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Mitt’s Grudge, Iowa’s Debacle, and the Best State of the Union Yet

2020-02-06 | 🔗
With President Donald Trump acquitted in the Senate impeachment trial, Harison takes aim at Utah senator Mitt Romney for being the lone vote to impeach on the Republican side. Rank speculation ensues about everything from Mitt's motives to his genealogy. Do we know who his great-great-great grandfather is? Maybe not, but that is what Reddit is for. But the Senate acquittal isn't the only massive win for Trump this week. Arguably the best news of 2020 is the increasing certainty with which the libs are demonstrating their unfitness to govern. Iowa is the latest and greatest example, as the Democratic Party failed to figure out... well, anything, since the night ended with absolutely zero data on any of the candidates' results. Harison argues the Bernie Bros should be even more angry when it's the party's own operations that are blocking their favorite socialist's ability to get a major boost from positive results in the Hawkeye state. Biden's struggles, Matt argues, are linked to the impeachment proceeding that reflected so poorly on the former vice president and his son Hunter. In that regard, Pelosi may have harmed Biden's attempt to bring a third Obama term. However, Pelosi's main play this week was at the State of the Union, where she ripped up Trump's speech in front of cameras. Just another example of the dearth of class and dignity in today's Democratic Party.... The good news is it was the best State of the Union address ever, according to Harison, with enough made-for-TV drama to beat even George W. Bush's "Axis of Evil" speech in 2002. Oh, and the one where he talked about steroids in baseball. Vic comes on to talk about the meatless Whopper's lack of vegan bona fides, which has led to a lawsuit the <em>Washington</em> <em>Free Beacon</em> is closely monitoring. Finally, Kitty drops in to talk about Al Pacino's struggles with old age, Pamela Anderson's ephemeral marriage, and Adam Sandler's mustache. Join civics classes across the country by clicking subscribe, and never miss an episode.
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Let me from the right today is free beacon, founding editor Matthew, continuity. You may remember him from such mainstream media outlets as National Review, the late weekly standard and the Claremont Review books. You can follow him on twitter at continuity, hello, Matt, hello, early on a further two mats right is free, beacon, didn't Aaron Harrison. We don't know what he does around the office, but he was great help in getting President Donald Trump acquitted. So that's good enough, us you're welcome America what a week to be alive in the United States of America. And our marriage an option
again on an international mission is free, beacon, chairman and licence for publishing insult Michael GO bar. We aren't sure whether he works here any more and there is nobody left to keep our paneless in line up. First, the? U S: Senate acquitted President Donald Trump on both articles of impeachment on Wednesday, with Senator Mitt Romney, joining all forty five Democrats and to independence in voting to convict the president on the charge of abuse of power. Meanwhile, the president's approval rating hit forty nine percent in the latest Gallup poll up from around forty percent in October, the same pole found that, since impeachment began, the approval rating of the Democratic Party has fallen to forty five percent from forty eight percent, while that of the Republican Party has risen to fifty one percent
forty three percent, that's more numbers than we usually do on the show, but Matt has the President gotten and impeachment bounce. Not only that, but the cynical me says maybe we should have wanted to call witnesses, because I would have struck this out further and it would have continued the good political news surprise in Iraq, because impeachment clearly redounded His benefit courts is also good to be acquainted and- and I think the presence making the most of that as well. But this is definitely been one of the best weeks. Trumps presidency and the question is: can you keep Goin through November harrassing? Did you vote for Mitt Romney in twenty twelve, and I regret that the idea, Sadly, I did vote for new, not enthusiastically not adversely. Everybody knows that I have been on two minutes case
everyone from the day that we then he decided that he wasn't going to run for re election of governor of Massachusetts hint because he would have lost to sacrifice himself to run. Presidency, the United States, because he was a new found. Severe conservative rubber seat now met the man principle. The man who knows what he believes in you know at its core issues such as this decent guy got Mitt D, the founder of Obama, knit the plant parenthood donor met the guy who strap his dog. The roof of his carry interrupted y know, who first reported the plant, parenthood donations and I weekly standard. It was the weekly one Jennifer Ruben
flowers, of course, that we should reject somewhere in the archives. What what we run website. Why? Don't? We just go ahead and make? I was always says: she's gonna, be energy minuteness, then, fell again became prom it, but I think there was an anti met period which Germany or the new programme period they history liberal, Jen, ribbon and and Mitt Romney. The confusing sordid history of what you're back together new always called Romney's loss and twenty twelve and that's what made it striking that you were on the Trump train so early in twenty sixteen. Yet I mean I have a pretty good radar from real because her from Middle America from Real America. I think you have a good judgment about politicians at the national level for public, and so I thank you for that, and there is no doubt that does go to fact that I was the first person in the country to have a make Amerika great again bumper sticker.
