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2023-10-01 | 🔗

A story- shh... Did you hear it? No?

Written by David Flowers

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This episode is supported by us axes. American horror stories, the twin anthology series from ryan murphy returns. stand alone. Episode contains a new nightmare, delving into horror, mix, legends and lower. Don't miss taxes, american horror stories for episode, hulu wean event streaming october, twenty six. Only on hulu. This episode was produced with audio affects enforced around sound for the best experience we highly recommend you listen with headphones. I listeners I Michael David Baxter, and I have a story. I want to tell you a story. Did you hear no then gather round and listen close.
Listen to me. Don't react, don't respond, just listen to my voice and, more importantly, listen to the silence. The date is, may eleventh, twenty twenty three by name is cabin green. Was born on July. Third, ninety ninety five and a year ago I went missing an awesome, people, especially my family, will want to know where I am where I've been you know what happened and why I ran away
I'm sorry I haven't reached out sooner. It's just I needed to get away. I need to be way. However, I don't want to leave everyone only with questions so I'm leaving this statement. This This will be a lot to unpack more than you know. So, please, before you you anything before you go looking just listen stay where you are don't leave just listen and you'll understand. I'm sorry! I can't say enough, but I am sorry I know Have everyone worried right now, and I know they would have offered me help, but they can't I've. when he found the only help there is, and until I'm rid of this thing, unless rid of this thing, I can't come home it's not obvious, I'm currently
off the grid like thirty miles from any grid, but yeah no running water, no electricity, nothing. I can't tell you where I am, but I'm, I'm fine I've been staying in a log cabin for seven or eight months. Now, before that I was living out of a tent, which was rough, I mean it's not like. I've never been camping before it's just I've never been camping for this long. As for the cabin it's nothing, but an old hunting lodge as a cot, a wood, burning, stove and that's pretty much it, but it's enough to keep me warm. The place belongs to a guy named harry, of course, that's not his real name, but it'll do for introductions. Harry's season hunter, but he's only
out here once a year and when I found the cabinet was off season, meaning he had left it unattended. However, I thought it was abandoned and so the day he returned, we were both a bit alarmed to find stranger in our home, luckily Harry's a nice guy and rather than shooting me He asked me why I was here, I told him the truth or most of it at least I was honest about living in a tent and not knowing the place was his, but as for why I was out here I, like I told him I was trying to escape from the prying eyes of big tech which to win them over. I feel bad for line too, especially since he let me stay here and especially since he's given me food, but I think if I told him the truth, he may not have been so kind
now, listen before you get any ideas, know that I'm no criminal and god the worst the thing I've ever done was run a red light. However, I am running from something just not something I did Of course, there is almost no way for me to prove that, which is why Recording this you ever heard something that wasn't there. than auditory hallucination and just bear with me for a moment. It's a pretty. I'm an occurrence just about anything could set one off. Whether that be stress fatigue- and yes, even psychosis, but you don't need to be insane. Sperience, something that makes your question your sanity Oh I'd say if your unsure that's proof that you're not in saying right, I mean after If you can tell something's not right, then at them
At least you can guess what is, but I'm not saying and I'll keep saying that until I'm blue in the face, because the reason I'm running is there, did you hear it? No, don't move, don't say anything. I think fossil. But see that's what I'm talking about. There is a limit to thing we can see and hear and at some point differentiating what's there or not devolves What guessing game the reason why so many websites make you do a capture test in prove you're, not a bad click all the images that show a motorcycle that stuff because the human brain comes pre, packaged with some of them asked recognition software to date, no seriously, as marked, as you think they are. Computers are dumb sure they're getting better way they view the world is still only through ones and zeros. As for us, we ve got,
I handful of senses tend to a million different details, a spectrum of colours, a platter of taste, an array of sound, you been training ourselves to recognise them ever since we were born, we look at it or of a cat and that a picture of a plane- and we know which is which we see the shape and size And colors and the conclusion comes. Naturally, a computer look at those and they see too long lines of binary text, but what about static or what about a blurry image? Maybe you wear glasses. What happened? when you take them off. Well, then it becomes harder to see. I mean does, of course, but that doesn't stop us from trying, because even when it's just blur, even when you ve reached the limit of your human software, your brain still tries. You might not be aware of it.
