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Mueller, Dem Debate Preview, and Regime Change in the Dominican Republic

2019-06-26 | 🔗
On this episode of the Free Beacon Podcast with brand new host Daniel Halper, the gang discusses Mueller agreeing to testify, predictions of the Democratic debates, and the need for a regime change in the Dominican Republic.
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Welcome to the Washington Free Beacon, podcast, I'm your host Daniel Halbert. Thank you for listening. The free beacon podcast is also available on the apple at Google play in stature. Please subscribe. Tell your friends and leave a review coming up on the show Special Council Robert Miller, has a date on Capitol Hill. President Trump respond this morning. By correctly noting it never ends. The Democrats kick off debate season with the to night bout in Miami will preview and what the fuck is going on in the Supreme Court will have a special report from our chief legal corresponded. Americans keep dying in the Dominican Republic, stay tuned for survival, guide and socks. How many days Roque you wear the same pair will debate joining me on the show today, editor in Chief Matt continuity to his right
Harrison President of the free beacon and also on today's programme. Michael Goldfarb, chairman of the free beacon, welcome gentlemen, allows the such a very bizarre hot under its second Otto. How slow as I have like the operator when you call it that they have the artificial, intelligent right. Yeah you haven't, hey, I host does amazed welcome to movie phone. I love this all of this new right. Let's get into our right, Robert Mellaril, testifying Capitol Hill on July, seventeenth in an interview this morning on Fox Business, President Trump accused mower of criminal activity with the illegal termination of text, messages between an FBI, agent and all, and his lawyer, referring to the origins of the FBI probe into camp change into his campaign. Trump said it so illegal. It's probably
biggest political scandal in history and they got caught doing it. Aaron should both be locked up militia been locked up a year ago. I am so sick of this guy mauler. This is that this is the only crutch that the Democrats have at this. Why is bringing mauler back bring bowler back? Oh, what smaller going to guess what Mahler doesn't see ok that is his em up. Mauler doesn't talk so bring him up to the hill he's not Give you anything that he didn't give you in the report that he's written. He said as much in as far as all of the tampering with struck page deleting the love notes and in whatever other types of collusion from the deep state. I don't really care, because it's a relevant there was no collusion. There was no crime. If there's no crime, there should be no investigation hit. The fact is that that Mahler could not prove a crime he could not bring one to trial. He could not indict is sitting president and of discussion. This is up to Congress.
Congress wants to impeach? They have that right, but mowers irrelevant at this point he heard a voice. I think Harrison is giving us a preview of what Congressmen Matt Gates's questioning will be like and look there's a lot to it at an what's fascinating to me about mothers, appearance on the Capitol Hill before the house is, he is opening himself up to both sides. The Democrats are obviously going to want to focus solely on volume, two of the Mulder Report and try to yet Mahler to say that present trump cards committed obstruction of justice will be well, though, the Republicans are going to focus almost. Thirdly, on the origins of the investigation and also have some questions about the nature and composition of mothers tee and the irony is that Mahler,
be more at liberty to answer the Republicans questions than the democratic ones, because he said that he is going to stick to the four corners of the report, especially when it concerns privileged information or witnesses. Or with these other questions about you know, what did you know about the steel dossier or when did you first learn about struck and page. None of that is in the report, so How he's gonna answer those questions is gonna be something to watch my we honour. This leads to impeach meant the house's all plan out. You know you ever come home from work, and I am wives condominium mood and they don't say, can you say what's going on and she says I don't want to talk about it, ok and you're. Like fine with me. I didn't that's fine may, but then you know the more and more pissed off and you know they really do want to talk about it. And finally, you know you issue, the subpoena, because they want to talk
