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4/13/17 - President Trump's big reversals...The Maple Family and Jack Barsky Join Glenn

2017-04-13 | 🔗
The rapid evolution of a president? ...Are President Trump's reversals good? ...Governments coming after our kids...CPS took a 7 year old child with ADHD from his parents. Glenn talks to the parents ...When schools overstep their boundaries ...Former KGB spy Jack Barsky stops by to discuss his book "Deep Cover" ...The incredible life of a Russian spy. The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio Facebook: Glenn BeckTwitter: @glennbeck

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The blaze radio network on demand. America. Welcome to the program a couple of things going on next hour, we're going to talk to christian maple. He is the father of seven year Old Camden make Maple this a kid up in Ohio that the cool, said: hey he's got he's riddled with at t. He says the stop paying attention in class and that you've got to put him on medication and the family said now. When I put it, we don't have these problems at home. He's bored well that wasn't good enough. The school called the Department of Child protective services and they've taken from the from the family going to talk to the coming up in about an hour in an hour three today deep undercover Jack Barsky anybody, a fan of
the Americans yeah. I watched really. Well, that's I live little bits and pieces. It looks really highly love it really good Jack Barsky is one of those that he was an undercover. He lifted yeah same time period in the 80s. He came here as a KGB agent. Work against Ronald Reagan and the american policies exactly like the a, through Teen years later, When is the wall falls down here? Now The United States- hey, I'm here, I'm glad to be here and try to stay here, Thirteen years later, he still going back and forth with the United States government, says, look I'll give you some information. If, if I can become a citizen I'll give you everything, I know what did
Jack barsky know that he held for thirteen years. That made the government say. Oh ok, we'll take that deal he's with us today he's going to talk about relations with Russia, what what he thinks? Putin is really up to an that his life as an undercover KGB agent when Reagan was president, that's in our three, but we begin today with the six flip. Off day the president of the United States and don't get me wrong. Some of these I like
some of these made him a better president. In my eyes, six flip flops in one day and they're, not small. We begin there right now The Glenn Beck program we have about six shows were going to try to shoehorn into this show today. I've the great from Kevin Williamson to from national review. He wrote this great thing, United Airlines is why people hate capitalism. And it is a great observation and I I also want to tie that to something that I want to teach that you are us
science denier, a science denier. If you don't believe in capitalism and I'm going to, I will make a good case, if you believe that for me to get rich you have to. I have to take get from somebody else. If being rich, your leaf is hurts other people you're a science denier prove it to you that you are living. It an unevolved human being give that to you coming up in just a second. So yesterday, Donald Trump took six campaign positions, an reverse them and none of them are small, but it probably was the most obvious to people was NATO. He said It was obsolete. It's no longer obsolete. That's a very, very Trump waited change changes mine.
Notice he's not changing his mind, he is saying it was obsolete. It is no longer obsolete. He said it's not an inconsistent position. If you have come in and magically changed the organization he said I complained along time ago about that, don't fight terrorism, and now they do fight terrorism. Of course, they had been fighting terrorism in the entire thing. They were with us fighting terrorism. Right. But, however, will say I mean I I think all of us maybe agree that this is a positive yeah right thought was a terrible block away from NATO bad position he took during the campaign. This is a good change, yeah, I'm all in for NATO. Anybody let Steve Bannon's of the world are losing their mind today, because I mean he flew. Lot on a lot of stuff here's, one that didn't get as much attention with the mainstream of America, this.
Is enormous. China The number one currency manipulator. How many did we hear that, but they're not manipulating their current. Get well new position. He said they were manipulating, but now he now that they're not manipulating their currency. He said he would call them attracts currency manipulator. On day, one of the presidency and then now he said they're not they're, not not okay, well, but that, but they are Donald so are we I mean we are actually the world's largest currency, manipulator printing, eight really dollars is manipulating our currency we are the largest currency manipulators in the world? China is a close second, but to say that they're, not manipulating their currency. It depends on your definition of this, of course,
printing a trillion dollars. Right, I mean like: are they manipulating their currency in in normal human speak? Yes, there's a specific accusation he's making their when they call it currency manipulation and by the way is one I was trying to would start doing again, because we but it does is make all of our products cheaper, because I was If you look at the outside their ago, well, bureau curse even if it's really bad and then trying to stop doing it, should stop doing it. Why is trying to doing it? The accusation is they're doing this to keep the jobs. The factory jobs in in lowering the price of their exports right, yes right, it's so the other they are and they are and a really, until fairly recently, fairly recently they haven't really done it in a little while, but still, but the idea is would you support a candidate who did what they are doing right. If it's such a smart policy to your currency to lower the price of exports. Would you
for candidate who said what I'm going to do is subsidized products so that other countries can buy them I'm going to lower the price of our products, I'm going to subsidize the purchase of products by other countries of our materials. Would you support that prop policy? For any pet, president that ran in this country. Nobody would nobody, would nobody would so I actually, what trying to to start continuing or start manipulating their currency again because does- is there paying for your products? That is a terrible policy want to do it good next was JANET. Yellen JANET yellen. Of course, she's Pelo Cole and she's only doing what Obama wants her to do. She should be ashamed of herself and she's going to be out and she's going to be out yesterday, I like her? I respect her she's back in I like the low interest rate policy. I just have to be honest with you:
it's not going anywhere. This is all yesterday by the way that one is the right. So is that a good one, because so far I think the first two, I would say are good, because the chart, the current, manipulation beyond the the actual truth of it is a sign to say he's not launching a trade war with China, yes, I think, I think, is a good thing. So those two, I think I think it's two for two positive flip flop, but remember We are now out of step with most of his voting base, because they knew They wanted a trade war because he said The reason why we are getting screwed by China were going screwed by them, they're manipulating their currency, which they are And they are making their goods cheaper, which they are and it's all unfair and we're out of balance, and we can't live like this. I'm going to bring the jobs back now he's just said the cause for
the jobs being lost to China isn't happening, and so he not going to put up any barriers for that. So if you were a trump supporter- and you believed him that that The problem and his cure was right. Then you don't you don't like this flip flop? What I would say to those people is get all one word get on board. Get on the war on three behind elections. Have consequences? Was a binary choice and we get. This is different. No, it's not thank you. This is like we are stop it. That's not helpful That is not. We just said we agreed with both of those flip flops that people like Alex Jones, I'm sorry for opposing him it's wrong, No, it's wrong. Get on the train, I'm not talking about Alex Jones. I'm talking about the actual people who are hurting. Financially
they are. They were desperate for someone to help them. He convince them that this was the solution. And they believed him and they may still believe that that is the solution and they've just been sold out again. That's a bitter pill to swallow, get over it, stop it get over The man's president Series get behind him top. A lot of those people. Listen to us and are trying to trying to make their through I've just been hold down the river? That's not it! That's not a happy place, it isn't and if it breaks it, your shows that obviously, principles and policies are more important personalities. You can't, if you, if you put your faith in man, you're going to be let down, but again, I don't have when we we don't know what the guiding principle, there is no overarching philosophy The problem is, is well he's
to surround himself with good people. Will yes, if you thought the good people, which half of his voters did thought that the good people were the Breitbart Bannon's of the world. They're gone. If you thought it was the poleman afford to the world they're gone. If you think it is, if it was the conservatives. The rebels that we're going to take over the the the GOP position? They're gone? If you think it was the GOP over the Democrats, the GOP is about to be gone and you're to get all democratic advisers he's moving towards that direction? I mean And the reason is, there's no overarching philosophy except I want to win the yeah, but Trump. Okay, so it's like to bring you right now we really have to get past this.
