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Trump Walks Away, Bryce Walks to Philly, and the Generational Ambassador Returns

2019-03-01 | 🔗
On the latest episode of the Free Beacon podcast, sponsored by Calm, the gang discusses Trump's diplomacy, pines for the days of legends on the diamond, and asks the Generational Ambassador about millennial side-hustles.
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low and welcome to write and writer, the official podcast of the Washington Free Beacon sponsor by com. I'm your hostile is apparent in you can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W F, B, freebie complied gases available on Itunes. Google play in stature play subscribe. Tell your friends and leave a review joining me from the right today is free begin editor in Chief Matthew, cotton Eddie. You may remember him from such mainstream media programmes as empires morning edition and see spans Q and a you can follow him on Twitter at caught, nutty plummet, color was further to mats. Right is free, beacon, president, Harrison who is available for free lance security at sea pack when exactly sherry does around the office. Besides Jackson, that's good enough for us, hello, Harrison heavily armed security,
returning to the Berger today is the chairman of the free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, international man, a mystery and licence republican consultant. He always gives our palace in line local far followers, but first on right and writer. Present Trump walked away from a bad deal during his summit with controls on from said can wanted all sanctions lifted, which was a deal breaker for the United States Trump treated this morning, great to be back from Vietnam and amazing place. We had very substantive negotiations with Kim Jong on. We know they what they want, and they know what we must have relationship very good. Let's see what happens Matt. Sometimes it's good.
Walk away. Yes, especially when, as North Koreans are demanding the lapse of sanctions, where there was some sanctions, whether was all them doesn't really matter. Few relent, they're gonna go back to doing no good, and so tromp was right to walk away. They haven't announced a third summit. There might not be a third summit and of its a week, achieved the least worst outcome, and I am satisfied what I am satisfied with the earth people in the media, not the actual national measures, they do the national security experts, even Susan right, like ok, good, he walked away. That's good you're right, but then you have these was saying: oh what a failure, but it's not a failure. Oh it's not leave you avoid a bad outcome right there. That's! What Obama should have gotten is vital
from a bad deal with iron won't believe so committed to a bad deal. With these idiots, just read the Washington Post, opt out of the New York Times are better than they just repeat whatever. That is because these are people that study this issue. These you're, not people that are immersed in the North Korea, a problem for the past seventy five years. This was what it was, nothing hurt. You know, work were made, You dont, where this kind of an intelligence coup for the United States. In that we get this hermit king Two waterless fat is his walking. Security guards around his car out into the public again we get to talk too, when we get to see psychologically study him even further with real hard evidence is opposed to suppositions, and here say so good on that aspect not is but two days out of our presidents time. Who cares? It was great
and the other thing is trumps, not getting walled in these negotiations. All these all the bellyaching that's been going on in the press. Yeah look, there's a bad deal. The North Koreans after promoting themselves assail, were serious about this war fundamentally on serious, which everybody, anticipated from the beginning. But now it's reiterated to the public, trumpet no is no dummy on this stuff he's not get unrolled here. North Korea is not getting anything that they wanted to either? But there's dialogue not about thing in the sense that there is dialogue? However, if there is going to be a third summit- and I really doubt that there is going to be at this point- the north and we're going to have to make an initial concession before we even come to the table at this hour every after meeting We fully Weiss. That's fine for me, too, relocated to force thrice, but they're gonna have to be serious. In our last session I mean just the fact that there were like oh we're, going to close a couple of nuclear sites, inaction.
For all the sanctions being lifted and fosters on its face, it's not, they were not so to begin with an end. Now everybody gets to see that for those that have not been immersed in that world of afford diplomacy confined in the hardliners in the Trump administration, I think we're very pleased with it. How come. I know that, because we were out drinking with the hardliners last night and they said they were very pleased with the outcome. You know the warm beer com the about Otto? That was some embarrassing. I dont know why he felt compelled to say that I think for tromp personally Minis become we know, has a relationship with the guys parents. I just don't know quite what transpired there, but if that was like the downside of this summit.