This isn't a blow over until they do and once they start tart talking, they never shut them. Kay and it goes on and on and on, and that's kind of my fear here. Is this guy's been like planets hard to get? I don't want to talk about it. I dont give comments. We don't league you're gonna have to subpoena me and then they finally issues Vienna and now he's not gonna shut up and that's my concern and God knows what he's going to say and an yea says he's gonna confine himself but he's under bees under duress cease being asked the question under subpoena, unlike an if he refuses to answer it. Then, what's the stop the Democrats from thinking? Well, that's where we gotta go and how do we push him to go further in that direction? I want the thing to be done. With I mean the thing was not good for Trump. Nothing in that report is helpful to trump
The fact that its over is like, let's be done with it- it's been a year and a half two and a half years already and another, and I think the Democrats have like a very clear plan, which is just a dribble this out, for they don't want to do impeachment. They just want to keep it in the news for you know between now and election day, and this is like another piece of that, while there is no democratic agenda, this is the democratic agenda which is to just raise questions about the ethical conduct at the present. C in the executive branch, this is their entire platform. As long as the Democrats are in charge of the house, then we're going to get this this never ending. Of impeachment inquiries in subpoenas. That's all they have, because the american people don't actually agree with what the Democratic Party has become in what they stand. They have had a really interesting agenda, the last few weeks of trying to figure out exactly what a concentration camp is, and you know from the Boar war to the Second World war.
Or and don't give the kids beds yeah boycott. Company that builds bed wayfare walk out. I think they're doing great work over there in the Democratic Party, speaking of which lets go to Miami. It seems to me that the race at this point is down to four Democrats, Joe Biden Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Worn and yes mayor, PETE Matt. You think anybody else will break out tonight and tomorrow night. What do you think he's gonna happen? Ended in the debates in Miami wide refrain, your framing of the race I'd say it's Joe Biden. First, the field, it's really Biden against everybody else, and any of these candidates could make a big splash on the debate stage. You never know. The question is: will that splash translate into any diminution of Biden Support, especially among his core constituency, which errors african American
voters. I dont really see that happening after the tomorrow night were taping this on Wednesday. So, but if any one of them could in you never know what will happen in them, still waiting for Corey Book Gerda to gains interaction and maybe I'll be waiting for six months might can any these jokers beach, Ah you know. I worry that any of them could beat tromp come on one level, but there some who were like clearly weaker than others, and it sort of amazing the watch. The Democrats try and top themselves into nominating Warren who to strike me as, like, obviously the weakest in the field she's like the most unlike a ball and then take human being. You know I've ever seen. Maybe
honey. I still think is like totally credible and I and Biden is you know I think he's like weak and and just a total schmuck and can't keep his foot out of his mouth. But but he's got some enduring support here, and you know it wouldn't be the first schmuck who became president so I like the set their building a familiar lies, ran around pro life at the getting ready. If bigger than the White House, is bigger than the sure why house well remember Brock's columns from away this. This puts those to shame. They should all have like their own fate presidential seals.