Yeah. But I think these, my honest opinion is what I said earlier is that look. These are contagious, If the argument is, we were concerned some of them and will all of them, but I can somewhat you know. We were concerned of of of some of the stuff that he was saying in the campaign in the fact that he's backing off of those positions that would be damaging. Our is positive. So here's my here's, my real concern, things like the Things like banning. I I there's? Nobody that warned against Bannon more than me would you agree I mean I was the chief guy, in fact, a lot of people around me saying: stop, don't forget it about planning it. Is it he's a dangerous guy, so there's nobody that was more concerned about Bannon. I am concerned and about the vacuum that he will now leave. Who replaces him there 'cause there's no overarching philosophy,
I'm glad he's gone, but what does it mean for the future? I don't know and what Bannon going to do is banned in going to go back to break apart and turned against. Well, we should mention Ben is not completely, God is he's not he's lost a lot of influence on the set and a lot of there's a lot of reports that he may be gone his way yesterday on yet yesterday, Donald Trump called in just another guy yeah he's gives you I mean he had already beaten, all the governor's and senators. No! No! This is a new. This is a new one where I have to find This is a new for a new thing that he said yesterday that said. I don't have it in front of me. That Bannon is he's, it's no different than everybody else. No question is the meaning? Is roll there's? No? Oh, my gosh yeah he's just another guy in a pool of voices before he was the chief strategist, now just another guy, he is on his way out How does that end?
What does that mean that mean that Breitbart continues? go all right hard, alt right and now torpedoes this president and there is a party even more. I don't know so he reversed in the same interview he reversed his. On the export Import Bank, most people don't know what that is. But that's a really bad thing. If you're a free market person, you don't want the export Import Bank Trump is called it unnecessary. During the campaign said it was horrible, now fine and he likes it and it does. A lot of companies quote does a lot of good I don't know they may be doing free mammogram screenings at the export import. Yes, free cancer screenings and condoms right so lot of good for women,
yeah, but export import is one, I would say, that's a bad flip flop. For me, I, like the I, like his opinion during the campaign on that and this probably abandoned influenced position. I don't know that, but it seems like Trump would be for the export Import Bank, judging by his history. And he is cronyism and now he's come to that position, so that one, I think, is bad. But overall so far. I think I would be two for three thousand three hundred and forty four. I mean the yelling, I'm kind of a different for the only one I. I don't have any huge problem with Yellin as the FED chief she's. You know not my farm problems with the FED period period and and so, if he would, he would be replacing a yellow one, someone else, and I don't know who that would be. So I don't know it in which you had that information. It's hard to judge that one unless you're replacing with somebody from the Dallas FED it doesn't make for Saint Louis, maybe yeah, but still yeah, you're right, I I don't know, there's a huge thing there, but I mean that's, that's not terrible. It's not a terrible day. No, I in the bottom right and you know what I'm going to take a quick break and then I come back and tell you what happened.
China. Yesterday we may see, me seeing a repeat of Richard Nixon in the 1970s with China worked out. Really well is uh. Big weekend for North Korea and we will probably know if North Korea isn't lying probably know by Monday, whether or not united it's in China have turned over a new leaf sign up for the newsletter and get all the info. You need to know what Glenn Beck dot com, mercury, we're not finished. The the reversals and, if you are somebody who believed Donald from it was going to do some amazing things. It's got to be a hard hard. For you, although do you some of them, you know like like we're sitting good thing yeah, but not if you believed he It's going to you know he. He took a strong
stand against China saying that's the reason why our jobs and he in some ways he's right his Lucian was not right, but he He was saying the truth about it is Motion was wrong when it comes. Who are hiring them worry about how he was going to bring jobs back yes and now yeah. It was that and tax cuts he is delayed tax cuts. Now. Yes, he has. He also one of the flip flops right. He also was going to Shr the size of government and the first thing he was going to do was freeze all hiring at the federal level which he did yesterday. They reverse that and said we're lifting the hiring freeze for the federal government, I mean If you are, Somebody who believed that he was going to be able to do it, no matter what it is that he has been co opted or
this is who he really is, or whatever I don't know what it is. Like George Bush said to you years ago, it doesn't really matter who's in the presidency. They have to do about the same things George Bush told me in the oval office- and he pointed to the desk, whoever sits behind that desk. Don't worry they will find when they get here, that their hands are pretty tied and they will have to who exactly will have to continue the pretty much the same, because, because of the complexities of the world, though there's only a certain amount of latitude, you really have to to I believe, that's the lie, I mean look as a guy, who has tried to keep the engine running when there's a crash, great depression, you can change everything, you change currency, you can change everything, but as long there's not a crash. You got a the engine running yeah. You know
I'm doing this with my own company right now changing the engine while going seventy miles an hour. Is ours possible. It require the president has more latitude after a crash which warning warning: we have a lot talk to you about including capitalism itself. Next, yeah. This, is the Glenn Beck program like dot com. There is a great article from Kevin, Williamson. United, is why people hate capitalism, but it's the experts, answerable the public who deserve our scorn. Capitalism is popular for four reasons: banks, health insurance companies. Cable providers, an airlines. What,
Do they all have in common, should be easy. Cable, cable, tv banks, health insurance companies, an airlines, highly regulated, right, probably the most regulated industry other than what banking is yeah. Yeah but other than I was going to say, transportation. But really that's that's airlines, but there's no other Energi energy, maybe most definitely energy and in how many of us, like our enerji companies, how many of us don't feel rude by the energy company. How many of us don't want nest in our house, We don't want the the smart leaders in our house 'cause. We don't trust the energycap. Ok, but you do trust nest. You just don't trust us
all of them have one thing in common, and that is regulations. He makes his great point that because of deregulation that these companies suck so much is because you can't do anything about it. Why did United Airlines? We we talk this. The other day. Why did United Airlines not just say? Ok, fifteen hundred Does any of one thousand eight hundred dollars? There's some there's a cap. Is imposed by the government. Yes, why would the federal government say you can't offer injures more than thirteen thousand one hundred and fifty dollars. Why for that reason is, is of the exactly right so we all say I hate the airline because they should have just offered more. They couldn't they couldn't offer more. So the free market breaks which makes you hate them and when
you say well, I want I can build a better cable company build better cable station? No, you can't trust me. We tried with the blaze. You cannot unless you get in bed with the cable company, the we're trying to stop? You can't do it. That's why people hate it. Great article, Glenn Beck dot com from Kevin, Williamson united. Is why people hate capitalism just a great great story now, let me see something that I found from home today. This is the book I've been reading this guy. This author is going to be on with us in a few weeks. I don't think I agree with him on the majority of things, especially when it comes to God. However, This is a book about how man is becoming God. Does he admit that
if you say no, I don't not that not! So far, I'm only about three quarters of the way. Through this. It's a really it's a pretty dense book and and it's about some and how man is right now worshipping humanism, but he ism is our religion and that's not going to be strong enough with science. There has to be some Word of moral regulator on science and science, and We should work together now he doesn't believe. I don't think he believes in God he's just saying it's got to be. There's got to be some point of ethics and Anne's these talking about the signs of things that are being done in science right now, but I'm to the point: book to where he says. Look
since is really really good and science is it's science, coupled with capitalism, that has changed the natural order, anyone who doesn't understand that you're really now this is these are my words you're not involved. You are in the end for you have not evolved into a modern man, he says, but Lizum goes against everything in nature. It is a complete. Unknown to their natural man and here's. Why? If you have we have a valley of Bunny rabbits for certain number of blades of grass that can grow so in that valley. At Valley will only support. Let's say one hundred bunny rabbits. Well, those read Bunny rabbits, now also support the ten fox that live
around that valley, and the balance of nature, the ten bunny rabbit or the one hundred bunny rabbits eat. The grass When there are have more bunny rabbits, they will. They will start, to death and it will reduce the bunny rabbit population because there's no more grass, if the bunny rabbits expand, they can go hop off to another field. No expanding the grass? If the fox comes down the fox come down and they eat a bunny rabbit. If one Max just happens to have a good day or is greedy. He might eat three, but if that box seats, three bunny rabbits. That means another fox, didn't eat, and so again the balance of nature. No point does anybody at the end of the year the Fox don't get together and say. Alright, I think if I can, new to eat these bunny rabbits next year, I'm going to have a three percent
expansion of my bunny rabbit intake, there's, there's no there's there's no growth. The growth in that is zero percent. Okay, that's nature. In everything. If I'm, only eat a bunny rabbit, I'm literally taking that Bunny rabbit out of the mouth of another fox sound, familiar I would like the people who are on television talking about capital, zoom in now, evil it is income inequality, you have it and therefore I do not. Let me go on the only time that this is broken in the natural in the troll world is with a vampire bats. Vampire bats, have a blood bank in away way, are bats, all live in a cave together and they they go and they fly out at night and they you know they stick their things are they make a little incision and they stick their fan.
