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Episode 427: Chapter 5, verses 28 and 29

2022-05-29 | 🔗

Bhagavad Gita Ch. 5 “Yoga of True Renunciation” Verses 27, 28, & 29


The lecture discusses the concluding verses of Ch. 5, which introduce the theme of the next chapter – Yoga of Meditation.

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The bog about data is a book of mankind's collected expense, insolvent answers to life's most basic questions, who I am from waterway, come what is my purpose and destiny and most practically, how do I find happiness? These podcast originate in lectures of neil bought, a disciple of swami chin, my nanda. They are presented here,
Twenty two thirty minutes segments each covering three of the gate to seven hundred and one versus welcome to greater wisdom for daily living. So we have been discussing chapter five, unanimous and yet you yoga of touring. Then she issue of actions and we are coming to the controlling part of chapter five. The last three words is, and we have seen previously. Everyone said the one who develops qualities which are appropriate to my good man. He muttered government, yeah, untruss hooker her under her arm or her that the on the hook up so you'll give money random, but a mobile go they get to the visa. Their qualifications
One must develop if he wants to attain that. Eternal liberation wants to murder the supply himself if he wants to achieve a final goal of attaining complete liberation, and he soon understand this fine, I mean you not capable of attaining there. he has to leave attachment is finally, being this body mind, an intellect which is running outside and seeking happiness outside. That idea has to be renounced. The happiness lies outside in the web and he has to develop qualities, but he becomes satisfied within their own self and thus hookah, who finds is happening within himself on the high lama rebels in his own self untied duty he revealed his own existed. I do not need any want to convey.
That I exists. I know I exist, nor are the other verification is required for everything else. I mean verification where there are smart, whether I am powerful, whether achieved anything. hey man, architect or not, I mean a verification, but with a I exist I mean no verification. I know that self emerging knowledge, four thousand one hundred and seventy one who, in the line on that one who identifies with that. So how you give them money. He loses yourself, he loses his identity in the greater identity is missing, Emma jane. When a small company emerges a big company, the small company name goes away and it becomes one with the larger companies.
love on paper monday, random, searching a column russia, but to achieve that, you do don't sheena, go measure without any impurities in mind, but wanted those seas who purified themselves of all, since they achieve this blood money right on the dissolved themselves into the roma And we ve seen this scene and nothing, but the agitation in my mind is longer: they want something out of this world. It's a desire may slowly they don't have it. I mean complete that greeted invitation he fair quiet on to preserve it, that greece, from other agitation, accomplished all bad, but maybe I hope I heard this bank balance in my four one care it.
Himself said: firmer return when award happen through the market collapse of the night, lose everything always fear of preserving what I have and also brings idea about what I'm not a complement. One who is without this agitation in mind was mine. This purified. He attains that ultimate truth. He becomes one with that. Super himself tin agree that he does not see the duality up. I lose my life is an island in the world is outside, which is competing with me, and I have to get my happiness out of it. Some constantly in battle with this world outside is an individual. If that individuality dissolved and expand might indicate address in before right now, my egos,
concentrated in may the limit itself, which I call myself. You have explained my ego to include others. My identification so the small level. We all knew that we identify with a family. We identify with our friends the identify with community or nation therefore went as it will not bring, will incur unawareness we're not that upset we're. Not india is not doing well we're already disturb. Why? Because I didn't difficult issue, I expanded maiden difficulty from not just me, but the country where I was born and raised, and also the country which I live. It though I wanted to do it. I d have expanded,
It didn t vocation to include everything. Yet at money I the control over this limit itself server buddha. He paid at that once I did defy with e world, then my recreation become to seek the welfare of all being subtle buddha. He did it that's the deal. Occasionally we are seeing off. The person who wants to achieve the liberalism must show who is desirous of mercosur, the library one of the happy the way he does. He does not need anything to do with this. One is not happy with the condition he s aim and he wants that liberation for him. These are the qualifications he has to achieve. It
I have four and then the next three words is the last reverses the actual introductory versus for the next chapter by many explained, didn't suspected literature. It is really common that the altar will introduce a subject at the end of a chapter so that you are ready for the next chapter. It's like me, directly magazines distorting into an interesting. and then to vote a stick. A bug out donkey more interesting point will be the next edition. So by one it also using the similar deck me here. Producing meditation in these last three horses, and this was to them sutras very succinct where the entire process of meditation in the goal is describe. It is spot a sun could Twa, but he by here, Juxta Hutu even today,
but our lab, I know some oh twa serbian territory. No. He then turned. make of meditation is given. The first is spot son crypto, but he, but here keep all the sense objects outside outside of your perception. So don't let the senses. bring the information from outside of the sands objects, which includes is imprisoned. On your mind, you shut off the mechanism of bringing all those present from the outside. There's something make. If you have it all started camera which other production minute, if you open the shutter order is inside remit will come inside the lands and then the filming like your mind, so they feel capture the impression on it. So
There are two ways we can avoid. Taking any picture one is you don't open the lands at all? I've done it before I forget to remove the cap, keep clicking when nothing on the film, because the lance was covered, the qatar anything you should follow your senses into the mind no sent to them a torrent inward looking outwards, then that is more experienced outside or keep the export outside outside. Only not leaded influence on mine chuck sewage, able under a brutal and focus your gaze at this juncture of your eyebrows. It is now that we have turned yogi inside you to focus
On your mind, so now mind is focused laser raised. We have good explanation for about the scientific or medical implication of focusing between the eyes, but from a european perspective we, focusing on merger, never bodies your six chuck rise in some tradition, the seven chuck I went to the substance. I was to go. which is also promote under natural exit point when you die, if you're yogi By one says here that focus on your agnes check, the admittedly is also got tired. I in our literature, is hereby thirty the eye
