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Trump’s Rallies, Resistance Op-Eds, and RIP Burt Reynolds

2018-09-07 | 🔗
On the latest episode of the <em>Free Beacon</em> podcast, presented by ZipRecruiter, a hyped-up Harison loves the presidential pep rallies, the gang discusses Kavanaugh's good week, and Natalie memorializes Burt Reynolds by discussing her favorite of his films, <em>Cannonball</em>.
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The programme that you're about to hear contains material that may be offensive to some listeners listener discretion. Is it eyes. Glared make my day low and welcome to write and writer, the official Pat guess at the Washington Free Beacon, sponsored by recruiter. I'm your hustler Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W F, B, free beacon, pocket is available on Itunes, Google play and sticker play subscribe to your friends, Leave a review join me from the right today is free, beacon, editor chief, maybe cotton Eddie, you may remember,
from such mainstream media outlets as the daily beast and the Atlantic can follow him on twitter at continuity, hello, man. I was further tonight right is free, beacon. President and camp counselor at the women teach men retreat Errand Harrison we're not exact. Surely does around the office, but he of the and that's good enough for us hello Harrison. I was it it is good to have another one of those two hundred thousand jobs per month that we keep adding site. I'm putting a lot of these first that right and writer present Trump its borders in Billings Montana, Weary railed is the unelected deep state- and they fake news- eighteen sixties. You know Abraham Lincoln me that Gettysburg Address speech to the great speech. You know he was ridiculed Trump said and he was scoria, aided by the fake news and fake news, and they said it was a terrible terrible speech for
also said he doesn't like to bring up the eye word. Neither do Democrats but asked how do you do it in impeach somebody who has done a great job will be the only present history. They'll say, What a job is done by the way were impeaching him. Meanwhile, jobs numbers release Friday morning showed more than expected, hiring in August and wage growth had a post recession high Matt, what a job he has done You think struck me about that Montana Rally. One was the energy in the crowd seem pretty high. And, as always, people were laughing, I think lotta trumps biggest fans and another kind of view them is just like this.
And a comic totally now and its desired ready and I hand, and they find his sense of humour funny, and it was clear from then like that line that you said about impeachment, and you know it by the way were impeaching him. That's that's the kind of style that that that his is base really likes and it sets his enemies hair on fire. Another thing that struck me was the law I've interview with PETE Exits, a fox and friends in the middle of the stadium, and so I was the our view- is going on on Fox. It was also going on in the screens and stadium every time. Trump would say something. The crowd would react, as today, you are that's wrestle. Mania gave a type of reality. Teak politics have been trot. I've been writing about lately in those this perfect expression of of where we are politically in some man. I think the Democrats beating ever hope to imitate anytime soon so that that I thought
that's pretty successful rally for Trump Harrison. I thought I might have seen you in the background where you were last night. I escaped you, sorry, video screens, the back, don't look it Trop says it every time there is no more fun place to be on the planet, tromp rally on a Thursday night. They might hit it exactly. He hid in the park with that answer because that's exactly correct, they are fun. Tromp, is having the time of his life in this presidency. He is having more success than just about any you. Any Republican in in the past. Fifty years has in office. We ve got some four percent unemployed we ve got. Two hundred thousand jobs jobs added per month in this country. He is, he is restocking the federal Jude sherry with conservative judges all over the place. It speaking of God, I want to where the Cavanaugh update coming up, but that's exactly what this It is all about. People should be jazz, they are jazzed. If you go out into the middle of the country, anyhow