On his luxury automobile. They drives around the liberal on clay and, if you're, tired flash for their current he'd few look it's a few louise, but that the power, when shield wipers to care most those but back to me with it I know I am not done on below. We give us all your marriage word for this is the approach versions. It would take about twenty minutes, so there are no. Have you look the thing which is like everybody lives in the media and the lips? the Congress and lives in the country. Suddenly love mid again because he's the man of Principle right he's a hero to them. Now. They were not describing him as in two thousand and twelve, the racist capital reader, who is just after to shut down General motors if it is done on the roof of torture. To talk. You do not dogs in the United States of America. That is the one thing right. What about you? What about your gas? What does that? What about all gal? Remember he cut that kid's hair
organize boldly real Bali was the Bali Donald Trump as successful like yours, successful, Mitt Romney is so jealous of Donald Trump that he gave member. Mitt Romney actually took the first part shot had Donald Trump in this whole fight between Trump and run. Trot Ronnie came out with a disgraceful, each against Donald Trump, trying to save the Party from Donald Trump and imminent disaster back in two thousand, and sixteen remember Mitt Romney descended from the clouds. Are so now here we are met is back on his personal grudging. I do respect him holding this grudge. This is something that that part respect that part you like that, like that part, but It's an, I think, more rights and we came to did it look to put these guys Heather had their positive qualities, but the fact is not an act of heroic sacrifice here. Ok, he just stab his friends. The people too, spun his Bush for him in the big.
Money for him and voted for him. He stabbed all people back in favour of of of prey an hero, worship from the lives and the enemies of Montenegro's speculate, aimlessly about the political calculate calculation, instead of right and writer. We could cause podcast aimless speculation, urgent as emotional american programme is aimed at regulating. But this thing about it: he's elected to the sun and twenty eighteen sixty return, so he's up an easy cycle and twenty twenty four, which would be the end of the trunk presidency, so I dont think- maybe maybe I'm thinking but barring a change to the constitution. Ok, which may be that will be the second term agenda since there's not much else on board, but that, barring that it's over an atlas release for this trap,
And so is he thinking run for president? He can't this can't be nominated as again as your old man. While they care is he gonna run. I don't think you can win reelection now. Oh, I think you I gotta get out of the trap, a big primarily submitted as pressing eighty at that point. So so it was said this. Then. If you think about it, then it was kind of personal principle. It wasn't necessarily calculated politically because there's no that's on trading, there's no real end state right
and state is, I think, is you retire in twenty dwell horrible. I know not him. My thought was like the Romney's in the history books now, as the losing twenty twelve candidate, in my view, was a key wine to be mentioned in the history books in a way that he viewed as positive and made him feel good, and that sort of how I read them completely agree. Mitt Romney has always viewed himself, someone destined for greatness yeah, you someone who claims to be like the biological descended of an actual disciple from God. I need to talk about that at the outrages. Mindset that you have to begin to feel it. You have to be borne, be present, ok, look the only final point I want to make is that is having some organism. What he's? Probably one of the holy family members of more than one I didn't write, is that it is now widely reported fell right speculation from
about your more training can verify that somewhere, the people are saying your beauty. I was saying this: he sat on Red it somewhere neurotic red thread. Look at all these people to commit a hero, their doing so because Meet agrees. With them? Ok, you don't see the same people calling cell Miller a hero, conceal Liebermann, a hero, calling the Jersey congressmen who just which parties euro, because they were acting on their consciousness Andrew, yet Jappy that Jeff Andrews Mamma, a singular there's only one well once again will check on bread it. But the fact is that somebody agreeing with you doesn't make you a here: doesn't make them a hero? Agreeing with me makes them a Euro Atlantic. True Democrat,
Comcast in Iowa, and nobody really knows what happened after that. Carcass system modified to meet the demands of populist, who felt Berne and twenty sixteen proved too complicated for them to handle a new app created, die Democrats in an attempt to catch up to Donald Trump Tech. Savvy campaign was not up to the task, to say the least. The Caucasus were Monday night, where recording this podcast on Thursday afternoon and just hours before we came into the studio Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom per, as called for a quote, re canvas of the eye or results erect canvas. According to the Washington Post is a hand audit of math, worksheets and reporting forms completed at each of the more than one thousand seven hundred fifty precincts across the state Matt. What is going on here just three days out from the New Hampshire private? Why minutes a colossal disaster of disaster for the cock
as which I don't know whether they're gonna be first in the nation s cycle, at least on the decide. I gave a disaster for the Democratic Party, because this is the party that literally wants to manage every aspect of american economy and society, and they can't figure out how to work an app. It's a disaster for Joe Biden because he's a fourth place, and so after almost fifty years in politics and months as the national pulling front runner you can't he didn't get it where you know so I it's just a wall. The wall pain for the Democrats in does have it has if the effective, elevating mere pete at
