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Turkeys, Betos, and Cheetos

2018-11-20 | 🔗
On the latest episode of theĀ <em>Free Beacon</em> podcast, the gang wonders what happens to the turkeys pardoned by the president, ponders Beto's future as "Barack Obama, but white," and salivates at the idea of Cheeto-encrusted turkey dinners.
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The programme that you're about to hear contains material that may be offensive to some listeners listener. Discretion is advised, go ahead, make my day. Hello and welcome to write and writer the official pockets of the Washington Free Beacon. I'm your hosts Elizabeth Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W F B the free began, Pat gases available on Itunes. Google played sticker. Please subscribed telling friends and weave a review during me from the right today is free, beacon, editor in Chief Matthew, cotton Eddie. You may remember him from such mainstream media outlets as the failing New York Times and the
ethnic can follow him on twitter. At cut, Nettie, hello, Matt, hello is and further to match. Right is free, beacon, present an Harrison chief lobbyists for the razor wire industry or not exactly surety, does around the office. Besides the Czechs and that's good enough for us hello, Harrison or build a wall unhappy president's there was in returning to the show. Today the chairman of the free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, international man, a mystery and lessons republican consultant. He always keep open. Listen line. Hogan far below us up, first, written writer President Trump has been busy on Twitter, saying, of course, we should have captured a sum up in London long before we did and tweeting an impressive picture of barbed wire. Who uses presidential pardon power today and decide whether peace or carrots, will be saved from the thanksgiving table. Matt First, he endorse criminal justice reform and now he's letting these Turkey's off the hook and you know the irony is there having this twitter pole about which Turkey's being saved, but
aren't they both say. I mean both they go to a nice ain't. Never gonna have had prior haven't you know. Actually this is a good idea for three will on early happens. Turkey, refugees like orange. The new black return, W Syn, Tourism Oh my god, I might send a reporter their different, because all week or its You know, soiling green is people. They tell they ve been telling us for decades that they go to the Turkey refuge with Turkey, refugees really Thyssen's, processing plant life away. The truth is that it's actually a pretty ugly situ. Nation you're onto something there. So these these birds are actually chock full of so many steroids and hormones. Veiling live like another year like these things will be dead. It's really hospitals. Basically, I saw this fantastic video, It reminded me that the Sarah Palin video she did the interview after pardoning the turkeys in Alaska, analysed and behind her,
They are still the neighborhoods in the wood, chipper armies and it's just log everybody's Largo for Turkey. It is an epoch, like gobbling, Humphrey Wrong. That's for sure. Ahead of Us Harrison I think this is this. You tell us about the barbed wire. Well, that's for the case. The barbed wire like this is where my razor wire affinity, unlike, why are we doing bar we needed a razor like that's, actually make sure this new design of the Trump law it should be a whole area, for this is what our troops have been doing for the last three weeks. While they got blocked in the desert, God bless I'd. They couldn't doing, and also you know what another one for tromp. I understand the troops would be home in time for the holidays I hope that said the caravan we get. Six thousand invaders N T J right now, literally like a hops,
but a job from San Diego. So you not California, you wipe out all the Republicans. All the people who wanted to build a wall will just go ahead and is let em on end, because here they come, they are here they are here to invade. They are here to take the jobs they are here to increase the crime. Ok, that's what's going on here. The invasion is on build a wall. Coded razor wire and then start shooting any invaders known can say that the right and writer podcast dropped the caravan issue after the elect exactly that. When such a ridiculous media me yeah anyway. I'm The recent I'll cover miles away. Sir right, I got woods coming you got old, moving forward, remove pretty quick barely two weeks ago there, twenty five are the ones that we stopped covering, I mean and the, but there's still cover Well, you have had the honour of EU policies and labour and know the caravan still on its way, and it turns out that a lot of
people in Tijuana the Mexicans greeted with a pretty saw that rowdy protest too, they don't want I'm not. Nobody wants up. That's the whole thing, but nobody's protecting their own borders. They just continue to float northward like, if only we could create a pass through an Express lane straight into Canada. Let them deal and I'd love to see other Canadians would handle. The refugees must be hilarious back to the turkey. This tradition is play it is so is Don I trot really wanted to make this statement here. I would say that, like you need huge folks, our own lives right here and I get plan for we do it. You pardon toe fergie and use water, the other two and you ve serve them off the Thanksgiving dinner, because the tool for key idea should just be totally kicked out of you. Art and culture not about anyone, have tough work yet Marilla go either. I sure, as hell hope that idea
Indeed, I would our out take that up with minimal almond assume that they don't have to work you down there, but that is a thing now. The parallel wipe it out loud until Fergie, and then I think, Obama hardly porn. It say see the Orient. I think nobody will eat to Turkey nobody is allowed you to talk to Turkey executive order and then shot the heads off the damn birds. They got up there right now, next step. Now that the Democrat attempts to steal elections in Florida over we turned to Mississippi where the media is desperately trying to make the Senate Raw run off a dang the best way they know how accusing the Republican of being a racist Harrison. This isn't really a thing, though, is it? No, I don't. I don't think it's a thing. I mean it.
