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Lucid Dreamer


This is a story about a reoccurring dream that became far too real.

Lucid Dreamer

written by: David Flowers

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calm, slash full body chills for ten percent off your first month, high listeners, I'm Ashley flowers, and I have a story I want to tell. You worry about a reoccurring dream that became far too real. So gather round and listen close yeah, hi if you're listening Today, it meantime debt
sorry I know I just hate when people's sugar coat it I mean I get it someone's final words it's depressing and they suck. I mean, I guess they don't really suck they're sad, but this isn't sad. I'm just gonna rip it off like a bandaid and say I I die or technically, because I'm going to die, obviously haven't died, yet not really looking forward to that part, I just I just want everyone to know that. I'm sorry This isn't anyone's fault, but my own, I just I know that I'm out of options now, so it's best. If you hear what I have to say, I'm gonna sound crazy, but if you hearing this, I think I died in a dream I think,
listen. I know how it sounds, but things have been happening and I know that the next time I fall asleep, it will probably get worse and I I don't think I'll be able to wake up, and I even have Ruth you should have seen a burnt beaches tape beneath this recorder and you can't well. I mean you can't watch it anymore because it like I did that, but it was real. Israel em, it's right there, so you know I didn't make this up. Anyway. I I know that when I go to sleep, I'm wouldn't be trapped, I'm not sure if that's totally how it works. Gonna haven't quite figured out that part yet, but because of that, I haven't slept in a few days and Obviously I am going to be able to go on like this forever. You know so I just want to tell you about it. So no one's left wondering at all basically comes down to a dream and it's this reoccurring.
Dream that I've had ever since I was a little and I still have at least once a month but its becoming frequent. Now it's not a nightmare. I mean I mean at least it I you when I let me just describe it first It always starts with me walking into diner. It's got that old, fifties charm to a kind of wide with China Floors and cherry red seats, except they weren't because in the dream, everything is black and white but in my mind I knew they should be read anyway. I'm inside and there behind. The counter is the attendant he's, this big guy wearing all white and a little soda jerk hat he's got his. Back to me while he's cleaning something on the counter, there's a little
Ask bell that I rang, except it makes no noise administrators there's no noise at all in the dream when I was little and would wake up from the dream. I used to imagine that Made the most beautiful sound in the world, like almost like a perfect chord, Almost as soon as I hit the bell, I to lose track of time in the dream and suddenly my order is right there on a plate, the guy. nine. The counter doesn't turn around, even as I take the plate to my usual seat in my usual booth, I don't. You ever had a recurring dream before, but for me it's almost like I'm watching a whom movie for the hundredth time. I'm in all these things happen, and it's like I kind of no What will come next, but I'm not like in control, exactly it's more like I'm gone through the motions
exactly where to said, because I've sat there a hundred times before. When I sit I find that I already have a fork and knife in hand this looks delicious, almost two delicious in a way that you really, only dream about its first, as dreams are by think. What's on my plea is something between eggs pay. And cakes, maybe a burger. I eat it. So I don't exactly remember eating it, but I know what happens when I'm done, I look up to see a black cat clock with its tail swinging from side to side. The time is to twenty one, a lot of you, say you can't tell time in dreams doesn't doesnt true, just common for some people. I mean, I see it every time, I'm in my dream, so it can be impossible right anyway, this feeling like I need a beast,
We are not here, so I get up and walk I walk through the long diner, for it feels like a minute, What couldn't be more than a few seconds, the key attendant, is still wiping down the back counter. When I open the front door and leave, then I wake up I'll admit it's a weird dream I mean most, people have reoccurring, dreams about losing troll of their car, not studying for a test. But not me, though I mean I've add those dreams a couple of times too, but this dream it's weird my dream, never bother me actually got pretty used to it. Was one thing that bug me: I could never Do anything going through My dream is, like I say this is like riding the world's so lowest dullest roller coaster ever and in her.