Pretty limited. It just sort of embarrassing for Trump, I think, can kind of awkward for him personally, but for the country it's fine, it was the best of of the possible outcomes. Also, Trump was not here for the Kohen testimony, which was definitely a good outcome for every body, because that would have been bananas if tromp was sittin there tweeting all day, while Cohen was in front of the Congress, so good outcome at next. Of course, the North Korea summit has given short shrift because the Democrats had to schedule testimony from Michael. Oh and a weak person on the same day drums personal tourney revealed numerous times. Media reporting was wrong and that, once and for all, he's never been to Prague, but perhaps the biggest bombshell from the hearing came when come Revealed Trump spoke to Roger Stone about a massive document dump from Wikileaks, which they could
we have known about if they weren't living under a rock in June. Twenty. Sixteen, when Julian Assange told everyone that Wikileaks we're going to publish more Hillary Clinton emails. Let's take a lesson that he had just gotten off the phone with Julian Assange and Mr Stange pulled Mr Stone that within a couple of days there would be a massive dump about an upcoming holding. Your opening statement quote massive dump a kid. I cannot answer that in a yes or no, he had advance notice that there was going to be a dump it. He had just spoken with joy and outside who said there would be a quote massive dump. It was a short conversation in said Mister Trump. I just want to let you know that I just got off the phone with Julian Assange and in a couple of days there is going to be a massive,
so Mr Tromp was aware of the upcoming dump before it actually happened. Yes, Harrison riveting stuff, it was a big explosives. Dump We all knew about it and this whole testimony was a political act of masturbation in front of the Congress crowded about an explosive dynamics. The scant illogical Democrats are evident. You can clearly it does look. I feel it there's a name that it escapes me. Well, we're said the disease been fully for several decades now ray. I we just got to see it. A person live for like a hours. What shows area that we have never tried hers and we have some lives that listen to this podcast, probably the hate. Listen to it. They want to know what we have to think about this, but I
What really focusing on what I am about to say about Trump and his person old, you know short comings and his certain character flaws in his eccentricities. Sawdust does come closer to the MIKE or to the two for the speaker turn it up a little bit and I am going to let you know losses. We know we choose still stopped and to make us care. We do now care. We know what we elected. We are not stupid people. You are stupid. If you think that we don't we didn't know this stuff, we embrace he's our guy and look at the Supreme Court. Look what I got us look, what this horrible character, man, this horrible man of character, of poor character, goddess! It got us a conservative enduring majority in the courts. It got us lower tax, I'm sorry on republic it! These are things that I believe it.
Where'd he watched the Alex Joel POD Rogan. So you can tell electorate that you can tell fired today. Here's that take away from the hearing. The Democrats can a peach trump They know that. That's why they're walking away from this impeachment talk, despite seeding the floor to two calling for hours and they can't impeach him because they realize what they have on him, knowing enough to impeach, it does not constitute high client heiress misdemeanours, but what this was was a sign that the southern district of New York- is laying the groundwork for an indictment of Trump an end when that indictment happens is anyone's guess, and this is the real issue for our democracy, because we're seeing in Israel right now what happens when you have a sitting head of government under an
I meant in the middle of a camp Elect electoral campaign, so that I continue to believe that the southern district is playing with fire. With this investigation, Consarn yeah, I mean my take away. From the hearing, which I did not watch but sort of vaguely followed. Was that that Rashid, it too late is a big problem for the gems she's. Not she ends up haven't to apologize to mark metal, for calling him a racist in the military. Wasn't calling him a race, as you didn't call me, raises engaging in a racist, but I'm sorry, I called you erase love settlement to go island she's such a Linux day goes and calls him of races so which I will use as a safe way to go to my other favorite jihadist in Congress. Doha. No more, who again this week, accused Jews allegiance is to a foreign power and and then
was, in the course of of describing I'm sorry to take us off track your book. I can't how now it says in the course of of making the point that her crew system of Israel is being style. In silence because of her religion and that people are wielding the charge of Anti Semitism as a weapon to silence her and and but by the way you you haven't allegiance to a foreign power, so these two are the problem in the midst of all the code. No, I mean what was in the Kohen thing: there's like nothing of no elderly held up but check there launch seven new investigations based on what he said. These guys. We have to do a list this week of all the investigations they promised. There's gotta be in investigate for every single Democrat member of Congress. At this point that they're going oversee for the next two years. I want to see the investigation of Amy Clover Char staff treatment. I mean I was literally what we saw on versus the equivalent. No political equivalent of that was what the Kohen testimony was at next captain of the crew team and
