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Trump’s Eurotrip, Amazon HQ2, and Take Your Parents to Work Day

2018-11-13 | 🔗
On the latest episode of the <em>Free Beacon</em> podcast, the gang discusses Trump's trip to Europe, wonders what the arrival of Amazon will do to the <em>Free Beacon</em>'s backyard, and pity the poor millennials who have to take their parents to work because they have no children with whom to share the joys of office environments.
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hello and welcome to write and writer the official podcast of the Washington Free Beacon. I'm your host Elizabeth Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W at b the free beacon podcast available on Itunes, Google play and sticker. Please subscribe. Tell your friends and leaf of review. Turning me from the right today is free began editor in Chief Matthew, cotton Eddie. You may remember him from such mainstream media shows as reliable sources and whisky. Politics can follow him on Twitter at cut Nettie Womack, I was further to mats. Right is rebuking. President Aaron Harrison, who has also had his White House
Hard pass revoked, renew exactly sherry. Does around the office, be sentenced signs the Czechs and that's good enough for us, hello, Harrison those back in the Obama administration. I always have bothered to reapply right. You didn't soon at returning to the programme is the chairman of the free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, international man, a mystery and licence republican consultant. He always keeps our pen lesson line. Hokosa farm was up first unripened writer, President Trump returned from France, where he attended a celebration of the armistice of World war, one with other world leered leaders from the french President Emmanuel Macrones seemed jab trump. During his speech, where he said some nice sounding gobbledygook. That patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. Nationalism is a betrayal patriotism.
Back on Twitter, sang France, needs to pay more for NATO and asked how well worked out for France. The last time there was a quote true european army. They were starting to learn German in Paris before the. U S came along Trump said many successful trip, really Mccrone was being jerk. Date is a good tool, a swipe. It was unnecessary. I have to say, though you know, I'm not really an I'm, not at America. First guy, on the other hand, in the world were to say I have to clarify that I do. I do more moderate America, for you know when we needed America versus world were one as we should not have got an involved in that war and if it, if we are our victory in it, a set the course for the second one, and so I am, I wish we could go back in time and unsafe mccrone
with her sick. Ok, let's we'll show does not involve our love one another. The lives are well on our way to do it better, We should have been involved in world war. One world war, one was the private for the big show like we think about all always war is getting warm that you like is like, and we would like. Haven't he's really, and you don't want to throw anybody just in cold turkey to blazing world war, you gonna warm up first, and then we were there for a year and a half in kick some serious ass. Then we had a decade of prosperity, followed by a depression. Work down worked out that this was the I actually likeness trim shocker to a lot of the people that listen to their show. I'm sure that that I can spend this in a way that was possible positive trumpeter, but look at this. This was the ribbon them ask off of many mccrone nanny yeah. That's what I'm calling them right now, because he doesn't even get the presidential title anymore.
Guys so jealous a tramp tramp flies in what what have rockstar welcome It's got chicks, taken their top wonder of the bushes to show off to the big guy. Anyway, you find a way to use their like. Hurry on Iraq stories get that treatment. You re my clothes married. Do is all good. This old lady, you got, you got trop come in there with the supermodel french chicks taken. Their tops off all over the place is was pure jealousy, he sought in the little man handshake like trumps, also for your lover than ass, like they close, they did a close up shot like a handshake of mccrone, just like squeezing the Wifi Frumps hand, fact of white knuckles and everything
it's just total Emmy. We got like little wanna, be Napoleon back in charge of France right now. I once desire me: what's his army wants? Is currency wants to make France great again? I don't know I just I thought this was just. I thought it was a very small showing from a very small man in Mccrone Goldfarb
I would be debating the merits of entering the first World war this morning. The bottom challenge accepted, I mccrone is- I saw Manzikert area this weekend where he in oh, that's the big question for him. As you know, the guy's approval ratings in the toilet. It's it's far worse than trumps. I think the majority points were, I think the jive tromp was purely for domestic political consumption there and the idea of a european Army is preposterous. You know it was floated first, I guess by one of the finance minister, you no good luck with that. They don't speak the same language. They don't spend anything on the fence. They have no will to fight in the spent centuries killing each other side. I would think that friendly fire risks would be no, and I M an end. This, like the press, is mocking trump this morning for the trip.
