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4/20/17 - How Glenn & Bill O'Reilly Became Friends... David Limbaugh Joins Glenn

2017-04-20 | 🔗
Bill O'Reilly is out at Fox News. Is it justified? ...Animal expert Jeff Corwin explains why the border wall would be a disaster...for animals ...The hidden costs of a border wall???...David Limbaugh stops by to discuss his new book "The Real Jesus" ...David Limbaugh's personal faith journey ...The genius of Dennis Prager and Prager U. ...Why there is no two state solution between Israel and The Palestinians ...Glenn's new take on Judas Iscariot ... The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio Facebook: Glenn BeckTwitter: @glennbeck        

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The blaze radio network on demand? So clean water says there's something psychologically wrong with Bill O'Reilly and Don't know if you saw what CNN They had one of the Fox women on CNN last night that wanted to talk about Bill O'Reilly, and at least in this case I don't understand it, send it. I want to tell you today, I know I know I don't anything I'm gonna to ask,
questions and we begin there right now yesterday was a weird day for me. Cuz it was like it was like you know, Fox Day for me yesterday, cuz, I'm friends with Bill O'Reilly and had him on my mind and with him leaving. I have a lot to tell you today stories, I'm going to tell you today about the bill O'Reilly that I know that I have not shared with you and I want to share some of the things that they're saying on television and just ask you a few questions but also Jack.
Who used to be my audio guy in the floor at Fox Jack, and Jack and Oscar in the wee little one Aaron we had. A great relationship, were there were others at Fox. That worked on the floor, but the three of us came yesterday and he's a guy who has worked at Fox forever and he said Glenn. You just changed my life. He said I've I didn't Eiei. I had no confidence an nobody had ever asked me to my opinion on a show and He said nobody, concluded. He said it's the only show I've ever worked on where I thought we created this show, and I said because tack, we did we all work together on it. We did create the show, and so
I want to preface this with a I'm. Not missing anything that anyone says you know, every time somebody makes a- makes a a charge against somebody you need to look into it and you need to figure out if it's true or not I am really concerned that we're living in a world where, where can pretty much say anything about anyone and they're on the wrong side of things. You can destroy them. But I am I care about. I care about the the crew care about the people who are on the floor. I don't run a company and I've just made a of several point and I'm going to unfortunate
do it again to the talent. I have done several meetings with talent and the whole company where I have said, I don't care who you are. If you treat talent, poorly. Are not valid. If you know what you, as the talent treat the floor, people poorly, you have no place here, you can treat Jeffrey poorly. That's fine, yeah! No, that's fine! Yeah we're not treating poorly with treating him as forcing a better than the rest of his life? Yes, it is so in this is a you know. Yes, yes, it's a slave ship, but it's the best slave ship he's ever been on. So that's a different story. And we try to do the right things, so I don't excuse people's be. If you're. However, I want to tell you a couple of things: can we start with the CNN clip from Anderson Cooper last night. Do you have that at listen
so this is a woman who worked at Fox, listen. Well, I mean, I think, that it's it's stunning, because Bill Reilly was Fox news. He had so much power there and it's was sort of unthinkable that he would ever leave their x. On his own terms- and I did his show regularly for a long time- and I you know I was thinking about an incident that happened early on in my Where are there where I was on error actually with Margaret Hoover who's at CNN? Now an array segment we're on every Monday and he got Margaret's name wrong and Margaret said: hey get my name right and he said. Oh, I'm sorry, there's a lot of blondes in this operation. I can't keep you all straight: making Kelly's coming up, starting all these bond names and then at the end of the segment says. Thank you for, I want us to both of us, so I went through his executive producer and I said he needs to apologize and he needs to never do that again. I'm not stop really. Is that sexual discrimination
really is that something really is that we are is that who we are if, if if the role was reversed and e n c would have said you know, we've got, we got a lot of old. Anchors here and I can't Well, you guys straight, I'm not going to say something and I as an employer say anything other than he sent give about that. You shouldn't do that around him. If you want to get along, but it's not a problem do. We have such thin. Skin did can't make a blonde joke or an old joke or any jokes only when it's on air and you're on air and all he's trying to do right to be funny is be funny to get out of an awkward situation. To where I didn't remember. Your name I mean. Certainly, I would guess many anchors have made jokes about, I don't know, maybe Donald Trump's hair. Has there been jokes about
on Trump's, hair mean by this is craziness. Ok, so go on, knows the rest going to show anymore, and I was told basically well, you know bill there's nothing we can do about it. He's a throwback, he's kind of an Archie bunker, and I said well, if he's in the end or fall, then we're on the same page. He can never do that again. I'm a political analyst here, stop stop really. You're a neanderthal for making a blonde joke now No. Some people may not like blonde jokes. I know my wife is blonde and she was you know she was always told a you're. Pretty don't worry about stuff. You don't have to worry about being smart, I get it
that's not what Bill O'Reilly was doing. Please ok, continue on montabella came back said no he's not going to apologize. So then I went to my my I was called into my bosses office. I was told: what can we do it's bill? There's nothing! We can do. You know we're sorry. This happened to you, but there's nothing. We can do. I complain to Roger Ailes. I was told the same exact thing, something we can do without so now she has gone up. Food chain, she's gone to bills, boss she's gone to her boss. Now she takes it all the way to chairman of the board. A blonde joke for thanks for your blood,
