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Trump Unleashed, Avenatti Update, and the Decline of Suits

2019-03-29 | 🔗
On this episode, sponsored by HoneyBook, the gang discusses Trump's post-Mueller path, gets an important update on Michael Avenatti, and laments the decline of men's fashion.
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oh and open to write and writer, the official pockets of the Washington Free Beacon, sponsored by honey book. I'm your hosts Elizabeth Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W F B, the freebie can progress is available on Itunes, Google play and sticker. Please subscribe, tell your friends and leave a review and make sure to tune in on Tuesday for a very special episode. You will not want to miss. Join me from the right today is rebuking editor in Chief Matthew, Continental. You may remember him from such mainstream media programmes, as all things considered and Foxen friends, you can follow him on Twitter, at continental, plum at our lives and further to match right is freebie can present an Harrison who does not
pencil neck and is a long ball. Hitter were not exactly sure he does around the office. We sense ejects, that's good enough for us her person. It is great to be here on the greatest of weeks and returning to the programme today is the chairman of the Washington Free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, international man, a mystery and licence republican consultant. He always keeps our palace in line how go far. Oh, it was up first on right and writer and his first volley since being completely vindicated by the special council. President Trump rocked the house in Grand Rapids Michigan calling out his political enemies very sick people, including
all the democratic politicians, the media bosses, bad people, crooked journalists and totally dont dishonest tv pundits and all the current and former officials who paid for promoted and perpetuated the single greatest hopes in the history of politics in our country. The present said the russian hopes proves more than ever, that we need to finish exactly what we came here to do drain the swamp quoth they spied on me. He said whoever heard of this. They spied on my campaign and guess what we one it's a beautiful thing that isn't it though we are a means beautiful for tromp. I guess I mean he's is: has the opportunity to reboot as presidency, I'm just struck listening to you, though there's a year and a half until this election. What are we what we can't do. We can't glow over Russia for eighteen, Oh well, they want. They told him of Russia for two years. I think we can talk about it for the next two right Harrison Do we want a week
This was amazing. The best part about this is that Trump is now, compiling and enemies list we have. We are. We are on retribution why she's, like Rambo economic king, you best now that he is out for vengeance, and he is going to be he gonna be slipping, throats and lap, and heads off left and right, the enemies have been proven. That is exam What they are. They are enemies of this presidency that they will not stop with their work until he is either term limited out of office, or he is drag out through that by the deep state law enforcement officers, that is where we're out I mean that they are so transparently hostile to this administration. They will not give you a chance. It is not a fair. They do not approach their coverage of this presidency with fairness whatsoever, and so tromp is going out them with at them, with guns blazing in God, bless the man for
of farm. I didn't get to see the rally. Let me I need to watch the daylight. It was only because the part where he was lamenting the fact that he may have destroyed Elizabeth WAR then the Hannity entered my. My question, though, is you know if he, if he went after the Republican is pretty replay the republican primary from twenty? seen last night problem. No, no, he didn't need will then in a new white man's point. I mean, if we're finally right, two and a half years later, running out of steam on the republican primary play, byplay, maybe The Russia's new thing Cora Robe said you know enough already like, let's move on, let's put it behind us. Trump, of course, will not do that. But like another one of those things where you're like yeah convention would say. This is a stupid thing, dwell on the- u, no special counsel apartment of justice investigation into whether you betrayed the country but trumped the fight
Our convention defies all the rules and up to this point is like it's worked for him, so who's gonna tell me, should move on I'm not saying that he's a knock and discuss it through election day, Don't worry, I'm not saying it's not worth discussing. I think it's a big deal. What I'm saying is there's other things going on and you have to eventually you would gonna have to try to do something. I mean even just whether it's the court's whether it's the border. Amid, for example, he's starting to build a wall. Talk about that age. He did an end health care. They're unhurried talked about everything. How long did he go out? One or two hours one hour and twenty someone's in seventeen? Seventy? Doesn't it was? It was a tour de force. He hit the green new deal from the left
