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The Broken Man


A story of a struggling man, broken beyond repair.

The Broken Man

Written by David Flowers

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This episode was produced with audio effects in full surrounds out for the best experience we kindly recommend you listen with headphones harmlessness, I'm David Wheeler and I'm Christopher Randolph. A story we want to tell you a story, struggling man broken beyond repair, so gather round and listen. Close to the new. It's good to see you good evening. Doktor, cylinders and peace. You could make it here so late. I knew my coal. Wasn't it son
I am happy to be here. I was a bit surprised see you call her next session, wasn't scheduled for another month. That's unusual for you. Well, I've been terribly busied after a lot of ideas going off my head. Like a war, and it's become seriously urge that I see of course, before we go any further, I have to ask. Do you mind if I record today session set right, ok, Daniel, what's on your mind, Tom LOTS doctor as I've grow launder I've. the mountain of faults, mass its growing harder to climb, but recently I think I've hid it summit,
certain I have. I am struggling man can't say in all honesty I struck with more than anyone else, but I'm confident enough to say I've had some. Most of my life. I dug into myself search for the route of my weed, try to treat the soil everywhere. Man knows how it's never solved my trouble. But finally, I've come to understand the bit of truth about myself. I've come to accept that rock, why do you say your broken people say I'm broken? Am I not. It's a very harsh words. There are things We can all improve on no one's broken. Call a spade a spade.
going to trying to be sensitive about it. All my life people told Man Brook, maybe not my face anyway, but I've heard it from enough people to know when One thinks it about me: there's a man half my age should be married, but first you should vat is first kiss Something must be wrong with you you're your who says this I believe it was one of my sisters Family knows the most about you. All the ways you're wrong. they're, like a radar to all your imperfections? I'm not married haven't kiss Anyone either seventy six, no love, never really, Kate, probably because it knows better stay, from a rotten fowl.
The funny thing is, you can go your whole life just being respect My guess is still current broke out. To do anything sometimes is not doing anything that makes you brook. Do you feel there's something you should have done? Oh sure, There are plenty of within you wouldn't seem, quite so respectable. And suddenly your broken They say that being a coward, I'm a coward and terribly afraid, but that doesn't that its do or die of the sometimes there's a lot of pressure, put on US terrible pressure, terrible right, blame the world they were born to it, so we should be able to bear its weight I know my thoughts.
I greet him every morning, bed with him. Every night I also know the greatest problem is being broken. You you can't stand the thought of trying not to be That was me for nearly all my life too much work. then no guarantee your level really come out right. I suppose I am now. being by my end plenty of forced test. become particularly racked. By was it deals with a bruise Now, I'm not too sure who said it, but I remember here This idea somewhere in the middle of my life. It goes like this. say you have an old room with two parts: the head and the state. Rather than going to the market to purchase broom. All you have to do is replaced the pass, so you replace the head first and then, once that's fix,
you'll replaced the stick, but now you have a new group. I think you're referring to triggers broom, gets the same. The ship of Theseus replacing ship client by plank. Yes exactly, but I don't think that's the point of the idea. It's a question of whether or not the broom or the ship is the same. Once you ve replaced all of its parts that doesn't matter it's a broom. Isn't it as long as it does, should do in the problem solved. I suppose what made you think of this. Are you think of a lot of things when that's all you ve got to do, but my idea doktor is that we are much like a broom it's hard to replace it all at once. I knew I'll get the broom you want, but piece by piece. That's more
So I decided I M going to fix myself doktor piece by piece. That's great! You are you going to do that, Well, that's the question I suppose there is. Quite a broom shop for people now is there, but then I realized. That's not true, In fact, the whole world is like a group, I think In many ways, unbroken many more people are fixed. All I need to do is find the peoples were fixed right and put their parts in myself, you mean acting in someone's image following your inspiration. Oh that's good word, for it talked a lot like it
who inspires you, the number of people. I'd say the difficulty is finding those who inspire me for the right reasons to do that. I've got to know what broke knives studied. My part gave it a thoroughly Germany's, but I've come up with a list of all my broken pieces. The first piece, I believe, is my top all my life. I've been awkward. couldn't quite say the things I wanted The words I meant never really state words. They were they jump. Around my brain, but get others done with Tom kept quiet mostly, but then, when you keep quiet, people think you're broken deadly site. My neighbour,
