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The Squad, Google’s Coziness With China, and Broke Beto

2019-07-17 | 🔗
The gang discusses Nancy Pelosi's troubles with far-left Democrats in her caucus, Google's relationship with the Chinese, and Beto O'Rourke's sudden campaign troubles.
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The programme that you're about to hear contains material that may be offensive to some listeners. Also, it should be taken to seriously listener. Discretion is advised, go ahead. Make mightier alone, welcomes in Washington, Pre Beacon, podcast, the official podcast, wash them free beacon. I'm your host fancy bulimic more civilian for Robo, helper, nine thousand, which is currently getting software upgrade and undisclosed location, South Dakota on joint, these by Washington Free Begin editor in chief, not continuity and red blooded American. Male Erin Harrison Good morning. Billy. Thank you so much for being here guys
It's always a pleasure to be joined by you got not or not, that robotic other host you all this one has a pulse. Well he's getting US security upgrade. I believe we are more important than ever. I also want to just draw attention too hard on radio, but our producer, today's poker extended as Paul, was doing the silent count to begin the show. I realized its pitch perfect imitation of the wings friend in wanes world dahlia environment. For three you didn't you call, it was very well done. He had a fashion of the whole index. Finger was appointed exactly wanes world the movie Paul that came at a night. Oh you're, aware: ok, How are you aware you were born in ninety ninety seven. I saw but that's too bad,
Next time you and reject Paul knit there's another millennial tipped speak into the microphone I used to like it's by its body. Go back to his hovel now, but that's that's a very interesting clear this with so. This is why these movies are important, because the millennials have no idea of the culture. Of the movie rights or even if you dont like rocket man, which I had not seen its probably educational, to make millennials and generally aware of the nineteen seventies. Does the ignorance is culpable in the generation that comprises the millennials weight Southern I was reading earlier this week. It you guess what stranger things of course, yeah, ok, so that they can kids in other airplanes, children from them nineteen. Eighty used right there actors were interviewed there and they civil one of the things that we had to do when we were meeting with the director in the producers was we had in.
Our catalogue of Eighties movies, that we had to watch. So we would understand what the hell it was. We were portraying there like what are our but her brothers and our parents already showed o Neill Ghostbusters and all these other classic sell. That just shows they were re raised, will one day they'll be showing bohemian rapidly, I hope you're right I mean it's with its one. Those things where I even beyond pop culture, They hang out malls and that show which no kid doesn't he Ryan, whether small or large freedom to them was perfect. I dont want us to straight you far from this political podcast reports. We have our culture podcast ensured one listens:
The sub became its opposite day. We which will discuss stranger things. However, I did finnish stranger things three just recently on Sunday night and the reproduction of amid nineteen. Eighty small in that movie is magna. Seek to spit break is exactly like the Springfield Mall in Fairfax County Virginia, which opened around that same time and from everything to the literally the surfaces you now kind of the the venerable and fake fake, a pebble? You know that they used to have some of the banisters anyway. So that was a lot of fun and great exercise, a mistake: Please bill proceed proceed, so I speaking of terrible millennials the squad
Let me go out with an increase of headway. Sunlight hampers the vague way last week where you are very kind. He was a patty pan, but that was a good safe way. I guess you join us today. Paradise. That's not what to do to get your take on the democratic civil war which now has consume Donald Trump. Right, it is funny. I mean you know in grand strategy when you're adversary is embroider broiled in a civil war, you normally don't use that opportunity to intervene. You you kind of what let them socket out of a fight it out amongst themselves, but that's not Donald Trump of a friend of mine who has lost contact or Trump said to me. While the story was playing
he just said that he does, he just wants people to nobody thinks at the end of the day, there's no real strategy about it. He just he just wants to voice its opinion, and so what is the consequence of him? Voicing that opinion becomes the question, and certainly there was a huge conflagration over whether these comments were racist or not, and the house voted yesterday If they were not before, of course, Representative Collins and an amazing feat of legislative Jujitsu head
policies comments stricken from the record because they were out of line calling a race at that. To me with does the highlight of holding the case so that that happens, a few republic of only for House Republicans voted for this resolution, so a few other Republicans in the Senate also voiced opposition to present trumps tweets. At the end of the day, though, as I've been saying, this will fade every trump controversy fates and it plays out along the same lines every single time. Trump says something that offence. People of the media and the Democratic Party go wild. A few Republicans and conservatives, though, of shrinking number, these days, will say the press.
