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Episode 417: Chapter 4, verses 41 and 42

2022-01-11 | 🔗

Bhagavad Gita Ch. 4 “Yoga of Renunciation of Actions in Knowledge” Verses 41 & 42

The lecture discusses the call of Bhagavad Gita to destroy the doubt in one’s heart about the true nature of the self by establishing in the Yoga of Self-Knowledge.

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The bhagavad gita is, book of mankind's collected experience, olive and answers to lifestyle? basic questions who I am from, do I come? What is my purpose and destiny, and most practically. How do I find Happiness, these podcast sir richmond aden lectures of kneeled bought a disciple of swami chin, maya, nada. They are presented here in twenty two thirty minutes segments each covering three of the gate to seven hundred and one versus welcome to go to war.
for daily living gray, have been discussing chapter four unanimous in yes, you you were offered him, then she asian of action in knowledge, the step to stifle in different ways in different both does so one way is titled banana yoga, the simple mammy yoga and then in good earnest rain. It days when we ignore placenta yoga. So it is basically focusing on banana yoga. You gov knowledge, so the chapter could have been title: curmudgeon addison. Yes, your ours is economic and emerson. Yes, yoga, because we have seen a meal when chapter three chapter: four: is teaching, isn't gonna yoga your gov knowledge much after five will talk about some. Yes, you! So basically, this is a continuum hard
The war from performing actions to announcing actions there by one has been taking us from the level where we are to higher and higher level through each chapter, the chapter one we saw at what level we are performing our actions at this time soon or do we show that we have seen that we are performing? the level of attachment, we're functioning in the level of me, and my dear said, my it will only other side and to kill them. It's ok. If they were not my people, then one can only problem with killing so, but one is basically pointing This is the level where we are right. Now all our actions are governed by my own. He go my
I identification is why I am in what is my in all actions are geared towards the betterment of iron might only you therefore working for me, my family, my community, my country, but the mai, is first before we perform in the act so that the level we are functioning right now in chapter two and three, but one took us to the next level of miss comic animal may actions without any desire. So I wonder if the bar for us the right now working to gain something for you and yours eager to act without any expectations, so the economy or go with your learned in chapter three basically took us from acting for
our own self or acting for our own people to weed out and expectations without any desire, so that the next level miss come again. Rossa comic irma, we, Given the task to perform this gallagher chapter four: look that level do when we not higher it. You should perform action without any sense of agency, selflessness. Granada europe, having them knowledge that I'm not the door performing actions with the clear understanding that I'm not the door is performing without the sense of agency in the form of grants, therefore the emphases will bring me enough. Where you offer you a limited self sacrifice the fire of women, the supreme self.
so the knowledge you recognise when I achieve the knowledge than myself is nothing other than that super himself myself. My at my ease burma that basically you the job From I in mind from this condition so to unconditional yourself, you the journey in, but one is taking us one step at a time, each chapter, two time herself but in this chapter using them a one not only give us the path were also give us his own identity. In the beginning, but one said that I do her, I'm on board and obvious my immunity
well, but with my mia I will take a fall everytime and the need, even though I'm actively involved in my own creation, are not just created this universe and let it go I'm actively involved whenever that is, in necessity, for me to intervene ally into it. We have seen that we wanted ya da da da domestic lanier
What do I do not take any birth and I always do mean immutable, but seemingly I will take a form to set the the reel off better. My right again, then they say in this world agree that four types of people based on their gouna in a kind of amazing that qualities that accents people cannot be. At the same time, people will be different according to that own dharma and their own capabilities, their own actions. They should be placed in this society in the in the community to do appropriate actions. That does not mean that one is higher or lower, but according to their own capabilities, they should be placed in this society, so they feel comfortable performing their actions and make progress
where they are the higher level, but once you even the I hell can eat them. I never get enrolled in. I don't get tainted by those actions, because I remain completely detached from all the exits performed by all the beings or even performed by me and then avocado sofa. One is then, given us, the box to achieve the same level of detachment for us the distant. I welcome this world completely detached even the idea of a daughter. The action of the latter does not affect me I'll kill. You did all these people, directions. Actions also do not bind me. You can also achieve that same level of detachment. If you follow this path. The path given is all the young pnas which are described, but one describes various spots for us to go
from where we are at the level of performing selfish actions for me and mine to perform actions without any expectation without any desires, but wanted people in this well knew perform actions, but those who wants though they will or should there was- and they the results of their actions in this world. those it is also weca I can see that I'm you it and therefore they are motivated by them or one who knows his goal. One was seeking that permanent bliss one is seeking cooperation from all sorrows. He comes to me because this, knowledge alone, can leave you from all your sorrows and unhappiness ugly. He said worker money, but without good there, that the fire of knowledge only can be,
All your actions in the sorrows attack with those axes. my sorrows and unhappiness in this world because of my limited, miss and because I'm limited have to compete with everyone else, that could create frictions that greece, competition that reads failures. In that greece, rosalyn and unhappiness, but wanted the knowledge that you're not limited when then takes place, all the charisma that I've performed before for Getting happiness everything our done so far is basically do get happiness in old unhappiness, but in the process I actually get more unhappiness and more frictions and more problems is all those will go away.
The knowledge takes place and then knowledge is myself not different, then the supreme such that knowledge, you newborn all your sword, It is something we want to say that, like when you wake up from the dream, all your programme from the due to be cause all Association with a dream because of the identity with her created, in the dream for myself, then our then I'm fighting with all other people. In my dream.