As in an they suck the blood out of an animal. Then they all fly back into the cave when the sun starts to come up, some of the bats didn't eat. Nature has made these vampire bats in a very weird way. The vampire bat that didn't eat go to a vampire bat that did eat and say I want to suck your blood I will, I need, I need some blood, I'm hungry. The other vampire bat. I don't know how they do it. The other vampire bat then give is that vampire that other vampire bat uh like ten, milliliters of blood, whatever it is and gives them blood so their sustained, so they can go and fly out tomorrow. Now there equipped with an extraordinary memory, the back came to them to ask for the blood when the
That gave that blood he he flies out and he didn't get any food. He goes back to the same bat and says I need I need blood. Other back, gives ten, milliliters back not eleven, not nine hundred and ten, so it's like a bank except our banks, charge interest really weird in that weird: ok I mean do we have? No, I don't know somebody who studies bats zero percent interest, but that also means and there's zero percent growth? because no bad is going. If you give me more blood I'll go, find more pray and I'll give you eleven mls back in order mean so, zero percent growth, but here at least, if you don't eat, somebody gives it to you. Last one on man
in the old days, let's take it back to medieval times in the old days, there was a plague and put your self in medieval times. There is a plague, comes every five years and it wipes everybody out and you've lived. Five of them and you're like because he's this plague there's got. Somebody that can do something. Well, nobody thought that back then and here's why? If you thought to yourself, I think I can solve this plague thing. If you were a farmer, you couldn't leave your farm. If you were just an entrepreneur, You couldn't leave your farm and say hey I got an idea: I'm going go, hire a bunch of people to go track the source this outbreak to then? You know come back to my lab and mix different ingredients and try them out in different trials and everything else, because you to feed yourself, you're, a farmer, you could
go to the Baker in the blacksmith in the other farmers and say, hey give me money fund this and I'm going to put. Team together to go, try to figure out how to solve this plague. No, I'm barely making it I have to pay to pay for what I have nobody had ever seen a patent. Nobody ever see, in a stock market didn't work that way and more importantly, There was zero growth Zero growth for hundreds of years, why because of the Lord of the manor or the king. The only is gross that happen for the most of mankind, until America, how the growth happen. The rich got richer. How? Because the people had to give to the The king or the Lord, would say I now it happens that ten percent of your your wheat yeah. Well, they couldn't come up with
what you going to do. Can only go back to the bunny rabbits. I can only grow so much sweet on this land so. I can't get ahead. He can either by taxing the people, thus comes. The idea, if you Take it from me if you're rich is because you've taken it from me because for thousands of years. That's the only way it worked I couldn't solve, problem because I couldn't get the money and if I and solve the problem. The king would take that as his idea he'd make the money and I'd be back farming, so the only way to grow was either take it from the peasants or war. That's old! Think Let me show you the new world. The new world. Remember the Do all of them dying with plagues nobody could do anything.
Now, when a Bola hit Dallas last time, you remember that. When a bullet hit Dallas, there's two pharmaceutical companies that are working on cures for Ebola, the two, companies the day it hit. Texas went up. D n. Ninety percent in their stock. People, don't, have to go door to door and say hey help me I'm working. We now know, but some see if there's a problem, somebody out there. Is working on it and Not only are they working on it, and so they will cure the ills of today. I can get rich with them and nobody has to come and take it for me. I can voluntarily get involved and I can be rich because I was part of it did
and for the butcher and the Baker and the blacksmith. So here's what's required a belief in the future. An understanding that we are not living in the dark ages and we're not bunny rabbits living in a valley of grass, that's old thinking, that's non Evelyn missionary thinking, but if there is a future and it's going to get better believe in one another believe that new ideas that band. The pie are right around the corner, requires you to believe that we having a piece of pie. It can be the biggest piece of pie ever because No, don't I'm not a I'm, not a king. And anybody who wants to be a king any any corporation, that is what being for the king to take more money from you. So you can get richer, is wrong. The constitution
is there's a bigger pie If you don't believe any of this Then you are a science denier. You are a denier of economic science and history denier. What happened, how Is it we had nothing, but candle sticks How is it we went from candle sticks and fires? Then, in a hundred years we had telephones, cars and at Fifty years we had space travel and computers. How is that possible? Because economic science has evolved But we haven't many of our own friends and family. Have not evolved from the valley. Of the Bunny rabbit. Or from the medieval kingdom? Glenn Beck program. Eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven back
this? Is it Kristin Christian Maple is a name them. I hope you here, especially if you live in Ohio. If you have If you have kids, we are once again facing in out of control child protective services. In Ohio this time unbelievable story of the state just coming in and ripping this kid out of the house because well his parents won't put them on? Add medication and it's cool cuz? He needs it crazy. Next.
The blaze radio network on demand. Are your children, your children? They belong to you. They belong to the state who makes the decision used to be really easy to answer that question is no longer easy. We have another out of control child protective service case that, if it is what it seems to be on the surface,
Another outrage of the state coming in and breaking up a family thinking that they know better. We have the parents, it's Cps versus Camden Maple in Ohio. We go there right now. The Glenn Beck program. You fault, you feel small and insignificant. Don't there, I've got something that will actually you can sink. Your teeth in and make a big difference. If you repair
so. You know government agencies in school. They know what's best for your children. A lot of parents are under the illusion that they know how to handle their families and make their own decisions, but Father doesn't know best anymore, apparently the state knows at least in Ohio in Lebanon, Ohio, a government agency, ironically named child protective services, has removed a seven year old boy from his family and his home. The boy's name is Camden Maple, Camden is what you would expect from a seven year old boy, his parents, dad christian step, mom Katie described him as rambunctious intelligent. And creative, the Ministrator's at Camden School describe him differently. They say he has ADHD and Choirs, a mental health examination in February and then was called into the principals office for disrupting class according to a stepmom Camden told the school counselor quote he was upset. Because he felt that he was bad and
to erase himself from the earth the council Camden how you would do that. He said he would stab himself in the eye with a knife and quote: Camden's. Dad Christian immediately came to the school pick Camden up, in Katy did exactly what I would have done with my kid. I would have sat down with him. Had a long discussion about his behavior evaluated him myself. If we had any doubt, we would go to a doctor, and said: no, I don't want to hurt myself. I was just upset and mostly just trying to get a rise out of the counselor? they dealt with. It is a family, they believe they can handle the situation and they moved on, but the story was just getting started. The next eight maples got a call from the school. The schools was following up on their subjects. Subject suggestion: that Camden be taken to the hospital for men, health examination. Maples like no, we handled it. It's okay, we got it matter was closed. Now the
refuse to let go thanks likely to protocol handed down from some genius progressive bureaucrat that knows better They had already badgered the maples for a very long time about getting Camden diagnosed with ADHD and get him on some medication I didn't want to do that now. School wanted to know what was said during the parents. Discussion with Camden the maples that's a price family matter. We dealt with it and that's the end of it. Well, the idea that a parent knows what's best for their kid, does not sit well with people in school. Now, that's ludicrous! The maples thank Camden made very good grades, finishes his class work before most of his classroom gets bored and yes, he does act out he's bored just, like millions of other seven year olds around the country. Instead of medicating him? What do you say? Why don't we find?
