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Obama Allies Slam Biden, Libs Deny Science, and a New Christmas War Begins

2019-12-19 | 🔗
The gang discusses Obama alums going after Biden, liberals losing faith in OB/GYNs, and environmentalists setting their sights on Christmas.
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review join me from the right today on this pre Christmas episode is free, beacon, founding editor Matthew continuity. You may remember him from such me stream media outlets as reliable sources, the daily briefing with Dana Corina and Washington Journal both of MAX best selling books, make great Christmas gift for your love once they are available on Amazon and you can follow him on twitter at continuity. Which books were best sellers caused everywhere you, my wedding, are ours: are listeners? Can reality one day a pale? And yet ten years after the fact we have met the list. If we work hard enough counting on you less nice further to match right is free beacon. President Aaron Harrison he has just sprinted back to the office from the capital where he has pride. The articles of impeachment from Nancy policies cold little hand on the verge of yeah yeah and is working to force her to send them over to cocaine met.
We don't know what he does around the office. Buddy signs, the Czechs and that's good enough for us to choose. Christmas. Happy new year to everybody celebrating in partaking out, there might be working a little bit. Lubricated today is also another holiday like Kwanzaa, happy Kwanzaa to all of our Kwanzaa celebrates out there? It is driving time they provide guy gets into Nancy policies. Press conference today in Nancy Pelosi said that in her house they celebrate all the holidays, Kwanzaa included, so I would be remiss if I did not mention quantity still dimension the other holiday. The volley, the fundamental and returning to the broken, as the chairman of the free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, International Manna, mystery and licence republican consultant. He always keeps our paneless in line hello. Go far up the new Euro Yonah. Thank you up. First, the Democrats handed President Donald Trump, his love.
Christmas call on Wednesday evening by making him just the third president in history to be impeded by the house. Representatives to Democrats joined all of the House Republicans in opposing the measure The move had been a long time coming. One many conservatives would argue has been in the work since Trump was sworn into office three years ago, in an unexpected turn of events. How Speaker Nancy Policy is now threatening to refuse to send the two articles of impeachment over to the Senate, which would allow the Senate to begin their trial early next year. Trump responded moments ago. Writing on twitter quote: Pelosi feels her phony impeachment hoax is so pathetic, she's afraid to presented to the Senate, which can set a date and put this whole scam into default if they refuse to show up the dew nothing's are so bad for our country Matt. What is going on here are not sure of being somehow closer things. She has leverage over the
conduct of the trial by withholding the articles, but I think that's like holding onto the grenade after you pull the pin because, furthermore, Connell's concerned in the Republicans fire you, we don't need to do a try. What we're gonna do is confirmed more judges when we come back and next month, so I've I find or move baffling Harrison. Add teething fancies owning cocaine Mitch that she's dead the cell phone mats. Right I mean what you could never one you can't own cocaine, Mitch Cooking Mitch owns you and then he ripped you're so loud and pieces all over the interest. He so dominant when it comes to legislation that all this blood has been going on, is research as a smokescreen for my main man packing the courts with conservative judicial mines like these lie,
yours, influential leaders of the judicial branch, the federal judges are just going through one after will have one after the other. Like you blink you don't you place, you turn your head. Thirty seconds later, bang another judge has got confirm. This is why we need to hold the Senate and twenty twenty and honestly that this whole Nancy policy nonsense and what is their agenda this point out that they ran on like health care, and you know giving our freebies to everybody knows getting any free because anymore you're going to pass trumps trade deal with Mexico, Canada. So it's like lumps deal tromp own, that prompt bent them over and got them to pass his trade deal. The I'd sofa,