The front of their own odium, still electrons Harrison. What I read what my red is that I think I think Matt touched on. It has largely right this, the entire ridiculous process, these two knights of mortal combat from that this clown car of a democratic feel it's about your by who can be a viable alternative to the democratic party that could theoretically be tromp right now, Joe Biden is winning the argument as to who is the most competitive against tromp. The reason is because he has the biggest amount, a name I d out there in the field in at this early the race. It's all about me mighty, that's what Bernie is up there with Biden and Mozilla reason the buttons brazilian. At this point, there's two nights ago, the first night is this: is the biggest snooze fast. Ok, there's nothing but boring candidate,
so, if you're asking me who's gonna come away with the biggest headline out of this who is going to start rising above the field and separating themselves in the pack. What you have to go to the most charismatic candidate on the stage in night one, and that is Build the Plaza de Palacio is going to be the only candidate out of this first night. That actually captures where the base of the party is. This is the activist when there now going to be talking about anybody else. Unless Elizabeth Warrant can somehow bring the house down because she asked she actually has to sell, she has the most loose tonight, because if she can't sell herself as a viable alternative to Joe Biden than her kid is, is basically over because build the plaza is going to say whatever the hell he thinks the crazies on the left want him to set. That's what he's done his entire career, Tat. We became elected mayor of New York City in the first place and is also like three feet taller than the rest of the people on stage matter
says: toss guy who wouldn't you know that is one of my rules of politics and I was reminded of it when I saw that ridiculous class photo from the kleiber in fish fry last weekend, where I think twenty one of the twenty three candidates were there and they all looked ridiculous by them. Look like, he didn't know where he was club. Bashar, look like kind of the valedictorian whose it can't does not oppose her, because our eyes were closed. Nato looked home, us and the one who actually look like a political figure and was De Palacio, He was smiling. He was waving. He was taller than everyone else in his disdain reminder that maybe we shouldn't under to make him I mean he has nowhere. Is nowhere in the polls now, but has anyone ever gone from zero right? Yes, names try what funny wasn't zero. Yes, he was yes, he was the very. Was nobody took him seriously, these
Andrew? I live in this entire life because the guy who wrote the book the order, the come back and he actually live before we go on from love best for second before that, to the next thing to say, I was reminded by some very interesting by Harrington this week, which is at this point in two thousand and seven Barack Obama was actually leading among black voters in South Carolina, and it shows you that that is the constituency, which is the crucial constituency, is, is aware of these kids, It's at this early time and end if their backing Biden, which they are that's nothing a trifle at ok. But let's talk about Biden because there's this piece in the Washington Post about how he enriched himself and public service, he got two hundred thousand dollars on first speech. She demanded Angel Hereupon, DORA, caprices, salad, raspberries bay. With the study Delicious does sound decent but its say, Mueller Palmer. Dora can be tough on a stump. I mean mats italian bias and maybe
Yes, maybe he has good. God have mercy must, but is Joe Biden just Hillary Clinton without the charm know, Joe Biden is he's just like a doddering old fool. He doesn't command any racing backward from Hilary. Why is I think, he's just like this poor food? I think Hilary was actually hell bent on world emanations worth she was not word liberal from the sixties of radical old wench. That was out to just dominate just wanted Power Biden. It's like you, just kids seems to give force computers like falls into like prominent places three, but nobody actually respects they treat him exactly like forest culprits like pattern my head listening, David Axelrod assume we mention- is no respect. Barack Obama. Scared, George, are convinced Joe Biden, not
run and twenty sixteen you wouldn't endorse them, then he's not endorsing and now like what what was. It was just simply a political play to put him on the ticket. He was at the time the least offensive candidate that you could have put not put on for the brok. Obama show in twenty two thousand eight. They even talked about replacing him in twenty twelve. They don't respect him. Why doesn't job command any respect. That's what Trump asked that's in diving, Iraq washing interview over the weekend. He is at what is going on there with Obama. Why won't he endorses? If I'm going to say, I think the black voters in South Carolina are like the last bulwark between this country incomplete. An insane and with the they are like the most serious, hard headed people in this country. They stopped Bernie last time they may stop like an
