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Episode 430: Chapter 6, verses 7 - 10

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Bhagavad Gita Ch. 6 “Yoga of Meditation” Verses 7, 8, 9 & 10

The lecture discusses techniques for excelling in life by developing even-mindedness by not giving undue importance to anything or a relationship.

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The bag of a greater is a book of mankind's collected expense and solve answers to life's most basic questions, who I am from. Where do I come? What is my purpose and destiny and most practically, how do I find happiness, these podcast originating lectures of neil bought, a disciple of swami chin, my another they are presented here,
in twenty to thirty minute segments each covering three of the gators seven hundred and one vs welcome to gita wisdom for daily living. We had been discussing chapter six, the Hannah yoga yoga of contemplation and meditation. So far, you'll learn I can bet we'll get that when we consider ourselves to be conscious beings, they are all conscious of ourselves and the world outside. So we consider ourselves as conscious beings, and we consider that this body, my new, intellect can be conscious. So we consider were conscious because it consists of kings and beings outside. then my waking, while I consider because I'm conscious of the world around me, I am also conscious about
my body my mind, my intellect, so I'm a conscious being when I'm in indian state also consider my subconscious, because I'm really aware of I in the dream in my world in the dream, I'm very conscious of the world of my dream. There was some time to wake up. I'm still remember what I was conscious off in my dream, but I don't know where their contents are not. In my deep sleep.
that's a mystery to me that I was conscious or unconscious. In other words, my definition of my consciousness is actually defined by what I'm conscious off and that's what I consider my consciousness. But one said in chapter two: the note that which makes you confess all the things is something different than the things and this body went into it also falling in that category of things, because I'm aware of them, I'm conscious. If I'm conscious of them, that's not me dead with makes me conscious of this thing. Is me he's myself, it is made through self to identity and wanted that's what you should find
I want to find a dead, makes me cancer. So my world is the same consciousness, which makes him quantities role as a horror, conscious or horrible so. This consistent this of different world make us different individual being maya world is different than yours. Yours is different than hers has a different animal. Therefore, we consider herself to individuals when, when we go in the quarter, what makes us conscious of things that coincidence, but one thing is just one and one and tiki or supreme consciousness- is making all of us aware of all the four beings ever wanted. That consciousness is what you should know so opt to learn focused on what I'm conscious off now the contours of what I'm through, what I'm conscious of the world of thing and beings, and that journey of kind
we accomplished by two means? One is the agony and therefore one has given the pot of cotton. We were gonna followed because all my interactions, greece, results and I will end dissipation, The woolwich se outside is the best projection of my mind. I see what I want to see in this war, so that expectation creates my world and we want any forgive up. The expectation got him a full up, the Agora, her Then you will be able to see the source of your concierge and the second technique where one has given his enunciation said nasa giving up the sense of agency that I am conscious of.
It's work that I, with the associate, is not with the consciousness, but I associated with the instrument of my consciousness, my body my mind and intellect were once in he forgive the sense of agency, the dual ship, an eagle which is identifying with this body mind and intellect and their actions. You will be able to know the source of your consciousness, so those two techniques we have learned, and then we have come to this chapter article. And the yoga, so it is now basically turning the gaze inward that I can only do that if I don't look at the world outside, I can look at in front of me and also the back of me. I have to focus in one direction to see what's happening, the same where, if I
want to see what's inside me after give up my gaze outside, so that canada is to turn yogi in word, you got contemplation contemplating on and make me conscious of my body my mind, mind too, like in the world around me, which technique is appropriate for me. He said if you're desires, to become a. U, he felt ass tablets yourself in that yoga, the balance of mind which will allow you to see what is right and wrong. Then god, oh, my god, and on which are there, Then got mine the mints, because by cutting my I can have that abortion is looked at him, a full of the anger if I'm not performing an accident, nothing to be given up even not performing any cut a mother.
