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This is a story about a strange hospital and an even stranger visitor.


written by: Jacob Beach

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That's better help e l, p, dot com, a full body, chills hi listeners, I'm Samantha were, and I have a story. I want to tell you a story about a strange hospital and, and even stranger, visitor, so gather around in this close, they put me on the word today. That's what call it here the war to the hospital that they send all the ailing who are about to get any better. I suppose anyone on award just calls it. The ward, though we ain't special,
I've been insane auguries for a few months now and then different rings, seeing different doctors taking different pills and shots and shit up and down elevators. Two different departments as if I was Christmas, Shopping Bloomingdale's, instead of dying, doesn't what's wrong with me. Just matters that they, and fix it, and I've got nowhere else to go so Sent me to the ward, a lot of stories about the ward being around so much. Saw them send a lady down there covered in burns from head to toe. Apparently she was stuffed a house fire. I haven't ever sooner come out, at the same place, she went heard the nurses they don't care, for you as much as they take care of you like dog, nobody wants. The food is worse. The beds are worse. The air as well
Breathing and all the same errors, thirty other people who are dying same as you. That another thing about the ward: there's no doors or walls. It's just open air sure there's Kerr ends, but they're not worth a damn. The place is set up more like a barracks in a hospital arose be on either wall, no more than four feet. Apart get to know one another! Well, I've been Less than a day- and I know who can't clean themselves, who can't wipe themselves who don't know why they're here and will even don't know who they are, months on my life, trying to find a way to keep living one day here and death would be like healing. Maybe that's the point. This is a strange place to be. Beside me. An old man told me I would get along great with his daughter who, coming by at three o clock. That was a few
hours ago. Now, I'm just a little bit ago. He acted like you just met me and said the same. Damn thing again closing my eyes trying to block out where I was in being the people who didn't know. I over a woman asking a question to one and the nurses. She as well have been a leper on the street of Galilee. I peeped an open and the look of disgust on the nurse's faces was was almost enough to kill me right. How so one in a position of carrying could hold such animosity towards someone, they don't know, is beyond me ass. She coming I heard the woman ask who, but in his voice. May my skin shrink like I was back in school and the teachers, and, unlike what I just said, you know who woman and like she was pleading for something the man eyes rolled so hard. They could a bold strike, the woman she said I'm sure who everything is coming as on their way. That was
the coolest thing I've ever heard. Vacation as dinner because all hell, what is this place once the nurse was gone. I raised my boys what I could raise it to at least who are you expecting HUN silence? across the room like a blanket. Every eye was on me except the few who didn't have the wits. Every eye turned away. I got answer I got no reprimand beyond the looks of concentrated consternation. I closed my eyes again, wishing I wasn't here- The woman I asked looked at me wide eyed, the Mai, Lim player. My eyes matched her own. This place in and seemed bidding something so highbrow. Doesn't so bad, that's not. I heard defeat work, it's to her voice, and then I heard nothing
at an ear and other boys, the rest of the night. Eventually I began to doze, The lights stimmed in the hall and through the ward, the very air became hushed my ear I have never once heard such silence. There was always Some sound, but not then, footsteps broken. My collapse of thunder a shadow appeared on the title for stretched out and fuzzy becoming clear, as the footsteps grew louder, a figure and asleep Address came from around the corner and carrying a strange case, though we stand by our face was so pale. You could still see it was clean sky. Like a bar of soap, her hair dark, click the dress, both hanging down to her knees. She wanted the bad rose her most, were where unnatural and fluid so elegant around the room. We're on her, but you could tell them
look away. She moved herself, so she was directly in the middle of the room. Then turned slightly deliberately to me, side of the room. Every ship, or across the room for me sunk. Looking was relieved like sold is being told. They can go home whatever way, side of the room dropped. My side picked up tension built to fear. She opened her case and pulled out a polished, violin. Fine, smoking instrument I ever saw and above her face fix to appoint on the wall unblinking anchored, she lifted boat, a string and immediately my ears heard the most beautiful music. I ever remember hearing The sound was crisp
the walls seem to be absorbing and wanting to take it in. For themselves, instead of bounce it around the room like they ought to, it was this particular hall was made precisely for the sound of those strings, the melody left it through the room. It drew tears. Every eye, the notes for such, mix of mourning and hope. Like a sudden Baptist women, singing amazing grace at a child's funeral. I closed my eyes savouring some of this pleasure every other I state lewd write to her and yet a much enjoyment in a while? So as letting myself, x and peace. I opened my eyes. I lost my bed inspire a moment. I looked. Middle the room, but she had moved too. Closer to the bed. On my side now I had in her stop playing I hadn't even heard any footsteps, and yet she had moved
I watched her now with the same intensity as everyone else in the room after short time ago became clear. She was heading straight for the space between the third and fourth bed. The third bed, as it happened, was empty, as for bed, for The look of pure terror on the man's face was something to see. I didn't know a person's face could hold such fear. and silently. He look like he was screaming, but the violence we boys went and allow such discord. The woman Ray the foot of the bed ass, she did, I would have done She grew taller. Or maybe the man some deeper. She took a step toward the bed toward the man, not looking at him just staring for another step, Relax the bow lifted from the strings and the music slowly faded away,