to me how far out of the way that the mainstream media and the liberal Democrats go to make it sound that every Sou piece of success, the Donald Trump has its president- is an actual failure in some kind of a victory for the Democrats objectively, false objectively false and you are going to see in the fall as we as we were running like a freight train into twenty twenty. I can't you can see report akin wash out of the Democrats day? The Democrats are going to be sitting there staring at the ocean as it receives and then comes back in lucky vengeance. It will be the biggest comrade now soon army of all time, your Connemara Lasher another phenomenon. While this is a natural phenomena, We don't have the navy and natural. We don't have to ask for a tariff rate like it took until October to get come up with that may well listen! I remember I was now. We have been plenty of time to come up with the new name devolves, trying to sell my agenda for my prescription for success. If you will
J. I remember that. Well, we don't need a ruby capitulated. Well, that's there will be something new and fresh and frontier than ever in the new. That's what they do not sit so the way I read these events in the house and policy strategies snack innocent articles over because I think she wants to prevent Trump from saying on the campaign trail but the Senate exonerated thought is an article written out of it Goldfarb. What do you think you know? I was trying to figure this out last night and like there's sort of it seems like maybe makes sense on the service for what you just said like. Oh, he can't say he was exonerated but, like I do think people in this country have even even like the sort of man on the street that Leno would like ask who's on the Supreme Court in they couldn't name any that person still knows the like when you're indicted, you're sort of entitled to a trial where your name can be cleared or you will be convicted. It's like a foundational thing in this country's. I don't I don't know what the democratic senators will say when their pressed on this, like isn't everybody entitled to a trial, was not a fair trial.
But what? If the only system we ve got well cobblers Harris was in the times today. Saying here said the trial should run. I saw I think, Alyssa slacking gave a comment today before, as I was coming over here at the Beacon issues like well. No, I think we want we'll get a trial. Eventually, I think she's. I think, Pelosi, no matter what leverage she thinks she, have a reasoning is gonna come under a lot of pressure. Here is really an alternate theory which are actually got true. Facts senior Whitehouse source floated this by me when I When I press them only last night and said you know what we think, we think she doesn't have the true the impeachment managers lined up. Yet when that she's got a price and that's what this is really about? I'd have set by right falling tactic for her to get her together because they don't know what they are going in and they don't want shift to be one of the managers. I guess so enraged possible that you just stalling a little bit. I dont really see like if they don't get that thing over to him in the new year Mitch gonna say wolf you, then
like we're, never doing it. So it's not like you, gonna hold it over their heads and then drop at a muddle when all nitrogen and making about worn and sanders right I mean ever if you keep holding the charges from going over the Senate, your delaying the trial and pushing it for they're into the democratic parties and burn he's gonna say when he's asked burn he's gonna say we should have a trial run No doubt in my mind that that will be his responses. They're gonna get themselves at odds with the candidates would like nodded to place to be well. Then, also be creating. That third term trap that I discussed in a couple podcast ago, their falling right into the bare trap, that's waiting for them that unite save the longer you convict him. Let not rush The wound convicted in your aimed he'll be the nominee. He may have already even won the election by then and much more to lay it and you delay the trial to after the election worries one reelection, then the Republicans convict him He goes on vacation for two walked for like two weeks.