About. You know they'd be speaking German in Paris, but that's basically the view of every single American who's, not working. It CNN, Z, s all add the aid like this and make him like you. You know trumps lashing out and this in that, but, like I don't know, I think everybody in America pretty much agrees with that that their ungrateful and that this is kind of a gratuitous lap and what the hell does he mean anyway. That nationalism, you know, is the anti patriotism I mean when you really started to scrutinise that statement. It doesn't hold any water, it just doesn't make any sense in. I don't think I think the french people are probably sittin there scratch in their heads like what does that mean? What does that mean for France and what he's gonna put it there they're doing all this for What for the french morals? Where exactly is France's moral foreign policy playing out I mean where the hell are they doing anything that exhibits there? You know they're there their desire to put the interests of other countries.
Our own, it is just at next. Are we witnessing a slow motion, blue wave, or maybe the dick last just couldn't? Last long enough, as Christian Cinema was declared victorious in the Arizona Senate, raised a feeding, Martha Mc Sally? Apparently it's a winning campaign strategy to treasures I call it. A mess lab and promote terrorist lawyers. Send my came along wave since first coming to prominence as an openly bisexual Green Party activists in Phoenix Harrison. What the hell happened, Arizona got well, this is what happens when you have a state that elected to republican senators that have spent deck, that I've spent the entire past most the past decade, cramping all over the Republican Party itself, so they ve damning. I just go for the real thing. They themselves have damaged the bread I mean crop.
Mccain spent the final two years of his life lashing out a trump. He saved Obama care it in front of the entire country. What good? But what? What good a republic Hence, in the Senate or in the house, we can So if we can't get rid of Obama CARE and replace it with something that actually works flake. Another problem, so like what I'm. What I'm saying here is that the they damage the brand of the Republican Party in the Senate, intimate in the state of Arizona, and it made it virtually impossible for Europe obligation to come out of the gang. Strong. There are a lot of domestic. They then a lot of internal State party politics that were going on. It's very divisive Republican Party out there they hate each other cinema, Lunatic Kg regulations. Are you guys are going to really enjoy your ex? stream left wing. Senator I mean we're not talking about a centrist here. We are talking about hey Heart left. Is
representing Arizona in the Senate, so Congrats now and Dick lash. Let me tell you something this: this one was was Arizona was extra, it was. It was outside the world of declaration because Cinema didn't actually have take a vote on right, declared affected the senators who so we had to take a right, ok, math, except tester.
The right as it was close, and yet he survived and an endless in that he had a he had a severe case, Dick lashed out fatal case. So I cannot disagree. I think we everybody has a pitcher of cinema from when she was elected in twenty twelve, I think, would Whizzer freshmen election in the house, and that is when she ran as a true blue progressive. But the New York Times prior to the election day wrote a piece complaining that in the years since her election, she had moved steadily toward the center assize. Just this morning that does she'd been voting with trumpet some more than half the time she supported the deployment of troops to the border in anticipation of the caravan
She she got the cross over vote. Republicans voted for her candidates matter again. It's my. I know it's boring and I know I always poohpooh the result of all these elections, but its very basic candidates matter Cinema was a better candidate than Martha Mc Sally. She was more approachable people liked warmer. She was playing for the Middle and Mc Sally was saying that she was a treason person and due to the dead that that only gets he has so far. If you dont have a larger message, which I think mixed
We lack they should go with Taliban Barbie. Tat would have been a good, better branding. My old fart yummy its disappointing to me because I know Martha and I like Martha, and I think she would have been you know, I'm concerned about the legacy of the cane and that there be somebody from Arizona sort of carries the torch in in that way. But I will say on this question in the blue wave, you know and the media the media's view now that it was much bigger than they first understood it to be the one. The one thing that really stuck with me in the in the run up to the election was named silver, who said that of the elected the waves in two thousand six, two thousand ten, ninety ninety four and in each of those three elections there had been fifty four incumbents senators from the party that was the beneficiary of the wave, not a single one of those in common,
