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10/30/18 - Best of Program - Guest, Patrck Courrielche

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10/30/18 - Best of The Program - Ep #213 - Don't Worry There's No Invasion? - The Most Targeted Jew In America Is? - 'Red Pilled America' (w/ Patrick Courrielche) - The Fox Guarding the Chicken Coop? 

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The blaze radio network on demand. Hello, everyone and welcome to the polish gas yeah yeah visitors to pay. If you think he's hearing these voices is great. Under way in the army, mad bodies, while you're gonna love the tour. I see us and our complete mess physique. Yes out at how many places we have for this. We are going to Richmond Virginia on Thursday and we're looking we're still looking for the best like greasy dived EDA, Then we're going to the person, Pennsylvania Friday, pits Saturday and on Sunday is Cleveland Camelot Film and beyond to her for a while. If you want to Canada should don't be a communist Donald
what you are you remember, your ring, bigot Communist Homophobic, Zena, foe, so well for CNN owing to try that company toward a glint back dotcom, Slash tour is the place to go to your tickets and will see this week if you're in any of those areas come and see. Us are right on the bottom: ass we go over the election of the election numbers and things are not going well balanced, it's mixed with this is going to be the first one to watch were a week away from our election covered by the way the blazblue are subscriber. You be able to check it out of things going to be a lot of places anyway. I urge you to check out the coverage of the full coverage would be on. Please dot com, slash tv for subscribers going through all the numbers and seeing we know where the Senate Land, where does the house land, but also some interesting numbers today from individual issues from among independence, really fascinating to look at what the independence are thinking because you have to compare. Contrast several
three questions and you start to see how America in the Middle EAST is shaping up all the lessons from one of my staff members, one of my producers on the show whose family is down and Mexico Beach Florida. He just came back last week after trying to put their life back together. Again, I want to share the lessons that I learned from him all today's podcast the only thing to do, is to use the term right. Let's, let's talk about the border here for a second, the wall. It's coming up, the kind of sort of five thousand active duty military have been called to the south
Wes Border five thousand military personnel, they're coming in waves with eight hundred that are on the way right now. The emergency deployment will join over too. I was in National guard troops that are already on the ground. On top of that, there is Other seven thousand troops that have been put on twenty four. Brower emergency stand by that is remarkable. We're talking. Fourteen thousand, troops on our southern border. Now you can look at this one of two ways. If you're on the left, you can say this is just dumb
tromp posturing, and there is not well. You know what, if you're on the left, let me just play the left's own ship Smith. This is what ship Smith said yesterday about the border. Tomorrow, the migrants, according to foxes reporting, are more than two months away if any of them actually come here. But tomorrow is one week before the mid term election, which is what all of this is about. There is no invasion. No one's coming to get you there's nothing at all to worry about when they did this to us got us all wrapped up in April. Remember the result was fourteen arrests where America we can handle it, but, like I said, to the election in Jennifer, Gryffons all commit them, told, there's Fox NEWS and Shepherd Smith. Congratulations Shepherd Smith and see an ant is saying the same thing so as MSNBC, and you know what
You have so much credibility cause. I I I still have the same doktor, don't you! I still have the same doctor in fact, I'm paying twenty five hundred dollars less per year for my health insurance. How about you? You know they have so much credit reality, because it was clearly racism when we said that Socialism and socialist seem to be crawling all over the Democratic Party and the old my administration and that they were fundamentally changing things now. Drug into ITALY. They were so right when they said. There's caliphate is a pipe dream, you're so arrived. She I I don't understand why America doesn't take CNN Shap Smith,
Mass NBC, the New York Times at face value. I just don't understand it. I mean again justice weekend you're. So right, when you say, Donald Trump is responsible for the show shootings in pittsburgh- it's just you know when you hear stuff here, just no one It's true. Let's think this through fairly for a second first of all unusual situations call for emergency actions. Homeland security has confirmed that the migrant cow a is still on the way, albeit slowly, about four thousand strong. They also The existence of a second caravan now forming in Guatemala of another three thousand I insecurity and defence secretary matters are obviously treating this seriously, even though
