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SOTU, Super Bowl Blues, and Dr. Ronny’s Return

2019-02-05 | 🔗
On the latest episode of the Free Beacon podcast, sponsored by Calm, the gang previews the State of the Union, waxes nostalgic for a time when Super Bowls weren't incredibly boring, and cheers the return to the White House of the unjustly maligned Dr. Ronny.
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low and welcome to write and writer the official package of the Washington Free Beacon sponsored by com. I'm your hosts Elizabeth Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W F, B, the free become pockets is available on Itunes. Google played stitches play subscribe to your friends and leave a review. Turning me from the right today is free beacon, editor in Chief Matthew, cotton Eddie. You may remember him from such mainstream think tanks. As the National Review Institute and the german Marshall Fund of the United States, you can follow him on Twitter at cut Nettie Glomax our lives and, furthermore, that's right is rebuking. President Aaron Harrison Decree aid of executive time, we're not exactly sure he does around the office basins of checks and that's good enough for us hello Harrison. Wasn't you answered your own question rose now. You know I never executive on all the time.
Do the programme today as the chairman of the free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, international man, a mystery and licence republican consultant. He always keeps our palaces line. Hogan far morning was up. First, unripened writer president trouble deliver his second state of the union address tonight where he is expected to call for unity, compromise on the border and town, an economy growing at its first rate and thirteen years, a faster rate of wage growth and nearly a decade and historic laws and unemployment trouble also reportedly announce a plan to stop transmission of HIV by twenty thirty Matt. I can't wait for the dams to come out in favour of HIV we'll see if they applaud that one guessing they will. That is the sole criminology of who applauds when the Yahoo Booze or who stands, and I don't think I've watched you stay
the union. In years you I tend to just follow the news coverage the next day. It's my least favoured speech, but it's also speech which, over the last two years beginning with this budget address and twenty seventeen trump excels at, and I he received favourable reviews both for that budget address answer the state of the union. Last year. I expected to do really well again tonight now and as a presidential, better than Trump Harrison raise modern day. President, I think you're gonna see a very modern day presidential addressed tonight, while some really stupid chatter online earlier today about whether this is gonna be twitter trump or whether this is gonna be teleprompter trial. We ve seen this before additive he's good at this and they hate the fact that he's good at this really care about readings, because everybody is all everybody's watching. All the networks will be carrying this, so there's no reason to pump this thing up. So what they're trying to do? Is it you're going to
dear people away they're, gonna, say it's gonna, be boring. They're going to say that you know nothing is, is really happening than what you know. They want controversy c in the after party, in the after show that everybody loves and about the state of the union, but you're, lucky mats, pretty much right here in the sense that we kind of know what's gonna, go on here like trumps, going to brag about the most successful economy? In? U S, history, we're going to brag about fact. There are more jobs in these countries in their I've ever been, but ever before, he's gonna brag about the fact that our enemies now fear us as opposed to not really taken seriously any more doing whatever the hell they want the world, and I think that I drop is going to make a very, very he's gonna remind p, that there's all this noise out there in the media, but what's really going on, is the fact that he is leading a very successful presidency a very successful country where a lot of winning and you're going to see if you're gonna see, I think, if you up ticks and they all approval numbers here, but there is one thing to watch: ok, let's go the rogues gallery, that is,
brought into the upper part of the chamber from the freaks. Focus of the namely a yo, see Rashid ITALY, but believe they're all basically bringing in the most disruptive protesters of the year. It's like their big reward for being crazy people, so I eggs back a? U. Why moment tonight from them, because that's what We do there, the directive resistors if they show up and are well behaved. I mean that's not really nasty woman, then if that's not really kind of an olive branch and then- and that is the question of how Trump or respond to that, hopefully with us you really elevated picking up scope are We were too. We were joking around yesterday and on email about whose, whose trump gonna bring and who's gonna up there with malaria- and you know I'd like to see him bring and maybe the head of the Cherokee nation. You know somebody