higher army of lunatics. This time they are the salt of the earth and God bless them, I'm with you, one hundred percent. I would say this. You know. I think I've wrote this like a month ago that the Trump is clearly preparing to run the same campaign against Biden that he ran against Hilary. Their people been around forever. They occupy the centre left, which Trump can use to create a wedge between. Basically, the democratic basis, socratic nominee on issues like a crime. You see the big story on Biden today in the New York Times, but how awful it was that he supported the ninety four crime. Bailey sign trade right by them is a free trader and you'll see Iraq war bite, supported the Iraq war. So At the same time, one mass to realize that
here we won the nomination and she won the popular vote and so that, if the calculation is will bite in this person, who's gonna get us back those new nets. Seventy eight thousand votes in the three states: it's not a dumb calculation to make, but I do. I do think that he because he's a career politician because he's old and because he has his baggage he's, not a strong, a general election candidates as people think. Well, that's what I think to look for the Thursday debate is you have to look for the alternatives to bide. People are screaming for an alternative divide in their voting with their supporting button, because he's the only one that I have heard of and he seems relatively inoffensive. Baku can give him the biggest challenge. Who is the biggest alternative in that field? You gotta look to the democratic freaks Marian Williamson. The spiritual guru is gonna, be on stage going Toto, what with job, tomorrow night, you even the playing field? This is that
I'm predicting it right now. We're were worth thirty six hours away from that debate. That's gonna, be this the line stealer Mary Mary at a prayer she'll be the one that stands out from the rest of the field we gotta do Yang tonight ranks tomorrow. So these on a Thursday thirty days got the big, more or less able it's a far more interesting, flew to judge Bernie bad, oh god, no, better, tonight, but a meadow and Booker tonight with worn. What is better is Booker gonna cry coming back seems to be whether obliges my cry tomorrow. Well because he was all shaken up by what happened to him and the weekend. One at all, but one of them's definitely going to cry. There will be tears. It did the big we talked about this Buddha judged Ok! Well, that will save it. For later, I just think you didn't do anything wrong other than apologize like. Why is he always attacking this police force here the hell's going on a strong appeal to his parties are elected, democratically, MILAN, the are legal update with free beacon, legal correspondent, VIC Madness, counselor. What's on the dock it?
hello Daniel. So when I first heard that Gallagher is on trial for murder, I was really confused, because I thought the only thing that guy ever was a watermelon. Sorry, you captain O Galilee socio professional times have denied verdict to take an interest in politics. Like we had already tvs owing Galva. Already one didn't didn't Gallagher, he had a twin brother right: did they did the same act? Yes, and in fact, is a video
of the other Gallagher? Would he had a heart attack on stage, and this is the same Gallagher who uses sledgehammer to destroy watermelon, I'm not talking about that today, errand. Sadly, this is really dark stuff. I am talking about Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher, who is accused, among other things, of murdering a teenage ISIS fighter taken prisoner in Missouri Back and twenty seventeen. There photos and videos, multiple witnesses who say they saw Gallagher stamped the prisoner, but in the middle of this trial seal operator, Corey Scott was taken to stand. He was the only per other person present supposedly when the prisoner die. Besides Gallagher and Scott says Gallagher did not kill the prisoner in that's because he killed the prisoner Scott, then confesses to closing off the breathing tube in an act of mercy killing because he says that he knew when the prisoner came to Gallagher was just going to torture and kill him anyway, and he didn't want to suffer but and see. I s. Prosecutors cannot go after Scott because they already granted him testimonial immunity which mean that he cannot use his words against him. This really is
in episode is gonna say when you I got a and c I s. I wasn't sure whether you just watching another tee, no Rinaldo and remember, and she ass has been on CBS since two thousand three. I have yet to see a single episode and see I asked, but that's what it's like. My legal sources tell me mad that this is the biggest court room bombshell since Colonel Jessup admitted we're doing right. That's my somewhat similar satellites, it's a bit its huge! It's mine, blown okay. Now, on a much lighter note, the Supreme Court handed down. Victory for free spirit. Wait a bit hollyhock! Yes, let's go about. How does this in that case closed No, no, no, no! No! No, they have got drunk charges, you're, not dropping charges. There's no mistrial declared Is this. This will now there's a deafening hard, and now I mean how does Trubner pardner now that he's here somebody This can be seen for I find him guilty what being awesome like now, what what is it What is the climate? He didn't, kill anybody. The doctor says that you, you got a nice day.