leaders, had lost real action in the course of those waves who so to us what was more important than picking up Senate seats in this election. Nothing picking up Supreme Court seats, picking up AIR Supreme Court seeds picking up the judiciary, is what this administration has become about. It is going to be the lasting legacy of this administration in o, barring a war with China. So the fact that that state did not hold up and that how many Democrat senators lost real action yet Nelson, hi Camp and Cosmic Haskins Donnelly Don T, you will go down now. Look we lost two in open seats right or I guess Heller was an open seed, but is in any case, to pick up to pick up to pick off for Democrats. It's not. It's, not a wave that matter to us and also got handwriting, and we got. We got them close onto others. In my
Helen was Virginia and fatal. Also, look I just they can, they can celebrate the size of their wave, but on the core metric the thing that matters most to conservatives, we did ok, ok at next Nancy Policy is on defence playing the woman card, as her opponents attempt to pry the gavel out of her cold semi lifeless Hannah? One third of non Incumbent House, democratic candidates, say they dont support policy as speaker, but she says it would not be a good look to oust the only woman at their leadership table following a historic election of. Monopolies to the house met its aid and another win win for Republicans because you get in fighting and you get to keep bashing Pelosi for another election because come on she's not going anywhere. Maybe that's why, president from suggested on Twitter, you with thrower you Republic without see if she needed them to maintain herself a speaker? I was struck by the playing the gender card so early. It actually signal to.
That maybe she yeah I see is allowed earlier this year. I her big advantage is the lack of an alternative and the lack of alternative who could be a unifying forest You could see him Ryan made a challenge years ago hand, but he represents kind of the waning working class background that the Democrats just are not interested in any war. But then, if you had a challenge from a more progressive candidate or force that might not be able to get as much traction in the Caucasus well, so I think it. I think it's hers by default, but this latest comments suggests that she's gaming things out it may be closer than she imagined rank. Harrison Nancy policy will be elected speaker the house. This is this is what you deserve America. When you elected Democrats, you did you elected a San Francisco liberal, to run this. The House of Representatives
congrats, that's the worst case scenario in in we deserve it because we did not win the election. Ok, now, policies also can win, because she is also the biggest and baddest fundraiser for the Democratic Party. This is all about money. That is the worst was thankless. Job of being in the House of Representatives is that you have to raise money virtually nonstop because you run into you run a very, very expensive campaign. Every two years Pelosi is great out. She has all the connections, all the donors lover on their side. She ain't anywhere and on the other said she is a woman like what are you gonna? Do you can replace her with an old fart, Jim Jim Kleiber EAST anywhere? That's not happening like looked at. The leadership of the house. Democrats is so retrograde from from where they want to go as a party there trying to go to the future appeal to young people appeal. Tat to more minorities, and if they are these old people in charge, and they were the same people that cost them the house. What majority
no more than that. Ten years ago, my it's crazy. The same people we're still there that the Democratic Party is a real problem in turning over our eye. Impressive and watch nominate Hilary again that, watch him do that and we're going to have only now. This is the definition of a new reality MIKE. Do you think that if Secret Richmond said he was challenging Nancy Pelosi Speaker, you could get a grey chaos. It would be chaos when it because you have the freshman. Some third of the freshman say that they don't want to support her and the second they do. The GNP is gonna be up with attack at calling them. Why, because you have to run again for reelection right at them, the congressional black hawk is might say, hey, maybe finally, time that we have a black speaker he's well liked I did that there is some there is some that you could create this. This chaos I dont on it then the dynamics in that car
