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Trump’s Rally, Omar’s Bad Tweets, and Rage Yoga

2019-02-12 | 🔗
On the 100th episode of the Free Beacon podcast, sponsored by HoneyBook, the gang talks about Trump's huge rally, wonders if the Pelosi's grand return to the Speakership is being derailed by her party's nuttiness, and ponders the effectiveness of rage yoga.
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The programme that you're about to hear contains material that may be offensive to some listeners listener. Discretion is advised, go ahead. Make my day hello and welcome to the one hundredth episode of right and writer, the official Pat guess at the Washington Free Beacon, sponsored by honey book. I'm your house, it was but Harry. And you can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W F, B, the free be combated It is available on Itunes, Google play in stature. Please subscribe. Tell your friends and leave a review.
Me from the right today is free beacon, editor in Chief Matthew, cotton Eddie. You may remember him from such mainstream media programmes as employers morning Edition and W B. You are news given him on twitter at caught. Nettie Loma, however, gives further too That's right is free, beacon, present an Harrison who shockingly has never stormed off his own podcast were not exactly cherry does around the office besides checks, and that's good enough for us hello, Harrison Good Morning now in honour of the one hundredth episode of right and writer, and in action with the fine journalistic integrity that we do ascribe to hear it right and writer. I do need to make a correction and, from the last episode I botched the medical terms out now, referring to morphology of the head
spur, when I said, mortality which is actually relating to what that's in relation to the movement of the head morphology is the shape. So I just wanted to make that clear for it. We're all about. Facts are facts here at first unripened writer present help. Iraq is rally in El Paso, Texas, Monday night or told many thousands that the green new deal sounds like a high school term paper that got a low mark and that the Democrats are coming for your money and they're coming for your freedom. So true across the street, captain of the crew team and male nanny Robert roared took a break from his journey to find himself. To tell
very small gathering of lives that El Paso is the safest city in the country. Meanwhile, congressional negotiators say they have reached an agreement in principle to avoid another government shut down, giving one point: three billion for fifty five miles of fencing and a reduction in the number of ice detention beds match should Trump take the deal. I believe you should take the view that deal, I'm a view that he should take the deal awhile well, the government shut down did not help Donald Trump poetic, he's only now recovering from the ground he lost during the shut down. The money is more than nothing. It's not exactly what he wanted, not even close, but it's more than when he had, which was zero, and this deal
he'll does not have the hard cap on the detention beds right, which is what was floated over the weekend in which would have been reason, in my view, to oppose the deal that has a limitation but yeah. I've always been switches like me, are always of the view that you take half a loaf rather than none and so I would both take this deal and announce an executive order, not necessarily an emergency declaration, but a new executive order that would allow him to shift around funds to finance additional walk instruction Right Harrison. What do you think about that I mean, because he's probably not gonna get anything more than this from the labs. Take. What they give you and then put Harmon yeah, the so some all is better than no wall. These safety record of the sea, El Paso Texas, demonstrate. I'm not sure what statistics bade O beta
oh work was citing last yes data over our that's the noon. I mean. Is there anybody more better and better this race, the male nanny, the guy who to take what like a decade off of his life on a journey of self exploration, is a mere lage, Uruguay. I would say in all the ledge kid privilege, less democratic president also had like that. Mrs Beckett his life remember when he was hanging out in Pakistan in Indonesia. What what I don't, firstly, in the eyes of the law, argument on the wall is was perfectly caps elated by the better or rock, ah rally last night, because you sitting there In a city that have a wall, I now I dont understand their argument. What how many lies plays into trumps argument? Helmet lives, will building the wall cost. I would love somebody to ask the left that and then
them? How many lives as not having a wall cost in? I would venture to say that not having a wall class more lives than having a wall, so I want to err on the side of protecting american life, which means built the wall, so I will who cares? stupid deal right, we know that the Democrats run House RAP, Rep representatives just get the deal don, take the particular billion and a half box and the push harder. Hazmat says to build or of the wall. Its initial when twenty twenty, like that, even if we got all the money for the wall we gotta. If we got fifty billion dollars to build the entire thing, this thing would not be completed. By the end of the twenty twenty five So let's just started now. Get the process rolling and make it a referendum on port of twenty twenty election. Next, the twenty twenty democratic field grows is Pocahontas, launched her campaign by screaming about capitalism and locking up President Trump and between drawing binders it staff members, Amy Clover, Chart announced
