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Mueller’s Testimony, Al Franken 2020, and Harvard’s Class Clown

2019-07-24 | 🔗
As RoboHalper 9000 works out the kinks, the gang analyzes the political theater of Robert Mueller's testimony, Al Franken's bid for redemption, and the dumbest professor at Harvard.
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The programme that you're about to hear contains material that may be offensive to some listeners. Also, it should be taken to seriously listener. Discretion is advised but go ahead. Make mightier welcome to the Washington Free Beacon, podcast, I'm your host Daniel helper. Thank you for listening. The free beacon podcast is also available on Apple Google play in stature. Please subscribe. Tell your friends and leave a review coming up on the show special Council Balboa wrapped up his investigation of President trumpet testimony today on Capital Hill he's run
l, Frank and re emerges as a b to hero will explore. Msnbc is biased, so says a leading democrat democratic presidential candidate. Our man in London Congratulations are in order Perforce Johnson, the new prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Harvard LAW, professors, bad or terrible judgment. Wait until you hear this one and at the Harvard Batten Rouge. Finally, touchdown the quarterback spikes, the football another lowly professor joining in the show today as an Harrison, the presidents of the free beacon I congrats on the recent software update Daniel.
The five noticing, a big change. Are you the better? That's good? I would say that you're you're, probably an eighty percent of where we want you to get. We ve authorized fish additional funding for continued research and development on Robo help or nine thousand. I just wanna congratulate you on your recent upgrading and performance tweaks, also joining us out screw sort of free beacon staff. Writer hurry you helper right, the Texas speech. We do some work. I think, though I wish I could read better Robert Mahler told Congress today that his report does not exonerate Donald Trump. Mower does not say that and it should be prosecuted, and indeed his office made no attempt to do that, but he did today suggest, as possible. Trunk could be charged after leaving the White House Harrison too They may be the last time we hear from Robert Mahler in his capacity as special Council that speaking of capacity. Let's talk,
Bout Robert Mothers capacity after what I've seen this morning, we were sitting here like eleven fifty in the morning, I can't understand. If this guy was actually in charge of the investigation. He didn't seem to remember anything he had personally written into this report. Perhaps he didn't write this report at all and he left it to the Democratic Party that comprise the rest of his team. Disgust Toby, oblivious like completely wrong here in saying that this guy, I didn't know what the hell talking about. No, seemed low energy for sure he's. Like eighty years old, I mean this is another. This is another issue of like having these people that are so old and charges. Government here basically falling asleep the stuttering stammering, the the remembering anything what the hell is going on the The point you have for one of these hearings. The only reason you hold one of them is who can get good sound bites and to get played on cable news, may be put em on an ad during the elections. I go on like that there's just not providing that
is he saying things that they can seize upon? Oh, you know Trump, wasn't exonerated, that's all in the report. So what is the point of this. We're just hearing all the things we already now he's giving answers that are terrible. He looks terrible doing it so even just as the like bear political. Or which is all it, was to begin with its awful political future. How stupid does do your writ large look for their double click, countdown clocks, for what they thought was be the super bowl of congressional testimonies we're sitting boring the entire country to death. I can't imagine, there's more than like about half a million people watching this thing it at any. Given point at this point, This was so dull. What grand miscalculation and also talk about ripping the mask off of the one thing that I have said that there are actually was collusion between, which is the Democratic Party in the mainstream media they. Colluded to promote this nonsense, investigation which was ultimately inconclusive because it was investigating your crime that didn't occur. It wasn't
instigation in search of a crime It's not usually the way these things work and that usually the way these to captivate most audiences. So this was dull was incredible miscalculation by the Democrats in the house and it as we were serving the knee of a left wing constituency that has been out for blood on President Donald Trump since day, one I just No, what they thought who's gonna say. I mean it was transparently obvious that he he pointed the decision about whether not trumpets actually guilty of a crime to Congress and other essential trying to punch it back to him and say well tell us that he was guilty of discrimination. See that it's up to conquer the Congress does not have the democratic, led house of representatives do not have the intestinal fortitude to impede.
