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2022-09-13 | 🔗

A story that is based in no other than Wayne National Forest.


Written by Alexa Simpkins

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This episode was produced with audio affects enforced around sound for the best experience. We kindly recommend you listen with headphones. The problem with sneaking out, is that your parents, I have no idea where to look for you. You realise this, holding your ghost hunting here in the middle of wayne national forest. You check your phone no service. It tells you should have said, of course, there's no service you're over thirty minutes away from any hint of civilization.
You heard the paranormal adventurous got spooked and had to cancel their life stream because it was too dangerous. You went regardless what your cell reception was like. The fall disquiet and dark and you have to use the migration function on your camera. Just to see, here the soothing sounds of water near by and remind yourself to watch your step. This particular part of the forest overlooks lake vesuvius, you don't need to add hypothermia to the growing list of concerns on this little field trip. You wonder what could have been so horrific that it would send a team of supposing ghost hunters running for the hills. Literally, you understand how the scenery here can print form from night today, of course, anyone
lived in the middle of nowhere. Does wayne national forest is in the foothills of appellation. With breathtaking views of thick woods and covered bridges around every corner gorgeous panoramic beauty and the light, but claustrophobic and disorienting dark a run to escape means a literal, uphill battle, every breath of tat pine and earth feels rejuvenated in the day, but at night it suffocating still for a team of supposedly seasoned paranormal experts. A walk in this part should have been well a walk in the park, No, that everything ghostly on their show could be fabricated. They could be cowards as disappointed, as that makes you
even so this location was ideal compared to the usual. Seeing you see one nestled on the couch speaking at your tv screen through your blanket, no respect, this from old houses to worry about no news or light pollution on their cameras, No one else around hundred and sixty thousand acres of untouched touch. So why did they leave? The fully gender. Your feed is getting softer softer before you. No difference lies, and I am regos flying here at land and a puddle, a mud somewhere in front of you. It's now pitch black shit shit shit you fumble blindly, and the dark for it as images of the blair witch flashed through your mind finally, a muddy hands, find the grimy lance and click the power button. The night vision otis broken
You remember, you have thermal multi switch that on you can see again you breathe a sigh of relief, the feeling doesn't islam, a few feet in front of you on the ground I say: yellow I recognize as the heat, your warm sweaty hand left on the leaves when you know to pick up the camera. It is not the only his signature that you notice resting on the ground about ten feet away, is a cool blue shape as human shape in the lake you real
eyes with horror than you clans to your left and see another hanging from a tree and another standing at a distance and another and another and another doesn't know hundreds surrounding corn. from every angle, all of them still all of them watch You told the camera away from your face and look with your eyes. You sing except for thick darkness body our warm, you think. picturing, the yellows and read that you typically c in the shape of your friends, your family, your classmates. Whatever these are. They are not alive your heart its rapidly in their chest and a word flashes through your mind, bodies or from where from
a twig snaps behind was shaky breath you spin around the whole is full. chills as an otter, your truck production and will return this october from October through halloween. There will be a brand new episode every week day. This episode Written by alex assumptions and read by jason Simon the story, was modified slightly for audio retelling, but you can find them general in full on our website. So what do you think chuck do you? prove it.
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