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Pittsburgh, Clinton 2020, Spooky Stinkbugs

2018-10-30 | 🔗
On the latest "spooky" episode of theĀ Free Beacon podcast, the gang discusses the aftermath of the Pittsburgh shooting and President Donald Trump's visit to the city, the possibility of another Clinton presidential run, and the invasion of Chinese bugs.
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The programme that you're about to hear contains material that may be offensive to some listeners, although it should be taken to seriously listener discretion is advised, go ahead, make my day low and welcome to write and writer the official package of the Washington Free Beacon. I'm your host Elizabeth Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W F B, the free beacon podcast is available on Itunes, Google play and sticker. Please subscribe
your friends, and leave a review and join us for our special Red Wave Election Centre night coverage. Next Tuesday. You will not want to miss where writin writer was on Dick lash. Twenty tee join me from the right to day is the chairman of the free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, international man, a mystery unlicensed republican consultant, hello, Goldfarb and further to Goldfarb Right is free, beacon, president an Harrison who has radically more people than ISIS when exactly surety does around the office. Besides the Czechs them that's good enough for us hello Harrison. This is indeed an extra spooky episode of the free are we only it's gotta be spooky lit up first on right and writer. President Trump set down for a wide, ranging interview with Fox NEWS is Ingram Monday evening, where he said he likes all the democratic prospects for twenty twenty adding he doesn't see anyone he wouldn't enjoy running against trumps
That must be some kind of a sick woman on CNN. He would say he is radicalized more people than ices and COD flirted Democrat Andrew, give em a stone, cold d for taking eighty hundred dollar Hamilton tickets from an undercover FBI agent go far if he really took it to the media again. Here I mean nothing not to be too distracted by one micro item outside the sort of major elections coming up in the focus of the interview, but almost interested in the Julia affecting because they ve. Basically I mean this is it. This is a woman who, who is sort of gone from job to job, has not been able to hold down a job as best I can tell has been fired for saying, incendiary things in the past and she goes out over the weekend and says something about the synagogue bear the synagogue, shooting, basically blaming right wing juice for the hearing, which was like deliberately inflammatory and provocative, and then she goes from that
and tells the three hundred and thirty million Gentiles in America to shut up and for that she's rewarded with a washed imposts column. They invite her to write a column about. The shooting. Cnn invites her on air to two to two o pine about the shooting the course of opining. What did she do? Of course she says something: that's really in unhinged an inflammatory. She says the trumpets radicalized more people than ISIS, which is just like on its face ridiculous. And untrue and then what do they do after she? They maker apologise on air because they know it's the show is even over. They know what a problem it is Then they have ruined CNN again, five hours, leisure to the pop up again and call everybody who supports tromp a racist that its business works. It is it is
sick and so with the music me about this. That was, like you know, Trump calls her sick and, and she can't really respond because Trump sort of got distracted, he's like oh, that's, sick, and then he goes on to his favorite talking points, but she can't really. What are you going to say? It was sick. And she's already apologized, for it are not that that's means anything, but but it's like it's it's the very rare instance where trump attacks on journalists and the journalist can't even respond rang and its during a segment where they're talking about the president's rhetoric, saying have that the blame for everything and then meanwhile no elevator thereof she's actually not well right, I mean that's sick, that's what we're going to get out. I mean I think we need to be a little bit more compassionate here. We are dealing with the mentally ill. I noticed that it's just not her, that's doing it, but there's a lot of other people that I've noticed in the media.
Drawing unhand, extremely personal connections to a very admittedly despicable, evil tragedy. That happened, but I have noticed a lot of personal anecdote. In the media about this tragedy, Weather People have nothing to do with like it is, It is a sad thing. It is something that should be more and it should be should be covered, but you ve got a lot of people very personally affected by this and their rewarded with additional media coverage for making up these these. These connections really even exist an end when you're, puddings and watches take them at their face value that say that they are emotionally emotionally dammit bye, bye this event, what we're doing on air. They are not in a proper mental state to be honour in the first place and in so are just sitting here and word there exporting these mental illnesses that
this in the media, and we are giving them a platform to spread it insanity only just ass. If she had another tweet or she said she was felt more unsafe. As a journalist and the United States, and she ever did in Russia, which is preposterous. They actually murder journalists in Russia, okay and Ben Shapiro. Respond to that. Instead, like maybe you know, doing things based on your feelings, likened in making these kind of broad statements based on your feet, This is not a good way to do them when your feelings or are you shouldn't, be reporter comment on anything if you can't get through the segment without emotionally, so that was our response was now I'm. This has been a very emotionally trying weak. For me, like a few of you you may well, how do you think it is a pity burger emotionally unsettled? You know you,
and beyond tv hurling rat. You know insane allegations and people telling ok up next present trump and First Lady Maloney are travelling to Pittsburgh to visit survivors and agreed with the community of the tree of life synagogue after an Anti Semitic, gunman took the lives of loving congregants over the way and presence that he wanted to go sooner, but did not want to cause more disruption or the democratic mayor of Pittsburgh says, should stay away until a later date. Harrison it's good that the present it's not letting the media stop him from bringing the country together, nor should because this is another example, the dishonesty that exists in the press. I read for what I entered this up: free Beacon, podcast, studios, yeah of of broadcast domination. I clicked over to the Washington Post just to see what the mainstream fake news coverage. Here. There headline is that one family, a single family thought, is that that was a family of one of the victims in Pittsburgh said that they don't want trumped up.