Out of mercy. Stabbed he's not just the doktor didn't dispute that Gallagher stab the guy in the neck with the knife and wanted to it out? Ok rights. I always do he's just defusing that heat, whether he actually ended his life or not a word not that it's not like an exoneration was that there was a that died teams, terrorist right. Ok, it was even life, he was, but some serious, the uniform I hold it knows on earth. Does that you have given us most opposed with dead bodies. I mean there's another of charges at his face. After all, technical, alright, eggs, you thank you
moving right along on a much lighter note, the Supreme Court to tat a victory for free speech advocates in the case of designer Aircrew Nettie, whose brand name is friends, you can't trust shortened to F, you see tee on t, shirts and other apparel. He applied for a trademark, but the? U S Pat novices turn it down because of the fanatic offence and this when all the way to the Supreme Court and on Monday it ruled in favour of brunetta. The ruling with six three, the partial, the centres where chief justice, Roberts, Briar and soda your The other side was Ruth: better Ginsberg Clarence, Thomas Alito, bread, Cavanaugh, Lena Kagan, anneal Gorse, Ich they go figure, but they ve been a lot of interesting splits. In the last few weeks, I tend to side with the partial dissenters, because I think it's kind of a slippery slope. Remember all the fuss over the current clothing brand french connection UK remember that one and F suited for had yet- and I was personally offended by word yes
and people with Dyslexia were very offended by that, okay and it and lastly, I would say there was also Rodger Stone who, if you remembered for you to the five hundred and twenty seven group against Hillary Clinton citizens. United, not timid. You remember that twenty five, that's why I had that bumpersticker, I'm sure then see you next Tuesday. Back to you, then thank you. Big reports indicate eleven people have died in the past year, while vacationing Dominican Republic, dozens more have gotten sick investigators are focused on hotel. Many bar suggesting that tainted liquor may be the culprit. Goldfarb you ve spent a good amount of time. The Caribbean had you survive will have two thoughts on the total. The collapse of the dominican tourist economy here one homage and make a partisan. So you know Dominicans losses. Jamaica's gain I'll, be happy that my Friends on the island. Everybody moving over to Jamaica
You know I love the jamaican people and and they loved tourism, and I'm like I, you know, I fear the day the Cuba opens up for real and it s just gonna like devastate. You know my good friends in Jamaica because everyone wants to go to Kuba. So I'm happy further. Jamaica ends, but I have to say my my one thought on this is. If, if I was like the new head of the Dominican Republic, I would dispatch one of these or tease assassins and send them to strike down match. Because I don't think this is coming for. I don't know what's going on over there, but that website has like decided there. Going to literally destroy a nation
kind of an amazing thing to watch. I dont know what drives it, but it's like it. It's a national security threat that the Americans, I think they got to do something about it used to be. You know don't drink the water, and now it's just don't drink, which, how can you have a vacation if you dont imbibe? I don't. I don't understand this. I can't get through a day without imbibing, so on, eliminating the leader II. With that I was curious Oh maybe Harrison knows something about this at the Hard Rock hotel there, which is where several of the debts of Kurds the pay show the many bar doesn't just give you like the little airline sized portions they give you handles. With that. I now have you ever had yet I flight ya, don't look. I haven't had that
Well, actually, there's a bar. You aren t see the imitates that some dance cafe anybody's I've been there up, anatomists Morgan. They basically give you Yoda Jack and coat to give you handle it, but at tainted beam, Maybe I could be out of it at least has never yet been one of their like you goes its it is. The daddy is dives like that is you. You were like frickin goloshes walk in and they put a handle on the bar, no No, they give you like its height. They give you a pint. Little quote goodwill for handle. That's what I'm telling you the on the side you they give. You can't coke a bucket of ice, a cop and then a pin Jabez like that Zimbabwe or misspent, look at this one is right there and also foxhounds did the same thing. So if you get a agenda tonic, they will fill your glass up to the top with gin, and then you have to just poor little bit by bit teutonic until you, but nor do they get that you gotta turn down the gin yeah, that's how it works.
