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11/1/18 - Best of Program - Guests, Bill O'Reilly & Paul Bois

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11/1/18 - Best of The Program - Ep #215 - John Stewart vs. Media? - Beto Madness, Unleashed with Pat Gray - Bill O'Reilly Thursday! - 'Natural Sympathy' for Communists (w/ Paul Bois)

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The blaze radio network on demand. Welcome to the world of the podcast were really excited tonight. We're gonna be in Richmond Virginia. If you happen to be You and the area stopped podcast, attribute tickets, glinda COM, slashed tour and then come see us and listen broadcast on the way. Tomorrow, we're going to be on Friday, we will be in her. She Pennsylvania in Pittsburgh on Saturday, Sunday, Cleveland, Ohio, all the tickets, all the information it Glenn back dot com and we're coming to Florida really soon as well. So tickets are glimpse tat kind of slash tour. Today's part Yes, we start with two saudi students that had been been gone missing. Very strange. Storing, yeah Saudis are very curious. There there on it there America. Now these two studies Sally students from Virginia
they go in and they ask the United States for asylum and then also son. They just disappear and their happens. You know they disappear in Virginia and some are another. They end up. Duct tape to each other on the side of a river in New York Saudis around. We we start with that, also. We have Billow Riley joining us today. Look at some of the issues that happened this week, by joining us for our election coverage, which starts at six p m Tuesday. Only on the blaze tv subscribe now the placed outcomes, less tv I've like coverts number great, but he's gonna talk a little bit about that. Also, the election by the numbers as well. The updates there's a couple. We moved to send a racist from leaders to toss ups, and vice versa, also give you download of how the hell
looks if you lose the prediction markets. People can bet on the outcomes of these and other times. You seem to be more in to look at them the poles? they reflect up some interesting things and we need to develop as well and Paul voice from the daily wire. Is the post communist what's happening in China, all today's podcast? the date it's Thursday November first, but whatever your politics, you can't denied it. John Stewart has a history of attacking the hypocrisy and high ideals of journalism. For his. You know. Subversive approach to media criticism is a firebrand mean anything in the era of President AL drop,
Post, Cavenaugh confirmation hearing world does anything even matter Johns Dave, Chapelle sat down with sea, it ends Christiana Autumn, poor and steward had Two things to say: listen this guy. Is he giving you all cash, the cash, Flow in the Trump Arava for these Tv stations over this isn't can't concede that might have been an issue, and maybe it still is an issue for the people who are being counters, but the journalist. My being counter goodwill, and I, like use words like smoke, because I am a high and mighty mobile anyway, you were saying John go ahead and does it might have been an issue in your avian still is an issue for the people who are being counters, but community is
We, I think, believe that our job is to navigate the truth and to do the fight, checking and all the rest of it. So I think that's what most of it I think you're taking it personally personally wounded and offended by this man. He bade them. And they dive in and what he's done? Well, I thought is appeal to their own narcissism. To there Are you going, because what he says is these are the Bin, the journalist stand say we are noble, we are honoured, How dare you, sir, and they take it personally and now he's chain the conversation to not these policies, are silly or not work. Or any of those other things. It's all about the fight he's he's able to two now everything else and get people just focused on the fight He's right an underground and how dare you say that we really we are we or a friend, It is, of course, very offender because he's a reality and we are not its exact
Clean, what's going on in Stewart. I think, is a funny guy that he is very powerful in in the way he is persuaded. So many people with the daily show ease, got an agenda. I don't know how he would handle the job today. This environment when Trump is present the press has an ugly infatuation with it. I'm a session that pretends to be hatred, it's one to say those things when you're, not in the daily sausage. King business as he can be, opens a you know. I do deserve viewed as being fools immediate. I would never do that, but I dont know if he would be any different. Maybe he would. This. This pretend hatred. I know it's turned real. There is this stock Irish, fixation on Donald Trump,
This fixation on just doing what we gotta go, William and they are com. Legally unwilling to admit that they are in arguably a massive reason. He wrote to power in the first place, and so people tired of it Christiana poor I mean. Does anybody not roll their eyes when they, when she comes up and his report from Cristiano who, indeed it is like Ngos to be fair. It's the most sleep, you know: bike who still media elites who act as if the are the Voice of America who Are you go to some university to get your degree or North America rules now. America, I'm here to tell you that your suspicions are correct. They dont speak for you and agency that look we're this bubble, wearin with all other. You know, o
educated I've got more encourage education than you'd ornament right. I got into a better call. You know these therein that bubble We re in a weariness Whom I wouldn't need deep, no word neck deep in a humorless time now more than ever comedians are rebuking the journalists. There should be interesting. Thing is if we could just detached just a little bit. This is really kind of funny be interesting to watch the best of the gun. That programme it's got a pat whose joining a staff pat unleashed these back on his chain he's unleashed