I guess he hit. He hit the fact that their building the wall look the biggest thing with top right now between now and then in the end of the twenty twenty election is that he is going to go back and make sure that he has done his damnedest to fulfil the promises that he ran on twenty. Sixteen, that is his case for being reelected, is either I accomplished plan acts more. I'm sure you know that I am damn sure working on it to make sure that I keep that promise in the Democrats are the only thing standing in his way from keeping those promises. That's but that that is the message of two of between twenty reelect next in another act of political courage, Senate Democrats, including all the twenty twenty candidates about at present for the green new deal, because I guess they didn't want to go on the record being favor of eliminating cow, farts and aeroplanes and paying people unwilling to work. You know Bernie Sanders Types, Alexandria, Cassio Courts, as is
Your plan that has been endorsed by every single twenty twenty democratic candidate did did not receive a single vote. Crying Chuck Schuman DE cried the vote as a sham, which is kind of an accurate way to describe any democratic pro. So a cause. Yo Cortez was added again gas lighting, her supporters thing. She definitely didn't want her democratic colleagues to vote for her Highschool term paper, which is so important, and the only thing that we can do to save the planet before it ends in twelve years. Harrison cooking matches the greatest look. He gave them exactly what they want. They they wanted to draw this line in the sand. That says you're either for the green new deal or your for the destruction of planet in the next twelve years. So much just did Mitt did just that, but it turns out that this stupid green new deal isn't all that politically powerful are for that. It's not that the dagger, that Elsie thinks it is. In fact it's actually more.
Gun pointed at their own head. Ok, they are their policies that they have proposed. So far are so fundamentally on serious. They are going to take this election and they are gonna handle Donald Trump on a silver platter. They are disqualifying on their face. And things like the green new deal. I've been tromp loves, it is rather crop loves it because it's so easily marked. I mean you saw him out there on the stage last night saying that local. In their world electric He's gonna be all wind power in Europe. Want to sit down and watch Netflix, one that you better hope that damn ways blown up there in the back yard. Dear little windmill is turning round and cheering up the electricity Eddie. It's so easily. He was hilarious last night. This is his wheel house he's on fire right now. Look
eighteen months as all hell of a long way to go in this thing. But, like you know what spiked the football, when you can you gonna get it back eventually spike it again. I hate to be the skunk at the Garden Party. I didn't intend to be undertaken to say a few things that are happening there, not all to transfer one. The economy appears to be slowing down the fourth quarter. Growth was revised. Downward consumer confidence is falling. Yields are falling. This global growth is stalling. That's worry. He should be worried about that. That's why we need Steve, more federal reserve as soon as possible, appointed by trial it the right this diversity, the other thing is green new deal great tactical. Victor At the same time, the trouble administration came in support of this lawsuit that would repeal Obamacare through the courts. And while I might agree with the of consequence of such a suit
I think we have to remember that health care was an issue that helps the Democrats and twenty eight ten and the problem with healthcare is an issue. Is that Republicans know what they are against? We are against socialized medicine. We are against Medicare for all. We are against a bomb care, but we have never been able to decide what were for and not being for. Something is politically deadly said worry about that too. Farm. Turning because I've really true that not being for I mean, helps to be against something. It's always I mean a politics, it's easier to be. And something that I don't have a substitute than you open your art for their own seas. Don't bid resolution if you dont have a substitute. You open yourself up, just as we did last time to being against the new that pre existing conditions- stuff, fair enough. I just like if, if the point is that eighteen months is a long time, my suspicion is this law
