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Subway Stalker

2022-10-11 | 🔗

A story about friends who discover why urban legends should remain legends.

Subway Stalker

Written by Megan Fridenmaker

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The. My great uncle John was the first person who told me about the subway. Stalker he'd been upset, with it. For as long as I can remember, I mean you into all the crickets. You know big fire moss man, the jersey devil stuff like that, but I think the right and he was so obsessed with this one as because of his local. I was super close to him, but whenever he used to baby set my sister and me, he would tell us about this thing that in the subway tunnels and lord people onto the tracks. He said it mimic the voice of someone you knew tricking
into coming closer and closer until boom. A train runs you down the creature, My uncle said was, I can amalgamate action with several eyes, arms and heads and more clause, and you can count park human beast all monster. Looking back, I dont think he should have been sharing that stuff with kids because after whereas I started having bad nightmares about a monster loring my family down there and eating them, the person who got eaten would change like. Sometimes it was my sister other time it was my mom or dad the one consisting part of the nightmare was tat. The monster would always have uncle chance had creepy. I told my parents about the nightmares and we didn't see much of uncle John after that, probably for the best of them being honest, but his ups,
action with a monster never stopped. There's an abandoned subway station a few miles from his house. That's supposed to be off limits that never stopped him from breaking in looking for it even got arrested a few times for trespassing. I think he's and some time in jail once, but that didn't the surprise anyone Nor was any one surprised when they found his body down there. Well, half his body, it was said, don't get me wrong, and I remember my mom being really upset over only being able to bury part of his torso and his legs, but his down. There seemed kind of inevitable. You know like it was bound to happen, We think he just didn't hear the train coming pushing seventy, and even though he was remarkably healthy and mobile for his age. His hearing had gotten worse than that
doctor, who saw the whole thing, couldn't come up with any other explanation as to why he just stood there. Train came barreling towards him. uncle John death was just one of a handful of tragedies attributed to searching for the monster. Like I said it's not one of those super popular cryptic it's so we don't have a lot of amateur adventurers coming around, but every now and then some curious monster hunter will break in unaware of the real danger. I mean you can't run a train Even though I grew up with stories and had all those nightmares, I never really believed in any of it every now, and then I hear something about a citing, but it was never someone I knew like it was always the. I know, someone who know someone who saw it. I figured it just made up to scare kids from breaking into the abandoned station,
and so, when my friends damien an alley decided they wanted to go down there. I said no, Everything about it made me uncomfortable, even if uncle John hadn't died down there, even if it wasn't illegal to go down in the first place. I just didn't find the idea of going into a dark, abandon subway station very appealing, but they were both so insistent an excited Damien particular, was really palmed about. It Had gotten into the whole ghost hunting thing in high school and since none of us we're going to the same university, he one last adventure. Just the three of us before summer came to an end, eventually the guilty me into it. It really wasn't hard, I'm not exactly the most stubborn person you'll ever meet But I had one condition we, and go out on the tracks. Trust me
It was more than enough adventure for me. I wasn't there. Put myself in the path of a train. Fortunately, they agreed, but I think that was just to get me to go. The plan was for me to spend the night at alleys. Damien would pick us up around one in the morning, so we could all drive over together. Now, like I said, I dont really believe in well. Much of anything, really, but in the days leading up to that night, I couldn't shake the feeling that something was going to go wrong like something in me new going out, there was a bad idea. I told myself, it was probably just my nerves and we're gonna be fine. I almost bailed actually I d back out that afternoon, like I had the text all written everything saying I felt sack and to have fun without me, but I never centre and before I knew it
I was walking over to alleys house trying to convince myself that the growing pit in my stomach was just an over reaction. We would it until well past midnight to give damien the all clear to pick us up he pulled up is quite yes, he could an alley street and we silently slipped out. Her bedroom window and into the waiting track, his energy was practically tangible. you see an alley spent the entire twenty minute copyright fussing about how excited they were. I dont think I said a word. The whole drive We parked a couple blocks away from the subway entrance. It was actually on uncle John old street morbid That is, entrance to the abandoned station gaped in the middle of the sidewalk like a mouth ready to swallow. Anyone who entered there was a gate around it.