I'll nanny robber Rourke has decided to not run for Senate and lose again and Texas and appears to be close to making an announcement for twenty twenty. Meanwhile spry, seventy six year old Joe Biden has a campaign in waiting and has gotten approval of his family? But wouldn't you know it is already stepping in it by calling vice president might pence cats, a decent guy Biden was forces. Hi guys because, of course, there's nothing decent about being a christian Goldfarb. At this two white guys are really gonna shape up the race I mean, I think, paid almost moment I sort of I mean it's early yet and blah blah blah, but you can feel a couple unlike lap pull out in New Hampshire on Elizabeth warn. That was devastating. I mean she's lost ten points in six months and that ten points since the start of her problems, the DNA tests than and all that shenanigans, ten more points percentage points than she ever has been delayed.
End and Bernie as doubled. His support parties, like he's gonna, be tough to beat and by he's gonna be tough to beat. I don't know I mean I think it may come down all white white, guys good for America, The burning number New Hampshire is very good for him and, of course, he won at last last time, yet right and It was only Hilary being if he had won and I were he could have taken that nomination from from Hilary. So then it's really who wins Iowa and that's what action is a model for the Damn South Carolina is I it was for us too. For the dams but Obama, but look Obama one eye what before once after, I think No minorities, and I were New Hampshire and the Democratic Party is the minority party. When was the last time didn't in, are in twelve in our race in it the three early once
Three different ways who one Iowa in because Rick Santorum one Iowa right right and then run you new one New Hampshire. If you could have a situation like that where things are going kind of split decision, but I think I think this is the first to contest. Are, are really all that matter and at that it's going to show you the who the who the held as There is only one Democrat who has proven that she can beat Bernie Sanders in a democratic process. Democratic primary, and that name is Hilary. Never MIKE is exactly right. There is no clear cut favorite right now, and this is a free for all of gigantic gargantuan proper approach of I mean the His on fortress chaos on the left is present as of unease unseen and in american history, its unprecedented and the fact that the only way you can stick out in this type of
is to say the craziest nonsense is only going to do the rest of the field to the left. We sought with Kemal Harris last week when she just like, is asked about the most recent. Article policy, better care for all she's, a guess, you're sure. Of course I have to be on their team. Otherwise I lose my pieces support Joe Biden. Gonna get in and my whole thing about your bike. Very similar. To my whole thing about your Michael Coat Joe by nobody cares that's his biggest challenge. No, but He cares about Joe Biden, you ask every democratic country its own. They almost give you a free, can shopping list of reasons why Joe Biden shouldn't be President Visa, explaining
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with Leona Louis. They even have a soothing music and much more right. Now, free beacon progress listeners can goaded, can get twenty five percent of a com premium subscription at combat coms. Last up, you have a that's see a l m dot com, Slash w e, get unlimited access to all of constant today at com, dot, com, Slash W F B. Now, it's time to check in with right and writers, generational ambassador, Paul, Kristen, open This puts gone on so today is a new era for a very old enterprise, the site, Hustle is being transformed by the gay economy, where it we talk about prostitution? very often in the less the gig economy the gives that's what they refer to it as in the past. Yes, the oldest prefer
It is neither a profession, nor is it the oldest, but it is. The method in an enterprise is something something get. What is it so the Well, the idea of the side hustle right! Is it something that you you do I'd, say your primary waving in communist. Are we're getting in communist? Not really your a different forms in what we call the gig economy. It involves a lot of random task, see that are given to you from apps that you can sign up for us, so over, but you have a lot of them that are just random tasks. Things like task hangs was up what are some of the tasks, so you have a whole a whole range of them, but one that is I in a recent washingtonian peace is,
our charging, those electric scooters that you see around Washington We go around and get them some Maloney answered are doing now. You have to do it yeah you, you, you get money per charge and I can be like, depending on how much charging and neither can do at ten to twenty dollars lights ability system. Yet exactly so you have a professionals like Nick Ryan who become what are called rangers in the industry and they they go around. In next case, he actually has learned how to ride to schools. At the same time as he takes back memories, I would argue that it up and so too are to take. Nick as an example in the pages of the Washingtonian, we learn about his current gig,