something else he can do. The school didn't like the fact Maples were ignoring their adhd and mental health recommendations and so They called Cps. They accused Emily of neglect now see yes was involved they called the maples and said they wanted to investigate the home Christian, the dad. I? No, I don't think so and by the way, I think I have some fourth amendment rights here to later they received another phone call saying there's an emergency shelter care court hearing that you have to be at after the hearing, cpa, arrived at the home with police officers and took the seven year old boy into custody. The case is still unresolved and Camden, has been separated from his family for well over a month all of this, because
mom and dad and the step. Mom say we know our son better than the school. We have Chris and Katie Maple on the phone with us now guys. How are you fifty great. Good Christian do. I have any part of the story wrong. No not that he was actually on a good note. Return to us last night by Fort wow word. Yes, the court ordered him now. He turns on the escorts that, I suppose, is our yeah. It's really great, but it's still not over. They still want to find him having found dependent by the court, so they can just
by all of their actions that led up to this wait. What do you mean find him dependant? What does that mean uhm, but it's paid a different category. Five love you so high. Statuette that maybe not meeting neglect or abuse but a dependent child. They are trying to say who lacked adequate dental care by reason of mental or physical condition of the parents, guardian or custodian. So tell me what let's go back, tell me when you found out that he said he was going to stab himself with the. I tell me about it don't mind. Tell me about that conversation. Tell me tell me what happened Well, like I said we got. The school called me notice, give me that he said that He was he never like what they're alleging
never came up with that plan on his own. He was prompted to say that I'm at what the counselor that he saw them at the school was asking him leading questions. She asked him deliberately when he said that he wanted to erase himself because he was and she said well. How would you do that, instead of like getting to the root issue of why you felt bad? She prompted him to dive olje plan, which he didn't come up with on his own. But he did not volunteer that information. Okay, so didn't walk in what you're saying is he didn't walk in and say I just want to stab myself in the eye. He said? I just want to race myself and she said well, if you were going to do that, how would you do that Well, I would stab myself in the eye, so
He hadn't made a plan which is a sign of real suicide. She was asking him for a plan. Yes got it uh I'll, go ahead, that's all in the school called Maine and to note the series of the situation before I even got off the phone with the school. I was already in my car on the way to school. I was there within five minutes an I told the school that, after they made their recommendations at first we were you come home and have a long conversation me, my wife and my son and then based on that conversation. We would determine if more action was necessary. Which they completely denied an they called cps that same day before I even had time to respond. To situation before they knew anything. How is it that cps functions this way without due process
without without having a trial without without somebody has to change, because somebody has to do something. That's that's why? But it's under who should I know, but somebody's got to do something out of homes. Somebody's got to do something. If there's, if there's proof of of abuse, I knew that may be the case, but there was They're they're, just there wasn't abused right in the it were they even alleging that you guys were physically or mentally abusing him. No, but this Bullhead Brierley. Before all this instant, they called four times a legend. Two cases of abuse in the cps didn't even investigate because it was unfounded well, they wait, wait, wait. What did they accused an abuse and why would they do that? The school? I'm not exactly sure. I just know that they called twice to report physical abuse by me done too much How did you respond to that? Well, I'm. Obviously I was upset that I didn't even
so about that until after this last factual investigation by Cps was open, wow. Were you able to track down why they? They believe that did they think you know he you know where they are. He got. Who's playing and they thought it was you or do you have any idea where that came from well, I know it's. I know the school called. Allege that I don't know why they think that it's was never and the said we did. We just didn't investigate yeah. They said that there was. There was fun, Found it- and there was no reason to even invent open, is an it were. They upset at you because, you wouldn't put your son on a DD medication and why, wouldn't you put your son, a DD medication uhm? Yes, the school has been pushing for the at eighty d medication for a long time,
it's brought up every time. We have a a meeting with school teacher and no, I don't because that's going to stifle his creativity an and I don't want to medicate my son because he's an average seven year old boy that is created a man. That's not that's. Nothing wrong with my son? That's something wrong with the curriculum in the school being able to handle a little boy. You're exactly right on that one, I'm so glad to hear you answer that way. We we But we, why are we letting the system say? I don't need to change the system to adapt to different kids. Instead and I'm going to medicate, kids and and claimed the system is ok. It is absolute craziness. What we allow. Ok, so go ahead, so I was just agreeing with you.
Is so what do you do? What do you do for a living? Well, I was a Until recently, I was a welding supervisor, I've I've taken a long leave of because we just had our six child and right before Christmas and I am staying home to take care of. Her and our other younger daughter, the, and what is this cost you what I mean? What how is this house is affected? The family well uh, emotionally what it's cost us it is. I can't even put like any kind of amount on it. I mean I don't mean money wise. I mean what does this cost you? What out? What's the payment like I mean, are you are your friend Staying by you do people look at you differently, like, oh, my gosh. There goes that family.
There's something wrong with them. No, for the most part, uh, a lot of my friends are behind me: I've. Never I haven't had any of my friends change. Any of that. Because they know me, and they know that this is all ridiculous and completely false
Christian, have you mixed it with the school at all over anything else like with, are going to come out and say that you're a troublemaker or that you're one of these parents, that's always complaining about everything. Is there some any other reason that this would happen? Well, I did have a dispute with the school because, like I said after baby daughter was just uh was born just recently at they've I tried to get our bus stop move because of a kindergartner an I had to physically be out there to pick him up from the bus stop. I just had I tried to have them, move it two houses down the street, so I could see from our house when the bus was there and go out, because I did not want to out there with my infant right? They said absolutely not, and they would not change stop. So I mean I always disagreement over that, but add parent, a bad parent! You are holy cow, don't want
standing out in the freezing cold in Ohio, in the winter, with your newborn holy cow. What will they think of next? All so yesterday. The court ruled in your favor and he's back home. How is he um? Please really I did and happy to be home early yeah. I wasn't sleeping well before before, and he slept like a log last night, so I just right now. I know he's just really really happy. How are you affording the financial hit with the with the he's I gotta believe you're taking on the state. That's not cheap. Do you have people
Volunteering. Their time are you paying for wow? Is that working uh, both commercially paying for it out of pocket, but you just barely making it by felt from my parents, have learn us money, but it's just it's. Taking its toll Well, I wish you the. I wish you the best and we're going to follow this. When is the next court date? The next four days is education hearing on the 17th of May, and what's that going to decide that is Cps and the prosecutor's office wanting him to be cleared dependent, so they can justify all their actions form the moment, the started, if somebody wants to get ahold of there's got to be a great attorney, and I I know some awesome attorneys who help the
remember the story of a Boston do you know who was that a friend of ours yeah see if we can find out. We might if we're going to hold onto your number it is there a public way anybody can get ahold of you. There's a go fund me page right. There is a go fund me page! Yes, what is it I will My wife set that up so I'll. Let her answer to that. I'm not! I don't want to speak or say so. That's alright, that's alright! Is it Katie Katie there hi Katie hi. The link is just help us get our son home, I'm assuming you can search it yeah. Actually search for. I just got off as we were talking here. If you search for go fund me and a christian maple, You will get a link to it. An will also tweet it out from all of our accounts and everything, so people can get to it easily at world of stew or at Glen Beck will get it all out. There
How are you holding up I'm alright, it's taken. So, I had to take a lot of days off. Work, do for living Katie, I'm a mail carrier. A mail carrier, six kids, a A father who's staying home boy, the go fund me page- might be very well needed. Katie of luck. Christian! Thank you very much and we will continue to watch this if you're anywhere in Ohio or you care about parental rights. This case has got to be solved. The right way. You can find more about it later on today will post some things at glad that com and on Facebook and on our on twitter Well, this is the Glenn Beck program, Mercury, the Glenn Beck program. I mean
really is a really interesting story, the story in Ohio, because you could look. That story and say: ok now wait a minute. There was a couple of other charges there, but they didn't follow those up find that there was any reason to follow those up. Yet the file on you, though we reminding everybody that we had it here and so What is the? What was that about? You can look at that and say Okay, well, now wait a minute. There might be more going on or you could also look at this is okay. So, mom's a mail carrier dads a welder and they have children. You know anybody who has six children. They can't afford those children and children. I mean you gotta, be crazy. If you have six children and if it all they think differently, You know if they're people who I mean you know in the story, he quoted his fourth amendment rights, if you now are a guy who's, quoting the constitution, you have six children,