I've got him a fuller, then nothing do give up. So, therefore, I should perform car models which are going up wharton d, to give up on my phone to do that, but once and he should do selfless actions what in the world for the greater good and not for your own good. In other words, your goal is not to acquire things but to acquire the beautification of your internal instrument auto same when they have yoga cut or machado, which are there for those who are striving to achieve that purity for them. Customize them is. What one so achieved sets purity that control over my sense that I have no expectation in the world then, but one says your water does the trick somehow caught on them, which are there for him enoch due to some of her creations. Is
Now I have nothing to achieve and no expectation they should not be. Any activity needs to be constantly on who I am. What is that which enables, We could be conscious of the world around me into the equipment that I have a life, because body her mind in mind collected over the old outside. I wanted a conscious, not the product of your boardman, intellect your body. Money intellect just in class meters like a radio asked me to he did not generate any sound justice meeting. The sound will return. The rural consciousness is outside of your body, mind intellect, but wanted for those who are established in that yoga. Yoga have no expectations and a balanced mind What him in activity and then by one has continued and say once you understand this,
let yourself become your friend self in you consciousness that his guiding you always present in you is in a voice they self. We have various level of consciousness or identity. They were born consciousness. I'm aware of where the body is then bali, Gaza places my body in this space and time in identifying where I am in this space. here. I am I'm not there. The body consciousness their social consciousness? We basically Finally, I am in the society, maybe my perception of hope. You pull us seeing me you didn't not that there. That's the sudan it is seeing me my social consciousness, is defined by my own perception. How people are seeing me then, like a miracle
business would define. So I am in my happy him unhappy aware of that state of my. We then then algorithms here as we take out wordly project myself, which may mean com with my inner consciousness, the ones in one to inner self, that and since which is watching me of my every act is working me. Is he washed by my inner self making a cancer? if I make that in the council, as my friend it'll help raise this outlook on certain issues from this world absorbs and unhappiness of limitations and disappointment, and if I don't make them the inner wise. My friend, you ve become my enemy, in other words,
the outer animal hurt me by their actions in a voice, will hurt me by not guiding me it'll. Stop guiding me because I'm not listening to me but once it raised yourself by yourself landed in her voice. These your, how turkey help from this disappointment and soul, and then the one is continued, saying reason this your bottom my summer hither her. What one who has gone incur self. Anchor the lower self and surrender so then, watching me in I'm in control of the working me and gazing is guiding is working me in this world what to do and what not to do that dude the other person to see one that is
synchronization between my inner continues and my outer behavior then raise serenity in my mind, the santa ship, but much more summer, he caught her by her mouth mob becomes manifest. My at my ease, Burma's my right now not manifest in, is not giving me any guidance because I'm not aware of it. I'm not allowing my email kantians to guide me were once I let me like as a guide me that my because manifest that's supreme principal abdullah, consider my contacts with is different than others now
when I realized my consciousness, is that supreme self, the supreme celebrate can manifest through me, but I'm on my sum. I hit the seat. That was not so could the castle the time mana upper monitor your whole. These are the states of. my equipment? My equipment is going through the experiences of seed. The notion of my physical body is exposed to the indecent outside richard prison experience. cold or heat My mind is exposed to the experiences interests. With the world outside, which creates a car, the car can do to experience unconditional, explaining what a mana upper mana may it may
intellect level of field that I'm honored, but I'm dishonored by people all these and experiences in my physical body and my mind and the internet where the butter my mind is manifested in me. These are not my experiences any more I'll watch them just I was watching my working me and I will see that my mod is going through. This experience has been mind is going through. This experience is my intellect is going to experience it, but that is something other than ghanaian every ignited through the ah, my goddess to rigid in the you're. The hut, if he would just pay a yogi, some, are lost to a small country. Now we think that this is something we have to practice.
Did I have to practice equanimity, even though I like something on a car thief fast today, I actually would like to have nice lunch and dinner when I'm doing it cause. She is like a forced action against the wishes of my mind and my intellect was ignited. none of the dropped atma, the the email self in equipment. We just that is situated, so I have do it because it was, and I'm completely associated I will not think about. What I do when I'm hungry, when I'm going to fast, I'm not that I'm going to think about what kind of what all I can have the fallout will put up. at it because mind is not satisfied and going think about the object of its desire. So he wouldn't write
I want to know the mind wants to know- and I think we're headed to sterling inquiring mind wants to know her mind is an inquiring mind always wants to know constantly driving me to know the world outside regret, not satisfied with the knowledge which I have when I also went along with geetha, although when they said then from minnesota and then continue to the library of scriptures, you will never be able to satisfy your curiosity I'm a big, never looked out there that at that self the mind with this satisfies says he ate in by the knowledge that knowledge, which makes me feel fool. I don't need any other knowledge anymore. I know what I mean.
Vision and its application. I know the knowledge and I know how to live with this knowledge. Such was the star is established in that knowledge. This is the knowledge of myself this the knowledge of what makes me conscious of the world around me as Dublin that he says he did. He doesn't need to know anything any more good tab list in the knowledge that end will coated anville and will, in a blacksmith workshop, is daddy, but all the other hot iron it shaped on it.