now listen to this bill, he's a jerk, nobody likes him and then Roger said you know bill. He likes to put up dirty pictures and ask pretty girls to talk about them. Stop now see. Where is the sexual harassment happening here it? thanks thanks for your bluntness on air, that's not sexual harassment is missing sexual expect for her Roger who is Bill's reputation being smeared here now by Roger Ailes, by Roger Ailes. Now, I'm going to tell you a story that I've not told before about in what it's like to work at Fox NEWS. But let me start with this I may be wrong, but I don't think I am, and this is something that all of us have soul searched on, because we all like bill. We worked side by side with. I toured with bill
we are going to ever see a guy. Be lewd and crude you're going to see while they're on the road and we went on the road and believe me, we have seen lewd and crude behavior from people on the road who are traveling with us. Bill O'Reilly was buttoned up He not only had opportunity. Some of the women that you know were touring with us. I think you also have motive. Never never once In fact, we all believe the opposite. Now that doesn't make our experience accurate. It just makes it our experience, so I'm not dismissing. If somebody out, There is like no this happen to me great. I don't know about it and that's what should be should have been what was
just if it was real on CNN, not a blonde joke. Now, I'm going to take a quick break, And I'm going to come back and I'm going to tell you first. What I believe is true, About Bill O'Reilly in this this stuff and then why this is happening, and that is evidence to me what happened to Bill O'Reilly- and it is it's not just wrong- If I'm right on this, it's dangerous Glenn Beck program. Hit the Glenn Beck program, sign up for the newsletter and get all the info. You need to know what glennbeck dot com alright. So we're talking about this audio about Kirsten powers. Who was complaining that billowed Riley pointed out the
that there are a lot of blondes that work at Fox NEWS And- and that was her with Bill O'Reilly the nightmare that he was a neanderthal and and said here. How many blondes here I sometimes lose track, and I can't keep you all straight. She wanted something done he needed to apologize. We needed to make sure that that never happened again. Blah blah blah this When is you know, she's a liberal she dated Anthony Weiner, and her I mean how you could have spent two minutes with Anthony Weiner, if your, if your line is, is that is beyond me, but so the trouble comes as she is telling the story she said. So I went to Roger Ailes and Roger Ailes says: do well. He likes bill. Nobody likes bill. He likes to put a pin up pictures of hot.
And he likes to talk dirty to hot women. Where does that come from? Where is the talk dirty come from? I mean well, it's coming from Roger Ailes here here. But what is is that in what is that an old story that that had been reported? Okay? Now this is the big I think this is the one that everybody says. Well, he paid off. Ok, he here he is, and it's seems as though in this is a Sensual relationship, at least at one point bill thought that they were this. Is seems. I don't know if this is true, but it is not talked to bill. About this. We have not talked about seeing other bases on their reporting. Basing this on the reporting. I have not talked to bill, and I mean you know it's like a bill. So tell me about that. No, but this is this is My theory on on bill, consensual and at some point it stopped
he didn't know- or he was just like- I just kidding whatever, but she taped really inappropriate things on the phone at some point. He knew I can make a killing here: okay, and so she demanded. I think the word was sixty million dollars to keep those tapes out of the public, Do you want your tapes or or emails to your wife or your husband. Do you want bedroom talk of yours out into the public, because I I've I wouldn't. Would you still Jules Fisher? My house I would say no to that, your wife or husband would it would Okay, nobody wants that. Okay, that's not something that Bill O'Reilly or anybody wants Well, I have it. Ok settle a lawsuit now. I think that I could
wrong, but it's the way. I've read that story and I've looked at it and you know what fifteen years that story about fifteen years ago, one thousand and fifteen. So I haven't thought about that story since then, but if you hear what she's saying here, what did Roger Ailes Roger Ailes brought that story up and her sex. Will smear. The reason why this is on CNN with the headline look at what she said. Roger bill said about bill, come from that one story, Why is that important? Let me share a story, View on what I know about working at Fox under Roger Ailes. Roger Ailes, who is a genius shear genius
I think there was a good side of Roger Ailes. I think the dark side Roger Ailes. One I think there was a really good side of Roger Ailes and I think he was torn apart at the end boards of his life thinking what he could have done if he would have. His power for good as opposed to evil. At some point in his life. He we came a dirty old man and. And one of the things that he did at fox- and I know it first hand- is he would sabotage relations the remember how I have said in the past that you know Sean Hannity and Mark Levin, and I we didn't get along well me personally. I believe that all came from Roger Ailes
and I know another one who is involved, who was also feeding that stuff, but they were being fed by Roger Ailes, Roger like to be the kingpin, and he was the master manipulator of everybody's relationship and he liked his shows and his talent, not all like. Each other, because he knew, if I keep and pitted against each other. A they'll compete harder to beat that sonofabitch and they would never join forces if they join forces, then we're in trouble. I know this first hand as bill? O'reilly Curtain argument in the hallway at fox- I don't know if I've told this story before on the air, have I. I heard a story heard an argument on in the hallway about,
corn and remember when we found that New Orleans was the head. There was some really bad and it had to do with Van Jones and a in and S. Well, I didn't have the money to go, investigate that, but Bill O'Reilly's team did bill. O'reilly saw that story and was like gotta get on that. That's great bill, bill, and I had no relationship bill green argument in the hallway between my producer and his producer in my producer at the time was yelling at bills. Producer saying you stole our story and that's what I came around the corner, I said whoa guys what is up I said you know Bill O'Reilly's, people are stealing our story and I said what story is that Gordon Story, and I said: that's not our story. That's America story. What do they doing? He said going to send somebody down into New Orleans and I looked at bills producer, I said: that's fantastic will get you every that we know.
