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Why I Stopped Babysitting


I had an experience babysitting that scared me so bad, I had to stop forever.

Why I Stopped Babysitting

by: Eleni Vassiliadis

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I've got nothing to lose. Go now and be sure you go to simply save dot com, Slash F, B C, so they know that our show sent you that's simply: safe dot com, Slash, F, busy, Hylas nurse. This is actually flowers, and I want to tell you a story about why I stopped baby sitting so gather round listen close. This is a story for my babysitting days around five years ago or so, and I was fifteen and desperate to save up for a car, despite the fact that I didn't even have my learner's permit. I would babysit for fam
and then family friends and pretty soon word of mouth is getting the calls from people. I'd never met before people wanted to hear. Baby sitter that they knew when just sit from the liquor bottles in the cupboard horn by their boyfriend and growth for an over. I was very patient as a teenager, so good with kids and far too chick endeavour properly, snoop Brown, people's houses or like rifle through their cupboards are bedside drawers and I only ever been drunk once before, and I hated it so much that it put me off alcohol free good long. While so I was Eid he said, are so anyways one Friday. I get this call from a couple who heard about me from somebody they met someplace. I don't know and now I was available for Sunday night now. This is summer break, so I was available pretty much every night of the week. My most popular nights were usually Friday since days and even though I was planning a sleepover with my friends Sunday, I canceled an order to sit for this couple
fifty dollars a night. But parents were unusually a picture around very grateful when they got home from a night out, so they would press extra, tens and twenties into my hands insistently as I left, and mostly they write me home, but sometimes my mom and dad had to pick me up at the parents were drunk or the house is really far away from mine. Now this couple that were asked me about Sunday. They said they would be out until very late and would pay me upwards of a hundred dollars for me to sit for them. They also offered to pick me up. For me. How to get to their place, which was about a good forty minutes away, and then they said they would drive me back afterwards. Now this was thoughtful, but my dad always insisted. He dragged me to the house but I was sitting at to make sure that he knew where I was going to be and he I'm trying meet the couple if he was able to. So Sunday was no different, and so after time apple. I would be dropped by their place by six I got set for the night. I never brought homework or anything we
Because back then I was a good little nerd and I always did my homework as soon as I got it. What I did bring was my book, the secret history, which is by the way, a great read but slightly creepy antibiotic, that's just in case there wasn't any nice food or are they didn't say like eat whatever you want, so we leave and my dad drops me off, the house waits for me to knock on the door at this cute little house with a nice roses little garden and once he sees the door open me about to go in. He drives off, but the door opens and it's a Old lady standing there and she goes, can I help you and I told, who I was and why I was there and she looked totally baffled. And out of nowhere, a man he's like running up to us about forty or so, and he's good, looking kind of like Alec Baldwin, maybe spinner with like sharper feature that
anyways, he says sorry, my wife give you the wrong address. Thank God. I didn't miss you and he's just To his car and telling this old lady sorry so sorry- and she just goes inside looking totally confused is guidance. On the tell me you know we used to live here and my wife always forgets our new address now. Looking back, this is super. Specialist and if I hadn't been so naive, I would have called my dad and nope to my way all the way back home. But this guy was swerve charming or thing I didn't want to seem weird. You're rude. So I got in the car we drove for about fifteen minutes and he's worried about about general stuff school in, like that sort of thing, and we got to the house, by the way, was the nicest house I ever seen was expert modern sort of angular architecture. With this amazing garden, his picture perfect wave was
standing there outside waving. She said beautiful is apologizing to me as well. The same story, blah blah blah, and so we inside and she tells me out, angel is sleeping. Upstairs Liese, don't wake her up. You just stay down here unless she cries she's a very light sleeper, so we will be really upset if you wake her. It's gonna keep us up till dawn and we I can't have it so I was a little nervous because the house was so nice, like they look. Super rich they're super ground, and I here I am, I like grubby sweatpants with a messy bun. They show me living room where they had like bowls of chips and candy sitting out, and then they left after one and telling me not to wake their daughter What is strange that want me to wake their daughter, but they hadn't even introduced me to their child, mostly when I babysat the kids,
week when I got there and we played and watch tv until we pass thereby time and they would fall asleep full of pizza and asked me to tell yet another story, the only Baby. I had sat for a slept most of the time, but the parents, which is my mom's cousin and her partner, told me to check on her. If you, times, at least and maybe like change her diaper when she needed it. So for this baby I just order. Sat there feeling cold in this big, sparse furnished house, but they haven't told me anything about the heating and I hadn't really thought to ask at the time and the food that they put out look at it and it was like Sultan vinegar chip since a plane and their these chocolate biscuits, but they smelled super weird and they had candy but candy, something I really, only as a last resort. So luckily I had my bag of chips and I didn't touch. What was there and looking back probably really lucky that I didn't know. I