but Trot rally. The place is wrong and it is for it is a rock concert. It is wrestle mania its Monday night, raw, all wrapped into one trump, is the centre of attention. He is hilarious. You know in the other thing is, I think, he's doing really really smart and that is he's doing stuff. Once a week now, we used to nazi death, they were is basically unemployment, alum, it's Thursday night life, that is, the new tromp show it's Thursday night, from whatever state in a country that he chooses that we and the blue roof, often usually what their democrat incumbent Senator well as it should be this election season, a bomb is out there on the trail for the Dems, they're all running around the country, raising money from tons of Hollywood elites and special interests. Troops should be their raising money in pumping up the republican candidate. But this is the point. These are like cathartic experiences. After an entire week of twenty four seven anti Trop news coverage
that goes on out there. I get a text for my mom every every week, she's like finally trumps on this is awesome. Recharge. The batteries like this is what we needed. It's like the end is a need to guarantee, is weak and perfect time to throw he's rallies, it's like if you start off like the Sunday shows crap all over him. On Monday, you got like the fake news story of the week and then a procedure for the next four days and then by Thursday night, like you need a dream This attack washing trop figure out and remind yourself why we voted for him and why we continue to support its awesome, he's doing a bang up job. This was a good week for Trump, don't believe the figures at next, a gutless Howard ran to the failing New York Times to make his first pitch for an msnbc, contributor, ship or job brookings by writing anonymously that he is the resistance inside the Trump administration saving not just like country, but the world from Donald J Trump quote. I work for the president, but, like me,
Colleagues and I have vowed to thwart parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations, he writes, animal quote: senior official, which could do literally hundreds of different jobs, many of which could be distant from the White House and trump himself said that there are many like him working to undermine a duly elected president, open it isn't the deep state it is these steady state rise. Then I don't know, do the honourable thing and resign if you disagree with a particular policy decision, this guy rota, cliche written up at that just happened to fit in with the media narrative of the weak, driven by Bob Woodward's book Harrison. The president asked this up at his treason, but did he go far enough? As it gets a water can hit the nail on the head is: yours does to use another cliche, because we haven't seen enough of those this week it was, it was eight Can points riddled blah essay, the din
go into any real specific detail, really talk about any actual officials that are on board this clown. But this was a cowardly effort from somebody within another. One of these deep state they may not even be deep state. This may just be somebody who was brought in with the herd of administration officials that, when they tried to stop the administration, the very beginning and just slip through the voting process, but this is clearly sleep or sell within the administration deserves this treatment of of calling treason deserves to be fleshed out and this morning to be frickin fire. Now, one of the things that that this really drawn my attention to is the fact that this rhino resistance continues to exist within the Republican Party. I dont know why. Within the walls of the party anymore, because these people are clearly outside of the party there. Try. You here on cases ITALY insinuating that we need to burn up
Eddie down and lose some election, so we can rebuild it in his moderate squishy rhino liberal image. That is not what this party has his party is. A conservative party is a party that that believes in individual merit it believes in the success of the individual over the long run is a better. It is better for the country as a whole like these rhinos. A continued to complain about the President have taken sides against the present that is now establishing a judicial legacy in this country that will last for thirty years is Cavanaugh. Hearing was ignored, why I voted for Donald Trump. He is continuing to stop the bench. He is continuing to establish a conservative legacy on the court. If you were against drop, you didn't vote for him. You effectively voted for Hillary Clinton and if you do to do this, and if you continue to oppose Republican Party in the fall, your site with the Democrats in your siding with chucks, humor and Nancy Pelosi. That's who you want running this country? No, I would rather have a conservative Senate confirming conservative appointees.