Can we have you after you break the news with bill? Can we have you on the show an you further, the he was stunned, uh yeah good, and I looked at grace and I said whatever whatever they need get them. This is we're team here when Bill walked around the corner and he just looked at me, went back. Bill was sitting around standing on the corner. He was listening to all of it. That was the first. That bill knew I'm not like. I'm not cut from the so I don't I'm not like that. I'm a team player, let's work together, for the good of the company. Let's work together for the good of the country, we're allies. If you remember, on my show, I used to promote on Hannity, and he would do specials- and I would them, because I wanted him to know. I mean corner
I have to be in my corner, I'm in your corner and I would promote. I did that to every show because I wanted to show a nobody ever asked me to. I had to go track down the details, but I did it to show The other talent we don't have to be enemies, why do we have to be enemies? So when that happened, Bill called me up to his office the next day back you stop by my office want to talk to you, Okay, so I going to Bill's office, which was the corner office and pretty darn sweet, and I'm sitting there and you know, he's got all these pictures of him with. You know the Pope in the president and Es isn't coming, he's got everybody and you're like wow uh. It was a pretty powerful office and-
sitting there like a little know? Nothing, and he said Now- is that the music I'm going to have to pause in this story so we can pay some light bills? and we'll come back and tell you and I think it will begin to make sense why I said we're on a dangerous road in the media and a very dangerous road. The Glenn Beck program. So sitting in Bill O'Reilly's office. Send bill calls me and then he said so what are you doing here and I'm like who you called me to come up to
office said no. I mean why are you here at fox? He said I used to watch you on headline news. And he said, I'd watch you and he said for a while there. I just thought you were nuts and he said you might be- I'm not saying you're, not, you might be nuts, he said, but your hell of a television performer and I said thank you and he said you really believe this stuff, don't you- and I said yes, I do he said you need to slow down, and I said what do you mean and he said, you're just going to burn through way too much, and I said bill, I don't plan on being here very long and he said why- and I said I don't want to do this- my figure I'll be here for about two years and be enough and he said you could be here. The rest of you look at me
be here the rest of your life, and I said I don't want to be. And he really didn't understand that and he was like. Why not I see, because I this isn't what I want to do. This is what I feel like I need to do so the bill. O'reilly in the hallway. That heard me say basically we're partners. We don't I have to be friends, but we don't have to be enemies were partners on furthering the news that old with him sitting me down and saying. Why are you here and I said: I believe it. He said. You're going to need help and I said oh K, and he said you say some pretty crazy things he said, and people are going to need to hear the answer on what you really meant- and he said
you know, you're not going to get a fair interview anywhere an I said. Oh, I know I was just spent some time with Katie Couric and he said I promise you. I will give you a fair interview, I'm not going to I'm not going to be a shill. But I'll give you a fair interview, I'm going to ask you the question. Everybody wants to hear But I'll let you answer it and I said that would be tremendous. And if you were a long time listener you People used to call me all the time and say gland. Why do you go on bill? O'reilly he's not helping you he's, not your friend. Yes, he was. He was my. He was allowing he was asking the question: the Katie Couric's of the world. Wanted to ask me without the agenda. He was a great friend he
fact. He and Anderson Cooper are the only two people in the industry that treated me like an equal like human being, an and like I was intelligent. Only two people on the air that I can think of that actually have been there. And really understand it and may not agree with me on everything. But they know that I'm trying to be a decent human being. I left bills office when I bill's office that didn't take long to get back up to the second floor two, Roger Ailes, was. Few weeks later I was in ales office. He called me in for something- and he said
hey- listen, I know you're new here. I just want you to know you got to be careful of Bill O'Reilly and I said okay. He's a user of people and you just got to stay away from and be very, very careful huh. Okay, I didn't say anything: okay file, it away. Couple weeks later, I get another interview, another way, interviewer or you know time with Roger Any plants, another negative seed about bill, O'Reilly. Bill O'Reilly and I are talking. And I said hey Bill, I think I figured something out about this place. He said yes and He said. I bet you're hearing negative things about me about things I might, saying about you behind your back and he just smiled might be, and I said yes,
I'm hearing things that I shouldn't trust you 'cause you're saying things behind my back. He smiled and said might be, and I said I tell you what why don't we make a deal, that we don't listen to those voices and if we think that it might be true? we come to each other and we ask the other and we're honest with each other other than that we dismiss them. He said, I think, that's very wise advice now. Here's why I tell this story. Did you see what just happened with Kirsten powers? She goes into Rogers sales office. She's new there. She goes to Rogers Office and she has a problem as he called her blonde on the air and that's something that she even wrote
talk about you know about you know what blondes and on blonde joke book. I mean it was a book about how it's bad in the the horrible things that happened to blonde women. Well, I mean very standard for criticism by the left was, but there are a bunch of blondes working at Fox NEWS. The Fox news, babes they've, been called and that was something very common, that the left was upset about that, but she's on the land was on the left, but worked at Fox NEWS. So defended Fox news against that accusation and with and has written about how she did not like that people noticed the blonde hair right, then you probably should have your hair used to stop lightning your hair. So it's so blonde, but I don't know it's just I don't know what her natural color hair is. Honestly, I would say probably forty percent of the people-
