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10/22/18 - Best of the Program/ Guests, Ben Sasse & Larry Sharpe

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Ep #207- The Daily Best of GB Podcast: 10/22/18  - Rock Star Status Shining Bright? - He's No 'Freedom Loving Prince'? - THEM: Why We Hate Each Other? (w/ Ben Sasse) - The Libertarian Way (w/ Larry Sharpe) 

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The blaze radio network on demand. other factors. Today we had. I not only cover weeks with the election, will I don't I'm I'm busy working on the need for the two yeah. That's coming up in a really soon actually yeah, don't you remember tat calm such two or four tickets, what a shock its rightful for they elect you didn't just right after like we're. Gonna have nothing to talk about nothing at all, not thinking of all but comedy lots and lots of garbage and we're. Gonna have election that covered and waste yes I am intending on. I believe I'm the designated driver Orythia its election night coverage and I haven't figured out exactly how you're gonna have to how I'm gonna be administering the shots about me
for four, every every. How see that has lost you know is currently dead, potentially really gonna be rooting for recovery so anyway, so we get into that. That's coming of this village, subscribing to blaze of Ghana to place our complex tv can come see us on tour. Glenn backed out com, slash tour! Ok! Today we start with election by the now looking at the latest poles and the changes that are going on there. There's some really interesting things happening. Some really good for Republicans will go into the details on that. Then SAS joins us as well. He's kind of in some hot water for or taking on, I guess the right. Although the so much more and that work on a wide, I know Hokosa, I think be. I think the flash point is about John Hannity. We didn't get into that. We just got into what is it that you really think is going on? He was fastened
the peddler, sharp he's running for Governor New York as a little terrier and with what MAGIC New York's economy reached, return that what we do not understand. Why? The way the conservatives white Republicans just don't just don't know, almost gonna win, let's vote for Larry Sharp, which is all go for For a leverage? Our because we know almost gonna win, Asiana beat the Republican. Let send a message one week.
I would like to him as well as it is. The only thing came, the date of its mandate to over its Monday October, twenty second year, listening to the Glen Back Programme. Are I hello, America welcome to the programme election just a few weeks away and I am afraid that both sides could become complacent, because both sides now are revved up
unlike we ve ever seen before, it's all going to be about turn out who actually, when the day comes, says yeah, I'm gonna go vote and how many are just revved up now, for you no valid reasons. But then say I will you are speaking out is enough and not going out to vote is interesting, because we ve seen leases turnout numbers generally. They they been applying lately to presidential elections. two thousand. We see the massive jump in the amount of people who are super, passionate and paying attention at high levels. To presidential campaigns, that certainly would happen with Barack Obama into doesn't eight and two thousand twelve and his, so one of the things we ve noticed is in the off years. That doesn't happen all that much mid mid term
elections, do not seem to inspire, particularly among Democrats recently the amount of passion that has been cut. Coming from the right, you remember two thousand ten T party wave, the biggest wave election in a century. Basically two dozen. Jeanne was also a little. Many sort of cheap they related wave, Canada's weren't, maybe as much to party, but they were still pretty strong year for Republicans and twenty fourteen in two thousand six, he saw the opposite. You saw Democrats in the last years of the Bush. Administration have a really strong mid term. In two thousand. But, generally speaking, people aren't his passionate numbers, however, for this mid term election or off the charts and essential England was pointing out before the show that when Brok Obama was a sort of celebrity presidential candidate and
would have these huge rallies in two thousand aid and remember the one in Denver mean who's a fur use, and God he was a rock. It was like watching you to me I remember the Roman and it was literally like a rock star and then it just disappeared and If you remember by mid terms, you had the huge turn out in the street No one was going to see the president in those stadiums and arenas. They still would book the arena but I remember distinctly covering them saying too, the camera around and they were half empty room yeah? The passion was gone gone into it. We are not seeing them drop. I mean these rally seem to be as well attended as they were during the campaign of Non mortal, sometimes morsel right. This must be huge one here. I think for TED crews tonight they are houses, they ve already believe camped out overnight the law into the stadium is bad.
Ox along here, and people have camped out overnight. So there's no drop in the passion, seemingly among Republicans, and the same thing is seems to be happening with Democrats as much as it is a positive for four Republicans mosquitos shrouds? One of the reasons why people are passionate is because the other side so passionate and we're seeing when does he go through some of that mob stuff? That's going on right now, with Republicans But the numbers are interesting on this. If you look at the passion among report, kids and Democrats you can you can see what happened in the election. Again, we talked about a two thousand six big when freedom, rats. Well, when we went into that election, sixty nine percent of Christ said they had the high. Levels of interest in the election, sixty nine percent Republicans. It was only fifty six percent and Republicans got smoked. Two thousand you had a sixty six percent republican percentage of people who are really interesting.