To write it again. Three more times. Each time I'm strapped in for the same boring old ride. I think that was partly the reason I wanted so badly to have a lucid dream, If you don't know, a lucid dream is when you're dreaming but you're aware that your dreamy, it's like it's like being awake. Or asleep. If that makes sense, some people can, even control their lucid dream, making almost anything possible. So we like Just imagine me instead of this boring old roller coaster having the entire amusement park so yeah, if you can't tell. Whose dreaming kind of interests me for it did not so much anymore. Because it won't matter what I'm interested in now. Sorry, that's morbid anyway, everyone's got their little hobby and while this was mine,
all the online forums. I tried all the techniques it meditation by neural music. You tube hypnotism videos, wheat, women, whatever it was, I probably gave it a shot. One time my friend even convinced me to try asset that did not go so well. It just never came naturally to me I mean I I try night after night month after month, but nothing worked. In the end it was that Ba gestate that did it. It was in one of my midday deep dive. Google, urges that I heard about green leaf three. I came Exactly where I saw that name. It was a cry. A dozen forum spread around a hundred other websites and honestly, it's not important green leaf. Three are just green. Leave. Has something of a cult following this is what you would call it it's kind of like an internet.
Conspiracy, theory except it's real on the internet, people talk about green leaf, like some sort of collectors item- and I often confused it with a whole list of strange titles, green swordfish, Orange Dragonfly, Purple Mozart. What I could figure I guess there are part of this in collection. Early on. I had trouble figuring out what green leaf was. The only hi people really mentioned it was when they had a copy that they wanted to trade I did find. One form, though, which seem to be a place for people to share their experiences with it. It was era that I learned green leaf was a video. No one said what it was: a video of but I got the impression that watching it would like Lou you into a lucid dream state. As you can imagine, I was pretty eager to try it out. I asked
the forms that there were some place it I could download it or Sri met and the first response. L, o l, I must have come off as a newbie, but thankfully the next response is a little more helpful to summon up This user explained that no real copy of green leaf existed digitally and that I should be careful of scammers trying to sell counterfeits. They said that I could only get it on visa chess and that every three months or so a copy usually went up for sale as a bit sceptical. I guess the word at first I mean I couldn't understand why I necessarily had to. Watch it on the age ass I thought maybe she was like vinyl like some big music fans will insist that nothing beats the sound of an old record player in a kind of get but I am also not looking to become a connoisseur of mystery sleep tapes. I was just looking to try it out, so I
scoured the internet for green leaf, but quickly realized. I was going down a rabbit hole. A quarter of the videos I found were corrupted would never even load as far as the rest of them. Well, I know now that every one of them was fake. I gave about five of try, but they were nothing close to that mind, opening experience described on the forums. The more I read the forums, the more I became convinced that if I was going to experience a lucid dream I was going to have to get my hands on a real copy of Greenleaf, so I bought a BHS and and waited for a copy to pop up for sale. I checked the usual site, almost daily ready to jump on the first chance. I got only five weeks leave, a guy with the username Joseph eighty, nine made a post saying, He was selling his copy, I mean the him immediately and we talked about a price
leave wasn t buy, this standard, and I think we agreed on like three hundred. Seventy dollars, something like that and I mean it's a collect- item so of course, it's going for a high price. Joseph and I got to talking. We exchanged numbers and eventually discover that we're almost like just four hours apart, he was concerned that if he sent the tape through the mail, it might get lost or something might happen to it. So we arrange to me up at the half way point make sure I was nervous, but he was actually the one who suggested we meet in public and he asked that I pay in cash and we just agreed on a time. When I finally met up with Joseph eighty nine. I was honestly expecting some shady ragged Dinah hoodie in sunglasses like something sketch you know, but I mean Does he was at the exact opposite? He wore a bright blue button. Shirt with nice genes to match- and I I remember he had this- car on the side of his head, but his blonde hair was
in such a way that I could tell he was trying to cover it and I'm kind of surprised how but professional he added here this cool, looking leather backpack and he reached inside and took out the VHF tape, it was This bland white slip case that had a green band running around the spine on the front pressed in black was the image of a leaf. Above it the words green leaf. Three, were hand written in marker. I think of them. We still see a little bit of that queen being around the suit case. If you try to look, but the rest is probably too badly burned to tell anyway Joseph pulled the tape, from this case and the tape itself was pretty average, but he point: to a little symbol in one of the corners. It was like this O shaped, holographic sticker