you know in the morning prior to this programme, also back on the chamber is unleashed. Well, we ve changed him, a situation which is really after that you can unleash him for more than a couple of hours. I remain our about. What's What, sir, what you know everything you just said there is why I get so pissed off every time. I see a better sign on somebody's yard and I think our doping. Can you be why. Why do you want a socialist in Texas? What's the matter? Are you ready for this one? What are you thinking in Florida. Lord we're He's an avowed socialist he's, an avowed socialist by the way, pretty Mirage outworking of air yellow, and so now Florida is, I believe, one or two on the on the list of fifty the freest states, I believe Florida is one or two. If
he gets into office in his proposals. Gosh put them down in the. Oh forties from one or to wild forty, seven or forty eight? That's amazing the head by six point: what is what are you mad linking madness? Every I drive into my neighborhood. I see this better sign and so last night we're out Turkey trading with the kids in and their kids, so migrant kids out trick or treating, and we go to the house with a better sign on like this, they probably poison their candy. We feel we should stop demonizing people points so so then, she'll supper door, the woman of the house and she's, where in a battle for set a t shirt on top of it, like a really really, you you're even get it too neighbors neighbours in every single one of them is a crook crews that every single one of them
and so I just and in your face to everybody, less excuse me what is hollowing all about and in your face to everybody in the neighborhood? Yes, what is it all about dressing up? Something that you're not yet made ready with a view to address is something not decorate your house to make it the scariest am a house. I can open up your door, yes I told you, I told Jackie, I'm going to go up and ask her and earn enough the thirty five thousand dollars or forty thousand their pain and property taxes. Just isn't enough to pay more and Jackie said no, no you're, not gonna there you're not going up there did you are not going up the nothing fundamentally tranquillity was more important. There is a point we're Pat unleashed, is least its when Jack has ever yeah. That's an I usually. She saw the age so what they give away. The House party favors, not even the others,
You know those new year's things a blow into you're kidding me. So, first of all, that's all for the rest of the night for Margaret for my grandkids? Secondly, I'm sure they don't believe in candy I will he be. They don't believe we can only be carried over the kids globally, the guarantee that lets you can't do that to children and what about you The epidemic in this complex probably do all. That is what it is. You know. That's You know I hears. I remember because in you're too young pat you'll, remember this during amber going to people's houses before the big fake scare? on Halloween man, you would get kicked candy apples, you would get popcorn ball. I remember me
the time you wouldn't know you'd. Actually, yes, you'd make the popcorn ball and we didn't have store, bought and candy. When I was really young, we did not yet store, bought and candy. You you'd go to house to house and people would make stuff. One who saw you and make stuff Irish member. There was some lady like that. Better voter, there is is, ladies old lady and she live. And she thought she was gonna, be the good door of there and she would give us toothbrushes. Every? Oh, my god, and she would give us a good guys know she would say: stop it. There's you, because you have got, allows swayed to make sure your breath she had. Tea is a toothbrush about have another one via next year, and I remember looking coming back here at this hour- lie here that letter. It's interesting. You know that you bring up that the thing that never happened, that the you there was
Never a razor blade in anybody's apple. There was never other poisoned. Popcorn ball never happened, so the poison was in a pixie Stick in Houston and it was a dad killed his own children over the insurance money. It was so sad really suddenly he was executed for the crime like right away. You fucking whence he tales in seventy four. He was executed in seventy four Maria yeah. He was a year. That's at least that's what I just learn: yeah used to happen pretty quickly, but he deserved it. And that's the only known, documented case of candy poisoning, but there's never been to my knowledge, ever been a razor blade and where you why? Why? to stick thing is amazing. Does he put? I don't know what kind of poison cyanide cyanide people cyanide in the picture Charlie Manson's house, who I know new net. Her happened, never happened, the picture,
The thing is amazing. Has he put? I don't know what kind of poison cyanide cyanide people cyanide in the pixie sticks for his own children. They went the door, the pixie stakes just through into their bag they get home add. Can we have any candies, not tonight, kids? What you can have one pixie stick, and so he knew any put the pixie Stick and lay down the pixie sick. They die. He called police police, like oh, my god. Oh my children, who do this. It was one of our neighbours, all Neighbours, nobody was giving out. Pixie sticks turns out to be him and it angels, America, it ITALY did it. Did it changed everything it I mean we went framers once then you you, don't anybody know and you it. It opened up all that well you throw away anything that didn't come from a store. First of all, anything that wasn't prepackaged, you throw it away. I remember as a kid as a kid looking at those things, because we grew up every week.