Food is not going to be in place on the general idea there and what may well be in play. Is the Democrats plan to be against insurance company again and driving all our care, which the status quo is compelling argument being for the status quo and further a hundred and fifty people who have health care that yeah? Then you know they're not thrilled about it, but like they don't want to be on Medicaid or Medicare more. Poker at his town hall. Just other night, the the woman has Medicare and she sang what can you do to fix? and then he says no to care for all. I think that more manicure well, the thing is that this is a message that the Republican Party stands for under Trop is that we are against Obamacare and is it is important for to continue to be against abolish here, because we actually believe that bomb care is bad for the health of the american people. That is bad for the health of our economy, and it is not good for our country, so we need, to make sure that we are coming out clearly
up to now matters right. We have a major problem within the party is that they do not come to consensus over what to do about this The fact is that we are against socialized medicine at next. The twenty twenty democratic race continues, or should I say the apology tore? Joe Biden continues to apologise for being Joe Biden, which really strengthens his argument. That Joe Biden should be President, the United States and PR updates, as on this phenomenon or the natural ends of identity, politics on steroids quote no long the de fought the headline reads: male candidates grapple with their identity to captain and the team and male nanny robber. Rourke has had to apologize for joking about his wife, who was a mom for being mom Bernie Sanders inquiry Booker among the candidates also asked about how they would look beyond their male points of view and PR says, all of which is to say
the men running and, in particular, the white men running are having to grapple with gender and away they ve never quite had to before Goldfarb Shouldn the White man just step aside to a more diverse candidate like say contests. I mean as you as you say, that I guess the thing I'm wondering is like: can you be the president of the United States and also the legitimate governor of Georgia at the same time How are we going to grapple with that reality that she's like not can He did one race and is going to produce. Really when another. I am very calm. Used how that will work out. But she doesn't want to be vice president now she's issues. We already know that you're not gonna, run she's going for the big insulin, She said she wasn't around them through said she was gonna run. Then she said you. Why did this woman changes are mine, which, I will say is a feature of women
There must convey lives hasn't changed your mind, one, the exact there's always hope. Harrison thoughts on this latest. Let me twenty fucker has been battling with his own identity. Furred is allowed our last year, or so I dont look. This is just how pathetic display of leadership in kowtowing to them extreme elements of their party, we're talking about Cory's relationship to the financial, and I mean the guy is I gotta lotta desire he's on every side of every issue, I mean the Booker. There serious identity, questions with his logic of running for president. So look at this is the great part about the Democratic Party from as an observer as hater of the dam. Rats as I am? I love watching them fight amongst himself? I love having the fourth furthest left plank of their party.
The alleged mainstreamed leaders of their party down on their knees, is Trump would say, and an Capitula Brown was down already also admit paradises, Mitt Romney yet, yeah well simple one of the only candidate gonna fight, I mean you pathetic winter. They actually gonna start taken shots at each other June. Twenty votes all behind is that even at the upper end, twenty six and twenty seventh of June, I believe, are the first to democratic debate, but isn't it resting though they everything main reasons. Why trump? One like the anti political correctness, the Democrats died, when down so much on this identity politics of man, and I mean this end- your art almost an amazing to read. It's just twilight zone strikes me when MIKE asked the question: when will they actually start openly attacking each other? I'm just going through my
it's so rare for that to happen until you're in the middle of the actual primary debates and Democrats are so good and kind of keeping all the attacks on the sub Rosa level. Three weeks, New York Times and CNN ass. They have been doing for months, but- bet you when they have those first debates on twenty six and twenty seventh it'll just be a kind of all. You know your Democrats, proud Democrats were against Donald Trump and were against the conservatives, and here we are in oh by the way you know I'm a black woman nor I move hispanic guidance or I'm. You know NATO and so on young boy. I've noticed now get out of your mayor PETE, I repeat, speaking of mere people, he was attacked today in a peace I saw because even though he's gay he's also since gendered. Why man, oh and on the z here, maybe of grievances, big bad
that is your? Go? You gendered, I thought that was surrendered. I thought was like hetero normative, no, you identify with your gender yeah. That's what it says. You're says hundreds of means and learned five, zero grandma, the resale right to education,
