacon, Michael, go part: international men, a mystery and licence republican consultant sitting in the squid chair for Matthew Continuity, who is off somewhere, avoiding the beach local far pillows further to go farther right is freebie can present an Harrison who is also banned from Pinterest, exactly sure what he does around the office, but he signs the Czechs and that's good enough for us. Hello Harrison lose just this goes to show you that freedom never goes on vacation. True,
first on right and writer present Trump call it fake news that he is worried about Don Junior being entangled in the Mueller probe tweeting, that the meeting in from tower was to get information on an opponent, totally legal and done all the time in politics, and it went nowhere. Did not know about it Harrison if the media is so interested in this failed collusion. I wonder if they would care about a presidential campaign paying Russians for this information against an opponent. Now attempt to influence on waxen The party in power, using that this information to start a counter intelligence, desiccation, the political party out of power, while the media, the Democratic Party, the always love a good conspiracy theories alone. It doesn't involve any of them being on the end of the stick. Now that problem here. Is that the information that there too, that their seeking out or theoretically they were seeking out it was. Could it be true, if it is true, what's the difference between a campaign using trip, True information from
ever source. They are what whatever source it is in the media. Publishing secrets. Government secrets do all the time. Look at the Weak Wikileaks publication with the guardian and the New York Times. They publish that's, nobody. Nobody really raises any red flags there, So, but my point is that this is the way to win campaign and they want- and they were looked looking at any by any means and that they could find actual valuable information to pursue against Hillary Clinton. Now. The other thing is: is that that's just the sentiment there? Ok, that does not actually conspiracy. The fact is that they took a meeting and you can take a million different kinds of Munich, so what you have to prove that something was offered that it was agreed to greet upon and then it was actually use? None of that is, proven. None of that is even really been alleged other than it has been insinuated that that was the reason for the meeting, and that was the purpose of it. But anyway, I don't think we're going anywhere. We're gonna get a peripheral figure.
In this entire scheme and they're gonna throw the book at whoever the Patsy is here, but it's not going to the top. So the Democrats are really Jason their tail here, Gulf I'm. You know, I agree with the premise your question. I think Democrats, if not totally. Grappled with the reality that the Clinton campaign was with one Diary of Separation PAN only ask her if she knew or under dossier, I were paying foreigners for information on their opponent, which I think is probably more problematic because there's payment involved, then the attempted failed collusion rout the Trump Tower Meeting which Don Your famously went on handy and expressed his disappointment that the Russians didn't come worded. It yeah really goods. So I do think we Democrats bigger problem here. I don't understand you know its trump really scared about it.
They have visa free, like you know, either like had not his diet, coke in ten minutes, and he decides the pop off. It could be that he has come in for me but like. Why do we soon the Trump has better information about the Mueller probe than we do. I don't know that we have I it's not clearly The Giuliani knows anything. So I don't why we assume that right, ok up next, the dummy person on television, Don Lemon interviewed, Lebron James, where they accuse trump of being of races and using black athletes as scapegoats, Leubronn again calling the President Abbas and sang he wouldn't meeting Naturally, it Trump had to respond on twitter. Saying done, lemon made Leubronn looks smart, which is an easy to do. I like MIKE, Naturally, everyone had away in inside with Leubronn. Even millennia go a verb, mostly mad at Trump retweeting this, because now we have to talk about it. I agree I still view Leubronn as it is. I think. Bennett. Basically,
the whole way I understand he is a man of great talent, but when he got up at the press conference and said he was taken those talents to Miami For me, it was Louth, be twice it might out media LISA. There are other in this situation and so you know you're right? I don't earth only one year and it is leubronn there are no let stupid leggy like he's a borderline, How did we get enough? They want to spell die. I just don't think that's appropriate. Not look at the problem here is that I do think that front made a tactical air here and that he actually actually is wisely watching.
