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The Hof, Mansize Tissues, and Unwanted Kisses

2018-10-19 | 🔗
On this nice episode of the <em>Free Beacon </em>podcast, the gang discusses a dead Nevada pimp who is still favored to win a seat in the state legislature, the demise of mansize tissues, and Kristen Bell's problem with Disney movies.
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hello, and welcome to write and writer the official podcast, the Washington Free Beacon. I'm your host was with Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W F, B, free beacon, pot gases available on Itunes, Google play and sticker. Please subscribe tell your friends and leave a review during to me from the right today. Is the editor in chief of the free Beacon, Mattie cotton Eddie. You may remember him from such mainstream media shows as America's newsroom and an purist talk of the nation can follow him on twitter at continuity. Club math, glues, further to match right is free, beacon, president and second in line to the love Ranch Empire, an Harrison not exactly.
Does around the office basins, checks and that's good enough for us, hello, Harrison area from frequent flyer disco, but I've got over their. Concerning till it's like me, it's like any ever seen up in the air with George Clooney, when you hit ten million miles very similar your answer. Secondly, Lamar Odom: I was supposed to meet the dense, didn't quite get the orbit favoured the later in the show where we'll get to ever. Turning to the programme as the chairman of the free Beacon, Michael Gulf, our international man, a mystery and licence republican consultant, he always keeps a penniless line. Helical far below is a first on right writer following his meetings with the saudi and turkish government, secretaries sate MIKE Pale, so the United States is calling for
the thorough investigation in a timely fashion into the disappearance of Jamal could show guy. There are lots of stories out there about what happened and I'm going to allow the process to move forward and allow the facts on board and as an fold, we will make a determination, verse selves about what happened there, based on the facts that are presented, pompiers set sounds sensible man what's going on here. I don't know I've stopped paying attention. We too, I I don't understand if you were a Democrat running for Congress and you look up at the news with nineteen days as we record this to go before this most important of mid terms, and the only thing you see is Jamal Cash Oki, who was here on a tour rest visa and with went into is a saudi insider and has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood here, and we don't know where he is in the Bin Laden and bit yeah and
by the way in the solemn on family and the kings family in an oh, so he disappeared. If you're Democrat running for Congress, who at one Why is it, then that ties to the Washington Post, but we would like there to be so yeah the Amazon Post at its. You, and why is this on the news? Should it be about something bad Trump is done: or something always come about my race and yet the I believe this is an echo chamber story. I really do I think it's the same Ababa ECHO chamber that gave us see around deal that gave us the russian collusion. Narrative is now shifting in a high gear to create a crisis in the. U S saudi relations via the media over this disappeared guy right now, even really fair to close a journalist mute
in journalism. He wrote columns but he's like a power player unease and acted as an activist he's an elegant. We might be involved in intelligence. We just you know when you hear the CNN headline in his like wash imposed, journalists disappeared in turkish consulate You like, oh, my God, George. Will you know what that means hovering at daylight hours. They Orange will enter the turkish consulate in an often but anyway, I'm just throwing at my hands ray. I'm could show Guida these earth doesn't happen all the time every night. No, I get the outrage. Yeah Putin, often people left and right We had the Saudis not yet but listen. I've been the for such a policy of situate, ritualistic murder of a heretic was for a very long time, but you know listen. I
as an external event. I dont. Really. I get the outrage because, if you look at you guys we're alluding to the biggest story in the media is always the media itself. They can't get out of their own ways there obsessed with this ended also. They think it can make trump look bad. My creator an international crisis river. There is attacking him for creating an international crisis. This literally the media attempting to create an international crisis ass though it promised here. No, it gives you a hacker letting you can drop this up a few different, As you know, on the one hand the media is, is gonna, go to battle, their own. That's always the case. You can kill half a million Syrians but kill one washed imposed contributor and oh no end of the world too. I don't blame the post. Forget the bad for their guy in their obviously driving this. To some extent, and like I don't really have you know, that's of course they gotta do.