The president was it on. Last week's is made that would have under back them. They said we're Nancy votes said we're not impeaching we're, not a patient. You know why, because they don't have evidence, because the only this year Griswold exactly right when he says this is a political investigation. It is a political goals and that it is a political signal. From the very beginning. I said that that hearing political theater, I believe, is what did he said. What that entire investigation, my friend has been political theatre. It has been throwing a bow. To the rabbit democratic base to Bully Donald Trump, somehow colluded the Russians and invaded the american ballot box. Does literally the only way that you couldn't effective selection. The way they want to do is to hack the voting machines to go in and submit a bunch of false votes. Nobody's alleging that happen. They are saying- is they got with the they involve the Russians invaded Facebook. With this information and somehow change the minds of millions of Americans to vote for this monster, Donald Trump How the hell,
this investigation going to prove that how was it ever going to prove that it didn't it? Inconclusive out, because they don't even order investigating. That's really. My partner nation was about nothing is hearing, is about only satiating, the rabbit thirst, the democratic base and trying to somehow derail the twenty, twenty presidential election from these, of a message from the left. Of cohesion in the democratic circus that is going on in their current primary feel we He mentioned the Russians and granted as early in the testimony so far were according the site like eleven. I am but it's not and focus on the Russians. The Democrats eventually given up the ghost that and so our on and so than theirs even if I mean who are That is what I mean to say so now, at the point, are you really going to, even if it is a crime to obstruct No one there's no underlying crime. Are you really want to be able to sell that they, the american people,
I mean russian collect rush. Inclusion is where I was at the heart of so many no evidence that ours- and I mean it's it's hard to make the case. There was obstruction one when we know that the investigation was completed and Bob Mowers telling you that it was completed. So obviously it good for me, legal definition of obstruction. Yes, I'm going to that saying, but it's hard rattling of an investigation whether there was no crime. Drug linen when you just say: Hake, come and vote for us and twenty twenty five such a mealy mouthed charge to obstruction is such a broad terms, such as before you can be charged with obstruction from justice. If you tell enough, be I investigator to turn left down the hall to find the bathroom when he supposed to turn right, it's a joke in its way. You do when you have nothing else. You charge people with obstruction of justice because it such a broad crime. You could almost create a crime to fit the charge. Moving on the that's all you want me laid when I present the enter button, I got here present acceptance among other Mumia.
Verily, I argued arrogance. The so called funny. Man is back out frank and announced from December seven. Twenty seventeen that you'd resigned from the Senate after a photo emerge showing can pretend to grope a sleeping woman on a U S, o torp before. Where s, the no writer performer, was quickly accused by at least half a dozen women of at least actually groping them to under pressure. He resigned now this week a new peace in the liberal New Yorker tries to exonerate him the woman in a photo. The peace reports is a conservative. A fact that was well known at the time of its in this circulation besides many the democratic senator she pushed him out now wish they hadn't Griswold. What is going on here, I think there was. Good reporting in that story, where we learnt that all the Democrats want to take it back, but otherwise we shall so horrible story. There was, have to stress it. Wasn't simply the one accuser, eight women accused Rincon of of that sort of behaviour of other forced kissing forest grabbing and people drive thus worthing, so if you want to write
thousand something words essentially trying to get frankness your colonies, women, wires or you're, saying there mistaken or stupid? And it's it's battling to me that this got publish at all, baffling to me that is coming from a to B leaned on Jane my urging mayor hurry phenomenon. Who cares? Ok that is coming to us from the woman who brought us one of the flimsy charges against cabinet, which is that someone came to her Rather they heard that this woman might have been, because I guess you could say flashed by Cavanaugh. I went to the woman and she wasn't willing to say on the record that was Cavanaugh stays later, she says, yeah sure was capital and they ran with that. Only other corroboration was that there was some guys that yeah I remember hearing at the time. The cannot did that from this guy another outlet later one and talked to the mental manners, had not said that so is like really thin and flimsy evidence against Half an hour, and now you have pretty
solid evidence against our Frank in fact, photographic evidence and you have the new Yorker running this peace training might get em off attempt at the point of it like at the point of it at his ease approach, choice, Democrats, so obviously we pretend that he was when in fact it was not she's got a sexist, though to me, because health, Lincoln was replaced by a liberal woman in the Senate. Yes, why are we suddenly so so upset that there they ve got that Minnesota now? Has a female liberal sitting in the United States Senate? Isn't that better than I'll frank and on its face? Yet who cares writers, Programmes not of earth justice. Served in my opinion, is its whole frankenstein the lesson, and I don't lesson for us all or give up what widow I'll frank in whispers. Fighter and sent this guy rolled over you much humor Angela Brand, put push him around. In the area, so that right there
