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The Red Wave, Kanye’s Big Moment, and 77 Natty Lights

2018-10-12 | 🔗
On the latest episode of the <em>Free Beacon</em> podcast, sponsored by Calm, the gang discusses the Red Wave, muses about Kanye's conversion moment, and admits that they too like beer.
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Low and welcome to write and writer the official pot guest at the Washington Free Beacon sponsored by com. I moorhouse Elizabeth Harrington eager follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W F B, the free begin pack gases available on Itunes, Google play and sticker. Please scrag tell your friends and leave a review journey me from the right today. Is the editor in chief of the free beacon, Mattie cut Nettie. You may remember him from such mainstream news outlets. Cbs news, dot, com and real clear policy can follow him on Twitter at cut Nettie dilemma I was further to match. Right is free Beacon President Aaron Harrison who has a lot of male energy in his home rags? Actually, sherry does around the office basins checks. That's good enough for us who Harrison the morning was returning to the programme. Is the chairman of the free Beacon, Michael go verb
rational man, a mystery and licence republican consultant. He always gives our palace in line Hogan far below us up. First, on writing. Writer Conway West stole the show at the White House, Thursday, leaving President Trump speechless, as he spouted off without welfare gun control theories of the infinite amount of the universe. The eye plain one how, when he put the mega hat on it, made him feel like Superman and have a lives, try and fail to control him. He ended by. He loves Trump and giving the president a big hug. Naturally, this display really triggered the media, as MSNBC declared the meeting with a Hollywood celebrity an assault on the White House Matt, they said
really scared of a black man speaking his truth. They, the earth tat, actually received a lot of criticism from the black left for endorsing Trump. I dont know what to make of this event. It was funny, I guess it was interesting. I dont know what whether there is any political upside or downside to it. But there is this trend that just Trump is becoming more and more of up at show that you know it's a tv show- and this was a funny kind of episode later be another one. You know tonight and then tomorrow Harrison well, I'm going to say is Taylor. You see but this so you know she goes out there in an escalates, the feud by endorsing dams, Collyer equal. Me and every action requires an equal and opposite reaction in this group, in this case the ball bounces
back to the microphone away from her again well, Where was his personnel thing? It was just last week. Will you go right, so this is kind of carrying off of that yet another like there, the canyon train and has now hooked up to from train- and I don't know one- this thing's gonna stop that, because this was a tour de force in the oval office. Yesterday you had the cut you you had the lead. Of the american pop culture and the leader of the american people together at last, The greens have always had a historical problem of reaching into american Popular culture right here. You ve got one of these. Now Rushmore members of it out, Walk into the oval office and giving its fourth full throated support. The present United States is a good thing. This is something that no other republican other than tromp could have accomplished. Add honestly great day for Trump. Dominated the media
on the lips colonies, our lives, our moan and lives everybody's. Only whether this was a greater need, the reaction far by feel, like is more telling than anything. Conway said I I couldn't believe MSNBC freak out. I mean, if you were they upset? What would you be that so scared of he kind of saved a lot of male energy savings, yeah we, the melee, the breakdown dragon energy is good, I'm kind of events than strongly said, the put my hat on gives him balls like Conny, already had a pretty big set going form before you put the had also make it doesn't like that. I permit always comes back for the fact that Obama and ass all great, and I just love that I mean he's still taken it out on Obama, and I respect the guy who carries a grudge that long enough far, you know if he is, he is on hinge,
I want you to know, I'm like how does Kim get through dinner. I mean this ago, sits down and watches tv at the end of the night to see just go like that for three hours when he gets home from the studio he's a man of many talents, but what he eat. He carries a grudge and he is taking it to its absolute enough this point, but how ridiculous was it when the media freaks out about him being in the overall office, calling it a disgrace to the office when Obama had Jane and beyond say like parading around the situation, room taken selfies all over there lies the Washington Post. Has an article today saying Fox NEWS really celebrated conquests visit. They were So a celebratory when wrappers visit obama- and I read it and not once today- acknowledge that the other two cable news, works were exactly ass, it S. So that's just the way reality is today. One side has its stock.