I think I'm very sorry old varied only you know we would probably make, and I were protests very lightly. Raising we would take a day off, but I would like the President trump if someone said that could have been killed, table. That's not rush to judge gotta. Your best is good. I get the facts first, but the other thing is: I'm you know this guy. This guy is, is it is a dissident over there? I guess for the moment, but he's he's got ties to all these different things and the one thing everybody wants to do here is they wanna Jared cushion her right so, regardless of who this guy is, I think a lot of people see an opportunity to twist. The knife in jarred he's been connected them be asked, is how to cultivate a decline. Relationship who is sort of Bin. The Saudi whisper in this and ministries, and now really says so. The aryan manuals brother Aroma Manuals Brother Army. They leak that they ve called
arid and yelled the Jarrett any really poppies Lidded Jared, because he took four hundred. We then saudi money and then discovered the Saudis are not on the up and up- and that's like somehow generates me lights, the chop people's hands off for pick pocketing. This is, They re, but we ve known about Saudi Arabia. Eighty years F, the are established this alliance, the house's sowed cause. You need the oil and you have a forward operating based space and we have created other allies with the Emirates in and with the four time we were doing with cut or were not really doing that anymore, but still it still the centre piece of a mess. Chickens, involvement in the Middle EAST really got an orderly echo chambers. Right now at your chamber was ran, and so this is also for them a chance to try and rid of that, so eventually will be forced to make nice with IRAN. What I do think that, like we, do, need to try to get the media to get a little bit more focused here like what do they want to stay?
actually do look. I did a lot more persuasive if they were advocating for all out war or start. Maybe some drones I call on the royal family. Thing happened, you I'd be on board. He can you tell me because I dont like these one foot in one for solutions. I am like you're, either all in or who gives you, but if we're all go they say it media. We could finally take the oil wily like you and I will be the price of gas, would get out of gas supply
I do love. Lindsey grandma was like eight just pick. Somebody else is a lotta there's gotta lotta princes just pick another one. Parent at night said another caravan. Thousands of illegal immigrants are heading for the border. Present tribe is upping his threat sang. You will cut off USA to Honduras, Guatemalan El Salvador, who are doing little to stop this large flow of people, including many criminal from entering Mexico. To U S, I must in the strongest terms as Mexico to stop this onslaught. If unable to do so, I will call up the: U S military enclose, our southern border trumps said go far, but will he finally listen to write and writer and drove the sucker? I mean this could be a really spectacular conflagration in advance of the mid terms. He won the last fight the can last caravan fight. You know, I don't know, I think it would be
Well knows without what happens at these things, but if he does deploy the military use. My question you, you can't really do a pre emptive strike on a caravan. Can you like, when their over on that side of the border, but once there in this We are drawing. We have drones annoyance before whether or not forget like that they have to be on the border in a clear and imminent threat. I'm just curious what the legal dynamic is there not a map? well remember with their earlier caravan. Of course, dissipated over time by the time it finally reached the border entry points near San Diego. It had kind of whittled down from its initial high numbers, like organ trade,
they all diet of dysentery. Here's what you know where they end up in Mexico or they go home, and that is the issue is, I don't even think it's. The governments to governments are basically incapable down there. I mean our government, isn't that capable and where the United States of America imagine if you're the government of Guatemala, you know the issue. Is these Ngos which are organizing it right? That's who you have to go after you have to stop somehow these Ngos from creating again creating crises, not trump, creating these crises. It sees outside forces like big. U S, media or like that, these Ngos we give them a target them. I think, because they are, they want to force this issue as Goldfarb says, though they don't understand the consequences of forcing issue and then is
again if you're, a Democrat running for Congress. You go from weeks of where, in the world to Jamaica Shaggy to the final seven days, CNN cameras following the caravan live as we approach the southern border and your opponent is saying that you are going to vote for policies plan to abolish ice, You got a rude if she for ya, so at once again, the left is always overplaying attend. I, like your Victor Orban, focused approach on the Ngos, though I think that's. I learned from the best take the lessons of what works overseas and bring it here. Care. Next, won't you wanna go. Excuse idea. We rely renouncing in your letter. Thing did comment about yeah, where you wanted. The drill The go I'll leave, Harrison. Elaborating I or my boy, button? Bright went back and let his employer last time we talked about this and you slipped in alone, about mass execution was in Missouri like see
