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Politicized Intel, Border Negotiations, and Super Bowl Predictions

2019-02-01 | 🔗
On the latest episode of the Free Beacon podcast, the gang discusses the politicization of national intelligence, wonders what's next on the border, and pays homage to the GOAT.
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low and welcome to write and writer the additional package of the Washington Free Beacon. I Marhaus Elizabeth Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, Debbie, let's be free, beacon, pad gases, bail bond, Itunes, Google play and sticker. Please subscribe. Tell your friends and leave a review. Joining me from the right today is free begin editor in chief magical nettie. You may remember him from such mainstream media programmes as made the press daily and the daily show you can follow him on Twitter at cut, Nettie, hello, hello, lose further to that's. Right is free beacon, present an harrison who doesn't say anything other than as a fact state or were not exactly sure does around the office. Besides the checks, This can never asked how Harrison what here's a for. You like, I think this new found love Starbucks, has actually turned me in to a soil boy, because my new triple Vendee soy double shot.
Spress Latte started to really affect me. Congrats on finishing dry, January's for. I did not hear a single surrender our industrial here. Let me tell you a February, is that you are not drunk. He had dried January except for January first, and then any occasion would involve wine for dinner. It is Jamie, whereas in its struggle for us all its disease, don't judge me returning The programme today is the chairman of the free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, international man, a mystery and licence republican consultant. He always keeps our palace online hugging far, poets up. First, on right, writer ordered negotiations are going nowhere fast, as Nancy Policy says, there's not going to be any more money in the legislation. Present Trump said trying to get, deal. The lives is a waste of time quote. I think Nancy Policy is hurting our country very badly. By doing what she's doing an
ultimately, I think I've set the table very nicely Trump said, as he will likely declare a national emergency to build the wall. When government funding run out and be seen. News has been moaning that the shut down has derailed the House democratic agenda, as the top issue on Capital Hill has been. Immigration quote drowning out the message that House Democrats wanted to discuss after their mid term victory in November man. Silver lining. I've been saying that since the beginning I had they had this big agenda and now all they ve been they spent on first, where it will be seven weeks of the year dealing with borders, secure Eddie you write, it looks like Trump is, definitely moving in the direction of declaring in a national emergency on the border and then using that authority granted to him through statute to re purpose, funds from the Pentagon to begin construction wall that will be immediately challenged in the courts.
Now there's some question about how long it will take the ninth circuit to enjoin that approach that reprocessing of funds, so there might be no six to eight weeks where they can build some wall before the nine circuit says he can't do it anymore and then it's in the courts, so Trump might get some wall and, of course, look at the issue in twenty twenty and he will be able to keep the government open eyes. So it looks actually like a pretty good deal for tromp. I dont know how good a deal for the poor
didn't of declaring a national emergency for policy reasons, rather than you know, an actual natural disaster Harrison I kind of like the idea that was moving the wall they built in San Diego TAT, the Red Sea, its hidden specks, is the term floated yesterday he just left, but the ones that then they'll be begging for well. You know this, and that is why we have a United States. The states get to decide what their own fate will be finger saw your whole debate, just kind of reminds me watching foot through channels. Last night I come across booby called worldwide. Z, which is about a zombie, a partial and Brad Pitt it, but here's the hooked. The whole movie is that there is one country that like was a head of all the other countries, because it build a wall around itself. That country was Israel Loo and they were like that was ended up becoming the hub of civilization because they built waltz in time.