Only forty nine percent of Democrats Democrats got smoked. set same thing. Two thousand fourteen member Democrats got smoked again, their Republicans fifty nine percent. Said they were really interested. Only forty eight percent for of Democrats said that and what's interesting, is leading up to, I would say, Brett Cavenaugh. You had the same type of thing playing out again and this time in favour of the Democrats. It started out a lot like thousand six. So up until Cavanaugh, you had sixty three percent of Democrats. High levels of interest in the election Republicans was only fit three percent, so that is a big it's the type of gap that leads to lose the saddle and lose the house or at least makes it possible since capital, that is changed. Democrats have gone up
from sixty three to seventy two percent holy cow. Seventy two is the highest number for any party in all of these elections, however, Republicans have jumped a higher percentage point basis from fifty three. Sixty eight. So now we have a basically a balance. A very us within the margin of error, separation and both those numbers, sixty eight would be the second highest level of interest of all of these elections. So the Democrats, seventy two republic there's sixty eight, both of those numbers are the highest of any of these elections. Going back to two thousand six meant to doesn't six midterms and I'm workers, which is clear. It is a weak there's a level here, We don't know what's gonna happen. Uses with this is like we know. This is territory that has not been seen before, and we know
While you can look at the polls- and you can see the poles- as we ve talked about over the past couple weeks, relatively very relatively pointing towards a republican wit victory in the Senate, where they may be pick up. A couple seats and republican loss in the house. where they would lose a couple of seats. There is our energy one, look at the kind of the optimistic way of looking at the house right now to show you how close this is, if republicans we're just sweep the races they are favoured, and that's that it's not gonna happen. It never happens, but just kind of generally for understanding if they would be able to sweep all of the races their favoured in and they, real to win all of the races that they trail? by one point. So all of these cases are either victories or toss up right. I mean they could go either way, but if they are to see All of those Republicans still hold the house a to twenty two fifteen. Now the problem is the idea that the going to sweep all those races is
we know, that's not gonna happen. It never happens again. they will win some races where their underdogs. By more than one point, they will win some place. The weather, the down by five in the polls, though one awaiting some of those races. So the split is gonna be important here, but just that gets them only two to twenty two to fifteen, which is a I think they lose. That's them losing ten seats from where they are now, but also a very narrow majority to the point where some conservative things could be derailed by just you know your generic moderate house, member, that you ve never heard their name before when they decide they're gonna vote against the president, so it's an interesting way of looking at it, and it shows that it's really could go either way, I mean when they say that, there's about a twenty percent chance, the Republicans lose the Senate about a twenty percent chance that the Republicans win the house. That's the way there models are all kind of looking at it eight percent is one in five right
so it is very possible that one of these things can happen. But right now it looks like those are gonna want getting split, and then, of course, still has may, even though it can be of a past democratic bills because they would either get vetoed. Her only turn in the house. You're still gotta have investigative powers, Subpoena power gonna have imposed a nightmare, it's a nightmare if, if they get the house, it's a nightmare, ok! So here's the here's what I found it thing in in watching the news and watching just the flow of it Have you noticed that you know places like the Atlantic and the times in the post are now starting to publish stories about you know it. Not pill battle to win some of these races in the house. It's an uphill battle. They have changed their tone from you the absolute positive or we're on a blue wave to now.
almost laying the foundation of the way we lost, but it was do you know it was really kind of a longshot anyway. That's how badly. I think the Cavanaugh thing has backfired on them. I mean it's made. The Senate. Basically I mean again has just said: is one and five chance, but I mean they had it. They had a better chance of this. two months ago I mean they had a legitimate path to victory. When crews was only by three points. All of these races that looked like leaning Publican and we're all tha supper and some of them looked like they might be leaning Democrat. They had a choice: to win the Senate before the cabinet thing. Now I mean, I think it's a real, it's really gonna come from to the independents. How are the independents feeling that is there in an interesting group because they are not as passionate as you would expect in this environment, so independence in two thousand and six and two thousand ten
we're at fifty percent. Now independence are almost always going to be lower in high interest. Then partisans, because partisans engage more like timidly. That's out, of course, a blanket rule its typical into doesnt fourteen without a forty percent and two dozen eighteen up until cabin. I was forty two percent and then the jump now to forty experts, it still that's not as high as some of the earlier elections among independence, and that may just be because, there are over one within the they didn't like either side and they just want it makes them want to withdraw from Polly. Oh, but I wonder cause I would consider myself and independent and there's no way. You're gonna keep me away from the poles so I'm wondering you know with at four percent jump. Was it a four percent the effort to put a four percent jump? I wonder how much of that or people like me who are going to vote for the Republican just because the left has gone insane
right there's a lot of independence that I debt I mean I certainly would fall into this category is well. I am not a registered member of any party, nor will I ever be right higher light Latvia's. That being said, I vote Republican. I may I dont vote for Democrats reacted, so I dont forget publicans independence and Libertarians Terrance. I don't go for Democrats again, and so that's never gonna happen. So the fact that I'm independent, you can't look at that line as these are people who could go either way at any time between these two parties. That's not what that is real people who identify that way to group. That's that's growing and has been growing for quite some time. Yet People are bailing out of the parties, but the power He's themselves are becoming more ridge than any previous ones could come down to the independence. This one could come down to because You can understand the Republicans going up you
understand if you're on the democratic side, Cavenaugh driving all those people, but what's driving the independent yeah that mean, I would think there discussed with what's going on rapid, if anything, they don't like the overall Sis there's one other interesting spurious daddy, her glad if we could, as we're talking about the caravan of immigrants coming migrants, but of her, which will will be legal immigrants if they, if they get elderly by the way who said I was coming out of this, this Berea, including definitely we took the motto lot about this interesting to see the numbers among latino voters, so in two thousand six were coming off of the attempt at comprehensive immigration. Reforming that fails, cut Republicans very upset about that Democrats when that election.