look. It's I'm really running any of us even notice. When workers living go all Matt Rat touched on this but I want to elaborate on the lips need to be is far away from the prescription for red waves. Sassin twenty eight team possible vitamin jet writers the eye. This is immigration, they just keep self emulating. They are bringing more violent into the end of the argument. If we are talking about veterans emigrations, taxes are judges that then the Lib are losing those not conversations they want to be having hell. They should they think that they're going to win, this, because I honestly think that this could be like that. Their version of a doktor Bruce surprise. I think you're gonna be orchestrating riots. What these people they're gonna, be all straining attacks so that they can credibly trump and that all these are just extremists coming in there
starting starting fights with these poor immigrants who are just now being beaten to death or whatever I want a crisis. They want a crisis at the border. The problem is the crisis at the border only reinforces the iron Jane. It reinforces the fact that Donald Trump has the stronger position on illegal immigration. Bilbil wall, necks and a sign of the unstoppable red Wave same Nevada brothel owner Dennis Hop is expected to win his election for state Assembly where he was running as approach front Republican, despite dying yesterday, hairs I know this news is hitting you hard, but doesn't show that Dick last twenty eight ten will not be denied. It will not be denied, it will not be refused, and let me tell you something in history in this country. It is proven that the best October surprise is dying because we have or carry out no corner hand. In other words, the two thousand and two almost have dollar two thousand. He died in.
On if the Democrats and hold a in seeing political rally after the death of Paul well Stone in two thousand to in Minnesota. They probably what a one like this is. This is the fitting the most fitting tribute that any Nevadas can do. This vote for Dennis have twenty eighteen Dino Heller, so, let's at that goes without saying where'd you get that for one special at the bunny ran deeds. You're, not that's worth that's where we should be celebrating election I do also funded befitting that that the man who discovered the body happy Paternal did Jeremy himself. I didn't I I have not had a pleasure. I I'm not kidding. I have not had the pleasure of meeting MR half before he perished. My have, in fact, have the pleasure of meeting RON Jeremy. I can tell you that he is one heck of an individual.
And I want him to find your dead body honestly. I therefore half well maybe not mine, because I hope that I'll live Mr Jeremy, but I would say that for Dennis, like there's no better way to go, Like you know, that's that was very loud. I don't worry about that road. Epic birthday party, Grover, Cleveland levels. Hang on, hang out of order. Grover was in the railways and the party he was at the party. It was a hell of a short story. Has it all went on top and happy Does anyone know an add on that gun, bearskin road covered it up? Packets, typewriter pop culture, update the Natalie jobs nor Natalie alone. When he got for us, we have another cardy, be update. She went off on paparazzi yesterday in a nearly our long. Instagram live video, accusing them of stocking her to get a photo.
Her three month old culture. Her that's heard the name of her aid I or all name as culture with a cat right had people need to understand that her daughter is mad beautiful, but there's a lot of psychotic people that don't like her. So she wants to protect the cultural identity and release the medium she's ready. Culture with the k, the communist regime after Tnc published photos of Corti, taking pictures of culture and a two two on a balcony in Miami. She said she received death threats directed at cultures, culture after the photos, surface the balcony was this like Michael Jackson, situation and now she was not holding the baby of local either to take a picture on the balcony. Ok, what's wrong, vat on dementia
a bad men. She she went on to blame social media gothic blogs for making celebrities, go crazy, turned to drugs and die Norway with them. Quite the right. Ok, I'm sorry, MR yeah, I do foller on its terms. She's. You didn't write I arrived guided, not what else we have our faith, Gallina Dunham, her feminist website Lenny Letter is shutting down after three years of operation. Really. Why? Because they do not any readership herds. This is another casualty of Hilary losing it is yeah, there's another did trump when the so, despite my feminist leanings, I actually had never heard of this up until today.