Should have section of said that or they'll use the last language in describing what the president said. They get bullied right. If you have your turn, you have your website. I've been waiting for days, but just you and then, and then no invariably the left over reaches, and so what we are seeing today. Ok, so they had the resolution yesterday. This morning the members of the Squadron CBS News, Johannaeum our says she doesn't regret her anti semitic comments. I was by how Russia, China to leave says you know what the fact that we're getting pull differences policies- fault. Okay, so again it does. It Trump is just like this show. The fundamental dynamic is within the Democratic Party and
that is going to continue for as long as ill, Hon, Omar and Eo C and Rashid, its labour are in the House of Representatives and as long as they are this mascots of the Democratic Party, I think the Democrats her troll. This has been one of my favorite weeks. The entire Trump presidency and were only at Wednesday, the that's it. Do you ever have a favorite? We love it. I thus far, no just give better and better get better and better, and you know that we always like to seize the worst the president of the Czech presidency is always to mark right if you're the media, because after something to talk about it if that would disrupt their entire storyline on this. But I think once again that the president is playing
several steps ahead of the rest of the media in the narrative here. Think about this Donald Trump has one hundred percent, nay mighty in this country. Nobody has now heard of Donald Trump. He has a universally recognised figure. For better or worse. Depending on your position on him. The squad is not a hundred per cent name. I d there we will. You join on its various high, but everytime dangled robber hijacks. New cycle and makes it about them their name. I d goes up and you see, I see it, it is a supervisor is ACE, is superstar of the liberal laughed and she has been for a little over a year now, but Ill Hunt Omar on the other hand, kind of an obscure thing, until our president puts hers the new phase, the Democratic Party, and that's what he's doing with that.
He has taken the squad and he is creating an even better problem for Nancy Policy, because it is now a public feud that was going on, and really only existed in circles that really pay close attention of politics and democratic politics, especially look what happened yesterday in theirs. The fifth member, the squatted. It saw Primula Jaya Paul from Washington State. Now she wasn't in the Donald Trump. Is a racist press conference, but she's in squat? Don't get me wrong. She she has she's, not a freshman she's been around unsightly that's. Why she's neurotic havens that she's like not that was one of the chief progressives exactly in the Caucasus as affiliates them, often, and so once again, the squad, if anybody paid pension to be shenanigans that we're going out to the house floor yesterday. He's the one who started this. She tried to remove Sean Duffy's speech from the from the can. National record, which is what planted the sea
four dog collins to say: oh, wait a minute because Pelosi came up and gave her tirade litter. Five minutes after the back and forth happened between Duffy enjoyable. So she planet seed for the for the conservatives and the house to actually Republicans to pull policies remarks down because they were not wholly dissimilar from shot both these remarks originally. So there was a food fight we're not put it created a massive distraction the forum in met, you mention meet this mentioned to me off areas. Today, the police It looks like some kind of lost a step, because this well a machine that she was so heralded in running when she was this firm, her first term as speaker of the house in the late to thousands, it doesn't seem too, be that well. Oiled of a machine anymore sheet is clearly not striking enough fear in the members of the Freshmen class and the members of the extreme left of the party. They are talking back to her.