That's great, but Don. You want to start your night. There not finish. It is what I've learned. In my experience, I thought you weren't you our thoughts on the dear I do. I do, and I have always thought I've always known to stay away from that they are because back in the nineties, my parents went there to put a corner and might just where a lot of the yes and my father got very sick, really a yes and ass. I spoke to him today to ask him if you remember what happened and he said, and in my mother said it was the raw vegetables and the salad he had south. So ever since then, I've been staying away. From vegetable from Sally Guess and vegetables, as Senator man end as weight and on the well. I have something add yet seekers Centre Manette, as spent several of his trips at CASA De Compound when it is in a different party down and which is where I have occasion with my family. We're on a few to end the Clinton's as well similar neighbourhood RON, Burchell yeah, as democratic bigwigs, where we go from
occasion had they haven't been back in yourself, but I haven't cheered that no of none of the deaths have been traced to CASA de Campo, it's a mainly in the political arena, resort which something's going down there and is that all of us have had is also taking place in the midst of the David Ortiz assassination attempt? Yes, but this this is where I wanted to say is that I thought the Isle of his spaniel like this little bit history here. Ok, the Dominican Republic. Like all, but let me explain something hard can't wait. It is on the isle of this ban, your yes, it is divided right down the middle on in the western half. Is a country called Haiti? Haiti is a is the workplace on it is my understanding. Ok, you go over a little mountain range and you end up in the Dominican Republic, now historically in Paris,
The Dominican Republic looks like Paradise compared to the western half of the I did. They have a wall that their mounts so theoretically mountains, rivers, like whatever, is supposed to be a natural barrier, but what we have here is we have a comparison issue. Okay, the fact is, the Vatican Republic is kind of a want. Lawless, wild west type, a place I over the years they ve tried to kill multiple baseball players, not just David or Cheese, Adrian Beltran future Hollow famer members, three thousand hits club had an emergency happened to me back there in two thousand want any nearly die. Ok, the most simple surgery known to mankind nearly killed one of the greatest baseball players. Volta there are, but there's been. Multiple car accidents is and mysterious multiple car accidents and mysterious deaths, for the years down at the ball plenty of ballplayers. You ve got and everyone down their same, all limit its politicized. As
that someone is targeting the Dominican did the dominican people who come to the United States while naturally based, but I am just saying that it is kind of a lawless way land just like hey that we give it. We give them the benefit of the doubt, because Hollywood Santos us because same associated that campaign raftery at sixty six home runs NATO direct or does it comes out american Republican? It was on the white sand. What's the unrighteous won't look and see me so now he's like turned into a transsexual vampire gothic? Do you think that the same people who try to kill David Ortiz Sammy survives transformation. Eighty twenty year, long plus campaign dominican ballplayers like to come out of their something, goes wrong.
Draw Guerrero, still lives in this country. The United States still can't speak English than is usually arrested for cocaine possession every couple of years. Each US asking questions desert they look at. It is something that is going on. It could be something in the water I dont know more limited, but to diminish the David or teasing is truly tragic in it. These pictures to the great dominican expertise now like go back Edra Martin. This is, I think, one sees recovered. I begged him to come last night was I I actually this year each year in the hospital here. Oh, I didn't realize Alien got em out of their equipment, not, but I do wonder he's like the only guy who could save the site Now. Yes, you know you had no Martinez. If he came out and said you know, I love this country is a great country is like a one off thing. A heap of power, we guy who could Sortes and Martina. Yes, I'd like this idea, although I don't think he's inclined to the prosecutor, say something like. Oh, it was Miss idea,
fi target they kind of yet another day these not yet. I have seen the guy that they're saying was the intended. A target He's like a normal Joe is, I think, the easy next, a big popping endless shooters somehow can eggs awhile, Rte, step up for thy wife sayings and know? Maybe he wants regime change to get us back in time. Well then, we all like we all like here and you know we have changed the regime there. For we had. I talk to you about a militaries, yet his visit that's right department on it felt like we look. It's it's a great place with great care.