he is running for president and railed against climate change during a blizzard in Minnesota by the end which she looked like a snow man, woman Meanwhile, Harrison's cracking herself up about her past marijuana use, must have been hilarious to all the inmates she kept locked up in overcrowded prisons for their cheap labour, Harrison who said the best launched so far, tromp besought last night, why he's dams so angry. He makes this point in the rally last night. It is literally yeah you look at the left or right you re. Actually, I'm of your norm, corporate on the rally a little bit, but it was just such a great micro court. Microcosm of what's going on in this country, is that you had tromp think a shout of item in jail. Whereas rallies vitamin she's gonna be on last coming up. It is gonna, be taken off like a rocket. I would say we're gonna. They view the new vitamin J agenda, probably in May of this year, and that all the way to November twenty, but let them into let's go
But what happened last? I really need a sixty five hundred cedar Rita that had very nice. Sixty nine thousand people sign opted to take part in a very happy Trump rally. They were so songs. They were doing chance. It was like the happy this place on earth, but you feel traded by these angry Democrats that come in there and just raw wrapped in a dream, and I have to be high tide dragged out of their like. They should be put like. That's just thirty. People. Meanwhile betters rally across the party across the yard across a city. There's no protest by trot peep, all European was a letter. Things do look out of the trap, for how could you imagine what would happen to a troll protest at a better work rally if you walked over there like day would be beaten to death instead, it a troll rally when we get the left wing protestors waste or serenade. You would not an honor,
you don't really? I am I am I say I know you back rightly see a factor that damn sacked the twenty twond. Yes man, if you look at the polls, the person who has had the best month is commonly Harris because she went from back of the pack to now basically number three after Biden in, Anders, both of whom are their largely for name. I d reliance and she's done so at the cost of NATO, who, I think, one of the reasons staged this counter rally was to remind everybody that he also is thinking of running for president another person. Apparently thinking run for President build the plaza the mayor of New York, who's going to New Hampshire at the end of the week, and I think the plaza was sane himself. Look at all these jokers there's no
of course, not as in this another marxist and to join the spray, and maybe I'm gonna be the one to do it. So the field grows. There are no stand out. I think a lot of moderate dish, Democrats, meaning business friendly Democrats, what water, social liberals, but their friendly to business because they like making money mainly through political connections, but these business friendly Democrats or on the sidelines waiting for Biden, decision And he needs to make a decision soon because otherwise and you're gonna get people coming in or we too long, and if you look, for example, at people like Hiccup Cooper, the governor of cholera, former Governor Colorado or Mccall US
we're. GonNa Virginia. I think they're, even Bloomberg, who is now saying that he might not wait for Biden, but there are reports that he was gonna. Wait there all kind of single. What are you doing Joe and so a lot rests on whether binding decides to run or not. While that there's one thing, I've nurse maltese roulettes, if really put the media in kind of a bind right here, I was reading a brain stealth her this morning, the media critic fur CNN and his whole thing was. It is take away from better rally last night, the rural out over the weekend was it you'll, see it unnecessary, see, are not mere images of Fox, because Fox carried the truck Rally in CNN and Msnbc- didn't carry the Aurora rally and dont, That's really the case because in the meantime, innocent be seen CNN, like fact, checking the Trump rattling gents live stream or in what in like real time, but what they have is dead
look- there's an oblivious blind spot in the media to say that like Oki will that doesn't prove that they are mere images? It just proves that they are at the centre of the debate: primary. They can't cover beta works rally in entirety, because Lisbon the Kampala, Harrison lousy own Bloomberg, we're all gonna beyond the horn screaming at them about like their next. This when ice cream stand in New Hampshire. So that is where the That is really that in an almost always you're you're right, and it also says that tromp remains the central figure in american politics that no counter rally measures up to a model. Rally in where everything is about Trump and even the people who hate Trump would rather watch Trump in hatred, can't hear them more huts speech of any one of this Murphy running against him. Hurried up next congresswoman Ilan Omar was forced to apologize sort of after going on. Or Anti Semitic ran on twitter quote is all about the Benjamin's Bay
