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Episode 421: Chapter 5, verses 10, 11 and 12

2022-03-06 | 🔗

Bhagavad Gita Ch. 5 “Yoga of True Renunciation” Verses 10, 11, and 12.

The lecture discusses how to act in this world without getting attached to the results, the only means to attain eternal peace.

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The bag of a is a book of mankind's collected expense insolvent answers to life's most basic questions, who I am from waterway, come what is my purpose and destiny and most practically? How do I find happiness These podcast originate in lectures of neil bought, a disciple of swami chin, my nanda they are presented here,
in twenty to thirty minute segments, each covering three of the gators seven hundred and one vs welcome to gita wisdom for daily living. We had been discussing chapter five converse in yazoo yoga of denunciation of actions. So far we have learned and berg would give that that the self we take consider myself is not the real self who learned in chapter two psyche or so the entire quit. In our life is to reconcile this paradox. We have, we consider ourselves to be limited being, but by what it does is you're, not the limited.
So how do I remove this paradox? How do I change this paradigm with return functioning right now? As an individual limited ringing and identify with that, unlimited supreme, be that's, basically, goal of rest of the pitching. The bar would be the sudanese chapter three, but one do you can start with cutting me off your golf action act too much but I in a that he does not bind you so that
You can free yourself from this conditioning that you have consider to be you act in this world without an expectation for the fruits, because you are not in control of good fruits right now. I consider myself to be completely separate from this world and I'm competing with this book. For one thing, unless you give up this identity of your own, you will not be able to realize is your true identity, so openly sets tell us that they want to see is finite. That supreme is unlimited, infinite almighty. All knowing,
But for me to perceive that is very, very difficult for. Therefore we stand as one ornament. The hepburn of them were not on that. They weren't super into my diet, born on me about what she should. They says that, from that infinite Came this instrument with I see is infinite. Jug up this recovery, which I see you also complete an infinite that from waited came, the supreme berman is also an infinite. That is infinite. This is often from the world. am identifying with you all to infinite, even though it seems finite.
Even though I see myself for the finite being in the world of the being, which is finite, it's not finite with infinite, and if you take this infinite out of that infinite, what remains is still infinite. There is no separation between the world with it. Receive the and the real self
There is no separation between my limited so and that's super himself, but ignorance is creating this dual reason and I need to remove that so the first step, then, when you act in this world, see this unity and don't expect any results from your actions which will relieve you from anxiety of the fruits of actions and then chapter four said they didn't know really two separate entities. Why, in the world both came from the same singular entity and therefore act for the betterment of the entire target target that you consider your own world, your own world? Maybe your own family, maybe your own community. Maybe your initial work for that.
without expectations that your actions will bear particular result than free you from this anxiety? And now in this chapter we are learning how to He knows the sense of agency that I am the door so by one star In this chapter say you can reach the same goal made, announcing actions and also of performing actions. maybe renouncing actions in the knowledge that I'm not the door will take you to that place where you can identify with super himself, but performing actions in this world without any expectations will also lead you to that state by beautifying you're in toys to remain where do right now is conditioned by this limited in this video taken,
upon yourself as your own, but wanting both are one and the same yet signed keep up. It is time that you give begun midday that, please, would you reek by contemplation on the very fact that we learned in chapter two: it I'm not this mortal being I'm the immortal, be if I can't and played in that statement and come to the conclusion that that's the truth, a chain maiden deviation from the limit yourself to the higher so that the path of assigned contemplating on the great statement that the term as you are that, but if that's not in my cabinet, you right now Oh, but your gear bigger, maybe may performing this country where you can also achieve that seeing state the same result and therefore you should start with karma yoga.
Because contemplation without preparing your mind for the contemplation is pretty painful, though it will not bear any good result and that he will be frustrated and they with it. I don't think so then around so rather than engaging yourself or something and capable of anger. Did you yourself in purifying your mind and intellect the yogi would achieve this state of purification? He knows that neighbours kinship karami, itty yokohama near there, prove it, one who knows the essence of the self. The dead materials, like my limited itself, is nothing but the super himself, even my own ignorance that I'm identifying the limitations
and therefore I feel limited one who are recognize that truth by establishing himself in you're gonna or by contemplation. He knows that maybe take care, I'm not doing anything everything is performed by india, any immediate pursue weapon the clearly see that activity its april. See you sometimes it is performed by me. Nothing but senses are reacting associating with sense objects. and we can clearly see through over now I will observations then my sense of taste will indulge mean to eating more sweet that will show up on my body So this sense object incenses reacting later on
we can see them myself do when you a wise person in hope control or mind too and controller remain, but just the substance from this work on alcohol. If I indulge in it all my wisdom and my sanity will go away and I will act like in every idiot. We know that this sense objects have clear effect on my behavior, clear effect and how I think, and therefore, come to the conclusion that in the early in riyadh piece of work. the senses and indulging in activity with the sands objects? So all there it is all that is good and proud. That is bad in nothing, but purely the interaction between in. This sense is incense objects, and we have seen sub does. sir rupert put us again to the five cents. Objects and showthread talk, a truck who
Rats- and I get out of this five senses- we're u remit, one then the world of that sense will go away if we remove all five the world of objects which I perceive over. So therefore, everyone says but a money higher cutter, marny, simum, corrode thea. So now there I am not at the level of that. Your ie. He clearly see then labour into karami. I'm not doing anything. He does not have this confusion that I have never yet. I think I'm doing this. I have done this and not on this. Yet he does not have that confusion he's like that ocean. We see that we use in seed. I used the ocean,
