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McConnell Owns Pelosi, Iran Backs Down, and the Royals Reel

2020-01-09 | 🔗
Democratic senators are losing patience with Speaker Nancy Pelosi's plan to withhold the articles of impeachment. She's fighting to <a href="https://freebeacon.com/politics/dem-chairman-completely-reverses-pelosi-criticism-after-2-5-hours/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">keep her caucus in line</a>, but does she have a chance against Cocaine Mitch in the Senate? The most important news in the effort to make America great remains Trump's ongoing domination of Iran. Despite the <a href="https://freebeacon.com/national-security/iran-missile-strikes-mark-beginning-of-major-operations-across-middle-east/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">tough talk</a>, Iran has backed off targeting Americans following the killing of terror master Qassem Soleimani. But that hasn't stopped antiwar liberals such as Joy Behar from going as far as <a href="https://freebeacon.com/culture/joy-behar-celebrates-white-nationalists-opposition-to-trump/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">celebrating</a> white nationalists who oppose striking Iranian targets. Michael Avenatti's legal struggles aren't stopping, and Vic has all the latest on the <a href="https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-crime-avenatti/us-judge-orders-michael-avenatti-to-face-fraud-charge-as-nike-trial-looms-idUSKBN1Z824F" target="_blank" rel="noopener">fraud charges</a> he's facing in the Nike case. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are breaking away from the British royal family, but their plan to relocate to America has the gang deeply concerned. Finally, the <em>Free Beacon</em> is very concerned with how to help Australia recover from its devastating fires, and we are pleased to highlight how model <a href="https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/laurenstrapagiel/kaylen-ward-australia-fires-sex-workers-donations" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Kaylen Ward</a> is doing her part.
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in founding editor Matthew continuity. You may remember him from such mainstream media outlets. As fox and friends, blogging heads and cease Vans Washington Journal you, you can follow him on twitter at continuity, hello, Matt, happy New year Ojala. Thank you further to match right is freely President Aaron Harrison we don't know what he does around the office. Buddy signs, the Czechs and that's good enough for us to put a hell of a whit quit smoking crystal Meth thread. M returning to the programme, is the chairman of the free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, international man, mystery unlicensed republican consulting? He always gives our paneless Inland Hella go far. Failing that already today at First Democrats in in over Nancy policies. Impeachment strategy on Wednesday, several democratic senators expressed exasperation with dances, refuse to send over the articles of impeachment to the Senate, which has delayed the start of the Senate trial. The long it goes on the less urgent to become Senator Diane Feinstein Topol at ago
I dont know what leverage we have. It looks like the cake is already baked said: Senator John TAT stir of Montana. After saying, Thursday morning that it was time for close to descend. The house articles over to the Senate. Chairman of the house, are services Committee, Adam Smith, the reverse course within hours. If this be, here believes that holding onto the articles for a longer time will help force a fair trial in the Senate than I wholeheartedly support. That decision, Smith, tweeted Matt, has cocaine mention. We crazy Nancy. I think so this part. It was always unlikely that somehow I was gonna, get Mcconnell to do his bidding by having Pelosi hold on to the articles of impeachment for a trial. That no republican senator actually wants to have. So I think policy is close to folding
and I just to say, though, that means that Mcconnell come out came a big from this confrontation, but once the trial starts things our kind of unpredictable, because any centre can call for emotion and when it's a simple majority for a motion to pass, so you only need three Republicans to cross over and joint Democrats to say Subpoena John Bolton. I don't know, I don't think that's gonna happen, but it's a possibility and want to think about in the week Why, oh, why did John Bolton? Do this. Does anybody have even a theory? Yes, he's got a book These trailing might be that yeah the Craven son of a bitch. Why lover He is always one step ahead, He is a mastermind of political disaster and masterful stress. Category I was this is like a flaming
bag of. On MRS doorstep, though I mean it just seems so: unhelpful helpful, he's a d, later in the game. I dont think that Mitch has met his match. However, because Mitch is the dirtiest player in the game. Nobody people have been trying to take me out for years, they're, not six. Today's bit around for thirty five plus years that matches isn't going anywhere. It's it's publicity stunt on, but on boldness part lives, love buying books by disgruntled, prompt, administrate, Do you think Walter disgruntled, though? the aims you pretty supportive of the president's around policy anyway, I think, is ultimately a good got, which is why he was oecd or hatred. Yet ever Patriot supported the limit, of course, some the ultimate Bolton troll would be to go testify, I too only say wonderful things about the right. Isn't that a possibility that it