that air at Fox are Fox or not naturally blonde, but that's a different story. I'm believe it or not. Not not, blonde anymore. So really, yes, wow! Yes, so anyway, he You see what happened. She goes up and talks to daddy, ales and, what's daddy, say a friend of bill friend he got to be careful. You know bill likes to. Do we like to talk dirty to people. My guess is, the bill is made mister, but bill mainly is old school, as he says he just come on he's not going to play the politically correct. I'm I have to apologize because you were hurt by blood get over it. You're in the big leagues get over it? I
That's old school bill O'Reilly. I also know bill. We never had a problem because bill knows we're not only doing news, but we're also doing a show, and so he takes his business. More seriously than anybody I've ever seen and he, has very high standards, don't screw it up, don't screw my show up, don't wait my time don't waste my audiences time, ok, very high stat in the 90s in the 80s. This is the way I was so by. I was much more of an animal and if you screwed something up, I was pissed at you. Not that you're, The sexual part of it, no, no I'm saying the demanding exact this job so build? it's a bad rap because look if you're not good at what you do or you screw up or you're lazy screw up once he's going to be mad at you screw up twice, you've made an enemy
not on his show not on his watch, don't screw it up. Okay, one reason why bill and I never had a problem because I understood that about bill. He takes it very seriously. Those who don't you got trouble uh, So he has that going for him he or against him. He is old school not going to play political correctness. He made a mistake. I thought a consensual relationship and the worst part of it. Is Roger Ailes was feeding poison to everybody, So how much of this was right about Bill O'Reilly and how much of this is poison that everybody knows that, because I mean even Roger Ailes, who we know is a predator, Roger Ailes says he's a predator right, I mean he's, got to be a predator, nobody likes them. Nobody likes. Him
is one of the first things when there's a reason. Nobody likes bill, O'Reilly, really cuz. I didn't take everybody else's word for it. I do got to know him and it's read with me, knowing that he's got to be the most guarded man in the world, because either everybody wants something from him or everybody. Is knifing him in the back for his position. So I showed him support and that broke down a wall, and so I found out who he really was, or at least the really was who he showed me, how many people just took yeah well he's watcher out walks around. You know, and it's it's tough, because you know you get these situations and there's nobody who will even save you know things that are positive, whether they're judging the key. If you're not a kid, you know, even if they like you, they don't defend you. If that you're, not the only one. Apparently, though, defending Bill O'Reilly in a way
exploding. Violence, we'd, we've now identified a naval closer to home bill. O'reilly sexism is a serious problem in a serious accusation, there are many people who dismiss a woman is Une serious and out of their death, not because they are because they are a woman bill. O'reilly isn't one of them. This agreement is violence and everything is sexist. Then, eventually, nothing will be consider that oh, oh, a headline is Kirsten powers Ellie is not sexist. Oh my god! Oh my god. What did she say that written in two thousand and fifteen GOSH written in two or USMC was the one that had that CNN is using now as the big smoking gun. That is a nut and forgotten bill factor for unbelievable. I'm. I will tell his incredible that that literally the headline in USA today, here's some power- bill. O'reilly is not sexist. That is the headline of the story. It's a column
I mean it was. It was shocking that she survived hi no accolades about her being blind. I I will you know that she could even speak after. That is a tribute to work and then completely forget about it in two thousand fourteen well extraordinary we all have days where we forget the unbelievable. I mean she goes into 'cause. I had design wise or anybody else that is defending. I saw Eric Metaxas, say something nice is there anybody saying anything nice about bill, O'Reilly other than Kirsten Powers, two thousand and fourteen other than when it was popular to say something nice about Bill O'Reilly. I look, I'm not judging the sex. I don't know any of that. So don't know, but I I and I think you should do you need to take people seriously on that stuff. And I don't like, if he's treating people you know poorly. You know. On the
If I don't like that, shut up Jeffy, I don't know I don't like it. I think it's when you're rude to people, it's wrong, shut. The fat mouth closed, those rise to me. I didn't realize you most of the lard the reading. Will I use that as a new policy coming? Yes, it is I go if you don't stand for That is not right. That's not right. And in a world in a world where there are contracts and stars it sometime last longer than it should, but also, let's look at FACTS I mean how many have we seen a single fact: every scene I have a roof. Have we seen him? I haven't evidence of any of it. I don't. I don't think so, and the reason why his words against is and nobody nobody wants to. Nobody wants to stand up because it's unpopular and we
We know where I'm going to be. I will be painted as a guy who's dismissing sexual assault or you know us. Sexual impropriety or or any of that I know that's how it's going to be, but that's not what I'm saying. That's not what I'm saying saying there is real and there is fake. I don't know which this is, but I am seen the real stuff I'm only seeing things that make me say: well, he called her blonde and then Roger Ailes said something about him. That's not the same as sexual harassment. What do we do we doing right is right, no matter what it costs you personally right is. Right, you're listening to the Glenn Beck program, Beck program
hatred happening here. Pad Pat, is get go ahead, say what you said just a minute ago about bronies and these are like teenagers and young adult males, into my little pony? Yes, they need to be banished from society. There should be like hearing I heard bronies, you remember the boy we had yeah, we we brought in we brought collectively in. The entire collection. We got him a backpack with a my little pony his favorite. My little pony. Remember that at all you don't remember that at all, because it was the exact opposite of what you were saying right now, yeah. How old was he I remember no. As for its okay, twelve thirteen, some like that telling me self respect,