excited to read, because I could not figure out how to work the ridiculously large tv, but something about the darkness and the silence of the house. Just left me feeling a little edgy and I decided to see if there was anything else to eat and so I go looking for the kitchen, which are essentially find in a strange house. There's this shiny metal, Fred Toujours, almost completely empty aside from one single carton of milk and the cupboards were also really anti. There were no bottles of milk, no jars of baby food. Like thing I am freezing cold at this point and I'm seriously considering ordering takeout. So I begin to walk around the house and search of the heater. The house is very dark and most of the doors, which wasn't too uncommon the most people just lock their bedroom door or maybe like a messy storage.
Or something I decided to heater was probably upstairs now. On that note, I hadn't heard a peep from upstairs at this point. I started to get a little anxious, because what if something was wrong with the baby. I always check up on whoever is babysitting as a rule about like every twenty minutes. So I made isn't that I need to go upstairs now. The birch weird thing was that there was a child gate or whenever it's called blocking off the stairs, so I had to climb over it. But what did they need a baby gate for if they had an infant, though I walked up and its hitch black up there. I try made a first door and it's locked. I try the second door, it's locked ever single door. Upstairs was every single one
which means that the baby's door was locked to, even though I didn't know which room was her like she's locked in kulaks, an infant in their room like that, and I start to panic and realize that something's very wrong about this whole situation, and I decided to call my dad to come wii with me, but when I go to call him I realize that the address he had was the one of the old lady, because I quote their old address I realize in that moment that they didn't want my dad to know where they really lived. Schweitzer, panicking even more and just kind of fries in the dark, hallway decide to slowly walk down the stairs and climb back over the gate as quietly as I could and my heart's pounding at this point- and I the front door and I try it, but it's been deadlocked. Locked inside, I walk through the house to the.
Door and against that door is locked. I am trapped in this house, I probably could have call police at this point, but I had no address to give them and that's when all of a sudden, I started to get this feeling maybe I wasn't alone in the house so shaking hands. I went to the living room and started to pack my stuff in my backpack and for a second I kind of just sat on the edge of the couch. Wondering what to do and I I did try a window in something anything so I tried window after window and all of them were locked to, and at this point I swore I heard a noise from outside. I told myself. I was just being paranoid, I thought about how bad it would look if I left a baby alone in a house and just ran off, but I didn't feel safe more like something in me felt like I was going to die so
standing in the living room, wondering what the hell to do. When I heard a faint clicking sound, it was the sound of the door being unlocked the back door and I just froze my ears are ringing. My stomach is just turned to liquid and I heard footsteps walking slowly through the house and I started to creep she the whole way through the dark kitchen and an end to the laundry room, and then I crawled into one of these big cupboards next to the washing machine, and I just sat there trying to kid call my breathing, so they wouldn't hear me trying not to be sick, and then I heard footsteps walking through the house and muffled says and when the footsteps reach the wandering and stand, I thought
Heart was going to pound through my chest. And voice said she must be upstairs and I heard footsteps walk away. I was sure the wife I'll be waiting outside of the cover with a kitchen knife, but I opened it anyway and she is it I heard them both walking upstairs. So I crept quickly through the house, opened the back door and re on hearing it slam behind me and knowing that they would be after me any second. I don't even look that I just ran through the front garden down the driveway and I find it over the gate so quickly that I scraped at my legs by didn't stop running adrenaline was booking wonders when I got to the nearest mean road, I called my dad absolutely his steer appall every car that drove past scared me and I doubt into the yard or under a tree or behind of Bush, because I was sure of his them. Looking for me.
When my dad arrived, I told him the story and I have never seen him go so white. Like a sheet, we went to the police and everything, but I hadn't, even to look at a street named when I was running away, so I had nothing to give them other than a description of the two people and they're very fake names. And had nothing to go off of they were able to track down the couple, even though they drove me around the suburb for hours. Trying to help me remember, the house, I just couldn't have been too scared it has been too dark and I wish I'd been more observant, but I wasn't with scared me most is that they still have my phone number, I mean I never heard from them, because I changed my number the next day. Well, I should say I never heard from them just now that I think about it. There was this one call
a few months ago, actually from an unknown number of course, and when I picked up the phone, all I heard was a baby crying on the other end, but not a real baby, a fake cry like one of those dolls you can buy. I guess I'm hoping it's just some kind of prank call or messing with me, but I haven't baby size fence These efforts, so it was written by Eleni Vasiliadis. It was produced and performed by me and our theme was created by Justin Daniel, this story was modified for audio retelling with the author's consent. So if you want to read them.
New version. You can go to full body, chills, podcast, dot, com and be sure to come back tomorrow, So I can tell you another story. I will give you full body chills. Full body. Chills is an audio truck production, do, you think, check to approve. Thank you to simply safe for sponsoring this episode of full body chills. Remember if you wanna be spooked, but not scared. This hollowing season just visit simply safe dot com, Slash, F, B C.
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