We owe more said in response to republican Majority leader Kevin Mccarthy's promised to take action against Omar and our terrorist sympathizing gaol power. She did to leaves criticism of Israel as hypnotizing the world Omar than retreated a criticism of her anti semitic tweet, which said that she might as well call us hook, knows near He believes in other democratic leaders condemned Omar Anti Semitic language and she was then forced to quote unequivocally apologize admit Anti. Some Semitism is real but at the same time Omar said she had to reaffirm the problematic row of lobbyists in our politics, including a pack. Man sounds like she still thinks it's all about. Benjamin's, she's back bad, very bad, very bad, lady and the more time, but who had the best weaker. The best launch of the EU has not had a good launch, an that's Nancy Pelosi via who you know resumed her speakership,
turn a republican interregnum and it was all like here is our iron lady, the Democrats, iron lady. You know she's coming back, she's gonna set the agenda and you know look she look at how her first six weeks in power have gone. She was if she was. Brought into power in the midst of a government shut down to China stepped on everything then there was the concept launching of presidential campaigns, so He hardly makes the news and when the Congress is in the news is not about current Nancy Pelosi trying to lower. Prescription drug prices. It's about Rashid, to leave saying on day one, let's impeach them effort. And then it goes on to do for all Mars, various anti semitic remarks to Alexandria, Abkhazia, Court has and her green,
new dream and an praising the anti semitic Jeremy, carbon, the Labour leader in England, but this is a real problem for Nancy Policy, and it also helps to the president. Harrison this great. I love the chaos on the left, NATO, the media and the Democratic Party spent the previous six years. Obsessing over the Freedom caucus and how bad they are all they wanted. Words, lower taxes and no Obama CARE and radical. Oh don't raise the debt seal exactly these. Can I get rid of planes in town in Israel and its rate? Ha ha ha. You know it's just I it's just desserts for them. They're, not serious fundamentalism in what is the democratic agenda in the house, the only piece of legislation I have seen as against Israel, or not California had also how you gonna get rid of these cows
What are the environmentalist call it already animal rights wows in the democratic coalition. Getting arena start your glorious little. Their throw claret Booker has a plan because will be vague in writing. We don't know for their along. Well, you just phase them out over time brought you just don't breed any new cows, but they don't like you how slaughter like a ball gets. The cow they met more cows and those little cows farming. If you're not killing them. I've got an hour. It's like it's like pet. You know, being Spain neutering your pets, Vague and president will just neuter the cows. I think that if we do that, and re already Booker's, dear Charlie, I maybe I will be. I will be convinced on this. If the only stipulation is that Corey Booker,
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Ok, so we now have what's emerging. If you will as the bees those packer affair. You know it rearing its ugly head. Well That is what we now ok. So, on January, nine Amazon foundered: CEO Jeff Bees announced was splitting with his wife Henry after twenty five years. Shortly after that, the national inquirer basically takes credit for the split saying it had spent four months investigator bees us and then it releases some texts from the alleged mistress Girlfriend Lauren Sanchez was a tv personality of former anchor. Beat us then launches his own investigation into the Enquirer investigation, not to mention the Washington Post, which he owns also investigating this ok and they're, trying to figure out how get the texts. What is the motivation is a political motivation. Is the president behind this nefarious pluck, apparently the person behind. It is Laurent Sanchez, his brother, Michael Sanchez, who had
for our President Trump. I had no idea he was dirty Sanchez until about anyway on January that we're thanks. Now, alkaline, rather yet I was not an errand okay. So our January twenty eight, the national inquirer published the full story, including the suppose. It intimate texts between these US and sand. As but on on February, seven pieces fires back in medium right. He writes that he's been targeted by the inquiry and the parent company. Am I in David Packer, the chairman, offer blackmail and extortionate publishes the emails from MIT chief content officer telling a beat us lawyer to halt the Washington Post Investigation and, if not, they will
these ten more photos. So what are the phone out yet this is what we're talking about is what everyone you we don't have to get it now, I'm sure people under yet do we re really before you want me to skip the ironically? Might just one step there there they are prudent and say that they are before our airlines the mental picture. There goes my report, man, that's a high value more. I will get back to your stuff, good, yes, and about the middle to law school. Are you telling me this way? Things actually are high school, where those pre law classes that they have for decades correspondence. For someone like first for those going at home, the pictures were bases its yeah. That's it Yeah thanks error. They need for that. So you know that the question is about blackmail and extortion right and but it is very kind of hard to prove in many ways, unity, information about