It's not gonna, be close, a democratic hasn't a cheque for anything I don't know is Steve. Baden, sloppy, Steve, nominate another travel height, the ip and play. I dont think that that's the case down there are so luckily, I think this one's gonna be an easy breeze. Now what we are going to see? Look for. Look for this it's already started is that the media lives named efforts CNN, MSNBC years to start building this up as though there is an actual race there, and there will be a pole, released not been any poles to my knowledge released yet? But there will be one that says this, that that the democratic within striking this ass the city, and you want to talk about a caravan the media Van is going to descend on Mississippi over the next week and they're going to create something and they're gonna really do their best to turn out the democratic vote, and thankfully, we You're too, have nominated a very successful, very competent nominee for the. U S, and at this time that is not going to be molesting young women in others
I have met. I've already seem like a dozen of the same stories in every mainstream outlet. That says, could it be in play for Democrats right? Cindy hide Smith had some slip of the tongue. Moreover, her words were taken out of context and kind of impugned as racially charged She mentioned the public she felt like she was going to public hanging its. I was such a stretched out the Airways. I think that was a drive by and then there is some other things she made a joke about voter fraud, and so these are attempts at her humor, which had been transmitted by the media in too. You know racially charge comments, and so that's kind of the reason were the all the interested MIKE S, be. Who has a history by the way of kind of a check or past in terms of his administration working for Clinton and then in some of his lobbying,
given these he's not he had to resign even from the Clinton administration. Video is not the most attractive candidate members, one Frances, I'm watching in Mississippi the reason that Dog Jones one in Alabama last year was wasn't just a surge in african American turn out where there was a search, the the real reason he one was that the white vote, really kind of split and typically in states like Mississippi or Alabama, is overwhelmingly of war. The Republicans in Alabama last year it where it was far reduced in numbers,
and that was mainly because people were just spooked and weird it out and disgusted by Judge Roy more right. So I dont see that happening right now with Cindy hide Smith and until I do see it up very sceptical of the Democrats, Chances Roquat Eddie, I would like say congrats to espy for leaving the Clinton administration of his own volition and not just being murdered. Look I gotta get the body count. Gulf five, you know Cindy Highsmith is not an impressive candidate. I think the worry, in my view, is not the chill actually lose, which, at times that reference, some pole of private Paul that had her only up five, which shall be surprised if that's how narrow it as. But you know, these are like safe red seats and it would be nice if we had impressive so
serious incumbents that those who were produced by these dates, and instead we sort of our getting were scrape in the bottom of the baron. These are appointments is like Luther strange. He was weak and appointed Cindy hide Smith, weaken appointed, but you know those are places where you could have impressive, you, no Jesse Helms Types or Tom caught and types, and instead you God, send the item on which we were liable. Vote for leadership, but am budgets and judges but but nada, not an inspiring candidate. Next beta mania is taking the Democratic Party by storm, because the bar for celebrity in politics is very. Very low. Democratic donors are frozen in place political reports as they away word of whether Rob overwork captain
the crew teen plans to enter twenty twenty now Bernie Sanders and Pocahontas have competition. One butler said quote: it completely changes the gain of beta runs and he should run he's Barack Obama but White go far over that just what we need here I mean that's that sort of a fund. No problem, I mean part of that Morocco Viable got. Why is like not Morocco about last night? I don't know, is it serious good beta win. I don't know I mean it scares me. Really out of NATO. I mean a little, they fired you gotta man, up a little, I mean crop is more like a folded cruelly says you know, he's crap dollar,