like CNN. Are you know calling these are mocking those who call these in invasion. But what do you call? A group of people, two thousand four thousand seven thousand strong March, To a border saying you're going to cross whether the country aren't you are not. Why oh carrying another country's flag. What what? What do you call that. You know the reason why you have to stop this if it's coming. The reason why you have to stop. It is because, if you don't stop this one, there we'll be that invasion, because America can control our own borders. Nearly eight thousand troops to match of four thousand strong caravan. Fourteen thirty
and if the second caravan links up with the first swelling their numbers to seven thousand, so any media magician trying to spin what this caravan really is. An You honestly don't know how you can describe potential force of seven I was in people all approaching your border with the intense of getting through, no matter what you say and carrying a foreign flat. I don't know what you call it. Besides an invasion. That was the Department of Defense justified well, the new. Media will say no, but what is America say it is? basic Millicent military styled doctrine preparing now for an unconventional attack on the country. This has not happened before But I said I want to be fair here: unexpected in irregular tactics, call for urgency, action and I definitely feel safer, knowing
men and women in green and blue or standing watch on the border, I dont know what you can expect. What should you do? Nothing? Nothing if you had a group of people that we're headed to your business or to your house, and they said we're gonna go in to your house, whether you like it or not, and we ve got two thousand people here. And you're not gonna be able to stop us because, what's in your house, we want we're. Just gonna live there. Now, if you had a group of people that were Marching saying that, coming to your house. Would you want the police to do nothing? Would you think that, would you be happy if the police alors unjust, a said, you know what
Common for no cure, they are there on the road there on the road there they are there's the video. There's the video them saying, they're gonna come into my house and We in my house- oh please, I know about you but. The next time there was a campaign, I sure be running for sheriff local law enforcement, protect our streets. The border patrol protects our borders. The new standard cannot be the military on our borders. A hundred percent of the time. Emergency situations always give birth to emerge the changes which always into permanent changes, the federal income tax, the Patriot ACT are two examples of many. I don't like emergency measures.
That's why we should have a border policy, It allows immigrants to come in that are qualified coming through the front door and stuff. All of the side, windows and the back door entries the country needs either Serious policy on the border that will stop this or you'll need to build the damn wall, because quite Frankly, the military on the border is not a good solution, but I'm sorry CNN, I dont know what you want to call it. I mean, after all, you don't like to you don't like to call Antiphon when their throwing molotov cocktails. You don't even like to
all them a mob. This is the best one big programme wealth into the programme, Pat News of the data you is, I would say, the possibility of the president's issuing an executive order, ending birthright citizenship problem well problem its it exists. The border. I agree with the Euro area that whatever is not the justification yeah. That is a justification. I think what would happen is it would be challenged in that it would go to the Supreme Court, which finally ok force in the Supreme Court to rule on that. The fourteenth amendment is not about is not about illegals coming your dropping babies and having them be citizens I'll. Let you know what it's about know. This was clearly again. I said yesterday everything after the tenth amendment base.
Clearly is a reiteration, is just reiterate cod to do not get this. Yes, blacks. We mean black people to gain that rather the third. Being the Mehmet Fourteenth Amendment is odd. She's, ok, get ALF, stop it yeah you're! Lucky! You literally Democrats knock it off Yes, there, children, our citizens to yeah, that's what this was right. This is not about coming over here and having a baby and then in a snake. In cross that having a baby and then being able to bring all your family, your ludicrous that what that was, and so Oh, it's would invest interpreted now all this time right, but you can't you can't, even if I do it with an executive. No, but if he's doing with an executive order, so it's challenged and it goes right directly. The Supreme Court, I'm kind of ok with you and that's, I think, that's what would happen there. Because they will challenge it. They will challenge it and I want a hope that their