for all your barely aware of your digestion breathing circulation. All the things your mind does for you, but justly or not its processing, everything, even when there's nothing your brain reaches beyond its limit and tries to wreck. Nice, something it understands from something tat. now I know I've been talking for a while, and I still have explained why I ran away but I had to give you some preface for what I am about to say again. All I'm asking is that you listen before you assume anything before you something dangerous, just, listen, everything I have to say and without moving without saying a word? Listen to the silence I'm being followed, or maybe it's not like that. Maybe I'm following it. I don't know what it
but if I'm being honest I think it's anything at all, and listen, I know how that sounds, but please let me explain, but when I was a kid, parents used to run a small clinging business. It was aside gig, mostly. Little extra income to help us get by. We didn't how much money, so we took what jobs we could and if those jobs were too hard for one person. Well then, we'd all pitch in me and my siblings included Now most of the places we cleaned were either apartments or rental homes, but every other week and we'd all gear up for our one major client. It was a two story office space I forget where it was but it had may be enough rooms for thirty or fifty people. warehouse too, but since we clean on the weekends and late at night we were usually there alone. Anyways the building was pretty big.
And to cover all that ground we'd have to split up. So while my siblings and mom cleaned one floor may and dad tackled the other, it was our routine Unlike with any routine, it was, easy disown out. I could let my body run through the motions, while my brain went somewhere else, which I mean, what else was I to do? I had an old ipod, but my chief plastic headphones were hardly good enough to silence a vacuum, and me am I Emily were so spread apart. It's not like, we could talk, so more often than not. I went from empty office to empty office, cleaning and cleaning and nothing else I could try and make you think that this office was haunted or that there were some creepy killer lurking in the halls, but then I'd be lying. Truth. Is there had never been anything that building to make me feel nervous? The place was well lit and besides some dated wallpaper, it looked totally
normal, and so, as I was vacuuming the floors head down and unaware, I wasn't surprised. When I heard my name, I turned off the vacuum and replied, but no one answered so obviously, I assumed it was nothing that I only misheard. I turn the vacuum back on and move to the next room and it might have been, has the vacuum caught on one of the rugs that I heard it again, my name, Again, I turned off the vacuum and this time I stepped into the hall, nothing. You. The thing about an auditory hallucination is usually sticks somewhere in between what you here and what you think you here you MIKE. A mistranslation? Consider a vacuum when it's running It's all one loud noise and you know, it's nothing. Our brain.
are constantly listening, always interpreting, ninety nine percent of the time you only here noise, but sometimes it sounds like something else, I could sound like someone calling your name. It can be a simple, a or that turns your head. it might even sound like someone, you know, but no matter what no matter who you must never go looking for it, I'm lucky I turned off the vacuum. I'm lucky that sound wasn't on when I went looking for it, because if it was, I think it would have found me but I told my dad about it later. He shook his head. He was on the other side of the building. He told me it was probably nothing and that's what I learned about why noise, our brains sometimes mistake that smooth empty sound for something else,
my dad said it was a normal. He said it was nothing to fear and I believed him I mean I lived with white noise every day I went to sleep with, and on high I drove out a highway to get to work. I made calls with poor reception what if I occasionally heard something that wasn't there, it was just My brain, miss hearing things, what I told myself for nearly twenty years I lived with them was like a mole on my back is there but analyse and out of sight there wasn't until recently that I realized it might be something more Have you ever walked into a room and forgot why you were there? Of course everyone has but have you ever done? The opposite
have you ever gone into another room? Maybe grab something or to turn off the tv, but you don't remember, have you got there? I'll department was well. and when the ac kicked on it would nearly shake the whole building. It was terrible for guests, go five minutes without a roaring over the party, but I got used to it eventually, the often on racket faded into the background in some it was even comforting. When I went to sleep, it was like had to fans on instead of one but one night after I had fallen asleep. I woke up to the sound of yelling. I was up and out of bed almost as soon as I heard it from the other room from one of the fence
The ac was clanging and banging making it almost impossible to hear but high. Above me, I could just barely hear it echoed from inside. It might have been a call for help. I remember thinking someone must have gotten stock, which was crazy when you think about it, but with someone doing in an air event and this late at night, you think if it was a technician, they'd be working during the day, maybe was achieved old. The was on the ceiling, you ve made a ladder. The claim that high, but I heard it, someone pleading crying it couldn't have been real. I know because then was too small. I know because half. way inside, I woke up the aid. He had turned off- and I found myself wobbling on top of the latter half of my body,