Actively easily Latinos at sixty two percent high interest in the election. That number in mid term elections has been dismal sense in nice. In two thousand ten, only forty eight percent two dozen fourteen was forty one per very low in two thousand and eighteen up until very recently was, is at forty seven percent. That numbers now jumped in October two thousand and to seventy one from forty seven to seventy one this year, so is whatever the reason wow, it's not worth much higher than two thousand six four latino voters who, how and again that was a wave election for Democrats. It I mean thinking I was, I can think of- is the guatemalan refugees. What else has I mean you did have also fairly recently the unaccompanied minors situation where they are being caught him Held in cages, but I was in June
lie or oghee app itself fair, relatively recently. In a way, the two thousand eighteen poles were taken January to September. So some of those poles for that son after all, the October ones, obviously after including that include the migrant caravans situation in that might explain the jump at its height, everywhere I mean it was the only place its low and it's not low relative to normal, which is our younger voters. Eighteen thirty, four there at fifty one percent, which is the lowest number and most of these democratic demographic groups it can find. However, it's also a lot higher than any other time in all of these elections, the highest had been before. That was thirty nine percent in two thousand sick that it fits. So it is our whole lives. Now this is going to be interesting. It is like it's like you back in the nineties. The opening of star wars This is now what people care about and they care about it and almost like a cultural, entertainment sort of way.
Which is, I think, fascinating, not necessarily healthy. That's good that people care about these things, but I dont think that people a lot of people wanting to care about them about the issues much as they do about just the passionate disagreement with whoever there on Facebook live. This is the best bet programme on talk a little bit about this back and forth with Saudi Arabia, because it is import, that we get this right and we don't make this about american politics. We should make this about american interests, but not american politics.
right now people are saying I came away, Dial Trotwood, don't you know what George Bush Bill Clinton? The second George Bush, all the way back all the way back to after we have been in bed with the Saudis. I don't like this, I think, we're in bed with really bad people. Is a rattlesnake, a bad pet? I was asked to me once and love This is a rattlesnake. Is it a bad pat. The answer is no two, perfectly fine, Pat as long as you always remember it as a rattle, bank or a snake, and not a little puppy dog. It's a rattlesnake, not a that just don't pad it.
and don't try to a fashion le leash around its neck, take it for a walk it ain't gonna! Do it so. How do we handle Saudi Arabia? Well, would be the same way. We handle Turkey, but we're not because we're looking at Turkey and Saudi Arabia with America eyes, stop it. These are both islamic states their warring with each other. Why because one is Muslim Brotherhood and one is aware: hobbyist they don't like each other. They want death for everybody in the other state that what the regime of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia, stopped Turkey because their Muslim Brotherhood and our euralia. What's turkey stopped because there were hobbyists, we're being
put in the middle of a fight between two Islamists. Both of them want the caliphate. Both of them want islamic rule both of them want to rule with jihad and they also want to rule with Sharia law. We doubt we, one eighty, either of those so knowledge but this into perspective. Saudi Arabia horrible place, horrible horrible horrible horrible place? They execute kid, As long as you ve shown, any kind of signs of puberty you're tried as an adult they execute through beheading There was a woman who was raped, gang raped by seven men, not sure if one of them was Supreme Court, Justice Cavanaugh, yet but a Saudi were woman was gang raped by seven men. They
Scottie at all, between two and nine years in prison, however, she received six months in prison and too. grid lashings with a whip, because she, in the car without a without her husband, and then she dared to take her story to the media. This, the kind of people that we are dealing with the crown Hence the eight you and I are not gonna like this guy units, I will do what are you doin here these making it easier for women to drive without their yoga yeah sure sure sure he still while hobbyist, let's look at what. both sides in this country have done. We are correct- finding a proxy war with sound,
maybe a we are involved in their war in Yemen. Did you even know that President Trump announced. Two hundred and ten billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia. Last year it was President Obama, that vetoed a build it allowed families of nine eleven victims to sue the saudi government, so bad Everybody is in protecting these guys when the crown prince came here to America. He met with Donald Trump, whom I asked but he also met with Oprah Winfrey Billon. Hillary Clinton, Chuck humor Dwayne, the rock Johnson for some unknown reason, Barack Obama on carry congolese arise. George, W Bush, Henry Kissinger, Michael Bloomberg, Thomas Free, from the New York Times Bill, AIDS, Madeleine Albright, Rupert Murdoch, Jeffrey Goldberg from the
panic. Tim Cook, Ilan, most Peter TEAL, Alan Garber, from Harvard by bigger and Jeff basis, so they're all meeting with him. Romania? Let's not pretend we don't know who this guy is now the guy who went missing here- Rapporteur for the Washington Post is he. Or does he have a point of view that Washington happens to like a bout of Saudi Arabia? That is the Muslim Brotherhood perspective. so you remember the Muslim Brotherhood founded in the nineteen twenties in Egypt, Only reason for being was to reject the west and establish global Sharia law. They export this organisation, all over the Middle EAST, Anti