way to challenge it more than just because I constitutionally, I think, no, the present. Can takes issue in executive order. That goes against the constitution, but I would like more than that, I would like them to rule on what the fourteenth amendment actually means seems to be a disagreement among even like original is so the constitution as what it actually means or whether that's included and it'll be interestingly, there is yeah seem to be interesting to see like how that shakes out, because in one of the things we praise trump about relatively endlessly is, I have been, the job is done with the courts. So these are the judges he's put in, would now rule on this and with there being some level of debate, even among original is whether this would be
I do not have it's gonna, be fascinating to add. It does have imagined, Chuck, humor and and Nancy Pelosi. Writing up that brief. As a friend of the court to come in and say no no judge Cavenaugh, we really believe this. That guy has got to be a super man to not Egon. It too not at least think, oh really can you can come with a Pittsburgh shooter any real. I can say no really. He did it he's really really bad. You know we need a incarcerated, not even death, we need to add cars are aided and he were human. Oh there's gotta be
part of images goes out. That's what you want day and and and spigot of which is interesting to see of everybody bending over backwards in the mainstream media, and a lot of the Democrat leadership turned a pin the Pittsburgh shooting on Trump, the most pro Israel pro jewish president. We ever had in the history of the country and is responsible for this. Pretty amazing it is you know what can we placed? Can we play just a couple of things? Was it listen to this this self far? They have gone this, how far they have got. Here's, here's, Joe Scarborough, and what he had to say. Listen to this
Nigger, you know in a weak people get to make a decision. Is this the America they want to live in because right now, the only constitutional shock against this sort of abhorrent behaviour? Again, I really a guy who was sending a message by time and time again. Tweeting about baseball were talking about his bed hair day. There that's done intentionally to send a message to white Nationalists, says above me that much, but some I'm going to launch a baseball game. I'm going to tweet about baseball to world series of just just not I'm not gonna. Let it occupied my day, this is our twisted. Vienna become sub twisted they well that's from a hard core conservative, yeah, jeweller Guerrero, nobody's more conservative than Joe. No, you know not a means, not at least not at that DAS and a good friend and a good friend he
He could good friends all good good buddy. They watched a lotta. The debates together are no good fragile and make it it with William President. Yeah, oh yeah, the ad, actually gonna, weird and net, yet turns over southern, so CNN, over and over and over again are trying to get any jewish person to say This is Donald Rumsfeld play. I heard the rabbi of the synagogue, O Allison camera tried desperately to get you say, raising it was transvaal. He wouldn't do it right. You know to his credit. He would not do it. The trade which are Liebermann they now with Ambassador Dormer from Israel. He wouldn't do it any. I mean it did it it. It turned on them. These people were like no,
No, that's not snowdrops vault, it's not trumps fault and for them to now they're starting to make all criticism of anybody whose jewish or who's ever known, a jewish person or who's ever driven by a synagogue, indeed criticise adversities, anti semitic. Talking about that is driving that was that debt Julia was, I offer young over. She is fortunately, kids. It's its anti semitic, criticise George Soros, as you said it about Glenn back. She had a little at yesterday's well on CNN she's, geeky columnist, talk him a trump radicalizing listeners, and this president, one of the things that who really launch test presidential run on is talking about islamic rattle radicalization, and this president has like, so many more people than ISIS everyday I mean the way he talks the way he the way he is that it's it's a delay
the way the money that is easily ass allows things. The way using you're not supposed to re, he says I know that's bus to say it, but I'm a nationalist, gritting, his teeth kind of says, fine. Ok, I condemn this but then you know, and we do not push back on Europe's citizens. That is why we have to say that the present I'd say it's radicalized more people than ISIS is irresponsible. Gay stop! You noticed yes, but was not just saying that here too, to her the guest was saying, to the host here for you not to push back on. That is irresponsible. He's talking about bring it responds, he's talking to see an end being irresponsible and unwilling to notice in thy clips. She says one of the things that the president ran was fighting is low. Extremism, and now we know that he is radicalized more be with ISIS. There's a set up line to that, so not only did a catchy little thing that might get her in the news. It's all.
