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My Dad Was Married Once Before


A story once told by a frightened father on his deathbed.

My Dad Was Married Once Before

Written by Danny Rickard

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Yeah My dad was married once before. Met my mom. We all new that growing up, but no one really talked about it. My mom was the only mother, my older sister Anne I ever had as she loved us. Both like we were her own and, of course she loved my dad too and dad loved but he always carried his first wife with him. Even if never brought her up. It was until just before he died, and he told me the whole story: It was obviously hard for him to talk about what I think
saying anything was even harder. I suppose doing it to you for the same reason, even though just thinking about it gives me chills, dad's first wife was named Lily, the two of them. A fresh out of school and fell head over heels for each other. As they say she was pretty dark. Haired tar Apparently she thought he was pretty too, though he can ever figure out why they shared that first love together. at love that feels a year to people at the end of the world. From a young age they saved up there, He just start a family when they found out Lily was pregnant. With my sister tat, just meant there I am, is running a little ahead of schedule had to get married in a hurry to keep the families happy
neither of them, wanted a long engagement anyway for a wedding present day about them. A house It was an old house with big windows and creaky floorboards, people these days. We call it a project house to dad, All they could afford we're happy there for those first few months as illegal, bigger and bigger they prepared for the baby together. read through books of baby names, marking down their favorites. They put fresh coat of paint around the house, helping them could feel more like a home and they even at themselves. A fat tabby cat said they could practice being bear any boy. where they ready to be Parrot, TAT, says they. Riches bounding with joy, but much as we might wish. Otherwise things waste change enough
in changes things more than a baby. Don't get me wrong. I dad says the day must Mr was born with the happiest day of his life, but she was an easy from. It They took her home to the town She could walk. She was either sleeping a cry and unfair. in she never cared to sleep. During the same ours as her parents. from Sunset Sunrise: seven. He's a week you can hear that baby screaming clear across the neighborhood crying runs a person. Ragged tat told me not all at once, of course, because you of having a daughter but bit by bit, As the memory of sleep fades away, you start to catches having terrible thoughts like if I'd known being a father, was claimed to be like this. But however hard my dad had it. It was not
compared to what Lily went through that, She wasn't ever quite the same after the baby came at first. He talked it up stress of being a new mama ass time went on and only got worse over them, First, few weeks, Lily had quieter and quieter. Until it seemed like all the laughter in the house just tried a thin. Her mood started flip, she could go from not speaking at all crying almost as much as the baby in seconds with no warning. and that really scared my dad, because he had no idea how to help her tat, still work Ninety five, some often the not. It was clearly who stayed up soothing my sister through the night dad said he would want, from the bedroom through half closed eyes, ass. She passed back and forth on the creaky kitchen floor.
fishing. The baby in her arms step by step stem he'd fall asleep watching her long, dark, hair sway ass. She shuffle across the room and bank step Cree stem. still it was long before lilies mental state really started to cry. She couldn't sleep, even when she wanted to an prescriptions and seem to help started, losing things constantly to you,
her saying nothing stayed where it was front doors and covered her always ajar, and at least twice my dad found them. It left open in the night. The housekeeper filthy seemed to Lily? Could never keep up with the cleaning, she blamed my dad for the mess but he was away most of the day, There is no other explanation for it. to be her, but somehow she just forgot. I worried about her Tat told me I surely did but you have to understand. I know with that kind of thing. Looked hard at me begging with his eyes. Please believe me. I wanted to help her, but I just ain't no good the best he can was try and keep her car keys. Telling him there were people living in the walls
she could hear them moving around at night, so he took it, on himself too low go strangers out installing Deadbolt around every window and door He was only humoring her, of course, the thing he heard a night was the floor. Creaking like mad ass. She walked back and forth in the dark step by step for hours on end, and every once in a while, the cat thank God knows what out there and come running into the room tied under the bed, got so bad that he started to worry for his own safety. Not that thought she would hurt her. She never The whole situation made him uneasy. He said there times when he'd wake up and see her silhouette in the doorway