let me leave, you always say that look if somebody is not guilty of a crime, they fight tooth and nail to clear their nick. You know he should who he should have talked do is current sitting you Senator Bahman and Cyprus, great case in point. Absolutely of peep under general charges and he sat down and now you ve got to force me up and of course they didn't because they don't have the but that they do not have the guts. What because They also there is a Republican New Jersey governor, so that would have flip the where women are you saying that it's all a political act. All of this might all of all of these sanctimonious charges. Although the standing up for women's rights, the entire me to movement in the United States Senate is predicated on politics alone. I I say that I will say that in the case of Bob Menendez politics They do not remove them and in the case of our frank, They could remove him replacement of Democrats as far as they were concerned. Why not do it yes and others
not an undesirable buyers from war because he was their good french understand and also african. In an interview in what she cried and a bunch of people from now said, while he never, he never molested me They set out a man in the priority. It is an obvious now frank and there's like looking at the democratic presidential field, and he like understands it. He's gonna come back. He certainly run. He doubted Graham running out already dignity wrong. He he's gotta he's gotta resurrect. Is I don't know why I honestly idle? I dont know why he's not running right now. I think you wouldn't have I leave. This is his first salvo into the presidential. While he needs you heard, inner city needs to get it now. I think it's a fantastic idea. I think you would be definitely a distinguished candidate, the field you'd, bringing voice? Let's get some unique experience? Does it get like a month of free publicity right off the bat had been asked you get down there s three or four weeks easily like these. I can get picked as it a cabinet member RSVP
gotta fight back to how does bring back think this is plain. Children like for the crew, of doing basically the right thing for the wrong reasons: she has been rewarded with one's refunds and one percent, and every democratic donor hates her because, like as every mega donor is basically a hack at heart rate. So, as far as I'm concerned, Frank, it did nothing wrong and jailer brand turned on a Democrat which is the highest crime in their eyes. So of disloyalty disloyalty. I can't feel that bad though cause she's. Acting. You don't think this is the new Yorker rethinking the me too, maybe we need to have due process. I think reducing it accurately apart, as in this regard, it is a fact that one hundred percent they hired Jane Merrick, do this piece of cheese d go to investigative reporter for the democratic party. This is It is always her that does all that does all these.
Performative investigations she's always wrong and she's always aligned with the democratic parties best interests, that's correct. I mean she's a hack, it's it's basically tests to at this point. In fact, if you go back and twitter and looked before she wrote this I'll frank and sorry. She treated something along the lines up. Oh well, maybe Democrats should say outflanking goes when Donald goes just as our rapporteur treats, without even what a smart prison tweets, but, of course, that his wide outbreak and ultimately pushed out as Democrats could attack Donald They felt they could. He attacked, enjoy more, was going on that without Frank and on their side Nora our Robo nine hour an hour an hour. We gotta daily beast today: reports that their tents, simmering between MSNBC and a leading democrat democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. They report that
The network is one of several cable news. Outlets directly contribute to media climate, where false claims go unchecked and requests for progressive voices on air are frequently turned down. According to the Bernie Sanders campaign, Harrison, how right is the Bernie Sanders campaign that Wealth Sanders campaign? I live in a free fall right now they ve been show that they have their and our law suit. Now between one of their staffers use is claiming what discriminatory behaviour hiring practices some other not. They have been involved in like labour disputes since two thousand and sixteen he supports a minimum of fifteen on minimum wage and also does not want to pay his campaign workers a fifteen dollars right in honestly, that's not enough, as we all learn this week. It needs to be twenty four twenty dollars an hour right. So look. This is the problem of the this model that NBC News is engaged, they decided consciously to become a tool of the Democratic Party.
Barely hidden anymore. Now, people of NBC News, I'm sure, we'll we'll take huge leader. Section two, this broad statement that I'm making but there no difference when you have NBC News, reporters reporting on MSNBC, which is the pull you see the mouthpiece for the Democratic Party demonstrate any. Is the democratic party ass, like two official of two official meet media organisations out there, that report before seven what the party wants it to report on the present United States. I love of democratic primaries, for this very reason is that it rips this gin off our ripped, the mask off the off the face of this collusion. Between the party and the media because Democrats Centres campaign believes they have ownership over his NBC New or MSNBC Nbc News. They think they should be able to dictate who the guests are. This is about MSNBC. If you can believe this scientists can using MSNBC of not having sufficient,
liberal social, his guests on to defend the whack adieu policies of Bernie Sanders yet well. Basically, the Santos campaign thinks that MSNBC is by rights, liberal channel, when they are, in fact the democratic gentle end of the day, the democratic, the main Stream of the Democratic party doesn't like Bernie Sanders so the Bernie centres. The view isn't really getting out, even though I think he's gonna bet too far. I think if you watch Amis embassies, there are some cranks on get out that's why this is so funny, but the whole party as adopted, is policies right at different speeds, our sharply and hosts of written, show on MSNBC Does anyone going to say that I missed me see is not that they don't yo, see or didn't want to say the squad, but the squad he better The squads not honour emissaries enough, frankly, interview them five bucks. So anyway, I just think that this is enough.