There's a set up line to. It ought to me obviously a plant line, Obviously she met was all on television and say just that she set it up out of car, didn't make any sense in the context of the conversation she wanted to get to that line right and she's a totally under control, cheese, dispassionate about it yet he's just having convert safe. Yes, so here is her apology when she realizes how bad that was a few minutes later, I think I spoke in the heat of the moment. This has been a very long time Finally, as you got for me, I think I exaggerate, and I apologise for that. But what is the point I was trying him physically to make is that there is not a coincidence that According to the idea of the number of Anti semitic, attacks has jump by nearly sixty percent in the first year. The Donald Trump was in office and its no coincidence because
even though the main danger is homegrown right wing extremist. As many studies have pointed out, this administration has methodically shifted resources away from monitoring those people away from trying to control those people and keep them from committing. I want that sound outside of not an apology, further inflame. Yes, what you were saying and there's no pushed back from No, they don't. Care is great for the there like at the outset because like and leave it they do. They believe it it's it. They are the I've I've. Never I've never been this connected disconnected from the media ever and that we ve been disconnected from the media a long time this this is like they are broadcasting to an turn into a reality. I mean it's, I don't even know how they see these things. I don't know I mean as an anti Semitism, which expects
That's right! I really Otto I forgot. I am at this same person said that I was an anti Semites. She did she did and I we look back to see if we can find the evidence of an you. Do talk about the Jews. Alot he's obsessed with them, but let us be honest about it: beggars obsessed with the Jews who get all come together and that less it out many times he talks about. The muzzle of this is really exists because they have a right to live. The same hatred is emerging from the shadows. It is coming out again and once again, fingers are beginning to point to Israel to the Jew again for some reason, even here in Amerika, we are turning a blind eye. This time There is no excuse stand with Israel. We will stand for the truth, we will stand for freedom and decency. We will stand for life, we are with you. You're not alone a message:
Israel is real more clearly. Here's what I can offer my prayers. My support- and I wish country, would support you, we soup. Where's your right to exist. We soup or your right as a Jew to live. I've told you as Israel goes so goes the western world. They are the keystone freedom in the Middle EAST. If they fall, we all fall. In Israel. You see courage. In Israel there more courage in one small square mile love Europe. I stay. Tonight with Israel. The nation of Israel and its capital of Jerusalem lives forever. It is truly an honour to be here and I M a proud Zionist,
I'm proud to be with you when the personal notes has been amazing, the friendship that we've had really been just amazing, getting a chance to send to study with you, and we really want to thank you. Everything that you do. Thank you so much one of those defender of Israel is you ve, been I mean your rights. Do we talked about a lot about, has observed, Yale and went on whistle yeah, it's a dog. When I say we stand with Israel moves you eternal cap on Euro GSM, you gotta mean that it is a dog was a we know it and, with the exception of your weight, you ve been very consistent, and this means that, in order to more bizarre attacks and to the idea of a pat brought this up and we're off their minute ago, is every criticism of Glinda criticism of the Mormons search. Yeah right is it
that's what they're doing their attacking Mormons. I mean that this is how idiotic that point is. You can be critical of the top progressive financier as a conservative. Without heeding juice, it's got nothing to do especially agenda since George Soros, isn't it theorist, that's right out of my eyes genuinely worth I don't mean it is. It is absolutely incredible. First of all the number one person on the on the death list for Jews. You know the most targeted Jew in America is bench appear: Ben Shapiro, while Ben Shapiro. Now the trump people love, then Shapiro I mean most conservative right. Conservatives, love Ben Shapiro. We don't like George Soros. So how do you away that? One policy based it heap its policy and they know it. They know stay there,
doing the same thing as they were doing with Barack Obama, when you say, women's social he's, a socialist you're, a racist for saying that don't let this work does make it. You don't like that, though, that this is there's. This does not even warrant a response. Least a serious response. It is there they have become a joke and have become, everything they said they despise This is the best of the planned back programme Like listening to this podcast, if you're not a subscriber, become one now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favour and rate the show, I want how you do guy, who you want to talk about a guy who's gonna able to last in the next phase, where we're all having to change jobs every five years, so this guy Patrick Corral
He is a former applied physicist, a marketer and a writer. I dont know how those things go on and but he was, he was smart. By Andrew, bright Bart for appeal answer, and I remember this these, these up ads Obama's political poet. Illustration of the national endowment for the arts. You remember what he was doing, that this is the guy who expose that He also the forced resignation of an Obama appointee lead the creation of New White House issued ethics guidelines revealed you remember this one revealed the old
my initiative to influence scripted tv content as this guy he has a new podcast out that I highly highly recommend islets and a lots and lots of talent and lots and lots of Podcast Patrick's podcast. I I absolutely love, I can remember exactly the phrase, but he he said at some point: I'm a storyteller. These are stories and he tells what's happening through whose great great storytelling, which is a lost art, welcome to the programme, Patrick Cora, correct you you guy right glad my last name right. So much do you need to change it because it's spelled ridiculously in that anyway, Patrick Or podcast is red, build Amerika? You can you just
over the the first episode scant asked? Yes, first episode, I basically and his show Hollywood. Christy story that I am an incident that I experience with some of Hollywood, some biggest players where we basically called out this man for I'm getting in bed with other peoples, kids and maybe he was able to turn it around. Nearly basis in that we were conservatives and the entire Our community basically sided with this man, because of that, so I know through an incorrect given insiders. Look at Hollywood through lens of this story and kind of analyze, their opinions towards the right and I'm kind of come out of it and see if the basically lead
cat, I'm that I learned through this story that basically the left and Hollywood are never going to allow can early in an we're. Never gonna will allow us to tell our stories and sell it just kind of dead bled right into this integration in his pocket. Well, it is it's rare to hear a good story: teller, it sir, I mean honestly, Patrick, if you just stumbled onto this, you might think because of the production, value in the writing of the way you've done it it it sounds. It sounds like something the left would produce, which is fantastic. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you and made such an important human one communication and you are obviously a wild. I've heard you speak in you, you, you understand that the power of storytelling- and that is something that the right has not never done really embraced. Now we dont do it well.