As in the other side has its too. I also saw the wash imposed or were they said, you know what I did Republicans were worked fine with this, but but they were really upset when Clinton and Obama you know had similar sort. Moments of degradation and the White House they put Clinton. The headline Clinton doesn't actually appear. The story, because getting a blow job in the oval office is not quite comparable is out. But worse and dropping in a member on in our waters, Does anyone think that that was the first time? Somehow it said the word it just wasn't lived. I mean Is anybody hurt the mixing? Tapes are read anything about Eleanor. How good Lord Ivan trumps gonna do ok with black men, especially compared the previous report,
ok, I think that'll give early dead and even if you kill off like in another five percent, I mean really hurts Democrats. I think that's why they're scared up next, former deputy national Security adviser Dena Power is no longer on the shortlist replace Nicky Hayley. According to news reports, as a shortlist appears to be thinning Harrison, your top choice of vodka has removed herself from the running so who else can replace Nicky? What the question is: is vodka ever really out of it? I mean that listen! Listen when you, when you are a stately and respectful as as vodka trump is like you're not going to actively campaign for anything. Ok like actively campaigning is a little on the little uncouth. If you well, you know, that's not exactly the way you want America's first daughter out their begging for jobs, not how it happens. The jobs come to her right and it's then she would we not make the decision so look, obviously that that is number one choice. I mean look at the great thing that one of the great things Nicky Hayley did at the? U N was she
bearing the? U N, for its multiply the multitude of hypocrisy. Human Rights Commission, the atrocities They continue to ignore and support, while just condemning the United States and Israel at having chance they can get so that was set that something needs be carried. For and so we need somebody that can not only at here to those rigorous principles of the of of american democracy. But you also need to be able to troll arrest of country or the right the countries that are involved, and so I'm looking at somebody who can actually carry that out and really do in your face job kind of like John Bolton used to do back in the day. This change congressmen, from a congresswoman from Wyoming would not be a bad choices. You ain't ambassador. She is, she has a foreign policy expertise work. The state department wouldn't be a bad choice. Press
drop. As I had ass, a big support of the president. I like a man as a great idea, either a lot of choices. For me, the key thing is how the next ambassador integrates with the team of upon pay when Bolton. Well, you know when Hayley was there she stood out. I mean she stood out for many reasons because of political talent, also because of kind of the advocacy she gave her human rights and in Israel and the United States, but it is also because she was being with Rex till her son, who is a failure of secretary of state and a trimming, make master who didn't really have the same kind of presence. I think it is an authority in that role, as national security adviser Jump Bolton does now course. Madness is kind of always wallflower right. We do not really know what he does, but because he's background
Nobody could run so so that's why he wasted at now. You have really impressive figures with pale and Bolton who were kind of taking. You have the lead on foreign policy following trumps direction, so you want someone who's gonna, be able to great well and not feel as though the turtle Bay as its own centre of power. This a big issue by the way is to sum up with Jean Kirkpatrick who Nicky Hayley has been likened to incur Patrick only serve the first term of Reagan, because by the time that term ended, George Shops had really kind of taken over the foreign policy portfolio Kirkpatrick couldn't for she thought. She'd have more of a role, so she ended up resigning. So you don't want the you
ambassador to think that they have more influence than they actually do get gold time. Ah, I love the less Cheney idea. There's cost, though, which is that she she's gonna, be our senator from my only someday. I shouldn't be a good one. I my and always go back. I also love the Joe Liebermann trial, balloon, which was a fantastic idea because it such a fantastic troll of the Senate Democrats, I mean they can't but vote forum, and yet it's like a pocket I think as far as the progressive be concerned, but I agree with that. Like he's a guy who, can you really control a mummy in jail
vermin doesn't have any. He doesn't have any ambition so using they got that you want to do what he wants to do and I think that's probably not what they want and that job my dark horse pack for this job would be Linda. Mc man who is currently the small business administrator ran twice per cent in Connecticut, was supported at her confirmation by the senators from Connecticut the democratic senators from Connecticut she's widely admired inside the administration she's. A loyalist she's also got
You know, as far as anybody's paying attention she's done a great job. No one has a bad word to say about her and she would be an absolute lion in their issues, a ceo of global brand to that as numerous members of the U n their country's very, very popular with it, would send the right message: MAC down yet found the right. I'm asking back down that I value and comes our onthem, how this administration views the United Nations, which, as you know, that the head of the W W e is the right person for America and bright and we're not shutting down altogether minds get her in her ugly, the perfect person they do. Next, the red wave is just twenty five days away and numerous raises are heating up as Phil Bread, ASEAN has cratered senses tee swift endorsement, spite raising thirty, eight million dollars last quarter. Former captain of the crew team robber Rourke is trailing TED crews by nine points, Matt what race or you watching
Ah you are I'm watching Arizona, because Texas looks pretty good Tennessee, looking pretty good Nevada, its fascinating nothing's, really happy Are you got Heller their cities, terrible usually available, could add, candid and so Heller's kind of sitting there with a small lead so really Arizona if you can hold their Ozanna Tennessee and Nevada you're good to go, because I had picking up North Dakota and you could pick up Missouri, which night just basically acquaintance some like in Arizona one more thing about this mid term. So far, you know the voters that aren't barking the dogs and aren't barking. The voters that aren't barking is hispanic Americans. They, the Democrats, have counted on hispanic turn out to bring them to office year after year.
