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Russian Agents, Fast Food Feasts, and Woke Razors

2019-01-15 | 🔗
On the latest episode of the <em>Free Beacon </em>podcast, sponsored by Calm, the gang asks if Trump is a Russian agent, marvels at the feast he prepared for the Clemson Tigers, and shuddered at Gillette's play for wokeness.
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The programme that you're about to hear contains material that may be offensive to some listeners listener. Discretion is advised, go ahead, make my day low and welcome to write and writer the official podcast of the Washington Free Beacon sponsored by com. I'm your hosts Elizabeth Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS. W at be free, big impact gases available on Itunes, Google play and sticker. Please subscribed. Friends and leave a review joining me from the right today is free, beacon, editor in Chief Matthew, cotton Eddie, you may
Abraham from such mainstream media outlets, as the financial times in the Wall Street Journal involve him on Twitter at cut Natty Coloma our lives further to that's right is free, beacon, president and further fast food delivery. Guy Aaron Harrison now exactly sure does around the office be signs of checks in that's good enough for us whole Harrison from school. She Jacqueline is still Cashman, despite the follow up first on right and writer, thanks to The hum shall report by the failing near times the media has confirmed orders long believed Trump is a russian agent, or at least it confirmed that the FBI was run by complete liberal hacks, who was no evidence launch a counter intelligence investigation into the President of the United States? and lied to said, president about whether he was under investigation, so they could continue their wet dream. That Trump is a russian stooge. Of course, the times conveniently leaves out who started this investigation anymore, Cave and Peter struck.
Who Texas Lover, LISA Page even before Trump Fire coming quote. We need to open the case we ve been waiting on now, while Andy Mc Cave is acting. Page said in testimony to the house that Russia's goal was to quote: make western democracy more fractious met die and their allies in the media certainly have that cover. You know it's funny you some of the almost I think every single factory mentioned in that I was not in the New York Times p now, just all of a sudden o the FBI, openness investigation without getting into the actual circumstances and remember this is connected to the store
about rod russian state in the meeting saying. Oh, she wear a wire ran right when they were discussing investigating trump. I think Jack Goldsmith, no Trump fan was part of the law. Fair, blog and part cast a Brookings raises an excellent question, which is when, when did it become the FBI's responsibility to in it to decide? Who is a national who is If the president's foreign policy constitutes a national security threat or not right and theirs is larger thing going on here with a lot of the rush investigation, which is when we move from a legitimate astrogation into how Russia attempted to interfere with our elections and well they had any cooperation with figures in the trunk campaign to criminalization of policy difference- and I think in this case is not even the criminalization of a policy differences, the criminalization of it-
personnel difference and round head many reasons to fires coming, I always thought he should have done it before. I You know that the first day of his presidency and that he waited until may we had reasons to fire coming, but for the FBI. Leadership to take that as a sign of but centrally treason is to me evidence of a rogue agency Harrison yeah, it's a bomb, shelter poor, but not in the way he been here times, framed it what it is it it's a rebranding of the investigation. Because people many times as had been rebranded number one. A terrible brand begin with when their investigating collusion right. It's such aid and abstract and nobody really understands that they just know that there's an investigation going on, but the fact that the tuna four years later into this stupid thing, they have not read, produced any type of tangible results and that any of them
lookin, like really understand- and you know it starts to just kind of disappear- nobody cares anymore, because our board and sick of tired of hearing collusion clue inclusion without any actual hard proof. So what did they do now say that, like ok, let's three brand, this thing himself is the age so we have now ventured from from a fantasy land into actual trumpeter. And fiction here like we have to do. We have to get Trump into this whole villain mode, and we have to bring him- is the true villain because he's prudence puppet after all, so that Really what's going on here and, of course, the media, the York Times right into the hands of the haters out there that are in ministration. This is a deep state issue and when they say deep state try to tell me