is not involved in all the activities of the waves view that the water reacting with the wind is creating this views on my surface, but at the bottom of the ocean. I'm sorry Steel is money. Entire cutter marnie pick worker regrow, the them the comes as Sit pointed out last time in next. This wasn't next and then come of olympic welcome. They thought this word is constantly coming in. our discussion. So any day we see here, flower, clearly when we are already attached. It's a give up abandon. I can only do that if I have something which I have to
you up, so this clearly say that some of them tat for I am already attached it, given that I'm attach to this war and would add to this body and what tat didn't mind I'm attached to my intellect know the whole heart I try I keep identifying with who I am limited. Being the idea that I am the dual does not go were easily therefore, once it, then it mattered to get rid of that you're mine has a tendency to attach any. If you don't give it an alternate It will never be able to give up your attachment to the alternative. but how many, and how that kind of money you offer all your to that supreme. That supreme, which is complete there, is no place for you to be there as an individual. If that supreme is
all pervading all complete if I'm on pertaining in my chair place for somebody else to be here in that stupid, miss operating. There is no place for me. The little you gotta be there and therefore offer all your action to tat. To putting the money on higher kind of money, sending them to forced you to detach yourself from this attachment. I'm done with this I'm now in that party, so by attaching yourself to berman your we're all access to live with a nasa popping up, but most of them even mumbai, saw it right now bound by all My actions I get success and I get delay. Did I get failure nagging dejected when I get dejected and disappointed it gives negative impression my mind.
That the scene, I'm inquiry. So now the exercise for you, but once it is because your nodded their level of funding. thank you for all your eggs and continue working but ping than you are not working for yourself, you're working for him. What do the results that will be his loss of profit? Not yours and therefore lip attain a subpoena, but muppet even on via this analogy comes, you know, scriptures all the time the distance Lotus leaf, is in the water, but does not get moistened by the water comes out. The water goes back in the water decrees in water when during its lifetime and never get motion by them, the same with new came in
This wall, you live in this world. You will die in this world or why living you don't get attached to the world by attaching yourself to bring one so the technique, but one is given for giving up the sense of agency for those offers fill in the level where we think that, where the doors guy manassa, but do you really Indeed, he happy you're. Here gotta could ruin the song to most our the day, again, there were some gum technical may giving up attachment, because right now I am attach. That fact has to be acknowledged. First, then, we can see what is my next step, it is like that alcohol anonymous first step is to admit that I'm an alcoholic. The first debited mean that I am attached to this world and to my body,
mind and intellect and my senses. Therefore, I should say that I am not the one who instigating all these activities. The activity that done by my body, because the very nature of the body to function. monica by my mind, already nature of mind to go out and get attached, but their intellect nature of my internet, to think what is right or wrong. What I have experience would have not experienced in caves. embryo here in my senses, sound just go out, the very nature of the centre is to go out and get impression from the world outside those impressions now reported to mine, creates impressions on mind that. impressive, the monkish perceptions invented intellect, and then I become the door of the activity.
Once. I detect myself from all of these gaia manner, but the in india there independent of me then acting according to their own nature, but I the consciousness the self is not involved in it. Hurt guttmacher won t some gum debt to our atmosphere day. So, it clearly will go on you that's the goal. The goal is the purification of the internal instrument, utma that they considered my own self and to purify itself like num self. I considered that thinking entity, which is what I consider his consciousness. Not the consciousness consciousness is something with the enabling. My thinking, I think
therefore, I am my existence is verified by my intellect, but that's not my consciousness.
So when I become an observer of my own activity that observer itself an animal by consciousness, super one said son got kicked out most of the day. The goal is to purify your internal instrument that can be achieved by giving up the attachment to body mind intellect you, the hook up them are full of tech to shun them out. No, then they stick them with the final result, and this is what really I was seeking all along the santee. I want peace in my life, I want peace, and that can only come in. There is no agitation. There is no anxiety that I know what is in my life. I can avoid all of them only if I don't identify with whatever is happening,
My life by constant practice is like any other thing. If we constantly practices that art we become established in the dark, so person was learning music. Since his childhood practising every day
And then, when he has to perform either about really a blue much that day, because he has been preparing for it all his life, he can perform that act efficiently and perfectly you dont one wants to be practising this, come a fuller gallagher, you establish in it and when he acts, there's no impression on minor. Therefore something up nothing misty come here to the eternal peace in no time constantly practising just this art of acting without expectation is mine. Intellect get purified need, does not get a ted to any inside the any worries and choose the shanty. In contrast to that by one says, are you to her?
a gardena for listening to me. What did it quite obvious mover one wanted to make sure that we understand what we're missing out the way we work right now we work in a europe that we are not established in the art of working without expectations for the fruits and therefore we are working for oh my god Hannah. We have a result. Clearly he never mind. This is what I want to achieve by doing so and because is bound by the fruit that fruit may not be what he was expecting and therefore is suck the her attached to election need, but that it is bound by the result that result.
Maybe a success and it'll be elated that result have a failure and I'll be dejected. If I want to avoid that will stop right here. If you find this podcast helpful, please support it by donating any amount like going to the episodes website at neil, but that podbean dot com. Or chin maya richmond that why did you thank you way bourbon does Sorry, son too near my subtle way: shin too gas to the curb, Bobby.
aw, Shaw, shaw, t he should they. Should three norma hurry.
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