Here and it turns out in public opinion polls, hispanic Americans, pretty okay with the state of the economy, with this group of republican candidates at all levels, not that's it that you touched on the inherent racism of the Democratic Party, always think that, like whatever the identity group is votes as a monolith, it's at it, it is the biggest flaw. Their political strategies, because they thought women would vote as a model for Hillary Clinton. They thought black people would voters monolith, Fur Barack Obama on and on and on down the list. It did for a bottom up, but they took that model and they apply raising genders. You don't ever everything else are down to. You know that don't want makers at five thirty in the morning like differently, they all vote together. So look! what ratio race that I'm going back on track? Just give us one right. That's racist man look I've got a couple. A race is right here, but I'm gonna tell you the first one
you ones and one of the Senate, one and the one that I look at Red Tsunami Company and it's going to wash over both coasts and it's going to meet in the middle of the country. You know it's gonna land land right in the middle of Montana, John Tester, is in deep out their sound vow reassess our sepia. This is this goes back to this. Second Cavanaugh was the spotlight that needed to be shown on John testers record to expose him for the liberal that he is ok. The flat the beard, the beer gut and the missing fingers. Stephen cow had well that they have they. Have given him in image cover being a conservative Democrat, ok news. Last conservative Democrats, the exception of Joe Mansion or dead. They don't SK anymore, John Tester Hazards, lockstep liberal party
I am voting record in the United States Senate since the day he showed up. He voted against course. Itchy voted against CARE Cavanaugh. He is voted against every tax cut that he could. His hands on. He has not representative the people in the cabin, although highlighted that in that's, why he's numbers cratered and then this week, as you said, Lizzie, shot a cow on camera and then proceeded to dismember. It I mean it was just the weirdest thing. I don't look. I get that like there's a huge farming swap alot of bought a cattle farmers, lot of love, what law, pork farmers out there and that's how you do it, but like TAT, right there, the imagery of shooting a freak and call the lips who live in Bozeman, probably done it might lead right either could have reticent problem, whereas unrest, and thought he was making a great move by saying he would vote for Cavanaugh its backfired of the programme. The volunteers on his campaigner, leaving it now. So yes, if they are caught in a kind of,
double bind Israelis. This thing is catering due to a very incompetent. What's your house arrest has this'll be roquat the pull caught my eye. Sturdy former Clinton administer Asian Secretary of Labour. Donna shall lay largesse labour right here and now each other judge. That's! Ok! Yes, that's right! Danish Leyla! Isn't how down one realises that the president of the universe, you Miami Forlorn, absolutely and is also actually like two hundred years old ones, ablutions also, technically, I think she's actually technically a little person. I think you are you're. Consider a little for tax likely yeah. Now. I think that what a terrible candidate in an incredible pick up opportunity for the lids the lives that what that is Republican held civilly honour us, lightened and retiring this, this term and open sea. That's where they need to make your inroads in its in its district. The Clinton won over trot. I believe twenty points
This is gonna be like that is another, tell other red wave that nobody saw common until two to three weeks out of the election. I've been calling it since day, one folks we mobilise to go we're hold the house, we're picking up girls in the Senate, let's roll baby and that's all of giant Feinstein can even live through the election. I'm I'm not. I'm convinced tat the distress of the cabin, our hearings and the incompetence that she disappointment at eighty five years having daily own we're. Just when you add value for another ice water here, that's asleep erase the watch, Feinstein screwed up that that confirmation bet so bad that I actually wonder and does anyone pole, California see who's now after there's no coverage that race, the other one. I think we're Scott, because we all know that early in the night in a chill environment. I think we're Scott would kick this that analysis, and so, if he is hold on hold on an and perform? Ideas can be just an unbelievable nigh for us that the pan devastated by the hurricane makes me nervous
in our in reaction to the government to the hurricane is also you know? What does it do for voting at forgive them too, though I mean Gill and can't be travelling around the state. The next more merit our. How happy now you know is his basis. Support and probably you know, I can have a bunch of happy voters there for than weirdly Michael's one a bit occurred so late. It may be one of those hurricanes. It does have some impact. Ok before we get to our pop culture. At date, it's time to check in with our sponsor com, do have trouble sleeping de struggle, putting your kids to bed each night when you sleep poorly. How does this impact the rest of your day? That's why we're excited to partner with calm the number one app for sleep, meditation and relaxation named after the year last year by Apple, if you had to conduct coms lashing W F B, you get twenty five percent off a calm premium subscription, which includes hundreds of hours
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going on. We have a lot in the realm of toxic masculinity. Womanizer misrule always always observed nothing out of the ordinary, but our womanizer John Merrick spoke out on toxic Maxine masculinity, saying he wants to quote: tear up the male contract that teaches men at a young age. They must be alpha males, meaning they take what they want to, including women what that goes to nothing. But take women from Zaire is sailing guilty for his own and key might be having some regrets, but Mary told an audience in Baltimore that its quote a sentiment that men should get direction at the sight of every woman he once and that men need to get over the trauma they may feel when they are rejected he's got the new meal has the new heartbreak. Yes, he says the new me