Were of people that made great stuff and It would be like are now MRS Paulsen she's made. This is so great cheerleaders, an analogy wean you get it in your your parents. Go: I'm not sure you sure you that that from her house I think so thrown away and or anything that was even, like mildly, opened. That right, you know me, I'm gonna be somehow towards you put in the bag. Note we had to throw that away too, as if, like your injecting poison into something like it's a rip, burger rip it open and then inject the poison pen needle whole throughout the actual wrapper. Let it go through that won't get it is it's crazy and look? What happened to us? Look what happened to us! We no longer trust each other. You think everybody's out to get us. It was one story either by the media pushed out into the media, because he s old newspapers and I've got television coverage. Then it distorted and twisted into stuff. That wasn't true. We didn't need so media. We need
one story and look what it did to us too. Maisie mean into the point where they even had emergency room. X, Ray handy are member that only one issue of time and money, crazy, just crazy! Can't you can take your kid you're candy to nobody Nobody thought to say this isn't happening right. This is not happening. There's no case of this. None, it's really hard, Dinah its that's the precursor to social media, urban legends right I mean that its. Concept it, but now it's so much easier, and so many more believe them. Yes, you know it used. It would probably really hard to start that fake rumour back in eighteen. Eighty two, or whatever fancied late Seventys? When when became the thing we have to begin x, Ray you candy X, Ray now me put it out there within a week. Everyone believes it was because this is that this is the progress, the blessing, the curse in the old days. All you needed was a legitimate.
Worry on Walter Cronkite, that nobody really saw you and they They heard this story and then what no, I saw it with Cronkite. Some guy was killing children in Houston. That spread. Like wildfire there, no there's! No, where to go where you gonna go again. If somebody gonna take the time to go to the library and look up the Houston Chronicle defined the story, no, so it just becomes reality, now we can tell the story and I can guarantee that there's people listening right now that are googling. That story to say wait. A minute is a true and you're gonna spend a day and they ll read it and they'll know everything about that story. The problem is The same time. That blessing has happened, the curse of be able to make fake news. You know Russian you know, but this information can panes and just sick people who were just making stuff up. That also exists but
He won't take the time before it was. What am I gonna do go to the library and asked for them to send a copy of the no now we won't even take the time to do anything, but read thy headline a little bit of that story and send as somebody else. You do your homework and look at how we, story changed America, think of Cavenaugh thinking, many of these stories that are out there. Think of oh, how many sources have said. Donald Trump is risk, sensible for the shooting in Pittsburgh, not true, not true Nevis. The shooter hated Donald Trump hated him and That's going to be that will be in our history books. I clearly, I'll, be in our history, books, by the way. I don't want to disseminate fake news. Ronald O Brien. Candy man is excluded. Eighty four, not seventy,
yes, it protects the average inflation rate o Brien any relation to better. Yes, These are words who had I'm thinking really rules have also like. I really don't think I'm asking that about Bill O Reilly as well, because that I thank you very much. Your listening to the best of the global programme like listening to this past. If you're not a subscriber, become one now an item the while you're there do us a favour and rate the shell billow, rightly where we can pick the brain of a giant. He's on the programme now a day early, because I don't know I can't get up early to Morrow or he wants to sleep in Scott jammed he said he wants to play with his dog, I'm not sure, but he's made time for all of us. I'm curious billow, rightly
I mean Job Carolina back, you mean of Carolina on the road to Morrow, and I wanted to give you and stew my divided attend thank and its enemies. If not the most informed analyzed in America, it's the most stew. A small stute work say that work will say at eight Waverley. I wouldn't let Ville lots going on this week. Where would you like to start- I think the friend Z. The media covering the elections It is worth talking about the case You know they get a lot invested in this the national media and sort of Hollywood Hollywood is making a push like. I have not seen before they are everywhere those pin, I don't mean anything, you out everything. Because the region, one Hollywood, star. Now they can open a movie. It used to be