made it sound like it was confirmation that the tape was real. It had even crossed my mind until that point that I had no real weight and no, but this Guys seem genuine, so I was about to hand him my money when he asked. If I had schizophrenia there was but I told him no, because I don't and then he asked What about dementia? again, I said no, but he kept going and asked. If I suffered from night tears, I was kind of confused. But more annoying that this guy kept pressing me for all his personal stuff. So I told him, knowing I didn't feel comfortable gear hey my entire medical history. He applied rising just said that he was being safe. I gave him the money and he handed me green leaf three. The first thing I did, of course The second I got home was watched, the tape I through the door open and pulled out the chess player and got set up
in a comfortable spot. I mean the point of this was to fall, sleep after all, so I inserted copy of green me into the device and hip lay. There was nothing for a half minute or so I slightly panicked and wondered if Joseph eighty nine scammed me when stand screen letter. Suddenly, in in white white lettering, a a single or or actually an acronym, o, a c. The the acronym was quickly replaced by the title of the film leaf. And what followed then was only what I could describe as view wing instructions when there was a list of bullet points. Seemingly like a tutorial for how to watch the video before I burn the table, for good. I went back and wrote down exactly what it said.
Anyone something like this. For viewing of this tape, the following guidelines should be it here for optimal effect. Reviewing should be place between two to four metres from video display and sounds be audible from viewer perspective, but now exceeding standard levels for optimal the viewer should be placed in a comfortable resting position were moved from any external distractions for optimal affair. The viewing should be continued throughout the entire one? Our three minutes, fifty three seconds of the films, duration without interruption. If that We're suffers from any chronic mental conditions. Stop this tape immediately into view we're, suffers from any abnormal or disruptive sleep illnesses. Stop this tape immediately. If the viewer
displayed any symptoms or side effects within the last twenty four hours associated with the viewing of another Oviedo see tee. Stop this tape immediately. For further instructions and guidelines. Please speak to your acting supervisor So, as you can tell, the instructions were weird none, the fake videos I saw a light had anything close to this not even sure what all of it means, but it felt like. I was reading the rubric for a college chemistry lab or something to be honest. I wasn't all that worried me. Why should I be no freaks out when you seen epilepsy warning, I mean. Obviously people with epilepsy might but anyways may point ease we. Red warning labels all day every day, but you never think that, though, ever apply to you right. Well, the tape continued right into the video and all the things expected to see
actually wasn't that far off or something clouded in weirdness. I was surprised to see something pretty pretty normal I mean compared to some of the other meditation videos you'll find online. This is pretty par for the course. It was a wide landscape view. A single page road splitting through a tree covered mountain side, There was no one around and the weather was pretty clear. Despite the gray stormy colors, the natural sounds of the forest had been replaced by long evolving hypnotic tones, I'm not sure how much of the video I watched, maybe ten minutes. Five. All I know is, I was barely into the video when I started to feel heavy
my body kind of sank into the couch. As I quickly fell asleep and it worked, I could tell immediately it was different. It was like any other dream, except I knew I was dream and I knew it more than that. I could control it and I won't bore you with all my fantasies because I mean for one. It would take years to go into that much detail and for another it would be honestly a little embarrassing. Like listen. What happens in your head, it stays in your head. You know, but that's feeling like. How can you even begin to describe something like that? a skydiver might have some clue how it feels to fly, but in a dream not even close how can someone relate to that feeling? It's it's less
falling but more like moving the whole universe around you, and it was amazing, almost like inventing something new or being the first to discover a continent. When I woke up the treaty was black and green leaf was over. Of course, I would again and over them. A few days. I think I watched green leaf at least fifteen times, and Wait, like my mind, was on fire with imagination it now. I got old, I probably would watch that a thousand more times, not had that dream. It was mine, the one that I keep having by the old fifties: Diner had it for a while and compared to my recent streak of wild dreams. Honestly, forgotten that it was the reason I started this whole quest for Lucy dreaming. In the first place.