contrast, that's like he personally had issues may be rising. Speaking for all magnanimously, he said the new male contracts should teach boys the world is there's two take. It is important to note that this rant was made right after he performed his song daughters, which has been dubbed by feminists, as massaging nest it talks about women with daddy. A great timing for thus ran to go on good good, see. We can't win with any of these people in there now. Ok. So anyway, I'm on the next toxic masculinity story. We have here Lena Dunham, called comedian added the annual the biggest is very large nest in Hollywood real. Yes, that's the comedy central guy has some show yes, yes, John Comedy Central Shi Ite. She was on Anti co and he gave her the option of pleading the fifth when he asked or who is the biggest massage innocent Hollywood and she offered up
name anyway saying he's not someone with a ton of power, but the small amount he does have he uses for ill. He earned that's title from her because in twenty twelve he apparently insulted her breast the Oslo. You talk, I said I don't know, I don't know this. Tough guy saw on Twitter yesterday he told his fans not a dreadful under pressure put on our agenda stupid of me, I'm a guy like that browser, so that kind of have a long history because lean and didn't specify that particular comment. But Tosh did say and twenty twelve, that the quote only thing that burn. Your eyes. Worse is watching not check, get naked on earth ass. They drew out a long running beef, so it is not actually the biggest massage Agnes in Hollywood teaches she's just personally that remaining on the world as it is raised right. You spoke truth to power. Yes and then moving on from the toxic masculinity. We have friends pressure. Another actress you I have never heard Evans.
Yesterday I received a letter, but leave this never seen the nanny here and like what's recognise the laugh. Natalie want after class, the classic Hollywood classic last night. I did what was it matter? We find of the lake which came out and ninety ninety one that I wasn't even born, then so be it a nearby cigarettes. There are eight years yeah come on. Did you watch the nanny thy life indeed enjoy? Ok, so for those you don't now, including myself and Africa, while the english rouser was a resource that our own honestly, we have a very young audience. That's why bilaterally and yet no are you get the young in two rasher starred in the nanny in the nineties, playing Fran Fund? and nanny who falls in love with the widowed father of a wealthy family. Is that a good? Does that accurate? Let s? Ok, Mr Shut,
Yes, so she said she, been contemplating making a remake of the sick com and reviewing yeah. She said she wants cardy, be to play her daughter right. There malaria nip it in its the quote, which won the day. They're, both from New York we had only advantages, are certainly ass. She said dresser dress, Sir said so. Party had posted, that's came because Cartier provided in Instagram from MILAN Fashion. We dress head to toe and leopard print, which dresser is notable for doing and curry had captured, and the Instagram Frahm treasure and that's dresser said that gave her the idea and that it gotta juices flow, because they're, both from New York and have quote funny voices TAT, would be perfect, You said they have to make it. Mr should feel that in the vote that was this is the best part. She said the show it have to change a bit. Those and courteous black meaning she'd have to have quote man of color, adding quote I'm down with the brothers
I'm excited for this review. If party play obvious, so I will watch out of court and then on new friend S. First of all, thank you for this much needed update of first in our culture round. Natty light is out with the limited edition. Seventy seven pack in honour of the year of its creation, nineteen, seventy seven Birstall sports. No, no matter who you are where you went to school or white, your college stats were everyone drinks natty the special cases available for a limited time only in college part Marilyn Harrison, Is this a coincidence that ninety light announced this the day before Cavanaugh was confirmed? What real funny you shrink upload videos, I actually have a present for the right writer team. Hold on one second,
Seventy seven beard, it's a famous, he got his that's that's why I had was not highlights in a famous aim as we do not get that we did not get celebrate the confirmation of Judge Cavanaugh, that's a good thoroughly last week due to their his vacations and incarceration and what not, so today, in honour of the eighty fourth judge that Mitch Mcconnell cramp through the Senate, ass night right, we down seventy seven pack of natural light, which is the preferred beer. They need a thing we have written registry. We're fans, Frank Morgan in Franklin, Bake in South Texas. One point: one: beers per judge, In fact, over three white boy guy, not celebrating the two cheers jeers to the judge, especial care, knotty, light. Epileptic keepers in this group,
also, I think, I'm letting all workers among our guide really all that all seventy seven beers of these will be consumed before the end of this show It's ok, thank you. Harrison S, lovely solutions, taste, so good, not really. Nevertheless, there is great- I don't know I've had one of these, since I saw This is my name in college natty. Like wrote, I like that you're a positive result out our you're. Really your radio Priscilla hurried, ok up next, a town in Virginia, is cracking down on triggered treaters passing a law that you must be under twelve years old to partaken, Halloween festivities or be subject to a rest. The city of Chesapeake Code States of any person over the age of twelve years shown gauging the activity commonly known as trick retreat or any other activity of similar character of nature under any day.