with a rather sturdy looking padlock that I secretly hoped would do its job and keep us out, but David had been practicing his luck, picking, apparently because after a tense minute, a fiddling with it open. the descent, the platform seem longer than usual like the stairs just kept going going and going. telling myself. It was just my nerves. With the further down we went aloud. Instinct screen to turn around and bolt back up the stairs. The light ST lamps above fading, and we pulled out the flashlights Damien had bought specifically for adventures like these, I felt it'll better after we had some good light, but it still felt the stairs were endless. Air felt thick stale and I kept getting colder.
Further down. We went- and I am not just talking a few degrees either. It felt like every stab me that picture noticeably drop until I was shivering I was about to say something because there was no way damien. Ellie were comfortable in that cold, but justice I opened my mouth to suggest we head back, we caught sight of the bottom the platform wasn't very big, especially compared to the new one. Downtown and others some graffiti and garbage it was empty. Damien walked right up to the the platform and peered down the tunnel. Who was silent. We stood therefrom, and it or to shivering waiting for something. Happen. but we didn't see or hear anything, paranormal or otherwise
after hanging back silently for a bed, I asked if we could go. I think dame and was getting frustrated with me and my nervous energy because he said if I was scared, I could just go back to the truck that made me, because I wasn't scared. not have any made up creature. I was scared of getting caught. I was scared of walking back to the truck by myself, but I wasn't scared of should a monster and I told him is much too. He opened his mouth to reply I probably some quip about how I needed to loosen up and live a little, but he never got the chance because before he could say anything we heard it the first sound. We heard that whole time and we all froze it was faint distant, it was coming from way down the curving tunnel past, where flashlights could see. Then
not a little louder, a little closer and a second time There was no mistaking what it was somewhere on the tracks. There was a child scream for help we're looking for something new and scary chuckled? The horror podcast scared to death scared to death is over a hundred fifty episodes of demonic possessions, haunting shuttle, people and more joy he didn't commons is. I try to scare my wife linsey each and every week with dark tales from around the world then comes the best part of the show, and I linsey get back a dance with listeners submitted horror stories. Often the scariest part of the show new episodes drop every tuesday night available anywhere. You listen to podcasts and you can also watch us on youtube. Get scared to death.
the three of us glanced frantically between each other. I thought it had to be the wind right, but there wasn't even a hint of a priest down there or made, it was an animal that had somehow gotten stuck in the tunnel had to be everything else anything other than it screamed again closer this time. High, pitched blood, curdling cry for someone. Anyone to come help we're stuck frozen fear ruining our feet firmly in place. I didn't feel cold anymore and
All I wanted to do was run back up those, never ending, stairs or pull out my phone to call the police, but I couldn't move. Then we heard it again, but this time it was loud and clear. I can still see the look of wretched realisation hooked on alleys, face. It took Damien and I a few seconds for it to register, but in those seconds ellie broke free of whatever spell was holding us in place. Without a word she jumped down from the platform onto the tracks and sprinting down the tunnel. There was no mistaking the voice, it was Ellis sister,
but by the time damien and I came to our senses enough to call out after her she was a good dozen yards down the line he jumped down onto the tracks and started running and by the time I jumped down onto the tracks. Belly was out of sight. The screams got louder, possibly to the point where my ears were ringing and the ground felt like it was shaking reach this terrible crescendo of wales. It was, unlike anything I had ever heard before, and it got so loud it nearly knocked. The stopped I footsteps slowed echoing in silence, but it was just our footsteps. Now Damien called out for ellie. There was no reply. I called out to her too.
And ran to catch up to where Damien was. He was shaking although whether that was from the cold or adrenalin or terror, I dont know we kept. Wing, and although we kept yelling alleys name, we forgot a response we and her flashlight about five minutes later was lying in the center of the tracks pointed directly down the tunnel. I think I said, just as we should call the police damien just shook his head gripping. His flashlight with white knuckles. I picked up alleys flashlight, and we started walking back towards the abandoned platform. Neither of us said anything and Damien was one king so slow that I had to stop and wait for him a few times.