They are standing up to her whenever she tries to get them to do something, because for some reason she just doesn't have the heft that she used to carry in the house. That's a problem for the Democratic Party. It's a problem for policies, leadership and It may be of his age, you're she's, on her late seventies, Joe Biden, his late seventies, Bernie Sanders in his late seventies. There is not a lot of momentum in the old assemblage. Erin soon to be octogenarian wing of the party, it's good. Down here in its, I think, we're seeing a force change, and I mean in in terms not turning to you in terms of republican strategy. We we used to run, gets Nancy policy. That was, you got the big name in republican circles, it was our buggy. Man is a Yossi going to become that new person for us, I yeah, but I
more importantly, Omar that they know there is some polling earlier this week that showed that the AIR Sea has had very high, nay mighty somewhere in this low seventies and a twenty four percent favorability an o Mars name ideas, much less than they have sees as Harrison suggests in her favour ability in this pole that actually a sword about his nine percent nine percent and then how much our Congress is unclear situation isn't gonna nothing that Omar does because she is so left wing that will change that number and to the extent that they are the spokeswoman for the Democratic Party. This is a major political problem for the Democrats. That policy understands that
I just to go back last week. That's why policy was having this fight to begin with and whether he intended to or not tromp has now put them arm in arm for for at least a moment, because, as I say, if you watch this interview that they gave to maybe ask their already attacking her again because their true objective forget about Donald Trump in the Republicans and winning elections against them, they're all racists and anyone who cares about them. Their true objective is to change the Democratic Party to make it more like them or to make it more socialist, more left, more left wing, more anti american and in so that its policies issue, but look at this agenda that has suddenly been hygiene, They wasted entire day in the House of representatives under policies, leadership to offer a resolution that just offers the sentiment of what became the democratic party. The Donald Trump is a racist.
This is the big issue of our time we have to do. We have to put it that we have to make an official policy that the President of United States, is a racist, but only from one part of everybody You can watch cable news. Every Democrat says he's a racist needs be impeached. That is the new party line for them. What happened their policy objectives. Where where's, the socialize medicine. They promised everybody. Where are the higher taxes? They promised everybody where's that mantling of the defence department that they promised everybody that they ran on. I tell you Harrison it's in China and speaking, China. We had he not, as goes your melodies good. I know I know, but I don't have any good sites. Please continue. The conversation contained the proceeds of pay. So in China.
China when you got on uncharted built. We have. We have Google working with the Chinese. Of course, not chinese government just chinese businesses to develop artificial and tell genes, and this is something that Peter TEAL knows Gerda Silicon Valley once to investigate and met what money too figure, take on the seed sparks and controversy from the usual people who don't like Peter yeah. I was a very trompe move by Peter Tele speaking at this national conservatism conference. It was taking place here in Washington and he more or less accused Google of treason and then said that it had been info.
Created by chinese intelligence, these are like trompe and claims. There are extreme ones. They are. You know they're about, as they are at first blush hyperbolic ends, but what it does is elevate the issue and raised the question of well. What is Google's as a failure? in cooperation with China and also more importantly- and I think this is where Tilden he was kind of talking about but which should be addressed further- is the lack of cooperation. Between Google and our defence department turned down working and its end, and this is a big problem for United States, which is that a lot of attack come.
These are more interested in catering to China, then actually helping the United States government, and not only is that terrible on the part of companies, but it's a strategic disadvantage for the United States. Soap, teal has raised an important issue, and it may just be the case in today's world that, in order to get these issues to the front burner, you have to be like President Trump And- and I have to say you can have to be like Alexandria, Cassio Court has to power, is kind of different in the world of social media. Now worry sometimes favours kind of these. You know the most extreme thing you can say, as opposed to just saying will, let's have it?
in a panel about a I Silicon Valley and the China threat net now, that's it is a trumpet and claimed, but but there is some backup to it often backup trumps claim I mean, oh, oh always backer, always back so so richer Clark who, served as the Cyber security chief in the oven. The White House at that TEAL made a perfectly valid point that this should be behaviour the where investigating the federal government should investigate with Chinese China is the bad guy. The train his government is a communist government. They are our enemy and this is the look, don't discriminating. That's what we need to investigate our relationships with them across the board. I dont think I would limit it to tack. I would vote I would start looking at Hollywood.