Dammit ISM towards Jews, their biggest and most effective tool at harness. the arab rage Muslim Brotherhood they're the ones who invented modern day jihadism. They are The ones who inspired Osama Bin Laden and the the founding members of Al Qaeda too, administration, member from the Obama administration. You cannot call them a largely secular organization. When you re, just their motto, Allah is our goal profit, our model, the Koran, our constitution, Jihad, our plan and death for take of Allah. The loftiest of our wishes there now primarily a secular organization. The mother when Brotherhood calls Jihad industry of death and they mean that in a good way, in their own words to a nation that per day
the industry of death and which knows how to die nobly. God gives proud life in this world. Ok, that doesn't on secular, doesn't sound like somebody. We should be in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood ran up against a problem, and that was one of them. Kingdom of of Saudi Arabia because it was backed by west any of these kingdoms in the Middle EAST that have been backed by the West George who will be next any. We who stands in their way they destroy, but these were democracies, so, Are we going to do it? Well, Muslim Brotherhood decided to switch tactics and weapon eyes. Democracy enter the arab spring. arab Spring, praised by everyone. We told you their goal is a caliphate. Well,
never materialised. Did it no? No oh not there materialised from the chain of events with ices, what your What about the Muslim Brotherhood right and what happened to the Muslim Brotherhood? Did they just choose not to do caliphate. Oh no! No, they were overthrown. Ah them Slim Brotherhood still wants their caliphate. So now you have to of our allies, Turkey, Muslim Brotherhood, the Saudis, what hobbyists who are both Jake chasing the same exact dream, a Middle EAST and a world dominated by Sharia LAW, both of them using the using jihadism as as a means to their ends,
so could shaggy Urca show gear whatever you're calling him today? Now we look at him he is he is. I who is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood? I want to say this No one deserves this kind of death. This is not to use the Saudis, their bad guys, but so is Turkey. and so was he everybody here all it's a saudi progressive fighting for D. I could see no, no, no no he was fighting for the Muslim Brotherhood. In writing Eightys and Ninetys, he was one of the king's main allies. He edited several saudi newspapers which he was. basically Winston Smith in Orwell's one thousand nine hundred and eighty four sitting in the saudi version of the Ministry of truth. Reading, editing out all thought crime.
Sure that there was never anything hostile said about what hobbism or the king. During this time he cosy up to Osama Bin Laden. He scored. rural interviews, while Al Qaeda was fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan sound intelligent, employed him to be the middle man between Bin Laden and the Saudi Royal family willing to in three he fell out of favour with saudi royals. When he allowed to be published an article critic, or to the war hobbyist movement. Why did he do that because he is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and they were at odds with e, were hobbyists. This showed or could show, was cast aside and that's when the western media fell in love with him. An active member
of the Muslim Brotherhood, not us we smear or conspiracy theory in his own words. Yes, I joined the Muslim Brotherhood Organization and I was not alone. End quote. His Muslim Brotherhood, friends in clerics, we're all in prison in Saudi Arabia. During the arab spring he got out. He came to the: U S, history, the political party, while in exile called democracy for the Arab. old now party, the liver, also the progressives, the press loved him. Because they heard the word democracy, it's the Muslim Brotherhood plan to subvert. democracy by turning it against itself. He wants wanted. To establish Sharia law in the region.
Also a wicked anti semite who wrote quote outside in the context of history and logic,. The Jews will have to die by force. Israel's outside the context of history and logic,. so we'll have to kill all of them. This is not a smear campaign. When you hear somebody say that you make sure you ask them Where are you doing your homework? Where you getting that? Why is that mere campaign. Does hey that he was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. He clearly was in his own words, so I set a smear campaign because I thought the Muslim Brotherhood was largely secular, ass people. How much do you know about elevate? How much do you know about the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood? How much Really know about what this man wrote the, Span wrote that he.
It was a mistake to think that you could have any kind of state in the Middle EAST. With some form of Islamists. Now that's different, remember than Islam in islamic countries Believes you have to use Sharia LAW, that's the constant. While it sounds like the mother Muslim Brotherhood. That's our cars petition, that is our law, Sharia LAW so It's just begin to tell each other the truth and here's the truth. Tat is not a friend of ours. Turkey is in with the Muslim Brotherhood. Turkey would like to have a caliphate run by them. Sound. Robia, not good people. Saudi Arabia huge exporter of will hobbism and has done it
you're in the United States has spent money. Building mosques that are very dangerous here in the nodded states. True they kill. Him could be probably seems like it I don't trust the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey, but I also, for us those guys one of them killed him proud ugly, Saudi Arabia did he deserved it? No. Does he serve to be called a freedom fighter only by either Really an educated progressives or just.