account that I saw this is kind of one. You know they may not calling to testify that still like, I said you need three right, so you would need both both Macao scare Collins and then another one and It might be a hard sell, so they might not come and then, even if they do, we don't know what he's gonna say. You might say you know what this is all a bunch of thing I didn't want to get involved, but it definitely doesn't amount to breaking the law which no one has ever said. It did. I mean also, like I don't know, look at the clock. Say say this happens early next week. What do you think I could take some weeks to get their act together and get this thing under way, so that puts you Pretty close to the end of the month and the Caucasus when February. Third, so I mean
However, they will want to drag this thing out with witnesses like it's pretty dicey for them too. I mean they're gonna, maybe that maybe the son of the dam senator think it's actually advantageous for them to be in the middle of you could come up with a thing. Why it might be helpful and not harmful, but Yemen are going to drop out, except for worn and sanders I soon shortly after I were, but you don't believe that this is an area that there's a book there, unless Amy Michael prevents Amy, surprises us all Michael night than making a lotta headway saw. He went from my point two two point: three percent recently in a cholera pop up, get really really making headway in his home state. But there's thirty percent incur a fifty percent increase in sport level up next President Donald Trump drove the mega train from Teheran to Baghdad last week when he authorize the drone strike the took
Fourth, commander cost him salami ran retaliated Tuesday evening by launching missile strikes on American erases in Iraq, after which the country's Foreign Minister of Odds reef, tweeted, ran, took and can and concluded proportionate measures in self defense. Under article fifty one of you, unchartered targeting base from which cowardly armed attack against our citizens and senior officials were launched, we do not seek escalation or war, but will defend ourselves against any aggression, never want to let his enemies have. The last word trump delivered in a dress Wednesday morning, announcing new economic and on and arguing quote the missiles fired at us. Our allies were paid for with funds made available by the last administration Matt. There was tremendous concern at various points over the past year and that the president was too eager to strike a deal with Are we now careening towards work? Well,
ever thought. We were going to strike a deal with IRAN because it takes two people to strike a deal and I don't think I'll taller Khamenei was ever interested another deal specially with Trump and we now and I'll? They were war, and I think the events of the day we really show all the people who knew pond driver with your saying no deal, no war no deal no more of its it. Well, we ve been hearing in any leslie that if you retaliate against IRAN for their provocative behaviour, old war, three will ensue and if you go back in your red Susan rises up ad in the New York Times after seller. Money was killed. It says, though IRAN is, you know, spectre from the James. Bond movies, like that decent scenarios in which she lays out that IRAN is course gonna activate the sleeper cells in America blow everything up world, wide chaos war. That was the whole echo chamber line. Well what then he trump
kill some money and they shots missiles. At a base with, warning with morning to via the Iraqis. So our guys like they didn't know the Iraqis, we're gonna. Tell us when you see those the damage, was done it with substantial damage like if it sort of lunch assailed related now than they always say loudly, but it didn't they did it and and then they back down on Twitter, I think that what it shows that that it now shows that coercive diplomacy or retaliatory strikes do not lie two full scale war in when they radiance do something bad. We can hit them back and then they will back there by the way this what Israel has been doing for years in Syria, whenever they transfer weapons, they blow up the shipments. They know that the red line in the arena. Don't you think so now they know our red line are red line is if an American dies, one of your guys. And we're not going to distinguish between the militias, and you that's a big step, and I
think of any other way to see this past week it other than a victory for the United States, I personally think it's very hard to look at the events of the past week and not come away with the conclusion that Donald Trump is working divine inspiration. Look look I'd like to judge people by the enemies that they make an tromp has literally united the clans of evil within this country, I'm talking about the lives, meaning the liberals and the libertarians talking about like the NEO Nazis. Theirs, article on a daily basis that I just read today talked about how the NEO Nazi showed up to them. First anti war protest that was led by Antiphon so
while fighting that they have now united against Joy Bay, Har celebrated there. That's my talking about Richards than any others on her side now, NEO Nazis thought the lives and the king libertarians are all out there against the interests of America on office. Any time that America goes out there to defend itself. There there are the ones that are protesting like I honestly think that could that coalition of the enemy within is what I'm calling them would series. We protest any type of a counter stride to nuclear attack on Disneyworld that's where we're out in this country and there's another thing that I really think I thought the other thing that was exposed. This whole. This whole turn of of of events was this problem of this country is in a real binding. Comes to information. Cable news, whole Lee
What a disaster that was on Tuesday night, when the news that these rocket attacks happened, you turned one channel Emma. They see you thought that we're in world war, three there were directly broadcasting iranian propaganda live from Teheran on vat, it that thirty thirty american sort soldiers were killed. Then they beginning then you got all of their political analysts that are on in their supposed to be the ones that are the experts you're telling us what is actually going on. They all have politically vested interest in seeing in seeing Donald Trump embarrassed, so they are now trumpeting up the fact. We have been led into world war. Three, then you flip over time. Tucker Karlsson on Fox is based Equally, the same thing: you know between a very important segment on on the streets of San Francisco, which