convinced yourselves out there that there's no deep state after you see all their noise. I mean you have a handful of these, a total hacks of the FBI doing this, and this is the definition of what a rat hit on hidden, something very important. It's a criminal asean of of policy of conservative policy and- saw this. This is that this is exactly how the left operates. You see this without the war on free speech is currently going on. You see this you saw this in the Bush administration, where they wanted to define Trot Bush and chinese war criminals. So they're doing the same thing to trouble simply because they do not. They do not approve of his policy of tat kind. Just add, though, there's no real sign of this investigation that was opened up or became. It was attached to the Counter intelligence investigation of the trunk campaign
was ongoing that all folded into Robert Mueller's special council probe right when he was named two weeks after coming was fired. I dont detect much evidence from Mahler that this is a line of inquiry. He has pursued Not you know he had. He issued the written questions to Trump. I don't think he wrote in a written question. Are you a russian agent? You know I mean I frankly Maybe that is what the investigation should have been about from day one, because that actual about primarily announcement sewing saying these people literally thought that and the whole irony is the russian disinformation was nothing to do with Republicans. The disinformation they got from Hilary, the Dnc paying or that they launch this stupid thing into Trump to begin. The dossier mailed it anywhere
next. Meanwhile, the government shut down continues, as present trump is trying to pick off Democrat moderates and biting several to the White House to discuss border security. Tuesday Harrison if a government shuts down in the forest, but no one seems to notice, is it really shut down all. But what about all the starving, federal employees shove Jose Andres out their feeding today, because they haven't had a they haven't, had a hot meal and over three weeks so try Tellin YA, treachery those people, the nobles, the hurt here. He heard thousand people are out on the street starving. With no child are you taking the side of the government were listen, sometimes appears to play devils advocate because we here in the debate, but when you're in there and if they are broadcasting industry like I am, you need to be able to see the other side of the argument. So little present
side of the argument. Ok, tough, ok, you're you're sitting here and you don't want to build a five billion dollars. You only want to invest five billion dollars. Border security in this country is an asset and they call us down to the border and start building. The wall also want everybody knows tat. There is no money for look, and I- and I see I see this repeatedly- making use go fund which was given back to reach the goal. I see this have said this before. I say it again because it needs to be said and needs it. This is the point in these be hammered home. The Democrats have not moved one inch on the shutdown they have not given an additional dollar to the wall. We are asking for five billion dollars to drop in the ocean. We ve all talk about that before the fact.
The Democrats or continuing to say that this is trumps. Fault is just patently false. It is such a bad argument for them to make in a longer that this goes on them. The more show a greater share of the blame, the democratic going to take man. While the polls show that the public is signing Trump more blame, then they do. The congressional Democrats was fascinating to me, though, is the people who aren't being blamed, and that is congressional Republicans and I think the key figure in all this is Senate leader image, Mitch Mcconnell, who has totally just wait. He what you don't care, he's playing a chill. You know cocaine that she's thinking about it twenty twenty he's, probably catching up on some Netflix. Let them united, a very loud easier has. His is position, has been very simple: I'm not gonna bring a bill to the floor that that the president will sign ran, and there there is from my reporting talking the people around the Senate in the Senate. There is a complete
absence of pressure, while on Republican, what I look reopen the government and ignore Lindsey Graham is trying to do. Is good government thing you know if it's like he said at the opening of the M Agee hearing today's Well, there's there's immigration Lindsey. The Democrats like and then there's Trump Lindsey, that they're dead Heaven all Lindsey, really they that the Democrats hate, and so this Lindsey I've gone around say: oh, I hope they open up the government. Maybe we can get a deal. That's really kind of immigration was at his ease. Track is being a nice colleague, but from the majority of Republicans in the Senate they just they're. Not. Doing it all. They do worry a little bit about blanket categories: nations of federal employees as Democrats, because the truth is while most of the federal employees in the Washington Dc Metro area are liberal Democrats as our most of the people in Washington DC. Contrary you know, the federal government points