And the former rabbi of the synagogue doesn't want trumped began. They are now blaring the site. With this headline in using the single family and the single former rabbi, not the current rabbi, the former rabbi to say the trouble we therefore has no place no place there and they also. Then they pop the story up with a bunch of quotes. One of the quotes from One of these random liberal activists that signed a petition. On what one of these very power online petitions that always seemed a pop up in these. In these circumstances, when they involve the present United States, they got a quote from one, that says the president not only doesn't belong in the city he doesn't belong in. This country has been divisive here
what I lose porn gasoline, all overall vision when Europe's blurring over one of the largest newspapers in the country. I can't wait for that headline to be up on CNN and twenty minutes. Goldfarb I mean look. I think there is some truth to the fact that Trump does not excel in these situations. He could do a better job of bringing people together. He could do a better job of just. You know, look it's a game. You gotta play it. You got it. You gotta like say the things that certain people want to hear and you gotta you know, there's a lot of different constituencies. There's the families that There is a city of Pittsburgh which, as you know, a liberal city and and and there's the media, and you just have to deal with that reality. He is not particularly good at that, on the other hand has not done anything, but say that this is a horrible tragedy and and its terror any and enemies condemned, Anti Semitism every which way to sunday- and I dont know what people really expect from him in your eye, Hattie Davis, you know how,
saying like another mentally or I mean you, Patty Davis, moaning. That he's not he's not. You know. We shouldn't look to him in these kind of moments, while ok, ok, fine! I wasn't looking to trump. You know to make me feel better after Levin Jews are murdered. I was looking for the media to not be insane and allowing for every single day. That's all I wanted was for the media to not blame me for people like Frank forward and not right that I should be shown From from my synagogue, because I happen to support this president and how support, moving the embassy to Jerusalem and happened to support in a justice Cavenaugh Gore such self them. I, if that's my choice between Frank Flower and Julia Coffee and Donald Trump, I will vote for Donald Trump- seven days a week now, look like you'd nailed it like there's, not much more. You can add other than the only thing that I wanted to mention is that the media is still portraying
like tromp is going to hold a rat a mega rally on the whole, it does not meet with that he's going to the dollar's, yeah Ursula's barriers and the victims in the victims themselves or still recovering, and that is what our president should do. Residence should be there in the present is as made similar visits over entire history, the country that is presidential like it or not. He is the president, and that is a varied. Look, that is something that the president should be doing, and the rabbi of this rule said you know, of course, the present is welcome these new residents of America, I'm an american he's. My president, of course, he's welcome. Yet everyone morale, I'm here and an end to the The story I loved was the guy was the Holocaust survivor where I've slate and he's a big. I'm trumps supporter could have been just as easily in there and gotten killed, and so now what Frank Our position is that guy should be shown from his synagogue because he supports the President send believable.