So as I loaded up green leaf and drifted to sleep, the same way, I did so many times before I was kind of surprised to see the black and white restaurant, though this time I could tell it was different in look different ages felt deaf. Didn't feel like I was strapped in. Just like any other dream with green leaf. I was control, at least it felt like. I was regardless I was filled with curiosity and ready to take this boring roller coaster off the rails over this little dull gray world and with a second of thought, I threw some color into the sea. It felt odd less. I, painting a picture as I was used to buy now in more like pulling the corner of a veil. A splash of color sputtered to live turning the cushion seed, said deep, bruised, maroon
Not exactly the vibrant cherry red I had imagined or even been trying for this On a clattering behind the counter pulled my attention to the man whose back I'd seen so many times before for the first time I heard something in the dream just like before he was faced away from me and there, the simple bell shown in anticipation. I be and at the idea of hearing that Bell chime for the first time I run to the counter and in his seat, I'd never been in before just to prove to myself that I could. I hopped up on bar stool and spun around once before ringing the bell without a moment of doubt, but what I heard
As soon as I hit the bell, I fell to the floor. Trying with all that I could to make the sound stop. It was like someone was drilling through a sheet of metal right into my ears. That kind of pain wasn't something I was used to, especially not in my dreams. After struggling to even raise my head, I forced the sound to silence when I got up. My food was waiting for me hesitated, but I wasn't really afraid yet. I had feeling like invincible. You know, so I took the play and who went to my usual spot this time sank into that sickly, red sea and focused my mind, taste the food, this food that always looked so delicious, but I never once actually tasted. I took a bite and
I real. It was like wet worms and moldy wood rolled into one riding bite. I was, gagging the rotten peace practically warmed down my throat as it leaked this wet plus that stuff to the roof of my mouth and wouldn't go away and the worst part was. I was still eating. I tried to reach for some water, but each time my glass was replaced with a handful of cancerous mush. I was now impulsively shoveling, more and more of this vomit into my mouth, using only my bare hands. I had to compose myself and actively try to resist this compulsion. By the time I did the food was half gone and then suddenly audible, tick, ticking of the cat shaped clock.
Made me aware that it was now to twenty one. I spent no time getting up in heading straight for the door. I just wanted to get out of his dream, but I should have taken the first hint I should have taken the first dozen hints I stopped myself I was mad and curious and I still felt like I was invincible like I was in control biting against the urge to leave right then, and there I walked up to the counter. The man kept his back to me still wiping down the counter in the same circular motions.
I turned my head to the clock. The minute hand barely approaching two hundred and twenty two I watched and waited. I don't know why, but I wanted to see I wanted to see that man's face and for whatever reason I felt I needed to stay until the end until the minute was over. I wasn't going to let this dream scare me. I was in control as the time got closer and a ticking sway of a black cat's tail louder anxiously. I waited through each stressful second, until finally, it stopped the tail was still as the minute. Stood at two twenty two, the thunderous taking had gone away and everything was silent. That's when I realized I couldn't hear. Any dishes.
I turn to the man whose hunch shoulders based me for the first time I saw one of his hands, clenching the edge of the back counter like an idiot. Stood up tall in cold
to him and he turned around my competent shattered as soon as I saw his face. It was nothing but a smooth white law desperately almost instinctively. I tried to correct it. I closed my eyes trying to dream up some sort of base for this faceless creature, but each time I open my eyes, I see that I feel a single or half dozen distorted eyes would spawned for a second before instantly disappearing, gaping holes poorly resembling MAO's bubbled in shimmer across the surface of its skin, but never truly stuck. I stumbled backwards as the baseless nightmare moved toward the front counter and leaned its shapeless space closer to mine. I turned to run but found my legs as heavy as iron, so I dragged them as fast as I could drag them to the exit across the Czech or for which now was constantly expanding.