mom's a mail carrier. Your staying at home. With I mean, are you one of those fundamentalist, weirdos right and that's basing that on anything real? It's just that? No! That's just in some people, and especially, if you're in a very progressive school and school and you are like. No, I don't want, I mean, can you imagine what schools think of me. I wonder what I hear you and I work with yeah. I mean I lied when I've gone to all the schools to interview the schools. Can I talk to all of the teachers, and I talked to the history, teachers and I'm like okay, that's no, that's not accurate, but that's not accurate. Can you imagine what they might think? Do you think that so you are on the wrong side even politically, and then you've got a bunch of kids you're. All of a sudden, a weirdo and parents have to have control of their home? It's my child not to
The Glenn Beck program that program, misdirected us air strike, kills eight team allied forces breaking news! Welcome to the program I am so I did for the guess. We have coming up the top of the hour deep cover deep cover, Jack Barsky he is in studio with us, going to do an hour with him here and then an hour show with the audience this aft at five on the blaze, his secret life as a cage. Spy in the 1980s in America. I want to know what he knows about Putin. What do you mean? He was KGB when Putin was KGB? What should we know Putin, what's happening with Putin. In his opinion. What was it like to be? I mean if you like, the tv show Americans, which I love if you like, show Americans
this guy is the real. This is the guy. He was here recover posing as an American. I think working in the PAN Am building in New York. As an American, but he was KGB. Russian fascinating fascinating story. The book is deep. Undercover jack Barsky joins us in just a few minutes. I also I talked a little bit about what's happening in North Korea. If I have time this hour, but I want to wrap up our last conversation. In Lebanon, Ohio where you have in a seven year old kid taken by Cps Child Protective services, because the The parents would not do medical evaluation to see if he was you know, suicidal if you just, heard the story a few minutes ago, I judge for yourself. Love to hear your opinion on this
really you know, Stu's been what's the motivation. Cool. What's the motivation of school, I remember when Pat's eldest son Cayden in nineteen. Ninety one path, yeah, nine thousand one hundred and ninety two nine thousand and ninety. In Baltimore now this is before the out of control state, and in Baltimore and his son is riddled with ADHD. I mean riddled and his et, you know I hope, someday for you to have a son. Just like you came to pass because his son is just like this too and I go go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go a disruption to the class and the school came to Patt and said you've gotta gotta medic. You gotta put 'em on Ritalin he's like no not going to and it got back and forth and finally, they said well he's just going to sit in the nurses office all day, 'cause he's too disruptive for class, so they took him out of school and homeschooled. Now, that's one thousand nine hundred and ninety-
today, they're not going to do that. If your son or daughter, is disrupting class and teacher can handle it They need you to medicate 'cause. They can't handle the class. You're saying no the is clearly in need of medication. No he's needed medication in your school in your class, but medicating my son same thing, Pat Same thing I said I I've been ADHD medication, I've taken it, I would never give that to a kid. Never, You have to know yourself so well to know what parts of your personality you want control or accentuate unit. Really introspective stuff, and if you don't, you dead inside and that should be up to. Obviously, the parent is if you as a parent said I would never give it to my kids, then you should probably not give it to your kids right. I have another-
says they do want to give to their kids because they think it works. They should probably be able to do that because they are the parents right right and the school, If I'm paying, for it give me my money back, so I can go to another school that will adapt to my kid or you have. Adapt to kids in a way to wear, maybe there's a special class for all kids at add, but you have developed a way to attract the attention of those kids better than medicating my kid now. This part of this comes from because the kids a lot of times the parents will say they're bored they're bored, because they're not used to a boy is not used to sitting at a desk for eight hours a day. That's unnatural, too, to because we do everything by age now some kids are way ahead. Some kids are way behind. They, play to the middle. It shouldn't done by age if go back to what we did before the progressives got involved.
It's not done by age. It's done by. How are you? How are you doing? How are you handling, but we've stigmatized anybody who sticks out one way or another. No, no our kids, are you the founding fathers and their time kids went to college those who could went to college at thirteen? Well, it was different yeah you go ahead and take the eighth speed test from one hundred and fifty years ago. You can't pass it no way for sure I can't possibly I can't even get past like question five there's one hundred Shins Ann and I really can do maybe five of them. It was in eighth grade test one hundred and fifty years ago? Are you kidding me? It is so complex, so don't show me that our kids are dummies and we have to to dumb down? No, that's what we're expecting and you when you go out and look for something you will find it, how about changing? What you're looking for instead
looking for a bunch of dumb kids, that can't do it, how about we say You know one hundred and fifty years ago, kids could do it he had fewer resources than we have. Many of the parents couldn't read well. Did you read to your kids? Abraham Lincoln's parents didn't lead redoing. His dad kept telling him because he was illiterate, urine going to read your going to read well That sounds like an abusive parent to me. We could take him away. Abraham Lincoln, walked through that crucible and became an attorney and the president so you're advocating, for. Not reading. Now this is unbelievable. This guy, some illegal. I don't think it's interesting to me about the story, because I I have not heard the full I like to see he I'd like to hear noises from school and I'd like to hear that, because, usually there's there's usually one, things that happens in these cases, either one there's an ideological divide,
Where is which there is here, which is there is here right because he's got he. Eighty d get him out of my classroom. The Ktm there's an ideological divide. They want the medication he doesn't want to do it, and so I don't like this style of parenting, so they're cracking down on that and then part of it is, there's, usually a personal divide in that they don't him for some reason. Well, that's why I asked that question honestly, because its planes a lot if they see him as a nuisance and then they give him a hard time. Put yourself in this. Put yourself in the shoes you have your teacher and your teaching seven year olds and this one seven year old is disrupting the entire class and you are just doing your best to hold the class together, but you can't even teach the class because he's disrupting for any Gohan, and you ask the principle I need help. Can we cancel the family? Look he's eighty He needs medication. The teacher is trapped, the teacher no place to go. She can't adapt the schools
to support her on adapting to ADHD and parents who say no to medication. She's got to carry everything on south she's. Looking at these it's like you are making making my life miserable your affect, all of the other kids, your kid, is not worth the price of all the education of all the other kids. So she is looking at them. Saying in a bad way that she's an evil mean person at all right. She could have the best of intentions, but that would explain yes, rational activity outside the school and you have to look for the source of why they would act so crazy you just say wow there acting crazy and we oppose it. I mean that obviously you want to oppose it, but you don't need it if you don't understand why the irrational activity is happening, you wonder, is irrational right. Is there is there's something more to it- that they would say is at stake here and that might this is the answer to that is no we've seen a lot of these stories
till we know? The answer to that you don't know the whole story and so remember just follow up on it. Member Justina Peletier. She is back home he's never recovered in case you have to follow the venture steel Wheelchair has not recovered for membership. She was taken by Boston, children, children's hospital and then the Department of Family services up in Massachusetts got involved. There is a long time before her parents got her back and she just disintegrated in the hospital. Let two year a year and a half something like that and just disintegrated. She's, never really recovered she's still in a wheelchair, but she is back home twelve congressman try to pass Justina law to get a control on C p. Children and family services, the committee and then just died, but it is something that really CBS has way too much power
medical professional Anne in Virginia, go ahead, Ann. Good morning hi. How are you Thank you. I work with Cps, I'm a healthcare professional. I work in child abuse, so I see abuse kids all time, I wanted to know the cps has far more power in the schools. Do not dad know Cps when apparel Does not get permission to interview a child. Gps can go yeah, that's cool and do it without the parents permission wow I do not live in. Ohio in fact Intermountain West Virginia, but it's kind of astonishing council are very well connected. At the school so that counters are in all of this cool They will, if your child. Now I want it. I do want to say
which is what that child is close to the counselor. That is a correct question to ask when a child says I want to erase myself on the planet, To say well, have you made a plan because if they've made a plan, then they need to be followed, well, but isn't that a different question? Have you made a plan to? How would you do that You could ask it either way, I always say: have you made a plan to hurt yourself yeah? I think I think that's a wildly different question, especially the seven year old, and you don't want to ask a leading question to a child, not fit training. We are trained to ask questions that are not Lee So we don't implant questions into children's minds. Other councillors doing that. That's a problem for your call. If a child answers I'm going to stab myself in the eye.
