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Family Matters


A story about a selfish teen who makes a sacrifice for family.

Family Matters

Written by David Flowers

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month, monitoring service free when you and roll and interactive monitoring again that simply safe dot com, slash full body, chills high listeners. I am Ashley flowers and I have a story. I want to tell you a story about a selfish Jean who makes a sacrifice her family so gather around and listen clubs. I gotta eat my mom, So much she's always breathing down my neck, like she, some freaking life coach, where this do this
smile like this, I mean for real, give me some freaking room to breed, but I listened to her anyway, not to please her, though God know, if I could light the match that sets fire to her perfect little Dolly world, I would douse it in lighter fluid know I do what she asked, because it's easier than turning everything into another fight, everyone in moms or social group. All at the same. It is just expected of me to follow their example in this area I would rather endure their egotistical testicle me than have little Miss self Righteous Bite, my ear off over some crap about my attitude I mean come on. I think, if I play undersea my girlfriends this weekend three weeks ago, I've got every right to be freaking. When mom tells me last minute, I have to stay home, help prepare for another one of their spontaneous social gatherings. I mean it's not like you don't meet enough as it is and what makes their place.
so much more important than mine Monterrey, speeding in the same crab saying there more than just rent their am but its bull. An actual family and your day unwell, loser, you consider them friends, but if she wants to be an old hag with no life than she can join whatever stupid clubs she wants, but that gives her no right to drag me Do it I'm sixteen? Now it is more than capable of making my own damn decisions may be when I was like twelve. It was cool to be with the grown ups, but now that she is pathetic, boring as hell and whatever I should feel bless to have such a kind and giving family that's the biggest load of crap they're. Just as selfish as me, best friend Emily with her globule mascara, they would probably murder or steel from each other. If it wasn't against the rules and pray,
the only reason they still have their stupid get together for a frigate. Headcount mom gets a kick out of following orders like the little girl she is, but she's a joke when she's shouting at me. She pretended to be so big and tough, but all her social group has to do is snap, their fingers and she's on her knees like a dog spit shining, some jerk shoes, some role model that is mom dealing dammit. I should be at the jump down by the river getting lasted with my friends, not cooking, where these has been preparing some appetizers that lead all over me got. This Rostov spells awful. I wish mom never told me where she is said about that. Loser, MEG or whatever her name is come Craps Hale is at the jumps right now. But with me gone, she's gonna, be stealing all the hot guys like that boy. Mark honestly, I don't know what he sees in her Emily says. I should try
being friends with her that we have a lot in common know, just as we both hate orbit In both our schools hang out, the same spot doesn't make us friends as if I would forget the time she took. My beer, without asking like learned a share, much serious like. I wish you would jump off a cliff and kill herself o o Neil. None of them understand everyone in this stupid social group are all just a bunch of wealthy old creeps in their late forties, who won't go either mid like crises mean course, therefore, that when you go join, I'm pretty sure he goes to college anyway is against the rules to talk about your personal life in the social group meetings, but I had seen the color of his shirt merely a dozen times they been to enough now Edith tailgate to no amount nears Jersey. When I see one when I asked her
though he got off embarrassed because it was coming to you, I could tell he was a lot like me. I didn't really like care for any of this religious crap. You just never really seemed like he bit and we always look like he one until we someone probably forced him to come. I mean, if he's like me was price parents. I could tell it was totally into me, but who also afraid to make the first move so one day when the rest were busy with one of her sermons, I pulled him into the kitchen where we can be alone. He was kind of start the conversation, so I went first. I told him a lot about me, my friends, how much of a loser my mom was, and even my name I lied, and I went to the same college as him, because I don't want him thinking. I was in high school. It will kind of loser. What I look like, then And I think he was really nervous because he didn't really say much, but I mean this boy was
shhh, I mean like shy, shied. When I went to his him, I try to take off his mask, but he full wreaked out in a sort of like hot but nervous boys. He said against the rules I tried to take off my master home. It was ok, but before I could huge ran away what, if he's gonna be here tonight, I have actually seen him in like a few meetings, Oh, my god, that's the code. It him soak up little over me decide the kitchen moms going for the door got those red robes offer. Would. If I look like, I know it's the mayor disguises, the pointless when you're as bad him in spew that noxious loud voice on tv all the time create