Whatsoever hears she shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished by fine of not less than twenty five dollars. No, nor more than a hundred dollars or by confinement in jail for not more than six months or both Matt hollowing is just another fake holiday that the Godless Lib celebrate. Isn't it time span it altogether over them? For this, Did you tell me about it this morning? I liked it. Halloween has been perverted from its original idea, which was a holiday for kids to go and get candy. My kids love it once you reached the age of, and I think I stopped even at eleven, but certainly twelve. Certainly, when you're done with elementary school, you should be forbidden penalty up for trick or treating very trick or treating or often avionic dressing up, because the dry out of control but fight. That's fine. Let's just start. I look around and cried out I'm an incremental list, but start
ending the trick or treating for adults, and then we can move on to banning these ridiculous costume parties can Harrison well. Look. I think that we ve been coddling the youth for a little too long about been on record as saying saying this: ok, I do not think you need to be trick or treating at the age of twelve. I think that I think of the eleven twelve areas, purpose a proper cut off. You start to feel old. Anyway. I remember these days. I was like I stopped trick or treating I think. Fourth grade would have been the last time I went out so I'm guessing ten issue as an additive, but I just want to feel you're going up and asking for candy look. These kids need to graduate from asking for treats, Robin tricks on the numerous ok, because that is actually excited. Ok, that is what where Europe must start your teenage rebellion. I want them thrown eggs
I want them russian male, madam! I want them you're no longer, but that's that's the traditional. Why won't hurt he doesn't have an apartment? A maiden leaves leads. I want a little have you ever had I'm your neighborhood. Now I think I've heard my car, I hate when it wasn't hollowing it with some graduation venison Maclean Highschool carries the dew mischief night. When I like that he and I had a. I won't come lunatic. Someone had on the tv or someone had dinner. Silly during all over, my car out of a total of Europe need to be done now. Why way? The laws twelve percent May Hattie light. I like the law, but I I don't like the gender equality of it. I think the boys should graduate to a little mischief night and then can then be done and the girls you know I don't have a problem with the girls trick or treating and then when they turn eighty they go into sexy Halloween in that
That's the way you said eighteen, I was still stuck on the carefully modular use, my limited, but what like music, that gives me tender copies of mine. What it's Halloween has drifted away, the costumes for the adults and everything is out of control. They don't even dressed up as scared. Anymore? It's a threat, celebration of death, for you can't be anything you can't be a sexy. Everybody just dresses up and out, I'm not already ass in like real people, it's ridiculous anyway. I think that, like you need to be dressed up as Dracula Frankenstein, unless you know Nick save it. Ok, we don't need that hallowing costume. Do you know what you're gonna be this year? For Heaven's sake yeah I got tackle Olivenca see what she was up to our she went to day. She was a skunk last It would be a red with a bit further big sister programme. We have read what they read: wake Arcy can be a natty. Seventy seven pack will that's, will be giving out I will be given out natty lights. If you come to my door, I'm gonna go agar apartment
Unfortunately, that has all the time we have heard today that this right writer like to give special thanks to producer l before, of course, everybody gets mad continuity and Harrison like go part and Natalie Johnson remember find us on Itunes. Google play in stature just search for free beacon. Please subscribe tell your friends and leave a positive review like Listener Chan, Crow, chats who says hello. Is so glad I found this part until next
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