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Episode 229: Chapter 7, verses 7, 8 and 9

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Bhagavad Gita Ch. 7 “Yoga of Knowledge & Wisdom” Verses 7, 8, & 9

Lecture discusses the relationship of I the individual, World as I know and the creator who created both I and the world.

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The bag of data is a book of mankind's collected expense. insolvent answers to life's most basic questions. Koi I am from where do I come? What is my purpose and destiny and most practically, how do I find happiness? These podcasts originate in the lectures of neil bought a disc, but the swami chin, my amanda. They are presented here in twenty two thirty minutes segments each covering three of the gate to seven hundred and one versus welcome to key to wisdom for daily living.
We have been discussing chapter seven gonna, vigna yoda. You got knowledge and wisdom, knowledge applied in daily life because whizzed. So this is the knowledge. Well the supreme applying which, in my life, I can get the infinite happiness with him seeking that for the ghanaian have ignited we have seen in the last few chapters, but one has emphasized that you must make your mind devoted to me, You offer everything to me, but I work and under me is: we do not know him go home. We had to align ourselves. So the quest in this chapter is to give us a glimpse of who that's
for you is. I cannot fall in love with someone. I do not know in this onto gold, tat job, we're gonna jump more. Can we go go yesterday? There were strangers. Seymour stranger rather upset Then I know about her in fine commonalities. I admire all her qualities. John Mccain may appear like love of my life, but deal did not know her. She was a stranger might want to save the world. To whom is only possible if we identify with him. Otherwise, it's all lip service, so you to know who by one is and then identify with him and then only weaken, be devoted to it Therefore, this chapter now takes us one step at a time and
This our relationship to him in my life. I know two things very clearly: I exist in the world exist. Then I can vouch for I exist. Everybody who is giving me trouble exist this war no question about it, but then I also think that the third anti exist, who creates this interaction with an eye in the world and weakened by one. But we have no clue wowed him, so we are now actually divided our world into three part. I the world and the creator who created this world and we keep all three completely separate. I am completely independent of this world. The world is completely independent of me, and but one is even further away from these two I in the world I have them. Up the relationship. I know how to deal with it, what the problems are, but how, by one interacts with it, they do not now so this chapter
users relationship with difficulty. I the world under by one himself so the very first thing we are seen as easy. I hear this it for manifest berkeley. So as we discuss, he sees how nothing to go by in this quest for truth in the world they lived in. don't sell to observe the world around them and to observe how they themselves react with the first thing they found in this world. Everything is made up of five basic element of really dead, entails super collider to break it apart, so they basically booming solid matter opera water. Another fire Come a available space, this fight everything you made about this five, the emerge,
old gain new was made up of this five element, so they could be that those who do mentoring elements of which everything in may. within the relay that, from the inert to sentient this progression of things, which are added the difference between entered in the sense into the mind, an intellect and then the identification I exist to the king, the into them. Even this tree, the product of the same five elements in their basic rudimentary state of existence before they crucify, which becomes up to my senses. Gross elements are apparent to my senses. I can feel the solid matter: water, fire and policy space. This file also made my mind intellect because
this mind and intellectual come into existence because of the perception of the world outside. Therefore, it cannot be any different outside so this is but one say is my: I stood up and eat for manifest preclude. Then she came to the conclusion did the world and I am not different from each other. I am part of the world because you work for me and I'm happy for you. Therefore, we are part of the world, but then they got to, something other than theirs, which makes this interaction. This creation possible, therefore one wanted although to them this lower biography of my higher proclivity, which makes all this thing possible from this one singularity, the whole plurality came out, we'll see
in our life, the things just change the state of its existence, but in its essence it remains the same standard example. Water becomes ice, melting, bigger water, again temper Is it because water vapor that continues to seeing this date, but the basic ingredients remained the same where they something which makes all these three states possible. Nor highschool chemistry say that each tour so very soon came to the conclusion that there is something other than what meets the eye, which makes this possible and they called it, patricia that counts principle concept, itself. It my own little, the observation of my own self is this: gross body is made up of the five elements I an intellect a subtle instrument with which to transact with this world
for all these are not of any value if I'm not alive. So that is my life principle, the consciousness it twelve in now. What is way relationship must the her, but I admit into a few comments We have seen the entire world is made up of this one entity which has an eightfold manifestation, nothing other than this one, I know that all the beings come out of this one entity which is deceitful manifestation. In other words in this world. We cannot find anything which is This five. Everything we analyze. Have this five and elements him so there but it must be. The source of all of them has to be one in the thing, because the ingredients
and now this is nothing other than the source of all this manifest work, but the body that I'm not annette into this do than india, because. Question was ok: the world was created by the creator by him becoming the efficient cause and the material cause to create something after to causes efficient cause the knowledge to create, and material to create we know he was the efficient cause for the universe. When what was the material called, he has to material to create this universe, and we kept this argument about. Ok, he got it from x x, gathered from Y dislike. I then I'll get back when I can eat something. The contractor who buys material from some laws, we gotta laws and say we need a much firmer suppliers,
tenue that inquiry for this universal creator ready to get the material, and you can continue talking god x, got it from god. Why? God, why he got from god the, but in the end we have to say that hypothesis is not correct. God always had the material to create this universe. That material cannot be anything other than his own self. Only thing I hear with them never acquired stolen or borrowed, himself, therefore got also must have created this universe out of his own self. Therefore, when he created this, you know is nothing other than his, so called it came out of his own creation. Out of his own self, receive much the hope that I'm not annette in chip given in to have been nothing beyond me. I created the world order