He's a male he's, a white. Now he just happens to be a gay white male, and this is a problem for the laughter of the Democratic Party gaze, gala privilege that he's gotta count. That's right now. I now it's time to check in with our sponsor honey, but if you have a great idea for a business, what's holding you back, if the thought of all that admin work is overwhelming, honey book is here to help you get your plan off the ground. Honey book is an online business management tool that lets you control your client communication, bookings, contracts and invoices all in one place. If you're, a creative, freelancer or small business owner honey book helps you stay, organise with cut custom templates and automation tools, you can even use honey book to consolidate services. You already use like quick books, Google, sweet and male chimp right now. High book is offering our listeners fifty percent off your first year with promo Code, W F, p payment is flexible, and this promotion applies, whether you paid monthly or any
we gotta honey book, tat, calm and use the promo code. W have be for fifty percent of your first year get paid faster and works martyr with Honey book deck com, promo code, W E. So we ve had also a lot of other news this week that we touched on a little Tuesday, but we really had to get our chief legal endless victory. No Madison here distorted all thrill, hello, is. This is not just the legal, updated, never naughty up they examined, and that is why, in a while, it has been so our favorite porn lawyers vacuum a news, creeper be porn lawyer sepia at whatever that was ok on Monday, you might live a naughty was arrested by federal agents in New York in June. With the crime of extortion and, at the same time, prosecutors in California charged him with bank and wire frauds very much like a stormy Daniels movies get net ends of the country of the country. Ok, first New York
ever naughty was supposed to have us that that would, like exaggerate and four weeks had been threatening them with going public about a scandal. Let suppose to be somewhat to the ideas scandal that brought down coach Rick Patino in other words he was claiming that Nike reps were giving money to Highschool players to go to certain schools that had Mikey sponsorships rain, that obviously violation of insecure rules. And he demanded that Nike pays client, Le Basketball coach from California for use team about one and a half million dollars, but them on top of that. He demanded that Nike retain him in another way and unindicted conspirator that everybody says Mark Farragos for anywhere between. Fifteen and twenty five million dollars to do an internal investigation to root out the corruption at Nike, in their audio and video recordings of this, and then there is the third option in which he says if Nike quote wants to have one confidential settlement, we're done they can, by that, and he actually says by that for twenty two and a half.
Million dollars were done. We write off into the sunset the altar. It is, he says, he's not only riding out no he's not at all and I'll. Tell you something about writing its. He said that, if not, he will generate bad press, and now she said I'll go. Take ten billion dollars off your clients, market cap, Ahmad F and around you going to do this right is March. Madness was coming up and an earnings call. So it's one thing to ask for one and a half million dollars for your client Twenty five million dollars- that is what that is being. We in the legal community call aggressive advocates right. Yes, thank you for laughing. He went advocating for his client personally enriching himself by threatening criminal prosecution for personal benefit. That is called extortion right right off. That's one thing really quickly on the California Avenant. He was charged with figures. Tax returns to secure a four million dollar loan for the Big Mississippi. He lie to a client about
average words when they would be available. He told them that the money was an available yet, but it was, and he took that like one and a half million dollars and spend it on personal expense. Yes and he would help millions and taxes from his workers at tallies. Coffee. But he didn't hand over that tax money to the IRS. The prosecutors claim, obviously things that tell if your grinding to a halt grinding baby stormy right body grinding. Ok, in addition to that, he and his old from you can have a naughty, did not pay income taxes for multiple use. We always millions more he's been receives. Separate sentences from California in New York is problematic. Sparred? He could go to prison the quest. Why and its because he was already in a very bad, financially desk. Yeah. She told us from the last I'm so he always a lot of money is like. Why do people go to loan sharks and we go under extremely desperate and that's it where he is, I'm guessing that he thought he could solve all our problems in one fell swoop? By getting