Oh, it's kind of like what we're dealing with you. You know it's I'm sitting because the lips are using game. A thrones is kind of an absurd example against the wall because, like why don't meet wall, if the devil straggly, ok, but then there is also the counter example of World WAR Ii, because zombies don't get in their due to go there. I don't always the place so also very noticeable they should learn through, but yeah. I think they had like pile up by the millions or something to get What seems little far fetched gave a point behind. I don't I don't understand how zombies got so strict clotel will hold at once. Herman became is on the Federal Reserve Board, which I am really hoping for. He can then begin to go back to his. I remember his policy ideas, He wanted a moat right. You want to see our gaiters a while. I was planned and let her go a plan b. Why did I vote station? It's just a nine hundred feet. Nine hundred feet tall nine hundred feet deep and nine hundred feet wide
That is a nine nine nine plan. I've aren't we just desperate for Herman came to return through active, I'm so excited got fired. You know, I think, there's like a grand bargain to be struck here in, and people who ve been following events closely the last few weeks. What we do is we create a path for the dreamers. But we murder the infants they're bringing across the border we aboard as soon as they step during delivery, yeah wondering why, once their anchor baby status has been achieved over the board, if we don't get em when their crowning, then we'll have a conversation with the doktor cedars and we'll figure out what to do make sure it's comfortable. Now the Democrats moved on their no longer fetuses thirtieth, baby, just infancy. Now that they're killing
yeah. Let's go far point I like it. I, like it's, a grand bargain many people, s eating a ban that next president Trump is at odds with his intel community, or is that what the fake news wants you to think director of National Intelligence Dan Coats along the sea? A director Dena Haswell, testified before Congress that North Korea is unlikely to give up its nuclear weapons. Ices is intent on resurging. I ran, isn't currently pursuing a nuclear weapon and climate change is national security threat Trump tweeted. The intelligence people seem to be extremely passive and naive when it comes to the dangers of I ran. They are wrong, however, after meeting with the until Chiefs Trump said
They said they were totally misquoted and they said it was fake news Harrison. What else is now? Well, we know it ran once the nuke there like dedicated to it. Oh I have is that controversial. While the funny thing is is like this is just what the Democrats have been arguing for forever right that, like no one o bombers, President ICES is in retreat its defeated
don't worry about ISIS anymore. When trumps present, all eyes is coming back. Yet I just think that is its just like we know what their ends are, so we need to prevent their ends at any yet for we need to prevent them achieving their ends by any means necessary to a few things about this one is, I was struck at just how political the National Intelligence estimate was not just on its conclusions about North Korea and IRAN and the deal which I mean our true they're, imperfectly, verifiable, but the wind and went on and saying or you know, the american foreign policy of isolation is amended.
The latter autism is endangering us and this time and then it's the job of the national intelligence community speak truth. The power happened, how cliches Haggis sea and air supposed it you're supposed to create products that the decision makers. Can you say it's a that's point number one point number two is I get incredibly frustrated? The media set of intelligence community repudiates tramp tramp, then, of course takes debate and says it's fake news, and you get into this huge argument over the media coverage of the testimony. If you actually look at what they said, it's not that controversial that anyone should be sceptical that North Korea is, give up rapidly weapons. At the same time, Trump is trying to get them to give up the nuclear weapons. Then it's o IRAN. Iran is technically compliance with the deal well. Why? When, in a b you it s a bad deal, it was the sweetest deal, they could ever hoped for and they're just
waiting it out right. They think that, like like the Democrats, they think the democratic guaranteed victory in two years time, when the Democrat comes back, they'll get more their money right, that's not the issue, whether there in compliance, the issue is all the other horrible things at the regime is doing by the way which they Intel Intel. Chieftain talk debate right now. I dont think that there was much difference here, but then it gets all tied up into trumps existential conflict with the national media. I totally agree. I mean therein compliance while their spinning centrifuges building using MRS Weiler Lundy Inheritance and urge right so yeah they they ve, always been in compliance with the deal didn't put such restrictions on them that they felt right held to cheat. That's the problem that I may even doing just that was light. Trump said it was the worst deal ever and that's why he pulled out, and so Gina hospitals was right, yes or technically incomplete. Ok, fine! That's the story! That's not the rebuke! You know I just I think them
a framed it wrong and we of course trumped up his thing and then and then that's all the media really wants the end right there, They want him to get provokes a data can eat. They can then do the headline of look at him, going against intelligence. Community, Nicole Wallace was saying I've never seen this before and while I was There- and I think that actually is the end game for the media is just throw is- is to just smear tromp in any conflicting narrative throws wrenching. That plant I mean I'm just gonna, struck by the home, we're pulling out of the nuclear treaty with Russia Why? Right? Because we don't know that the good faith Russians are suddenly like freedom. This painting of good faith in this meanwhile, there is we're pulling out is because they will destroy the frequent missiles like rain. So it's this whole, like paradox of, like oh, like Russia's good when you want them to be given when they serve the means of embarrassing the president and their bad
They serve the means of embarrassing at present, I want I don't wanna be honest this week there was amazing to is a story about how the Russians have put a convicted, felon money laundering on the guy, burning body at the? U N, that man is the organization for the Prevention of Chemical weapons right. So this is the ideal Obama struck with the chemical. What group that won the Nobel Peace Prize for a deal that left aside with chemical weapons that he continued to use against this people right and the Russians put. This convicted fell on the board and whose whose whose ups was up in arms that not all the people on new on tv everyday talking about the Russians, it's not Adam Smith, it's not Adam Schiff. It's not those people, the people who were about it or TED crews and Tom.