Braun publicity giving Leubronn publicity for the new show that he's hawking on HBO, which is going to be athlete activists and highlighting all of the great liberal causes it there for the various athletes are championing it's going to be a dull, boring one sided waste of time. But what this does is it elevates leubronn in this year they have just such a tainted pool of athlete activists out there that there. Finally, the Leubronn started step has been approved, the test the waters here and see how it goes so their desperate to get this done. I think truck and upload into their hands. I think that troubles taken the high road. That said, like we're, not gonna be talking about Lebron James is athlete activism here in six months. What are we talking about? Are they the Lakers gonna fuck? That's a good question. I mean Adobe good with him, but they will be. There will be a play off team in. That's really are you can expect. I think that
You know the NBA is head of those ideas, lay off team, the only other everyone likes to play out. You know that wasn't exactly the hottest takes like no eyes in the NBA. It's like that. They all do last legs months. What do they become? The also ran to the golden stay warriors like that. Are they the new calves like Dell? Will they be in the western where's finals against the warriors and then ultimately lose horribly. Whatever scrubbed human comes out of the eastern Coffer. Sorry, ok, next Facebook Apple Youtube, Spotify and even Pinterest can't kindled the truth from Alex Jones, as in the wars, has been banned from the platforms. Meanwhile, the conspiracy theory known as Q, a non is the media's latest obsession, but according to Buzzfeed might be left as prank on trumped supporters. Harrison year well acquainted with both subjects. What do we need to know? Ok, but this is the
problem. Is that Alex Jones screwed up in the beginning, but getting in bed with these reptilian? What is he doing? Dealing with the cup liberals of of San Francisco in engaging with Facebook, engaging with TAT your keys playing by the rules, that's the problem. I can really. I don't play these games because I know better. It always leads down this road when you finally get to powerful. When you get to pick the following, when you get too much influence, they shut you down, they know. Class, warm you because you're a threat, Goldfarb. Aaron does know more about these topics than I do. What I ought to sleep posed the question that way, because I couldn't bring myself to read a single word about q and students. I had a thorough understanding, gotta. Listen, I'm sure they are look. They haven't. Audience they have. They look so What's going on out there, ok, therein
creating a lot of events require look, we the more you know you should be. Investigating these things. Like that, we have used, was really interests they. Actually, this is like a book and ended. Choky a thing in all everything, a sort of borrowed directly from it. It's weird and it's weird, the people came with signs. It's even weirder that the press decided to focus the entire countries, attention on it, or at least the keynote two percent of people who watch cable news ray I'm sympathetic to the to the platforms, though I am because there in an impossible position, what are they supposed to? Let it go or I agree if that I have a first amendment, let me to having I thought so bitterly back in the day when they were like. Oh you just classified as entertainment. Right, that's right. I am I I totally agree. They. They had this conviction about free speech at the onset they stopped to that for a couple of years and then republican one, the presidency and all of a sudden it just, but I like
sympathetic to their view that this may not be sustainable? Congress is going to crack down on them. You know they get beat up in press all day, long stop price takes a hit at some point. There kid I mean they're, not they're, not journalists there in this to make money. That's all you care about anything about older, altruistic values. Right is the second: it gets a little difficult to defend them. They cave like a frequent. The other thing I like about them, is that their altruism is phony there. What I want. That's the only redeeming thing about Silicon Valley. Is there in it for the money? It's a good point, but it is just that they're out there preaching and look. I think people are look you, Google is now going to do the China search engine. After all, they do no evil pulling out of China and the dramatic thing about its we're, not in China, because we wouldn't play that game and now they're gonna do it does your desperation plays, because you cannot have infinite growth at the scale of these people are or our existing on they're, not even really