Young men were all remember that I exert power is thank you. The blaze radio network on demand, hello, America, what's going on Tillerson, is now ramping up the fight with IRAN and the IRAN Nuclear Deal, which was a horrible. Field to begin with Stu I mean Pat, is still side himself about bronies
men who, like my little pony, he does Let's make a point worth the hearing there We can do report on the border wall that Going to kill birds like nobody's business. I think we have to start there and your phone call eight. Eighty eight seven thousand two hundred and seventy We have a lot to get to. Let's start right now back program? Okay, you are for a border fence or border wall
stronger and stronger immigration laws, a is least enforcing now for stronger you just want to enforce, laws we have paid full your. Probably change your mind, and this is going to be that moment. I always say what was the pivot point This will be the moment where you will say this was my pivot point. I had never thought of this when we were talking about the border wall. Listen to this well Craig. If this border wall happens, it will be an unprecedented environmental catastrophe. Jeff Corwin, by the way, Jeff Corwin NEWS I mean he's an animal expert. We all know that. Remember was it animal planet. He did all those shows and now he's on an ABC special. Is it now. I want you to know this. Is this? Is unprecedented environmental disease?
tragedy and disaster is poised to cut through more than one thousand two hundred miles of habitat along the border between United States and Mexico. There are over ninety threatened critically endangered species that are in the in the cross, hairs because of wall, and we've got over a hundred migratory birds that will be impacted from this Wall Mexican Gray, Wolf. Only a hundred and thirty three individuals left of this iconic. What is it okay night amazing? His head is on the shocking fought, long and lightly could solve raise on the subject. The expanse of the Jaguar chest now being restore it into its habitat. Arizona will likely be extirpated pushed back towards the presidency designation because of this disastrous Walt Disney. Second, for the animals don't have passports, there are no borders for animals, okay, they don't have pockets,
yeah, so we can't require them now to have passports. They do not have pockets except for the kangaroo, but that's a different continent zero We were talking about kangaroos. We could get him pocket, so we could give him passports 'cause they had pockets, they don't have pockets right. They don't have hands so they couldn't really step up to the little thing and they don't they can't talk. You is complicated with animals Borders are complicated with animals now the one I'm worried about, because we're talking about an environmental disaster, I'm worried about the birds now listen, the risk of. Being ignorant or foolish the bird specifically may just be able to fly over the wall? Freight in such an obvious question he's afraid to ask yeah. I don't. I don't want to sound ignorant to anyone, but I'm going to I'm going to dial in some common sense. Alright, I'm just going to I'm just going to say it.
Safelite can fly left and right, but I think they can fly up and down as well. Not thirty, not thirty, feet off the ground. By the way the wall will not wind up being thirty feet would be my guess I think it'll be ten tops, but well it's interesting you should say that India question and it's actually many animals that fly can migrate over that wall. So, yes, they fly over the wall. So it's a good question because it's an obvious questions that you would ask it right. Yeah, I mean that's, not a question that you should have asked. But it's a good question. Snooze propaganda remain, birds can fly, but many animals actually stay very low. Very many of these animals, for example, birds and bats, are actually passing close to.
To the grid, the ground, 'cause they're heading towards plants, Let's see if there's death there heading stupid only served to run in the way and, if you're, a bad and your soul on our radar, whatever it is, that makes you fly around without id's does is so bad that you can't find a c r. A hundred miles natural selection should k for that. Back. These would be killing them to freeze was very sly, looks are going for the plants, a rock yeah private. Fences around hold anything home and a parked car or anything we are missing at the wall, will be built out of glass and we're going to use wind x on it. So it will be able to say that it's a wall, maybe that's what it is. Maybe that let me tell you something I think you're all dismissing the pictures that we've all seen of the great wall
China and all of the dead birds right order and the on both side of that wall giant piles, files and back and it doesn't it doesn't. After a while, the well doesn't matter because the That's our just it become ramps and you just walk on the bodies of the dead, bats, bats, bats, yeah, it's a baffling parent, adult you're mocking you are you mocking now I said it was a bat ram, a bam if you want to. That was not mocking. No, no, it's very, very, very good use that important part of our security You know what I'm going to give that free to the scientific community. Oh wow vamps, but it's yours but bam. Let our bam bam Yeah bat ramp about Bam. You can is that in all your all your you know- scientific literature. On why this is going to be such a hassle, devastating, devastating,
disaster devastating disaster for the birds that can't fly on the chopping block. The wolves are on the chopping block. Are they. We're going to put wolves heads on chopping blocks and put their head imagery so great web. Sorry, we can't build this wall until they cut your head off. I mean if there, if there are one hundred and fifty of them. What do you say? We make sure that it's, not all the mail will on one side and female wolves on the other, or you know, I mean there is in an argument against free range wolves. I don't know if anyone knows that. No, no! No! No! No you to full animals all okay, they're carnivores! There be all that sounds terrible and actually seen a wolf. Yes, yes, in real life, and yes, they are terrifying right so I mean it's like little red riding hold. It was a wolf engaged her in the grandma mean hello and jaguars. Do we really want JAG?