Than those kind of people the same job. In vice day, I honour Austria and saying you know what it's time to put a bunch of missiles in Europe. So it's it's. It is a little bananas. The way we have waged breaking news republicans are seizing on liberal positions, to paint Democrats as radical, because the bigger news after a governor of a major state endorses infanticide is really there.
The action of outrage, conservatives otherwise known as people who have souls the gruesome realities of abortion in the extreme positions held by the left are becoming apparent. After Virginia Delegate, Cathy Tram confirmed her bill would allow for babies to be killed up until the moment of birth, while the mother is dilating. But why stop there quote? If a mother isn't labour? I can tell you exactly what would happen said Governor Ralph, nor them a pediatrician. The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable, the infinite the infant would be resuscitated. If that's what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother. Oh, but don't worry north on thinks it's always good to get a quote. Second opinion when deciding to kill a baby after it is born man. What do we even say here? Well, you know it's interesting. Is the Democrats have become more comfortable
stating their position and their view on Roby Weight and the sad thing is these practices that they're talking about are legal under their I happening regime in a you know. I mean in this. The gardener Kermit God now with abortion, is too is put to sent to prison in Pennsylvania a few years ago. I mean this is exactly the sort of thing he did and it was gruesome and indeed the jury got young. This really upset about it and it's disgusting and the very fact that the Democrats, in our more open about in celebrating an inner bill a bit like the one in that was introduced and failed in Virginia passed in New York, and that now
the empire state building, let itself up and pink into support women's health lino or lose your health care. Choose your euphemism reproductive rights. You now I'm at sad, I'm the only silver lining at all. This is abortions are falling. There are fewer clinics, and so and we are beginning to change the judiciary, and it is just a fact that if row is ever overturned and or got it, that would create political space for the states to create you know, and so then the create whatever regime they want is gruesome as it might be, and so then the real battle begins in my, in my view, Harrison not mention the cardinal case. Of course the media treat that as a local crimes story sets out surprising that they don't even quote the controversial statements from north
and they just say. Oh, it's republicans pouncing well, but this tough issue for me because I'm back there used to be covered with somebody called pro choice. I was very, very soft on on the issue, but then something very important happen in my life and my wife gave birth to our daughter really bunker. Now, at the time I can't we tell her the story wonder to appreciate the life that she has been given. Is that when my, when we birth, this little clump of cells and came out and of sudden notes, wrapped in a little hospital blanket, but but dad the Caucasus started, saying hey. This is not a good night blanket for me. I want you to know I'm on cocoa. Now I want. I want some gucci up in here. And it was at that moment to step back, and I left the room to consult with the primary care physician
that is either because they are so that our decision was about real doktor North modestly, when you, when you are expecting wanting you get another thing and you look, it takes you gotta get back and you have to have these conversations on what to do. But the fact is I thought long and hard. I said: listen, there's one! the present United States, he raised a dog. I smart, alpha female with great taste in great fashion, sense, gratefully great figure, and I was like you know that, despite if he can do it, I can do it too. And there is no sense in a boarding, good fashion sense. That fact. Well that's what I learned how to this enormous. Staunch pro life, Spock Goldfarb only earn actually zeroed in on an interesting issue here, which is once the baby is out of the room and has been made com. Verbal application, elderly man get us say I mean a wheel.