We can all the sudden Hollywood has to go. Kiss show is if they ever what if they want to make any money on a movie anymore. Ok, they have to get district in trying to China will not allow movie to be distributed in China unless it has a positive portrayal of the chinese government or country. So all the son you're, seeing every movie with the rock, is now there's a giant seen in Hong Kong or in Beijing, and yet we gotta talk How they're just a normal functioning democracy is not the case. They are heard their geopolitical enemy of this country. They are an economic enemy of this country and we better looked out because their common for us, you know I dont- think Hong Kong is gonna, be in very many scenes,
more given earlier issues over their heritage mentioned China, but we just as the example of Nike Right, which were then the same week that they remove the Betsy Ross flag because common Capron. I thought that the flag that flag as racist, they pulled a shoe from chinese markets because it had been used, her talked about by one of the Hong Kong protesters. So There is another example of an apparel company. It's not a free country in that message is never communicated in You have our call a cultural them in modern culture right now it used to be back in the glory. There's the eighties when we all recognise communists were evil and bad. But now we're trying to like. I don't know the power of money has corrupted
So much of this country right now and it's chinese money, that's what we're talking about it's a bad influence in people. It needs to be investigated what our governments do, because it is a national security priority in a national security threat to what we are and with this country, nomad is? Is there any solution for trying to bring back? There are stir some sense of economic patriotism hung on from american please, we, it seems like they are increasingly housed in America, but they're not going to actually deal with Americans. They they give the Chinese a veto power of them right. You know what the terrorists at present Trump has imposed on. China has have has had the effect and continues to have the effect of shifting supply land supply wine. So many companies that have based manufacturing in China as a result of the terrorists are moving. They
facilities elsewhere, not necessarily back the United States, in fact, most of the time they're moving them to Vietnam, war, Mexico, so nordic, reassuring jobs, very difficult, instilling a sense of patriotism among people on who work in Silicon Valley or the upper reaches of corporate Amerika, very difficult, because what I will say what has driving a lot of the woke capital that we always make fun of and talk about, is the fact
but there's a consumer market in the United States that is woke and millennials have this passion for justice, fairness and inclusion, which unfortunately, is running in an anti american direction? How you how you combat? That is a long term too. This is this, but but for me this is where a corporate Amerika really needs to take a little bit more responsibility because There is a will. There is a market but Matt described, but I dont think it's nearly as big as as the way it is portrayed because everybody has to go. That ring in in and throw your parents to the boldness. Of America, you gotta have got to make sure that every single commercial that you Herr July's razor every every commercial, have a socially progressive message behind it. Liberal message, a communist matters are gonna, but the guys
they gotta check the box for this mystery market that they have all been sold, and I believe that that is actually a false market. I think it does exist. I think it is just a very small portion, because I a lot of millennials, just like our body Paul crooks in over here, just like our host Mc Morris right also a millennium, I'm an old, an elder millennial. But a millennium nonetheless, and I believe in this country's future, but I dont believe that that low, realism and progressive ism is our country's future and I think that most millennials just check up. They don't really actually participate in a lot of this stuff. They just want to go along to get along gets really.
Majority, but there's not enough people standing up and saying hey. This is a bunch of people were being shovelled. Yeah I mean the counter that is to pick up on Harrison's point in a little is I mean the counter to what I was saying is look at yes, pm went hard woke, but then that strategy was a total disaster. Another actually back to telling you what happened in the world, the sports last night, which is why everyone wanted. You can look at the NFL. The protests went all over the place, went viral huge media across lab, as always Trump gets involved, the same path,
as with the squad out from racist, he's, gonna think. Well what happened there? No more protests, because it was hurting the NFL and then finally I'd look no bread to women soccer as they look at Hollywood it to some extent witches Hollywood still puts out. They definitely catering to the Chinese. They still put out these anti american anti patriotic films, but those always flop, and then you have the sleeper heads which are that plate things like american sniper. You know at the that actually are very laudatory towards our soldiers and towards american as symbols, values, traditions, so the Europe that there is to some extent the woke market is, is a fantasy and allow.