somebody like that you know maybe Willie Brown, I thought would be a good idea, but you know We know that they're gonna bring in a bunch of lunatics. I'm in a trump has a knack for this. He did at the debate against sailor. You brought all the women the Bill Clinton at raped. Have it so either you, I don't think they're like in a beat him in a race to the bottom on like who you could show who can bring into the state of the union. Some I'm lookin out to see who's got in the box of their I'd like seen examined in there. Yes advocate why it's absolutely list is very good. I mean he's got we already seen it. Yeah he's got people from the tree of life synagogue. He skies people survive by illegal and more traditional. No he's also got the six greater Joshua Trump resources both have to have a trial that their name. That would be interested to see their response to Josh hurried up next, it's Tuesday and races Ralph nor them a Democrat, is still governor of Virginia
them is busy out searching for the real medical students who wore black face in a KKK outfit that appeared on his yearbook, page, which he said was him then said couldn't be him because he remembers the other time here, black face all too well. Everyone knows shoe. Polish is really hard to get off. North them is said to be Wang. His options, after virtually every politician in the country, has called for his resignation but lieutenant governor just and fair, fax bases sexual assault allegations of his own, but Harrison. From one's cod, Haiti and s whole country he's the real racist. Well, according to the lame streamers. According to the domain rats they always make it about have looked. The fact is, the Democratic Party is that a party of the racist and rapists in this country. Where's again it in all in, and I assume some very finally get there, maybe one or two I have yet to meet one body
I assume that there might be one or two and now this is is an amazing aloud. I think this is the most. As the roll out of a twenty twenty democratic presidential contender, thus far talk about Jackie than mainstream media narrative over the past two hundred hours. It's real We been an impressive roll out. The fact that he is teamed up with his lieutenant governor dominate the new cycle. Where these patents, you pint right. Let me note of this and the meat people have brought it was. It was something I mean do you now. One of my fashion, colleagues, FAT Montoya. He was more offended by the fact that he was wearing white after Labour day. That's how we part right. So you don't we got there. Are I gotta go to fab this style point? He knows you look. You know that fact hours the summer. Hoodie knows where yes,
only offensive. Now I mean just an amazing defence by north them here this is, I mean this is basically saying: look, I didn't do it, but if I can't do it, I didn't do it. Ok God, for God, help us all if they ve got the Michael Jackson reacting to well, that's what he had to get out in front of more pictures that he's behind like there's a video so mean it's! It's great Think that like right now, this is what I hope he does not resign We need him to stay there. This is the them the honest, democratic. Already that we ve all convey our laws. Here he can't go anywhere. There is no reason why these idiots that are talking about impeaching inwardly, impeaching for taking an obscene photo from thirty years. No, that's I'm sorry guys. It's not a crime! Ok, uniform peach him
something illegal you can't just impeaching, because maybe like only hailing like abies after their canopy him for being the greatest governor ever great anchor around the neck of the democratic field, going forward into twenty twenty. I love it. Dont resigned governor states to you after the new year trump, We did something like sit back and enjoy the ride. Definitely what I've been doing since Friday, so nice to have a say. Those occur in the other party. I so I've been watching with a smile on my face. Is the Democratic Party of Virginia Self emulates? I dont think north them is going to resign. I said that on Friday in he hasn't really done anything. Suggest I'm wrong the always could eat. He has no support he's here, other than other than the means other than the Democratic Base Virginia, which, according to its previous, still telling ordered him, and he can.