IRAN's expands, and so you have a Bernie PETE race going in a new Hampshire on Tuesday and am, I think, advantage Bernie Harrison while when he heard of your first time Last week I called it Bernie the winner of the I will carcass the I will carcass imploded, because Bernie was winning. We saw that Mayor Cheat conspired with that loser Joe Biden, to do too to switch that the delegate count in May repeats favour to prevent Bernie from running away with that, once again, the I will caucus screw job is in full. Or against Bernie Sanders by the democratic establishment? It's happening again. Bernie brows what should go do what Do you see machine- runs wild on you. That's what I want to know rainwater
and it's running while we buy and know how in pretty well, I dont know how angry I mean sure I think Bernie supporters are gonna, be angry, but I don't think they have them Reason to be angry known that the five thirty eight delegate projector right now has Bernie most likely to in a majority of delegates before the convention. You know Number two is no work Oh no, I well brokered convention. Hillary Clinton, that's Hilary Azeri along its dislike. We, having a potential nineteen sixty eight Rita. I cannot wait for the riots. Look. I also as you are, that there twenty sixteen de convention- and that was rowdy on the on the streets. Wasn't it yet to get its in their nature, I mean look. I think that they ve been tension. Elite been trying to destroy these electoral processes for several years now me look that the dams dont lose an election that they dont immediately. Try to invalidate I'm just ass Governor
Stacy Abrams President Al Gore, the real when our own election. They did this so that they can set up the powers that be construct dictating the terms for the people because they hate when the people actually speak for themselves. This whole the whole Romney thing the whole twenty that the whole impeachment fiasco. The rush investigation. It was all about invalidating the two thousand sixteen will of the people, so I just have one the final. No. On the ILO caucus arrival in the state of the union, ok, let's go because this one's for Joe, but ok Obama has now killed two out of the three parties and he is now killed. Three potential Joe Biden Present your campaigns, our he beat us in two thousand and eight he just go. TIM from running in two thousand and sixteen and he's worth to endorse, and in two thousand and twenty. That is the one person who could save Joe Biden. And allowed you about. You know who else killed Joe Biden, Joe Biden now Nancy Polo she did
is no doubt in my mind that authorizing the impeachment inquiry in September, twenty four that go back, Jos numbers were fine, then, on that day, and you look at him now, his disapproval rating is biked. He's forth in Iowa impeachment backfired. There is no question about it. It is amazing- and that is in by way that as a consequence of policy taking cues from the squad Tory now and heartily, and that's why I'm thick honestly that I don't know the debt and with some crazy here in some like crazy, burning somewhere you, but what I think, the houses and play this year, the houses and play folks and a two thirds, We're in the Senate might also be backed up after you take it that the big well it was nice. I have my level of great that you go to your your place, nor have we play. I would also just like to exonerate Rudy Giuliani here because
We took all this in two thousand aid for spending so much money and not receiving a single convention. Delicate well at this point in Joe Biden, political career, he is run for president officially three times and he has not received these Go delegate once Congrats Joe you didn t go out with a whimper like that. Ok, on the eve of his acquittal in the Senate, trumped up The final state of the union address of his first term on Tuesday, and it was a barn burner complete with the advocate, flourishes and mag and maggot aspect touches. The president had the first Lady drape rush limbo with the metal of freedom, reunite a military family honoured the mother of the earliest premature baby ever born and on and on Matt was a too much or did he strike the right now I confess I don't want to stay you know you're missing six years and
here's what I love about, what tromp is done to it. He has turned it in this started last year, not this year, heaves repeated it and I assume oak go forward in future state of the union, whose turn it into a television special. It's like Donald trumps, state of the union Donald Europe and so a site. I'm gonna talk about Europe story and I'm gonna give you a scholarship and rushing limber. Maloney is gonna, pin the metal Oprah spent. It is amazing, it's amazing tv and my leg. You say I'm I'm asleep, but my wife watched it and she was like it was fascinating. It does its grip, tv, and if we know one thing, we know many things about downtown. One of them is, he is really good at television like he just understands television and communication, and that's why policy was so furious. That's why I may she Knute look. It looks like the evidences. She was going and they're gonna rip up to speech anyway, again cause she's, all she's doing is playing to her school
right, that's all she's doing now, but it what do you do? How do you? How do you? bombed to Trump may have figured it out. No one has ever figured it out, while they certainly won't respond Trump with class and dignity and respect for the office of the presidency. We know that won't happen. We know they won't respond by respecting the will of the american people because they had three plus years to do so. They respond by showing their true cells, which is they are just these mom girls on the inside. They are really really trump. I saw the speech. I saw the press coverage today. He said they are, they are at many cases. They are rooting against this country in their actively pursuing the downfall of this country, the stadium, it was the best data union that has been given in my lifetime that prior steadily union, that was was the best one. The one from a I'd say the ass at the axis of evil, one along with me.