It has to do just being bullied, but I do think we have to recognise. There is a core cause, powerful unaware. That is that that is very powerful and as one he's in why these messages are being shaped. The way they are, but that just to follow up on this real, quick, Now we got were run our time on this topic, but I think the point that you just made where you're saying that the Woke movies always bomb financially but there and rewarded with awhile exactly it's inside. It is a circular out there. They exist in a bubble, but I just don't think afraid I e the long term that convert or die or convert or lose your job is a long term. Viable strategy in a country that is based on our founding fundamental principles of freedom. Now is speaking of freedom.
No good subway to twenty twenty year, I was hoping to just freedom- is at stake. Halves speaking of money, Corey Booker doesn't have any but went to kick your guys reaction to the fund raising numbers and which are we reading too much into it to see Buddha judge surging ahead in terms of fund raising and seeing people like NATO and Booker fate. Now I dont think were reading too much and too. I think that the democratic field is about to be dramatically when winnowed at the end of the summer and an above around the time of the September debate. So we have a debate in two weeks in Detroit the CNN his airing. That will be like the first debate last month. It will be twenty candidates, maybe even twenty one and they'll be spread of
night. Then August. You basically have a break. You have no debate, but in the September debate the Dnc is kind of heightening the qualifications to participate and at the moment, courting to five thirty eight. You The only have about five six candidates who are qualified Chrissy, the people that we spend most of our time discussing Joe Biden Kamel Harris Elizabeth, worn, Bernie Sanders PETE british edge am so maybe you'll get ah Booker, is able to sneak through Andrew Yang if I'm lucky my fingers of the dying Williamson. I want more Marianne. I think she came and we shall make a surprise play New Hampshire, but look that is at most ten
Now we, the field of twenty three, and so the foot of the queue to fund raising reports are showing us just who has the wherewithal to compete down. The stretched is still very early days, even in the democratic race, but you can tell us that there is a serious lack of enthusiasm in terms of fund raising including uneven and talk to your candidates, and there is, as I think, people like Coy Booker people like better work. People like Kirsten Jill, a brand any club, a sharp they're just now they're just not long after the trail. Knowing in terms of the democratic winnowing, we saw Erics wall. Well, God rest his soul withdrawal last week, but we saw a Tom style.
The recent news doesn't need to worry about downright worry, about fund raising, but it seems like the Democratic Party will have to worry about Tom Styrofoam. If you upset that man and he sits out twenty twenty you ve just lost two hundred million dollars is still plenty of time for several billion euros to get back in this race. Howard Schulz, Michael bloomberg- I want them all in and with them all spending all their money, I am wasting lighting our fire on a losing cause trend to feed the greatest president and we ve seen in the last century. Ok, so but have said that only grow it S. Actually a very conservative statement you gotta make. As you just said, you limited his greatness to the last century. When I saw your friend John Boy, I watched the patriotic video he recorded after the salute to America. Avoid looking Cameron said. My fellow Americans, please. Please join me in praying for this man right this man who came to save our country, the greatest president, the greatest
President Donald Trump. There was not time restricted that was of all forty Forty six, forty five presidents we ve had he is number numerous Una. Yet, while you know histories going to judge in its favour, I dont know if we judge better than Lincoln and and Jeff. In Washington. What maybe you ve already sent him a hundred years put his back to basically since twenty zero residents Harding. Yet since we started winning World WAR, what world wars, ok and having robust economic growth low, Poignent numbers right. This country we are living in we are living in golden times, might be my people. Ok, What how we talk? Democrat, familiar, limited Diana, broken Democrats spending, other people's money, wasting in running up a gigantic deficits and huge debt numbers there. Bending more money than they have. Where would ever, who early problem there? Clearly congressmen,
the governor. They are acceptable, like I guess they play with me. Happily money all day, unfortunately, that monopoly money is very real, because it's your money, let me read my money. You can have you see report point and you see among the twenty four kids they have already raised and basically spend a hundred and fifty million diets, and may I use I haven't heard of more than three these ok Joe. What things strikes me most about like some of these numbers of a Booker disastrous strikes me as as really poor campaign management, because He seems to be spending so much in red using so little, any still has a They support in most the Poles rent, five percent, which is five times what the others