lot of people throughout the country, many in red states and many of them are kind of conservative people throughout the contractors. Him, of course, contractors get that they get the downstream effects of this year and they tend to be. But how can it both sides so that? Otherwise, though this is the most insane shut down ever the longest and also the most insane, because there's no pressure on anyone, a compromise finish easiest thing to the thoughts about that's the thing is yeah I've billion box that that is it so reopened. But told on it, but both bases its just a fish with a both base into your point yet easy to solve rationally, but when he have seventy per, Republican saying build the wall? Trump dont compromise, any have eighty percent of Democrats saying don't build the wall. Dont compromised Nancy Party in Puerto Rico, We gotta go to Sea Hamilton important what what
You gonna, do the governments not gonna open? What is it just near sightedness by policies? Leadership right here? This is something that could be solved variously cut the czech people forget about it We can presidential campaign with thirty five Democrats running for for the highest office in the land. I do want to get back to one thing that met mentioned about Mcconnell. Is that if you notice? What is that? What is the media? In the demo? party, how are the attacking Mcconnell in all of this there saying that? Oh well, hey Majority voted for a plan that didn't have the board the border security in it. So you're a hypocrite we'll show or something we're supposed to forget about the fact that that Schumann and in seventy five percent of the Democrats in the Senate actually were put were pleading for border wall that is the past. So I dont understand how that's breaking news, ok and also you what's it just wasn't like that. The issue in the previous spending got such a stupid argument to make, but hook line is
Could the mainstream media and their friends in the Democratic Party or all in on that argument up next President Trump posted the National College Football Champion, Clemson TIGERS to the White House Monday evening and in a glorious display, fed them their favorite, fast foods, Mcdonald's, Wendy's and Burger King dominoes, pizza to Trump may have never looked so presidential standing before a table with mountains of big macs. The cook american food trump paid for himself quote, because the Democrats refused to negotiate on border security, much of the resident staff, the White House, his furlough, so the president personally paying for the event to be catered with some of everyone's favorite fast food. So Zander said. Of course the media said the choice showed Trump is cheap and not because it is literally trumps favorite food to eat. Alas, he didn't
the headlines like say, President Obama and cheeseburgers a love story, Matt I'm getting caught Hungary, I figured you never want to food picture of, but this was put it very laws that photo, him in front of the table with me all the finery of the White House beautiful. Mcdonald, and when these I've never seen him happier, it was. It was an amazing moment and, of course, the players loved it yeah and there were no complaints, and I just I thought it was a nice. It was a nice nice moment in the midst of all the other craziness there wasn't there much hate actually well. Doktor was no hay design. Why can you hear anything ever since this was awesome and it was the one middle finger to the left in this country who, I guess they don't want? The frequency I didn't want the athletes to be at the White House in the first place. They that that's their posture really is that everybody should be all the eighth. Although sports teams, when a championship, get invited to the
White House should just tell trot prompt, go screw himself because yell resistance so they don't want him there. In the first place they gotta find something to criticism about now I know, but you guys, but I would call it once I happen to be nine eighteen, nineteen, twenty men, maybe even twenty one. At one point, I love my doubts. I will talk about. I love you. I love KFC Love Wendy's. They tat was the dream food to eat when you're in college. Now it's a dream food now. Well, I love Girls in we live in an area that you- and I are very reasons- health regiment. That's true, walkin around waiting at block at again, you wearing and learn the starting to show some results. There must say what I liked Accordingly, as as, as a former, incidentally athlete, I can tell you one thing that is in the modern college athlete there on very regimented diet. Ok they're, like a lotta, carrying like scientifically engineer to be us.
