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Uncle Iggy

2022-10-07 | 🔗

A story of an unwanted visit with a distant relative.

Uncle Iggy

Written by Travis Brown

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So gather around and listen close. when I was growing up. Whenever we started hearing sounds from the basement, and the house got cold and the lights went out. a whole family would go hide and our bedrooms until uncle eighty was gone first justin I hid with our parents, and their room would stay at play nobly in watching Jumanji and page master on VHF ass by the time Ass was twelve and I was ten. We were older. to stand our own rooms. When uncle lady came up from the basement. I took
of pride and mom and dad trusting us like that. But just it wasn't enough for her she wanted to see a key I remember the night. Just convinced me to break my promise to mom and dad it was in the winter somebody january. I think dad was stuck at the office because of a snow storm. Mom went to bed after dinner, one of her migraines her bad days. We hadn't gotten a visit from uncle eighty four at least six months, so maybe mom and dad were little relaxed or maybe they just really trusted us either way when we started hearing the familiar banging and thumps from the basement. Just looked at me and winked,
we were sitting on the couch eating ice cream and working on a puzzle. Wait to see if mom calls jess whispered eyes on the kitchen. That's where the door was that led to the basement. It was a slim door. Old wood with a padlock on the outside the lock wasn't for uncle AG. Nothing ever stopped him when you wanted to get out. The lock was that jason I didn't go downstairs. She must be sleeping. I whispered back after a minute, The noises were getting louder from the basement every few seconds. There was a silence, followed by a crash Somebody was dragging something heavy down there. We should go to our rooms. I said we shouldn't be out here. We promise I just want to see him just replied plan Alice, I just wanna see wasn't much point arguing with just when she got in one of her moods. She
tall and pretty in blonde and perfect and the fastest girl in her class. I liked reader books inside when it rained, and I didn't a lot of friends, but I had just think about it. There's something wrong with this whole situation. Nobody else school has locked basement nobody, has to hide when family visits at ten. I knew the situation with uncle. Eighty was weird he would start making noise the basement a couple of times per year and mom and dad would go pale and we'd all go lock our bedroom doors and wait. I knew our parents weren't telling us something. Well, there was a lot they weren't telling but I didn't want to see uncle biggie I remember leaning forward on the couch that night and silently saying that our mom would call if she called for us even chess, wouldn't resist. our mom was tiny, but she had this voice. This path since that you listen to when she
yeah well in the basement, sounds got even louder. I started staring at the front door. Dad was late that night cause of the storm, but he promised to be back before. Bed if he walked inside at that moment. Still wearing his suit and dusted with snow could imagine how is ice would open wide when he heard uncle eighty he'd rush forward and he'd scoop me up and he grabbed Jes his hand we'd run up stairs into my parents, room he'd be mad and my mom would be mad when she woke up, but they hold us and we'd be safe. None of that happened in I heard somebody coming up the basement stairs somebody, heavy we can have been left see just whispered her voice high I'll go com. I went and got behind the chair, just as the basement and war started to rattle just pulled me close and wrapped her arms around me. There was a loud hop. There must have been
hard lock. Opening. I noticed the cold then always got chile when uncle eighty came out, but I never felt like that night My breath was quick cloud and teeth chattering. So bad I bit my let smell came next. It was like eggs after they spoiled or dumpster full of expired food, a gag just put her hand over my mouth. I could feel her shivering behind me. Her grip, tight, sound, came from the kitchen, a greasy croak. It got colder quickly and the smell kept trying to press into my nose trinity. Flickered twice then went out. The only light came in
through the window spill over from the street lamps outside the gray white gloves the living room with shadows, one shadows different than the rest. More fluid sharper was bigger than my dad and stumbled now and then, as it came out of the kitchen just sucked in a breath behind me, while I squeezed her hand so hard, I was worried. Her knuckles would pop it was the shadow was trying to clear its throat. I want to walk around the living room, bumping into furniture and moving strangely, like like it was dancing almost jasper, in fast, quick, short, quiet, breaths. That made it hard for me to tell if she was scared or excited me, though. I was more afraid than I had ever been in my life watching shadow stagger around our house.
dad finally got home, his headlights filling up the room I found out that I had no idea how scared I could get In the new light. The shadow was no longer a shadow. It was thing. Man shaped and ring flaps of skin off a thin body, red body. Flashes raw is the worst sunburn that ever was the shrivelled turned towards the windows when the headlights broken, and I said its face, and that's when I screamed I didn't want to screen, but I couldn't help it sound. Just came out, there was no face, no real face. Only a smear with two holes where the I should be just cover my mouth, but it was useless. It's not like she can grab the scream, enforce it back down my throw down into my lungs. It was out. Uncle wiggily saw us here,