I came to pay twenty five million, your personal back taxes, that cetera but again like any Norman Daniels Movie it just blew up in his face back to you, you back I want to comment VIC's sartorial excellence, when he does these legal act updates. I dont want to abortion address like I just like a lorry dresses. He hasn't litigation suit on. It is fantastic and it brings our level of credibility to this part gas in his personal analysis here that I think A precedent in the pot cast industry- I was, I already learned something yesterday evening that pertains to Nike. Yes, so did you know that fill night is of the night Ridder family and fill night son is film maker Travis night. You knew that, but what, if gees, can I be adopted? The families of the impress monies related, Sir Knight Rider
here is the heart goal not around men are ditching suits and retailers are struggling to adapt. According to the Wall Street Journal Relaxed office, dress codes are the culprit and sales of tailored brands, which owns Joseph a bank and men's warehouse, dropped over ten percent last quarter, so what're, so called men wearing instead braced yourselves, LULU Lemon pants, Oliver Chan, a senior equity research endless for retail and luxury goods at Investment Bank Cohen Ink, where stretching pets from Lula, lemon, athletic ink to the office. The journal reports he pairs them with a place. Her button down dresser and sneakers quote the current crop of young adults. Love comfort, said: Marshall Cohen works at a research, a market research firm. The word stretch quote in May and men's, where isn't a dirty word any more man? This is truly terrifying. You nor it started with the
since its when you, where actual that is what would start, but also the people who were like the blazer in time. But then the genes with This is what he's doing he's just taking the greens to the next level Comfor, which is pajamas yet, which is the Lou lemon style, said they said, suits, aren't gone altogether there, trying to cater to the millennials, with plaid pinstripes and showing them how they can wear them. A more modern ways like with sneakers and a hoodie I thought you were a hoodie. This is just a silicon valley like this, if the other and the sneakers. This is all another disease from California that spreads across the country. I had aware suit twice a week, and I am grateful that today I M just a month standard sweater, rain. Harrison I mean you're, always in a suit, so
as somebody will repay soon, as somebody Irish are who has now want to suit since this eighth grade graduation, I must step in here and defend the casualness of one's wardrobe fast icon, amongst my peers, a fashion icon, monks, amongst those who look up to me. And sales aboard many little. Here's my subordinates. Yes, I would like to say that comfort is the ultimate mark of success, dress how you can, if you have address? If somebody tells you how to address, you have not made it this planet. Ok, if you are following a dress code, you haven't made it this planet. We do not have addressed Really all enforcement I mean. I know we don't, because these have unemployment walked. Around barefoot. That's got was that she's off on that was one hell of a bold move I actually improve. I was impressed by price, the boldness of it I mean who the hell would think.
Walking around with flung it. What was what was the reason? Was it like a fungus? Russians isn't gonna. Do you realize that you remember the reason? I don't. Who you talking about. I know what to say. I would like a listener. The shall I go out. My mom, I'm sure you'd better, be back. I just one the toy you're wearing a nice tie to go out to me. I do have a theory about why. Josephine banks is having all these problems and I think it's the offer of good by ten you can get twenty suits. That's the multiplication of those deals is always very confusing. Then I was invited I of the fire, and we ought to a special sale of Especial Joseph vapor
Phil? Loom Renault Army? I spoke now her hurried up next connect computer. Tell you, when you're going to die Fox news reports, researchers have covered a disturbing benefit of artificial intelligence. The ability to more accurately predict a person's demise researchers at the University of Nottingham created algorithms, with data from five hundred thousand british people aged aged forty to sixty nine to try to determine their chances of dying prematurely. Fourteen hundred fourteen thousand people from the test group died during the study, mostly from cancer other diseases between two thousand six and twenty ten. So the researchers created an algorithm that takes into account demographic data, biometrics, clinical and lifestyle factors, and even how many fruits and vegetables they ate. Every day, the computer correctly predicted seventy six percent of
subjects who died Harrison? Somehow I feel like this is a bad idea. No, I I think this might be a good idea this. This is something that my mind is kind of blown by this like what would you do if you knew the date that you were going to die right. How does it? How does the? How are they able to actually Goldfarb has then? I do not think we can hear the hold up. The other thing is it There are so many different variable can affect like does the date is a dynamic date like or are you just given? You know just hasn't the insurance come. In desire, thereby using sadly there for some time, leave Israel now. But what would you they can tell you. If you ask, they can tell you what your life expectancy is based on your lifestyle. I mean, I think it can. It depends on how much time you do have laughed. You know if you, if you're told it yet ten days
