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Episode 420: Chapter 5, verses 7,8 and 9

2022-02-20 | 🔗

Bhagavad Gita Ch. 5 “Yoga of True Renunciation” Verses 7, 8, and 9.

The lecture discusses the nature of “Yoga-Yuktah,” a person who has mastered the Path of Action. While working in this world, he does not think he is doing anything but sees that the Prakriti is working within itself. The self is not involved in any action.

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The bog about data is a book of mankind, collected experience of and answers to life's most basic questions who I am from mortar. Why come what is my purpose and destiny and most practically? How do I find him?
finish. These podcast originating lectures of neil bought a disciple of swami chin, maya nanda. They are presented here in twenty two thirty minutes segments each covering three of the gate to seven hundred and one verses welcome to key to wisdom for daily living. So we had been discussing chapter five scenario. You got through dementia, so we have seen so far that but one say god, my yoga he's better than said he ass. You know for you, because you are not yet prepared for some years.
both are going to reach the same goal of liberating myself from all my limitations in achieving that. It turnout bliss that I'm seeking we're disco many time that were constantly seeking estate of happiness, which, in our day to day life is impermanent there's over the defeat and victory or so kinda occur, but I am not really getting used to offer the rear still not accepting the fact that they were with the in this life and therefore it constantly avoiding things which are giving me and happiness in the process, not a working week.
Adding more unhappiness. The one said that the first step is to drop all your expectations karma full of thiago. So, as you know, obviously the question which one is better is a nasa renouncing all actions or performing actions and were wanted performing actions is clearly better if you perform in the spirit of career, without any expectation we wanted yet sank. He promptly at this time that you get bigger mere there. That destination which we are seeking of eternal happiness, is achieved by send yes giving up. The sense of agency can also be achieved by giving it the fruits of actions
giving the expectation from this war is a one off considered this to a separate from each other. That person does not know the path of achieving that final. This journey from my limit itself. We can rightly identified with from this date of existence to the state of existence. When I'm identified with my true self, it's a joke. The journey one say starts with from perfect
I mean celsius accents in the month of exons, which I am performing right now are motivated by profits. What can I get out of it? So that's my initial stage when I'm identified with my ego, everything ego does, is to gain something out of it. Every action I perform has to have a motive has to have motivation. That motivation right now is to gain something from this world to work in this world, but the world has to give me something in return in order to work for free they'll work for the company, but obviously it's not a charitable work. I want salary in the end of the month or sharing your profit
So that's a first date for stages to start working in this world with the motivation to gain something out of. It is clearly better than not working somebody who does not do anything in a burden on the society if you're working diligently in this society, even for profit, you're, clearly better than the person who
burden this aside, so you have gone one step ahead of the lowest existence in a society. Now that you're perfected, the ardor working for the profit and not to be a burden on the society, do something where you can help others so, which is what our policy giving more than what we take some second step a work hard and gain something we're not just for me, but for others also. The now am I didn't defined with a larger group and then by one say that the third step is to perform actions without any expectations, even that expectation they'll be able to help. Others should know
We then that's gonna, yoga, there's no expectation watch wherever that does not mean that they will not result of my actions, but I myself as the act to her no expectation. If I don't expect anything on this world, the world will do no power. To disappoint me were merely expecting something from the world giving power to the world. People around me, the people. Why interact real people? Our relationship with, because of that expectation, I'm empowering them to disappoint. We would have had no expectation, the him no power to disappoint the world will not have any power disappoint me. Therefore, in the spirit of karami over video known, expecting any cut him a fella.