now mom in the mirror, discussing the awesome magnificence of on board the shepherd springy. I just wish us with my friends, or at least they wish one. My microphones could be here with me that way. I wouldn't have to endure this crap alone. Tibet. It's against the rules, to allow any wonder the social group who hasn't been baptized in the black still shiver. When I think about my baptism, but it's not like we can just baptize anyway. mom says that only the marked can be baptized and survive. When I turn thirteen and found out the blind shepherd had marked me long was so happy. She was like ugly, crying and everything I did. She ever hug me as hard as she did that day.
Great more of them are starting to show up now Tortoise here the store where there is no sign of the queue way or maybe a gross. Now that's the share from cop, so damn it between a school dress codes, any stupid social gatherings. Everyone has addressed the exact same. Elisa school can spot Emily's dorky heritage across the hall, no red hoods and white masks covering everything. Crap moms, coming ironing and put on a jet air mask Miss perfect. Yes,. understood a course right away. Sister, her bs, I need to say, to get her to waive, not call her Mamma now that she's in costume out, really drive or nuts wake legal, you believe awake wake,
go away. Finally, what is its mouth? shoot the advertisers Emma. mom's actually going to call me for this Maybe they just drowned in some seasoning with food, all peace I crap anyway. So no one really notice. Yes, it's done. Ok, yeah, I'm coming, I said: ok mom! I could see her face right now, I'm sure of your red hot she's, going to kill me when this is done right. This has to be the part I hate. The most is going around person to person offering appetizers on a tray like I'm, some kind of butler for the flesh may be made whole flash for the flash maybe be made. Whole
look stupid. I hope that you will die too. He doesn't see me acting like a loser. Where is he I hope our coffee is coming from, lung cancer, not who over I just handed the appetizer to know. Yes, no back the person I can we have touched you should just their appetizers all gone sermon. Starting is always the same, broken record last outline Shepard who guides the conscious, skipped the industry. I would kill somebody just be drunk by the river right now about Heather's talking behind my back right now, scribble her. We used to be best friends, but I was before I found out that she was called
We may make up a month back and then she had to go spread a rumour that I was cheating with Emily's. We friend all because I went around telling boy she hadn't std like take a freaking joke Heather and it wasn't cheating kissed a little bit behind the bleachers. That's it what's going on and a zone out a tribute today. We haven't had a tribute over three months. Could it be like? I? Can you imagine if it was Heather? I can't tell, but it looks like a guy Elisa, speak good stress cleanse for me wonder who it
so they always keep the hood in Rome on the tribute until it's time I can tells when these losers are anxious to get there could be very swarmed moms dinner table. Excuse me the altar. We see an excuse me what legal line I gotta make my way to the front its action. First. I've learned that those in the back the line usually just get the scraps because by the time it's their turn, the tribute is either dead. or nearly the Erika. Some Boozer got two carried away: ass, thirty, nine! This is good for Adding a little excited, save some for the rest of us was a pretty rough caught. Butch rug at me, piece of work give me the knife already geeks. I gotta keep an eye short that we know ones at risk of accidentally killing
tribute to quickly mean I could just go straight for the. I am sure that would do it, but it would probably with bad if I finished him off too fast, yet the tough part finding that hurt spot somewhere, where it will hurt, but not outweigh kill them. Oh, that's the sports, Jersey, ferment, aided meeting not here I mean it could just be some college. Loser. I've never seen his face before too. Who knows me on the socks is that when he was in the last few meetings like did he we got it, but he tried running away or something looks like the first. You guys got I'm pretty good. He would still survive if he got out now eyes Isaac. So sad. He knows it see. No! It's me. I got my mask on right. Ok, my betraying him
Think think think I don't have a lot of time. There's little line of people waiting on me everyone's watching me, but I do what do I do? I do. I know what mom would want me to do. I know what everyone here would want me to do, but they don't make my decisions for me I am a goddamn adult. I decide I decide I have to do it. So you should be the knife in their decisions taken in nice and slow. We urged unthinking chicken down. Even we ve been twisted a little bit too. But become an ex tribute over sloppy job at the others of eager to take their turn to bad about college boy. I guess he's
capital, but who knows? Maybe if you guys but joy The there is always getting bigger. This series was produced Ashley flowers in David flowers? This episode was written by David. where's and read by Ashley flowers. This story was modified, so we per audio retailing, but you can find the original in full on our website. Body chills is an audio chuck production. So what do you think? Chuck the approved
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