like its time. What are you doing? What did what is what his hairy, maybe a lot material on the calendar? There's going to be a lot. I believe our first plotted Trump rally where we are now there's gonna, be a there's gonna be a weekend vendor in Vegas, probably pray for days. I think, is about how we can say that you have three left. What are you going to do in our three is enough to kill most people if I survived the fourth, I'm already beaten the game. Think I'll Olivenca and I we go Daddy daughter, Data Disney world? We try to do as much as we can to left and then the misses- and I are going to go to a romantic, get away on tropical island on a private generate meant death the gun day. The day I die, we are going to be waking up to a plate of delicious blueberry pancakes of family. Just in that, I think I'm just gonna do you. I wasn't gonna, do a full day of gluttony and alcoholism. Opening up only one right now
Basically, I live on every Friday. Oppositely thoughts go far enough in its remit. Three of that famous live tv shot on the local news in LAS Vegas when they went the interview, people who were filling out power, Baltic gets a Catholic, a billion dollars or whatever, and they asked the guy. What would you you if you on and just right away There's an blow violence, I've television, which, like it's a little bit the same question right. If you knew when you are going to die, it's a little bit like winning the lottery, because you know you don't have The plan, fine, Chile, any more. You don't have all this stress on you any more, but what? If you're given like fifty years like what that's the day. I wouldn't want to know. I wouldn't now, that's actually worsened away, isn't it because then it's like us the hell you plan for that, but you have to play like an adult. That's the Bennet. That's actually boring. That's anticlimactic! You like ok, like Prob, expect diet. Eighty five
am I die since remove when I'm eighty, this right and their crews around in my a robust scooter file five years in the nursing home. Finally, Duncan doughnuts is celebrating Easter with two new peep themed menu items, including a peep topped donut and peep flavoured coffee. The list are calm. Reports do not as white icing an especial blend of green and egg shaped sprinkles. Any many yellow peeps check is perched on top. The coffee, however, does not sound as appetising as one can add, the marshmallow sugar candy to your favorite, hotter, iced, coffee or espresso drink, but that's not all Duncan done. Its will drive around a keeps mobile from Bethlehem Pennsylvania, the birthplace of Peeps, to Quincy Massachusetts, where Duncan doughnuts was founded. The first hundred fifty guess at each Duncan stop would be offered
free, small peeps, flavoured iced coffee, any peeps Donut Harrison. You seem like a well thought out. Peeps are weird, though the wish some big march, I think they're pagan art wealth there, I was reading all about religious connotations. I dont know about peep candy, recently Easter, with the pagan bunny well with the symbol, or it get into it. I don't want it. That's what I'm not really that our key listen, we will do. We will do all right writer, a cold podcast wondered diving. All of this weird thing, all the weird stuff out there you know so why next Friday Y Y, you seem so upset yesterday agreed here to some years right out there I went to you, I was gonna, get him now, it's, as is it's not like an indictment of your hosting abilities, lives. Note this. Actually, that high was flabbergasted by the fact that I personally walked into Duncan doughnuts this morning, this very much, You do like the Dante, and I was not tried
We try to sell me on it on a peep coffee. Nobody try using all Maeotid yeah, ok, no, I didn't. I didn't sorry, I just I was gay Duncan Zaga sponsors are not really show for them. That's true, but like I actually silky, though, that I feel better about this, because I thought that I missed a deal or thought this was because I was I was like that is that it I was. I was but call you on your ridiculous was foreseen. We know the penalty for spreading fake needed on their use, a symbol of errors of Europe. Unfortunately, this time we have debated this right now like to give a special things. Are parties are all before and of course our freebie can guess, Matthew Continuity and Harrison Michael Goldfarb and victory. No matters remember find us on Itunes, Google, plate and stitches, just search for free beacon. Please subscribe to friends and leave a positive review like listeners. The wings from Michigan who tell us right writer is their favorite podcast, who listen to during dinner until next time.
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