But any amount of accents in my dream will never give me a complete happiness only when they wake up all my problems of my dream will go over the same river once and when you wake up from this dream that you are the limited being all your problems will go away, so we have seen those super model for them my hawaii romagnoli grim allowed that everything that I see nothing but the manifestation same reality in my own self is no different than the reality. One that knowledge to explain that in the competition between affliction and then he's not here in essen, nor sorrel sober wanna scene was thirty sound. None me, he said worker money was most up to date that that just as fire
and everything to ashes this knowledge, we'll burn all your sorrows and in incompleteness to ashes in evil, become free off all the bandages, none on laptop, but I'm sure them but shooting a bigger too. There were thirty. Ninety one that knowledge takes place there, I'm no referendum. super himself right now. When I am thinking or myself, I think, as the limit yourself, that notion is creating all the solos and unhappiness and constantly agitated, because I'm trying to plan when next more how to get happiness, an award unhappiness robots, ignore them without having that knowledge. This knowledge is a self realization.
the final goal, but one is indicating here and I'm looking for something arterial, a bigger. In no time we will achieve the peace which you have been seeking all your life. So, to conclude, this chapter. You'll get her son. Yes, the car martyrdom gonna send chin the sun sale at long term. Knocker money Bergmann, do them in jail. All my problems are because that actions are binding and I'm going through this chain of cause and effect.
act. The world reacts that either gives me little joy or sorrows, and then I react then becomes another cause, while the eggs become another effect. This change continuous, I'm bound by the chain of cause and effect of my own actions. We wanted once you get established in yoga. Yoga, has a nice thick and admire them. All actions are renounced in yoga. The yoga which we have learnt is gonna. U of having the knowledge that I'm not the door. Wanta establish myself in the knowledge And they knows all my actions in the knowledge that I'm not the door, then groundless chin, listen to him and all my doubts, dispelled by knowledge,
all my doubts about who I am or do my relationship with this world. More dismal relations with my own creature, once the knowledge takes place without will do away with doubts secondary make any progress as long as I continue doubting has begun said in order for something that might be machete, you cannot focus on doing anything if it constantly doubt your own ability or what is my final destination. If you constantly doubt what is the goal of my life, how to achieve it. You will never gain it to gain something. You have to fix your goal, her faith in that goal and faith in your ability to reach that goal, but wanted. If you have this knowledge, your doubts will be dispelled and therefore display and innocent. Listen to him at moment
Boys do so, if I have found my identity in this limited body, mind an intellect, then I'm poised in this eager. This Juba is the can he's in self saved in space, defines itself by the condition of the wars flooring space. It is it all space when the space realise is that the condition
it ain't nothing to do with me. They're just super imposition on me, but I'm just the universal space cause. I was always here I am here. I will remain here. No change will take place in the space itself because the room has come into existence. Room has it's own limitation, but not the space. That's the that's the knowledge about the self atma donors. Poise in that knowledge that I'm not this limited being, but I'm part of the supreme being and I'm no different than the supreme being is a setup, was a knock on. They wouldn t valencia than under no accidents will buying that person. This was actually summarizes. What we learn so far. You do now
other actions in then yoga of knowledge that I'm not the doer, I'm not even capable of performing my actions without help of all the people in the world. The way, the universe. works that I'm just a part of it now enabled by my consciousness as long as I'm conscious, I'll be functioning, but not concious. That is no action between a big place. No accidents will bind after that, but once it's done in jail- and you know who has collected lot of wealth outside from his conquest- that reality is not going to give you happiness, but this world will give you happiness the smut agnon as a mood them
he cuts them. The Nana Arsenault at manner her to draw in and listen to him. Your gum at this to disturb part of that, then, at the end of this chapter of a one again gives a clear instruction to arjuna what he should do there fall agnosticism with them since in this doubt, in your mind, remembering chapter one, how do I had this doubt? Should I find this war or not fight this war? This doubt has come in your mind because of your ignorance. large yourself had you know that these people will never die, they always existed. I already exist. You always exist in europe, this doubt. So this sincere to act or nordic is because of the ignorance and therefore
I see now with the sword of knowledge. The knowledge we dig you up to now that you're, not than mortal being you're imperishable yourself can never be destroyed and you can never kill anyone. One would think that the killer is getting killed both deleted, because the self cannot be killed. Cannot be destroyed with this sort of knowledge to thrive, in them centre dispel this doubt at one of your own self whither, the limited we or I'm part of the supreme being wanting only you can dispel your own doubt. No one can remove other Those doubt no matter how much over this he gets. That person has to himself reflect on. Why. He'll, learn and when all knowledge becomes is on so from
Among the dozen ganum When I hear something they reflect on it, then it tried to digest the night, concentrate on that and contemplate on it. At some point, the knowledge, because my own, the Only I can remove my doubt, then only I can claim that I know the ones in this doubt of you All you have to do more your cell, with a sort of knowledge, your gun at this time, with this divided the once you have the knowledge you destroy your doubt now. There is no doubt in your mind. Nor do the reality and what's your duty in what's your goal, then you can perform action. Your gun at distant, bigger, fusion, yoga this gun, you do know
so it is yet understand then give up once again knowledge. They realise that the actions do not belong to me. Your game like this, to establish yourself in that yoga, but this didn't get up do the work and get yourself in activity and their activities career perform that activity, whatever the task at your hand, right now, you're supposed to find this war fight this war without any expectations, just performing your duty and you will achieve the final goal of realizing yourself- must operate here. If you find this podcast helpful, please supported by donating any amount by going to the episodes website at neil, but
bored beam that guy or chin maya richmond that oughta gi. Thank you sort of bourbon Sorry, son too my subtle way, but shin too gus did the curb Bobby. she d sure he should they. hurry. He sri, Norma hurry.
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