need to clean up by the way. Like you, you know you these mixing in some good news with some really distracting and in he heard it on the beacon pack. S first note and I are gonna like he was one of the first people to inform me about the crisis. That's going on out there and then flip over to CNN and it's like a panel of eighteen people that have never set foot in that country and they're all talking about how Donald Trump really done at this time. Now we're, screwed well because you are happy with the letting Donald Trump what happened? What actually happened? Well, not just setting tromp like he finally fought back, way that they totally understand and they actually back down total victory grid job. President Trump ok said this questions for you MIKE one radiant effect this attack, does it might compel told Miss Mc He will not run for Senate in Kansas, putting public control of the Senate further in peril worth it
I thought we were gonna talk about the radiant effective. Like you, VE, killed solar maney and then, but if the original, older and L a like, are like a crash at the funeral You know they start shooting down their own complains these are the guys who first twenty years now we ve heard how much smarter they are than us so smart. There so schemes wrong and so forth, and smart and strong, and they got all these different ways. The with us in blah blah blah, and you know what Trump is such Kennedy had he can't do anything right. He's got no inter agency process. How could they possibly have a policy and what happens first, they they kill one guy. He said I look. I was frustrated when they didn't do anything when they shot down their plane. I was stricter when they didn't do anything after the drone attack on the south. He's not gonna, give us about the Saudis, but because of like the principle of it, I was frustrated and he said you kill one American and I'm going to fuck you up and he did it. He can.
Twenty five of the guys at the militia. Oh and so then they do. You know they. Kind of out on too, but they burned a building at the embassy and trumpet That's very seriously: Post Benghazi, they up again and he kills solemn Amy. Who is like the absolute you know cynical of terrorism in the world, and they don't do it anything they send a couple rockets he's actually establish deterrents. Instead, they whom the uranium humiliate themselves with this pathetic response warning us ahead of time. They don't actually kill any body, while they d accept themselves what they can't heavily on our own people, King funeral, they blow their own fucking airline or out of the sky, I was gonna, say so, whose law now what who's far now they look like Canadian. Speaking of all the d, really intelligent iranian warfare, capabilities abilities I've endlessly that if they wanted
They could blow up a stack of dimes from like three hundred miles away with their their missile superiority. Well, it turns out that not only can they are they really good at blowing up a bunch of sand in the Middle middle, the iraqi desert. They can all blow up. Passenger airlines were about three miles off of their own runway. I will. I will say that is technological superiority that I personally am terrified to the Pompey. Appoint. Look if we, end up losing the Senate, because Chris Kovac blows up Kansas for us and we lose the Senate. That, in my view, is a small price. Hey for killing that peace if it costs them sola, money and key. Ping pong pale there. Now, sir, really important. It would be irresponsible of MIKE Palm Pale to abandon the country. To like you know run a race that look with the Senate? important, but it's not porn is this. This is more important by the way,
I've always said that the Senate limits your chances in the presidential, so this is actually, I think, the best way for him forward. He remains the most important member of president from Camp Cabinet President Trump wins a second thanks to build, are to have achieved a hospital comes out small, unlike roses from gloves. Jeez use my job, she was. Also, you see this thing in the times, rather than replace dig did here that they wouldn't do but launch a couple missiles at around and she was covered up, in the c. I don't know our Gina, I don't know look. I do I get it It was the tankers gap. It has used the fortress she didn't yeah. She made likely unhappy, though I dont know that I would trade the? U S, control yourself. What was esper, who it's a tyrant, anyhow, foreign desperate aspect, the bed and everything that is it inside information. There is that's. The reports that my sources are telling me is that die. Esper did not help himself in that breathing
According to Senator Rubio, there's a wonderful briefing most of her, bringing the perfect breeding actually Trump said that It also brings, regrettably modestly at one of them had already been. That's ever been given honest, we know it's a warning. Most of what's going on in this entire, according cool crisis has been rather perfect. So I will. I will Gonna talk about the upcoming democratic debate and I want to stay and the remaining candidates, but but who cares and art? No one cares about the democratic we should just move on is solar, moanings ghost participating, I mean I I think I saw a meme created sentinels pulling will be an errand spirit. I saw he was pulling a twelve percent, the democratic parliamentary curly, There was a meme, but I don't think that's would make it any less. True was a beacon for time now, for our legal update, and for that we go to free, weakens chief legal correspondent, victory to madness. Vic low Aliona. Well, our old.