To that- and you know- and I saw today to a fox- had a report from outside the governors mention in the report or said well. This is the first morning since Friday, Orson Saturday morning when there were no power testers outside some you know, nor can it be attention span. I mean it's nearly north them scandal is that that is this, what has failed? other democratic values, and what's the kid what's funny is that the allegations against Fairfax could actually be? and more damaging than actually criminal, because because it is an allegation of sexual assault in its put the National Democratic Party in a very pretzel like position, because, of course, and Christine Blasi Ford may, the accusation against Cavanaugh. They were like, we believe her. We don't need evidence, we don't corroborate
shouldn't we believe we can run the stories above figure the Washington Post, just think about the national Democrats, cursed Angela Brand Maisie Corona. We believe her. It doesn't matter that there is no corroboree corroborating evidence and now or whether they believe, this woman accusing just and fairfax of sexual assault right there. Hired. Apparently, the same lawyers has as Sector Ford military for Cavanaugh crisis. But for real this time it took to Democrats like actually commit crimes which Cavanaugh had been personally accused of and
and so you got you got the yearbook like an actual yearbook, crime rate with north them. Wait, wait right, not just the picture. Also, the Coon man nickname rather human rights, a little bit where's with another enough you'd have to ask them why they gave him a nickname. I mean he doesn't know, I'd, ask them and then, and then, with with the lieutenant governor this guy, you know he puts them in a possible pollution if, if he's forced out and north them gets to stay, you know that's great. You know that but It's like mats and like they're in part. The cabinet thing set this thing up, so perfectly Fairfax Fairfax admit to being in the hotel room, but where does not have the habit? I advocate haven't around the very beginning, since he is totally false fairfax, oh? No, something happened, just not the way she said, and he sees this guy's, not that smart. The way he is moved around this thing, sort of finger the governor, for it. Failure
rival to the rival, saying the washed imposed had red flags, like he's mishandled to fifty five, a M statement yeah. What in response to a pot of Bigley Politics story is the first sign this afternoon and others something there's something going there. Certainly something wrong with his damage. Control Can we poor one out for the Washington Post credibility? Yet again they would have bird dog any rumour from Cavanaugh Third great Adolf classmate. They did and they ran with IRAN front Page NEWS and CNN and MSNBC would paradise for twenty four hours until the next random random encounter that That said, I had thirty plus years ago and like yours, here we go, they buried it because they didn't think the story held water, but they thought all the cat
It was like up the poor like what's run with the next statue. Ronnie is back as President Trump has appointed. The former way has Doc rear Admiral Ronnie John Jackson to serve as a system to the president and chief medical adviser, Doktor Ronnie is also upper promotion to receive a second star. Despite a witch hunt started by John Tester that derailed his vs Secretary nomination because he gave Obama officials Ambien Matt, Anyone deserve a provoke promotion warrant and screwed. I love shall Giovanni always have I use a great public manner. I think is very rare, performed admirably drew his briefing I as an eleven president's next check up as some time this week. So we might moving on. I mean currency, the podium by doktor on it. I'm looking for a bed not find the president can have learned TAT. I love is the media safe?
Is it a trump valuing loyalty? Above all things? Why wonder why? When some snake at the White House leaked what what was it months of Fremont three months ago, three months worth of private schedule? Oh, why should President Trump mistrust the people around here? Am, I I think that is an all out together, that's a pretty good reason and on just as an aside on the executive time controversy. What are these people why they want to do more re? That's I thought was still there? No, I thought he was destroying the country. They want him. You know at the desk you honestly what business is it of anybody's ammunition can executive time, it's kind of a broad scale like what they called a dull ass, a fine time. Wouldn't, let me ask you knows you knows a wormhole like, like though he does. Sleep he's always up he's, always making cause like it. But what is this excuse or another Chiujio being lazy or something I don't understand probably because there's nothing in there. That's bad about the schedules. I mean. You know we sort of loose perspective on all the stuff