I just want to point out that the only people that Trump is criticized since this episode has been the media and I we can all agree they deserve to be criticised. Have next news flash from nineteen. Fifty two Hillary Clinton would like to be president after her resounding defeat. Two years ago, she still out there telling everyone she can during q and a last week Hilary said I'd like to be president, but can't be bothered with running and you know actually winning the support. Those pesky voters. However, did lead the possibility of a third run open, saying she's not going to think about it until after the mid term elections Goldfarb, you think she'll campaign in Wisconsin. This time I mean I'm just thinking to myself that it's like you know, the Democrats thought George double
Bush was like Adolf Hitler, and then there was like Mitt Romney was like Satan Incarnate, and now they have Donald Trump. I never get a real say, just wondering why self the lie that way, you can write. What are you gonna one day, sort of being a static for like oh geez, Hilary wouldn't have been their bad can be heard. It can stalinist. We have running the country now yeah, so I don't know Hilary would have been funds. The truth. She the pink palm boil you know you hid her I'd. She goes that way. You hit this side. She goes the other scandal and draw my eyes are minor out at all. Is you see, as I and all that be a lot more fun than a Kemal heresy? Ministration we're not miserable worn administration? I gotta say when famous hunters path at, and I think that your right Hilary is fun when she's in the game. I think that she's in the perfect,
and she is exactly sure I wondered. I do not want her anywhere near the oval office. I want her thinking that she should be in the oval office and I want her thinking that she can be in the oval office. I don't think she's capable of things any other way see it's her. Eighty years, a programming, doesnt law, for us when Hillary Clinton says that she wants to be President exactly what she wants it. New, and you hit on this in the intro lives. Is that she just doesn't want to do the work too. She wants united to so course. This is where she hates the voters. What why she doesnt one of the rules is the feeling is mutual. That is why we need her to win because No, what in a field of thirty seven candidates, let me tell you something: Hillary Clinton is the one that has formally a she is the one that has would have the most support out of that whole group. Gonna nominated her hand and it's gonna be seventeen twenty twenty one. When we re match and crop winds, fifty states,
when you bring up that, Hillary Clinton is running again to the average person on the street, like you literally laugh, they like oh, come on, you gotta be kidding me. It would be the greatest thing. Crop Hilary to have it. You talk about a red surrounding coming in one week from now like that is like red Armageddon like the entire globe may go red men, maybe Corey Booker come marry her and, and then you know. Think of you, like a team. You know, instead of vice president needs. It solves a couple, probably Iraqis view that make a facial here. Reference might now it's time to check in with our culture, spurt, Natalie Johnson, who Manuela hello, live when he got for us Cardy B.
Showed some love for Israel posting to Twitter that she felt special, her new single as playing over there see we knew we loved her. I now, of course, however, it did not take long for the anti Israel trolls to shred. Her mentions, apart with palestinian flags, in demands that she apologized for recognising the jewish state. Many people threatened to unfollow her writing that Israel doesn't exist hashtag free Palestine telling her that she's quote cancelled, among other slander, that I will not be repeating on this wholesome show I am not surprised that the strippers have a special place in there were the jewish people, Why did you elaborated Diane she's, a New York stripper. I think she probably knows a lot of jewish men, hoof, greeted her well and good tempers, and I just you know I always done an insight from closing shock me capital. At the end of the day?
Israel, is just more evidence of heard divergent viewpoints from a very liberal Hollywood. As we recall she previously called for lower taxes re end. Despite an unplanned pregnancy, she gave birth to her beautiful baby she's just great pro. Why was the name ago, Israel, on what was the name of the girl culture with a cat Well, it's like what is my own. I, jewish aright, she's doing what week what she can. Ok, I'm speaking of Anti Semitism, apparently Audrey Hepburn was a secret nazi fighter. Oh I'm. A forthcoming book will provide evidence that the breakfasted Tiffany star worked directly for the resistance leaders during world war. Two to combat the Nazis, those of your
coarsely book. The aggregate classic didn't get that far. My research, I pay. What is it a book? It's gotta be trades and about drawing up her exactly she, but here is, ought we held which she, when this is happening ass? She was a preteen? Ok, so I guess that means Thirdly, I believe that we would be well they're all nazi fighter. Yes, a we're, not they weren't, thus she would never be suspect, suspected. She was a ballerina according to the book under cover under our writer ballerina. Failing in our view, the whole hiding well he apparently turned to nazi fighting after the Nazis executed her uncle. That's what inspires living at the time in another. And her mother always gotta. Do her mother, brought her over from England. Thinking that the Netherlands would stay neutral, and you know it didn't happen
another lens belongs mommy, but now that the Netherlands, obviously she learned all over with refugees and their going back empty unanimously, go let's get on one of these and go up again vouchsafe over there, but any anyway. I'm more reason to love odd tree and, as Harrison mentioned. Halloween is tomorrow it's good spooky about many of the liberty. We have sound Harrison's us out of eggs are gonna cut, it a manual celebrities have already debut their costumes with some really going forward. Among my favorites was Joe Jonas. Who dressed as scientists, stark from game of thrones, who is played by his fiance Sophia Turner, Sir? I thought that was kind of funny right, so they dressed up as the earth. He dressed up a sure yes, which addresses both She was like in the corner of the instagram. Why couldn't boy man
I honestly. I couldn't see her and then stuff. Candle Jenner was a fair bought from Austin bow our good idea that picture which it was one of my favorites until her sister Kiley. Actually they re it. She was wearing a sea through, like ninety isa of you now that I've got unsure the mad lilies Anderson around with little neck and all their with the Lenape. Would you open it everywhere? There was a leg. I got through the phone number of that's the lab costumes. This was one of my favorites until her sister Kiley posted a picture of herself and babies stormy as matching pink butterflies. That was your father heard the better. I wanted my favour, but I like it. I thought it was well what about the Hilton area? This was good. Nicky Hilton went as her sister Paris on between Robert, that it should do that. Anyone looking very that he doesn't know my whole problem with Halloween today, is that we are so far away from spooky. Does I'm here now just dressing is one house: that's not do not exhaustive Paris was sword. I've spooky
She went as a quote: Sexy Fergie, I don't have it sexy carpet the furs of our very spooky yeah fergie from like the ninety. Yes, what these drawbacks Here I never got to go farther. Behold founded you found. The eye can or cannot outfit Institute a moment anyway. I hope everyone enjoys their Halloween. Thank you so much for this much needed update, of course. First, in our culture around hollow. We is for forty year olds, according to a new survey that found more prefer. Halloween too thanks giving all the vast majority of Americans prefer Thanksgiving to the godless commie pagan ritual, a third of thirty five to forty four year olds choose hollow wean instead.