Were you a senator has like I've never seen over. The last impressive cannot hear you saw what a narrative right lays down that last time, Goldfarb ever saw Republican that actually enjoyed. You know that still like right and if you had to pick, against Gamala, Harris or beta, which one would you rather run against NATO yeah absolutely beta I'll. Take you come on come on that fight cats, african American turn out what will not be as high yeah. They are not going to accept, as it would be, rather we might turn out, would be through the roof against Gamala. I think years to play this. Let trumps play this. What the Trump bet that one in twenty sixteen- and that is really if he doesn't shift his political strategy, which only you'll do- is really the way that he could win twenty twenty, which is you're going to sacrifice the big margins and red states that Republicans typically enjoy leaving us
sacrifices margins, you'll still win. The states. Will this be by very near much more narrow than republicans are comfortable with you, but you're gonna make that sacrifice in order to get the the white Working class in the rust belt, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and that's play you can do with Robert Orourke. I don't think that's a play. You can do with cut warp if just be more competitive and more interesting with a comma Harris Devolve, Patrick Corey Booker for further did, especially for common, because there is the first african american woman
residents. So there's a sense of change making there, but it's so yeah. I would rather run against big. I don't know about that theory Matt. I mean here's. My problem with that theory, which has I think, Minnesota Wisconsin, are more competitive. Now then Pennsylvania's gone like I just don't buy the Pennsylvania common back for Trump and twenty twenty that's venue was gone in October. Twenty sixteen to ok, ok, fair points by you know returned to the mean here in Michigan, maybe, but I just think that that the White turn out will be so through the roof. If you have a candidate like come Allah, whereas beta a minute, just such a wild cardamon who-
Those are the load, the like options, the high in the lower much the spread is much larger than braver solely in any Democrat is is favoured at this point is still early than any Democrat is favoured because of where the fundamentals are of trumps low popularity. He didn't gain houses at how seats we don't know what the economy will look like, and the Democrats of one the popular vote in six adolescence. Presidential elections, so you could give him all that the question is, then: I hope they when it again who became conservation awry, would have. That would be a Europe that would be when the marching at the street starts right. So who is it? Who? Who would you trump rather have to replace twenty? Sixteen butler businesses appoint?
in relation to the Hilary parliamentary seats the floor until she swears that she's not doing it. She's there nominating she's going to win win. There's thirty! Seven of these freaks running happy birthday, Joe Biden, either your job, I'm sorry, six today, my understanding, so you know couple for years to go forth. We're gonna make big. You know the main event there, Joe soak Jackie go and seventy seven on Bernie. Eighty seven on is warranted Ruth Paine Ginsburg that one foot in a grave can't walk three steps without fallen down a break in a hip. Look, that's their party yeah. I agree, though, is man I'd much. Rather one of these pasty white lives than some of the other challengers Harrison. When you think look, I think where you who are you afraid I cannot be such instrument, it's like. I think I, like Natalie lives, like you, as we are well aware that I am a vehement vocal supporter of women's equality, big,
menaced here. Believe always that's right, but I like to say that I think that there is an inherent sexism and the Democratic Party that, when they did dominate their first woman candidate, she went down in flames, I don't think it's gonna be another woman. I don't will ever gotten rid of them over. Then they don't want that, I ve been there I mean, did the women? The female vote did not turn out the way the expected at the minority vote didn't turn out the way they expected he had, because it is Hilary, it's gonna be somebody else, and I dont know that they are going to go. I will be very shocked, they nominate a female and it is to final point I think they're sexist. Inherently, that's that's. Why now running for president makes sense forbade out now, especially considering he didn't move to the centre at all in the Senate race, and I believe that if he had done even a little bit toward the center, he would have beaten