Liars. This is the best of the planned back programme. I it's Glenn. If you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes begs this is going to be a fascinating half hour, I could spend many hours with him and I think that's part of the problem you'll see him on television and no one is taking the time to actually listen to everything. He has to say. and he has a lot to say about things that have been very concerning to me, including deep fakes, which I hope to get into, but I want to start with his
with his book and the thing that everybody is talking about them. Why? Hate each other and how to heal Ben SAS welcome to the programme senator from Nebraska. How are you, sir, I'm doing Well Nebraska gotTA winning streak going against perhaps the heartland Ben I want talk to you- and I want to ask you the questions, basically, that everyone asks me, because we are on some things in the same pocket, and I'm I just I hear your response to this some some line of questioning that usually comes my way. We have a situation too, where people have felt they have tried to do. The right thing they have tried do the tea party in they were accused of being racist and they were accused of being violent, which they weren't. Meanwhile, the power and politicians excuse people like Antiphon
it's getting worse and worse, know we're not anti capitalist, we're not anti american and then Hilary Clinton says one of the reasons she lost was because she was for capitalism. You have Cortez come Out in Bernie Sanders dating with ideas either they are against capitalism. You have antiphon taking over. the streets you have Republicans being shot and the year on the ball field, the press is still ignoring all of this. Blaming everything on the right, then Cavanaugh their willing to take all the with he too yeah, peas, again, rapists and destroy people were is enough enough. Well, so, first of all, the way we consume politics is a mass and lots of our political discussion itself is a mass, but I think it's really important to distinguish between two dimensions. One
dimension is a continuum from right to left and on those issues, I'm his conservative of their common on anybody's. Or card on the second or third, most conservative senator in the United States Senate. But the second dimension is about the intensification of politics and how centrally should politics it in your worldview and there on the big sceptic? because I'm a traditional american of the idea that politics can be near the centre of your worldview, and you end up very happy so there's a lot of data now that shows more and more Americans are actually tuning out politics altogether, but the people who are involved in politics some of the national media sort of reporting to cover it. Some of the parliament. Many of the politicians that sort of run for office and get to Washington DC and never plan to leave again gives they really think politics and power and DC are the centre of the world and some subset of the consumers of our political,
those about eight percent on the left that are truly politically addicted, and if we have a growing share on the right now up to about six percent on the right that are politically directed, these kinds of people are really taking political tribalism to a new and deeper place and more intense place. Where its crowding out more and more of the things that actually give people's lives, meaning and happiness and settings very important to animals far right that come on the reverse is left continuum, but it's very important remember that the purpose of politics is to maintain a framework for ordered liberty, so that you can go live in the communities of love or you're at They raised in your kid and build them at our house trapper app or where your worship Bank, because those are the communities that are going to make you happy politics as a means to an end. Politics isn't the end, so become completely agree with you. However, our politicians, becoming more and more extreme, especially on the left? They are you know there. They are
ty capitalist, but they are there and A constitution, so you know you, use one hand I agree with you, we can't be. You know all about politics, but at what point Do you see good people say enough? Is enough- and I can't take this anymore yet, but then to what end? What what do we do next? Because what we don't want to do next is what the weirdos day, Nancy blows in California, one hundred percent agreed a weirdos did damage Mcconnell and Alain Chow in Kentucky exactly Saturday, because there is no second or third just move from their that doesn't just end up at violence, and this is not saying by the way that people don't have a first amendment right to protest. They clearly do but screaming someone down taking mention Elaine's food off their table and thrown on the floor and saying you don't belong in our country to delete it An alert secretary job serves imprisonment. President drums cabinet that kind of stuff doesn't actually have pursued
you shouldn't as any goal. The only thing there is just sort of symbolic politics as rant which heads to a pretty dark place: I think so. I agree with you again, but where is the leadership, I've written a book. You ve written a book, it's different than truly going out and leading and standing universe. Martin Luther king, marching through Antiphon and taking the beating yes, but I think we should also recognise that the antiphon of phenomenon is really built for short our media clubs. That is what they're doing there I mean I'm in the middle of a law downtown sort of raw restored, downtown in alma right now and add, there's no anti for here, and yet we had a whole bunch of people who might be obsessed with thinking about antifraud. Today, when I think we'd, we
need to be aware of this sort of media ecology in which we live. So in the nineteen fifties, sixty eight percent of Americans any given week were watching. I love Lucy so that my sixty eight percent of households that men are basically ninety nine percent of households knew what Lucien does he had done that week. It was an important content, but it was shared content. There was an american we when you fought with somebody about some project at work or if you disagreed with them about I'll. You could still talk about things that we had in common what's happening now and why I wrote this book of them is because there is no, we right now and the most watched cable news programme John Entity is number one and Rachel mad. I was often number two. There still really only one point: one percent and nine tenths of one percent of the public, and so our world is so fragmented and fractured that it is really important to not consume our media, as if the people like Anti fired were doing this to hope for viral collapse. Hunting part of white health,
American should do as ignore them. So what is are? Are we I mean I've spent? the last two years in the things that I can continually come back to every single time is the bill of rights. It's why people came here because they were protected. They knew that had the right to dream and create an be left alone is that are, are you now or Unum? So yes, an employer, bassoon him out of the many one right. We don't have a whole bunch of one right now. I don't have a shared sense of what you have just said. The first amendment is the beating heart of the american experiment: freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, right of protest. All of those things flow from a fundamental assumption about the dignity of three hundred and twenty nine.