Finally, what I wanted to see all along which the Democratic party ripping itself apart during a primary process healthy for America Elizabeth today, except the Teresa Maize resignation, as United Kingdom Prime Minister born Boris and has taken over obvious his mandate is to lead breaks. It Harrison Wise, Boris, Johnson, the right man for the job we I'll, tell you one thing: Daniel Helper: it proves that you. Be born in this country and go back be set? back to wherever it is the hell. You came from a duke, things for this work and your own people That is really the lesson here is that bore shots and bore in New York City. We sent his ass back across the pond and he is now risen up to become a great leader in and in not in great Britain, and I don't want to see the European Union because that no longer going to be a part of it.
That's really the lesson here is that when we say go back to wherever the hell you came from, despite the fact that you're born here, you can actually go out and have some night success. You can do great things for your own people, get the hell out of here. But ass. I left my take. That's the hottest take that anybody is gonna, hear on any podcast network this week. That is indeed a heretic I do not endorse it. Why? Why not over this debate this? Why? Why are you defending the squad all of a sudden but well disguise I think her are excellent. Americans, also just not married actual because what country do you want a policy to be sent back to a point where it is the health care for it doesn't matter? That's your country, Porter Rico, that which I don't know where it came from Vienna. Presley's from like the country of Massachusetts. They don't all have to go back some of the ones that hate this country need to go back. That's all. I'm saying How the fuck? I wonder. Griswold? Why does the UK so badly wanna be us? I mean an American is now line for the throne, and now we have an enemy
as the prime minister. How, basically I mean about we at its seventh and the line, and American is now some of line of thoroughness alike that are either or something like that. Look. We have drones. We have the sword drone? We had them a lab, the united It can work this out. We can seize the british thrown once and for all and end the redcoat threat, Look it's another reason that you need to win horse. Fifty four, why our fight as what I say. British Columbia belongs to us we need Vancouver. This is this is this is this? Is this is historical stuff? This really is, I don't know so I will on invasion of British Columbia. Preacher we'll take more than about six hours, most of all, because, even though our hockey hooligans is the problem, you gotta get past those guys Minnesota, We love our canadian listeners by the way
while you are rocked by peace published this week in New York magazine about a Harvard law. Professor read a lot of New York magazine and in the new Yorker. Yet out this, I'm a cop, Simpleton. Elitist is what I am we're wasting time at this time, though it is one of the craziest stories you ever read. Can you re crap fur listeners? I listeners I see, but I printed out. This is a summary of the peace and its two pages long and it is an admirable Osborne. I will I'll do a lot of us wording because the otherwise it will take up basically over time, so the cost of characters is there's a Harvard law, professor, a bunch of people whose names are confusing so call them law, professor lesbian, Trans, woman and wife, and this is the story whose wife, the law, professors ok, the law professor and his wife, a Trans woman in the Trans woman's girlfriend, not just from the friends. Woman has a boyfriend stew on that, but in any case I think we
we gave our audience left. Their body are becoming more aligning this segment, so harboured love, walked into harbours, sore lesbian? HANS story owners as anybody got any nails, but a zone, a young, french lesbian approaches and says: hey you're, a haughty. He says he's married, which strictly is not true. He actually forces wife twenty years ago, but they ve lived other ever since and have had two kids together sense. So You know the stories weird He gives her his his number anyways and they have sex, but this key. He doesn't finish I'm like antidepressants result like that. A month later she comes back. She calls them says, I'm pregnant and the baby is yours and he believes her This is where we have to make clear that this is a Harvard professor of a class on good judgments, we're not making this up. Keep that in mind as we read the rest, so when it comes to light that a frenchwoman
lesbian who lives with the Trans woman, her children, the Trans women, children the Trans woman's boyfriend, and now this new baby, that's coming so have a situation where some common knowledge, for I don't speak French all raising, little menagerie of kids, so he gets close the Trans woman, he hopes are right. Anti Neil Gore such articles, four Huffington Post can't make this up she. They start texting. I love you to each other, but he make sure to tell the magazine that this is not romantic, so dont say to Bulgaria. But I'm gonna throw that out their banana case. She gets really clinging and it turns out there both crazy blackmail. Him manipulate him threatened to kill themselves friend email, Harvard saying that they were raped by him and the guy does nothing, because essentially because they're, a lesbian on Trans woman and he's woke ally, and he doesn't want to upset anything nobody So she is, she ends up having his kid What he believes at the moment is his kit object