Bruce they didn't. He ran as a very programmatic liberal that think that cost him the election, but it will help him and the primary so makes answer the second thing I that is Harrison's Apsley right. The number of candidates is already amazing suggest. In the past twenty four hours I've learned you know Sanders is having some kind of retreat with his donors. In his activists, Tom style has announced a programme of four different town halls to talk about the raise his profile. You have people calling in our, whether it's a beta people, the Patrick People, Kamel a people, Booker people, not every billionaires, Schulz Bloomberg, Howard shorts, my the Bloomberg, and today I just heard Michael Bennet, the Senator Colorado brother of the Euro Times editorial page editor, also now interest in rank so just paid over billinger panels. Hey Loop. Her swallow
Goin another tat Castro Boulier Guy, whose name I can't even remember the lady who the hell giant aligning who was the first announced candidate congressmen from Maryland. Always the first announced Ghana, my guy OJ to four West Virginia. So it's not. It's already not even think it's more nuts. Now then sixteen was at this point in this right. So after fourteen is our great, you know we gotta have playing field in Europe, but that wasn't is Creek turned to turn. Crazy, but it was not as crazy as this is this early law back to Hilary, how it's time to check in with our favorite pop culture. Expert Natalie Johnson who Natalie hello, live when he got for us Justin, Burma has settled a lawsuit with a neighbour whose house he egged and twenty thirteen. Oh five years ago that this that only yesterday that that's christian forgiveness, repentance added the
first complained in the lawsuit that beeper, who is nineteen at the time, caused them quote emotional harm because of the egging when he lived next store the lawsuit alleged that Bieber spit in the neighbors face and quote terrorized the family with loud parties, drug use and aggressive driving aggressive DR appoint the neighbour there. You move next, a beaver. You re only what he has to say and I went to four he you know that was before he had to open a Turk yeah. So this was when he was like really gone, wild, the family away when we, your house is going to cause you emotional harm, Harrison cause you physical tat, other razor wire rope, how's about sober, has already served probation and criminal plea deal that was struck shortly after the incident and paid eighty thousand dollars and restitution for the damage caused by the details for this settlement have not been released.
Very interesting, Amanda, not a k, a foxy. Now, I'm sorry boys that he or she is officially off the market has given hardened Knox the engagement in an Instagram post, showing her now fiance Christopher Robinson, approaching Knox She was sewing a cloak when a loud Cromwell, close desire, which every second selling a green club crunching now. Ok, this is this is the weird it. This is the eventually was into some weird things. That was she. Why then evening, and it allow and listen to this end game. They listen to this engagement. That happened so Robinson leaves Knox to their back yard. Where a quote makeshift meteorite is sick.
On the lawn, while the theme from E t, as planned, At the same time, I was always up in there inside of the meteorite or the tablets detailing the couples romance and then Robinson says I quote. I dont have a ring, but I do have a big rock or you stay with me until the last star in the last galaxy burns out and even after that, like Flash, send them, There is only one element in Paris, horizontal I've ever better than till death. Do us part when you're proposing she apparently dunwoodie gotta, big rock? She apparently doesn't where rings, which is why he didn't get her rang and instead of fake meteorite, whatever it was very interesting. Yes, said, it's comes three years after her fall exoneration for the two thousand seven murder of her we meet in whatever happened to the guy. The
Jan boyfriend, you, if you didn't, give her a meteorite. I guess not. He was also fully exonerated I'm if you watched the Netflix daughter when he said that VIC actually briefed us on an right on writer, like months proudly Everything else, and we have one last engagement, Frankie Muniz. He was a little bit before my time, now come on them at all. That's throw my dog skip. Yes, So here s, an interim supporter, yet big, become worse off, I'm interested in So he got engaged to his long time girlfriend the sweet after his cat destroyed his house, where he was in France for a funeral apparently has caught accidently turned the sink on fur days and left his life. Dorian lay it on Frankie admitted it and ass his five.