really well enough, but I thought a lot about the dynamics and our carcass and I thought a lot about Mccarthy's prospects to become speaker if they retain the majority. I think you would have had a really tough time cobbling together, two hundred and eighteen votes, even with the ostensible nominal support of all the other sort of major figures in the party and now he's got the very easy job of cobbling together a majority of of the republican carcass, and I think he is in good shape. So I just projecting that type of situation. Onto her, though I mean it's tough, the come up with two hundred eighteen votes in these things. It certainly always struggle. So you know all it takes, is sort of what happened
for majority now machine of fifteen seeds, earthling people who don't go along, I mean it's. However. Nancy is a master of the process is ruthless. She is ruthless and she extracts revenge allows really not long term Rhine was challenging her. He did not look well on tv sweaty, You know I think she was born. I was trying to make a wooden, which are the well tell you guys. Boys, polonium or all super self interested in politics is carried across Nancy. She she's gotta, get votes from people who promised not to support her and is guaranteed. The two years from now when they are in a tougher o environment The way we organise illegal while the promising during the campaign is much different than when you finally or have your arm twisted, reality every year on our blessing, a political and animal and she's, like whatever it takes to get elected, Fine
it comes down to actually doing it. That's where that's, where the line is cross, one if they vote against her she's, going to extract we're? Ok, so she there either way there and a top spot? She probably almost certainly does get elected speaker, but it probably cos five six, seven people their jobs two years from now be so now. So what you say is blue F. Actually read what we will do all it. Why the twenty eight July, twenty twenty weeks now it's time to check in with our pop culture expert, nobly Johnson, who anomaly alive no spreading fake news today. I hope I will do my best. Despite initial reports, that the Bachelor mansion was in the path of the devastating California wildfire it, thankfully, how too hot burn down it hasn't fake.
News, false reports. They said it was gonna, be burnt to this fake news. Harrison to my lab jazz sent listen. I a Friday night text saying that emergency to rattle George had well, and then we were being re running down, we're praying and it turns out. You know it was with debts are praying it would burn down through these purified room. It is no good. I love approves the good Lord works me. So Hollywood reporter said last week that the iconic mansions back patio was on fire. The latter yeah with flames quickly heading toward the house, but photos posted yesterday show its quote unscathed. Ok, good thing. Yes, it has because it has served. As the backdrop and whom of bachelor and bachelor at contestants since two thousand seven crazy, but it is not. I was even longer than I thought it was. A new mansion didn't come out and like thoroughly two thousand
what yes, I showed yet put alone. It's ok is now on the running seven. Yet super levy, acid rain, the half hour at the Old Place Health Department shut down God. You know, I didn't realize Health Code Valley. I didn't realize- and I read today when I was doing research on the story- is that a family actually owns that house and lives, but then moves out twice a year for shooting which our concern about the family. When children, apparently from my research before they never now has the greatest openly as others, the lab houses have not been so lucky. Miley Cyrus tweeted that, while her house no longer stands quote the memories shared with my family and friends, stand strong, oh, how nice that's nice! Maybe they can just another one day. Actually anyone else was a house. I thought the Gerard Butler Gerard Butler of P S. I love you re
wow a classic filled, not very well develop loses out because I saw he was packed To that end, I don't, even as we got em, either he's Conyers most recent collaborate. I lay behind him and calm Yea were hiring their own firefighters and saving houses to Romania, O Caitlin Jenner. Also, her house did stand more. There was another thing. I was another fake news: moorlands, incredible how fake the news is during national catastrophes when one like celebrity houses are in jeopardy, be really got to trust, to verify and a lot of them speaking of Kate, Land Victoria's secret has apologised after saying it wouldn't cast Trans or plus size, women and fashion.