Only five percent of the field showed that tells me that there is some kind of support out there for Booker, but they're not able to cultivate it financially or he's just whatever their spent. They take in this. This ass Brent had a great report this morning on our sight, saying that he is spending much money on salaries. Yes, Yahoo has resulting are getting rich. You ve got sultans in his high level. Advisory story is all this time, but the real story out it's fun. Reasoners is beta beta has dropped so far. The pause he is sitting here, like I'm freaking, like halibut, sit in the in the sand. Bottom of the ocean is beached. He has done. Zero percent in New Hampshire Data. It is pathetic. Beta Four million dollars left He loses two million dollars a month. Beta will be broke by labour gay and since the Democrats love
bring up all these deaths, love spending other people's money into oblivion. I predict right now. Beta is gone October. And you ve got me out of money in his enemy and dying YO. It strange doesn't have a jobs. One final point about, but he is a billion dollar get beta is the other billion it, as he has a very nice life to go back to one final thing, just picking up on your remarks about better work. Remember a work was heavily favoured by o bomber rose, include, I'm told the present President Obama himself, Obama really thought beta was going to be the star and, conversely, The man who has raised the most mare, PETE, brutish edge, is the favourite of David Axelrod. President Obama's chief strategy. And yet Buddha judge for all the money. His raised still not stall. Thou he's kind of stalled,
it means- and in fact, in the fox poor, I think, was a fox poor. South Carolina from last week was at zero support among african american Democrats which, by the way to them important constituency in the in the Democratic Party, so so that here we have an example, team Obama picking two candidates. Leaning over the neither rather than either of whom is doing very well there. I think the reason for that is that Obama is very easy person to figure out who wants you observe him long enough? He is so in love with himself that that is the only thing that he is capable of support. Thing is extensions of heavy scientists albedo, most essentially, most Obama ask candidate in the field is beta, except for the fact that data is moral. Ok, he's really dumb. He had the charisma. He had kind of a similar story of background of being an absolute, nothing rise
in the politics with a legislative record of nothing. And then suddenly getting writing the hype machine all the way to almost winning, except as a copy of a copy of a copy it, which is what beta is too Obama. Obama, smarter Obama. Much better record of victories politically and beta is just not quite Obama, but he is as close to a bomb as you could and Obama himself can only see his story is being the successful story self which candidate is going to follow his path to the nomination and, ultimately the presidency. Well, it would be better. An Axelrod been professional that he is smarter knows that peat actually has a better brain and more record of accomplishment. So that would be a politically wiser choice to take other than this stupid purse vein
I got an Alice's folks, gauges, say beta one more time. Beta beta a work did thing, obdurate, Frances Beta or the thing that their pointing out in which I think is interesting. Is they recognise that Democrats in contemporary politics win without siders and young people who represent Jenner generational change, and then you can look at Kennedy? You can look at Carter, you can look at Bubba, you can look at Brok, Obama, they all kind of fit a man. Can it obviously not an outsider but about us, the whizzing DC, but only for couple years, and he was more of a cultural force. In anything else, Clinton came from Arkansas Carter from Georgia, so you kind of sea with you look at the democratic feel they like. Ok, baino, clearly was stirring up a lot of energy, been in the Congress for a few years, but he asked
You too, have an almost Obama, like effect on crowd threat, but young most important and then mere peat has for all. I can tell a soporific effect on crowds and he puts he put me to sleep when you're starting off the EU makes the whole or bloodless bore. No, it all I've ever seen, nonetheless, very young represents a certain part of the democratic electorate. Millennials. I don't use it on it, or are they just don't have right would be a first, but they just don't have it. What do you know you and what that means? To close, my point is the Democrats are in trouble and twenty twenty I mean instant from washing candidates who are old, not a winning combo historically for democratic nominees right now that if they win, they gotta be the young gun that, since its common in fresh face, I think that a lot of a bomb as LA support in that we ve scenes primary.