This conversation is accordingly governor them. It's still a conversation between the woman and her doktor, so the father, standing there looking. It is new born child, his pride and joy, and does he get to have a say in the conversation about whether to execute the child. Linkage I'll look up, I'm a big men's rights type, a guide us along as it doesn't conflicts with the health of the mother I painted like this- is a look old school. You know back in the day the man used to have this conversation with the doctors over a cigar and smokers lounge. When I had my conversations with the doctors, we had to go twenty five feet outside the hospital. Is I just I want to be a part of the death panel committee? Yes,
These are the Dutch should give us parliament's right. We beat up, on the one hand, a lot round here, so we thought it was time for some outreach. So we can better understand then said joining us is right. Writers, variant, generational ambassador, Parker Extent, hope all hello. This I hear you a report on something called the fire festival yeah, I do so, as some of you may have heard, of this thing called the fire festival, and I didn't understand you don't talk We understand what like eating the wire festival and it's not even spelled like fire No, I didn't know how to say, as I heard why are arriving at why our e? Yes, what is it so? The fire festival was a failed music vessel in the Bahamas that was put on by a guy billing Farland, whose now in and for fraud, and the idea was to be an island get away.
The private island you bought, but all of this was promoted completely dishonestly and lead to a bunch materials being down. Was with no music festival to attend and a bunch of FEMA today, so who did he say was going to be appearing at this millennium festival us and people you? May you may not like major laser and uplink wanted more like what any me I've heard, a link one, eighty, eighty one, eighty two: that's when the learning? What is major laser? What is here she do major, major later is a electronic music group our day on agenda that with eggs what are they there there idiom? Yes I know that while there we go so those who pose worthy headliners yes, he wasn't one. I know this was in twenty seven team in warehouses that around for a while, and I do not know what it is: yeah
think about fire. Is it wasn't about the music at all? It was status thing. It was about millennials and their sort of like status. On social media, that sort of lead to the snowball out o how people and how are they? They wanted to. You gained status by saying that you are tabling this private island to watch the light. Your people now doubt listen. I think we're losing a little bit folks here. The fact is that this was pop. This was promoted on social media from the hottest chicks in the world. Ok, it's like this. You can Jenner, this was Bela Hardee. This was all the: how did this guy get them to do that if that explored in these documentaries, he reviewed Yes, so others to document order, hearts yeah, I'm on Hulu Netflix about this event. They came out in the same week and both cannot do
lot of attention and wouldn't it up, one would think that kind of comes through watching the documentaries is that the promotion of the festival really one the festival we went down. They brought all these instagram info. Sir, and models down to the Bahamas, and they did this. You know really exciting, photo shoot and video promo, and they talked about how it would be the most exclusive most incredible party ever, and that was the fire festival that everybody we saw there was no, nothing is actually avenue nothing about it with every other social media, though that is perfect yeah I saw these things on their social media accounts, the millennials them book did
get yet seen after seeing Now- and I airy imaging sunrise, whatever the threads of the fire and then they book, I think I should point out that it was marketed. Basically, is a giant millennial orgy online, hell you're too old Goldfarb. You weren't borderline but there was a giant millennial orgy held on Pablo Escobar's private island that everybody was paid. What for thousands of fifty thousand dollars to go to and live in luxury and be laid by all these beautiful women. In fact, it was just a giant in colony, is what they really landed on and the only guy got laid was the had a customs in the Bahamas. No, you don't get Libya where things are there, but I want I want. Our generation went back to give this report here, so so I think, Harrison's description was very good right as far as I've. What I've been able to agree. From that area they references, but then what happened.