Google Facebook can only really produce anything. I mean at least look you understand the apple trillion dollar evaluation because actually produce things appear. I use. Google, Facebook or platforms are just each sticks this. What are the only thing that I was the days ahead of their lives and trouble for the losing customers rang a k up next, the New Zealand was forced to apologize for finding a solution to making journalism profitable by selling fake news, T shirts and make Amerika great again hats after the humorless schools in the media. Shame them go barb, it's a good thing. People can still go to the W B store and get themselves vagueness, shirts, pants, scarfs, blankets and hoodies, which are far more. Irish anyway, true facts: we have better slag than the museum I don't under. This is insane that the media spend time on a t, shirt from the Mediterranean. It's it's totally knots. It's a lovely events base. They ve got a very nice
Pennsylvania Avenue, otherwise I dont that thing can't possibly be in business five years from now ludicrous concept. What American comes to wash and says? Jeez. I want I want to know the history journalism, but you know you see what the CNN peace today that people should be thanking journalist like they think that groups. This is this. This is the self conceit of journalists and, of course, you know we're self loathing, so we ve We had a problem, other remember her, the one where the true heroes out here, Michael because they send reporters with cameras into the battlefield and they too expelled. A blood lot of light on the same level as the troops there, heroes too. I can really see you're wasting away battle, really National C grades. Like don't look, they are Europe's ok, there, the enemy of the people who said the sanctimonious I'm sick of it. Ok, look
They are out. There engage in political warfare and they refuse to acknowledge this. Look there that the fake news tee shirts I'm a little. By the fact that I failed to trade mark the phrase The address is really on. You look really totally ripped, as, on the other hand, like I want people talking about figures, tee shirts it because I want people to google them, and I wonder google them they're gonna end up on african website when you go to free beacon, dot com- and I do find absolutely not not only stylists but also fits great and feels great I'm not even roundabouts upload a great lie less that blanket every day in office, because it's freezing and hear her? That's right. If you, ladies Erika things out there who happen to work in a very chile, frosty work environment want one of these blankets. It's too now it's time to check in with our noted pop culture, expert, Natalie Johnson, who are national
I live. What do you have for us? A bachelor at is finally over moving on to better on yeah. Oh dont worry Goldfarb Bachelor in Paradise begins tonight. Which is way better this way by Spiegel Heart. So we had a three hour long finale but that could only watched every man I watched every minute. I'd say you know that that's a lot of time, but like what else might begin on a Monday night early. Ok with that, so we were down to the wire with two men laughed. We had Blake and care it, but we they met Beckett's family in the Maldives, but we knew pretty early on that Garrett was going to be the winner, because for one and back as uncle calls him a poet, but she later proves when he tells backer that she doesn't give him butterflies because butterflies or two small heat she gives him equals.
Several bad. He was also crying vote, like the first have the whole time I would I am from working, We ve got a man. She had both cry, they all right. There is no Eu Algerian, robe irresolute anyway. It also got to ride on a giant yacht and swim with dolphins for their final date way log. The lake had to sit on a bike for baby. You got the vine article if you're gonna buy, do you wasn't gonna get sales when we leave here gets a bicycle day? Yes, when it comes to time for the proposal, both men are chauffeured to an island where they meet Backer, which is nice because there on a boat, and they can jump off if they want to. Last minute, oh really integrate decision, Blake A shown getting off the boat first, which is never a good sign because who ever gets off first or in the proposal is obviously who decide. Then I'm he goes. He starts off with his proposal back a custom off he sent. Did he get down on one knee? He didn't
thank you I stopped and prior to that, then we have a big cry fast and he sent home. You shoot the walk the plank they have made me. I told you: the boat was a great idea. So then Garrett then proposes tobacco with a speech she hundred percent, perched on the internet and found tat. It was just like the whole thing was a strange jays poet I now so Garrett was controversial, but you gotta go out of backlash for liking, a bunch of social media posts on insight, ram years back some feature. You know somebody internal Tommy Lyra liked and sees what you like. I don't know what I was saying this morning that if someone colleagues that we caught obvious visionaries, I don't even know how I don't even know what the hell. I like honest, Graham half the time on like hung over in bed with one eye open, just double clicking every picture, we need to go through your like gardener, but I will act but anyway, so the New York Times with obviously on publishing an up at last night, asking what these lights