Americans, which is we believe Muggah Day. We believe that our citizens are created in the image of God, with eternal souls and with dignity that way bigger than their policy preferences, and so what's unique in our moment, I think the grand tension that we as a people are not really wrestling through that has so far up stream from politics. Is this tension between rudeness and ruthlessness? Almost all of the happiness literature a few well out there is confirming? stuff that wise people, people's had grandparents have known for millennia, which is that happiness is actually a relatively simple equation. Do you have a nuclear family? Do you have a couple of deep friendships Have a local worshipping community of a theological framework to make sense of death and suffering and forth and statistically the number one driver of happiness is: do you have meaningful vocation? Do you have shared work? Do you have co workers? Do you think, when you leave home on Monday morning,
you gotta do something not to make a lot of money or to have a lot of status, but is there some neighbor who benefits from what I do if those four things are true or even of three of the four true you're pretty likely to be happy and that those things are all tied to rooted, but we're living through a technological revolution. That's tempting us to believe that we can be rootless, we can be place less and so a lot of what's happening is the undermining of local community and the undermining of thick relationships and the undermining of vocation or long work ends up in a world where a lot of people are using political tribalism to fill a void of the loneliness that
Philly happening in their local community. I think we need to reflect more deeply on the challenge of our time. You were listening to the best of the programme. Liberties Candidate for the governor of New York Larry Sharp, joins us in studio. You can find him at Larry shot that's with an e larry, sharp dot com. Larry welcome the programme. Thanks to have me, I pray so, you were on with us for a few minutes. A couple of weeks ago, over the phone am. I fascinated by you, because you complete you think completely out of the box. Yes,
you're, not thinking like a politician, which is exactly what I think what we need are represent You are not being heard because France, tomorrow, they're having a debate and you're, not invited, that's correct right. They don't like me on an old ever at it over like some of my guy right. So So how does somebody like you get elected? Look it's it's! A stab Bush meant with establishment, rightly be established. The establishment media stays with the establishment candidates rights. What want happening when comes debates is that they do that. So look. If you mentioned the idea that I have a Cassio Cortez right literally She's gonna, be my congressperson she's she's, my district. Yes in queens absolutely- and I said this is a good thing. And it's a good thing, because it shows one thing. Joseph, is an anti establishment world right now. She do
because she was amazing and smart knew everything she went because she said I am not. The establishment and people ran to her that that's one of the reasons why one. That's one reasons why even Obama ones as an eight m in anti establishment is a thing that people tend to light now: the advantage this I met, establishment using we're gonna win. If I can't get the mainstream media, doing what I'm doing now doing. Podcast doing Facebook look Trump. One reason: but trot. One was twitter right that wasn't there, but it was one of the reasons he used that tool and they did seem coming. I used the same tools. I use twitter. I use Facebook, I use podcast. I used the same tools there I can make some angry, but it's what using bid see them coming Didn't see, cadets got me other and then what we come out or with Cortez is she was she's. we embraced by the establishment on the left. The Democrats have become democratic socialists, which is it just because you put the word
democratic in for a democratic in front of it doesn't mean that it's a really wonderful thing here the thing you need noticed now here, even though a court has one Nixon, didn't and Nixon actually called herself a socialist, what once they said, o this Cortez persons, a different person, greatness vote for them they heard what you had to say, and you found a lot of new Yorkers. You know what may be this isn't right and people who voted for Cortez shifted and voted for our current governor, his majesty King Andrew Cuomo, the second so they voted for him again, so they went back to establishment after her. So I think that there was a little bit of buyers remorse there. There was out, Get you establishment! Oh wait a minute! No, not that much! Then it came back I think it was some buyers and more standard than you are seeing that sometimes right, the youngster and its user. Youngsters like socialism right, doesn't know what it means there. I give you an example: you find in upstate New York. You find often the rebel flag,
and submissive that's a confederate flag, and I say no: it isn't a symbol of rebellion, right, oftenest limit values on the right track. rebellion isn't like the people up, video going south Arise That's right! That's not what they're saying right, but they are saying this is a rebellion. It's a flag of rebellion and Alice. The quartet is it. She is a rebellion. The left socialism is rebellion in the left. They don't know what it is. you have no idea what it means is: no, it's it's not the establishment establishments, not working, that's why CHE is exactly he becomes amazing. They have no idea what he did. They have no idea who is but he's there, billion guy, so he becomes a symbol of obeying the left dummy domain. Iran are their people and laughter Zack we were. These people are, of course, there are, but that's often the leadership, I'm talking the average every person who votes that you know what's happening now is working. That's why people listen to me when I should talk. I talk about ways of making people better, I focus something which was some crazy. I focused on happiness,
because our nation was built on life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and no one talks about this. I do all the time everything I'm talking about is to try to make people more happy or to at least allow them to pursue happiness. Tried. So tell me about that. Let's start there sure we talk. I talk about, for example, there there, many controversially, that I talk about education, I have it complete, revamp the education system and people just wanna keep funding the same system, making hemp and cannabis legal hang over before it short Let's start the Haitian go with education. Absolutely I'm the one talking I'm getting rid of all sunrise testing pride high school, I'm the one too. about doing that, because sunrise testing is an unfair way of bringing teachers. It's an unfair way, rewarding schools and it makes kids what eleven twelve years old, feel stupid, because I can't test well and is known a case of success and what we we're funding. Literally kids, we we have a thirty percent.