day the thirty year old works in business to business sales for done in Bradstreet, a good job with a comfortable salaried, but at night it's all cargo shorts and snow. All cargo shorts and sneakers wild goose, chases and the thrill of the hunt and others got six figures, but he really material round my single hood. He still wants to well he's to want to do that, and this is an increasing trend among millennials. Making a decent salary, but they like having something on the side. The keeps him busy and give them some pocket change so though they void of their otherwise anti meaningless, lie. Well, the they don't have part, you know they my have, and I have spouses there have kids dog. That would also you going to do the twenty minutes had dug one of the most times more or less. Europe is dogs. And then dog walking and so a lot of these people there's or app called Rover. One one woman made as much as a thousand dollars in a month. Just doing you know, walk
dogs during lunch, break Cyrano as much as she can dogs overnight. You know, which is obviously more money, and it struck me that really these are like a way of guinea fulfilment and feeling productive more than malignant, actually need that dogs overnight. What they leave the dog with you overnight, So, like someone someone's gonna, be out of town and you keep the dog overnight in they pick it up the next day and that's that's more than six forty nine pay you to do that now. I'll be set out and for better than having allowed ray, and when you get to meet all these different kind, they figure out Agua yeah Simon a new life, my sister Anna pioneered there's gotta, be more money in dog sitting than baby sitting now right, just supply and demand Spiderman precisely set up. Sad, so I can go
A lot of detail here about. You are obviously a few favorites that I got that I found during my research of other side hustled yeah There are popular one is nude. Modeling actually got pretty well enough in home. Back to the old, any visual aids for gold barber. While this is a little artistic ivory you out only in some of that site hassle on the internet. This is important that this is the New York. Manhattan is the center of artistic community and they deserve neither high class people in Europe that are being worked on In in a home taro card reading, I thought I was excellent. And go to your house and read your taro cards. They they bring. They bring the terror their territory there. The expert here, ok, but many any others you One thing I was impressed by the lot of the many pages of notes. To have sorry, I e the notes didn't,
get organised kids, VIC needed to talk to me riper printed of savage ties. Now, George. I think George. In university, economist, even fuller kind of some of the situation up pretty well, he said self denial. It is not in these days law long term use of for millennials long term is within the year, not within the lifetime. In short term means this weekend that I actually read this fees, which I too rare for me to read a peace that relates to the culture section. So I have some thought I didn't even Rina I'll just say I think these kids are getting a lot of coming. I liked it they're out there puzzlin. They are now it out there, it's good, it's their rising their work in instead of sitting on the couch and playing video games. There make an extra money they go below the extra money on booze and hanging out with their friends. That's what I'm it is all about. That's like you know. Lifeless
in the pursuit of happiness I couldn't I was like- I thought this was one of those rare times where I read one of these pieces- millennials and actually came away. Thinking. There's hope. This is why we have put into the angry emphatic trying to understand you have aside Hustle Paul yeah, so I know he has been. The new modeling so I, I don't have a side hustle in DC, currently, unfortunately, but when I was, the big apple before saying, with free beacon and taking my towns to decency. We really fought hard hard battle. The gap between Us- and I am so back then friend and fellow millennial Chuck, gave me an important lesson, and that was everyone in New York has side hustle, which explains why the places so crazy our joint venture into the artisanal cupcake space, didn't really pan out site, Chaskey Deadly,
me with an important lesson and really it was that he was an actual entrepreneur, so I seek a two seas. I see cleavage year where you have written it wants to get back to the cupcakes orbit If we have any nuclear, I've got your attention. You you a lot of one is, I know therein, there are the tradition of entrepreneurship, and you know they have big ideas, other things but the gig economy does. Is it enables you to get the tasks sent directly to you so far, What are these people it's a way of having stuff to do delivered straight? them, and they don't have to actually figure it out right So you you have this difference here and I think what is happening. Is you someone who will make the aps and You know they're gonna have shares in these.