standing there with their hair wild and long. Her passion strange and then he could feel are watching him. While he waited with his eyes, half open pretending to be asleep, and then everything fell apart that may adapt one on a fishing trip. Lily asked not to go, she said she didn't feel safe in their. never mind the extra lacks he installed. He argued that the house was fine and there just needed some rest. Besides this king trip was a yearly tradition between he and his brothers. He couldn't just call it off It would only be three days in any way. He'd call every night to check here. He would have never left if he thought she was in danger, but of course the truth is a part of him wanted to get away after those last few months,
Endless worry, it would have taken an off. I'd like to get him to give up three nights of peace and quiet, he picked up his rods and tackle kiss sisters barred little head and said goodbye to his wife. she held him tightly by the hands as they stood there. On this too, I'm trying to forgive you for leaving. She said. I love you, though. I really do it's been three days with his brothers hooking. While I am on the murky waters of Lake Erie, he told me in feel ass good as he expected, the weather was nice and the fish were biting. but no matter how hard he tried to shake that uneasy feeling his thoughts, kept coming back to his wife and child, all along the monsters and lilies head. He had held summit tension would melt away on the boat, but the stress, climb,
up his shoulders only got worse, as the days went by it problem They would have been different if he'd been able to call her every evening when they go back to the large. He called the house, but the phone witches bring em ring with no end this is back before everyone had voicemail. Of course, tourists parcel that she just wasn't around here, hear him call. He told himself he's probably at the store, but she take an extra dose of that new sleeping medication to Albert relax. Or how my sister was loud enough, maybe couldn't hear the phone over the baby cry there is no reason to assume the worse. All the same. He got the trip score on the last day he told me that, as he made the for our rush home, his grip, The steering wheel got tighter and tighter up until that point
he'd been able to pretend that everything was fine, the creaky house, the wailing baby, Emily strange, nighttime, wanderings or far behind him but with every hour the knots in his stomach poor, tighter he was shaken by the time he poured into their travel driveway and ran up to the house. He put as for a moment to take one last breath before turning the key in his shining knew what it was too late. He found her on the floor next to the couch. The de bottle of sleeping pills had roared out of her hand and was half way across the room. Madam said he almost died right there with her, but it was the sound of my son. Crying in her credit that brought him back can't imagine how I must have felt for him,
to have that much whore and relief running through him all at once. I'm glad I can imagine that The police came and swept the house and ask that a bunch of questions. Then they went away and took the body with them for a few, blurry days dad just went about his business I did survive and care for his daughter all by himself. After a while. He got the coroner's report Lily died of an overdose and her death has throughout the suicide all the time doors and windows were locked from the inside. And, given that description of her recent beta police put two and two together, though was one thing that was odd. Dad didn't understand, other technical talk about Brigham, Mortis or liver mortis, and so on
police time of death didn't seem to make sense. According to the report She died at least a four day and a half before he found her, except he took message the doktor tat night, he got back to me. Her. She was all right after being left all alone in her career, the period fish and told him tat. Malnutrition was a real concern, because babies that can't go without nursing for very long. sister had dropped anyway. And over all seem to be in good health. They told It was a minor miracle. My dad had a hard time feeling, like a miracle, had anything to do with it when they swept the house. he's found empty bottles of formula left on the counter which no one a strange at the time only now I question: have those bottles got there in when exactly My sister was last bed, but eventually here
lies. Some questions will drive you crazy Please understand he told me I tried try to figure it out the time not at all, but I to let it go out of asked myself, so he let it go. moving on and picking up the pieces of his shatters life, things on that harder after that, as the days turned two weeks can realise. There was something wrong about that house. It was almost as if, after they took her body, The of Lily had stayed behind the thick frightening parts of lily. every night was spent half asleep waiting for my sister to cry. He would lay in his bare listening to the house Ah, it's strange noises he's
why there are some days where he could hear a sound. like someone walking in the kitchen step step by step. Stem. He began double checking all the doors the windows to, but everything was locked around this time. He started losing track of things a book or it, How would always appear in Rome he never left it he blamed the stress and wrote it off as the trauma affecting his memory. Meanwhile, the cat was going wild. He almost ass his brother to adopt it just so. You didn't have to hear me out and spit all through the night at things he never saw. He told me with revulsion about that. And he came across lilies hair brush. He was packing up.