Eyes, in suicide across the entire nation to include children One of those reasons is family court. How broken that is. Another reason is their pressure to take testing it stupid and the recent become successful at ten eleven twelve years old. Why so as test is very good when your high school and shown way should go where you proclivities are? a bad idea, but ten years old. Why is to keep control of what's happening in the schools? Amano came with that now you have the gray hair as I do so? That means you in school prior to nineteen. Eighty zone was I protodyne, eighty. There really was a department, education and it existed, but it was basically a repository for information, lovely. Wasn't it may do anything. Some everyone in in the United States some about how to read, write so five in the world without and Depart Department. Education,
how that works. Somehow local school district did a good job. Somehow that worked there, you add the internet, you add our technology, you think the odds are worse. To give you a quick run down of every single time. Centralized control has made things better, finished, yeah So that's not really what I want I want. I want to make sure that we have some localised control on the only guy saying let teachers teach than I dont administrators, because he is the problem with getting recent nice testing you will lose about, we will lose in New York state. We will lose by forty thousand federal funding, it's a lot of money, but it's not much for us. Our budget is sixty billion, so losing four billion, not even a world. However, we can still fix that. Here is the issue here when we lose four billion, we all lose something else. We lose all those strings attached that four billion and there's lots of strength, which means administrators go away and ministers running granted ministers who are checking boxes all those things. We have massive teacher, we're not in New York State massive. Why regulations rules checking,
axes? I'm the only one saying these things, because I crossed the entire state method. Assisi do counties. I crossed all city to call it the full sharp by the way, but you know but now I want teachers to actually want to teach we actually have districts. They have administrators, then teachers, the average teach that's a shameful by the way the ever teacher makes about. Eighty thousand dollars a year in New York state. The average diminish it makes overhung fifty you dump a couple minutes raiders, you hide model sure you ve given raises. You bought computers all these things, but I'm still not done why. Well. We have Kate through twelve. We need k through ten. The last two years of high school for too many kids is Jim Study, Hall, video games and probably smoking weed. That's all there doing. How do we know this because the first you have college for most kids is thirteenth grade. It's a reboot because not ready Fort correct, so now what at least six years. The average kid to graduate college was terrible now, twenty four year old kid who's never had it,
and we say I wonder why has no work ethic? Was they a job? His is but the union these and screw around for eight years. Literally now I people We tell me literally Larry. I will hire any body with the work ethic at one. No tell me, said: Larry my interview, This is a very simple. I tell them the shop at eight o clock. I opened the door if they're they're, they're hired, That's how bad it is what we will shortly the clock in the morning. It is so that's, so we need to break that system. Now. I can't change parenting that I cant do become. It changes the environment, of course, at sixteen now, instead kitchen have five choices: big, they take a test; they could have diploma number one if colleges right for you, that's amazing, go to college. The problem is we ve been told a lie and the lie is the only way to have success in this country is to get a great house diploma and Angora Great College and then sit behind
desk in front of a computer all day. That's a way to success, not even close it all the way to success. Lots of people are happy doing all types of things, and we should embrace that. So it's sixty minutes make some decisions. If I think called you right for me, I go to a two year: preskill two year. Perhaps God is that our biology, chemistry, history, whatever great of the college, I go two years and I make sure it is working right, so item again to college and ready and gradually and three or four years, the advantage of internships incubators life is good. I don't like that. No worries on the super, smart kid, the kid who you know loves doctor, I'm teasing me move at LA hi, I'm a doctor who very go exactly have had a great guy and I'm not sure about the new doktor Deanna being a female, but that's a different story. Damage! Ok, yes, so that kid is really smart. That kid takes the ESA right away, Ngos often gets it to u degree, why should they be bored and school? They should be borne school next you to want, those things no worries go to your trade school gotta trays could become a plum
a carpenter wherever you want to be a mechanic and h fat guy in New York State, particularly, we need that desperately the ad Tradesmen in New York state is over fifty that's a problem. I let my fifth year old on fifty a lump of Europe's my problem as they should not be the average. They should not be doing all the work. They betrayed me youngsters and you can't find enough in Yossi to doing it's a problem so do that we don't like that. Go get a job wanna go when a work work ethic. Now at sixteen, I work at sixteen and lots of people. My generation, it is sixty years go work, learn what it means to have a boss, Loan, it means, when your boss says, show up at eight, that doesn't mean nine hundred and thirty. That actually mean seven hundred and forty five learned that now it's sixteen seventeen eighteen get to make. Its Belarus sounds great. How do you pay for New York State Constitution tells me I have to pay for grades won through twelve great I'll pay for the last two years to us to pay for his idea.