Two months, I wonder how long is out of our law? Electoral college becomes packaging anywhere, emits fresh term start an ill number one based on new at next Morocco, Mama and his allies are not the biggest fans of Joe Biden and they are doing everything in their power to prevent him from capturing the democratic nomination. Obama said earlier this week that most of the world's problems can be attributed to the refusal of old men who refuse to get out of the way. I think he had one old man in particular in mind. If you look at the world and look at the problems, it's usually old people, usually old men, not getting out of the way Obama said it is important for political leaders to try and remind themselves that you are there to do a job. But you are not there for life you're, not there. In order to prop up your own sense of self important,
are your own power. If that was then an obvious enough swipe it old Joe hundreds of Obama, administration and campaign alumni went on to sign a letter endorsing Elisabeth warrant, and they say the Trump White House is a snake bit. Matt Wenders Obama become an old man because he's getting up there in years, isn't he part of the problem to. I think a lot of younger Democrats might think so I didn't I that's interesting. Take I didn't He was referring to bite and maybe maybe he was like. The thing is, you know we mentioned the democratic candidates in in look in efforts to impeachment. Does anyone even know that there's a democratic primary happening? It's an Ex tapirs any even kind I'm here I mean this is this? Is the thing? Is it some? It's funny that there's so much? Oh wow they're all back in war and of course they are because you know what they were. All worn
Economic socialists are you know whenever they wanted to do when they are running in the White House, as it turns out, it was Obama who was not hiding them well endorsing all the Obama acolytes or endorsing anybody, but by then I think that is surprising, and indeed they were part of the Obama Biden Administration there. You have it. I mean look at the vice presidents that you'd think any of these people join because they gotta work with Joe Biden. I mean, I think that they did because you got to work for you and I don't have it does happen that way I sometimes enjoyed. So we could work for other people, so other people can work
Yes, I know I think some of alma I mean look these your people that still let me see what you would whether they join because of Joe or they didn't. Ultimately, a lot of them were working for Joe those with the jobs that they were offered in that they were given, and it seems to me that anybody that spend a significant amount of time with Joe Biden in a one on one sense- that's not directly related to him- has a serious problem endorsing him for the presidency of the United States. Barack Obama clearly shows not his first choice and This may be the first time in the first piece of proof that we have seen that that former President Obama socially listener of this pot cast I've been rail and not against an old for so long. I have always been preaching this message of you now serve service, serve a couple terms and get the hell out of there and what the next generation come. We do not need oxygen. I am leaving this country. I love you all you all r, r, r, r, great listeners, the programme, but you know better. You deserve to be kicking it. On a porch watching the sun go down to drink unhand listening
right. That's where you belong. I don't want you on the roads and I dont assures held in watching the oval office. You know it's hard to follow that Were you surprise? Well, lubricated, ordinary, endorsing Elizabeth warn that what to me was why campaigns. Look. You remember, though, Obama, that that's why it was a sham. Gone marriage with with old Joe yeah. It was a pick that was made under duress. When Obama was weakest bombers, like especially when it comes to his own political survival and self interest, he's a ruthless sky, and so once that Mary, was sealed consummated. You know Are you gonna do he's stuck in there with him? He tolerated. If you can remember back to all the times when Obama was passed offered him like when he got out ahead of him on the gay marriage thing or when he saddled with ridiculous in projects as like punishment. Oh good luck.
In order to answer in the last six months of my administration, that's gonna, go great on your campaign or habit. Joe Europe. Urges the Iraq withdrawal nice word on one eye on the caliphate alone by a shot gun. I can wait. Till Bloomberg goes after him on that. So sure, like you, have you back at it. Now you can see all the evidence that Bide never o bomber, never like no notice. It he's never respected him over now. I dont think it was necessarily a choice. Out of door rest, I don't think he wants. Elizabeth warrant is the moment I don't know about you. I think I think scuttlebutt was earlier this year than Obama wanted better Mayor pay at that, European Axelrod, I think we're has allowed, is around likes mayor military, but now the bellows out, I think, Obama might be more. Were acts has always been, which is Buddha, judges that generation