Cars, roaming free on the border, I'd like him to stay on the mexican side. Yeah I mean that's cool bud, bud, I'm not! I have a problem with that. I don't know the benefits of the wall. I think we put all the dangerous animals and other side that side. You can add the jaguars. I love that about you and me, to go and I'll go visit and see, those jaguars. You let a mate on you, this side of the wall, but even so, I'm kind of confused as to why they can't just out of the way of the wall being built in right? Go about their business? Well, the image there is a man like the animals are in the cross. Hairs yes, on the chopping block, none of these things are real you're, just saying rocket about what they wouldn't move a hundred yards wide and with the I mean I understand that that is, it could be severe reading like if you were planning, okay, there's actually a river between the two is to now that they navigate all right all right: okay, right, okay, do we not do we need to look. Do I need to bring up north and South Korea where all of the
DMV, where all of the little wolf family members are living in freedom and the and the north korean wolves are living in slavery and they're not able to see each other anymore, and they don't know if they're alive or dead. Imagine you're a wolf and don't know if you're alive or dead. If your if your relative, who you love, is on the other side of the wall with a concussion or worse, because it didn't see the wall and ran right into it, trying to come. Do you It was wrong with the Berlin Wall is wrong with the great wall of China Jaina. It's it's wrong for birth, wrong for bats. It is wrong for Panthers. Jaguars B Mexican Timberwolves, all of them, whatever yeah, all of them separating wolf families. Add as you go ahead, you break up the families could we could we go to Victoria New York?
Victoria. Your on moron, Birdtalk. Ironbird, talk go ahead. Victoria Line, one that's very hang on put Mary on hold and let's go to Victoria Line one please there we go Victoria High, yes hi. I just love. This show I wanted to. I wanted to make a comparison here there. Ok concerned about the Wall while what about those windmills that are out They are killing birds that are supposed to be great for the environment and, of course, went on those really on your program. Can you put solo Riley on your station? Give him a show on yours. They should bill O'Reilly. Well, that would be up to Bill O'Reilly. So yeah. I don't know if Bill O'Reilly Bill O'Reilly's worth of fortune- and you know I don't know- I don't know. If bill, I don't see bill, is the type that's walking around. You know on the beach with a metal detector.
But I don't know if bill wants to know what bill wants to do. It would be willing to relocate to Dallas. Did you hear you would need to relocate to Dallas. But if you did you know you could just come in here and sit down and we can put a microphone in front of so he felt at home right. You know right in position, some cameras that point right his way right and we could say a bill if you miss it just pretend to do the factor tonight, every night, at about the same time? This is right. You do that trick him into this wow huh. Well, birds are dumb enough to not go over well. Maybe bill is dumb enough to do that. I don't think so. No, no, I don't think so thanks so much for phone call Mary in Pennsylvania, hello, Mary you're, on the Glenn Beck program. Mary. Are you there, all right. Let me go to TJ in North Carolina. I hey how you doing,
the wonder: what do you think Bill O'Reilly's next career move is, I know, he's you know he's old enough to retire, but I mean I would like to see or another, so maybe get a sata. Cable outlet maybe later relocated, Dallas and says hello, microphone, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah transition to cameras. That would be pointed his way All right kind of brainstorming top of my head here: alright, alright, ok, okay I don't, I honestly, don't think that bills. Even so I mean bill Bill and I I responded to bill yesterday. Around this time he was getting on a plane to go from Rome back and he was little saying you know we're still try to work things out. So I mean I haven't. You know kind of interesting 'cause, we're not the only ones that have thought of this. They were discussing it on CNN was it. This morning I think it was like. Four hundred o'clock in the morning they had a guest, Joe Concha on talking about it, moving forward what happens with Bill O'Reilly, I got my money on Glenn Beck
The blaze were good friends. They exchanged some emails just yesterday as just coming back from ITALY that you have an opening, they might have an opening Tomi Lahren no longer at the network and trust me bill. O'reilly, four million viewers a night that would be a huge get for Bec Canada. For him, I'm willing to bet that Bill O'Reilly is worth eighty five million dollars enough for Bill O'Reilly, I mean you know, think about its ratings right. Well, if they have a pretty good platform, it's not CNN. It's not Fox news, but he's not getting signed by CNN or MSNBC or ABC or CBS he's going to have to go to a network like the blaze and he could help put them on the map for him, it's about being a culture warrior! That's why he's always called himself he'll be willing to take a pay cut if he goes there because he just he doesn't have anything else to do. I don't know if he's back scan, has the distribution or can afford him or has the relations
they were Chris Ruddy runs that place yeah. I I I think that, with the back he does have that relationship. So if he's there you're from now, they will play back the tape I water bill is interested in a ninety nine point: seven percent take and sandwiches we cannot offer and by the way that was not legally binding. We cannot offer point three percent, that's not something we are making. Forty can not afford. Nope nope nope I don't know what do you think he is going to do? I don't know I mean how would you can write on the air and have a nice take it take a maybe a couple minutes to to think about that and not rush into something I mean one thing for him is they're they're talking about a like a forty million dollar settlement or or yeah? I know you need the money I mean he's he's gonna be when he is motivated by money. I mean he if he he believes you know as I do. Your work is worth something. Yes, Sir of course I just don't know I don't