So it ended in its something we need to do so so to take the audience Ruben. Did you? What did you learn from that? Because I think this is the same thing. That's happening when we see Barack Obama is around by socialists. Look that look at the look tab cover of what was it news. Weak magazine said we're all socialist now and as soon as we said here, going for socialism, They immediately said we're racist now when you point out, George Soros this week, the media is trying to say anybody who disagrees with George Soros is an anti semite. That's under the same thing that you found in Hollywood with your case. Is it not. I did. I did know basically taken the position that anybody that is a Republican our conservative is racist, is anti Semite is is almost phobic and it's just that
their way of kind of other. In us I mean I'm american of mexican descent, and so at my wife is Mexicans, generation in our american American. They use this identity politics to other us, and then they completely ostracizing just isn't attack mode and it's something that it goes into understanding why Hollywood is so you honestly left leaning, and you know you see why all these stories that come out of Hollywood that are so one sided that only tell one side of the story. So you know that is when I saw this. I said you know what we need to start telling our side of the story, we need to use storytelling as it as a way to do that. So that's what what
everybody was. It is astonishing kind of moment too, to call out a man that is getting in bed with other peoples, kids and to actually have the entire community turn on us purely because we're conservatives. It was an astonishing moment to go through what is it What is it that they hate about conservatives? More then pedophilia. You know it. I think it is fear. Hollywood is such a small. Community in its run by so few people, and there is such a fear for losing work. And one way in it. On top of that, it's like the games of grounds were very it's very competitive to urge it to get that work. So the first the first waited take. Somebody out is the stated there.
Served it and then anybody that anybody that is even near that person gets a stink of them on conservative that their conservative they run from that persons with a lot of it is the loudest voice. Is basically first kind of point you out, like the invasion of the body, snatchers, that this guy's a conservative and then you have read the second tier, which are just people that are fearful further, forgetting work and those people run as well. So it's just kind of this kind of a very unhealthy community that get set up, and then you know, then you start to see what happens to the Hollywood Box office. They started in a slow
the last fifteen years started the climb because they aren't making content for the other half of the country. So you know I I think that's conservatives have really locked in on this and setting a wet, and that for this were not taking this anymore. You see the rating start to go down, but now it's our time now, there's a new frontier for conservatives where we need to start creating content for ourselves and we need to start entertaining ourselves because there never and that's what we're trying to do with Red of America. That's on the irish radio Pied cast a chimney. I already I'm shooting. I heard you were talking to a Patrick corral. She and let me ask you Patrick: I have this theory about what happened with Megan Kelly, that the that the business people looked at Megan Kelly and thought wow she's, a great get she's she's,
very credible she's great in an interview, you know You have our own kind of sixty minutes kind of person. Very very smart, yadda, yadda yadda, they hire her and that's when this Social Justice warriors all around them remind remind them she's a conservative. She was early. She was a conservative on a conservative network. She was part of Fox and no. You can't play nice and you have destroy her and so they hired her for business reasons and then is as they realized the the social justice warriors were against it. They did. But everybody else does and they just immediately change their tune and set out to destroy. Do you think there's well the validity to that
oh one hundred percent- I mean she didn't have an audience when she went there, she was walking into a completely different environment that she was used to. I also do you think that her going after the network for their coverage of the house, the wind speed in the entire me to movement at a big part of that that a lot of people aren't touching on it. Basically, She was in a pre brave in doing that. I am, I think you know from a career wise. It might have been met. The smartest move to do yet let here's a woman in the me to moment exposing the a corporation for covering, and they don't like that? and where all the social justice warriors on that one exactly and that's where you kind of see how to meet you movement has become just it. Local weapon, because it was night, it's it's, it's not the aid used in a way that it was given birth to