Farmers, who are these people who live in wooden thing. I dont want to speak my true thoughts on the matter. I would not approve, but let me say for the record that thanks giving is the greatest holiday. Yes, it is the american holiday you get to eat Turkey. You get the watch football that I dont understand and I can't really relate to anybody who prefers. Holiday where you got a slap your kids around. Well, that's just because they order your geyser illness demographic, so well that way, that's how young demographic was thirty, five to forty four, I'm not yet in this demographic. This deal and I was not fade out right in the middle and oh yeah not use Dick the forty years in this weird demographic are empty of of Natalie generation gap,
because of where they are in life, because that was where they had all their fun all the joy of Halloween, when it was nothing but a big all sexy drunken men of a party now like when you got kids, you gotTa Judy like MIKE, says: you're your walk, around the neighbourhood. It's really more about just gettin pictures with your kids, address them off is not superior to thanks irritates. Giving is great, it is there. Forty high five how many days we want most vehemently ashes and make it a week long thing? I would trade back a couple of the other like random days over the year to make Thanksgiving a yeah I mean we're almost there that most behind us go alone in Wednesday before so. You know, you're a previously are five days around one meal and you nothing on the agenda, its rate, holiday. It's just short enough before you actually get sick and tired of family, because everybody knows like there's like I'm a pretty steadfast rule that says once you get out of.
College and you're on your own and you gotta go back in like if your way from your folks, you got about seventy two hours before you start rating on each other's nerves and if you're travelling for Thanksgiving that seventy two our window happens to be just perfect, do you what what's little vanka, although it that's a grand Greek Wash Williams. Everybody knows my stance on Halloween costumes, like you, can't really dress up a sector like there's no dressing up as a toy Fergie or anything remotely resembling just a normal person like that is it that is a cop. That's what adults do so they can still not looked. We're getting trashed. Halloween parties still get laid so looks, he's gonna go is a pig, what Lubyanka is going on now: pepper, peg, evil, Give it back at the vote today is the pepper, PIG and China with like. If you have ever happening the moon, you can know the pigs can be evil because you ve seen the movie Hannibal, where the pigs were trained to be cannibals, so she's going
Annabelle, pepper pig, oh it's gonna, be scared, gonna be sue! You hear right. This is speaking. It is I think about that. If you have a freak in a year and a half year old, shut up on your door with, like blood dripping out of her teeth, her for teeth. Threatening or you, with a bag of candy and not, we saying anything other than high when you open up the door, that a scary that spooky ok at next twitter is reportedly getting rid of the like button. As part of a quote effort to create a healthier climate of debate on the platform, we have a big like button with a heart on it and we're incentivize in people to want it to go up said twitter, founder Jack Dorsey. Is that the right thing? How do we incentivize healthy conversation? He asked there's an I can think of another way to incentivize healthy conversation. We could just get rid of twitter. Well, I was gonna save, isn't that what the like Britain should be doing? Well, look. I don't even know that there was a light
but Nonjuror onto it, I'm not on Twitter. If this doesn't really like pertain to me in my daily function, our eyes, a human being, I think it's one way healthier because of that, my my mental state. Let me talk to us like basically it's an even keel because of the fact that I'm not twittering all day and liking buttons with hearts on how the hell is a heart is to be better as a favorite, and it was a start having. How does a heart mean like dirt? Me love, that's a love, but I would like a ban, but I wish other users you're here. This is how you cook twitter. You invent a band button and it's like, if you it gives every user the ability to ban any other user in any given time, and it's like the rest of honour, unlimited. It's like it's like put a bullet in the gun. Like he'll, anybody's twitter account twitter would be gone and twenty four Sadly, the growing of your great big you gave every single user the power to eliminate another user. How long would twitter last would it twenty four hour now to go farm front emerged through the last
and when I reliable ends, you know twitter was at its absolute worst this weekend. I don't think I've ever seen it as bad as it was this weekend and there was like an awareness tomb Most people were like this is horrible, but they can't stop there. That hoarded off is like you got it. You gotta flame somebody, and then you gotta, say twitters cesspool, the cycle so I got off twitter because I realized that, like there's an almost nothing, I can say that someone else has said better funny here. You know I am a little bit of humility that you know I don't have some great insight to share with the world on an