Isn't that a pretty good indication? That's probably not what they're really going to do it's kind of over here to kill yourself stabbing yourself is not the way to go. How would you do that and have you have you have a land yeah seven year old Can- and I will say slightly here in the defense of whatever counselor the six. If the kids says they're going to stab the mostly I even if you did maybe lead them to that answer, and you don't do anything and then the kid commits inside. No, no, that's you called. I mean there look, but you have to look Anybody who has had a seven and ten and thirteen year old boy knows they say crazy things. Of course you know, like hey, so what do you think about that? I just want to take in stab the Sievers scissors into his nose. Okay, uh. You know. That's yes dad! I do I mean I get my kids,
never said anything but well thought out, but it isn't reasonable things notable completely on the other side of that Jeffy, one hundred and thirteen years old and says crazy things all the time. Let's go to Paul and Oklahoma hello, Paul you're on the Glenn Beck program, hi how you doing good? How are you good? I just. I think that people need to understand and that cps needs drained, and there needs to be some sort of accountability. There They are really a primary tool for keeping people that are Jenna. I thought of his non conformist in line, doctors. The powers said that are out there: doctors, schools of sorties. They think that you're out of line that's a stretch, as held over the head of conservative, here's what here's, what I'm concerned about Paul here's why learn about people who have a lot of kids? This family had six. Is there immediately non
former said there immediately. Society looks at people with a lot of kids ago. There's something wrong with that family. Tell about! I have send children every one of them I think we're watching Columbine on the news when we were first pregnant and we decided that it was all responsibility to take care of our children, and so we took it very serious we always had a while at home parent and we always taking this very seriously, and we watch over our children very carefully we had a run in with that with Cps. Actually ourselves, my daughter had a sore head and we took her two art physician. X ray, and he said now you know well, you know if we find something I got a phone call a little bit later from a hospital that I didn't know about, and they said you need to come got it right now for surgery. We haven't heard anything from the doctor and I don't know you are
and I I'm going over to the doctor and I'm gonna talk to him and it gives you x rays and they said well seems to come down here for surgery and if you're going to get the x rays, can you bring him 'cause? We haven't seen him yet well. So I said I said, excuse me, I said you want to do a hip surgery on my daughter and what haven't seen the x ashtray. I said that sounds like you're, not. I need to get a second opinion and they said if you don't bring her down here. We're gonna call Cps. I made a call to Cps, they were there at our house in two hours. They escorted us two. Hospital north of us, which was in the same place I was actually kept there by police while they got another set of x rays. What am I looking for. I don't see anything all. Thank you so much for your phone call? Please, please find out what you
do in your own city and your own state with the child services, because they are out of. All around the country you're listening to the Glenn Beck program. You're listening to this Lambeau lots to talk about. We have the Ex KGB guy coming in North Korea is making threats this weekend and today on the path to show how many peeps can Jeffy eat in a two hour period ice to wonder, is it Jenny says? Oh no way out on your orders a lot grace the fact people you really are. If you can't eat two hundred peeps, I don't ever want to hear about you being fat or ambitious.
Because you're. So please just be fat, but not only that was never when it comes to food. He is ambitious. You see him grazing all the time you don't get to be that weight without trying. That's a good point. Try a little harder two hundred peeps. I bring up two hundred feet in two hours: bank, mercury. The blaze radio network on demand, I'm so excited to introduce you to a man. He is name book is deep undercover and he was deep undercover. He is. If you've ever watched the show the Americans?
he's the real life deal back in the 80s. He was a KGB spy leading in credible life, back home in Russia, then here as a spy, then saw the end of the Berlin Wall. Kind of signal from back home. You got to come back in. He ran from both the FBI and the KGB. His life, we caught up to him in nineteen, ninety seven an hour with him tonight on television, an hour right now with radio, and I don't think it's going to be enough to be able to cover current events his perspective on Putin on Russia. What they're doing should we trust? Should we not trust and his amazing life, deep undercover his name
jack Barsky and we begin with him right now, jacket is a thrill to meet you. Just the thrill is mine, so you have been living in the United States since when, since one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight k and you were in under cover. You were sent here, the United States to pose as an american correct, and you worked in what in just because your chemist, your yeah, I just chemistry, but I never used any of that. You know I I taught chemistry and math
for about a year as an assistant professor in Germany and and then I sign- with the KGB and my chemistry, knowledge is completely gone and never use it yeah and you came here, do what well too pretty much help in to destroy the United States. It didn't quite work that and I want to come back to this- we I'm so glad we have two hours, but it Let me jump ahead, a bit two: nine Eighty eight, your looking down into the subway and use HE on the handle, a splash of red paint, yeah the There was a predefined signal spot that Was on my way to work, which I I found and described to my the center, where they could put a signal. And the There was a great dying
December morning, you know I'm I'm going off to work, half asleep and there's that red dot the size of a of a fist. As a clear signal, there was a danger signal. This was the the most urgent signal that I could have ever have read and, and that meant get out mid there onto you and get out as an emergency? We don't ask any questions, just just go, any don't go, any place else could get, should be kill reserve documents, make a beeline to Canada and from there will take you home. That was the plan and you have to worry that they would they help they don't unrelated,
paint the wall read because what was in the wall, it was one of those you know. There's an elevated subway and that yeah okay supporting beams till the end okay. So when you saw that your heart good to have you know you can actually you're good material, your your heart must elected your throat. You know I that's, a question that I get a lot for a certain situations that are was in and actually never happened like that, you know what overcame me and situations like that similar to when I first entered the country a certain psychological numbness all right. I became sort of a robot, and at that point I just the robot made a decision, I'm not doing it, and I went on to work and funny thing is nobody noticed? Nobody noticed that something was wrong with me. Neither wife at home. No, no other colleagues, and it was for three months
the words when I was like. I had some concern that somebody might be. To me. Nobody ever noticed. So it's what I call numbness I candidate KGB then contact you and in like dude. Yes, They said that, but this dude thing happen- and this is one of those moments that I can relive in in my memory. So I'm standing on a subway platform is very close to where the first car would come. In yeah. They were about a couple of dozen people on the platform was still it was another. Morning early morning and this this figure comes from the right in the dark coat and pretty short guy, and he so it would be audible only to me that you got to come home you're dead hum that was another moment where numbness overcame me. Would you say nothing? He walked away.