Installer being happy and Pedro I longest plan. Let's do it. Lets save the Dominican Republic. Safety are big pocket young. Finally, the leading candidate to be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, has come under fire for legibly wearing the same pair of socks for three days running the proof. The same six pounds, king of the World British Museum, Hungary, were spotted and multiple interviews with the same one, apparently inside out to be fair and Johnson aid maintains the former London mayor has quote multiple pairs of similar pattern. Pattern, socks, errant just disqualifying. Look. Everybody knows bourse Johnson is a grade, a he's a great ass slob like this dude looks like he just rolled out of bed sleep in under a african overpass right. So is anybody really shocked at the dude where's socks? Three days Neuro now there's,
little bit of a mere like actually reminds me of the famous picture possible for which his hold up socks from back in the day life gets. You got Not only kick you want to be a leader of a country, you can't go around looking like a dish of old drunk, which is exactly what he looks like. What's Churchill was actually a drunk, but he actually kept it together. People believed to complete the country had style need style. He had grace Europe back to Johnson back the Beech nuts one saving grex that he has As we have recently seen his girlfriend the one that he got into the often very life that all Europeans, autonomy and forgetting value for him, she's an eleven attitude, absolute snow so he's guys always had pretty good. You know that he has always like punched above his weight in terms of them for town, so he has his great leadership quality.
But it's also like you here you go. How did you get for what I said a great with quality of women he's right himself with great leaders usually have spoken out. Spouses are or groupies or- or were girlfriends any clearly. What's the longest you ve ever worn a pair of sex unfair has tried not to wear socks. Frankly yeah, as did you go without yeah through your socks, smelly feet, new sucks, I you know one. This is like one Rumsfeld's rules right, as is you should always have. Will he just I flyers ups, but he shows up the same socks shown by all the same socks, rights, health and it strikes me as as do, and it strikes me as plausible that the guy just has a bunch pairs, the same socks. That's not that crazy, that actually air explanation but Thursday. But beyond that, like you know, after you, you know deal with the wife as even are the girlfriend, whatever whatever she is, as he did. Maybe
She got more on top of the housework and just doing the wash everyday trying to stay on top of things, in which case the socks could be cleaned every day and it could be the same paradox. Leadership skills. I see at least two plausible me, no reasonable explanations for this situation. The third is some people's feet. Just don't stink, the way Aaron's do so. You know like not only to the world. Can I just say how nice it is not having like females on the show anymore. It's like, I feel like finally liberated to say yeah. It's finally work into the dude chatter. Formula of successful podcast it refreshing its liberating.
I feel like I'm a real right around corridor here that we might have. That might be because we drove all the women away solicit. I I believe we're on very good relations with most of the women that have been on this programme and past. I'm just saying it's nice to have the dude back. Just do only were out our invite thing. This is just a preview between the story. Last week, and of the big fight that the neighbors called the police about in the left wing Braddock
everywhere in the british tabloids and press to now the socks story. This is a preview of what life will be like if Boris becomes Prime Minister, which looks likely cause he's ahead in leadership, race now and the Tory Party, and it it will be very similar to life under Trump for two and a half years reaches its constant barrage of tabloid style scandals and stories and sensationalist media, and now both of the Anglo American democracies will be under this were within this whirlwind. Not sure whether that's good in the long run, and of course, God knows one last time you drycleaning suit was ok, that's that's an ay. I joke robot human Robert with very good now already you're, a robot viewer life chirping at this would have robots to learning
learning, yellow anyone captive Adaptive Asia. That does it for today's episode. Special thanks to Andrew Cougar producer, of course irregular stable. If free beacon, stars, Matt Continuity, Errand, Harrison, Michael Goldfarb and victory. Nomadic remember find us on the Apple app Google play in stature, just search for free beacon. Please subscribe! Really and leave a positive review
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