Oh, it's plus size to ass. Ok, I'm the apology came after Victoria's secret chief marketing officer at raising said the company shouldn't cast transsexuals in its annual fashion show, because these show is quote fantasy. They're, not gonna, actually put it right, person in the show that right we clear well, ok, does I plan on watching as I do every year, and if I so, he decided you young. I sees that in his approach, gee, he took back the sentiment that he would never cast a Trans person and just said that this year no trans people made the cut. It's really weird that you know you're casting first supermodel anyone. You know, people that look like super models in your show me crazy The other thing is sex,
anyway. I rely on the dual woman's rights, exactly my beef with them as the their hostility to our girl came up them, but a new mommy yeah I saw at nice, lovely an ef. I don't know it's gonna, got a bad for us, but we're all getting out of a legally binding. We want two years are now it's like a problem. I thought, everyone riding housekeeping. Don't worry I'll, do some pretty intensive research with the apparent languor and celebrated thinks it is. For that reason I also gave it out. We we need new mascot icy, more it's hard, it's hard to take that ground from Cape, though the whole. If it were, we would put in the hall of Fame now she's, effectively retired in, and we just about I'm saying is someone like her only comes around gets wants a generous was on Yemen, you. What really I mean? Who was
like fairer fancy model crier to her. It was some I forget her name most. They were like the messages AL. She was she in this personal strongly cited. Josie can take overs as eyes, Jose Scar, yes, yeah, she's, she's, exciting up in the sky with aspect, We also know that they so much through this much needed update of first in our culture and Amazon has finished its search for its new headquarters and decided to build two new offices, one in long island and the other in Crystal City. The online giant will invest a total of five billion dollars and each one case and will get more than twenty five thousand jobs, paying an average of more than a hundred and fifty thousand dollars per year, which, of course, is bad news for commies who hate capitalism, Amazon, post through cold water, on its overlords decision
sang it could quote exacerbate inequality in the Washington region, but, of course not the real reason. They chose New York because they're getting billions of dollars and tax credits and a fifty five hundred and fifty million dollars cash grant from Virginia Matt Money talks. Oh I'd love to answer that question lose, Unfortunately, I am applying for a job, but we are believe that party has too little bitterly I seed the four ethic cigarettes welcome to the neighbourhood, guys we're the big dog and the blog after we will look down because from the world headquarters is Beacon, we can see any many fly future Yan, I dont, think they'll be as high as us from our building is bigger than wit and works freedom. Freedom tower here here in the harder Roslin Virginia on right. Our employees on after Nepeian bottles either knows answer our ethics. We would definitely like in your views, are coming up.
We have to do some people, always new ideas for efficiency and others is this. Is it is a win for this area congrats, but you're right Liz, corporate welfare is alive and well in this country, but that's what it takes and look at it. It is a pro business move. More jobs is a good thing for the local economy. It's probably bad for the local lifestyle around here I'm using here. Thinking about all the future scooters vice goals rather boards, one now that there are considered vehicles, they'll be in traffic, so yeah we'll be saving the environment because you're goin, could you imagine you still lived an old town? What
Imagine if I hadn't sold my house and all come last month with the guy. I count is sitting here, you'll, be shocked to learn that I was wrong about Amazon choosing widely seen as their quarters. I did not wait a really big you is gonna, be I thought they would not do something so Craven, but I'll tell you waiting up this morning. I heard the news last night and sort of seeing this morning and in thinking about the Crystal City location, It does so to connect back to the conversation we had the other day about how Amazon is the sort of pro american tech company. It's a low bar okay, but they are the company that wants to do business with the Pentagon and wild
and in these other companies sort of in a thumb their nose rather do business with China exerted grew bright while they don't want to do business with the Pentagon basis is put his foot down. He sees that you know the cloud it wants, that intelligence community cloud business. He wants to do all kinds of government contracting, all kinds of defence contracting, and so now, in the cold blooded day. I see why they put that right across the street from the Pentagon next spring. Your parents to work day is sweeping the nation, as parents are turning up an office is to see what their adult offspring do all day. Street Journal reports, because that's what happens when you stop having kids and all you have or the older than what workplace is the new soccer field for parents who want to see their children perform says Liz ROS, the chief executive periscope, which recently hosted an event one set of parents, turned up in matching tee shirts that Red Josh's, dad and Josh's mom
and the picture is just as bad as it sounds or job. Hitler's childless millennials can't bring their non existent kids to work, so it makes out of sight at errors and they still live in the basement. Don't they see their parents enough well, look when their parents or dry under work anyway, you might as well just come on in for a cup of coffee and make sure that the hell are you doing. Ok, talk to his supervisor and make sure that every things Well make sure that he's you know talking in class and being disrupted like this? Is the price Oh, my god love the boomers its eyes actually don't blame there might be? I blame the greatest generation for all this stuff because the greatest generation, great war heroes, but they came back and raise a generation spoiled brat.