from a privilege sorts like a lawyer, no usually needs to be some sort of a money element and extortion. Blackmail. On the other hand, you threatening do harm somebody's character in Change for action or inaction could possibly be blackmail. Where the scholars, anyway, everybody's lauding bases for his courage in standing up in his words quote. I prefer to stand up all this log over and see what crawls out much like the photos, people the pantomime that you just perform better. They did better for everyone that they did not. While I was an excellent summary think Matthew and actually is first, our culture ref on a new type of yoga has emerged. Were practitioners use beer and cursing to relieve stress rage yoga at brash brewery in Houston, Texas is a quote practice that involves breathing stretching mood, draws yoga postures and a lot of bad humor
says instructor actually do such the classes allow you to have a safe space to let go of your frustration and rage and a healthy way, and then also wash away with some ice cold beer Matt. Finally, some yoga we can get behind what what's the name of the therapy where you go out into the woods into screen like this YAP rhymes was primal screen another budgets, the liberal protests, don't they did right away there, that's what Hilary days when they found Hilary screaming in the woods after the election. I'm she was dumb. A fan of this. This method oh yeah. I think there's something to it. You know that eventually age. Actually, if you compare with drinking with you, on the one hand, you expressed a region, the other, you go, your senses into forgetting your problems for a temporary amount of time. So sounds like a time tested, stress, release, strategy. Harrison you do this just without the yet
Yet how like I've been several alcoholic beverage distributors in bars and Houston, Texas and most of the places there just allow you to walk in and get totally smashed on about twelve years and then just pick of pick, somebody instructors punches out of us. No matter what your dad, I don't know. I mean I don't understand why you got a like inject yoga into something. That's like this time. Traditions to do, or do you really It is a far better with the lid. Ask your people need to start asking questions yogurt. The ban, tromp hats and prompt supporters from bars here see we're being like TED Kirsty, shouted out, restaurants, the oil no there's like no. There there's like safe spaces for the lives, and indeed it is a crazy playmate running out and where my tramp but honestly who's gonna go too far that doesn't trot. People are the most fun people to be around
they're off. Like look at the rally last night. What a party? That's? What you want in a bar! You want a party atmosphere, you what people say and some funny you want people to be able to throw back a few beers, not worry about it. Maybe they throw some paints on his everyone's reality? So high tat night I'll tell you how long I've been. I won't wait like I didn't really worry whole months, I didn't sleep. Had been awhile? My maggot turn can and it was a golden charged and I am ready for when you're revved, you read the guys I love. I next right. Writer is here with recommendations for this Valentine's day. Hooters is giving away free wings to customers, willing to shred photos of their axes and waffle house is taking Valentine's day reservations and will offer a special menu Harrison. It's no cheesecake factory, but it'll have to do. Let me just say that going to Hooters on Valentine's day was
a time honoured tradition and lie single hook it I thought hooters was still. I still have a great regard for hooters in my life, If one day, probably her six birthday, Lily, Montana Propaganda, gotta, Hooters we're gonna hurt you prefer executors their supervised to kids, their family, friendly, yes and its place a dab likes to go, but so are highly. I think that what we really have on Valentine stay? Is we need positive outlets like this, for the love Lorn for the scorn- and this is a The way to shred a picture of the acts get some free will spend a few. You don't even actually have to bring the pictures. You can do it on line. While that's what
buddy does anyone doesn't have any less ran on turn are upheld them with dark? I wanna get Huber. I wanna get our legal analysed in here because you are also, I believe you represent several large fast through changing. You had ass if you had to choose between a waffle, housing and the eye hop which which which should be taking reservation his leave, who Hooters aside, the idea that waffle houses taking reservations granted that good that popular and I've been waffle housed in Jackson will Florida it's the real deal, but there's plenty of counter space. I don't think there's ever ADA that big of a problem getting a table or spot at the camp, and I love counter. You know you can bring kids to the counter. It's not You know there are a lot of restaurants. You cannot bring kids to account or because there's alcohol, but you can go to the waffle house. This play my would definitely say, reservations for four. I hopped I'd like option sea, which is Perkins
anyone knows what a Perkins it's fantastic, great breakfast dunes rain. I always like going into waffle house because you get to watch them, make the foods you can. Actually, you know you can request a certain amount of here to put your food, you get to see it. So what I like about next, some so called men, are trying to make me free eating a sexy choice. The Sydney morning, Harold profiled Simon Hill, Officio therapists and nutrition masters student, who guess what has a blog.