the committee's work or John Wayne. You know the oil Schwarzenegger bigger open. Movies of people would just go to see the film because they were in it. That's gone there isn't any body out there of super. Door stature. So does your left with Robert Deniro cursing you know guys who, having showered in five days- and I don't even know who they are per win free- is in Georgia this weekend, who Oprah. Opera is gonna, be on the tour with MRS Obama, the the the campaign for the governor of George. Ok, ok, yeah, he's campaigning right. I think she's gonna lose, I think, of the river. Looking will win in Georgia, but
Come back here original, brilliant question: what do you want to talk about Iraq and I must have studied you're. You install discuss that for about three hours in national media. Have so watch on the line here, because if the Republicans pull it out in the house in the control, both houses of Congress and struts around, like it's me, gazetted. Eighty seven thousand rallies and everybody loves me: where's, the media go, I mean they're just to the ground. I I agree with you on this, but I don T frenzy now here but they will do. Of course they will say you know what America's even more racist, even with them, thought even with the shooting and the bombing they this is so America's apparently that's maybe even more. I know that, but they won't even more. You know what you started to attack the messenger in the sense that p
we'll have to you by your newspaper. Watch you on television. You keep insulting them you're driving people away. And you know it is a tribalism thing now at decree on television news- whatever try. Iberian, that's station you. What do you say that you go see the study that came out that eighty nine percent of CNN View is no Democrat, of course, came at a ninety five percent of Fox NEWS, yours, ninety five percent. It wasn't like that. It was not like that when I was there and you were, there was not like that. No, and so now, if you know my tribe, has this channel and then all the networks at high, very high democratic boating people I see in an hour they anybody else's really following this, I I think if tromp is real did in the end the Republicans maintain control.
That the national media in his country is going to explode, in a bad way for them because They are as crazy, It is, then that the word is I've ever seen in my forty five years and journal of so we ve never seen people there like foam at the mouth back. You know it's it's it's bizarre, this this week, Don Lemon said we have stop demonizing people and realise that the real terrorist in this country are white, males mace, not mainly on the right that that's a quote in the same too sanguine, you or stew, or me said, the real threat black mails on the left What if we had said that wider, we would be doing, we would be, we would be done by way way way way way way, that we would have been fire and hung and whipped,
and every and then tied to a steak with twigs and burned before so now, let's, let's go back. Why I kinda lemon say that about because I'm portion american population because they know dawn and they know he's not a racist, and you know we also know what's going on in the country. We know Donald, Romania's or racist, so it does. I may not here's the deal if the press fair and looking to the truth, they would cover Don lemon alike. They covered Megan Kelly. Yes, in the black face: yes, yes right, but they don't So therefore, people who are engaged in that most people in the media. There are no dominoes dynamic. Let me go out today and as eight weeks, lemon negative that lemonade, why why why they don't know one? But you know, but the media, could have destroyed him could have
that's a racist statement, I dont believe, the dawn, lemons erases, because I never call people races unless their members of the clan of the Nazi Party than I can say with a surety that they are but your gear, Irina Country now wearing a country. Now, where the truth doesn't matter anymore and that's show frightening me so I know I'm asking you to speculate which you never do but you're looking at the polls you're following the I'm an and you're Europe you're feeling the mood of the country. What do you think is coming for election night, very tight all over the place? There a very tight up late you know it's in places like Montana. In his own dad story in the Senate, races this just air tight. And I think that's how it's gonna play out? So I believe that the senate-
maintain its republic, status, and maybe the GEO Peel pick up two seats and ass is impossible to say because you don't know the candidates and you don't know how much money is pointing into small districts, but the day Republicans have to do and so many more seats in democratic and just by the eyes. Just by that, you would say the Democrats should be very close to a majority in the house. But if it's only three or four, cheap majority. It is really matter because trumps gonna be appeal away a few boats from modern democratic for what he wants to do, if its twenty two Five seats on a democratic party than you, gonna have gridlock for two years and you eat and even of its four you're gonna have hearings in investigations and non stop. Don't you think I doubted because from my read of the Mahler investigation, how things are and he's gotta get it even issuer report Mozart.