But no coincidence of surprise that I know at audiences shot, but it's no coincidence that it did publish an interview with Hillary Clinton back in TWAIN fifteen that tried to make the failed presidential nominee look cool with edgy blackened my that will re video of her like cackling asking when if Hilary was a feminist, Maria that grapevine we did arise and that also worried. I can't imagine why the site failed given had it send out emails twice a week with articles on quote women's topics,
such sounds it here all her up at the US so that it is gone bite but to our listeners. It shuts down. Friday may be midnight narrowly shore, but you still have some time. Ok, I will not be doing the attacker investigate lifestyle magazine. L posted a fake click, bait link on Twitter about Conway, West and Kim Kardashian splitting up to get people to register to vote. This is ridiculous. This is the fake news. Misinformation ass. We ve heard so much about a facebook, stealing elections, and all of that this is fake news that irregularities us. So the tweet has a picture of came in Congo and says: oh no, they're splitting and links to an apparent news article about the break up, but when you click it actually goes to a voter registration website prove her. I dont think I don't know this is gonna work for them. Even hours can be, but perhaps no one was more in range and
aged by the gimmick than right and writers very own, Louis Bunch. The Ford who said the fake click bait was quote horrible, since fewer people should vote a sentiment. I do strongly specifically by which we can all agree on this Sunday. Bunches right, fear a hurried thinking only of the much needed culture update of purse in our culture. Around studies show an increase of highway crashes in states where the recreational use of marijuana has been legalised. Studies found crashes, rose between five point, two percent and six percent in Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Nevada, all which have legalised Wanna Matt are reasons donors a danger to society. Well, we we need more evidence at that and see correlation.
I'm writing action that I look up and I don't want to be too strongly on this subject. Considering the make up of this panel, I will say that there are going to be social costs to the decriminalization of marijuana, and this may be that my reserve the rest. My time I I want to know a little bit more about these crashes. Are these fatal crashes or they just like thunder betters I don't think you can highway. I don't know you say: people died. Well, I'm united. How much will you gonna kill? You drive like three miles an hour and really star local dominoes pizza at the people. Let order the pizza- and you know, and have it delivered, you'd see this. This drops labelling it some kind of educational campaign about the mover Eads in an and pizza delivery and eager really drive these fatalities down. What about I did see they did their having like pot infused, why
as many of you heard this year, all the beverage companies rain and- and I just want that to me- that might be the Protein, Morocco right because you think that only drink this beverage which- and I just get kind of the high I get from marijuana and, if I like Alex, I myself why I felt like I have a really good handle on the right proportion that once you get behind that, we'll, though it the alcohol, you know could be much worse actually than the intoxicating effect marijuana. It sounds about his brilliant, as for, because you never make it to the car at your door. Exec, that's an idea like we'd infused for look Adam levels balance it out. You know even give you even keel the jet
I do not feel any different right, so high you you're just back to normal or keep working on those working. Brainstorming up next Kristen Bell says she's troubled by the message in snow white, because the kiss sends a controversial message about consent. Bell said she tells her young daughters. Don't you think that it's weird that the Prince kisses snow white without her permission, because you cannot kill someone if they're sleeping Harrison she might be onto something because it is weird that a poison apple would make someone sleep for ever, and the only remedy would be true loves, kiss sexual assault, weird with an accessory to the crop. That's really what we have here I'll be, however, that whoever provided the the which provide ashes right yeah. So what what we know probably find out is like the the which was like someone:
probably a brothel owner or something back in the day and trying to get the most beautiful woman in all the land to come and sample the goods that are stud farms, drought or not. Look. I think your book prince charming. I think to stop this. This is a valid issue nowadays and we don't know Just let her sleep forever. He should I just like you would have you should stop to kiss. That was. That gets really the problem. I think there's just controversy of words and were time what nineteen thirty seven there was a different time with the more women were met were woken up. Apparently, partly that was cool like that was everywhere. Everyone's fancy was to go to sleep and have some guy making out with her. When she woke up man medea your kids. What are they have? I know why not terribly eager for a second viewing it diminishes. The funny thing is that people probably or forgotten about the original movies cells terror. I her car
and which ladies first itchy play. She was Elsa. Yeah one of em and Frozen Anna Anna was that the one who was not with the ice coming out of our hands let the reader she made some very exactly so see. Natalie knows about frozen you're a liar then so you're a wide and our law about like in trying to its ancient classic cinema. I like iron, it just depresses me when they say stupid. It's annoying and I wish now I like them. I mean she was, is what do you want me to understand? I like she was only by snow by them. And then the old, and then there was always the only in the gray, mainly in the prey I started taking the arduous a lot of red, so low cups yeah. That's probably what happened I write happily ever after next Lennox is rebranding its man size, tissues after bitter lonely, hags,
my the name is: have the ring on the shelves restricts the years man size which were builders confidently strong and comfortingly solve will now be sold as Kleenex extra large. A spokesperson for the companies said that it in no way suggests that being both soft and strong was an exclusively masculine trait. Nor do we believe that the man size branding suggests or endorses gender inequality Matt. Sadly, man size, weren't, even sold in the? U S arm speechless did you did you see this reminds me of? here. The trans man who won the bicycling congratulations would allow became a man or a man who became a large question. Man he became a woman red makes more relaxed That's what I'm sorry! That's a gas woman's treads woman, Jacques
the Sis Andrea. Without what I'll do any trans man? I don't? They don't usually win the all. Were men competition right through the translator, we're who won the bicycle? The female yeah bicycle raise something to behold was it like, post operative, like lamps, Lance Armstrong, you're doing it the number why? When aspire grace every other ratio there I dont know if they had the UN's painful I dont know if there is a wild velvet callous. So I can use the man size, clean energy. Ok, I guess you know right back. Look. I am someone who is actually kind of passionate about the strength, size and quality of the tissues that I used. A kind of a power knows blower. When it comes down to
The thing I hate most in the world are those single ply. You not totally cheap super thin tissues, fine like on airplanes the we have we haven't known, I don't skip on those, but what I can't stand is like when you use tissue and you blow right, sing thing. The smithereens an auto confetti is coming out of your nose is mostly it is there just so. I think that the man size tissues. I support them, no matter what they are called. I mean if they are large x, x, elf, but I would just recommend the the use that dont skimp on the other on the tissues like you, you wanna go highquality golfer. I prefer my ladys to use a petite tissue. You, I just say oh very delicate, little or no further knows very gently hunter.
Chance respect to rely on their demands. Eyes was supposed to replace the handkerchief when it came out. Handkerchiefs disgusting, uses. I am glad that there is an old school, it's old school move here, but a brilliant, it helps to one should sets one traditions use their right to fade away, to bring us full circle to the Saudis, it's nice to have that thing where they can serve blow their nose anywhere. They want. They got budged, wrapped in a giant man. Size tissue right does not. Unfortunately, that is not the time have for today's decision. Right writer like to give special thanks are producer Elsie Foreign. Of course everybody can guess. Magic, Nettie Errand Harrison like Goldfarb and Natalie Johnson. Remember Pinus on Itunes, Google play in stature, just search for free beacon play subscribe, tell your friends and lead a positive review like listener liberty matters, seven who says I treat my free beacon, pot,
ass, like dessert and only listen to a half DR eaten, the vegetables of all my other parts, just like deserted sexting, never feel like I've had enough until next time,
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