And a podcast about being began. It wasn't so long ago that hill was on a quote: Bro Science, diet that consisted of chicken and sweet, potato eggs and red meat quote like many others, the paper of words, he believed that meet free diet seemed less masculine and somehow less vital quote. I had the stereotypical view that begins worn exactly a picture of how the thirty two year old says it was a diet that lets you being skinny and weak and pay Harrison he's not wrong. He's got it wrong. Look at Bill Clinton. The guy looks like he's on death's door ever meaning it probably isn't. The dude had a serious heart attack about a decade ago, but he's adopted a beacon diet ever since and all the sudden, like he shakes his mouth as a gay peas pasty. He is ashen. I don't even know who would think that being a vague in is a proper life choice when you
lived the life of me much in the way. You know it's a lot of soil, but you know I just I don't get it. I mean Coy Booker's control around this platform. I just don't think that this is a lifestyle that a lot of people are gone to adapt now, because there is a kind of a curious choice to be a vision, because Booker is not yet the most trimming when do you out there, I mean so I Maybe I don't know, maybe he's just even a lot out beyond the vague and cakes, and he had eggs that didn't know, line with his spirit will there's a ton of a hand in the vague and die get other. There is a ton of fat and carbs in the vague and die, so you can totally or compensate by by just pick out on junk food. That's made for vehicles, it exists, it is it's not meet suit. You know that the whole like pasty, you know translucent,
Jeanne cancer stricken people that walk around and claimed we begins or libertarians or whatever I just. I ve never been able to identify with them. I like tell you mentioned that he has both a blog and a pod can react. How I think every every vehicle must have a blog All you have to evangelize, above all its doubts. It's about its about communicating your life You why you are virtuous and people should join you if you don't, then there's never. Cholera, and you're hurting the planet, rain and you're hurting the plant used to be that's an interesting change because it used to be. This is a healthier or I dont want to animals. But now it's it's been subsumed into larger climate ideology right, and so it just says now we're just this is bad for the planet was part of a green new deal lies, I got to say one of the things that disturb me about
Corey Booker story about getting Reagan was his bragging about the amazing great fake cheese choice, including fake cheese, from a pizza place in New Jersey. Senator from New Jersey and you're eating fake she's policy should be impeached for that. It's terrible noticed the Anti Vigo Museum in that Superbowl commercial. It was one of the insurance companies. I think it's the elevator No really, I very glad that this brand was due to what it was for. Hundred was a hunting. The cart was right in IRAN, the elevator and was that will our net, whose or the Jason date Jason Bacon, Jane Bateman the elevator operator and they're, going up and down and different floors before they get to the great Carson. My open one of the forests and the like.
Vegas, dinner party and someone says we're having beat low for dinner and meat. Loaf. Like you didn't I see now he loves flies off the train. The floor makes a weird plopping sat and looked and the look of disgust on the people's faces. It just shows you how that's a good book or has a lot of weight worked ahead of him If he's gotta, you can convince or better still, these democratic ass. The Democrats running for officer just not normal people, legs accolade. Well. These are weird people running for optimism pair the vision who likes to the to the man who likes to stake. Well, which is more in the american grain. Or delay. That's all that's where four days this right writer like to give a special thanks are producer. L before, of course, are free, beacon, guess, met cotton, any air, Harrison
and victory. No manners remember find us on Itunes. Google play in stature, just search for free begin. Please subscribe to lay friends only they pose a review like listener. Might gardener nine who says today is going to be an extra spicy right. Writer terrorists. It's always fired up after a Trump rally couldn't nor right go until next
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