Gunma full of the I got muffled at the ease kidding me, whoever won said so then he said suncare. You can achieve that Id the true self by contemplation via really impressed by the stories about, but one but the I am married and all of the agency sees who are done tapas and then achieved that knowledge. This is what I will never be able to do that, because I'm engaged in this world of day to day activities never wanted. You will achieve the same if you performed conway yoga diligently. Therefore your sin and then was Sydney ss to Maha bajo do come up to our yoga to her at this level. If you tried to do or go tampa, did it or mahaveer did or anybody else did. It will be really hard and painful, because you're not prepared for it to engage in any activity. First,
prepare yourself for it, just because it is so glamorous to do so. I will not be able to take part in it. It will be really glamorous to be the world champion in boxing, but I will not be able to take part in any boxing if you are not prepare my body for it. So the first step to gauge what is my status and my capacity when I am right now They have no first evaluation of your own self, where I am already thomason generally, but I wanted to say
We generally are soft drink generally. If it come to the conclusion, I'm really thomistic generally. The next step is to make myself a little more active and when they come to the conclusion to ride the sick, then my goal would be to then become a little more soft drinks. Are you, from god's sake, perform activities were performed in a different way that different river one say this without expecting any results right now, if I tried to contemplate It will be very hard for me to contemplate with a mind when we're running all over the place and therefore one thing suddenly assets to maha bajo to come up to our yoga, one who had not established himself in the art of performing actions without expectations for him contemplation is very difficult. Yoga you, the money he brahma or not.
It ain't big chevy to the ones who established yourself firmly into performing actions without expectations. Then it will not be very difficult to achieve. The state of bremen analysts achieve that understanding of who you are what you went through selfies in no time so, rather than wasting time, but want to invest your energy in performing actions without expectations. So the next words he said were yoga. You have received the utma rigid that my death injury or her side of a boot that mumbled that my could one have you none appear that the head, the result of
on who establishes himself in the art of performing actions without expectations, one whose yogi you dont want to firmly established in coming yoga. He become visa dogma. His internal instrument becomes beautified is we have discussed, many times the goal, but a secret is to be defined internal instrument that internal instrument light. Now gets impressions from the world outside when I act in this war Some more. I act with selfish desire myself. It does not meant just for me only, but something to gain are different than more. I get the impressions from the world and more of my desires increased, so my desires will increase as I act previously, but I never tested starbucks coffee once at the starbucks coffee
my desire now is for starbucks off. So what happens? A more exports myself to the world of activity more my desire increase by bondage will increase, contrary to them. More selfless person works in the speed of coming over his desires, diminish more I yet. As an average person in this law if my possessing good first, I only wonder to me x amount of money which will make me happy and then I'll go back to india will now then no limit? No, no. What I do on within next target, so more I act more desires, increase If I act in the manner of coming yoga, then more I act, it desires will decrease.
that new revelation yoga you're, the one who become established in the art of performing actions without expectations is internal instrument, becomes beautified visit dogma nor more desires. it will get clean. The holder lassen us. The impression from my actions creates vascular that greece more desires to act, but if I act in that manner, the disease would be clean and therefore the intolerance tremendous purified. To, we did, that is a control over his mind, an intellect right now. I have no control over my mind.
In intellect as soon as I get information from the world outside of something new, the desires will pop up as soon as I hear that the new iphone coming out should I change? Is this iphone good enough? That's no control over my mind no control over my desires, whereas the person who has been acting as a karma yogi his mind is beautified his control over his mind in the kit. Nvidia Control or senses this control is top down not bottom up. New controlled senses is foolish because, as long as the mind is controlling the senses controlling senses, the difficult controlling mind this difficult. If I am not convinced that this is the right thing to do so starts from intellect intellectually a pretty she What is your goal and how to achieve it
I'm an old haven't you that he had, but if our intellectual appreciation we learn by would be that we may not be able to execute everything we wanted and whether these, but if I start with intellectual, appreciate that this is the truth and that truth will lead me to actions so ones. They control my mind through my intellect mind, don't run around focus on what you need to do control your mind by your intellect then contours answer by your mind, so once the intellect, when the mind and intellect are purified. I have a control over it sense. Control becomes almost automatic sort of a boot that my boot, that ma could wouldn't have been nunley pithy more, I clarify my mind and into
The knowledge will shine through that myself. You not this limit itself with unlimited, no ones. I recognized in myself is not this limit itself, but all for reading self. Obviously it will be very difficult for many different she'd been eyeing. The world therefore start seeing that reject. Consider myself is also a cellphone all the beans and things we can see around me Sullivan, put that ma sort of a boot that, in both the one who sees itself in all the other selves myself, which I have identified before was limited. Now that I identify with a greater self, I see that everyone else is identified with itself. Could one not be knowledge with it whatever he does? He does not get flustered by it, although he does not create any impression imprisons and only liquid. He did an ego and ego bound
I ended intellect if eagle guess diluted, there won't be any impression you can put a signature and water and expect it to remain there sawney surface again right on it in the sun phases. stable, I wouldn't be able to write on it and if it is like liquid, there is no way that I can leave an impression on it mind becomes that liquid, there won't be any impression on it. Could wind up in non liquid in order to what actually perform filtering not be any impression of it in the next. Two words is actually can be seen to different ways. One It shows how a person achieved this state of perfection acts in this world. All you can say the same.