Companies and they're gonna end up with a bunch of money. I mean designers crap work to be done in their doing it. That's good. So thank you palm. Thank you at first in our culture around the cutest animal on Instagram is possibly in your trash. Can the New York Times reports on the disturbing trend of millennials keeping rats past in Rangoon as pets and dressing them up in PJ's, so the vermin can become influencers. There's starfish the peasant from Virginia Rocket, the wreck hewn and gizmo the twelve pound pet. Scum. Quote, has been really cool, watching people turn around their opinion, instead of just seeing them as creepy hissing animals. Alison Sanchez, who nursed a pass back to health and waited in line to see starfish, who has a quarter of a million followers on social media.
The time says: Vermin historically, considered pests are being re, marketed, raccoons become trash, pandas possums become trash cats. This so called vermin, stewardship, also known as freaks, who try to keep disease written pass as pets. Has Daniel Stuart, who already has two horses, a dog and cat to adopt a raccoon named rocket. Like many Instagram Once there is a rocket has a knack for opposing and a penchant for avocado Stuart complains it's hard to find people to raccoon sit. Quote. Does our new found appreciation for the trash pet signify, a sort of existential Zeit, Geiss and new found empathy for the misunderstood, a mirror of the millennium condition? The times asked or more Maybe Matt there has always been and always will be freaks among us.
At this peace before setting to you- and I said, a little prayer for plague- you know that's that's the outcome. Yeah here, it's not good Harrison Is there a site us all for the Iraqi United Herman PATH yeah? But I I just don't like that. Weapon Tonia, you guys are employing two people who have had a possums as pets. I myself raised to a possums from, Brian. I brought them back up the way for the really does that the current, what kind of but I was for an island. Kindly said something right and you did it wrong. I'm going to call them opossums for the rest of my life, because it is most people represent all means of what you actually raise two frickin frank and
were found on the side of the road they were rescued. My mother at the time was a day at the time, I've lost refugees. Yes now she was a doesnt at the zoo at the time. I also my mother at the time stolen mother today we brought them home as pets. We raised them from there. Efficiency and we don't leave them to the world, or at least if we probably fed them to you, know one of the local alligators Bobcat, sir. Our mouth lines that were in the in the in the name heard of where we lived, but I want to tell you something: opossums far great pets. They are so gentle very friendly and There are various snugly no This is an argument. Is that how its grow category, in I'm sure it's adorable, but look. I would say that if you are raising a raccoon, I would caution against that. Those things are rabid, their wild and their aggressive. That is a rest,
the air Astraea their sharp things all over them? They are. They are like trying to smuggle a razor blade. It's awful go far enough. Time this conversation, I'm just wondering like what is the penalty in my neighborhood for firing a gun you know in the You're right, it's like a because if I saw a raccoon once back there and he is like sort o hobbling around, he had a busted leg and an eye. When I try to scare many like him, he wasn't scared. They now he's Ravioli bow fight. You yet no, and I will- and I thought about allowing the gun lobby, but I don't know like do the cops Europe your house in. Is that like a big or you loud, I always wondered why are gone on your property in America. Man would probably let you off the hook granted good point, although maybe he's really sympathetic amendment. Where's advocacy of records are up next instagram model. Bryce Harper has signed technically the largest contract in baseball history
and it's going to the Philadelphia fillies for thirteen years at three hundred and thirty million, pretty good payday for a guy who didn't even back to fifty Last year, Harrison Oh, you mess more his mediocre defence or his hair flips. Look this one hit me hard? As somebody who is one hand, listen, I links. I want iconic players. Ok, we don't have them anymore, the game of baseball. It is very rare. You have the player, who is not only like predicted from the age of sixteen to be the greatest player in the game? to go to one team and then stay there for the averred, his entire career, which should all spans about twenty years. It's an important thing for a city. It's an important thing for a new fan base, which is what the DC baseball population is relatively. We have only been around since two thousand and five, but Bryce was the guy who, when he when he made his debut in May