He's gone, subsidiaries might show his insecurity of his own legacy, because Obama does not have a legacy at this point in the closest thing to a legacy that he could try to recreate is somebody that models his own personal story politically can destroy out that I just had a brilliant idea. Let's build a blog wants to be present. You that's probably not gonna happen by, has my full support for domination by the. What if he drops out and Dante, declares scanty target he has the way constitutional or Asia. Visa ethics are the air. They EO see Dante Prime actually Dante as a while his dinner, just graduate yet nothing onto directory. I retry retract, my idea, but but you can see where I'm getting right, cause outsider young. Clearly more popular than his dad. That would That would be a winning combo historical. Here's question for the tape
Will a yo see and Obama endorse the same candidate? Ultimately and whose care whose endorsement of this all depends matters more warrant. A mean depends on warn that sheep warning it's a nomination of both endorse, but I don't know I don't think a single endorsed by them. I'm not sure shall endorse Commodore I mean it's either Bernier or or Liz warrant, I'm it she's the the closest thing to the communist socialist, again The Obama will endorse worn but I don't know whether he would endorse Sanders. That's that's! That's that's! That is a bold state that, like a complicated, Netflix Steel, has always money. Take the demagoguery look at said this for a year in the heart of hearts. Democrats want to nominate Elizabeth warn them and I think you're gonna try to tell you re able to figure out a way to get there. What's
She's next refuse to younger run for President the House to me. Twenty twenty is kind of a small for her. When is chucks humor up nine seems like I've right tell you she is going to follow Sarah Palin into the a world of entertainment media? I heard Exmoor thirty Elsie Amis she's gonna happen. Msnbc show it's gonna be very highly rated and that's where she's gone also be a replay avow, sharpens post presidential right now will be more successful. Sexier of that stuff, to you bill spending Washington, Free Beacon, pike, ass, the official podcast washed and free beacon, thanks as always to our. A smack continuity in Erin Harrison. Thank you for listening and fear free to like subscribe, and wider review on Apple podcast, sticker or Google play
we're, not gonna, talk about the icy kids, I thought we went along with what the people love Saguenay, their people, The free beat hard cash synchronize, Charlie Motorway will do us many cast after. I may I would love to talk about the this story. Just gets better and there they stole. They stole gas from a gas station in a town called banana arrival. Just the sort of thing written was rendered wrap it up I ran a reality, still adequately addresses opponents. I think we're all a hidden track. If that happened at you, you are, after a good start. Look, but now we ve got a complete. We got off the millions of more is wanted to talk about a story where there was this ten year olds in
Strangely, the hijacker parents pickup truck, packed full efficient fishing equipment and decided tickets. Six hundred mile threat from their humble abode in the middle, the out back to a village. On the coast of Adelaide, Australia, a thousand kilometers away and they stole gas all the way along the way and ultimately got arrested by the cops. So bill was like these kids are what I want when one day after I finish having eighteen, girls would have a son and that's what he wants to get his son, that there was a girl in the group. It was used boys and one girl, and none of them were older than the age of fourteen. It's very impressed.
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