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The Menagerie

2022-10-25 | 🔗

A story of a part time job packed with full time nightmares.

The Menagerie

Written by Ryan C. Major

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Now, wherever you get your podcast, this episode was produced with audio effects in full, surround sound for the best periods. We kindly recommend you listen with headphones islanders, I'm ethnic. And I have a story. I want to tell you a story of a pie. time, job packed with full time nightmares, so gather around and listen close The. Working in an amazon fulfilment warehouses about his soul, satisfying as it sounds, was my dream job, but nothing really was college, was a wash in trade schooled in go any better. For me, I landed here
tempt service downtown. The work is garbage but Money is decent About a year and the company even hired me full time to run the night shift, supervising the order, picking crew nights. Picking was miserable work and attended to attract desperate P. at least at my warehouse. Most of them were nice enough, but it wasn't exactly america's bet and brightest, stronger, junkies pill, heads high school drop outs and other aims. jerks like me, usually pull the mass produced shit you order online and ship it your way be sure and a silent. Thank you when you open your box of friends, dvds in your new iphone charger american consumer. we're doing the lord's work here. Anyway. I had been running the night shift for about three months when I got an email about a new night picker who would be joining the team Erin weight,
This was made it clear. He was overqualified for the job mean he worked, paralegal for over twenty years and was the owner and operator of a company called waken. Exotic animal service Six pm hit and I had already passed out my picking carts and scanners to my ragtag crew. But after day shuffled off into the rows of shelving, there was still One man standing in the prep area, He appeared to be in his late forties with thinning red hair and a pair of wire room glasses. Clinging to his nose is long. leave shirt was button to the neck and tightly at the wrists pair of pressed catchy. Found neatly. On top of his right white, ten issues, just for the job you on, rather than the one you have a guess:
in stone. The man asked ass dinner nicely voice, I'm aaron whiteman and I believe you will be overseeing my work this evening right right out I'd and shook his hand. Was firm, but clammy. Let's get you started over here gesture towards the card. Locker and scanner shelf only takes about five minutes to explain how the picking process works. So I blazed right through that pretty quickly Erin nodded his head, an agreement at the end of every instruction and maintained eye contact with me the entire time now contact doesn't bother me, but this guy, was just intense. It was like He was looking into my damn soul made my stomach turn a little after giving him the ins and outs of the job, I sent him off to start putting orders together and shoving. Amanda conveyor belt for shipping,
my promotion had given me a decent little desk job to monitor the workflow the pickers and keep an eye on product I couldn't crew got their numbers in. To my delight, air was faced with the best of us. If you are going to work very hard, I figured you could be creepy as you wanted to me. the lunch bell rang and everyone in the warehouse poured into the huge lunch room like a horde of zombies. I was settled in the corner and tucking into my half stale bologna sandwich. When someone plopped a lunchbox down on the table across from me and sat down, I look up And saw era he smiled at me and started unpacking his lunch reminded by eat with you, sir no prob house. New job treating you good All of the walking is a great change from sitting at a desk all day
he began rolling up the sleeves of his shirt. Ass, he talked is for arms were covered in thick bandages, but the light spot of blood showing through what would happen. Your arms there, but looks pretty nasty just a little accident from my side business I raise and sell exotic animals in my private time. Sometimes I get a little careless exotic animals sounds interesting, learning money in it it's extremely lucrative can get ahold of any kind of animal. My clients need so they tend to pay top dollar. which added the rest of the lunch break away about different types of creatures he had raised and sold over the years anacondas chimpanzees, porcupines and the occasional big cat. the stuff you told me didn't totally seem legal, but whose eye to judge
Most of my time here had been spent working with people living worse lives than that. So I figured he wasn't, to live a life over the months, Aaron turned into my team all star. Some of the other girls came and went, but you could count on him to be on time every night and to be your highest Do sir every week We had lunch together most evenings and he would tell me about his new batch of animals and show me the bandages, covering his most recent close encounter with them, his odd mannerisms faded into the background. For me, the more time spent with them I'd gone so used to working with social outcasts that his social skills just seemed foreign to me now and was different. but I settled on it being a positive rather than a negative. It was breath of fresh air to have someone on my team that provided entertaining stories at launch, rather than a lot of complaining at the start of a shift. Last month, Aaron had approached me about taking some time off
