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Episode 428: Chapter 6, verses 1, 2 and 3

2022-06-18 | 🔗

Bhagavad Gita Ch. 6 “Yoga of Meditation” Verses 1, 2 & 3

The lecture discusses the path of action for an aspiring seeker to achieve the quiescence of mind needed for contemplation and the path of inactivity for the accomplished seeker to achieve the ultimate freedom.

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The bog about data is a book of mankind's clay the experience of and answers to life's most basic questions, who I am from word away, come what is my purpose and destiny and most practically? How do I find him? It is these podcast originating lectures of kneeled bought a disciple of swami chin, maya nanda. They are presented here,
Twenty two thirty minutes segments each covering three of the gate to seven hundred and one versus welcome to greater wisdom for daily living. We have completed chapter five. now will be discussing chapter six, the honey yoga yoga of meditation omitting man. This is meditation, not a verb, it's an hour. It is a state to be achieved and not something you do something you do is actually go contemplation. So what we have seen in, but would be, so far is the conclusion of the first set of chapters were coming to this culminating chapter behind yoga, which will indicate the state which we have to achieve.
So we have discussed many times that were good. Data is divided into three distinct sections of each having six chapters. According to an ambiguity, who are the thirteenth century head of vodka marked here saying by what visa is exposition on the maharajah promising in that case, a statement which connects the lord, the higher than she would look or muslim. The trauma see them have, I can't undergo when they should according diamond a giddy who wrote acres but once and good ideas about. Yes, so belong ribby s word, but would, rather than by one thing. Daddy. I rode posture on, but we'll be there, and another to get your tika on by once and corrected as pasha. Then he says this, but what geetha is exposition on the see that thou art there are other opinions about road
if that is, and how it is divided, medusa themselves for the sixteenth late. Sixteen of the seventeenth century agreed scholar. He said that we would get they don t. arts funding the gunwale guy in the first six chapters, but Theo van seven to twelve chapters, and now he arrived in thirteen to eighteen tip So let me also point out here that there are others who believed that, for six, actors and released to the current second in way does now said of six chapters and leads to who pass an icon in re? Does in last, six chapters released to banana gun in a way that our once and granted it does not make any distinction in his boss, yet it symbolises the spiritual evolution describing. What would be that follows does first
you act in this world with hankering for the fruits to your work in the wall, with expectations, so in the first saxon whereby they Perhaps this is welcome to our books. You say my him: what do you have to lose in performing any action, you shall achieve either they haven't for the heroes. If you die, if you don't die, you will achieve the kingdom on this. When you are expecting a result. That's your motivation. The second stage will we do it to bring out any hankering for the fruits of action which we, have seen is gonna my yoga and then the third stage in the spiritual evolution is the integration of the mind with personal the last date. He say the realisation acquiring than So far we have seen is in after one, we have the confusion of
ordinary men of this work, which we are all we want to act in this world. Get the right results, but we do not know what actions are right. That's over confusion with how you gonna blame that, through the engineers condition chapter to give us the philosophical perfection of openly sets hi east knowledge, information was given out right. Aware is the goal not that, but one person, Spectable do not understand, but he gave out that knowledge of perfection that the self immutable imperishable and at the end of the day we also saw the characteristics of a man of perfection, a wise person. How would he act in this world? If you are to the state of perfect wisdom, then you will have the best
My two virtue. They had been chapter figure with the path of career yoga, the method of self integration of our mind, an intellect- that's a second state. First, yet with the desire for the fruits, then you act without deserve our expectations for the foot chapter three in chapter for actual under the various meetings, but hearing the southern, the external aid, how to perform conway yoga susan, many young men in general. chapter. Five gave us a deck even worse, working in this will be held in expectations. Get me some impact on your mind to avoid that kept. Refer you to the path of negotiation of the sun,
of agency for actions while performing x and self leslie. Also, you must renounce your sense of worship level. We saw in chapter five renouncing the sensor agencies the singing ass, a u yoga renunciation and now all that knowledge, if you have been practising diligently and but once in the early for ghana yoga your gov meditation swami says he said you have contemplation meditation. This aid to reach can't completion is way too. that so that the earlier due to prepare yourself with good we were to get to the earlier. So chapter literally opens with this and ass. The hurt her muff alone, guardian gotta micro d, one who is performing actions without bending
the fruits of actions, so hudson yazzi joy, yogi Joe now, neil agony, he not just a clear her one who is performing actions without any dependence on the fruits of actions, so depressing, Is this a nasty and the yogi savant? Now, basically, relating both the yoga, which can be viewed as a career in the sunny ass is one in the same. The ultimate result is one and the same as long as you perform career got without any expectations for the floor not only read me he muttered agree. This is basically clarification because we carry baggage of.
Culture we cease. And yes, he is somebody who has given up all activities on whose completely either from a society's perspective, peter a job that none of the family Had no relationship has given up everything said: yes, he's the one who renounce everything, all means of making living All possessions all relationships, including put this in his body when somebody takes any ass if to profoundly last rites, so no one who, has decided to take sunny ass. He then, with several unrobe you're, not doing anything about wants it. Outwardly that person may have taken some years? But if he had not given up the fruits of actions, then he noticing yes
a clear he seems in it too, but that does not mean his assent. Assay. None MIRA me one who does not have fire. So this fire going through with it Maybe householder will have a fire in his house, we'll find is necessary for day to day a cooking, but also for the legislator, all than legal practices or passengers were done to fire, the acknowledged homers. So these two continually give a fire in the house because it entails instant matches, are lighters so little keeper fire burning in their house, so they when they need fire.
