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On October 21st the creative minds behind Crime Junkie are bringing you a special podcast for Halloween. So if you have ever missed those creepy stories you heard around a campfire as a kid, gather round... and listen close. 

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Hi listeners, my name's Ashley flowers- many of you may know me from a show that I host called crime junkie, but what many of you don't know is that a true crime junkie isn't just obsessed with true stories. We also love a good spooky fiction story that can give us full body chills the kind of store you here around a campfire from a friend with a flashlight held close to their face for the last.
Five months me and my team have been creating original content working with writers and scouring the internet to bring you some of the creeping stories we could find every week day, starting up Toper twenty first I'm running through how will mean we will bring you a creepy, campfires story that is sure to give you full body chills, so subscribed. Now then come a toolbar. Twenty first gather around and listen clubs.
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