The matter for use yet had knowledge will act as the basis of my being when I'm establishing that we did the embryo her, because a bit other control on my organs, I dont considerably. wiggins. Is me anymore? I don't consider the demands of my body or my demands. I don't consider it. One of mine might be months and therefore I have control over the sense organs that doesn't censor them are working. They are doing their jobs. My body is doing it's own job. Mind is doing it's own intellect gets on, but I have control of all of them, euch, the future that such a person is called yogi. We have seen many nations before one who is doggy on a nancy boy,
and one who is satisfied with the knowledge is yogi. Some are lost to asthma content, so he sees iron and the earth and goal as saying it is not that he's forcing himself to see equality region, though he does not give a different poster different things to affect him. So right now, I'm entered good affected by small team. If I lose a penny from my pocket and one of you had Robert all or even still, if I lose thousand dollars, it may affect me, so I hope you win in paris different things how those things can affect me in hindi movies are always a dialogue when the hero is a police inspector and he's a very honest police inspector. The guy goes to a game. Extending he's a very honest officer in the gangster they will find out. What's his price,
There has to be something that you'll break his integrity because he has given power to that entity to affect him, so we all have those gunshots or something which I consider very highly. That will affect me something I don't considering how he wanted to make as much someone we're still a small container is actually the world of presented with the things and beings around me. Now, given the various importance for them to affect me, something that didn't like will affect me tremendously, something I don't like will not me if yogi, when he seized that, will they all have the exact same value in the world outside, is something other than my own self, including them. Order your mind and intellect so when he sees that he sees the wall with a one single attitude that everything has it's own utility and that's what it is for
It has no effect on my own self. So godine I've ignored that my one who is satisfied with his knowledge, when associated by the knowledge, the knowledge of his own self. Such a person you're, the only through honey mitra, her he would ass in madagascar dress share bundles who saw those who abuse of our pace or some other d, this issue there, he enumeration of the type of people I encounter in my world through hon benefactor or somebody who is good hearted person, Mithra friend, ADI enemy of the sin, indifferent! Isn't that a friend not an animal, my desk to automator one who can deal with both sides, one who can deal with my friends also and my enemies also and meals on and mediate,
year. My aunt, who hates me, bundle shirt in my brothers, my relatives and even saw Gu Su chubby pop issue, good people and also bad people righteous unrighteous summer, but the vicious shit a summer movie does not mean that he does not get affected with the relationship when he does not give any different values to the relationship. He knows this is the nature of this world. As long as I am in this world and encounter this types of people- and he does not, let that affect his own, inner belt As he summit on his balance of mind, someone with davidson said there was an XL one will see all of them. The I and they're playing their roles. I, as the director, see every character in the drama.
Willy. I didn't want to make sure that each bar displaying correctly one, is not more important or less important for the drama to be successful, all characters and necessity, yogi you get sat at them are muslim, with the hottest to have your cocky attitude that my need, I say: hey, buddy haha, this excellent advice, my bhagwan one too many fifteen that you have achieved the state of being you, the yogi. You still have to continue would recommend continuing education in our profession once established, I'm a professional when those stop there have to continue to practice my art and therefore I said yoga. Should you get sorta them are muslim with her sister to her, he should be established himself and leave in solitude a cocky without having too many.
Relationships with the world around yet that it the ottawa with controlling the mind and body that I consider me, should be control nearer see. He operates near ass. He no expectations. You learnt about living expectations in denouncing gaza, nor expectations and no position. This is not the physical staked a well. It did. The men mental state I remain in solitude, even though the world around me is constantly moving some sort of Is this an inside is constantly going I'm coming across all these types of people, I oldest relationship, but I remain solitude aligned with my inner self, no expectations from the world outside, and I don't consider anything to be. My remington
Now the head of the mission we tell the proper did all over the world. He never consider anything of his own because he couldn't write a williamson argue this to my neck. Same if I consider I was still with the trustees in this world, what we gain and what we achieve, then we become the roissy of putting her so that them at my number, assisted living in solitude, always aligned with my own self, will stop right here. If you find this podcast helpful, please support it by donating any amount by going to the episodes website at neil, but that podbean.
Dot com or it's in meijer. Richmond. Thank you My way, shin too MA gas, the curb bobby. She d, She d. Should they. He should holiday inn, putty hill.
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