May, I think about. It is one of the main reasons. Why didn't help achieve a conservative? It was easy to get rid of her because of that so yeah. I think that's what happened and Asian Patrick you were talking to the host of red, build America. You can hear it on the I hurt radio app, really good story, teller. I know you're gonna be taking on a few issues and I want to come to go through a couple of them. First of all, the caravan that is that is coming up. There's today, there there, the media, including Shep Smith or say, there's nothing to worry about this isn't an invasion. What did what are your thoughts on the caravan. You know, I think that is something that whatever reason the last ten years, the left is completely change their tune on in regard to our borders, now open borders ice I feel like it is,
We actually do in episode. That's coming out that looks at this kind of story of green, or is there actually jobs? Americans won't do and we follow a to construction workers that I don't want to give the unity and away by bit completely. This proves that there that argument and I think, at the end of the day, there is a lot of people that in America, we ve forgotten about that have lost their jobs due to much cheaper labour that comes across the border, and I think that we are seeing this here. I think that this, the caravan it it is not for political refugee status to these people are looking for its economic and it's going to hurt the most vulnerable people. When the United States won't- wouldn't I think it's what's causing the homeless crisis in in LOS angeles- is that fuelled by any of this?
You know that's a funny thing that you ask that it be a does one hundred percent fuel some of that, because a lot of these kinds of a labour type jobs have been taken, But another thing that is causing, though the homeless crisis in need, in LOS Angeles, is, is that there is the is the drug epidemic. There are there's a thing called patient and we actually have a story coming on that patient brokering, where people are using Obamacare to fly to fly people out to LOS Angeles, to rehab and then, when they end up using them using me, the health insurance up they end up getting stuck here in LOS Angeles, and there has been a huge surge of of torrent, basically go. We have today
here in the in the southern California area that has been, that is it being attributed to do the homeless surge. Of course, last basically follows the passing of, though Bonnac here and spoken, the parents that basically been through this, and they point directly to Bonnac here as being part of the reason why their kids have gotten out here unless analysing and get in the bidding stuck up here, you're covering also one other story. I wanna cover with you. Why does the black community vote almost unanimously for Democrats? You know we are that's where we're releasing to episodes on Thursday, so I guess is launching this this day- and I heard a radio said podcast of Chechnya. And one of the episodes is on this question and we speak the candidate. When's and diamond and silk- and we get their opinion on why the black community, as both voted almost unanimously,
at least the nineties, you know 90s and what we are told is but they ve, been condition their entire life about that way and they use the tool grace men and envy and be they claim of racism to kind of scare people on, and it is no other community within the United States than boats. Ninety percent plus for one party: do you see a regional? Do you see a change coming in that? Do they they do they do it? I'm hopeful, I really feel like we war. We will be able to tangibly see I'm better America. When that happens, when we, when you see sixteen twenty twenty five percent of the black community boating ample Republicans you're going to see a different America that point Patrick girl. She so good to talk to you and
regulations on the podcast. I think it's really really dynamic and you do a great job on it. Thank you. So much will talk This is the best of the programme and don't forget rain us on. I took care. We all know about. Fox in the Chicken house right, the sneaky fox it tricks everybody into believing that he's the best animals are protected chickens and then, when everybody turns back, he eats all the chickens. What a surprise! It's a fox right! That's this was to learn from it in the wake of terrible shooting in Pittsburgh at the tree of life, synagogue, the women's March, which is Incredibly well, funded group for grass roots campaign came out in pearl clutching support of the victims.