Hung around even after she stop playing as though wanted to hold on to it. Her gaze finally broken and fell onto the man he appear petrified Her hand gently some to his forehead, her motion justice fluid as our music, all at once one struck the man his chest rose and sink steadily under his covers the woman, gone to bed at the waist. Putting her out to the man's ear, whispering, something to him The man's eyes grew. He He then one long deep breath and its chair no more. She rose from the bedside turned around any media, We walked out of the ward, the lights went out and none of us spoke We all just pretend like. We were ok enable too,
sleep the whole rest at the night at some point we must have believed our own eyes and actually fell asleep. When I woke up there gathered around man who just got the private serenade. It was surreal, Those people left a man one day, eating drinking speaking, the next gone from his bed unto his journey his entirely life has done his ex. Science is now mean nothing his men. Greece erased from the universe in these carrying him. Him out are just having a day at work which for forget luck before their own knives and memories fade away. The rest The room is doing their best to act like it's just another day most of their days involve staring off into nothing and hoping the time goes quick. So it's
not like it was a hard job, but still I could tell Most of them were faking, pretending Just like me What we saw last night didn't happen this man just when an wasn't taken, but we on you hardly any of us spoke a word and fewer. Opened our eyes eyes anymore than we had to live through the day like a man walking to the gallows We only did what made the day less difficult. We nothing that might cause us the sin of enjoyment, as that would do nothing bring the terror of the night to a sooner. The light cast into the room by the sunset, though filled through sterile shades, was some of the most beautiful right I never seen a day so
ugly punctuated by a light. So lovely was something that made my stomach turn like. Whoever was it charge of the worst and most twisted sense of humor. The last of the nurse clear the room and the evening ten I'm never had an easy life and I have seen some people broken knowing nothing, but more breaking was coming. Nothing compared to the faces in this room, some pretended to sleep. Some naive actually try to. I have heard people say: smart people The fear of the unknown is the most fundamental and intense fear of person knows. I tell you that cannot be any further from the truth. When you know that you're and is coming. That's when you More scared you hear, someone behind him is less afraid and one who sees a gun held to his face tat was all of us. We knew we were about to get killed. We just didn't know
Precisely which one of us it was gonna, be the footsteps, faded and again tap tap, tapping along the tile for the again growing into focus the same posture, the same Who would motion? same relief from the other side of the room when she turned her long, dark body toward my side the music was just ass, beautiful ass, the last time, this was only solace, but then were certainly embedded knowing just knowing would be. Accompanying them later. On this time I watched. I watched her feet and the tile looking promotion. Watching that woman's body was like watching the moon you no, with all your head that it's moving, the good luck trying to Vince your eyes of any of that. I think my hands figured it out before I did. I was feeling there
but certain to my shirt, which made me realize she was moving whether I knew it or not. He was heading in my direction, a damn. Myself for thinking this, but after noticing I hope she was going to either the people next to me. Woman chose me. There was a burning in my eyes, I watched. Thinking my pulse making my hands trembled my eyes, twitch, the FAO, of my shirt was dumping as if my heart was just inside its buttons. The bow, stopped moving and she lifted it away from the violin Her then form started to rise. Above me, up close I saw her face. I had an For a natural shape, but the damn might do nothing to mass. It's me this. It's
too hard to pronounced, but worst to him or her eyes. They stand, but none at all as, if makes some of those orderlies this. Just today of work. Like. She won't even deign to look at me as she is about to take my life, my past my now, my next, my everything she step closer the air chilling ass. She approached mighty began to chatter, though I try keep my job clinched. My arms but like they were made of lead, as I try to hide no matter how hard I lifted. They stayed on my chest. Weighing me down, I gas or air faster, more shadow, she reached my side and her gaze broke from nothingness and fell on to me. My
this cannot tear away from her Are trying to escape its cage bones my pulse pushing on my skin. The gray of our eyes. Pierce through my soul, broke from my chest and begged me to hold on her hand reached out and slowly fell to my forehead. I swear it. Blistered from the cold on her touch all my heat, my blood, my sweat, my spirit ran through me and into her hand, darkness faded in. Surrounding me. She and been down her back bidding in a way. No body should her mouth touching my ear. Her breath sickly sweet like rotten fruit, all selling. Blackness, as I heard her voice break into the dark and silent void. We must
deeper into greater pain for is not permit. That we stay. This serious was pretty by Ashley Flowers and David flowers. This episode is written by Jacob Beach and read by Samantha were this story was modified slightly for audio metallic, but you can find the original info on our website full bodied This is an audio chuck production. So what do you think Chuck? Do you approve thanks to our sponsor, better help for their support of full body, chills
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