Canada or whatever such debate of the beta boys all night to me, you don't want you, don't wanna with death warrant or Bernie. Sanders is a nominee, especially after the british election. Maybe they're still hold now for Hilary, but I just think that one of the reasons Obama doesn't respect. Biden is because the reasons picked by now remember like there was no clear cut face. To be his vice president, because in a bomb as mine, nobody compared to him. Nobody was truly worthy of the Office of Vice presidency. I will one heartbeat away from his job that he was so destined for just the fact that he could control by you- and I think, that's what he thinks other people can do is at Biden is malleable. He can be pushed around. He is a b. He is the beta Obama's alpha. That sense, and I think that's really what it was about. I'll tell you who's in the sweepstakes, for the Obama endorsement is Mayor MIKE cause that I can afford him. Some pray,
national libraries and foundations, and all that kind of stuff I got a shot body. That would be funny if it may, in the middle of the five way battle right right, where there is no clear leader after months of voting, Obama comes out for MIKE because you, let's basically another Netflix deal and then he swore,
rocket, Michel, there's like there's ways they can be funded through the another house, Marthas via another house, any airport in it's funny part would be as if it still is not enough to push mayor MIKE over the top, and they have to settle on Hilary. The consensus choice of the convention at next tonight's democratic debate. Did you almost forget about it? We don't blame you it's. The sixth will include just seven democratic stage. There has been much fretting among Democrats at the evening will feature just one non white candidate, Andrew Yang and he's asian, and if he wasn't a Harvard, they like Asians, even less than they like why people these days some. So that's no good. The main question going into tonight's debate is: will these demands
finally go at each other and will the pile on on Mayor PETE Materialise, Harrison well like most of Americans. I will not be paying attention to the stupid debate tonight. I've already tuned it out. It's not important in the scheme of things and it we're just going to see the same nonsense beauty a hundred times I've seen Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders debate in one formerly other over fifty times in my life. I know what they're going to say. The only thing that will surprise me and honestly. I won't even be that surprising, given the recent health struggles and in their age in and of itself, as of one of em croaks onstage. So I would imagine that, even if I'm not watching ongoing, not only hear about it, but I will see the fainting video over and over and over again- and I wanna watch it again and again and again much like I did with the with the Hillary Clinton fading video so I'm not looking for a sorry, you get me that you are expecting one of them,
No I'm saying only way, you would see any part about any would have an eye attention rain and then you would watch it over and over again, then I'd be locked and then I would like now, since that hasn't happened yet about Europe. Having have done by faith is actually a stroke. I think is what that another one, then they might have been. That would be number three if work for those going at home. I was in it when they were. This debate has some backstory because of this kind of obscure union dispute. It was an open question whether their right to have the debate at all, and of course I will. I was rooting for them to cancel the debate. Just now, I say not cross aching and saw the debate. And no one noticed no one would have care. I know it is This to me, the most amazing thing that we are six weeks away six weeks away before Iowa. Is there any tension? Is there any Roma. Is there any way? I honestly
just feels like there's gonna be another democratic nominee, but whatever the drama is it's not gonna happen on stage tonight I think that's the Report, you know it's likely, they think it's anywhere, not one unawares, I dont know who's gonna win, I, oh I don't know who's gonna win new Hampshire look of its current. Even matter I want no not in the long run, because I think right now. If you look at the auction we're held today, it's hard to say, Trop wins anything less than forty states make sure you know why, I think there's like its disturbing that these people don't seem to have killer instinct. I mean they're going to watch this election pass them by before they start attacking each other, and I just don't get and an and honestly and makes me scared for the future of the country. If we, the word a win that like this, is either approach when their backs are up against the world summit on their backs really are, but if you're Elizabeth WAR, unlike you better get that
it's pretty soon and start putting yourself back in this rain. He got his way and I found the bahraini. When did wended Hilary and Obama really start going. I'm going out, like the three M, add didn't come out until the spring. The reverend right leak right, which I'm sure Sidney March all was behind. Now, aren't you hardly? I remember arrival. We finally ensure Obama Mud whereby argh muggy, so, like all these rights democratically just say just wait longer before before going up. Each other was Republicans. We seem to love nothing, but go have already warned me. I'm gonna, weird though I mean at some point, they're gonna have to argue with a timer the times wrote that peace is weak. That said that she can't go anywhere with him still array so.