pressed into the ceiling had ever been one to sleep walk before nor Have I ever been asleep while trying to climb a ladder unscrew event cover crawl inside and yet that's exactly what happened, because he, I dont remember doing any of those things. I know that's what happened the same way. I know that this morning I must have put on shoes, but do I remember that moment in detail? No, it was all one vague recollection, but one where each time I thought about it more and more like make believe. Why did I think there was someone in the vent and why did I try to find them? The whole situation was absurd to really because when the situation sounds impossible, the leading explanation looks like it too. It must have been something I ate. I had too much to drink, or I should have gotten more sleep
I had a dozen different excuses, primed and ready barrier to stall me from facing the truth, but even as I was unwilling to accept it. The truth was still there had again sleepwalking more, even when I wasn't sleeping now. It's one thing to inexplicably find yourselves standing on top of the ladder climbing into the ceiling while chasing after an inaudible voice. When it happens more than once your excuses lose their volume. It wasn't always the same event, just how it was, and always at night, when I caught myself halfway in the dark cramped confines of an air duct I told myself it was something in the air mould. Probably that was The writing my stable mine- and I clung to it After all, it was always when the ac kicked on that the voices did too. I can
and to my landlords about it. I told them. There was a smell coming from the vent there wasn but I knew they were more likely to consider my complaint. Then, if I led with the latter story, they checked it out twice but in both cases nothing better. Could he all day see was found to be a problem and ass, because the ac wasn't the problem see once or twice I startled from a trance with fingers on fire literally, but they had been cut the latter this time no vent. But for some reason I had stuck my hand into my bedside fan. that's crazy as it sounds. I remember thinking I had to reach through it, There was something on the other side. Really. The fan was only plastic but even plastic and hurt like Hell. Spinning, like a blade, was there
old in my apartment. Probably it was old but was small brainwashing me to conduct spontaneous acts of self harm. Was it speaking to me through the fence, the fan and even the garbage disposal. I was clinging the dishes, I was handwashing them because the last time I try to use the dishwasher, I unconsciously opened the door and flooded my kitchen, but as was draining the sank and as the blender was churning like a storm, I thought I heard something I leaned in a whisper was comin there was something there beside the drain. I just needed to get closer unlucky.
As I was reaching into the disposal a fork fell inside. The grinding clatter was enough to wake me from the not so sleeping nightmare and turn it off a few inches more. and my hand would have been minced meat. What was I doing this wasn't like me? This wasn't me never wanted to herd myself. And anyone who knows me would know that too. yet I was I hear away from writing my hand? Why I'll tell you why it's this you hear it is right there it's easy to ignore if you're not paying attention, but even if you are, it's saddle it's quiet. It seems like nothing because really all there is is just white noise. In some ways it was obvious
However, I was a lot like you, rational. And to the rational mind what I said, sounds insane, but is it you ever heard something that wasn't there. Are you insane I'm willing to bet if you ever misheard, something that something did hold your hand down the drain or drag you into the events, and you know what good on you. That means you listening. If you don't listen, you can't respond and if you don't respond, it can't get you. I thought I heard a voice, that's what I kept thinking over and over every time I was lord towards that sound. I thought I heard a voice,
from the other side, but the other side of what you see. I made the mistake of trying to look for it. When I thought I heard something calling me from the vents I went looking and it was that easy. It's the smallest thing, choosing to do nothing and had it makes all the difference because tread a thin line. Your brain thinks it here's something when you know it's nothing, but is it? How do you know who other than you can really decide? You dont go looking for nothing, but you do go looking for something My sister works with cancer patients, and she tells me fight is never over so long as the patient believes they have a chance. I dont know if it's as easy as believe,
thing, but I know the way we act and how we think influences the outcome, and so I tried nothing else was working. I changed sleeping schedule. I adjusted my diet. I cut down on drinking and work and every other stress her in my life. All of that, and I still heard the voices and that's because none of those things actually and directly confronted the issue so fine I tried the one thing I should have tried from the start. I ignored it when the fan word and word and then whispered name, I reminded myself, there's no one there when the ace he kept on and I heard something scream. I kept my. eyes closed, I didn't go looking, I ignored it and it worked for a while,
For a while, I retain some control of my life, but it was so easy to slip it's hard hearing, something hidden in the background, but once you do it even harder to it, or it front and centre it's like someone chewing their food clicking a pair stuttering? The word it's something you cat on here and so I would slip. I turn my head I'd respond and that's all needed if you want to call this thing and illness, then was getting worse. It was getting easier to slip easier to fall into it. Crap and lose control. So I tried harder. We'll just ignore it. I distance myself from it. I stopped sleeping with a fan I raised the sea, so it didn't kick on. I took my clothes to the dry cleaner