mean for their relations Royal New York Times, ran up at about the bachelor at area. Not only the bachelor at whether Becker will regret being engaged together. It become now that had no notion media now that she knows what posted he delights. They really are like this. Are we really should be calculated runner and avoid returning building? so anyway, what about our e? I saw her, we ousted something yes, so ARI a k back his axe who infamously dumped her on national television right apparently was flown out to the melodies. With his now fiance right and it really implored- be orange idiom each each
generally, it has ended, apparently really impacted their relationship we put like they did. This was left on the cutting room floor. How could they do that? If you had to have been good at all now yeah they didn't, they didn't do they didn't have set our very upset, but speaking of love, yes, trumps, former communications director hoop hex and disgraced senior aid Rob Porter. Are they back on their back on? We think really yet so the long time couple broke up after revelation surface that Rapporteur allegedly abused his to exploit by
The two have now been spotted together several times since the scandal broke with Porter Cnet Hickses Apartment in Manhattan. Okay, we had a daily mail story. That published allows is my favorite yeah. That said, that the two spent the we can hold up together in her Manhattan apartment but fit, but they also want to central park and pretended to avoid each other, so they were stretching, but they were facing. Back to back right, so obviously no one knew they were together. Right vein of showed up at different times. Is that only those glass is this? Do we know is porter like a wealthy guy independently wealthy, so that job prospects does. He have that I hope is riding, nine without my thought, hope acts as a babe and she's. Absolutely brilliant, and this is the dude she settling for like come on must be true, love
with a girl, whereas even these working anywhere, no idea shared your excellent bachelor, Why I've been yeah, we ve been even saying not, since this part got started hoping for bachelor, I mean they should whatever it takes to get her signed up. That would be you and talk about ratings. No a hundred percent. We also have an update on Brittany Spear. My god, how good he was performing in the UK at Brighton pride when she forgot where she was happy tat can happen. Is that the personalized she's, always in Vegas sign that doesn't usually have to remember exactly a worry. That was my point. The return of your that I've been a parking garage. I forget what Yeah? Where I put my daughter, I lost a feel like I'm like some kind of voting for God, where she has. She was on MIKE and turned her dancer and asked. Where are we? before shouting hello, brightened. Rewrite
that'll. Do now that I log aware, like Britain, the bare little she can do no wrong in my eyes now we have to. We have to remember tat up until a few months ago she was only performing in Vegas for two years straight so mean like seventy five, dollar, so obviously, when she starts moving around she's gonna forget where she had yet to anyone who happens to the best of us and then our last update is that politics surgeons are saying more patient for coming to them with Snapchat does more fear. What does that mean? This is where people are asking doctors to make them. Look like the face filters, is on snapshot. Weight are filters, like you know, doggie on this, wouldn't what filter? There's the dog, your wine? You also have one that makes a flower crown on your head. So, maybe your face you pursue. That makes your eyes bigger. Okay, so they want
her eyes, bigger and bigger, arose in her eyes. I get that our eyes interface yeah, that it's the princess eyes, a hundred percent. How do? U? Everyone actually guide, yet I dont know but data on swarthy survey that I read says that fifty five percent of surgeons last year reported seeing patients who sought surgeries tat. They could look better in selfies. Well yeah, I mean it's a real problem. It s got a lane. Gotta, look good in the selfie the plastic surgeon Goldfarb. Would you get this noble? I'm a man there carefully already thank you Natalie for this much needed culture uptake waste. First in our culture around the Wall Street Journal reports, where, in the last days of wallets as we know them as smartphones, now give men everything they need Harrison. You still carry a man bag. Will your smartphone ever replace that Europe
stylish, knowing tat I like to get away when I walk in the streets like two had turn heads and there's always liner waits then lovely rattlesnake. Skin man back out a throw. My various stuffs, like my really bad at my Glock, My my hunting knives must switch blades, the man lay ass, my mother, my Zippo life, here neither fair nor a scarf. Yes, if they, where you're, not Agnes Scarf, and you got your man back walkin in air conditioning in the middle of the summer, you gotta be dressed for multiple climate and the free beaten stores there to provide doubt this first wallets go yet love hate relationship with one eye of traditionally carried. What could very comparatively be described as a George stands right I mean I