Cooper athletes, and that is what is going on the major division, one college football programme so again, this there haven't sneak out to get their favorite food at Mcdonald's, and when these right now crop is like listen guys, This is a time to celebrate. Let's eat whatever the hell we want for once in your life. They loved it and you saw Clemson quarterback Taylor Morn. Sometimes you this morning come out and say I had a great time. Can we combat next year winners? Do they celebrate after the championship not before we get to our pop culture, update its ten chicken with our sponsor com. A new year brings an opportunity reset and to establish new habits
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Some bachelor recasting today are good as the second episode, and there is no shortage of references to cottons virginity and how brave he is to talk about this issue. Publicly, the really beaten The head with a so called is not really a true Dryden. True virgin what makes you think I think called may avoid double voting system is too much theirs. Is that too much talk about? This are still too many beautiful women around I'm thinking this guy's been like, maybe cheating on video on on it the on his pledge. Maybe maybe right has now. He has not even a pledges like like Xilai waiting, so marriage is now just waiting to the right there. I thought you might want to wait till marriage, this others pretty. A joke on their Billy ignorance on and he was like, maybe you're, the first gay bachelor. Always there are you loud a joke about that? Doing so, will you there's a gay man now allow more easily
Ok, so we have the first group date, for this are always fun. It was an error online. They met with Nick offer men and Mega Malawi and they had to go. Stage in front of two hundred people and speak about the first time they did or felt something significant. Workers someone he exists. Why don't? I actually missed episode. Last night I had any of my normal. We cannot allow more time by you know, first sign that they fell in love or eat. Now, the first time, then the boldest was Demi, who a few remember her mothers, prison flower will now fan favorite great. She Jumping off the stage and kissing coltan ending her story with, and that's how I got the first group,
They rode react Hungarian. I gotta go home with them, but you gotta just volunteer. I appreciate the bull equipment gives the first impression rose to Elise, who told the audience that this is the first time a younger man, power, thirty one one, that's all the badger along the two. How old is he he's going to say? Oh he's, a young guy, I learn. Ok, I make sense. And why they're all like twenty and twenty one re rain so Hannah be a k, Miss Alabama chosen for the There's one on one day: they ride horses to a tub as one that's the hot. What's gonna Hata, they should change it up a bit.
Turns out she's pretty awkward. Conversation does not flow at all. How she get arose. She does not, she gets arose. She doesn't get a rose after that date. Interest she couldn't handle Worley to to Vienna. Give it usually. I thought, if you don't get arose on near one on one year: gone she's, probably hot enough words story like that they got a trim, Corn was even shocked. How awkward it was she couldn't come up with a toast, the champagne all she said was rolled It seemed like thou in any way. The second group day is a competition they competed in summer camp style games with the help of Billy Agnor and the winning team gets cocktail hour with Coltan Heather the winning team uses this opportunity that cut tell cold and that she is also a virgin and that she's never even been kissed. Woe she's trying hard to get a kiss from columbian I'll make it our first
but then the other side fail for women. Ruse buoy ignore again billions three like shouts at you you now, so proud of Y know. Before my know, our splicing, some Billy Agnor here gentlemen, any thoughts on Kara Sedgwick. I love her I do her at John Kerry Sedgwick. Oh my god, this is so gay. I can't take this. Will he was on the office? He has unfortunately he was in parliaments are getting confused, which Nick Nick offers, and often also but the partner. I wasn't NBC, show rain bachelors uneasy. So there's a weird kind of hybrid network thing going just maybe they're ABC Strain and bring it back It could be anyway, so dummy she's, because
the villain. Now it's not Catherine anywhere away. Catherine was the dj with the lips re, but she's, not she was pretty nor will the size of the woods the new villain doing she's. Just you know, classic taking hold in the way in the middle of people's conversations, he also gave him an over the shirt massage that people denial way once the wonders we also have the first. Twitter drama bachelor, some off camera drama. Other thirty one year old, contestant Tracy is in trouble for some tweets. She wrote and twenty times when she fat, shamed women and used the r word with our work. Like what, wow. I dont know if you'll ever survivors like what I do and I daily basis that one's hearing I leave
and that's the aim is to get one. I did MR goodwill and made maybe I'll it is on the dvr, but you were so thorough. I don't know if you don't know what else are we have more bachelor news? Are you on deck and Lauren blue? You got me hate weakened and mounting. Will there, but this is she's knocked up ray she is knocked up as you say that her grams only sorry rhetoric into her grandparents, the flower girl in the ring bear which is kind of a strange loading wedding. Better still going or it involves done. Finally, Chris Pratt proposed his girlfriend of seven months. Catherine Schwarzenegger he sat bent. Six figures on ring accordingly, I post, better? I wouldn't invasion like fifty, nor pictures so I was interested in this business. Arnold daughter, I had never seen her
She looks like a tank fully. Yes, she's, very areas, one who introduce them. She attends same churches Chris Pratt, so, oh, how lovely I saw Anna Ferris with common sense so happy for you both congratulation. That's nice, lovely story! Thank you. Seventy four, this much needed update the first pillar culture around the war on men continues and Gillette is joining the fray out with a new add that tackles toxic masculinity. The razor companies adsense enough with boys will be boys and asks. Is this? The best man can get? Is it we can't hide from it? It has been going on for far too long. We can't laugh it off. Making the same old SK uses Matt. It is true, if you don't shave with awoke razor you'll end up just like Harvey one scene. I just I have to note that my colleagues in Harrison is growing a beard.