among other things, and found a long hair tangled in the com, except it wasn't Brown, Mikey, remember, but deep black. Of course, a few times he dreamed that there was a shadowy figure with long wild hair standing The doorway to his ah he could do was break out into a cold, sweat and wholly spread until it turned and locked away. He felt his mind betray him blurring lines between reality nightmare this then how Lily felt he thought ah alone, with the shadows in her head, you spend a whole nights just listening to the creaky footsteps, while whisper into his pillow, I'm sorry, I'm so
So sorry, then, a month after Lily died, it happened. If his three a m on a Tuesday and tat walk. to the sound of my sister cry my sister cry, some nothing else and between her screams he could is barely make out a soft he froze someone was in the house? They were in his daughters. He tore out of bed and dashed into the hallway just in time to see the figure with long tangled hair, the one he thought was only in his dreams. He saw as slipped out of his daughter s room and into the kitchen. He was shot.
He so a hearty almost threw up on his feet right there at all, you'd think about was his daughter. He had to protect her He rushed down the hallway straight pass the kid and into the baby's her sister s account steel wailing in her crown he could. into his arms and said for the front door. The figure was gone now, nowhere to be seen, but he didn't care. He got me during truck track control. Back to my grandma two towns away. The next morning He gathered his courage and went back to the house. The cat was spooked, and hiding beneath the bed, but otherwise, okay, the house itself was empty and cold every
thing was locked, meaning there was no way some stranger could have snuck in. He drifted from room to Rome not really sure what he was looking for a reason call the cops, maybe proof that he had lost his mind personally, I think he ve trying to work up the nerve to say goodbye, If he didn't know it yet, but there was when they are to say goodbye to he walked into the kitchen where the figure had disappeared. There is nothing out of the ordinary, nothing he stepped into the sagging. In four with the creek and felt it think an inch beneath his foot two feet away, another section of the same for lifted by an edge. It took out a second to process what he was saying
but then the realisation knocked the wind out of him, but all creaking floorboards, the ones that had never fit quite gray, had read it through. They had broken. Off the very foundation of the house Fourthly, lose it would have been impossible to tell unless you stepped at that exact spot and unless you were looking, he's told their attention climb his shoulders again wanted to run away, but instead he reached out and fit his fingers underneath the boy they lifted right. Out of place almost like they were made to he could see. through the whole underneath across space beneath the house. He now
slowly lowered his head into the hall it was empty, for some loose soil and cobwebs couldn't have been more than two feet of open space between the house and the ground. The only real right down. There came from a broken such of the wooden lattice wrapped around the house as all the best rushed to his head. Tat tried to picture the broken laddie The narrow hull from the cross space into his kitchen, it didn't seem like three that anyone could fit through their. He certainly couldn't do it, but in Bologna woman, with black tangled hair. the stranger willingly crawl on her belly, like a snake, just stopped, around a families home. Maybe
Damn moved out of that House tat same night and never went back. He called the cops and they swept the place again, but nothing ever turned up, even if they had found something, and even if he'd gotten therefore fix, he would have never been able to relax under that roof. He took his daughter halfway across the state to start again and that was where he met my mom. Eventually, though, house was torn down, but even then TAT could never let go if, as the guilt, they kept him carrying the memory of Lily for so long guilt of now, leaving her guilt, of leaving her alone and every Mary so soon, dad met my Mama year after lilies death, he was still taking its slow
but she came onto I'm pretty hard and as a single parent, desperate for that, ass companionship. He started to warm up to her It wasn't long before they became close anymore Julie married While we were alone my father laid on his death bed. He. Finally, fast to me, his greatest fear. He told me that he loved my mother and she the greatest support he had after Lily step. But there were times when you look at her and get this feeling a sour sickly feeling tat. He always tried to dismiss. It was, rooted in his stomach. He wouldn't say why, but he didn't have to
because my mother's long hair is deep plank Of course,. This year. was produced by Ashley Flowers and David flowers. This observers, by Danny Record and read by shy. Charade the story was modified slightly for audio retailing, but you find the original info on our website full body here is an audio chuck production. So what do you think Chuck? Do you move
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