Kid involved they. But, of course, that's all looked into the reason why he doesn't want to believe that this is in his kid and I'm quitting directly is not only did, trust human, that's lesbian them, but he felt it. Would and insulting for a heterosexual sis, gender man to question a professional lesbian as to whether she had had sex with other men The latter can I, as this sounds like me, Polly Amorous, liberal, ideal, Post nuclear fan, sickly, which is what makes the story so delicious for us? Ok, so anyhow, It turns out basically that this is all a giant scheme to get him to leave his. I guess ex wife, and basically Paying for their housing expenses or and again I'm quoting at times they discuss moving to Europe to flee trumps America, so
surprise? Professor Weissmann said this good, where over the hell, you think that this can only happen in his great only happened trumps America, so they may surprise the professor with a vacation which are putting an air clothes which is to give them a check on they say, had go to Paris. Go to Paris where a few weeks- and I will take it take care of your your house. Why you're gone oh by the way we, Surprise for you, can you give us your computer password, which he gives them judgment, professor, hard. A professor at Harvard saves gives random couple that he met on a street. Yes, given their password, yes are being blackmailed, Four impregnating and shrink into thinking by restructuring Leonardo DA men ran sexual that he did not inside yes. Why? But in any case so turns out the surprise and comes from his vacation, is that they have at his house of all his belongings and have moved in so naturally calls. He's in the police say: well, they have a
because he also signed documents without reading them, the professor of judgment they use that check that they gave him. They said this is the security deposit. And they use a computer to email. Lawyer and say this least looks by me. So basically they excessively stolen this man's house, it happens and, of course, in retaliation they do accuse them of rape to Harvard there was just one, the worse parts, which is that, first, while he's spend it for two years. Has no house and back he talked to the press about his story inside say that he's almost certainly gonna get punished, because that's also a foul of title nine rules, actually investigation at Harvard is still ongoing. The investment It is still ongoing. I think he does have his house back now, but it took two months of legal wrangling in us. This is exam. What did he deserved? The I don't see why these authorities are well. I will say it
heat. One calls him in the story, sort of an absent might professor. He he has bad judgment. I would say it sucks that this all happened but perhaps you should not be a professor at Harvard LAW teaching judgment if you forfeit like this is Harvard America. That's really what we're getting down to ok heart, produces all of this nonsense, and then people try to act. Leave it out because Harvard encourages this type of psychotic behaviour area does read like a parody of what, like a conservative, would right or not didn't turn out that the proprietor of this entire fraud was Adam, so much of what she had done this to other guys, in fact ass. She was taxing him saying. Oh, you know. I love you whatever she was. The process of picking up some other guy and this guy? the condom, and she also said the baby is yours and with no that's how he didn't false. Yet so the two other guys did not really fall for and heated attack, but they had a fight it through considerably legal expel, asked NED here
find out about the two other guys, but until he went to a lawyer for the first time who happen to happen to know who happened to be the lawyer for wanted and other guys space, this is going to be a movie, so but what is the point? work. Really they just want steals how here's here's the stinger, which is that he gets an anonymous text message, and this is the message take my word. You ain't seen nothing yet. I promise oh and ass. Here as for motives, dont bother. I just really hate the patriarchy. That really what we have here is we had a fake lesbian couple, the aided the page. Archy have no real lesbian ray. Trans, I don't know what the real anything, but we never do. You figure out through the father of the baby as we know and rain, although no writer is trade or we shall have the equipment little. My guess within the Trans. Why? Yes, right yeah, because she has on through the full transitional surgery, but trends. Woman has a boy seems pretty obvious what this the polish amorous liberal idea, like you, can fairly
sir, I don't wanna takes. Aren't you dont know whose get it never, but it takes a village takes a village to raise there's a family mongrel this life story of possibly the past month, I really do hope to see this in a Hollywood movie favorite part about it. So says what worth reading on Twitter, the liberals who, like I've, got conservative economic heyday of the story. Here we are making a ray of hope that was enlightenment. That was really unlike the, and I am glad I am glad of it filled in on this. Get out still online really entire thing. It is fine and terrifying, but mostly funding, got Oliver favoured here and really set its incredibly said?