Add here that these dragon energy reserves is gravely yeah talking about energy area answers. It was Thursday night LIVE get her on the secondary Philip. It's like you're, one of the senators questioning half an hour. Listen. I went up the whole time. Look again maximize my time here. Look we can go on forever. There is no clear rule and issue should be three hours by the way have been lobbying for this for a very long time like we got, you know, I give him a podcast everything United goes out as this they go on for our well. Now is your chance to go on in refute any of my fax alternate Coming up my mind with scrambled by the answers. I basically agree with your take on the opposite:
there's not much right and writer. It's kind of this right as Ebay. I guess I've went to couple things on the up it before we get to the final question, one as you suggested Harrison. There's nothing new here, so really strikes me at anyone who has read Michael Wolf or any other. Daily coverage of this administration from the Washington Post to the New York Times could have written that operate, and so you wonder just how inside this, that a senior official is right. It seemed like a true. The most disturbing allegation in the opposite is a baseless one, and this is this claim that there were whispers inside the cabinet of removing the president of the United States through the twenty fifth meant. The twenty fifth amendment was designed in the case of presidential mental incapacity by stroke or hemorrhage threat, but Wilson. This vote yes
this is not the case with Donald Trump there's, no, there's no way. One can look at him despite all of his eccentricities, and think that he is somehow mental incapacitated from discharging his duties of the office he's making these decisions he's giving these speeches. Even if you listen to the Bob woodwork. Conversation clear Trump knows, what's going on his in on the joke, sarcastic weaves, what we're seeing- and it's really disturbing to me all the twenty fifth amendment talk of all the time, but fitness Robys do they mean he's morally unfit for office work. It One thing: that's a judgment, call, do you, may voters, do you mean that they he's physically unfit or mentally unfit for that another thing: what that is: is medical, rising, a policy difference, and that's this comes so clear from this up at this person. Whoever it is is a libertarian minded Mccain, far
oh yeah, do disagrees with Donald Trump, primarily, it seems on entre, ass, tray and then to some degree on ideals and foreign policy. Its hardest, it's hard to say what and where there is already a lot, but will shirt doesn't like the personalities? Fine put it, but don't say who everybody doesn't like a third I can make. A dozen people right now sitting in this off whose personality I dislike scientist. I know I like it. I like that personalities that the people in this group you guys I'm not saying it's not like. I dont say that their insane or I don't go running to the New York Times anonymously to complain about it. I so it'll final
quaint, though I want to say about this, and I have said Before- is that it sets up at this route, weird institutional problem for the times, which is that one, their credibility is on the line once the identity of the author is exposed, I mean, if it's not a senior official, it may have some images. If it's not like someone whose name people recognise upon hearing it right, it's a big blow to the Times criminality right now. Who who knows who it is so it could be that bunch. I think that's want, as the other problem it sets up for the times. Is that now the reporters of the New York Times have to investigate the authorship of an opposite, the identity of of which is known only by other New York Times employees, so that the New York Times now has to investigate itself on the other side of the human right to put right, and I don't think that there are many
times reporters. You were very happy about that does not touch on wanting This'Ll, be recorded, a promise. No more Chavez ask never makes us until the next off, but note that if there is a moral objection to the present a personality objection, there is a constitutional remedy for that it's called the lecture and we had that and if, if them voters. In the end, the american public refuse are dont like them since personality and actions in the office they having about the to remove him in and is called the election and twenty twenty ok up. Next, the hearings for Supreme Court Justice nominee. Bread, Cavanaugh brought out the worst in our twenty twenty democratic presidential hopefuls as Quarry Booker who's, never been the bad boy had the closest he's ever come to an. I am Spartacus moment when get this He broke the Senate roles by releasing confidential emails that actually have been wave by the committee
release. Meanwhile, Kemal Harris really got Cavanaugh. When she asked can you think of any laws they give the government the power to make decisions about them, male body Cavenaugh said he thought she was asking about medical procedures that are unique to men, but perhaps a juicy is part of bread avenues. Hearings in this way culminated when Senator MIKE Lee ass a Supreme Court just so many what was his favorite federalist paper I've been waiting all week to ask, and I knew or audiences dying to know Harrison. What is your favorite federalist pay? yet. What is an easy one federal seventy forward? written by Alexander Hamilton under their pseudonym publius. Now the reason I like that some Four is because it gives the president the power of the pardon in times of insurgency and rebellion with destination. That is exactly what's going on here. It means that the president's allies in the public will likely be targeted for four.
Prosecution by his enemies in the judicial system in their legislative branch in the mob at large, or somebody like to tell us is pending legal action, the rats that, on your mind, does you listen apart and there's the concept of stairway decisive, which was discussed multiple times, is that we have been hearing now. That is basically the belief that legal president, a precedent sets the power of the executive in his powers in question like so so you have, The previous judicial experience, judicial decisions that have given this power to the present they ve reaffirmed his power to pardon people. In that way, he can get his allies away from the persecution of the ranting gigantic how'd. I really of noxious mark that exists that we have seen in these.