Tell non american public what he found or didn't No, it was some say knowing it was supposed to be issued right after the election. That's what I varieties. He, According to my sources, future impeccable he's gonna fall. Back on. This was a criminal investigation, we're not breed argues against anybody in the tromp administration and ass, by sea. Later I'm around. If you need me for anything else, because it you are an investigative agency and you find nothing against do right. Don't put out a resort oyster exonerates. Do you say we need? anything when I can prosecute that's what he's to do, seventeen million dollars. That's what we're again, however, the inspector general in the Justice Department has the issue his report, whether FBI intentionally booted,
the russian collusion investigation. At times right into Molly. Now he has to get specific, but he'll do what he did the last each time we ll go you're real guy, but thanks a lot sway our bureau, she works you very really get anybody you whom others declarative that some points a finger. They don't do this. Guys! You see why exports What does this mean? Then? If the democratic control, you don't believe in that they have a chance of taking the Senate. Do you, I am even if that happens, that Armageddon for tromp. Yes, if they Take the house in its dealings with likely that its twenty five or three hours close, it's gonna be under ten. I'm probably gonna be wrong. What does the? What does the country look like a year from now with me? You know, a
a house that is controlled by the Democrats. I just don't think it's gonna, be there a good deal. I dont think that the democratic parties gonna launch article live impeachment B the loser presidential race. Thousand twenty. I mean time. Those fast and I just don't see the leadership such as it is a democratic party wanting Donald Trump RE elected president, and if you're going to do you know put up a cabinet situation against Tromp reassuring his re election because he's got forty five percent of the electorate. Now comes got forty five percent of the vote. Now, you do anything crazy. You push uneasily into fifty five people. That there are Ali, secular, progressive, volleys progressives running around there. A very few in number, but there wages are heard because the media act in concert with them are right there.
That many of them most Americans are in the middle. You know they just want to have a government functions. Well, so they have opportunity and raise their cage and more car. That's what they do, but they don't like persecution, they don't like dishonesty and no I mean in New Jersey Data rays on watch, we're talking about the elections next weekend, Menendez who is running in New Jersey. Let's start, let's talk about that, the eyes loosened support faster than if the Democrats lose New Jersey. We'll be stunning. There's no noise to live in New Jersey, I'll anybody goodbye for Robert Menendez, I just can't imagine it and that disturbs me- I mean this guy. He just and it was a Hungary just just got in Senate Ethics Committee hammered home and then you're gonna could catch a balance. That is man, I mean, oh, my god.
And this is corruption. You know this beyond any reasonable doubt decision, and that is a thing when you said you know people don't like corruption, they don't, but they know about. What are they seem to excuse at alive. Point lead over the report looking challenger in majority now that Lee it is a and commercials her devastating here against Menendez, so I think might go to the republican column, still doubting the students, it was just really good at stats. Yeah I mean I am. We ve been tempted so many times to believe that New Jersey going to let you know it's going to happen and it's really. The only example of where really has was the Christie election. When we become Design, but that was the same type of situation and Manette is. Should we go down for this? I don't know if you will, but am hopeful levy, Lydia go ahead, in the other states that its really tough is Arizona and in
now. I said yesterday on the no spin news, which of course is the news cast of record now in America next to the blaze and music coming split. Well, I said yesterday that I dont see if there's gonna be a big, african American turn out for the mid terms, larger than usual or hispanic American could be rise, panic american thinkers, the caravan got their attention, but the cab thing. You know that doesn't engage generally speaking people- who really trying to make ends meet and had not watching cable and are not reading the newspapers and not locked in they have them do so much just to survive. So what is the thing I mean? I know it's driving the ends. You know the thee Democratic socialism stop tromp drive and that probably
the caravan and Ann Cavanaugh Drumming driving that what's driving the bridge person to go out and vote building the actual those debating a democratic pulse her and he actually agreed with me that that minorities probably won't come out in Greece. Numbers, but then he, As you know, these liberal white women in the suburbs taken up at the dams over the top It is tribal, there's no doubt about and in which driving people? The overwhelming issue in this country now is Donald Trump, so the overwhelming issue, his his supporters law him. They are engaged their energize, and they're gonna go and vote straight republican ticket and the people who don't I gotta going, do the exact opposite, so you can talk, health care can talk. The economy can talk the issues it about I'll drop, he knows it
That's why you running around everywhere. They tried, you know, get his supporters to overwhelm is detractors, let's let's go to Florida gear, is a an avowed socialist, Florida is not Manhattan, but he is now head by five points to happen in there. I think this this is a bad candidate public inside get no charisma. People don't know who he is dealing is got the democratic I wish my locks about estate money coming in big big money, so it can be Commercials and populated zones. The machine, the democratic machine in Florida is very well organised.