like literally receipts from twenty years ago, and I just forget her in their every will. You go in any site where you had gotten reimbursed for you. Why do you have to get exactly? Why do you have to like joint club to go in? any store like I'll. Have you signed up for our discount card? So they charge you fifty percent more than like, so you haven't million different of these club cards. You got all the frequent. You know, eater drinker cards, whatever support its crap, you have to. Have a lot of you? Not gigantic. Wallet thing is that the pre can sell phones like the one thing I think we get there eventually, whether I actually functionally do this, but right now this phones, the APS, let go we're going to any store and try to load up an apple payment like it. Take five minutes to find the damn thing, another five minutes for its load and then you gotta turn up the screen so its bright enough for the friggin reader to to give you the discount its, I don't I don't go anywhere in the next decade, but after that you still got a cash problem right like what are you like? Is cash dead
Maybe the river a second cash I actually, I have noticed a lot more men are using this thin wallets. They only take like their card their idea. What do you use? Goldfarb? I have a cost and while it because I'm a real now, I see these like the mattress actual what they like those of guinea while flap opens up in the back of the phone and they gotta, get credit. Our ideas, and I see that our semi righteous nodding his head. What is sunny bunch money clip? he's got a very well. You ve got a lot of very beta thin wall You expect gipsies Fanny Pack yoga How do I carry? I think he should ever you know you never still carry gain. Cash is always accepted. Like you know, if you The union rely on apple pay.
You can rely on on any of these latter now now any eyeing gas on Syria? Look it's, but its went through the woods at Facebook like I don't think that's what you want to be a trusting your money, where this is like millennium. I'm tellin you as long as as long as we're around there will be wallets with things in them, the really bothers me, though, if you just as for just airing grievances here, tat the ship, the chip, It is the worst, the Asian that come out of sense. Hanging ology sector in a hundred years, its air, they actually made something worse, just objective. We worse, everybody knows it. Nobody can do anything about. It is not more secure, as I now in itself so angry when it beats at you and you're. Actually, Hutchinson nor things that you actually the millennium, like we would like, they are forcing it with their stupid, skinny genes and skinny pants
He above I can't finicky stance of nodes tighter of William Convenient there like forcing us to conform because they don't even expanse of good. More ok up next, the? U S, pizza museum will be located in Chicago which really got sued twitter going with meaningless. Arguments and bad opinions about we're, looking is best. So let's continue that here, Goldfarb worker should the pizza museum. B I dont know. I wondered, though, why people were arguing about Unita, and now we have an answer now, it's so annoying Harrison, but but what have white way? pizzas, best care. Irish, the pizza museum, be ITALY. Right right, there's no evidence is from here. I look at our own understand the spot like who gets tired, we all over pizza, I'd I'd on aliens so create such east coast, not a bunch of crap like oh, you, Buber Boston got to burst. You
style, juicy bread, you now I, whatever pizza, good pizza, he's a good I've had great, deep dish. Pizza love that I've had really good news. All kinds of pizza really bad New York Pizza, we're lucky I will say this firm DC listeners and I'm not sure, there's any others by the bed. Pizza for my money in town is right here in Rosalind. Wiseguy joint is variety arising out of high quality pizza mediocre after why? What's letter and easy like it or not. I point an invitation will abandon these Harrison. What about New York, like is not a thing, is newer park. You think, honestly,
but how can you speechless what issues like? I don't know like what like? What's your favorite color like I get asked that three times a day, though it's there are different like it either like it. If you don't like it passed like you know what rose, though, is that where they have like the vinegar mustard, and they claim that that's barbecue sauce,