two thousand and twelve. We became a winning team. At that point we want and what we want in twelve, we won that won the division in twelve one fourteen we wanted sixteen. We want in seventeen and its weaving competitive. Ever since the missing Bryce Harpers, a big thing, are you not fault him for taking the payday at three hundred and thirty million dollars for thirteen years. That is. That is just that that is a man who is, who knows, is worth and is Goin out there and taking it. Now I do problem with him, taking it it within the division, because the Phillies and all others, Come back vans that live here in D C, for some reason or day of all this loyalty to the city of Philadelphia, the city that they fled from they hate, so I can't even stand to live there themselves, but then what our team store winning. Then we have to hear about it all the time so he's going to do you see about a dozen times a year and we gotta see it. I'm not going to be there to boobs. It's hard for me to be there to just sheer on the nets. I dont like too feels that Buddha fills.
Let's go. Gnats would bring home another division and shove it up here for the next two thirteen years. Finally, a California man has enraged twitter for offering twelve tips on how to be a beautiful woman. Alexander J, a Cortez as women should be then be able to cook, have long hair where maker be feminine, be graceful, be central it should go without saying the fashionable, where pink and feminine colors love men and listened to men. Cortez followed up his as with the very long selfie filled thread showing off his long brown. Hair quote horrifying that people with these sorts of beliefs actually exist outside of bad self, publish fiction, one true risk I did on Twitter for Cortez, also warn men about red flags and women, including a woman who doesn't care about, looking pretty, not being able to cook being overly fat, not liking. Children and worst of all,
being a feminist, Goldfarb where's. He wrong. There was an across Europe this is our J. A quarter is J. Our think he's a woman known these. This speech in his opinion and you just seen hours opinions than sound opinions tips, but I tell you later what's wrong with that, but take away their wants his woman. To put it first does have relational Jesse have what I know now, who the hell is this guy, why don't I always better when he got shamed and everyone was outrages against. You can talk about a woman's appearance anymore, Owsley Bully, but Twitter is that's all DMZ is talking about women's appearances drop that fact stage make an earth shake your song here. That's How debate
what about Africa. Everybody wants to important right now is a worthwhile Tommy and interesting. Supporting after due to the real issue, is ashamed they, but they seemed him What kind of shady gazette that his truth, they doesn't like aimed to that Great point: when you speak your truth, you get dragged on Twitter, you running women, don't become a nasty little shrew feminist. No one will, like you know it's the only people who are not allowed to speak their truth, our men and Jews and I'm a double victim. You are the victim, my victim culture, the house, a male Jew getting on twitter left; rather they chased you off Twitter. That's why you're, not as it does not go too far off of me
Fortunately, that's all the time we have heard it is this right writer like to give a special thanks are producer. L before, of course, are freebie gets mad continuity, errand, Harrison, Michael part and Paul crooks. Then remember found us on Itunes, Google, plain stitched, just search for free beacon. Please subscribe till you friends and leave it a review like listener, Anthony K. He says Mister Harrison when you're dozing ought dosing sorry dosing, Never dozed now, don't ask tropical now seeking impediment, J and Oetting. Let's give some thought to Alexandria, Cassio Chavez, Corey, Spartan, CAS Booker and work on us on a moment, till next time
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