Michael? Have a naughty is back in the news. On Monday, a? U S. District court judge in Manhattan refused to throw out to charges against our favorite. Lord the porn stars have a naughty has been charged with trying to extort Nike over alleged claims, but he paid off college recruits. So if you recall Avenue representing the youth basque coach, Gary Franklin was seeking one and a half million dollars and damages from Nike a business relationship gone sour, but one presenting Franklin Avenant. He attempted to make a site deal. He told Mikey that, thanks to clients info. He had the goods on them proof. Gave money the recruits, but he keep it quiet for about twenty five million dollars, frightened had no idea- and this is something that you learn in law school. You can't take side bets on your client, that's ethics, one avenue naughty. Also didn't tell his client that Mikey was interested in settling the case today.
Part was evidently not only one of the twenty five million dollars to keep things quite, but also wanted Nike to hire him to conduct an internal problem of the company Now remember Evan, I represent stormy Daniel, so he does know a lot about internal probes, so we're talking. Not extortion here, interstate communications with intent to extort an honest services, fraud for keeping his client in the dark. The interesting thing, the judge and refusing to throw out the southern districts charges cited a ninety ninety seven case involving Bill Cosby Autumn Jackson. Claimed to be the daughter, a bill. Cosby caused me said he wasn't the father, but acknowledged in a fair with the mother. Gave money the Jackson and put it through college about a hundred thousand dollars by then Autumn said she wanted forty million dollars or should go to the tabloids. The f b I got involved thing operations got charged with extortion and went to jail. It's an interest strategy, but I won't bore you with the details. It I'll put you to sleep, which, ironically, was the bill Cosby strategy. Thank you
yes, we have a scheduled to begin on January, twenty one meanwhile age generic and saw, has officially pronounced bite and to be the Father of Alexis London Roberts, child ass well such Holly Meyer said the DNA results showed quote near scientific certainty. Hunter is the dad. Not that he was contesting it but does mean the birth certificate will now have hunters name on it primary custody will go to Alexis. Somehow I don't think he's gonna challenge that but I'm very much interested he's. Ok, I won't be a hell of a custody zest, but about I'm very much interested in seeing the next Biden family Christmas card now formally a baby doe, the child will know, will now go by the real initials and J R could J stand for Joe? The hearing was supposed, take place on the seventh, but it's been rescheduled for the twenty ninth back to you. Thank you
We go now to pop culture. Expert kitty do pray kitty. What do you have for us? Hello Every line Hollywood was approved at least smelling like laser skin treatments, while they got extremely rose, stood by Ricky, your vase, the golden globes during his son and last time hosting. No one and no topic was off limits. Begging. Your base agrees with many educated people like me in Harrison that Epstein wasn't murdered and that much younger That Hollywood is a bunch of predators Leonardo to is called out for his preference of dating. Younger women with a nice remark regarding Prince Andrew, the crowd was called out for being uneducated into political. The reason he said it was because they wear their liberal liberal is I'm sorry can even say it like a matter Ricky Jervis. Finally, sad when every one was thinking to all these
MRS Faces, but I'm wondering how long it will be entirely mysteriously dies in an accident. Geriatric talent, Red Stuart, really knows how to bring in their heads the he rang out. She thousand nineteen like a true rock star by punching a security guard over a child's party at the hotel. They were tat, even though rod sunshine, who has a violent past, pushes Kierkegaard. First, Sir Red Stuart has been charged with simple battery for the broad seventy oil Gruner sacked the security guard and the ribcage after the kids in their group were denied access to the party. This isn't the sceptre generic spurs brush with the law. He recently admitted the only reason he joined nuclear disarmament. Protests in the sixties was to get women. Rod has through airports the Palm Beach Car County criminal justice complex next month, but it looks like he was destined for the rock star lifestyle. After all,.