my own self, no, nothing else, but me, maybe cerebellum edam brought them so tat morning. I was so what do the relationship with it? and what is my relationship with the world There are strong in him. I'm connected to him because I m a thing but his own manifestation, his own self? It could you did me out of his own self, so I cannot be other than his own but then he said everything else also created out of my own self, so everything and being then I can come across in my life in nothing. But here manifestation, so my relations in the world is, I am created by one we also favour the alsace region berber one on cell, so we are connected, but would, in this connection brought them so dream running, and I were just as the cluster of gems drawing into a thread so clearly something common.
The third is not seen by us when we look at the necklace. So what common endeavour. Consciousness is common in us, which is not visible. We did not manifest. My thoughts are manifest, My ideas can be manifest. My gross bodies manifest the life of me in on manifest, therefore, lives. We don't know where it goes. Where it came, we don't know about it goes. We don't know, because we are trying to understand and perceive the self close Francis, was centred limitations. We can only detect few things through our senses. this man in this room nor notice it the temperature chain in this room, and nor does it right now All the radio waves in order, the news we have with our cell phones are all bombarding right now are met,
is this coming to me if it is coming to earth with us, but we are not pursuing that number. As soon as I turn my phone on, it will all be downloaded. So now my senses have limitations and I cannot see all those broad rules and microwaves richer in this role. but once it, my presence is very much the everywhere, but you do not see it, but I am Common trade, among all things in beings, so weak, typically pardon. My conscience- that's a different than yours, yours is different than his sooner than one thing is common among all of the same coin, Business makes me alive. It makes you alive and he alarm and see allows same consciousness, but waiting all throughout making all beings who they are.
since in being cencian, demeanor being anything in the same consciousness makes them who they are. I support all these jaeger tottering at their. I guess How to muddle beans, whatever they are, I gave them tat quality to be dead finger. My servant made them brought them so three mining and said the one thing in common they consciousness is bringing all things can be. So, even though I think I'm an island by myself, I am independent. I don't need anybody. I myself made man but wonder then nothing like self made man. It just an illusion. Forty one, a self made man has to take so much support from so many people. I build a successful company out there. I made myself nano.
employed walk over tomorrow, your company zero, what do the value of the most valuable assets of accompanying the people? They walk of air strike, the because weapon. Nah. So we're going to know there is nothing everyone is connected with each other and every action you perform will affect the entire universe. Is a violent recycle. What the big deal in rego going to be able to be recycled I wonder what the big deal, if alone, if everything that, where the story about I burn verbal I'd, say that in my kingdom, everybody's very honest
we're both here we can find out very easily the hell. Are you going to order tomorrow that everyone has to take one gallon of milk and put it in the big pond they have created and then double a white cloth over it everybody's going to put gallon of milk, my gallon of water nobody's going to notice it next day they take out the clock and then nothing but water into that border. The containment, because, as long as I think then my accents that have no value, then I will not be motivated to do it once in each one of you is clinging me like then jam nicholas one affect the other, and I saw a hum upso commentator grub, aha smith. Sister yeah remember her some away. They issue sub the cable to some dresser. Now he knew the examples
or how to know see tat supreme all things in me. What makes them Thing or being what it is, the very presence of the law. They said somebody s norman marshy,. Reston reported that. Can you show me god and know my mother? Of course I could show me. They started bending his finger that seduce the guard, because you know I see you bending your fingers and I'm not bending it guardian. This finger. If he goes away, I can bend my finger that the presence of god. So anything and everything I see if I start relating to god, I change My perceived a chain live better them. How I see the world a king, my trusty, that's why, by one view divvied rusty later in the buggy leave, that does not mean anything but a change.
perspective view of the world the way I see the world, I start seeing it differently. So now, when I see anything I say his prison, thus all absorbing I am the liquidity, the taste in all that is water, the liquid. What makes water water until is proper, assuage ass. He stood in the brilliance in the sun and moon. my brother has set radiation in a does. I am the brunt of my the primordial sound All sound generates out of this three primordial sound Any language in the world who take this three out, the languid does not exist so little
What more do you sound? So is the sound of a creation. It generates emil Oh lingers. In your mouth and my clothes, your mom mom, Jan its dissolution I'm in the way that all the knowledge of the re does creation, sustenance and destruction. I am the indicator of that. It is there because of me, the creation, customers and destruction sub kate, and this owned in space, the space is pursued by sound sound. Only. travel and speak sir there for you, I the sound in the space. Oh, do some research and the men who, in man all the strength the people tribute to man nor schwarzenegger
It can only be almost what any longer these alive a dead. Arnold cannot kick anybody, so I am the strength in strong for no gun the hub of young man that sweet fragments the sacred fragments of earth. Don t just me ask me barbarism. the berlin envy fire divinum, sarah, both asia and the life in all their wings. The poster asked me to pursue the austerity in us. In other words, whatever makes that thing going to be the dharma the thing going to be, as we will learn before that reminds of that which upholds my existence, the state of existence is my dharma as long as sugary sweet. It is sugar, if not sweet
but looks like sugar feels like sugar in my mouth? It's salty, it's, not sugar. A real joke happened in our family. My grandmother was living with my uncle and there was a gupta, not indian friend. He was also living with a one day: gupta the game. First grandma's cook food as good daddy got day their mutual down memory, tat getting ready, trying to speak plainly. the alma mater? How can a group that is pure speaking don't want. Me ties the mother, what other hayley, removing or sweden there that the mother more meter may do and whether this salt, mama come then they want to happen to you today. Why do I hear you say that you say they know me tiny meter
for him. If there really is no matter where my gun on the sole good lord meeting. That makes the thing what it is. the sugar issue. The longer the sweet salt is sought. A long in this out, whatever makes things what it is, but one that's me You can only be who you are what you are as long as I'm present, my presence is gone, are There will stop here. Saturday bobbin does of son my son But the army too, close to the curb Bobby. Aw. d.
Sh T he They. Sri norma, hills.
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