I groaned internally at the thought of letting my best employee leave for the week, but the guy worked hard and I knew he deserved it splain to me that he had to take a road trip to deliver an animal to one of his clients. So I agreed thanks for help brandon by chance would you be interested in making a little money while I'm out of town, depends on what it is my duty. You got mind. Well, I need someone to feed in water, my animals, one I'm out of town. It is difficult to find people with discretion and good sense, but you already know a lot about my work, so I thought you'd be a trustworthy caretaker. What's the pay two thousand for the week, It just needs to be done every other day and it can be done without entering the facility. I agreed immediately grand in my pocket would take a lot of weight off my shoulders and even get me a head on a few bills
ok with decent now, but I've been playing catch up. The entire time here is my chance to wipe the slate clean. financially aaron, told me to come out to the house the following week to see the property and walk me through the process of feeding and watering the animals,
the day rolled around and I drove to the address you gave me there's pretty far out into the country, and there was a time or two I got turned around on the country roads I knew raising any kind of animal would take plenty of space, but I hadn't imagined he would be quite this far out in the sticks. When I finally arrived at the end of his driveway, I looked up to see a pristinely kept two level farmhouse on a hill. There was a classically constructed red barn. Next to it, and besides that sat a smaller sheet metal building. As I pulled up in the drive, I could see aaron standing on the porch waving to me. He met me at the car without wasting any time but a hand on my back and guided me to the metal building. There was a constant noise in the air from two industrial vent fans on both ends of the metal side of the building. There was one heavy steel door on the front, but no windows, spaced out roughly every four feet on the side, was a diagonally placed shoot with a locked cover on edge, hoses and wires, ran out of the left side of the building into the ground. This is where the magic habits, air and exclaimed as she gestured to the odd metal structure. Follow me into the barn and I'll show you where I keep the feet. I walked behind him into the barn where he kept huge blue barrels. Opening them up
I could see dried food pellets of different shapes and sizes. There were numbers written on the front of each barrel and white respect explained that each barrels number corresponded with the same: numbered feed shoot on side. The building. I was five scoops to each shoot every other day, poorman there, also a fridge behind the building with meat in it and each shoot was to receive one portion permeate he's five servings into a smaller blue bucket and beckoned me. To follow him back to the metal building
When we reached the first shoot, he opened it and poured the buck its contents down the black hole. He was trying to talk to me and pointing to a button beside the shoot the fans were so loud. I I couldn't make out what he was saying. Eventually he started making a gesture ass though he were bringing a glass of water and pointed to the button again figuring out. This button was to provide water to the animals. I gave him the thumbs up last. We walked round to the rear of the building to an old white refrigerator air and opened it up revealing stacks of juicy cuts of robbie. He pulled out aid of he began circled about dropping one. Each down the shoe before me, locking the cover after he was done. We left the metal building and walked toward his front porch. Any questions. Brandon yeah, do I need to do anything insider just dump in the food and water. Don't go in,
for any reason. I have video monitoring inside so I'll know. If anything needs to be done in there. I don't want you to put yourself in harm's way, You ve seen my arms no need to get you cut up. My good friend I said good night and I made the long drive back to town. The aaron was a friendly enough guy, but I was starting to get that churning feeling in my stomach, just like had the damn madame When he said I would be feeding animals. I'd assumed that would be in some kind of opening environment or maybe in the barn something about that. Weird metal buildings made me uncomfortable than my my and drifted back to the two grandiose paying me, and I use that too. pushed down the bad feelings, ass. Well, ass. I could
When the week of errands vacation came around, I headed out to his farm to feed his exotic menagerie. I had just finished re, locking the last shoot and hitting the water button. When the exhaust fan began to make a slight grinding noise, it only lasted a few seconds, but I was concerned it may break down and leave the animals in smothering heat. I shot aaron a text message explaining it and he thanked me saying that he would have some texts out to work on it. The next day feeling like I had done my duty I had at home, two days later it was my day off and I headed back to his house ready to knock out my second shift. I pulled my rusty box car in front of the metal building and got out headed toward the barn, the sun, sat here was a welcome change from city life and the sun beating