Boy caught perhaps connected to your words, new, woke capital stance. Don't need an, and you know what the little Brenda called Barbara Shaw. Which will take care of any any unwanted body here that you have to be growing on your face or you're too, where every need shape so you don't want easy life. Gelatinous calorific opening police. Barbara Shaw has Barbarossa shaving cream never answer is well. I'm sure I don't know why. I'm a freak new response uncovered in here, there's big, big razors yeah. Don't touch Gillette I got this alternative in the other thing. Is you got this dollar shave company Club Company Arthur that's doing anything but serving up they are setting up. The most unwise adds right. So I see that's what they ve done. Well. Can I windfall I ask our culture expert question: do you think
Add appeals to any mail. In the end, the millennial, demographic, loud noise, honey and what Croatia sign on family. So who is this for that's what I'd sitting in order this is this is this is for twitter They learn is on its way to feminist so that they can buy it further significant ugly line by Brian either by a joy that this right is it anyway. Don't shave are trying to get women, customers writing to shoot. So July is now the razor is delayed, your late with. Do they have they? What's could be. I think it might be the same company Jerry ART in women razors, but either
You know women shouldn't shave right, that's what the feminist, how I'd want? Oh that's! What the crazy save all alike! Armpit thing! It's discuss three point: the I've never seen a jeweler shaving for women add, but I have seen a butcher hair was due to their ads for forever. You know they were the ones that, even though we were on toxic mescaline for a long time, but they have these hairless man with rules of good luck, you work, log fellows with next of photo The brown egg has broken Kiley generous record for most liked photo on Instagram the account World record egg sought to set the world record and ass for likes to beat Kiley Generous eighteen million. She received for announcing the birth of her daughter, Stormy, Webster last February, egg has officially Dunnet, proving the stupidity of social media that you can get forty one million people, the double tap on an egg Harrison Written writer should do this. I bet we get forty two million people to like a picture of little vodka off
fully Volga everyone on Instagram behold the internet may crash the cute. Overload right now. I can release it to the public that little Japanese grow retired. Well, ass. We trunks has nothing more than a little. I know there's not other baby with, like Elvis hair, that's out there are around so anyway, like Leap competition. I think this a baby foreshadowing of a car dashi in rebellion. Colleague Jenner Iraq, we was Kiley Re S, so that's Cardassians, that don't now and what we have here. We ve got a massive internet trolls. Basically, this was just a pic. Of an egg and they're out there to sell to show how stupid it is too obsessing over every move of the card actions like when one of their eggs hatches? Suddenly that twenty five million will let you show regular, stupid egg hasn't hatched yet, and let us be first, so cartoons have their kid.