I have to have to say with the with the current bees those which going on the internal investigation and the bees, those organizational leaked where there are looking for the weaker of the Tec. Sweden salacious tax with his bewildered? with his master S lover, whatever you know Looking so bad, like ok, everybody's got leaks. You know basis, you know, is the king of the universe, he's got leaks, he's got you know, investing She was running while he's got. You know sex Latina lovers. All over the place is like As you know, this is this. This is the people around the country I wonder where in such great could be. Worse could always be worse if this debate in the union's strong has before it gets. You are pop culture at the summit check in with our sponsor
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lake words on fire with was that as show where he had to eat all the other naked and afraid Bahia figure factor. That's it. Thank you. Sonny. They're, always eating bugs and stuff. I want to watch this yeah, so they go on this gross wilderness exploring day they I've been teams for some competition and one group out shines the rest. The goal was to bring home food and water and figure out how to survive in the wilderness. Other oil, the slugs and bugs, and stepping up natural yeah, packing up stream, water and then other resourceful, but one reason or cultural Really I hear you guys are judging the jungle hard. One team worm shined above the rest. Today, Hopton a little trolley went back to their hotel, gathered up room service like shit, painting, cheeseburgers and brought it back to the jungle
when the confidence they were definitely the Basque. Rarely that was that was the girl with the moment prison in one of the beauty pageant idea to hand. I see their great yeah she's. Go ahead of forage for her own food, with her mom in prison for a while. So she knows how to get it for good So I am, I say, not the most exciting episode. My biggest question was: what was that with the check with the Bay data on her chin clean, never addressed it. She had this year. I think it was a bad pimple that she just didn't want to address. That issue is where you thought, so HU, I never! She did tweet somebody. Somebody asked what it was and said. I think it's just a band aid on her chance to get people to talk about our on Twitter and yeah. I guess I had never seen her before enlarging the scope for weeks that every travelling collar,
maybe later when we talk about the fact, the bachelors. Basically over this point, Cassie, not this Cassie, not our pop culture, expert, Cassie, sure lastly on the bachelor is running away with this coltan, is in love with her like that the most. I don't think I've seen the history, the bachelor, a more obvious love connection between the two of them. I mean our frolicking in the ocean. They had their own the one on own private island there, just a hot and heavy break. Urgent, your drawing back. Do you now is a growing his eyes at these other checks and the ones that come over to women complain about the other ones. Are there any websites beyond their terrorists? Yet this thing is oversized. Skype is rising. I think that's. Why don't you go I'm in search yeah, that's her! I think she's pretty funny said
up anyway, so yeah there was no rose ceremony either there is really gotta continued. The various more girl drama is still not scale has attempted to. Since we ve been they'd been advertising. This whole season, icons, gonna, run and jump over offence to escape, like the girls, are the produce, there's something incorrectly. Every episode is clearly going to be the best part when he gives every episode and my character. Let's go, let's hear ups football boy, but he looked like freakin spider man when he didn't do it. I was in the universe. Tat was to present practice squad what else very poor Geller Wrapper twenty one savage has then never buy? I never heard of this kind so that this deadline came. All I know is that he has a tattoo of a dagger. Spain, not only are there was a tell tale Cyber Amis thirteen. What is going on with the new wrappers right? You gotta have a face tat you like, if your car,
it's not rabbies. Tattoo Post Malone face Tattoo six. Nine Speight Face TAT: every single one of these dude, has all the kids get its them. There was little pop more faced by Morpheus so yeah use parody, apparently, is british, which I listen to one of his songs and do not here for acts in his verandah. That's all you able to elude the authorities, but his arrest got Demi Lovato of twitter she'd tweeted on Sunday night that her favorite part of the Superbowl, the seeing the Means roller right and then everybody swords calling out for overdosing and bullying her, and so she is now off of twitter, soil and understood there. So like abolish. I said they should can't jovial. What's the connection between these two, so she tweeted on.