Hearings, I mean they're out there. There screaming every five minutes with their purple hair. Their shaved heads their tattoos there. Oh beasts bodies screaming viruses, there really disgusting, the american people, so I'm the man for that they have to go to the President of the United States if they want to be absolved their crimes no part of colouring. That's why We are no. We don't need very modest anymore. We got a legal expert. You didn't ask me what the nicest paper paid out amendment amendment here. Ok, man
doubts on Cavenaugh Cavanaugh seem. Rather, I was her. As you know, there are sometimes at the hearings were Cavenaugh seemed a little bit befuddled. I hear he often pushed back. I mean this is one of America's best lawyers and judges, and so he was clear aunt. He he wanted to make sure questions were very specific, and sometimes it turned into him questioning the senators, the different type of hearing, then the gorse cheering where it was just obvious from the very beginning that no one was laying her hand on gorse if there were some uncomfortable moments, but nothing happened during the two days of questioning that would derail the nomination at this point in so it's a big success for cabin. I am for the president, but there's presidential politics involved and want to mention two in, and that is the two members of the committee most likely to run for the democratic nomination in twenty twenty, a cord Booker
PAMELA Harris both kind of made their stand did their performance through their tantrum. I have to say I'm I'm choosing Harris's the winner of this early fight, the particle over Spartacus Spartacus, This parliament is moment such a geologist and into we're making fun of it at free began on line, and it is just becoming a meme where it Harris, I think, was a demagogic, because she was implying that she had knowledge of some conversations between cabinet and the castle. Its law firm Catholics course used represent Donald Trump, which has provided any evidence. Nonetheless, it clearly made Cavanaugh uncomfortable, and so I think, when democratic donors in particular are evaluating both these candidates, they'll see
the common law as a stronger potential challenger trump, but also because he had no clue what the hell she was talking about like yours. Otherwise is you have to accept that you out of bed worthy, I know, but that this is this- is where, if you're the witness, you should just say, senator I've I've, no clue what you're talking about. Ready to happen. Like ten o clock at night, you don't have any knows his answers were a little bit and I think it's that preference sorrel part of him where he wanted everyone to beef is very clear in that. For example, last yesterday evening there is a discussion between him and Blumenthal, trying to get into conversations at the White House, and it isn't like it just descended into this kind of wealth. Just Blumenthal, my fake, my favorite senator from shoot from Connecticut the guy. You lied about being a combat veteran in Vietnam for over twenty years, or so before we get to our path. Culture at data sent a chicken with our sponsor, zip recruiter. There are job sites that send you tons of the wrong resonates,
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all or rather listeners can drive, zip recruiter more free. This exclusive web address Sippar, critter, dot com, Slash Beacon, that's zip, recruiter, dot com, slashing beacon, zip recruiter. The smartest way to hire time for our path to update with Natalie Johnson who Natalie lives has gone. What are you? What are you got for us? We have some sad news. Bert run off died yesterday and eighty two after going into cardiac arrest. Wait did you know who
he was no. I didn't I saw was pretty hard man that even those of the heart strings, let you go on and in what way back yeah that I saw the Instagram picture that free beacon posted and I thought that it was pencroft, narcos and was, but now that it is not tragic, get every beacon would pose an hour. I peed in Cuba, but yeah. It is run all to start in such hits as Boogie Nights, smoking in the bandit and cannonball, none of which I have seen about a ball rugs anyway, I did what Last luxury, sir. I dare do research last night because I did watch deliver eggs and I am don't worry, I'm still very disturbing. There was really hard. Getting involved has been dedication,
here here cry now right. I've got a lot of research. Do the I started. I really. I did think I seeing the longest yard, but then I realized I saw the remake within she also. Yes, he was there love organise. He had seen a bit Reynolds move your technical, I yes, I guess we'll already what what else we have a Linsey lonely and updated she is getting an island in view and naming it lowing an island, a Lindsey land he's really you now just killing at these days, own island. She is getting a litter all island because she rear verve yelled the prototype of Linsey Land on Instagram Wednesday, and, let me tell you it looks like it is. Shortfall, US bombing alone. Is it shaped in a now know, it's shaped like a triangle: Illuminati ongoing boats cabanas pools,
we'd like to point out, like the mechanisms have yeah exactly. I would like to point out, though, that these plans were first revealed in the New York Times Profile of the meek, unnoticed so free because again was scooped by figures. You're too failing near times. I now what see. I have actually Simpson really regrets her early, two thousand style, which consisted of very very very low rise, pants ripped be on t shirts and mash shirts paired with tools skirts and wrestling. I really do remember these days and they were, I think everyone regret slam, it so bad and she also had they like jet black hair. She was trying to be two different from Jessica was to me yeah. I think I would regret looking at the pictures this morning. I think regret. Does more than I regret the lip and oh right Saturday night Lion, I mean the style was just that bad. She says: she's now swapped her jet black hair for blonde locks, which you great choice, Catherine we're both one.