Whether she and I strongly sexist by the legislate point that he might maybe be the first one to go after him, but that would be that be suicide. I think for her before we go to our legal correspond and I want to give a shout to loyal listener bill called of called vineyards in Oregon further Delicious fruit basket. He sent our way. We are enjoying it right now during this taping and we so appreciate your generosity bill. We may even get our food and beverage correspondent to review the good speaking of which VIC who moonlight as legal correspondent, has an update for us, hello, Ojala, that's right, foot basket was very Jamie. It was the wish, I'm I'm here. I'm gives jammed up you're gettin jammed up. Was we speak a minute? discuss with you today. The very serious case of Falco versus the city of new york- you might know not know about this- is unemployment discrimination, suit, New York City, detective, Victor Falcon,
is filed yet another claim against the Nypd saying that apartment is retaliating against them, for they complain he filed with the oh see against the fellow cop last year. Ever since you file that come complaint, Falco says he's been transferred to punish posts forced to undergo all sorts of test and paper working thanks to make him quit its retaliatory. It's a vendetta, claims scenario all wondering what was the complaint he filed against his fellow cop? Do we really want to hear it it was October, twenty eighteen falcon. Why since the seventy second precinct unisex bathroom and sees his boss sergeant Anne Marie Gara. He also see she left her underwear out in the open lying there on the counter, so he complained and tells her to take your soiled undergarments. He says there I've got a quote, but, yes, dear supposedly loses it, and, according to the complaint quote in a fit of rage, defended Gara ignored all protocol retrieved
wild underwear, Inviolably shoved into falcons mouth men aggressively rub them all over falcons, face our arrogance and I get the goods Darrow, then allegedly said see their queen excuse my language paw our cones lawyer said this left. His client quote traumatized at in shock. Who wouldn't be then the complaint was to the press and this led the falcon suit against a city in the Nypd, because he says wherever it from now on, people call him the panty munching cough. Ok, by the way, your posts they have the goods on this. I think that's what he any think: that's what he hates the moist I mean the most now I know what you're all thinking there's something fishy about this yes right it it doesn't. It doesn't pass a smell tests. Writer we'll signal, if code. If outcome winds, he gets unspecified damages. Does he really want to stay on the force after this, and if we lose, The Nypd won't want to stay on anyway. So, as you could see,
puts them in a very sticky situation. My legal advice, since the ATA seek a transfer to Bush Wick back to you waited questions. Yes, my is the sergeants wife standing by her side of LA wow, no comment to comment its way to personal here. You, like you, learn that that is a good time to break into a message from our newest sponsor swag, right, dot, com, if you go there now, you can sign up for a twenty five dollars a month subscription that will get you a swag right item. This is a political peace, a political paraphernalia, political merchandise, little shop in your mail box once a month for the rest of the year, twenty five dollars a month. It's these are cool items. Folks, like you, could get a t shirt. One Monti gonna happen next month to get a whipping cushions
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MR just goes to show that right and just like right and writer, women really make things better, while her home with Ireland married. The sawhorse you marry my sitting, a beacon culture. Around model, escrow Lawrence announced that she is skipping Gender reveal for her soon to be born child because she says that me not be, who her child decides to be. Lauren said in a lengthy instagram post quote, I might be carrying baby p and until now it's been about my pregnancy experience. But this is their life and even though right now I know what gender the professionals have finance that may that may not be who my child decides to be, and it doesn't feel right to make a big deal about some saint, something so personal to them. Harrison you haven't box little vodka.