Organizer, so they people get there and they show up and then what happens. So they got there and discovered a bunch of disaster relief. Tents on a park lot essentially and no no musical Agnes. I love the firepower. Why are these guys here? Is the men of the area, fabulous nor other wonderful podcast as a beacon you'll find out that they are heroes till I honour for some achaeans yeah. But what in happening. Was they were actually endanger. The bahamian said actually put out hits on the organizers. Now I want any hadn't been paid. Are you there had been properly bribed to two or paid use the island. Well, though, all the way,
girls and with all local workers that we're like putting things together at some eighty Togo they took hits out on the organizers monumentally how well it turns out that turned out that slavery is actually also illegal in the Bahamas. So new and. So as we are still the first thing now, twenty seventeen is it now a thing: do they are there? Is there not? Why are we still talk about it? What we're talking about a mainly because of documentaries that came out, I think your buddy inside sequel, coming up the so actually the cot artists that organised all this, he actually had this idea for the elements Earth wind fire that like there would be a different one every few years on, based on a different, you know Greek, elements and it would be all very mysterious and all this kind of wit much much beyond.
The action they will now. Do you organize it as a con? Did he know that he was gonna, be ordered to turn out to be like the outer Stonehenge Concert and spinal tat? They think they're gonna get Stonehenge, put back a little thing and end the little person come out. I was it was it was scam from the beginning, or was it just a fly? Noble idea gone wrong, so he was different lying and using elements of scamming from the beginning. There is something curious, though, about the fact that the rubber had to meet the road eventually, so on some level he knew he needed to deliver something, and it just you have. The movie is really about, in many ways his flee from reality in his refusal to sort of look at reality and admit that, like this is gonna go about, there is even a part where a guy who had been to prison comes and talk to him about, like the repercussions of this
and you literally described what prison is like an billions. Alan says: I'm not gonna go there, so he just is defying and of the reality that he was facing on a certain level. Any thought the lying and everything would just kind of like work out in the world, which is like those like wiener. There were several points where he could jump would have jumped off this whole thing safely, but his response, which was out of the dark matter amorous one is was when he was warned that it we're running out of money and there's no, whether you could do it, he wrote it the health of its partners and said good Bro, You wouldn't be pigeons very right and writer
well. I've learned so much generational ambassador. Oh you're, welcome up first, that our culture around he walks around union station scribbling down names of scuffle restaurants and a stroll wrappers and placing them in his back pocket later he'll take one to see if it floats in water, a telltale sign of plastic. His name is Zack ripe, our Czech and he's disease straw narc on patrol warning restaurants. They will be fined. Eight hundred dollars for providing plastic straws come to lie. The Amazon pose spent a day on patrol the enforcer of disease plastic straw, ban, who naturally keeps a metal straw for his personal use in his backpack at secure her Japan, riper check, explain the new rules to a cashier as a man waiting for his lunch. Looked on in discussed quote what is this cow
for you now grumbled the customer who declined to give his name. All these laws are to spreading from California. Everything is getting taken away from US man. This is so stupid that DC homicides were up sixty four percent anywhere the priority. Of course, no, that's exactly right with you. Have the homicide going up. You have homelessness, vagrants, yeah, open air they owed, communities of homeless, LEO people, and yet what is DC make a priority. Enforcing the straw behave smiling This is police brutality in eight hundred dollars and just a very when you said that he has a metal struck who drinks from a metal peace on the massacre. They need to be answered alive Many lives are not well, and I'd like to quote you too, because that Equally, I love this guy there inside a solution which is colleagues in your right,
That is that setting, and that is what we have to go to our road. I Harrison well re use a metal sure, I'm gonna start now I'll, probably just got some in the poorest border to our south is my. Gas is: where does not help ultimately end up happening and I'll be carrying them around in my build the wall and straws will fall. I mean it is thoroughly repulsive the fishes dick. I mindset of the left. I read this call from the mayor of Dc Muriel Bouser, worse said she swore that she wanted to make using plan ex straws, disposable, placid trust in public socially unacceptable on the level of smuggling? No lady news, Flash smoking is frickin awesome you always look cool cigarette in aid. Situation and also operating with a green plastic straw out here.