There was a. There was no conversation, push him in front of the subway. Please watch the threat that they were going to kill you, the KGB or well think think about the you know this was spoken with. Pretty heavy accent. So this could have easily also been sort of. You know meaning that the cover is blown right. You know you're dead, so you can, you can either was interpreted either way. Are you have to takes? I had to take seriously the the real three: because even then I know that the KGB was coming after folks after the factors, however, I've been told, by somebody who should know I met him about six weeks ago, Mr Oleg Kalugin, who was the head of intelligence. KGB. He now lives in the United States and he stated that they never the the killed any
on the United on United States territory so take it for is going on. We will never know I'll leave that, but do you ever watch the tv show I want to get into this, but do you watch the tv show the Americans? I do because No, I'm friends with the producers know about right. I was wondering if any of you consulted or if you thought that was pretty. No, that you know I they should have me as a consultant, because I was on the set, and I found a bunch of things that were there very much focused on on being authentic, yeah, I mean, and they give the going to great lengths to find the right car as the ride yeah lawyers, and they said it's quite amazing and the decorations and and and they're on the set. But I found few things that were wrong just by yeah but yeah, it's uh, it's a very entertaining. But with regard to intelligence work, and they know it, it's it's all nonsense,
not a way to get hired. You realize that so I no no. No it isn't. The Tate is going to. Let me tell you one thing: what they are doing really well is that is that is the the how they cover the psychology of being on the cover there. There was a possibility at one point that I would actually that they would have sent me to the US with a wife, as you may know, they arranged a wife for you in Germany in order within the range that you know they allowed me to get married the one that I fell in love with they they they screened her and he was quote unquote clean and there was some thought of actually sending her over here with but knowing for knowingly knowingly, except she psychologically is not capable of handling that kind of pressure, so they kept a separate but anyway,
getting back to the Americans. This is the best part of their show is how All those folks deal with the this being in another country becoming another person, and God forbid now you have children This is one of my favorite episodes is when, when the kid is bringing the pastor yeah to dinner yeah 'cause. You grew up that way. As I read your book and as I know, your story, you know You grew up in in in the Americans. They keep going back to what their life was like back in Russia, and a couple thoughts come up on why wouldn't you come here and just see the plenty and man I'm on the wrong side. You grew up in a you grew up in a time in Germany when it was rebuilt and the under where that you wore for a long time was actually parachute. Feel right. Yeah because There wasn't much of anything that could be bought, and so
to really You have to scramble, but- when you're talking about the Americans and going back to where you came from idea, Z, as it's fed to you from on- is a very, very strong foundation, because that's what happened to you just like in the americans- that's because your family said Christianity is fairy, and that's right I mean not the family, the entire. Friday, the school system, the teachers have friends, everybody that Christianity wasn't even mentioned. I mean we had. We had Christmas and there was no Christ in Christmas. We didn't I opened the Bible once and because found one- and I read it from you- know from Genesis Chapter one you know that's not how you should read the Bible as a child. Right, but the bottom line is so people ask me that question all the time So when you came over Here- and he saw his wealth
make you waver not at all. As I said, the and that that as to any kind of ideology, if you being fed a certain belief system from childhood on it sticks for it is very difficult to overcome, and as a matter of fact, I have some good friends and back in Germany with whom I reconnected they got screwed over by. Germany one way or the other, and they still communist, it's very difficult to shed with but what you're being fed of living here, though, did you eventually gain some like sympathy? Tord America winter that fall in love with America. It happened with you. Why did decide when you saw that red dot, I'm not leaving well it was not because of the country that was because of Chelsea my Who is a twenty? old. He was eighteen at the at the time And that was for the first time
any, I don't wanna go back with my my my book is to actually, if I want, if I have to describe it In very few words, it's a love story. It's about love, denied, love, being not being able to love the right way and having having two families and being torn apart. You had one in Germany in one ear right so, but in this situation this was the first time that I fell. Pull of unconditional love and as you bet, you guys know that that is stronger than thing else, Celia, and so you know it sounds like tried. Love, love, conquers all, but this one did in the Americans. You see that was a cold control, not control. What's the the the center felt that the role that he has yeah- I know That'S- That'S- gets mark.
The center gets, which is really accurate right, unlike the American Right right center. Totally accurate center starts to concerned because of the kid They know now that the kids and the kids are becoming american and easy to rip them back to show and they're starting to think and know that that could change the agents but there's also this other train train of thought, which was actually real, not as far as I'm, but I've heard folks talk about it to you know, create the second generation recover aids in record even more deeply buried. That could one become the materion Candidat candidate right right, those dreams. Word dreamed by certain KGB. Folks
do you think it would have done it Barack Obama? We have so much to talk to you, but we want to talk a little bit about the world. What's happening, Syria, Russia, N Korea, you understand communist and The mindset is of, I would imagine you can kind of trance. So? Some of the mindset from the from the former the union and iron curtain to north? and what the people have been taught. And why this is it. This is something the West can't understand, getting into a war with North Korea. It's not like you walk in and they throw flowers at your feet. It's a a different world. The name of the book is deep: undercover Jack Barsky, my secret, entangled allegiances as a KGB Kgb spy in America well worth the read: We want to get to that day, uh I think it was a ninety seven when you were driving down the highway and
FBI stopped you and you knew my life has finally caught up to they know we'll get to that and of the news of the day coming up in just a second, AAA seven hundred and twenty seven back program changes. Jack, Barsky, former KGB agent living undercover here in the United States since the 70s, the changes have seen in this country. We are becoming an authoritarian state quickly. Here I'm concerned with that, and you know it started out when you know I had children, and I have another child now in you had to segment on this this morning about the state yanking away a child from. Yeah their parents who, in my view, didn't do anything wrong. I have a six year old, who is quote unquote: crazy,
could easily be diagnosed with ADHD? We're not going down that path, and I have her in private school, so the state. So how do you I mean you're looking at this- does it sometimes I've talked to A lot of people that that came from behind the iron curtain gives and then got out and came here and They all have this look of horror on their face. 'cause they've seen it before and You guys, don't understand what is coming your way. Do you feel that way sure exactly what we were? We were owned by the state, you, lucky because I was really really good academically. So I became a golden but the majority of us were told where to go. How long to study and after that, what you know what what kind of a job you to take even he graduated from college. They would tell you where to go. The state owned you fundamentally what the horror that that the
living with now. Right now is that now in the United States, still more rules and laws about friends and how they should treat their children than that than I've ever experienced in the old Communist EAST Germany, wow gosh. What a statement that that's Colorado, my gosh, but that's that's a fact. I mean you know if If you have a two year old on a tricycle and your drive I anything she doesn't have a helmet on and the a neighbor reports on you. You got in trouble right, you get in trouble and it's and and the authorities depends on the state really in the northeast, it's stronger than words, so they can just reach into your family and take away your children. Now I I have one slight disagreement with this: Parents don't own their children,
It owns the children, get her a cat, caretakers, yes, you're right, you're, hot and the state cannot take the child away from God and yes and and that's a huge and I don't know if that's reversible at this point- that is amazing, and I I want to hear about this in a minute, but you grew up atheist Christianis of fairy tale you started listening, via radio to Ravi Zacharias, that's correct and I get to meet. Next week and present or you're good? I will I will I will meet up. Does he know? Does he know sure yeah he's been reading my book, so it's just like I'm so excited, because this man brought Maine he pretty much the scales offer my eyes because you know up until that point. I always thought that the faith, and in this case christian faith, is for the the dim witted and the folks
can take care of themselves. This is why we were taught, and he is this brilliant man. Explaining how it would be really stupid, not to believe in Christ. He's an amazing man, you're going to love him more it with Jack Barsky coming up in just a second standby. What was is the Glenn Beck mercury Jack barsky with Is the author of a great book, deep, undercover, my secret life and tangled allegiances as a KGB spy in America. He came here in the night. 70s he kind of shook the fancy see a bit during the Reagan administration, we have so much to talk about
his view of America. His his life is, I mean it I could write a book and he did truly truly fascinating clock this afternoon on the blaze tv we're going to spend another hour with them and get into some other some other topics for them. But let me A few minutes on just the news of the day I know you don't know him but ruthless KGB. I would describe him as ruthless KGB agent and now all the Vladimir Putin your thoughts about him, what he said. I don't know him. I don't know about him, but you can you know you give you. You can apply some logic here and clearly the KGB in my time was the organization in the entire country that that were able to pull the best in a
the very best that is particularly know folks, who would and an intel. Since I mean these were plum jobs, so they pulled the best and brightest from the universities in in in those days, you could not get, can a you. Can you could not apply for the KGB? They would recruit you, the CIA, you can actually FBI, you can apply. So what you add when, when the Soviet Union started falling apart, people were scrambling to figure out what to do next right, but and so, When the goodies were distributed, when this became sort of the of the wealth of the state was distributed. Who was closest to- the decisions were made KGB so now the some of them became sharks and some of became dead. Some became dead, but there was a good
reason why they became dead because they were you know they were fighting somebody who had more power. So now, if you rise to the with that kind of competition. You have to be really good at this, and this is as as hardcore politics as you can think about, and so one needs to take Mr Putin very very seriously and I to think of him like because he does some of these antics that we have the riding on a horse with no shirt on there's a good reason for all of that. He plays the russian the Russian. It was very very well. You surprised that so many Americans have switched sides on Putin where the left is always love. You know Russia and and Moscow and everything else now the left is against. Putin and many on the right saying who is our friend, Russia is our friend. Well, I think
Both sides are wrong here and I think we went when when we're using it, what what's happening, here with this whole idea that you know, Putin and and Trump were in Cahoots to influence the election. I think that's a hard and it is not helping what what what what we have here now we're playing we're making policy subject to APOLLO This is very dangerous and you know we're throwing bombs at at each other. Losing focus on who is the adversary. I mean as much as well, you might disagree with the Democrats, but they're not enemy or their internal address. I agree. So this whole discussion is back in, It is not helping and there are certain certain media that can't let even though now it's pretty clear that you know of. Trump and Putin are not best friends.