To any particular gender have you. While we all have been taught throughout the years recently that the gender is in fact, a choice, you grew up in the Harrison household Lily. Vulcan and Donald Junior are not going to get to choose their own genders at any point. Like what I am hearing, though, here about you, know the total rejection of expertise. It's like yeah, the doctors experts and when that baby comes out, they know the difference between the boys and girls, but, like you, pointy headed academic doctors. Up in your ivory towers like we're not listening to you, we're gonna make the gap as we go along. So I sort of ice. Something there's a silver lining here in the left coming to our view of these quota quote profound
generals who deliver babies. You know that what do they know? They ve been denying science for a long time. That's it that's what I don't understand it. They profess their love science left ripe when science confronts them with an inconvenient truth, run further fake. All. Suddenly fake news, fixed decay rolling thing today, development following the shaky rolling stock up, This woman, you got tired. He wanted to discuss I'm sorry, Michael Goldfarb, Show has just here in this house. China way had gradually worrying is the same topic. You know young woman, they might get some woman rejected. You know said that, like I know, there are boys and girls in the world and like that, just the fact that you got fired from a job and shaky rollings likes, defended her and now the leftist
don't J K, rolling who's been like their biggest zero for as long as I can remember him through the person get the job. No, they got the court actually court upheld the thing and said that the her like refusal to I dont know I only read like your tweets will hear all the details here, but it's there, the trending. You dislike it out didn't have why wasn't Eric merit? Garland was trending; today we would add, is omitted. He died like three years ago today. Right is it that the yard, I always amusing,
trending is my favorite section. You never know what you're gonna get and finally, the New York Times has identified a major trend: this holiday season, environmentally friendly Christmas decorations and holiday gifts. These so called paper of record reports that quote glitter tinsel and shiny wrapping paper are now signs of the apocalypse, judging by the hashtag zero waste holidays and similar hashtags that are blooming on Instagram. These reveal a new world made from orange, peel, garlands and ornaments fashion from dried apples and dehydrated citrus slices, indeed desiccated fruit. Woods to be a badge of responsible style. I guess they visited the Harrison household work brusquely through at what ok, there will be moral judgments on what's under the tree this year for sure said, Mary and salesmen, a trend, spotter author and early public relations promoter of giving Tuesday
I see shiny green red and silver paper. I am going to think these are not good environmentalists. These people don't realize the world is on fire. Harrison. Have you put up your dried fruit ornaments yet put up? ride fruit, I will usually I actually you dont use real dried fruit. I like to use like you styrofoam fruits, and carve them myself, Lou Willie Vodka, and I we around the fire, not the ones that we, so you want the least biodegradable. I want As I look at my Christmas great again, we need to make Christmas permanent again. We know that that war we won the war agrees. Monuments are not exactly made out of decompose. The ball, granite and marble and stuff. Ok like this is the twenty first century. We believe in science around here. We want impenetrable non biodegradable things to preserve our works of art, that they say that
art is a very healthy hobby for young children and young minds to get into in. So I like to encourage that around the house sit around the fire every Christmas Eve and we carve are styrofoam fruits. Just spray on pcbs out area political intake might not be best while young mind Wazir polyurethane. That's not now we have a fireplace whereas wherever we go back, we go in our neighbour shard, we chopped down, we toy one of their trees and we bring it back if we carve up with throw it on the on the old fireplace and then for the. Ones that we happened to screw up and we're not perfect. Artists were all artists and training. We happen to screw up what we just Hungary and on the fire and the fire biodegradable. Since it out in the atmosphere, I don't know what happened to you. Don't really care frankly, but, like all I know is that we only keep the good carved styrofoam fruit, repainted with whipping I just feel discriminated against with the glitter. Like I'm obsessive glitter, that's my favorite color
she's now ruining my holiday odors, not a color is it is a misnomer. Yesterday, I'm not wrong. Unfortunately, That's all the time we have for today's edition of right and writer. I'd like to give a special thanks for producer Paul Cresson and our selves could also under the associate producers, Grant Bureau and, of course, our free rigging guess, Matthew Continuity, Erin Harrison Michael GO bar victory, no Madison Kitty do pray. Remember find us on Itunes. Google play in stature, just search for free beacon, subscribe. Tell your friends and labour review like listener. Hank W, who writes everyone talks about Elliot adjoining the pot gas, but no one talks about, dish and by subtraction getting sunny out of the producer chair, I write and writer from his terrible live opinion. What a wonderful he reads, books very problem.
Hopefully next did you remember,
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