Form was inside when we heard another voice this time it was coming from the same direction. We were walking in opposite of where ellie had. on quiet at first, but we still froze ass. It grew. It was ellie. It was simple. Obviously,
I mean she couldn't have passed us, but there was no mistaking her voice. Damian reacted faster this time and he bolted down the tunnel to try and find her I took off to, but he was faster than me was shot past. The abandoned platform and the voice got louder. More desperate, couldn't have been eli. There was no way, and yet it called us by name begging, damien and I'd help her to save her from whatever was out there in the darkness. Then the tunnel started rumbling and down at the other end of the tunnel, the headlight of a train cut through the darkness, but the train itself. Wasn't what made me stop running? It was what I saw on the tracks. I couldn't see it super clearly because it was backlit by the light from the train, but at first glance it could have been a person two legs, two arms ahead, but it was hunched over kind of leaning to one side, a leg bent at an unnatural angle. The arms didn't match either one looked normal enough, but even from far away I could tell that the other most definitely wasn't. Human Damien stopped two eyes fixed on whatever that thing was he had that same blank look on his face and when I turned to run he didn't move. I grabbed his arm to try and pull him along my nails digging into his skin, as I tried to get him to turn around, but it was like he was routed there by some unnatural force and no matter how loudly I tried to yell to tell him we had to go. I don't think he could hear me over the rumbling of the train and the shrieking of the creature, and so I ran up until that point. I hadn't realized how far away from the platform, but as I ran, I was struck with a chilling realization that I wasn't going to make it at some point. The screaming stopped and when I looked over, my shoulder damien was gone, but I didn't have time to think about what happened to him, because even though I could see the platform I was about to share his fate, the train was right behind me and literally right behind me. I was maybe about ten feet from the edge of the platform, but there was no way I was going, the something slammed into my back. It knocked the air out of me and it sent me flying towards the platform air whipped by me as the train roared past the I landed on my back safely on the platform, but my vision, blurred as my skull, cracked against the cold grimy tiles.
The right before I passed out. my cloudy disoriented haze. I saw something loom over me. He took a few seconds for my eyes to focus and when they did, I was momentarily believed. But that relief, sunk and twit did into a feeling of absolute terror, because the person standing over me was my own John, whatever was standing above me, whatever used to be my uncle John lesson in time,
at least his right arm was a completely different skin tone and looked too big to have been his. The left arm wasn't even an alarm at all. It was a stump of something that used to be an animal, a deer- maybe it peered down at me with these mismatched eyes that I didn't recognize and his its jaw open revealing disintegrated, teeth and wrong, dumps there. Is this how she tripped smell and as it bent down, I was hit with a powerful wave of knowledge of the world swam before my eyes, even though I thought it my body shut down and I passed out
Next thing, I remember, is waking up in a hospital I learned later that someone had seen us picking the lock of the gate and called the police, so they found me pretty quickly at first they were, Instead, the thing I saw was some sort of hallucination brought on by drugs. But after the talk screen came back clean they can only call it ptsd they found First, I've Damien an alley the next day, but was only so much they could recover their families. To bury something at least even if it was just pieces, they had a joint funeral about a week later, even though I was out of the hospital by then I was
old in no uncertain terms that I was not permitted to show up and say goodbye to my friends. You know, I think, a lot about why that thing didn't kill me too. Maybe it meant to I mean I lost my arm. They said the train ticket clean off and I could have easily blood out, but I'd like to think that. a bit of my uncle John in there somewhere in that little piece of him recognized me, I don't know, I still ride the subway. Sometimes I'll buy a ticket, and just ride around four hours until they shut down for the night. My therapist doesn't think it's good for me, but oddly enough and makes me feel calm Maybe I'll stop sunday, but there's a part of me down there and don't think I'll stop going until I get it back.
Full body chills is an audio chuck production. This episode, written by megan, frightened maker and read by margo cyber at the store. Was modified slightly for audio retelling, but you can find the original info on our website. So what do you think chuck? Do you move
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