I'm a marine. When I gotta Marine court, I had a g I bill. They gave me ex dollars and why years to use saving here you sixteen. You got twenty thousand dollars, seven years to use its good luck. Here's an I'm because, where promising to happen, a bunch of cool prep school, so pop up a bunch of great trades goes a puppet guess how much they cost for two years, yeah, twenty thousand out. Of course, they will have another pop up because guarantee government money what banks love most government money. Yes, they do so they will actually give to meet these goals pop up it'll be amazing, but is the best part when he schools pop up now worse in ten thousand dollars per kid per year. These last two years. Do you expect state spends twenty two thousand dollars per year per kid? So was saving twelve thousand dollars each twelve thousand times the four hundred thousand, let me to operators is more than four billion dollars. We saved all of the federal funds we remove tons of administrators, we have given teachers up and that better chest actually teach we ve given teachers, freedom to do what
feels appropriate. We ve got rid of common core weave made teenagers who are unhappy happier, and this goes to the next level, which is school safety. If you look at all the school should is we ve had while they are murders added at their core, their public suicide, their unhappy kids at their core, the unhappy kits nothing, but this lemme talk great you're, gonna love, that's worth greater you're in a class with everyone who wants to be there to bully kit. Isn't there the bullet, kids in something else, the kids a bully because he doesn't want to be there? That's why he's a bully? But now he go someplace else. Your teacher lemons. Fourth grade this. One problems almost go away. Why? All the kids want to be there, they ve taught was killing our children. Isn't guns was going on. Children is lack of community lack of purpose and loneliness. That's killing our kids put them in these worlds. All that goes away. I can't go shoot my fellow friend,
the teachers have me, you know, build a rocket with my class. I can't go should, in my view, that the farmer needs me to fix a tractor. I've got things to do I've. I've purpose, I've, meaning I don't do things like that anymore. We are living in a world of massive change, yet massive change and when's the last time you heard any politician sounded anything like this You human, I'm tired of the same old politics and Larry Sharp is joining us
Oh, he is running for governor in New York and I think his ideas need to be heard and he needs to be. He needs to be introduced to a larger audience. How, but what does your organization like what you're ground game yeah we haven't? We have probably the best obtain ground. You have seen the long time, if, probably ever we have over seven or eight directors who campaign manager about thirty five to fifty people who are actively working every day on every aspect of the campaign to include things. Gus scheduling, setting up events in a fix, our calendar making should people short social media, we ever a team on Twitter, a team on Instagram, a team on Facebook. We we have a team on everything Youtube. We do the production we went on. You don't have, but you you're lacking money. Europe against people who have tens. millions of tens of millions of dollars. Absolutely we raised almost half a million, but to be to be clear, if
the last couple of weeks. If we raise another fifty thousand miles per thousand hours, this becomes winnable. I know it sounds crazy, but it is in a recent is named reckon It is my only issue the last pallaby put out. I was at about one third named recognition, and with that I pulled at thirteen. percent, seem do the math on that one three times to get around two percent, because thirty nine percent right through times thirteen thirty nine percent, this a five way race. Thirty percent of women thing, some nine points above victory, assuming get ninety percent. There is the hard part rights math equation. Can I get to one percent? and sadly, that's not my message. I've got that down. It's the media can, get my name out to enough people to where I crossed but that barrier which gets me over thirty percent, can't believe that there is, I mean it's like libertarians dont want to win. Yes, it s really we're gonna get a member as third party in general. The system is stacked against you and someone other
it was telling me they said you know. Only someone who has like a marine mentality could do this, because every day, I'm up against failure, but the Marine Corps taught me. Take the hill the captain shot, take the hill, the machine guns broken take the hill radios, dont work, take the hail, stop give me excuses, take the hell, I get it and that's but I do take, the hill is a matter. I get a little It was failure everyday this woman every day and when I say that that's not an exaggeration, that's recent days. As I mentioned earlier, there's gonna be a debate coming up here tomorrow, pcbs, and there are only going to include the Democrat report. even though I am on the ballot. Even though thirty thousand new Yorkers signed a petition to get me on that ballot, though pcbs they got him TIM shall living in his name. He. Decided no barbershop doesn't deserve beyond their he's, decided The establishment is all that matters this autumn up against. Second, to stop me I'm still taken the hill, but its yet another obstacle to get over,
So if you re a libertarian or your hearing, something that term that tell you think should be heard than you should probably maybe tweets What's his name again, it CBS size Doubly CBS radio, eight, eighty radio, its having them TIM shelf. So this is a radio debate. Yes, what they sent me televise, also now. Ok, overboard, televised and radio booby, both okay, so yet again and they're just deciding no, we don't want no dummy wrong. There The other people should be me, should also be the Green Party and also the same party. They should all be there, but this is the norm and we put up against this web against is constantly, and here is the worst part with all of this, we're still growing and there still going down. That's that's. This but they don't they don't they don't realize that when a sinking ship or make them care, if people want to donate, how they don't worry shop, dot, com, slash, donate and to be clear. If
of you want to give forty five thousand dollars. You can't the maximum forty four thousand by the state law. So if you know what I'm going, I want to get very forty five thousand dollars. Sorry, I can't do it. Forty four we all can give forty four thousand. It's all. You can get! Well, ok s very sharp com, this with an ear the end of sharp, he's radio network on demand
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