And bought a room, but for my floors also that I didn't have to be near that noise, but enough. There is only so much I could do to ignore it and at some point I had to accept that this thing was trying to kill me. That moment came a little over a year ago, around august, to be exact. Most folks will remember this day, because it's the day I disappeared. I was driving just before that I was apartment hunting. The weather was warmer than a heated blanket and as hard as I tried, I could only go so long in my apartment. Without the sea, the local it didn't matter, The size I just needed a pie with a better unit, specifically a quieter one hour appliance volume doesn't usually appear on an apartments resume
so I was going from place to place tinkering with their thermostats just test to make sure it works. I said after a while of testing the tour guy gave me a strange look and ushered me out. I visited six different apartments. But if you ask me I couldn't describe a single one I might as well. have been blind because the the time I was only focused on what I could hear. Is there a railroad, thereby a highway? how many planes flew overhead, what did the water heater sound like? What about the shower and how loud was the ac? Violence acting each apartment for white noise. I did course here it whatever it was whispered. old and screamed for my attention. I fought stay calm tonight turn around or lose control and the whole time I was walking on eggshells one wrong,
the slightest turn and it would take over, for a time I've fallen for its trap, I've been alone, but what would happen if someone else was there when I turn violent, would they call the cops? Would I heard someone just finish the tour leave That's all. I could think it was truly a test of mental stamina, but I fear the last tour without incident. I got unlike threw out my jp s and at last I breathed in the silence, and so I had at home My little excursion had taken all day then sent me driving all over town, had a forty minute track back to my apartment, but with the radio on and my gps to guide me, I felt like I could finally relax. one minute. I was driving home and the next I was drowning.
My lungs were shouting louder than I could think My hands were still on the wheel, but I was surrounded by water. Everything in slow motion yet I could feel the weight of the car dragging me down town, but where, How do I get out? I tore at the seat belt for some insane reason. It was tied around my waist every nerve, across my body was screaming at me to move faster and I tried. I tried to untangle myself, but I was stuck, frantically, I searched for something else. Anything I could feel is found the lever beside the sea and I pulled kit and pushed until the chair slid back fine. there was room for me to wriggle free the window had been rolled all the way down, and so I was able to heed myself out swimming and swimming, until I made it out. I didn't know where I was
was a lake somewhere and there was a bridge. The bridge I drove off But my memory was fuzzy, I'm not sure what it was that sent me off. Maybe the road Wind, as I was driving or maybe My radio had a spot of static for just a moment too long, but the only thing I could remember was that I had to follow it. I heard the voice as I was driving home. It led me to that bridge. It tied me down it, lowered my windows and then it sped forward, I'm not delusional. I wasn't trying to take my own life. It was but me. It tried to drag me down and I escaped I barely escaped and after I did, all I could think was. When would it
happen again. What if next time I can't get out what, if next time it isn't a lake, but on coming traffic. What if net at the time someone were sitting beside me. I wasn't safe. No one was safe. Not all this thing still followed me. I couldn't ignore it. I couldn't push it away, and so I had to run I'll save you the details, because they don't really matter. They found my way home. I gathered my things. And then I headed out eventually I found my way here. You know the thing about this old hunting cabin. The one thing I wish it had more than a fridge or a working toilet is a fan cod. I miss my fate
the bigger bed, the air conditioning. All of that is fine, but man some days I still have trouble sleeping you get used to something you know, but out here I finally have what I need: silence the city life. How even rural life could never offer me that there is noise everywhere It's all around you tractors and trucks, and roads and railways, every machine, every device, the microwaves and treadmills and light bulbs and washers the televisions and radios and horns and sirens. It's even on this recording I thought about leaving a letter. I even wrote one out, but when I read it hell
even I think, I'm crazy, which is why I need you to hear it. That way, you know, I'm not in saying that way. You know think I'm hurting or that there Anything you could have done to prevent this. I don't think you can prevent it. No more than any disease. You can wash your hands and get plenty of sleep, but sometimes you still catch it. You just can't feed it. Don't react, don't respond, don't go looking. If you hear something that isn't there then stop listening. Otherwise, eventually you won't hear anything else. I thought I was safe out here. It felt like that for awhile, sometimes.
I'm around the fire or listening to the breeze sounds like someone's whispering the other day. I went fishing by the stream and I just started walking and unaware. I was going just walking following the water. I was walking for five hours, I'm leaving this recording and a note for harry. If I'm not here when he returns now, this recording is with you. So thanks. I guess for listening by.
Full body chills is an audio chuck production. This episode written by David flowers and read by Michael David Baxter, story was modified slightly for audio retelling, but you can find the original info on our website. So what do you think jack do? proof.
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