And use that to light bigger fire. So, personally the householder win or lose a fire in his house and sunny as it gives up that responsibility of getting fire we'll never meet the cook anymore. He also not performing any religious flights in behind any kind of traditional put out by one lady failure. It person has given of the girls touch him, but if he's not a mental level and he's not a financing, if your loving aroused his sense of aid
see an proofs of accidents than then he nodded financing the clarification that the sun- yes, sir, he the state of mind you state of renouncing sense of agency, a hunger, its analyses, the one who's a yogi is also some yazzi missing as well to you in the next was we wanted yanza nelson, it, the prow, who you come come with deep. I never open, though, that we do seem to be some yes, I said yes, I know the sense of agency Your gun down with deep under that is also you're, then is behind you. that was a senior officer is also yoga we'll without becoming yogi, one cannot become assassin No hasten, yes, the sun culpa yogi power. They question, because we, though.
renouncing son culpa. Don't go buys probably see that difficult were too costly in english, with expectations Mason, yes, the sun gopher one who had not given up expectations, yogi power because an hour he can. become yogi, so one will not give up a fancy of one's mind if only the elaborates what's and goodbye. Confusing for us, because in our culture in over national languages, in our religious practices, used the sun culpa before you start anywhere. You will say no sank over so simple, but also many termination taking evolve when it decided that this action- I'm doing it for this reason, that the sun, global with a color in my exercise every day I'll go for a walk
every day that we do. I get a new year's eve resolution because you have a goal in mind. You have a result in mind the sun culpa, but in saying that this sancho should be given up if you want to become a yogi, because son culpa result in future. We did exactly country you got a meal, can might it not to expect any results, sancho place to expect a result in future and then what There's nothing wrong in it, but human I am the such this sancho bone does not remain and we all know that every resolution we me on new year's eve by the time the month is over. We have forgotten them and we have some other single said. The nature of her mind is to make us.
and for the future, but the action plan always be performed in present and before, we started action present we move on to the next sancho. We won or lost nothing else. So we will never reach a goal, because a goal is constantly a moving target and the defence of her mind so to stop that one has to you have some culpa. One is to learn how to give up this fancier from mine. I heard that you to learn. How do you have some copper gets encompassing the single permit, denizens you're determined to get something you work towards them and get it? Do you make a single something which is unattainable? Andreotti, liberation marks the unattainable die, but if you make that sancho by their first you to learn how to give up the other fancy of your mind with the others
and then just work toward the once uncover. Then it can be to learn how to give some copper you're gonna do some complicity. So by one hears is that no one can become yogi who had not given up sancho per se is only renounced sir, He's it enunciate play the sidney I see he has given us some copper Listen ass. He therefore yogi, so you can send yazzi one and the same then users who should practise what who is capable of inactivity and who should perform. Actions. We have already seen the inactivity, not an option for us make us it cannot be that'll, be the cause of my group.
it's not possible for any living. Being to me inactive, what in fact is the goal, then we want less committed the moon to retire from our need to their life. The girl. So he says otto looks or home one day: hey you them comecon on which their customer is the means for its seeker, money who wants to ascend to yoga? Who wants to become yogi, but he not yogi. Yet, for such a person is such a seeker, who will not your human, the one where the control and mind you one almost to control his mind but minded
I didn't control yet from Conway's briskly. Remember we started sceptical johnny yoga, so we expected there were one were just talking about. Ghana automatic What were to do? He had done with galileo, no less focus of them all, but one It puts currently used level using unless your breakfast mayor. Where am I the results of the career with you, the control of the mind purification, undermine the next step is not really for you're still trying to achieve the state. your desire to become a yogi, your desires to ascend to yoga, but you Nor did the level regan control your mind and therefore. Looks or home. When I hail desirous of ascending.
do yoga, covent garden on which of the charisma ease the by hearing this added value in the external aid. Now there's germany epps for meditation com and all of us. That external aid that some people use music like me that works well for me with my tendencies: music, in an extra aid for contemplation We have many different external aids for contemplation. Normally meditation, but once the best means is caravan perform your actions without any expectations that We'll give me the control of her mind this. Can we yoga is there but hidden deciding on external practice to achieve that control?
mind you just sit sit every summer, her garden on which other so one who will achieve that control over his mind and he can contemplate for him. The aid is calmer, her in activity, so we'll learnt in the toolbox, So the sympathy, the six for wealth, some of them are her critics are so that the roma and some other somewhere near the top. Someone is in activity of mind, is controlling the mine. It literally means inactivity. So davy day is prescribed for the one who is aspiring to be a yogi and inactivity is prescribed, one who had become yogi once we will achieve the state, then only the contemplation of the avenue. I start, then you contemplate and there we are
The of yourself who I am and order the purpose of my life Listen to you and I and the super himself where'd you using the term. I see that now art. How can I realise that that contemplation they cause violence of mind and control over the mind? One said: if you're not too, then continue performing conway yoga once you reach their enact due to show my heart, gotta them with today show my easier means to achieve the contemplation. We'll stop right here. If you find this board cost helpful, please supported by donating any amount by going to the episodes website at meal, but
that being that guy or chin maya richmond, that why did you thank you sort of bourbon to swiftly sorry, son too near my side away any machine to question the. Bobby. She d Sh T he should they. Hurry he sri grow Norma Hurry.
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