The millennials was no wonder I used or watching the show on HBO succession. Yet great they ve got this character. Who is like this? Like spoiled rich lost millennia, and he does it perfectly ivy. Just a kid. Tyres shoes without calling somebody for advice and, like you didn't these, this than millennials never leave the house in never leave the sight of their parents It's been that way, since they were three years old. Another ship parents are shown up in the office does too to utter no help them. How to just watch be a part of their lives. I dont get it. Parents show up. For, like forty five minutes, see where you work out. You know when you come to town. Welcome. You welcome here, too freely what, if I'm out of what are known? No, no you're not welcome at the free, I'm always love, not only Ryan writer come on the weak, and that is what I when I started the weekly standard wanted to show my parents, you have we sat or day NEA.
One wonders in this wonderful work. I agree. I think it's absurd go far. You're in laws are always welcome well from from my letter as professional, I don't know I'm the only purpose of showing up anywhere your children are still humiliate them. At least that was my experience growing up so, and I am sure I sort of sympathise with that. If Josh his mom dad we're doing a purely to see the look on his face now, you're, like a family affair, it was it was weird and all that there is like a cat in the pictures strange finally Stanley has passed away. The age of ninety five, the Marvel Comics Writer editor publisher, began in the business in nineteen. Thirty nine and created iconic characters such a spider man,
x, men, mighty Thor Iron Man, fantastic for black Panther, the incredible hawk daredevil, an ant man among others, Matt. Were you a comic book? Nerd wants price you to learn, I was shot or a couple years: videos and ruin landed. There wasn't a long you which operates where there are many other Hobbes. But you know You say that list I was struck me about Stanley used as to how many different characters he created. You know you Typically, you have somebody like signalling shoestring created, Superman, Rayner Superman. Then Bodkin created Batman Rights of Bam. Stanley, I mean it's our roster every buys a lighter man x, men, fantastic for the whole universe in it, that's quite an achievement from someone who came from this, similar backgrounds ceiling, Schuster, jewish kids, some son of immigrants and just a great american story here. Stanley was communist hard core leftist?
every single one of his characters were the same? Like I don't understand how creativity comes in its everybody's got the same black story like it was. Strange, abandoned baby. You suddenly was either. You know like it was kissed by spider or you know, I'm freaking of nuclear accident. Given superpowers he's got a secret and he's got to hide it, but he just can't help himself from from save in the world at night. It's every story is the same. It is like it is it is it production Finally, it is it just world off this guy? He is he's created as a genius and they're stupid comic books is now. Is he is he the artist to whose right the writer? What do you do? You write like like four words underway into a viable and that's like age like knocking at it. No one really can not get out of the park. Stealing has proved a comic book ratings for can ease anybody. Don't make me a story, You are right and writer comic book Strip.
The probably is wanting. You know what you probably the whole thing in about twenty minutes. Seventeen volume collection will make a movie out of it will sign with I will sign, was Sony tat. We can finally paid harp. I came into this debate. Open minded, but persuading sitting with Harrison Dedicated left when I had known that Ireland stanley- and I will listen- and as I can tell you that nice- and I was like this army was, he was he was dedicated. Lefty always drawn is shots out there at the good, all conservative USA backbone of this country, meanwhile, is the milken profits off them forever and by the way back to China,
That's really! What's viewing all these stupid comic book movies, it's the Chinese Box Office, yeah, ok, full circle. I guess, unfortunately, that's how the time I have four days additional right. Writer, like you, have a special thanks are producer L B, for whose back and of course our freebie can guess, Matthew Continuity and Harrison MIKE Goldfarb, and now we Johnson remember, find us on Itunes, Google play and stitches just search for free beacon. Please subscribe tell your friends and leave a positive review like listener. Tracer later who says, I know a dose of right and writer will make everything better Harrison makes me laugh. Matt makes me think. Goldfarb makes me not. My head and lives. Reminds me not to take things too seriously and Natalie will Natalie just makes me feel very, very old until next time
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