While steroids want those are my two favorite What had been in the baseball steroids? One George W Bush said: get steroids out a baseball. Don't you guys remember that it happened because the power of the presidency I do a vague. I would say that the one where we start times, wood chips in crab grass fuel at every them. Oh six, r, o five- may have been the same speech it may have been in the axis of evil solution is now I get that allow the Georgia when I really loves baseball yet anyway, this speech was great. I agree with everything you guys have said, except for the fact that that did not watch it really watch tv, I would say if you're, gonna utterly mad this isn t this is this. Is America? Ok, I read it today raises where's my here's, my one of their observation about this mad, the only person in the country to say I did not watch the state of the union. I read well and want to see. What's going on and it's much faster
by the way when you read it yet, but it's a visual experience it's like be. Unlike all you know, I read the script Tell you you're, not gonna. Getting the giraffe experience on its onto light was so great. You have to wonder what I think I term eyes contrasted until speech has not made me cry in a very long time. I cried. Usually it's and tears of disgust tiers of shame sorrow for the future. This was two's of hope and I think I think, when he needs to say, is concerned whether much forward looking about what a second term will bring in terms of policy, but what we really, say it's just my second term agenda is simple: keep owning the lives, keep him your grave, owning that worked, notes owning the live. That's all were doing, and I didn't ask him right. America gather it is the lives or article article airing at a gallery is exposing them for what they truly are their terrible people
believing in the will of the people that they do not like the answers. When the people stand up and say that's my mother, finger in the air folk. Some censoring myself. I am getting really worked up when I start drop enough bonds. I know it's a family programme, others, children after that are listening. I know this is often played in civics classes. In this in the schools. It still teach civics at Trump. You Every single we're Lily Vodka, tens Trump Facebook Welcome, will eventually one day which graduates it is time. For our legal update and for that we go to the free begins chief legal correspondent, Viktor, you no man is well yeah. Do I have a juicy story for you, as we all know, her kings, impossible opera has been a massive success, but a vague in Atlanta. Georgia is suing the fast food chain claim
the meat was whopper does not in fact meet less so we're dealing with both food and legal issue here. Thank God. I am both legal and food corresponded. So here's the deal, Philip Williams, is v in any filed a class action lawsuit against burger king for supposing false advertising, because the meat was whopper is cooked on the same grill as the beef paddies so gets we'll bits of oil, Greece and meet residue on it. The good parts, as I call it. In other words, it really isn't me, it's me really isn't. Needless, so he deserves damages. Ah, but William was isn't suing just for damages. He also wants impossible whoppers from now on, to be cooked on separate, meet free grills and to be handled with meat free spatulas. Last Thursday burking fired backs picket ever claim the impossible. Whopper was a vacant sandwich, please go to a different restaurant is exactly right is for mediators, who want to cut back on eating Meat Williams, could have all visit the website to learn how its prepared he could have said more to the
sheer than hold the male because, as he says, the man has got the eggs that comes from chickens and you can also request or impossible water to be caught in an oven. But, as you just said earlier on at that point, I ask why even bother going to Burger king also. Is it that much healthier the eating possible whopper as opposed to a delicious flame broil variety, the impossible whopper is only thirty calories less and actually has more sodium than the normal whopper. And yes, it's plant based, but that doesn't mean it's like Cato pressed into a passion would taste that its soy products like soya, give a global and mum bean and other binders. It's ok, I guess. But it's not like it. She steak or an italian beef sandwich, speed battalion beef sandwiches MIKE eleven August still Aladdin Correct, facility in New York, as the Nike extortion trial entered its second week. I will keep you posted on that. Back to you was that it was a luminous.