In Orlando Day, county brow had county palm Beach carrying a the Tampa area. It doesn't seem like the Republicans or is organised now on the Senate race. I think the governors got there popular has guiche as a shot. If the people in a Panhandle devastated by the hurricane can get it together and vote cassettes, republican territory I know Florida. Well, I taught eyes glared and in its not the way, when I was, there is now a state that is very, very ideological. Well, when you really went when you were there, though, I believe Cornelius Vanderbilt had just built. The first railroad now palms delay own, and I o k are a very good browser. I did know they had high school back then, but certainly for that the view that at
apparently never founded Bill Parallel, never found it. Ok back! You didn't you put your audience today have eyes, then you can get me. It's scary, isn't it I mean I am looking more and more like Colonel Sanders. Every day, I'm chickens following you around my guy. Well, the suicidal ones. The tickets please make this, and I cannot see it in another minute. Please you, how will we make? I wanted to ask you that, Did you ever you happy with the way the with day went yesterday? Yes, a seems, like an odd question, yes, I was I was- I would make it anybody- did anybody shaving cream your? How did you get any of that? No, I have live. I live in a compound. There's I've swat teams I paid urchins-
so now. I'm gonna get my I'm gonna have to get your money back. You gonna get a gazette, didn't that didn't happen. You're listening to the best of the Glen Back Programme, Bob this is with us now he's right over the daily wire. He was a guy. You gotta start writing for Ben Shapiro, twenty thirteen- he is what is known as Vocs Day II, for they Michael Knolls, show and it yet. An article caught my eye that he wrote about the Chinese Cardinals Pope France. This has a natural sympathy for communists and he makes some pretty.
On statements here that I'm hearing other people actually report mode. People of your Catholic or you know, a lot of Catholics. Most people are asking these questions, but no one seems willing to answer them. Paul has welcomed program Paul. I they when they deprive you bet so. I've been won Jeanne this Pope for a while a lot of people. I mean as soon as CNN and said. Oh, my gosh o this guy is wonderful, I remember when the smoke before the smoke had cleared the chimney. Cnn was all over him and I thought Oh, that's gotta be bad we're watching him and he has a tendency to not like capitalism. He has a tendency like statism Marxism, etc, etc. But what he's dead in China is truly breathtaking you explain first, what he's done
So, essentially, the deal in China now above provisions of it, haven't we ve been fully laid out, but the insiders close the deal and that people on the ground tried at a pretty much stated the chinese communist government. You have. U, war in selecting bishops and the port is basically just going to have the power and So the underground church in China is whose people to the holy see is going to join the official church in shunted it's right, recognised by the communist government and thirty bishops that are associated with that when did become a minority in the bishops, compress okay. So the end, though, the only thing, the only reason the Catholics really survive and are growing is because of the. Underground church, and it's my:
their standing that having a foreign leader. Basically, a point, your bishops in the history of the two thousand year, history of the church. It's never happened. Basically, as I mean we have in history, I mean France, certain, the french crown certainly have played a role in selecting bishops by say: you'd, never works out her the church when that out of the people he certainly yeah or the people and the certainty won't. Do People in China or the chinese church was is essentially going to happen. I mean China, the tear about about religion. So what do you say of either? The Pope has deal power on the bishops they point. Let's av those ten times. What motivation to China have to give him a bishop, but he won't go to say about it.