Than twenty than a hundred feet away. When actually reached the double doors I dove through them? Ending the horrific dream except except it didn't end. I opened my eyes to see full world world entirely black and white. With a hundred of these things, things all staring at me. That's when I woke up screaming. I was too terrified to ever use Greenleaf again, but that didn't stop the nightmares hope that maybe the dream we just reset itself, but I soon learned whenever I did got there, tension and they wouldn't let go night on that dream, The only dream I could ever have, but since I stayed far away from the tape, I was locked,
in for the ride. When I had the dream for a second time they were watching me. I was mindlessly carrying out my routine out of the corner of my eyes. I saw them all of them at every window. They were looking in looking at me and maybe looking isn't the right words. They didn't have eyes to look, but they could they see. Me or maybe They could send me even the counter attendant was turned around staring at me with that blank smooth skin as he wiped the counter methodically. Every time I went to sleep, it got worse at first, they stared at me through the windows, but ten then he started coming inside the first couple of aids. There may be a half of them, and they all just sat there
booze or stools observing, but each I, the diner filled up with more of those things They got closer. They were surrounding me now and there was this new feeling grew within me saying that I wasn't supposed to be there. If I wasn't hopelessly caught in the dream, I think I would have screamed as one of them leaned in and brought it smooth face. Next to mine still oblivious I reached for my silverware, but just then thing caught my wrist. I felt stock able to react, as it pressed its claw like nails into my skin, tighter and tighter, and it it hurt like it really hurt and I can never felt pain. Dream before then it'll lifted my arm up just at high level like it was like, it was
showing me showing me that it had me, then it let go, but I could tell obviously it had no words or expressions to say it, but it chose to. Let me go was nearly to twenty two and instinctively my body got up to me the end. Your diner was full of faceless figures and, as I lingered towards the door, all of their blank faces Following me, stocking me two of them lock the exit trapping me inside. I stood there,
frozen in comatose, unable to finish the dream. They only tilted their heads curiously, before opening the doors and allowing me to leave. I woke up after that. My heart was pounding. Like I had just gone for a mile sprint, I tried to talk myself down like I've done before, and I tried to convince myself that my mind was only inventing this nightmare, but this time I noticed it the deep bruising around my wrist and the dense, like fingernails pressed into my skin and maybe like to rationalize it say I just grabbed myself. While I was asleep and that's how I could feel in my dream and I I can't be sure, I only know what I felt. I felt that calls hand and I fell.
Very real fear. I dont have the tape did something to my mind, her change me changed my dream into that nightmare, I was over. a nightmare me those faceless things had been there all this time dormant, the in a way they were dreaming too in the tape just woke them up I don't feel like. I escaped. I feel I feel those things were testing the dream testing their limits and boundaries. Just like I had done what I was a lucid dreamer new. How hard I try. I can't shake this fear that the next time I fall asleep. They won't. Let me go so
I haven't slept since then. It's been two days and I figured I would get all this out on tape before I go crazy or something I could go a little longer, but I guess I'm not as roughened tough as I thought, I dont know how to stop the dreams. I went back to the worms asking for help I guess to warn others. It's been about. Fifty six hours and no one's responded Looks like they'll have to add a new warning label to the tape. Stop this video you ve ever had a recurring dream before, but there it is that's what happened and why my voice on this recorder as for green leaf, I burnt
Maybe I was destroying evidence or something and sure now some people won't believe me, but I knew if someone was demanding proof. They would want to watch the tape and I don't want others to get hurt who knows Maybe I'm over reacting. I could go sleep and wake up tomorrow? Just fine, talk about losing sleep over nothing. Wish. I could believe that just I'm just tired. I'm going to sleep now. I'm sorry.
These series was produced by Ashley flowers in David flowers. This episode was written by David flowers and read by me, Ashley flowers. This story was modified slightly for audio retelling, but you can buy me a regional in full on our website, for he chills is an audio chuck production. So what do you think Chuck do approve thanks to our sponsor better help for their support. A full body chills join the over one million people who have taken charge of their mental health with the help of an experience professional get ten percent off your first month by visiting better help, dot com, slash full body chills, that's better h, E lp, dot com, slash full body, chills
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