And that prefers to address a more sophisticated clothing like pants suits, come, but I think the governing undoing alluring either. Yes, I guess I'll, just like snarl Johannsen two year, while any Perry do the same with the shell univer they're, getting a little over Matthew here quite Patagonia. Ladys they're gonna get somewhere they alone, olano lots of anger, Hilary mind control, but the buried lead This story was that she goes through her husband's drawers all the time and where's all of his blouse What is the actual heavenly blouse? Now I will I don't know. Area has really great blouses married to actor at an ros who was in hunger games, but, more importantly, html. Back in the back. So he's more like your generations, but Reynolds
Yes, you do need area. Is that, as I had an idea, did you know his name when you read that name? Did you recognises no? I know, but I recognized his face. The second I saw him. He oversee music group. No, it was a like early two thousands like gangsta movie I'd. Let me never to better. So format. I know who I knew, who perennials he advocated I won't say: thou he's baby when I was watching deliverance ass now that it is very, very happy yes, so you really torn up about it. I was in fact bird in his memoirs tells of forcing Gore Fidel hitting on him in the nineteen. Fifty is in New York when brows, Steve, theatrical actor, and Let's just say did not do not end well, our died in, but you know like kudos Bert, on the sex, because
He was eager. He will go down as probably one of the greatest complement of the twentieth century. He so I mean he was made recommend his memoirs, but enough about me to anyone who is listening and can read which is just Christ, we're sure, but if I were really anywhere, if you can lose, writing right right, have people Disney elicit a pot, guess again read it's a great many, more lots of great stories and a lot about his relationships. To, get on it. Does the cover feature him yurt? Yes, older, an old cars, are there's a photo. Our younger younger. I was a big fan for this much needed pop culture update a purse. In our culture around in case you haven't realized. Visions are evil. I offer an article in vice headlined. I made booze out of my own spit and drank it,
you see as a vague in the author rights, I feel the only ethical way to consume animal products if they come from my own body, which is using because alcohol doesn't come from animals anyway. This guy chewed rice bitten ajar. Let it ferment for a day and drank it sang the taste was actually not all. Bad sir, like watered down Saki, but way more sour, but after drinking entire bottle. He was left unsure as to whether it got him buzzed or not mad. This doesn't sound ethical at all, so right itself, not having the place where you know as you. What are you saying that it strikes me that this is the year I was just listening to this thing about higher in the road to certain decisions two cannibalism- and this is what this is. As you start are gradually vegetarian you stay, then you go too vague and then you're like this personal. The only thing that I'm gonna make you consume comes from the human body. Next thing you know
you just your on the human body, so it says yeah. That's was disgusting. This is like the play. I think we could read screenplay your I'm, I'm sorry and like a new like futuristic movie, all these vehicles are to produce, leave all absolutely for love, pools, poolside productions forego. So though, I can just see it right now. Like you look in the future, I must say like twenty: seventy five zero green soya green is people were. I think, as I remember these revisions where'd, you learn what these are vague and so what I'm thinking? It's like. You got a bunch of tiny house and they're all hiding out in the middle of the wilderness and was in there just like their snatching up little kids, like and people that are wandering around nature hikes oh yeah basically even already meet. You don't get the right protein and seventy Polly does make you actually crazy, not going
like a mad MAX fury road where they just like milk, that alcohol united. So that's really what we're gonna do dealing with your notice, new human slavery. This move at next, a woman with a phd, is upset better ticket agent, conscious airlines did not call her doktor when taking her ticket. My name is Doctor Dwyer, she treated my ticket, says Doktor, O Dwyer. Do not look at my ticket. Look at me, look back. It might take decided a typo and call me Miss O Dwyer. I didn't have spent eight years at university to be called Miss after receiving some push back on line after she added herself as one of those in suffering people who aren't really doctors stumping Claude One, Miss O Dwyer followed up tweeting. This was not about my ego. It was about highlighting one or two thousand thousand instances of sexism that women encounter every day. It's not about the title. It's about the fact that this would have happened. If I was a man Harrison,