Lego even this morning I saw it on CNN. They just keep on digging, there's nothing there, but it what we have found. I th isn't unusual that big important people were approached not with their knowledge, were coached by KGB agents. That's what you did like you do sure, not that it doesn't say anything about the American. It says, of course, they're targeting your soon and if you, if you're a business person- and you do business with a major russian Corporation You are doing business with somebody who's there, because mister poop allows them to be there yeah and are they infiltrated by by the the the the secret by this intelligence services. Of course they are, I mean just the that's just a fact of life, and you know who who there there's no guilt on the american side. I people understand North Korea and
I don't understand that You know we have this this silly idea that wherever we go, we're going to be welcomed in people are going to throw flowers at our feet and it's going to be like Paris, one thousand nine hundred and forty five or like it wasn't Iraq right, yeah or like it wasn't Iraq, N Korea live. Talk to somebody who left very high up in the CIA An- and he said to me when we're. Out of options with North Korea, we believe, He believes that he can defeat the it states or the west. He believe, We can do it his people, I hate the west and added states, so they're all with him. You know what do we do? First, explain the mentality of somebody who's living behind an iron curtain like those in North Korea
and, as I may have mentioned before, is that ideology that is implanted in you at a young age sticks with you and along time, even when you're exposed to contrary opinions and thought How do you get you know he has concentration camps where, if you'd, for him. It's not you! That's punished! It's you and three. Generations of your family and they deserve it, and is this you know that's what you think. Yes, that's the thinking and- and you know it's the same very similar to what happened to the two Germans, a highly educated our nation. I went with Hitler because there was a rationalization going on and you know, and yes do. You cannot think that once you free them from that dictator that the country was.
Going to change. As a matter of fact, I have a urologist who is from South Korea, and he told me that we were talking But you know the parallels between the two divided countries and he said: if There were unification now is that the the people could not not function in a free society. They don't know I don't think you could ever free China. I mean, I don't think you know what self evident to us that man should be. I think you would have a rice paddy in China, they don't there, they wouldn't find that sell family and we're getting to some of that in this. Entry, where you know yep, I I just was reminded food noble way back when I I heard that term Sheeple yeah, who there is a significant section, the population right now in the United States that behaves like people, they want to be told, What to do where you going to be fed when I get the phone when I get there internet, but they really don't want to participate
safe space. Yes, that too, of course well was there a time that you thought like Christiana t uh, where you thought wow I get this. I like this. I I see what I may not see what we're not doing it necessarily, but I see what the american founders were trying to do, that, took a long time and it was certainly see when I quote unquote resign from the KGB. As I said, there was for personal reasons. I was for reasons of because I love my child and at that point I withdrew from quote unquote the world stage. I didn't want to have any part of this anymore. I just wanted to live my life out and privacy. You know, house, country- and bother me with anything else, but but you know, life creeps back into you
you just can't stop living and as particularly as the internet made information, accessible. I started digging into the past of my old country, EAST Germany, and what I found was was pretty atrocious Most recently, I started digging into the history of the KGB and I was even worse so so fast forward. Now I'm studying the United States- and you know the history of the red states, I'm currently reading a book by Eric Metaxas. If you can keep it right book yeah great and you know, slowly, intellectually, I'm right there, I'm with the founding fathers, and that makes me even more sad because the comparison so where we had and what function for so many years with what we have now is not
this is not a good one. You came over here in nineteen, seventy eight, so you were here with Jimmy Carter. What we are thought to Jimmy Carter and then of Ronald Reagan. What we were you know my mind: there were collect, I thought you know the KGB. My handlers myself. We really didn't like Mister Carter because of his you know his did. The pin pricks that two year ply to us with his human rights policy. He encouraged the dissidents, Yelp but it was. He was a nuisance. But Ronald Reagan was a threat. Who is it? There was completely different than a you know. I do people were scared of Ronald Reagan, a partially because they misinterpreted the you know some of the his his religious. At one point, I I heard that you know that somebody in the back of Moscow told me that you know, Mister Reagan might actually want to accelerate the end
I am so being our. When you heard him say the soviets are an evil empire. What did you feel? That's the first time I got this question arm mild disagreement at that point. Your own miles is a. I certainly did not believe at that time, and that was in the in the late eighties that if it was evil. I had no knowledge, no information to agree with that statement, but it didn't bother me that much either. What did you think when he stood and said Mister Gorbachev, tear down this wall. I don't even know if I, if I I don't remember any response or reaction to it. Do you remember that how you felt when they tore the wall down yes I remember where I was when I saw it. I was in the in the living room and in my apartment in ozone park queens
and I was watching this on tv, and that was after my resignation and I was watching it like an outsider. It didn't bother me it didn't excite Maine, because I knew that I wouldn't ever go back there, and so I had sort of like interest shut, shut, This part of me down well I'd like to know what you, what kind of intelligence did you provide to the Soviet Union while you, while you worked here Could you work for an american company, a large company, they're in the PAN Am building at the time it was. They were on one Madison Avenue, okay, Metlife Building at Metlife, and did you do corporate espionage? What what is on the rise did in line? I was. I was trying to do political intelligence exclusively and I to the extent on and this business type intelligence,
enlarge was it was run out of a different department of the KGB. And it was only the last last time I was in Moscow after having been here for eight years that I was approached by somebody I was introduced by. My handler, by my liaison to a new person, and this person had a completely different take on things. He said you know he told me that You know during the afghan war uh, he told me that young- and this is a sort of a quote from memory We are really hurting. You know this country is, you know is not doing very well economically. We need as much as I can get from from the west. So since you're in information technology. Bye where you can get us hard limit yeah, he met little hard drives and I'm sure all right, yeah but for spying, just to keep you running
It was open ended, so there was no specific list of like. Can you get this this this and this obviously said get whatever you can? Yes, and so I did have access to some some software that that you couldn't buy the on the can sell to the Soviet Union list. So what what did tell them and where they didn't bite and- and in hindsight it's really interesting and it shows, they were like very much behind in their thinking. I had access to. Records of about ten million Americans. It didn't want it. That information, wow. They would have had a way to sort it into. Do. Midday didn't understand the value of the data and in many respects and surprising to me yet, but it's in the book in many respects, in the KGB there was a backward kind of thinking going back to the for for a yes yeah early 50s hot. What work then yeah
and this whole thing about you know being on the other side of the the firing line and I'm kind of like the America the way anywhere yet is thinking now we're going backwards instead of forwards, Jack Barsky. The name of the book is deep, undercover really going to be joining me for an hour tonight on television. You don't want to miss that they said the Glenn Beck program. Mercury. This is the Glenn Beck program. I cannot wait to finish. Conversation with Jack Barsky by the way he's going to be on Facebook live with, or former military intelligence guy. That's going to be a wild solution and then, it's gonna join me at five hundred on the blaze tv check, it all out: Glenn Beck COM, blaze, dot com. This is the Glenn Beck mercury.
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