And from one celebrity who didn't want to make a headline to a has been, who had hurt someone for publicity actors, former model and uneducated, and take back Sir Jenny, Mccarthy tweeted a photo of an eye hop received with a tip her husband left on New year's day, her husband actors, Donnie Wahlberg, left a two thousand and twenty dollar tab on their seventy six dollar bill, and instead of just paying it forward, Jenny needed to show everybody the humble brag we just let everyone out they still enough money to afford that kind of gratuity monsieur they use the Wall burgers money and not by skipping vaccines thank you kitty and finally, in the beacon culture around Prince Harry and wife, Megan Markel announced on Wednesday that they will quote, take a step back a senior members of the royal family in order to quote carve out a progressive new role within this institution. There reportedly plan to split their time between North America in the UK. To add insult
The injury, Harry and mega are believed to have made the announcement without consulting other members of the royal family, but the royal family seem to take. Well putting out an announcement that quote discussions with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are at an early stage. We understand their desire to take a different approach, but these are complicated issues that will take time to work through you know I really felt like that state make it just be a place holder for like most things that happen. Other than that. Do we really care about this? I mean he's like the worst use, they're going to find a way to make royalty worse. Its goal to be more annoying than it already is. They're gonna like be here on our continent, but they are doing come out three hundred years ago now, Canada still protectorate by accident and a problem that we should soon rectifying yeah well
I send back known annex like a least Alberta, if not substantially larger portions- does that there's only one person is to blame for this, the queen, the queen really up. You know why, because he let people Mary outside the family tree when back when they were inbreeding. They never had these kinds of problems. Okay and most people were you in bread in the royal family think creatively enough to even think they should. Going most warmly like half brain dead and like too ugly rob conformity. Is that anyone know no outsider wanted to come in so much you started like getting outside your local gene. Or you invite these kinds of problems, and I think that, based on the conflicting statements from Marion and Megan and then from the queen herself. You can only do not only conclusion that you haven't Megan with ropes. You just got sick of that crappy british food over there. The weird teeth and was like Harry we're out of your inflexibility, sustained if Wellington Fur for a lifetime
Does she had never statement on raw right that that was she was like Harry? Is either divorce or move that states? I would take her job. I would be so good at that and the royal family, all you gotta go to Sandra Nemo. I can easily do that really know what our job as a job that job my I will have you been clean and thank you for coming to America reference, a gay you guys are gonna like this next one. Finally, the New York Times reports on models who have found an enterprising way to raise money to help Australia, which is battled devastating wildfires. The New York Times highlights the case of new model. Kalen Ward, who quote told her thirty thousand
what her followers that she would send a naked picture of herself to anyone who donated ten dollars to charities involved in relief efforts. It's a really good incentive for people who wouldn't donate as bad as that sounds. She said in an interview this week in order to receive a nude photo. Each donor would need to send Ms Ward a receipt as verification. The model said that by the end of the first day, once she had added up the totals from the receipt centre, Instagram inbox she and encourage the donation of about five thousand dollars charities focused on Australia's fires. She now claims to have raised more than a million dollars, though she was candid about her in inability to verify individual donations MIKE? Was it worth it for the picture I mean I don't really understand. It sounds like she was given away the milk for free She is a nude twitter model and so painted handbags lines, not a nude twitter model. That's what you read she's a new model Kate. She makes money through put the pornographic subscription service. Only fans-
you know about. So you have their way, but ITALY that article about that for a charitable donations. She would text these people your special cases, just to you I mean I guess in that situation, just speaking for myself personally, would really come down to like the user interface. You know it's like a pay pal thing I could probably I could probably get behind that, but, like I'm not entering new credit card details for her, whether the real question for me is your once this thing we totally viral and their started to be actual market competition out there for listing these donations. I just want to know if these are stock photos like a if it's like Did donates fifty bucks and I turn around. I dont need fifty bucks we're getting the same new hustling that you like. Did you take one and send the same? One elbow ripping react that's not right, but it is a little nice handling of shared at the girl. I thank your side. You think it's a great. Like
motivating thing. I like I'd I'd like getting something in return for charity other than just like being able sleep well, and I feel good about myself. So, what's funny it, she did get something out of it. It said Miss Ward had about thirty thousand Instagram followers when she started this, but she had more than two hundred and twenty thousand shortly thereafter and Instagram band her account what they said in his statement that they did not allow their users to offer nude images or come on soccer burg. That's Burma particularly when you next time tromp has upper burg over. I feel I can use a lobby on this issue. There should be nudes on Instagram, theirs. On Twitter. That's all I don't know. I don't know there's something you know that little bit a mystery, that's left on the internet is like found on Instagram. You know you there's a little salt and left the imagination. I kind of like that. Pure one heard of the Pang invite
A guy wasn't his people, you know I'm really about Fortunately, that's all the time we have for today's edition of right and writer. I'd like to give special thanks to our producer, Paul crooks, thin and, of course, are free, beacon, guess, Matthew, continuity, Aaron Harrison, Michael Goldfarb victory, no Madison Kitty do pre. Remember, find us on Itunes, Google planned sticker, just search for free beacon. Please subscribe. Tell your friends and leave a positive review. Unlike listener GEO who writes uninstall ramblings, don't waste your time with this one until now, Time
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