Day. How funny it was that people were posting all these means about himself. It was worth it was more amusing than the Superbowl we had somehow. I knew he was already started, but Harry S leave your twitter because of all the age she got for, saying something very benign at it. Anyways the sky Chirac concerned I'm not that worried about it either way so you got hilltop has tabled a signal now ice doing their job. It's good! I what else going at Pouch rose wellness brand goop is now getting a Netflix show and a Delta airlines. Partnership Netflix is really gone downhill, so Gwen Obama, now this crap yeah, so she's famous for her medical advice and shopping recommendations, and even though she is coming
fire from some health doctors that the health of disasters that healthcare, doktor experts and loss of her advice, I will hold some of your more exciting. It relies for women. I want to meet these sick doctors where were you know, they went to Eastern Virginia Metaphysical, you get these sector and others a directory of em down there, as noted advice, that, though, is she recommends. And burn their brows during the full moon? to empower landmark really likes that empower themselves and that you called it under a manifesto cleaning ritual sir, is set this company's worth a lot of money. Is I didn't tell you is like a test of the algorithm if they serve this show up to me, I will actually have doubts about all this Netflix, but if I never see it
to be really impressed had ran right. Have you been recommended or appointed to I watched everyone goes before. I watch the show on time that John Ports recommended and now is a big mistake and like about my algorithm re, my finnish gas are getting at you, don't insult or audio No, I'm not. I lit his recommendation. It was a mistake in that instance, but I listened, I gotta admit. In the Harrison Household there has been a citing of a one of petrol cookbook in our new found, healthy living new life, The new year rise dry January start saying it appeared out of the out of thin air. So I don't know what it has. As a clause into me already, have you found any psychic vampire repellent to cleanse your or
in your bathroom cabinet tat, sounds like a lousy than on. Did that to as or about my favorite is a fifty five dollar stone that women should stick inside of themselves. Well, it's made of rose courts. It's good for you saw cash man there. This is how you make a billion dollars. Witchcraft renew, can't you can use this much needed update up first and our culture around. Just as right and writer predicted Tom Brady and trumps favorite team, the New England Patriots defeated the allay rams at a thrilling thirteen to three victory on Sunday, giving Brady his six that ring. However, the Superbowl was the lowest rated in a decade. Matt is this proof that the american people can get tired of winning, but I got tired of a boring day and this was the lowest scoring
I warned you every Ized happens to be one of the lowest rate it. If not the lowest rate. Is your browsing history I moved. There is a correlation. Ironically, if patched MA homes had been in the super bowl, I think the ratings and did the excitement level would have been increased, but he's not the goat, Tom Brady is and in the patriots got another now this does present Tom Brady with a tough decision. However, nice, because he like the team, will be invited to the White House. Now he seized a medical or family reasons to get out. Of twenty seventeen when they had the wonderful come back against it when falcons and then was able to skate last year. Yet there because they lost the Philadelphia Eagle Eye Eagles fly, I dont think I I don't think Brady can say no twice How do you know someone who could have been his father in law? Exactly probably the only big MAC Tom Brady each
the course of the year. I think right here. I think TB dwell the whole. The whole mess method allows you, maybe one she day per year, site and celebrate super bowl with a tasty big MAC and maybe a side of a whopper, an extra large fries. Looking forward to that, I think pretty does show up as we draw your attention to the most recent free beacon, I'd rather podcast, where I predicted the Patriots one. Thank you very much for others. You really went out on a limb and without all the people, the people it made millions and millions of dollars. You welcome. Look my big take away here, because this game did suck entirely front the parish report breathing was born. Well, Earthenwares, copycat commercial up at the bug night commercial, where thrown Vienna fell. One hundred emerged within the two, but ok So I want to talk about the freakin half time show, which was a disgrace, that this is what you get? This is what woke life. This is what social justice warriors gets. You we let them dictate entertainment. For the rest,
the country you get stayed chick rock and bore performances that do not offend anybody. It it was a. It was a room but your glass of milk is how I would describe this performance. You got Adam Levice, no nectar too goals: tattoos, that would arable that offended then says not a funny to tweet about the fact is the dude can't sing without an hour. Otto too I gotta that was, that is what their sites are gnawing sought. It look talked about ideas. We do know you how you did it a couple, even light. Look here, a couple token wrappers come out there and they all got. We have the time you know you would have on our part? So let it go. Look that just let art be are like shut up with the social justice. Crap quit just quit stiff
the parameters of what's acceptable and what's nazi money flow. Is this just a problem with the superbowl half time show as John, when was the last good, JANET Jackson I was a J T and yet today and that I shall lady God. Maybe when she lay jumped off the Kay yeah NOS one, Katy Parian, EVA Allen, flew across the sky. Right wasn't, I hated carry a few years ago, but you know why you're way out on has giant like elephant. Has Taylor Swift, someone No, but you don't need a victorious in Ireland death. It was very good We should do next year's yeah, but the fact is that wasn't a celebrity boycott of those ones like there was this year. This year they had all the erasure S, lap, reigners, yeah, Did you say hours of without? Was there any protest that, after I'm, no guy there without being hyped, as though Levice might taken me of course, did not.