Until they don't care that they have no motivation whatsoever to work with the holy see correction along correct something? You just said, because I think it was a misunderstanding or Miss speak China every reason to care about religion- want to destroy religion and make it into a train. He's tool to bring you to communism, I agree with that. I mean they don't care if religion is doing well or healthy, they crashed ages. Did so one motivation. Do they have to work with the power to give him a bishop that he wants to be vetoes want their point So in hearing in your article you talk about Marcello Sanchez surrounding he's an archbishop, and yet he's the guy he's from Argentina and he the guy negotiating this where he writes? If I may quote from your article
yeah. He has said about China Quote You don't have shanty towns, you dont have drugs. Young people, don't have drugs there's up. Positive national consciousness. They want to show that they ve changed. They ve already accepted private property. End quote wow breathtaking rightly so. The- u make the case that the Pope like
Communists because he only knows communists that have been persecuted ye. I think that an carnal then said the same thing in his peace, but he won't come into your time. I think the key paragraph and his whole article is framed. This may have natural sympathy for communism coding now because for him they are the persecuted, you don't know them as the persecuted once they become empower light the communists in China. So I think what we have here with both branches is the inverse Ojo.
Second, but not all. The second grew up after the communists revolution. He grew up after all, the rhetoric and once their power, and all you see this persecution so jumbo second had a very staunch opposition against communism was both breakfast. He grows up during the revolution. Were communism thing over for the poor. We love the boar and, of course, the right wing military governments that their opposing archangels either, and so he views communism through that wind. I think that's what sort of burning him to have a spring him to have this soft warm spot for them and not seeing it for what it is to get the church has throughout the centuries
the Twentyth century, condemned communism as an evil ideology and socialism as he died ideology. It's my address, the matter. It deprives people by the poverty It is why I figured I can remember, knows I'm blind wrong on this Pope LEO. Who is he who was the so called Hitler's pope? It was. We owe it was well they say, pyres, pious, hope, pious, but that that who has he was not Hitler's Pope that was this information from the fire More Soviet Union, the communist, eight Catholics they hate them how this pope is getting into bed with him. Yes, as I think that certain very clear, with the whip, chinese deal. What does this mean to thee? The Christians in the Catholics in China
In real life, while ere, it means am I mean? Certainly China is not stopping their persecution of them. They destroyed several churches and they levelled several Marian tries even after the steel was sign of them, they're just gonna he persecuted. I bet they're going to. I think their morale is gonna, be lowered because, unlike the Communists in Eastern Europe, during the time of Pope John Paul, secondly felt like their moral here and I dont think they're going to feel better. I think that it is going to hold them. Ultimately. In the end, you Catholic. Yes! Yes, I admit I want. I want to clarify. I very much believe that it always seen and very much believe in view of the church. Fear- and my criticism here comprises is simply the statesmen and as an administrator, and I think that's what the majority criticism towards full Frances in recent weeks with the recent letter by Archbishop big, I know I know
and all but I've been working well happen about tee. So I wanted to ask you if you're a critical area catholic. As I know you are, but I want to make sure that be. I know that you are a up a strong catholic you're, not one of these. We know sideline catholics like I used to your strong Catholic, so let me ask you this question. I do not mean offence by it, but I see the way this pope is behaving here on in on our continent, with the scandal of the children? And I just don't understand it, I see how he's come out against capitalism and- and he is does not seem to be a friend of freedom now with this in China. Are you concerned that this is the this guy is not
Bill Francis, like I certainly am, I certainly think, is actions in recent years, certainly shown bad with by regarding the child sex abuse scandal. He, so did Cardinal World Washington DC resignation after several weeks, and he sent him off with very glowing letter of course I dont know how to millyard you or with the archbishop dignity and gave a very detailed accounts using both branches having taken sanctions off cardinal carried, there were imposed upon him by Pope Benedict, and I think those allegations are very thought seemed very credible. After several weeks of investigations- and still he is not given any public statement on it, it's been lots of gas lighting from the people in a circle. So I e- I am there,
concern about a crisis as the administrator sigh and act as a leader of the Churchwarden Paul. Thank you so much amount of time, but please stay in touch with me because I am I am fascinated. The Pope plays a huge role in today's world. And he is he's almost a tipping point in some ways, and I read the enjoy talking to devout Catholics about it, who does just don't have an axe to grind. So. Thank you. So much polyborus, you bet randomly on. You, met you and follow Paul at Paul voice. Be oh. I ask all boys thirty nine the blaze radio network on demand
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