Louisiana State University revealed a new twenty. Eight million dollar lock remit renovation ahead of the twenty nineteen football season. The new walk room features sleeping pods for each player, but they can rest study film of upcoming opponents, and you know, study Alice. You mask communications. Professor Robert man ripped his institution for the extreme luxury afforded to the campus Europe's. Meanwhile, across campus, I vacuum my faculty office with the dust Devil. I bought from Walmart Ban tweeted with of Alice use new digs the star quarterback on a team tweeted. Why? Professor do feel entitled to the fruits of our labour, the quarterback, since deleted his tweet now, but Griswold raised the question: why do professors feel so entitled? Yeah? I mean for people understand how these sort of Walker rooms, how these training facilities come to, be it's not Alice. You has a budget of eight hundred million and then like well, a sick, twenty million appeared towards their no, they go
two people who care about football and say give us twenty three million dollars will build a locker room and they say yeah you mean mega dogs. Basically the reason why the football teams gets so much more money is cost. So much more. People like in love, the football team you care about this perfect yeah, that's what isn't the money, the curve, ding influence of college football. Now it's great don't we need college football financing. One is that were really hearing right now, yeah me later- should get paid. Here's the thing is that it be a mistake to think about this all as throwing money away because there have been studies and having a really successful football programme really does do things for your college. I just like what I just I've been trying to do. I just happened to read and athletic peace yesterday about TC you going up in content
As for my mountain West, two big twelve. So then I like big time football dated twelve, which can even count twelve. Yes, that's another problem. The big ten is its the bench while has tintings. That's really gonna think pack, twelve as the only conference with a number in the title that is correct so far, but- and this is the staff in just a few years- and tissue applications from to the university went from five thousand six hundred per year to more than twenty thousand. That's it. Four times increase just because Tita you was seen a big time university just because they had good football while same with noted, who'd want to go there. If that and have a football team, you joke, but that's basically true, I mean there s a very middling school for most of the century. Still are they can't about? Let up all well whatever. I will note that because, talk, not Alice. You noted aim has been Alice you more recently than Georgia, football. Today a big Georgia. Football that will happen soon, will be
in two months sites what what the hell supported this whole story right. I'm silk is like I am team, quarterback quarterback had to delete history, and he was one hundred percent correct, saying the hell out of here you nosey professor, for doing what the locker room exists, because Joe Burrow, in guys, like I'm, work their staff and because people love that and decide. Throw money at them. Who cares about is perfect. But what are throwing Myers, throwing money at him in and player can even receive it or spend any that money. So all that money has to go back into the football putty get done ass play what he gets nap for free in Latvia. Exactly gets a fairy years, hundreds of raw deal for the players and old House foods paid for which is a lot room. Paid for Job Rachel per hour did transfer from Ohio State so also not like he came to play school. You know some of you would that you trust me. Meanwhile, agent, Adrian Petersen, our beloved, washing Redskins running back is a hundred million the earth.
Has earned nearly a hundred million dollars in his career and yet he is in debt I was there, so you can say could be well. Yes, then, I would say that having a lot of children with a lot of different women entrusting the wrong people with your money to make the investments and basically pocket a lot of it will end up letting you go the forums, hammer out and wasting hundreds of millions of dollars and being brought No, it sucks for Petersen now as the fact that he should start a thousand yards season last year and the NFL, but because of his age because of you, the perceived abuse that he has taken on the field over the years. He's only able to make up a million dollars a year right now, so his is in because of the child abuse nonsense that he got involved in the ages His earning potential who's going to endorse this guy, despite the fact is still based on feel any hidden Petersen, will be a hollow famer, but probably unanimous ballot
and we ve got a guy who still hang it on, because gotta pay his bills so sound What you're saying is that Adrian Pearson should teach good judgement at Harvard LAW I'm saying needs new countries as it needs market value like you should hold out. Start preserving the knees at hold until late October, half the season achieving cash in a better deal. I don't think you should have ever signed with a team of the racist name to begin with. Well, that's exactly what that number and that does for today's episode, special thanks to our producer, Paul crooks them and, of course, our free beacon, stars, Aaron Harrison and Alex Griswold remember, find us on Apple, Google, plain sticker, just search for free beacon. Please subscribe and leave a positive reply So next
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