Yet there are now only there's a caviling London Gladys night would take a need, wring her surrender of nationals of those shared riding out Gladys his age. You can't really taken me cause. You need some support to get. You know it's hard right up. Next, a man wants to see his parents were giving birth to him without his consent. As part of the anti NATO s movement that says having children is morally wrong. Twenty seven year old, Rafale Samuel from him by says he had a great relationship with his parents but believes it is wrong to put an unwilling child through life for the pleasure of its parents, comparing having children to kidnapping and slavery, Samuel Post pictures of himself wearing a fake beard on Facebook. Captain, a good parent puts the child above its once and needs, but the child itself is a one.
Of the parent Goldfarb. What makes you think this this happen in America now Ivy League in Mumbai or something yeah? That's that's an interesting theory. I mean look on a good day being upset. It is like a kidnapping and in our debate Day, the kidnapping of the pair, yet that some say it is like a good day you're in charge. You know you got to get the kid blind, you haven't they tied up in and on a bad day. It's not right now. Is it places on the other? I dont understand that believe about three minutes of pleasure. Thirty years of torture and not following up with that got. I got another scared good for him out like these other countries. They they want
their own rules go forward, hope he gets emancipated next rich people keep destroying their art with champagne, corks and cereal. According to a report in the guardian, Pandora, mattered, Liese and Oxford. Educated art historian is teaching billionaires how to take care of their priceless art on their megawatts after he was tasked with restoring a Jean Michel Basque, he ah painting that was damage not by sea spray, but by breakfast cereal quote his kids, a throne, their cornflakes added over breakfast on his yacht because they thought it was scary. The historian said the painting is worth a hundred and ten and a half million dollars on another vessel Super Yacht, an impromptu party in the quarters in the owners quarters and a champagne corks struck. The canvas of a multi million dollar work. Matt is ABC right or billionaires.
Moreover, it it's hard to. Was the stories like this and think that there's something wrong with concern? Conspicuous consumption like you see with the super super rich, but they want to waste their money on a basque grandparents right, it's an actual re arable ass, their right. So you know how reserve judgment I'll get outraged when it's like. You know a good painting that people are damaging the champagne in Syria now, but this is a real problem here. The kids were right in this case. Throw this Ariel at it. While who could tell her back it's like splashing, something on a Jackson Pollock? Would you would you be able to notice? Maybe maybe that's the last secret here is that you allow people to add their own interpretation, their own contribution to the painting as it gets passed down from July, that arise, should the artwork cease with the artist who gives the artist. To say that the our work is done, but just like the previous story, you gotta have consent right, and this is why I hung
the painting of Vigo, the car Pythian above my child, I do not know if they get scared, though it's like don't matter might unless the art don't touch the art people apposite to revisit. That second signal, the other very obviously arriving strategy areas, something that you're telling tales of haunted paintings that you have hanging around your house. That will keep it no way from with Vigo staring young. You guys that he doesn't waking up every night screaming when we do another like what's actually that will do a psychological episode one day where I kind of like maybe take some therapy in. I will devote the story of how my father told me about what a painting in our house that it was a painting
Apart from that, coming from the European right, I got triggered vampire spray. The groups was forgotten, but don't forget this stone at home, if only on force, that's a hot with without for today's distant right, writer. I'd like to give special thanks are producer. L before, of course, every beaten guess, that's got Nettie Erin Harrison like gold, borrowing, Cassie sure, remember finest, on Itunes, Google play in stature just search for free beacon. Please subscribe tell your friends and we re positive review like Listener Brent Cochrane, one. Who says love the pod. But when do we get a guest appearance from bill? Nick Morris, I mean you. Let sunny speaks of the bar a law
until next time. The Kaminski one was that the community method, her.
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