Synthesize for us to gain that perfection naval can t got me in the eu, the hum one, yet it that of it, one with understood its truth. That fact that realities myself is not limited to me, myself is operating, there's nothing outside the self. So three one would have known this fact. You will automatically feel that I'm not doing anything. It is already done by priority. It is recruit the acting within, preferably. What I myself do not involve any activity but seems to one's person. Dignan asked men get weapons russian roulette. the sudan grognon on mason new mission up a long list.
But when you list comprehensively with everything, I'm doing so, they lots of activity in my body not take any credit for it hardest pumping. I don't take any credit for how my heart is working. I don't even know how it works it only when exceed the symptoms of it not working. Then I go to the doctrine to see you going on, but other things, which I feel that I am doing so. The whole list we have seen here say seeing hearing touching. Smelly, eating going sleeping, breathing speaking dropping holding linking will actually cover everything that we do so when we constantly see that I am the door that, because I think agency in it, but there are lots of activities I don't take any, which is actually really important. My brain actually isn't,
Eighty percent of his activity in just keeping the body functioning scientists say the brain is not only designed for you to become a genius. It's only designed to keep your body functioning properly, so eighty percent of brain's activity is for all the activity there are no control over, the thing which is going on in my body, even when the current virus infects, I really don't have any control over it's how my body reacts to it. My brain is constantly, and they didn't know really a break for brain for your brain. There is no holidays or even a downtime, bringing twenty four hours of working, but eighty percent of her activities to keep your body functioning. We don't take any credit for it, ridiculous for other. Twenty percent of the brain does to keep us working in this world, but once it just
if you do not take credit for all the things we tell working in your body- and you know that is happening because of the nature. The nature has designed this system and you had no part in it. It is functioning as the nature has designed it. So are you when you work in this world you are working in this world is nature, has enabled you to work. So when you do all this things, where you take credit for I'm speaking, I'm hearing I'm touching, I'm enjoying I'm doing all those things also considers that in reality, in the artificial workin, the epa
chances are working with the sense objects. The marquis live in my body is the acting would be much less in the world outside census, acting with sense objects, envy of sense object sub. spotter sir rupert as a gander at the five sense objects, then will the five senses which are corresponding to them. If I don't have any hitting, they will learn reward of sound. For me, if I know sight in all of sight, for
unless my sense is he acting with the world outside the law experience so, but one said to the the just: the proclivity is functioning within itself perfectly within you, and particularly outside of you reacting with each other, the one homogeneous particular the witch's functioning as it is by it's own nature. The way the program is designed to you and the world outside you don't need to take any credit for it or get blamed for it, just as it that stuff your internal functioning you're, not taking any credit or getting involved in it when you worked in this world outside. Keep that clear
your mind that you, as the cells is not in neighbouring chad, karami it even yet they thought of it, for a person is a tool that it becomes an agent for him. For us, we should use this as a deck meek. To get out of this bondage will stop right here. If you find this board cost helpful, please supported by donating any amount by going to the episodes website at meal, but that body being that guy. Or chin maya richmond, that why did you? Thank you, sir, where robin to swiftly. way: son too near my subtle way, but shin too
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