down on my back as I walked to the barn felt amazing something seemed off. Today, though, I couldn't quite put my finger on it, then it hit me
Silence the exhaust fan had shut off. I dropped the feed bucket I'd picked up and I pulled my cell phone out to call erin over and over. I dialed his number, but I never got an answer. A text message after text message: nothing. He said there would be a crew out to fixed fans, but there was no one here and the temperature was just slightly north of one hundred degrees. Today, the animals inside that building would be dead soon if they weren't. Already after giving it a few more minutes and another dozen unanswered calls, I decided I had to break the door open and get some fresh air into the buildings. There was a pipe wrench sitting on top of a tool bench near the feed barrels, so I grabbed it and began running out of the barn towards the building. As I rounded the corner of the barn and the building came into view, I could see thick strings of blood running out of the exhaust fan. I sprinted to the door, and I began to rain down blows with pipe wrench. The pipe wrench slammed uselessly against the knob, the heavy steel door. It was beginning to dent, but there was no sign of giving away. I continue to hammer against it, but it was becoming clear that this approach was not going to get the door open in frustration. I swung the hammer of file time into the door just above the knob and heard the squeal metal on metal, the edges of the door by the frame bowed out slightly in a thin stream of sunlight poked through the hole into the building, with a new opening between the door and the frame given away. I ran back into the barn and found a crowbar on the work table. When I got back to the door I slipped. The rusty metal pry bar into the hole began to work it back and forth. Trying to widen the opening. The gap is growing. I can now see the have cover for inside the building and the beams of sunlight. Fetid odor poured out of the gap and nearly made me vomit one. Last close, the door latch broke free and I tumbled backward onto the dusty ground. The wind was knocked from my lungs and my head was spinning. I sat up gasping.
For air peered inside the mental building, dim bulbs and did cages on the ceiling illuminated the din of wars inside still great that had been attached to the inside portion of the exhaust fan was in the center of the floor against the wall. Above it
two dirty human feet. Jutted out from the fan housing into the blood into a congealed pool scrambling to my feet, I ran toward the door into the building. The smell was so foul. I began vomiting and clutching my stomach. There were four cages bolted to the walls on each side of the door, one of the doors leaned off. It's hinges against the cage directly across from it. In the seven secure cages, I could see shaking creatures in the shadows, wiping the vomit from my lips. I began to walk toward one of the huddled masses flicking the flashlight on my phone. I pointed it towards the cage as soon as the bright beam hit, the shivering creature sprung to it's feet, expressed itself against the cage rican spinning. I stumbled back and slammed against the cage behind me before I could regain my footing. I could hear rapid footfalls on the cockpit floor and felt bony fingers grabbed my clothes. I struggled to release myself from the things grasp as it's jagged nails sink into my flesh. All the emaciated things were now on their feet, shaking the metal wire of their cages as the real cries filled, the air, a ripping, sound practically back, and I could feel the fabric of my shirt began to Rick. Before I fell over toward the floor, frozen in fear, I looked back towards the cage at the creature that I had just escaped. It's fingers wrapped around the wire mesh and a chunk of fabric from my shirt as it screamed at me. Skin sickly pale and stretched tightly revealing the curve of each bone of it's body, patches of matted, greasy hair, draped down past the shoulders. It's bright, blue eyes connected with mine and tears, began to roll out. It was a woman, starved in feral, but a woman. Nonetheless, I looked around to the other cages at these husks of humans. Some of them were still violently shaking the walls of their cages, while others began to calm down in front loudly at me. There were no words that I could understand, but I could hear the desperation see the police for help in their mad. At night, tears began to pour from my eyes and I stood and walked to the exhaust fan. The bottom half of a man met the huge metal blades now frozen in place. He recovered in gore and bits of me. I glanced back to the empty cage. He had escaped whether in madness or desperation, taking his chances with the fan had seemed a better option than remaining here. Another day I began to back towards the door as my mind scrambled with who to call and how to get these people some help. That's when I looked up at the blinking red light opposite the door, the camera mounted to the ceiling swivel from side to side and pointed back at me. It moved back and forth a few more times as though the camera was shaking itself with disappointment before the light linked. The final time shut off.
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