Now they didn't do this without a lot of underhand digs towards the President and America, with its athletes, xenophobia, here's the official statement from the women's March on Twitter. Today, we are turning our grief into action with jewish action to send a clear message that these anti semitic and xenophobic a cat attacks can never happen again. If you or not in DC tuning around three o clock to our facebook, page and watch and share live stream. That's fantastic, fantastic me! Only problem with this is you know the women's March. I mean the three The highest ranking members have kind of a history of being vehemently anti semitic and, above them, all is Lindisfarne sore, which is the one who have just issued there. Sorcerers main concern is attacking America.
In destroying its western values, so that can be more amenable to Islam source or make no No mistake about it is full of hatred. Everything she says has, as Ben Hateful Any time she has words of support for something red flags should pop up early this month alone, source tweeted, a vague threat to Senator Collins for voting to confirm bread, cabinet of the Supreme Court and her choice of language as usual was racist and bigoted, while pretending to be virtuous. This is Linda, sorceress, tweet a why to woman, Senator is talking about. Presumption of innocence that is never offered to black men in America? You are watching white supremacy, live,
on the Senate floor really want to have to do with white supremacy. She called the democratic process, white supremacy and the black men. What what does have to do with Cavenaugh, where that is not even part of the story. The wake of the shooting in Pittsburgh, sorceress Anti Israel and sometimes anti semitic rhetoric has taken. Quite it turns only she's Judaism's biggest champion Courtney, love, guess. Courtney love the one who married Kurt Cobain, She has even said say: she's nice eyed, her exact. Words were that Linda, Sir Sir, is an anti semitic terrorist. Sorcerer- has repeatedly advocated for the boycott of
real. She has long called for the dissolution of Israel. She is willingly pro palestinian and Anti Israel. She has read really shown. Support for Israel or the jewish community. Yet now all of a sudden. She has a change of heart. I shouldn't have to say what important political event is about to take place. But above all else,. She is an extremist, her laws. We'll tee to Islam demands that she put it before everything else and within Islam and throughout the Koran there is the doctrine of deception. Muslims are forbidden from mixing with people of other faiths, but they must do that because Sometimes they have to convert and spread Islam. Hence the doctrine of deception where lying is encouraged, the
purpose of lying is to smooth over the differences or gain the her hand over an enemy I'm quoting, and to advance the cause, of Islam. In some cases, by gaining the trust of non believers in order. To draw out their vulnerability and defeat them end quote in the Koran three fifty or Allah himself describes. Described as quote the best of deceivers man that doesn't sound, like God,. Linda sorcerer is one the best deceivers. She has stood Hand in hand arm in arm with Love was fair. A. This kind of rhetoric from Louis Farrakhan has been going on for ever, but
Linda SAR Sore that has brought the end of the Democratic Party. She Is the one where she all of the leadership to lie was fair icons, most anti semitic speech. At least one is given in the last six months. It's hard to keep up, because I think you just called juice termites. So make no mistake me No mistake: Linda Sorcerer has a very different view of Amerika. Of american principles of Anti Semitism.
She is a sharp minded fox guarding the chicken coop, it's Tuesday until by thirty April. This is the line that programme are this next segment? I am. I am merely doing for the mainstream media to see if they can figure out at all. Why America doesn't trust them. How are they playing any role in? What's happening, the mainstream media, and this is why they are dangerous right now they are dangerous and they're not dangerous.
In the same way, there anatomy their dangerous, let's give them the benefit of the doubt in their blindness. Whether that is an intentional blindness, which I think it is or just because, they're just in this bubble, and they don't know anybody who thinks differently, but their blindness. Is leading us to some very bad things. Donald Trump is not the problem. Donald Trump is a symptom and he is a symptom of people who feel that they haven't then listen to and they have been screwed by people in Washington and lie. Into by people in Washington and the media. I could give you a million examples? Let's say
you're. Healthcare is gonna, go down twenty five hundred dollars. Did it anybody anybody Bueller Bueller? Did your health care go down, know how, but that you can keep your doctor. How about that? The word socialists and that if you said somebody was a socialist you're, a racist above the teeth did the tea party was violent and that occupy Wall Street, who were actually planting bombs in Cleveland to blow up a blow up a bridge stopped by the FBI that they weren't, that you can't call a bunch of. People clad in black masks throwing molotov cocktails and breaking storefront windows. You cannot call them a mob. I don't know.