Replace with, apparently that all four of the five stories were totally flooded, but the reason we do these stores so that you will have something that nobody else talking about the first good exactly and ok. That is weird like train the cat. Its answers and I have no idea that transfer. I know I know there isn't a trained or cat to use the toilet. I not drinks occur. This is, though, why dogs there rather than cats, because Daisy, would I thoroughly to turn on the thought. I don't care if the fact that we are going to be ok. Thank you now, little more than the much needed update up first and our call around the latest and why we can't have nice things. Reynolds kitchens posted a hut, shadows, Turkey, recipe for Thanksgiving the recipe cause for spreading hot puff cheese sticks all over their holiday bird.
Using butter or we'll, meanwhile millennials or added again, as they can't just be thankful to be living in their parents basements. They ve had to start the Turkey challenge where they try to trick their parents and grandparents by taxing them to ask how do cook a twenty five pound, Turkey in the microwave one mom had the correct response to her. Otter quote. The only thing that came to my mind was who the hell is going to marry. You have heard at the prom. Is everyone knows millennials or this stupid, so the trick is way too believable would so what's the trick they they ask if they they're trying to get the response from their mom or dad the to think there that stupid into that they'd could try to cook their Thanksgiving Turkey in the microwave.
Naturally I got a millennium did. This is like one always, so no one is cooking neurons idea. Maybe you text your mother. How long does it take to cook a twenty five pound turkey in the microwave annual them? and my my girlfriends led only respond. They were really funny really did show you which mothers cooked and which didn't because a lot of them are actually said. Oh, I didn't know that you could cook. Her office. I think that it would always are drawing up. I don't know things are giving thoughts guys I mean on this cheated turkey. I note that that's what I want to talk about. It sounded really interesting ill. Give us the right up to now only do that. I would try that they can meet the whole thing, but I would I need you. Try I hadda and at the North Carolina aren't you. I had a sheet as deep, fried corn dog and it was delicious you'd like nothing better than she knows
Are they areas it's gonna, leave the Turkey type attorney General Austria about. I think about this like it now. I think that maybe the picture people have in their head is not exactly the accurate, like they're going to basically do like a shaken back on the Turk right, where, like you, kind of grind the sound and then you got like the sweet. Bad ass, like Philemon Heart hot, knows, crossed on your turkey. You make it stick with the butter and music putting more butter on Turkey's as you basted zone juices, and it comes together into a beautiful orange. He crossed And it'll be really dont think this would turn out as well as more closer, but I think it's worth truck. Does it up the sandwiches and the soup? what are the most? I thought. Maybe I'm in all the languages were your soupcon love me occur, consume, that's the movie. I want to those already noodle I'd rather a carcass thrown in the mud, vegetables and about the local Forbes soup. Guy,
didn't tradition or think I don't know you should try it it's with Europe. Those very uneasy soon fell sound french onion. So that's that's the best like abruptly and radically ensure chatter. Like that, that's I'm saying I think you should try. It gives like an high report back button and top pitcher jared. The gallery of jewelry is out with a new ad campaign which should have a viewer discretion warning the fifteen second spot quote: dare to ask him features a woman who probably went to the Women's March, getting down on one me and asking her a male to marry her women have never been more empowered and less afraid to turn tradition on its head. Jeered says: Ladys. Do you dare to ask him to marry you a Jared you'll find handsome. And styles for him and dazzling styles, for you Harrison First feminist made us pay for dinner. Now we have to
either rings to. I want to know who the hell that what to wear an extra ring isn't associated with like a national championship. Superbowl I mean what in God's name who goes around and like you know, I need on my hand another ring. I wedding ring on in this thing dragged me nuts, but our where, because that's what you're supposed to do, you gotta go to show off your lifelong pact to everybody around, but like what I What are your nose is to prevent the women from destroying them so that its an excellent point in and yeah well the problem? How even have that run? As everybody knows all over his eminent anyhow, I get to work in the morning. Unfortunately, it's not as repellent is most invariably live anywhere. There are so many like what are they called strippers go there