Are you look? I know you do look cool when breaking out of a plastic straw. If you drive battle that cause, but total that's gonna you're going to have a new bad aboard. A people is increasing by more brutal man. We should have a free beacon. We should start selling replicator, always idea for stand. The store we caught up- a promo of innumerable man drinking a straw with this hold sway. Starbucks latte like this is going to be a new thing for the right, but I just thought like this is social shaming. This is fascists, and this is exactly how it works. You make it unacceptable to just live a normal life and in you could make everybody conform to
fantasy land in which you want to operate. Interest destroy people's lives at next. The Superbowl is on Sunday. Tom Brady will try to make history becoming oldest quarterback at the age of forty one to win seventeen years after he one is first championship and two thousand do when carried Gough was seven years old Goldfarb. He got France or patriots having the page researchers Gonoph demolish them? I mean the rams are not good. That's the Eagles beat em at the end of the year there, the saints should have Edam, as anybody you at the eyes in their head would have seen I'm just torn on the Tom Brady thing. I really am because on the one hand, Tom Brady is like he's he's America Well here we are again that's why every item is a cheap yeah. He cheats when he needs What you got, what you would you gotta do to win? Okay and any like he's any better
for a long time and has been getting at dawn, and I respect that. On the other hand, I hate the Boston sports fans and I stand them anymore and I want Buddhism. Mass exit out then I entreat you know all the little boy you smell, like elderly people, being Hamley makes me happy. So you know it's probably Ella people just spoke care how they don't have any fans. It's like, not even a real. Did you see the Great Wall Street Journal story about how the major use of the goat emergency is all tied Tom Brady right? whatever Brady as a game, the use it on Twitter of GOAT emerges like spike Not that I reckon I thought Caricom was the greatest of all tat. You missed the are you Mister Harrison Naga think MIKE is onto something for the gamblers out there. This is Brady's to lose now
caution everybody. The line. The line, I believe, is the bottom line, which I support. Sir look, I dont think its absurd, because if you look at the history, the patriots they always play, a close Superbowl like that their there except for last year, was as close to blow out as you could get and nothing was sold out. It was nine minutes or so so. Look, I think we're gonna have a close game. I think we're gonna have a high scoring game, but in terms of Brady, Brady is like one of these out, so it is beaten me into submission me. I went from light ahead even now. I like I went from being indifferent to hating the hype around him. He was kind of like a dirt eater trip or Jones in my life, where we're just like. I can't stand the hybrid just ridiculous to continue to beat my teams in the interim wholesale, but after while twenty years he's doing this, it has been winning any one that mega hat was in the locker. Only your mark. My words, are not going to say that that didn't have an effect on my on my outlook on Brady
anyway. I look for big day from from Tom. It's probably gonna, be when also always good, to see grog happy. I finally Mick Jagger is acts film producer nor our foller. Twenty three was spotted at dinner and allay with Clint Eastwood. Eighty eight following who, after dating Jagger seventy five, was linked to fifty seven year old, billionaire Nicholas brokering maybe said that wrong. My gotta have a type, but she insists her and Eastwood are just friends quote were not dating our fellow told daily mail. There is no relationship were family friends and my family was there and that's it. Eastward has been linked to girlfriend Christina Sandra thirty three years, his junior, and he has eight children split between six, where
men mad? He still got it clarifies. What is amazing, I think we should just Markham is like a historical monument of America. I saw this story and I just that the best part of the story was something we can't reproducing the radio, which was the image of him. Driving is twenty: three year old home, she was in the back seat and Clint was driving. And the expression on his face was like right at a grand Torino light. Clint squint you'd have issues, I don't wanna uber. Try. I love this man. It's a made, a lovely ever realise, AEGIS with the wrong Harrison. Well, I'm brought The funny thing I saw online this week was article on Birstall sports by the blogger large, where he just titled it the older the pickle
stronger, the juice of everyone working you clearly. This has nothing to do with theme or epic fortune. This is this is all about older dude. Still stand in the game. Still able to score the really the young tail, so you know props kudos, two guys like guys like Eastwood guys, like Mick Jagger, who I believe this is sloppy seconds for key fur for quaint maybe maybe five men, maybe sloppy AIDS third sounds like she's got around outsourcing archer. Ok, that's that's I've. We have heard today that this right right, I'd like to give special thanks, are produced around it, of course, are freebie. Guess that got money earned Harrison like Goldfarb and Paul Kristen. Remember finest! On Itunes, Google play in stature just search for free beacon. Please subscribe to your friends and legal policy review like listener. Ashley s who says it probably me
a little more goldfarb, though the people demand it till next time
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