People feel that they have been lied to and when I feel that they have been lied to and on Papa being lied to they feel, but They have been singled out as the problem they don't take. Kindly to it. Now right now. The media is all about Donald Trump rhetoric. Now I want you to listen to this, Brian still stupid new Let her thing that goes out every night and he is wherever he supposed to be the check on the press. This. The key message in president trumps, mid term playbook hate the media here. The migrant caravan save me from a democratic oversight. He's trying to stay on message despite the Pittsburgh massacre and the fall out for The wave of male bombs that means he's bashing, the fake
news, while news rooms or on a heightened state of security alert, and it seem to care that about that with me when they were attacking me. My family was under attack. That means he's talking about a mile grant invasion at the southern border, while Authority Is examined the Pittsburgh shooters hatred of invaders and Jews, he scheduled to travel to Pittsburgh on Tuesday. He, even though the mayor has urged him to postpone, is visit. It's likely to be a very story. On Tuesday there was a white house scolding. Sarah Sanders. Surprise the press corps by scheduling a rare Whitehouse briefing on Monday at the briefing Sanders claimed that CNN rushed to blame the president for the pipe bombs He had our CNN pr responded. No press secretary, see an end did not say the real Donald Trump was directly response,
for the bomb sent to our office by his ardent and emboldens border. We did so, that he and you should understand that your words matter every single one of them, but so far you don't seem to get that Bloomberg. Trump is inciting people. The president should be unifying and instead he's exciting people and inciting people said Michael Bloomberg to and exclusive interview on Monday, on October, twenty first, the Pittsburgh Suspect wrote on gab. I have noticed a change in people saying illegals there now saying invaders high, like this, his social media footprint showed how hatred of Jews merged with the hatred of immigrant invaders. We may never know where he heard this hateful language, but right wing
tv and radio has been saturated with invasion, and invaders talk for the last two weeks where Sites in social media feeds had been spreading conspiracy theories about Jews, helping the caravan so I do hope- there's some soul, searching even belatedly about this dehumanizing content and coverage. First key point Fox Fox, Guess, GEO P leaders are all talking about an imminent invasion, even though No such thing is happening on Fox Ike, but more than sixty invaded and invasion references since October, sixteenth invading was brought up more than that Dozen times on Fox business, I count or more than seventy five invasion references, mostly on Lou Dobbs Show by the way this data includes repeats, but now Trump is using this the president apparently isn't second guessing himself on my
I use the word invasion for the first time in a tweet boy, many Americans, perhaps most are looking at. Prompt decision to send fifty two hundred troops to the border as a stunt, poor political theatre on, Amazon, be sees all in Michel Goldberg. She said quote: Trumpet Not only created this big lie about this caravan that his inspired me. Ass murder, but he's now shifting the resources of government to substantiate his lie. At the same time on Fox Tucker Karlsson, refuted arrests reassured his views are viewers that migrant care of and is a real thing. But what do you do with invaders? Oliver Darcy emails? I think the natural question to ask is: what do you do with invaders this rhetoric from foxes particularly charge, because
what it tells the Fox audience who doesn't let invaders into their own, who faced with invaders, one generally uses everything at their disposal to confront them, including force, and that's the message that foxes relating to millions of people and quote Shap speaks the truth quote: there is no invasion, no one. Coming to get you ship Smith said on Monday. There is nothing at all to worry about. The caravan is only talk about the mid terms, that is, the fair and balanced, reliable source critiquing. What's happening, we in the media, damn way, you know, it's weird is I didn't hear any critique if you happen to disagree with them. I heard of it if you happen to agree with them.
I heard all kinds of stuff if you disagreed- and lots of assumptions, but with an add on to sing the ship Psmith tells the truth. Out of her shift. Psmith know who's coming, for you, yet our if they're even coming right, our theory, the guy I mean, like you, know what the word imminent. When is it? Is it a risk- and we know this- Barrack Obama went through in a situation where thousands of unaccompanied minors were coming to the border, and these are not twenty. Five year old children were twenty five year old adults largely like the caravan seems to be but that was a major situation now laden he wasn't prepared for and was unprepared for it, and so there being prepared for this one. Blaze, radio network on demand
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