I got it. I got it they're called thoughts. Ok that whole over there ok, they're sort. These wedding rings act as magnets to them there. There are literally, like can't, walk in ST anymore, without some thought coming over to you and say: hey you wanna. You know I see you're married like let's get together, let you know, and so it's like it's actually, it's actually a bird Yes, I've heard that I read about the latest analysing arrange, grace activists that outside the quarter we offer you. I think that, unfortunately, mostly yes but yeah, that that special kind of the deal I mean these with understand, who would want? Where does the ring go? Did you start damage? Makko Isabel warrants, husband at a good point, she's ones. Another reason she's not going to make it. I just can't with she proposed. Harry banned by the way has been really. I think, she's kind of force has replaced the condition in her trap. I want to draw up
just gotta give Elizabeth worn a compliment, issues kind of a fine p space is she was she was that we had biggest revelation in all of the facts. The exact was argot audience, though Elizabeth Warren Types, Adam, like yeah, ask my man is in the commercial Is the young lady wearing a woman's march? Now perhaps now she is, she looks can inform you that what was a slogan again turn tradition on its head dare to. Can an yeah? That's like my least. In France in all die. That's exactly what conservative should oppose passion is fine,
There's no really works religion at a really good reason to change tradition, not a marketing scheme from a jeweler. Yet I just want to sell more than another extra rang like Harrison. I guess if she asked her boyfriend, one has to ask your girlfriend. Then exactly nags lab grown meat is coming to America. As the Us Department of Agriculture and the FDA announced they would oversea its production and would be working together to foster these innovative food products and maintain the highest standards of public health. A joint statement from the agency said a quote transition from fifty eight USDA oversight will occur during the cell harvest stage. Gross Newsweek says this is a great idea for Peter and environmentalists, as it would eliminate the need for animals to be bred and slaughtered and would also quote help limit climate change Matt. This is how the zombie apocalypse,
Ganz yeah disturbing hundreds of trouble you under a year later, how many people will be hearing me right now mean especially one the President Harris decides to favour these artificial meet industries and go after go after big poultry. I can see it happening, you know it's did it. Do they say anything about the taste? Is it Can you tell when I I don't know it? Doesn't he didn't say I've got to go to the reservation errors. I don't like this at all as the recent Newsweek thing at safe. So I take that with the current, but who's gonna I am in the real vegetarians- are the right. I like you, look and you have to get organic everywhere. The firing it with a paper strong, eventually rose. Like another one of these hippy dippy things like they're just no way they can you stop people from eating the fried chicken and boars and like if that's their. If that's their policy agenda is just bananas watches you either they keep trying to do things that
we're gonna happen, the never going to lower the sea level. It's not gonna happen ornament that, during this understand this, like our, are the actual genetically growing me like it isn't or they will sell cultures or its actual me, so you could actually deep brothers you're. Getting Can you just getting like a chicken brasswork chicken like without the Czech nobody's gonna eat? You know what I'm up Montgomery the only thing I don't want to see is I don't want to see the pictures of them growing it in the lab, because I have you seen some of these Frankenstein experiments that their due there are so nauseating like. I would echo the house with the ear on it. Yet I was just going to say that is like a legendary want. I mean all these like little freakish Frankenstein projects they got on theirs. I really really nasty. Looking things, I'm distinctly the progress. We should stop right. Now, though, I am open on this look of if we can honestly grow our own beat in a taste just like it in its actual meet imo for many months,
start having Romeo revile on your back or something Carol. You just heard from a Harris voter what will you need? The authority has demonstration is doing this when you, fine, the broader grew by then you clone that cow. That's that's watered every week for eternity. I thought you you got Kobe beef like on the rag because you're just grown in your fridge like this could be. The future could be a legend where they have that it so You knock as our off Eliza Susan. I guess that's can stuff, unfortunately, that up its fight. We have, for today's deserve right. Writer, I'd like to give a special big, Sir producer L before, of course, a free big guess. Maybe continuity earn Harrison. Microscope Armand Natalie Johnson, remember find his on Itunes, Google play in stature, just search for free beacon. Please subscribe to your friends
if a positive review like listener smells like teens statism who says I can endorse these celebrated Dick lash analyse highly enough and next?
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