anyone who has that kind of money. Yeah it's going to pay him. How would feel about Bill O'Reilly here I feel great about it. As long as you know, he doesn't hit on me I don't think you can say that's something. That's going to happen. It's not going to happen. I don't think it looks pretty good about I'll. Tell you why. If you said something about my blindness, You're going to go nuts after you've written a story about how he draws a Kirsten powers. I don't think you're not going to say you're blown this year, blonde you're fat, you know. Well, Well, first, it's a good comeback numbers you. How long do you work on that? Would just you know man gets me every time he does yeah. This is why he wins all these bad. You know Jeffy how much of a lawsuit you could just put that in his head. Now, please, don't don't put that
I had fat? It doesn't that annotating all the way to the brain, not of a logic center of his head. It doesn't anyway Why so, I've always been so respectful of Jiffy, L, Andrea and then the with the great work he does here at the Jeffrey. Let me tell you about it, which is the law and then the whole time they they forced me to do it all, because you know we're we're believe. Beyond the company, and we would therefore force going around and make him do things. That's the interesting proposal there. I would never just sue you anyway. If you like, we be friends all of us together again Whatever happened to that team, they last I saw they were only in court against each other. It was nice least. They went out together
the Glenn Beck program, mercury, and that program holy cow, just we're just getting we're just getting a look at The settlement for bill, O'Reilly and they're, saying now it's how much well they're. Not forty million is that was the report I read, but I bet it's going to be more than that. You're saying is staggering amount, you'll, probably wind up getting more the nails got to leave. It's got forty million to two According to CNN, he just bought a thirty six million dollar house in Florida sales, sales yeah, Now O'Reilly is paid. Now I you know, didn't, have a really nice House New York. Oh my gosh, yes, be expected that why yeah right across water from West point. It was on yeah on freaking believable,
had been reported. That O'Reilly was making twenty million dollars a year and they are now saying new reports that was twenty five million and that he will not get maybe all of the money he's owed because he just signed a new contract with getting a lot of a good portion of the ends of million scissors. Hey bill- I think might be a relative of mine. It can, I borrow some money holy why would you ever go to work seriously six thousand five hundred and sixty seven years old, walk away with fifty million color today the Glenn Beck program, sorry damn bank program, Sound bad facebook wants to get in hide your brain. So you can type telepathically.
Yeah. I don't think that sounds at all. I don't get can't imagine what could go wrong with you know book being able to read our minds right am. I right you're right, this is just being paranoid on anything like that. It would just save carpal tunnel syndrome. It would just save one just one person from having carpal tunnel syndrome that we should all be forced to do it. We should all be forced to have face book tap into our brains, telepathically yeah yeah, that's good! I can't even imagine this stuff that would be spilling out in a jiffy's computer. By the way, I think, the phones here we have David Limbaugh on. But if you want to talk about the bill, O'Reilly thing cuz. I don't think any else, probably in talk radio at least the big national shows are probably going to do much time talking about him. Maybe I'm wrong. But eighty, eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven bck 'cause we've had a lot of calls this morning off. The air people are pretty devastated by him, leaving and it
it's kind of weird because he's not a he's not a. A movement conservative you know in order mean bills for always frustrating because he's not a guy who's like yeah. We're going this way in the country he's not he's not that guy he's he's a a moderate. You know. I know for some reason the left likes to say that he's just a monster but extremist further from the truth couldn't be further from the not at all in North Carolina? Yes, I'm calling in with an idea that could take care of this whole problem. I think women in the workplace who think they're all that should have to wear body cams. We can't take their word for what was said. He she and all that we just don't buy it
I'm in no women. I have watched things like this happen in a job I had. In a town in North Carolina. Where the women would make the web get involved with them, and then complain when they did, but I don't know Don't definitely alright and thank you very much. I think you'd never want it. Yeah That's really where we're getting too, though, is everybody has to wear body cams? It does both. Well, too, you know 'cause. You have to were supposed to believe everything that everyone says right. You have the right to be believed. So now we have a right to be heard. Now, that's not what he I have a right to face your accuser right. You have the right to be taken seriously as right away. That should be free rent and look at you know. Obviously, when I cut I mean I wouldn't put it past,
the society that everyone's wearing body cams in a few years I mean, but I don't know, I don't know. If I tell you something already, we about this already they have developed contact lenses that are telescope and you won't have to wear glasses they're, not only Telescopic, so you know I can improve my vision, but they it, but it also records everything that I look at. So if I was like, I can't remember what it is, but if you blink blink twice or something it starts, recording so you're not going to need You're not gonna need a body cam. The hope here I mean, if that's where we are now imagine five years words all gonna be up loaded and ready. Give me your memory yeah. I didn't happen that way. Yes, it did mean it in and we are so far down that road.