you have a phd in advance. Feminists theory began after Agora about it now. Look you wanna keep that you want to have like a semblance of humility when you're when you're one of these highly educated doctors that are I'm shirt. What what what subject was it I didn't eat the article. Not third, is it not time to look it up? It didn't even say she's like some lecture, probably doctors, Souci, ology, sociological, organised by a lotta goal. Freakin like her twitter bio shockingly refers herself ass, a family she's like you, she didn't run into me because I would just said, sit down because that you like that title, better get another job quality, safe airlines that customer service wrapped around her neck out these people, the worst, though, that there have to be got Dodge Frontier effect
a repulsive individuals who sit down each peanuts and don't cause a disturbing here. So I energy today for travel rally. Macaroni and, as I can see you saying or words are due to lack of gold. I wanted, I request a jury trial and I'm getting better. Then if I don't get off, if I get a jury following purple, haired feminist, I am appealing to the present United States for a pardon, and I guarantee it is that it has nothing to do with sexism you're totally right. It's about title was yeah and especially the people who insist on being referred to as their phd or doktor or the professor or just go your name if you're a medical doctor, that's that's a totally different thing: that's how we understand it by but to accept that the figure is if you get I did. I laugh because I've realising once we turn the lights off in this place. You should go into like airline customer Rapporteur, United,
ruby the Kurds. When a euro booth and realistic? definitely Burkina, my back in line, ok. Finally, and are paying eight hundred and ninety five dollars to go mad go to go to male feminism camp to cope with their own toxic masculinity. The camp asked questions like if manhood was a texture. What would it be? How does it feel a change, woke sensitive types of the woman woman teach men rich you know how California can accept Oh, oh hi. Ok, therefore, can explore the deaths of spirituality, meditation, boxing dancing, yoga wilderness survival and sharing circles. It was a true whirlwind: That left me thinking that women aren't the only ones that need support an ally ship wrote? L magazines rose, sir. Now after seeing a bunch of grown men, cry Matt you're a sensitive guy? Would you
crying right now, because there is an answer to your last question, but you know it's funny to mention this was because I have been thinking of going on the spiritual retreat. Oh yeah, not this I'd I'd. Do you think I would like to go to the sunlight, desert, low cow and spend a couple days? You know right holders and listening to chant or something I never said about this on the affair. I think so I am not against it. In principle is my point is: does this one seems pretty, surely not Harrison losing their camp camp. So what have you seen? I these guys you're doing this to get laid, You're not gonna remind millions on that, your sensitive yeah! You have the floor, MR sensitive types in college. That would like pretend to be all like green and yellow, like politically active. Just like a get go to that attention as well, so that they have acquired yeah exactly what it is doing this for the sex. I don't believe it not. No self, spending dude? It's gonna go out there and do this. It like actually take some kind of like
rose out of this whole thing, going they're gonna get is Gideon that's the only thing they get it out of unfortunate That is all the time we have for his digital rain writer I like to give special thanks are producer l before and, of course our freebie can guess, Matthew Continuity, Erin, Harrison and nobly Johnson. Member, find us on Itunes, Google play and sticker just search for freed beacon. Please subscribed tell your friends and leave a positive review like Listener, Robert Henry halts, who says where light and fun doesn't get self to seriously and Natalie unless begun to steal the show love the Ladys, still there
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