I'm pretty sure glad happens are so many of them how I'd like? Well, they cut year, the kind yea. How else could you please bricklayer last mark from work Racist speech Before my time that you put that I you know, I think it's time for the sweet, meteor of death, just just saw this diary and you know that this story unfastening by the story, because this is what social media is just complete, mob behaviour, calling mentality of crowds. The tools we visited Fraud is a troll entertainment joint, like you're out, ailing you'll, know you'll, be lighting a picture of an egg or it's like a debate about bluer gold. Remember yawning ended. When I made my way down, you heard Jani or not something tat. Why has it- and I want you to think about this first- I was saying about this. I've been I've been reading old magazines, as I do from twenty years ago. My boy and the truth is
over the world is not changed, think is the world really change between two thousand and two thousand and eighteen in the same way that the world changed between one thousand nine hundred and thirty, and one thousand nine hundred and forty eight or one thousand nine hundred and fifty and one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight or one thousand nine hundred and sixty and 1970s great change and what what the hell have we been doing for the last generation. Minorities level that we can. Actually, I would imply, we ourselves no way so we ve been doing, then that's what they egg thing and I don't wanna offend a lot of our lives through the current occupant of the witness is all connected. That's it's all this. We have moved at all as a country twenty years in thinking about why that might be an interesting quest. Well, we ve made a lot of social progress, is what the lives or saying eggs Macao for an
date onwards right, that's the one thing that change is that some of the same sex marriage- that was the one thing I mean basically Palmer tombstone in Downright Anthony Kennedy changed the world. Yes, he didn't know now for an update on civilization, India, mine, distiller in Nashville, is trying to get keen was officially designated as a whiskey, crane, Derek Bell Founder of Corsair said he started looking at a whole lot of cranes that were coming out of sort of the health food movement. The green movement and settled on keen want none of the perceived health benefits, however, can withstand the distillation process and its distinctly earthy and nutty flavour quote: may not immediately register on the palate as whiskey and PR reports Matt the Trump Administration better, not approve this.
I've been trying to figure out what king lot is for the last five years. I think you're gonna say yet will write that I was the first challenge then you're like a where you going by. Where is it and what is it? Tastes it doesnt, taste HU? I gave no textures we're never and wires is being worse than our world are literally upon us yeah. I dont get another going to change the whisky nor they're trying to get it. Does You say order whiskey and you get king. Nobody wants that What's the aims that rejected Harrison? What your connections at the White House per person ironic! Now I dont even much Keaton what what is keenly It's a grain. Is it a green Stephanie Grain, it's like this. Rather health, Wholesale bang. It can cause But my problem is elected railway, been big for about ten years that man had scenario LE protein than rice is like
new tofu yeah. Ok, it's about our lives easier. You know? I don't know, I don't understand this type of stuff, but look. Maybe it does have benefits if you gave me if you can make booze out of this stuff, maybe Maybe it's all right! Look! I am not here to prejudge King Keen walk I've never had forced upon me. I mean look, maybe it's because I have something pretty much. The same thing every day, so I went from three hot dogs at lunch down to two hot dogs at luncheon. That's that's part of my and then stay and how they are going to take those matters. Much big macs, tuneful, efficient chocolate, not shake! That's trump! I used to do that. I would love to do that. I just don't have as genes yeah, don't have the superior really like some of us. Are you try harder for UK we try a little harder, but if eight, if it involves me you'll once I'm off of of clean, live in January once we get into February.
I would be halfway through restaurant, a summons, keener off. That's what dirty living get every begin. Yeah you're right under the dirty really living rest of the year, a packet of every month in dirty willing, well back that one one barbarically anyway, twenty twenty will act to clean linen, but we make far on clean, linen live in the dream. Super healthy pressure is down is down and out twenty nineteen is coming up. Unfortunately, some of its ivory upper days. This right writer, like to give special thanks, are producer. L before and, of course, are free beaten, Guess magic, gotten any errand Harrison instead, numeric remember funds on Itunes, Google play in stitches, just search for free beacon, please subscribed to their friends and leave a puzzle review like Listener Plan Opel who says yes, I am homer and enjoy the podcast until next time
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