Thank you back. We go now to our pop culture. Expert kitty do pre kitty. What do you have for us here? I'll everyone any given Sunday but you know what I'd be newsworthy, but last Sunday he fell on the red carpet at the British Academy film awards in London. His physical capability every coming as dishevelled as his looks the aged act, the age actor was the company to the event by his girlfriend, who seems to double as his neglectful care care tat
After the whole ordeal, but Chino is assisted up in her Chanel bag was carried off safely without any scratches. Although two days later after his tumble, someone in his camp must have forgotten to give pitching o his meds because he forgot he was on live tv and tried to leave the interview early. He also know the name of the show he was appearing on, while promoting his latest project he's gone from Hollywood heartthrob to the sea. Now relative, we all have the public may no longer be intimidated by the once Tony Montana, but thankfully rarely Oda, and still bring the fear, despite his Shan tax, quitting commercial arson, Quiney, smoking, commercial, that's a pretty short term for commercial IDA. Line or not? Re still rocks and at night ever want to smoke causes. That is looking like the heat of the
history and has eight has finally caught up Tippecanoe and the number the number thirteen as long known to be unlucky? So, thankfully, PAMELA Anderson ended her newly newest marriage on day twelve, the couple never officially gotta marriage license, so they were never legally wet, but their relationship seem thicker and more hopeful them comes eyebrows Anderson Anderson verily beat the record of her Baywatch replacement Carmen Electra in her ninety union Dennis Rodman, my hypothesis on the cause of destruction, four p M and John Peters was being twenty two years apart and wanting dinner at different times my favorite, my favorite, decrepit old man, Larry King spoke this week saying he blames the twenty six year age gap in their villages,
princess for the failure of his last marriage. Larry's ex life is more men, and I think no alcohol out in the house is reasonable grounds for divorce, maybe and apply twice. Pam can become Larry's, eighth wife and they can agree on what time to have dinner. I'm just hopeful PAN six times as much harm she's been married five times All this would be the fifth time. Well August is not legally. What are you talking about designers, haggard, Eyed Wade STAR, was sent back to their full circle, a reverse, Edward yeah, asked in that all Hara Heroes where capes in there is one very special grass it man who needs to be saluted this week, this actor and actually registered Republican is bringing attention to a wellness regimen that needs to become a standard for men everywhere.
Man, Adam Sandler, was the definition of Manly, as he supported a mustache while getting a pedicure Sandler knows had a pamper himself since he's about to beyond those tutsis more after signing his new Netflix deal for former movies, The comedians uncut jams are no longer is toenails and I hope more follow in certain areas the literal footsteps on ass screw. The recital reminds me you're, tired, but Albert you know they were talking about Tony. Yes, what have you got there? You go I'll bet. You know and finger nails a Europe something our they grandfather worldwide in. Oh, my god, I need an embryo. Has some outrageous fingernails? Well, we have no beacon culture around today, because Matt vetoed
a topic. Sorry, I I don't know. I don't know you don't wanna know again: fires german, I do guys wanna see Albertini, was being discussed now. So rapidly? I don't you, how do you even find? Well? How did you learn about this and you you always vines The union with a dark were spent that have you heard of issue, no joke that we don't know what you're doing all. I know doing all you're on the browser at finding things like this out. How do you think I'm ahead of the game so much unable to predict elections? I know when red waves, only someone could harness your power for good get I don't know, but I didn't use it to improve the state of the world at some. What I'm here for that's what that is the creation that I bless this fine world with when when one day I had a dream,
ok I'll and, of course, a role. That is all we ask place for today's edition of right and writer. Special thanks for producer Parker Accident and, of course, free beacon, guess, Matthew, continuity, Aaron hairs victory, no manners and kitty do pray. Remember and, as on Itunes, Google plants did search for free beacon. Please subscribe tell your friends and leave a positive review like listener junks. Not quite there are two pronounce it who writes limiting the episodes. Did thirty minutes is communism, four Aaron Harrison and gold barbs area diet, measured analysis, stay for VIC, Madison, legal expertise and kiddies pop culture, Knowledge Elliot is a welcome addition. After she kept her addiction to fake news. Continuity is fine, until next time.
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