we base most of the people on there do not seem to have had this revolution that I don't want it that's parted! That's why journal saying there is a lack of self aware that its end, you know what I used to think. Like I dont think particularly highly of myself. I have a bang airing estimation of my own worth and value to society, but these people, their worse than Oh there were their hearers and Gunnar and they think they're opinion is so important. They have to get it out there before they don't know, don't know nothing about the topic. Will I was gonna, see the twitter actually but reinforces the worst instincts of decision, Alice Yorkshire, because, like what what hath, who gets all the attention is like the first purse, and who can personalize a national tragedy. By saying my my fifteenth and on my father's side, knew a guy who live.
Neighbourhood and then they tell us. You know that you're gonna sit. I hang tweet thread about how its real out just a little bit more personal tee. Then it is to everybody else, and then you get then then they will you on CNN and talk about how personally affected you are by this tragedy. That's what happens on every single one of these things, and it's just you know you just gotta, be just a little more personally affected, rang in Twitter River reinforces that and that's what's that's where this whole lack of self awareness comes in this, the self reverence that just is so noisy. But if I can just say four for one of the people who, I know I know, is a frequent listener. The show and is actually shown restraint on Twitter recently menu that no that's one person I didn't want showing restraint is showing strain and is decided. They are only going to tweet links to stories and
they're going to like right columns that basically sub tweet people without naming and shaming them and to that person if you're listening cut. And get back on what, like the one person new, I actually want to seats. We can finally There may be thousands of stink bugs hiding under your sofa as the weather turns the commie bugs try to invade our homes to escape the cold weather western conifers seed, bugs box elder bugs ladybugs cluster flies bugs and many others like to move in according to fears that work as they do often secrete chemical signals, Claude, fair nomes, to attract more of their counterparts to the Hibernation House Party. Go far view of instinct like problem, I just want to say that I renounce and an eye.
I distance myself from you used the word invasion does not allow the lines are Yang anymore, either: buds from China that have invaded entre, global everywhere, Lugs yeah Schreider invaded title. I welcome the bugs, because I use them as an opportunity to toughen up my boy all the bugs in the house, but an you kill, distinct bugs than they smell, My problem is that he's gonna kill him. In southern alarm to kill thing said so that's his job So I you know, I see a bog and I get excited some like Terry, I'm back he'll. Do you put a penalty on the bugs you know is its is really. You should kill out of joy shouldn't be something that requires remuneration. To save me now you want to build a capital is maybe he builds an entire
terminate her empire. One name becomes a billion trick, but does look. I think that the stink bugs, if they are at war with the bedbugs, then I want the stink buckstone yeah. I think you would want the item from what understand, stink, bogs, far less turns everything into pitting ones. Hence it another pet, what our people, our citizens daily, I ever claimed to be a united, I'm a professional divided. This is my talent. This is what I was born to do is to so described. Here lies more people than you know. Rises. There are wars, they need to be won by the dominant. Ok, you cannot look. I don't think stink, Bugsy very dominant they're, just there just so many of them now. Well, listen! There's a lot of bedbugs and like New York City, hotel, I'm sure I don't know, I don't. Every bedbugs there's no bonanza he's around my books.
Yeah you're Ivory Tower learned no, no triggered treaters nobody eggs or how the threat that way. You don't think that was specifically designed a well armed. You know abode far above the dregs of society, so that, unfortunately, that's all the time we have for today's edition reg writer. Let's give especial thanks to our feeling pretty sir eighteen, forty seven and, of course, are free beacon, guess, Michael Goldfarb and Harrison and nobly Johnson remember find us on Itunes. Google play in stature just search for free beacon. Please subscribe tell your friends and leave a positive review like listener. Burton B L T see who says much needed hilarious farm report on our ruling class labors growing Harry pits, scope of funds
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