system, so this thirty or agnostic color is supposed to be associated with a subtle body. The mind in intellect so rather than focusing on the world outside now, you focus on the word inside your mind, an intellect in turn them towards this sort, chukka, which is a connection between you and the supreme about wanting chuck, suitor, evil untidy brewer her focus your attention between the two eyebrows with agnostic. It's also corresponded opinion land in your physiology and therefore we also been be in our culture,
at that point, and also this yogi put John then keep that acknowledge occur protected, but our lab, I know someone. Could we also learnt in chapter three a thing? It was worse: twenty, nine with to the offer the airline to upon or upon enterprise. One of the ignorant is this money now, which is basically come, but prior to the greek debt legal by all, were receives. They noticed that my mind affects my breathing and so. use that knowledge of my observation that there is a connection between my mind and my breathing. I can't control breathing controller mine, so I can regulate breathing or control my mind.
This whole elaborate sign, surprise was developed, so here it is an honour and a fine, I'm making them equal. No imbalance between the two, which, in turn will control my mind, will make my mind balance, but I'll albino some over the ridge, financial markets, gonna misery and eating combined. I work in ireland, a planet together and directed towards you're, so slouch occur. So this an easy way to the right now used for maintaining this body. Equality to the body is maintained with a very minimal uneasy. The rest of the images focus towards your sorcerer checker, where you have a connection with great self. The end of the day we clearly see from
great self, is through the tracker. According to the yogi traditions of unwanted balance, your prime upon our nasa, military. Now, we can happening in your nostrils But in the manner, how would we need more ship? When I asked her if she had desirous of liberation you forgot to liberation, then you have to make this preparation throughout your life It is not something that you get the one morning and start meditating one, but that did not get up early this morning. I wonder about the tree in tat, I mean to meditate and the two enlightenment. You two were all his life to achieve that enlightenment. Yet the envy your her mother her, but the list active than other control. My organs, my senses, my money are mined in my birthday. This cannot
We know all night. It also longer happened just because you decided to do so. It's a constant practice without any gap in it. It cannot be used to say that if you miss a dane meditation, it takes a week to make up. If you miss away meditation dig a month to make it up with a month. It is a year to make it up to its constant practice to control your organs controller. Mine can do intellect now we are all doing it. So it's not something which is not in order control. We control or organs in essen. We don't be hearing that inappropriate member in the public. We also
your mind, some going to feel like doing something. Would we realize it's not right thing to do so? We control on mine. We control intellect to some very good fancy ideas, but then we think that's not the right thing. We do help capabilities. Acceptable goal is different in using their capability attend to it you something from this world. Yet it is more ship. What I and those were mom workshop. Those were desirous of elaboration. They use this capability to control, mind intellect and body in achieving the liberation vigour that it tab. I agree This is only possible if you're, without any desire for you in anger, and we know that our life is basically nothing but,
Decent combination of this three either your desires are getting something with your full of love, something when I get it. I'm angry. That's because my mind is eight not turn out seeking happiness. If I realise that the happiness does not lie outside the world of objects, are no capillary me happiness, as we are seeing. Every object could use me happen is equally capable human happiness. If that's true, they actually cancel each other He didn't like the particles we tear a negative and positive jagged, cancel each other out and then disappear. This object using they do not. Help
the essential thing without seeking happiness, regret the turbine grow there. Her yes, Adam was once I realize once. I am firmly convinced that my happiness does not lie in the world of objects such a person, yes, Adam ever hussar, he becomes ever free because I do not depend on the word of god. Is dependent on the himself. The last war say bulk data. We admit that some sort of a local mahars, so them serve a boot dunham you're not thrive. Some members today, richard these son theme grab drama
Knowing me, he had things that lasting peace, that the means defined is both durham you're gonna temperature. One with the joy of all, than us server local, my shirt with the lord of all the world's. If we can define this entity, which is the enjoyment of all he had met him up ass, the lord of all the words my consciousness the lord or my world, you leave in your world. I live in my world. My world is possible because I'm alive my consciousness of the lord on my world,
Every maritime perform unlimited top us we can do, which is neither my self dedicated activities and tat was his. My austria, in other words, everything that I do what you may happiness in my young, I'm offering my activity in the young man, what you my happiness, the library and every asked every discipline with deeper form is made up us and who is then joy of that in my own consciousness. In my consciousness of the lord I would say, is yours and toys. Hers aside his when you combine all there is a one entity all. They had none and upper who tat happening in this world, but all beings at any level. My consciousness in your consciousness, is one and the same here
the law is the law of all the beings in all the walls, and he then joy at all. They had none and all of us. So he's the lord of all the lords so my disease. If the king, in a kingdom he not very easy to approach now he's the lord of all the large, then he must be ready. To approach is no his surrounded them serve about an hour and a friend of all the beings he's always with you. My consciousness is with me all the time you're gonna be with you, the time so he's with you. You guys do you supporting you all the time through our mom. The sun emerged today, having known that the law of my being is within me.
The lord of my world is within me he's the enjoyment of all my actions. One say recognize him, then he is not limited to me, but he's all pervading supreme self perpetuating the entire universe. In all being I wanna too, that everlasting chrysanthemum richie he achieves that. Everlasting peace will conclude chapter five here today and will start chapter six danny yoga. If you find this podcast helpful, please supported by donating any amount by going to the episodes website at meal but that body being that guy or chin maya richmond, that why did you thank you
away way does Sorry, son too near my subtle way by shin too Close to the curb Bobby. Davy SH t he, should they. hurry, he should grow norma, hurry.
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