unfazed snapping to the place where we were just whispered, one your room. I couldn't do uncle. He started coming toward us that croak still coming from his throat there was a flash of movement, and then I saw Jess dart out towards the kitchen. Dad's headlights pushed her shadow up into the wall and made it huge. She was moving slowly running, but stopping every few feet to look back at the thing in our house when it started after her. That's when she finally ran like I knew she could sprinting for the kitchen she was leading uncle eighty away. I could see the stairs and light from dad's car. I can make it. wake from my bedroom, or I could go out the front door to dad either way I knew I'd be safe, Couldn't I move just screened. That was enough to snap me into motion. She
into the kitchen, with uncle iggy limping after her, I ran through the living room and tripped on the tile, as I crossed over the basement door was opened and a light was just screamed again. A ragged sound like she couldn't get enough air. I scrambled as fast as I could towards the basement door. It was dark in the kitchen, but there was a green, yellow glow coming down the stairs. Yes, I shouted from the doorway she and uncle iggy were both down there. He was half into the boiler. Torso sticking out like a charge on the heat falling from the grill, arms wrapped around just pulling her along with him. I made eye contact with my sister a moment before she disappeared inside of the boiler. I'll, never forget how she looked, how scared how young
Her eyes were almost all white. Her mouth was open, but I couldn't hear the scream the boiler door slammed shut a second later. The basement door swung closed right. In my face, I pounded at the wood clawed at it turn the knob as hard as I could. The door remains sealed. Oh god, we use no I heard my father say brush me out of the way gentle but firm He ran his shoulder into the door over and over and over, but wouldn't break. The lock was secure at some point, while my dad was trying to break down the door. The lights came back on. I remember looking out of the kitchen to see my mom standing at the bottom of the stairs her hand over her mouth silent dad kept hitting the door he called out for my sister. He picked the lock
just as he was running to grab something and acts or a bat hammer. The basement door opened anton just was sitting alone at the bottom of the stairs. Just down. She didn't move when I yelled her name or when dad went running down for her. He sculptor and carried her into the kitchen and sat at the table, Mom came in and sat with. Her then stood to go. Get her a glass of orange juice chasse I asked dad was down in the basement. Moving around Jes wasn't looking at any of us just staring down at the table. Uk baby mama just started to cry heard my dad banging around downstairs the soundest thing hitting metal echo doctors to mom moved next to just and held her, but my sister didn't react.
The question came out of my mouth almost on its own. What did you see just to my mom, both looked at me, mom, looked angry Jes, look just just looked uncle. Eighty showed me where he lives she answered, and he showed me where he showed me where we go when we die just wasn't really yes after that night. First, she was sad. Then she was angry She cut her hair and then she stopped talking any of us, my sister to be a top student. An athlete surrounded by friends, and all went away after the next few years. Mom and dad got different too. We moved, but uncle piggy still found a way to visit.
So, when the knocking started in the basement jason, I would go into our parents room. When I got older, I had some hard conversations with my mom and dad. I didn't much recognise just at that point she did during those years was fight and cry and hurt herself. I asked my parents why, why didn't they do more and they told me they did all they could think to do. Uncle AG was, with my dad side of the family. Ever since his parents, Kids, when mom and dad got together and uncle wiggily started showing up, they moved, they moved houses again and again, but eighty always found them. So eventually they made a deal. Uncle edgy could visit as much as he wanted and could have free run of the house, except for the bedrooms. If he agreed they would stop moving
and he could stop chasing them for a little while it worked after the night. Chest was dragged into the boiler. My old family was gone. There were all of these, these fractures, not just with Jes but with all of us. We grew up and grew apart. Dad died from a stroke at fifty mom stop taking care of herself and passed away. Last year, Jes Jesus just spent the next twenty years, causing everybody pain, but herself Most of all the lights went out of her. I tried to help her as much as I could, but I had a job that asked a lot and a family of my own. I wasn't there for her as much as I should have been. I'm not sure if that would have mattered.
It's true either way. Six days ago my big sister overdose done enough and not to fill a cemetery we buried her this morning, J was there with me my husband and are twins there weren't to many others ass was a lonely soul. I'm writing this now to help me remember to help me get it all straight after what happened with just when we were kids, I have never been comfortable in a house with a basement. jane. I got a ranch or in the country a single story with a lot of yard, but no seller. So why do I hear familiar sounds? Knocking thudding, it's coming from the attic getting cold house. The twins are in their room and jays with them
and made him promise. No one would come out until I said it was ok god I can smell it. I'm sorry, jack I hope wherever you are, his noble showed full body chills is an audio check production. This episode was written by travis brown and read by marley Martinez. The story was modified slightly for audio retelling, but you can find the original in full on our website, So what do you think chuck? Do you approve?
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