a good town Shelly. She could talk for hours. Wouldn ta always thought she was just love em off, but I admire the way she could always pull up, which I think Shelley's inspiration, town, like tat, would fix me good. I have to agree. Daniel seems like Shelly would be a great role model and, if I may be honest, it sounds like you're already improving, usually this open to talking during our sessions, racked with I've. Gone to put some of my thoughts to practice that's why I can speak to free, but I Need to fix more than just my Tom, maybe the other side talking is how you list. But I do. I have a sort of selective here, It's easy to ignore other people than their troubles.
Your ears gets a cloud. You can only hear your own teeth. More than that people can tell you what best do but there will be a way to do it. If you count as well Does it kind young lad who works at the gross? He always would help me with my bags names din. I think he carries the salt all wrong, but I tell him what's right and he fixed seems very good, lad good. It. Just the kind I would need listening. Skills are important, but all ask those best with perception And mines not quite right either, because I'm pig people say. You should never said that you should be with where you are and where you're going life. Well, I follow tat idea. I knew what I wanted to
What I ain't, but I guess I aim higher than I could reach a lot of things to go under my nose. I got stuck in that place between two high and became my normal. I settled with not being settled, there's probably something to say that. Danny. Never really are the eyes to see better, but my sister. She saw my who life pass me by. She pointed out to me every time I didn't have who dares, but she definitely has the eyes need, Those are my peace, my broomstick, if you will, but I gotta figure out they were the pieces I had to fix its group you're able to reflect
on yourself like that. The first step in solving anything is identifying the problem, now that you have. What will you do? Oh doctor, I'm already on the track and running now I realize I can very well put on New year's. I can train them of course, but it often takes a lot of learning for appears to know what motoring too, I'm old son of a dead than not broken. That way, a lot of our body grows and develops during our youth, its learning to take shape. but even after it still rules and developed, and that development is set by a lot of things like your genes, health and diet? I remember once when I was young hearing about an ancient African. Try
The hell you unique way of passing on knowledge. You know that what they eat brains, Danny Light. I dont think I follow life. and you do doctor you alter your nutrients and you also got event. If I was going to fix it, parts. I was going to need to find some good ones Daniel. This isn't fine. Well, I don't think I was being quite clear it. What you're talking about is criminal, its cannon. Listen, I don't allow you to entertain these ideas. This is not good for you
I hear what you say: I really do, but what matters is present me I'll, be dead in a bed either way back to old until different, but also doctor. I have a little more than just entertained. His ideas at the finish line, to be straight. What were you saying I already took their parts it's a murder. Daniel do you murdered, like I said mind, put away, but want to make sure I fixed before I do and I Really just want to talk to you. Give it all off my you don't want to do this, but the gun away. I will. I will I just
rarely wanted you're, the only one I feel I can really speak. My pieced just go sit, sit get a messy business. I see that now but even you yourself said out better it's, but I did my best to keep it costs. Shelly was sound asleep when it happened. I held a pillow on top of her whenever stun I caught the tongue and cooked it on a skinny Oh my god will. Let me say it all. I cut it into peace, thin slice. Autonomy is much meat, so soft rub of salt and it's really not
Dylan my talk as he was lifting my bags. I parked behind the lots of new ones. When he was busy with the I knocked him over and threw him and now he s idea. I know that now I tried it in the. I thought, I'd make it like increase, but it was tacky him altogether heart she down. What did you? What did you do? with him he's buried in my lot. Not you d expect the police to find him quite right. that's what my sister she was withstand office. Always suspicious me but I got a river visit. Hers was a big miss. She wouldn't drink the poison. So I had to use my then I took a spoon to the eyes.
They went along with some ice cream, and that was that I was content. The diet, fixed No longer was, I tell you you'd better than this. Why would you? How could you it's all right, I know, but you have to be done I couldn't just stay Brook: you're not broken. Daniel, you know before innocent people, If I had known you were going to do, I can still help you. That's very. And if you doctor You said that to be honoured. I'm still having a struggle with it. I thought I did it all right, but I still feel wrong broke. I thought I might never be six within one morning. I will
I, with my new eyes, I saw the horrific scenes on the Tele with my new ears. I heard the reporter sad voice and everyone was saying: whoever did this truly must be heart and that's when hit the one piece I had yet to fix was my hand. That is why I had to see you doctor, because I knew no matter what I do what I say you always want to hear I needed to see you doctor Sanders because you have a very ah.
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