honest, I might be that's nonsense- is disgusting like nobody wants to put a bunch of vinegar and mustard, is you're, putting vinegar on anything like you. Don't get it wrong? What you shouldn't beating that at next in another sign of a prosperous and wealthy society? It's not just our citizens who are fat and happy our pets are too, as the latest estimates reveal. More than a hundred million dogs and cats are overweight or obese up from eighty million five years ago. The New York Times is very upset by the writing of the horror of pet owners who find their pets weight, gain of little concern or even cute. Generally, the public is more tolerant of obese animals than they are of thin ones. One bet said: there's not as much stigma with animals being overweight, as with people Harrison. Isn't it really? The unattainable bodies of the models in the Purina adds that are to blame, though,
The simple fact that fat animals cuter than Askin re initiated. You know starving out you, don't you dont, when you open up pages cat cat fancy, like did not seeing super skinny cats with the rib showing Magyar later, when you open up an icy some thick cats on these commercially. This should unattainable, look, look like this about animals or are without a doubt sooner than other ones, but look at their really talking about a health situation. Here, it's biplane fat owners, corn owners that don't take their dog are there cats they dont, given walks into one walks because are too busy in the gym, go into hot yoga or polite ease, or you gotta get up and go to boot camp where you go run on the frickin treadmill. Instead of going up God what you're saying you want them, the women to be fatter and the pets to be Skinner? No, I ve learned saying that that, like these wrong with this picture, you bringing poor, help us little animal into your home. You have responsibility that you need to be out there exercising with the cat, like that
I'm saying is that the people were slow. You wanna joint exercise, but I'm just saying this is more on demand. Millennial nonsense, like back in the day, you got a cat or a dog, and you got your while a dog you gotta go walked dog around the block. Gopher run with the dog. Now, like you, gotta, join all these fancy ass Jim's and you leave the dog at home because you're not after work, workin out with your animal, I'm just glad we ve covered all these important topic. I now feel it offered a lot of important. We re so many good topics to choose from such a good show tat summer, vacation its August After all, the number of people sleeping and Mcdonald's skyrocketed in recent years as mic refugees are taking over restaurants across hung com. What is unusual about the sleepers Fox NEWS reports range between nineteen and seventy nine years of age, that fifty seven percent of them have jobs and nearly seventy one percent of them had homes that they either rented or owned go far. Mcdonald's is so
that these guys aren't even homeless and they want to sleep. There I don't know what I've been about. I owe you look even contacts Europeans, because my story, ok, such a sewage, riddled hellhole, that if you have a job and each will actually make enough money to afford rent Europe Parliament is such as is a little sweat box in some high rise that doesn't have windows and doesn't have air conditioning. So you can be gainfully employed and technically not homeless, but you still have to go to Mcdonald's asleep, because it's a thousand degrees in the the sweat lodge that you live in. So we're doing it's like they're they're they're, going cod on refugee who enjoy the arrogant. While I mean we like, but Problems Zone was ordered to learn something that is not the new. I mean we have bomb sleeping in Mcdonald's. I mean look out care if you have a job, if you're sleeping Mcdonald, Europe a bomb, ok like you can have a job, but if you can afford
Commissioner, we are living in like something above squalor where, like living at the Mcdonald's, is actually like preferable to living at home. Then you, Bomb, so you might as well, does become homeless, live off the land? Let me think about it like a bow and arrow pocket knife like you out there like, hunt dear and rabbits or whatever this in Hong Kong yeah. I think you go out in the wilderness. Man like you, just go you gotta their interests survive, because, honestly, that is better than there is nothing worse than being in the can five degree room and trying to sleep like they were anybody's ever had a broken air conditioner. It is hell on earth, it is Natalie. You love Mcdonald Seed, precisely therapy. I would a hundred percent be met refugee. That kicked out I'm basically there every weekend saying I think, I'm a half one
had three a m those eggs about other submarine, a table cloth, but also after macedonian about this little more. Unfortunately, that is all the time we have. Four days edition of right and writer, I'd like to give special thanks to producer before, of course, a freebie can guess. Michael Goldfarb, an Harrison anomaly Johnson remember bind us on Itunes, Google play and sticker just search for free beacon. Please subscribed till your friends and lead a positive review lake listener, Grant G g who says if a pod were too first save America. This would be the one until next time.
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