Already and we played a video the other day on patents do in which a man The middle of nowhere in Canada was walking up to a store and was run over by a deer Yes, I saw that and he said he was run over by dear. No one believed him until they saw the graphic evidence of him being run over by a speeding deer right. You know we people used to play grandma got run over by a reindeer right. Exactly happened, We played russian dash. The Russians were the first to do this and it was exactly because of the reason the caller said: people were faking getting hit by cars but run up to the front of the car and jump on the hood and go oh and fall off, and and then they would say they take the insurance money or impression of the person to pay them off right on the scene. So people started in on the desk. In the now there's tons of whole, Is videos of people walking up
sells cars. That's why the Russians have the dash cam another everywhere in China and they're coming here. Much you're here in large amounts. I mean. There's big companies now investing a lot in this, so that you can see everything in front of you so that when something happens, that's not your fault You can prove that it was not your fault and they run all the time or do you have to turn the mon or they turn on automatically. When there's, I think they run all the time but then delete themselves as they go. If you have nothing so you have to, if you know, we've had a you get half an hour footage or an hour of footage, and then it would take oldest version erase it bottom line is like cameras- I mean nanny cams, you know there ever they are everywhere not to mention everyone has a phone. I mean look at the United thing. If, if you read a story about hey there was a person taken off of forcibly by a police officer because he would not
exit the plane. Any wound up with a bloody lip you at is that anyway, give United Airlines all the latitude in the world, yeah you'd say wait a minute he wouldn't get off the plane. I mean, I know that's annoying, but you got to get off the plane. Well, you would hear me also would have said if they dragged him off. They had good reason to drag him off with some of you might say That doesn't seem right, but we don't know exactly what happened. The thing that made. Into a big story, in the reason why they could ceo is constantly apologizing right now is because a he screamed like a baby and be the women across the hall. The ideal was saying: oh my god. What are you doing that to him? No look that was a real thing and obviously united it handled right or like break, and the police honestly also handled by poorly and there's also mistakes attached to it, however, generally making. If you go back and look at that without the camera, that's not much of an incident. Ray Rice has never played another game in the NFL, and you know
I have no problem with someone who hits their wife in an elevator of a casino getting. Never playing another game, but he was suspended for what two games until the came out now he's never stepped foot on the field? Again, I'm actually glad. But glad to I'm not saying these are bad things. I think a lot of times, they're good things, how many cops have been exonerated from things they've been accused of, because there's been video, I argue all the time that it would be The number one person who should want body cams on police officers are police officers yep we all in our heads imaginable. Why did that? Please take off this unarmed man this on our man? Well, if the guys reaching for his pot and that's what I understand: that's why they have them it's to show the truth of those incidents and Sometimes it's really good, but we're in that world already or already here's the problem. You guys see the story today. Probably not. I think it's in France actually story from France on the seventeen fake news reports that have happened in the election
and some of them are photographs. One of them is the big socialist and he is, you know, he's for the people and he's an average everyday guy, blah blah blah, and he standing in a crowd and he's standing with his arms folded like this, and you see his watch and somebody has digitally put a very expensive like twenty six thousand dollars rolex on his on his arm and it not an obvious role is not the big gold bling, and so it it looks under aided and less? You know what that watch is, and it was. Really done by some. I think on his side as a joke, but then the other side took it, and
with it and now people believe that it's real, and so he looks like a total hypocrite and on every single candidate. There is something like that where they've doctored picture took an old picture, change the picture I mean you can't you can't believe even pictures. Now, though, yeah there's no currency left in the truth and there's none there's no value and that's why it's hard to do I mean I, you see this more and more, there's really there's a lot of people who want that to be the case. I mean we've seen that from right. You know, commentators of that you were in the post fact area and it's wonderful. This comes from it's, not it's, not a world. I want to live in. This comes from really the last generation tolerating a character doesn't match, by tolerating character doesn't matter. We move
Moved down the line too well, what else can I lie about now? The truth doesn't matter character mattered because character. The way you had character was tell the truth. When it was hard to tell the truth. Ok! Well now, let's try to not tell the truth. When it's easy to not tell the truth and see if anybody cares, ok, so it's not when it's hard, not when it's easy. Why tell the truth? How 'bout, let's take it a step further, how 'bout making stuff up if it helps you make it up. It helps, but I mean Harry Reid, said that yeah proud of the lie, the lie that he said on the Senate floor. I just got a call Mitt, Romney, eight! He didn't pay any taxes. Now it's out there he's got an answer for it and when he's called on it a year or two later, it's like well, you didn't get a did did he yeah? I had no problems to fight it right. I have no problem with that needed to get elected. The ends justify the means
character, map believable. It's really another line, keeps coming to my head every day now which concerns me because it feels more a tree. It doesn't feel like it's just kind of be popping into my head for no reason it. It feels like a. I don't know I just it. It feels true to me with terror and slaughter return. The gods the copybook headings. We have come so far. Away from the truth. An. We have lived our lives, look at look at happening at Fox NEWS. We, left Fox NEWS, and what did I say? Do you guys remember He said the last few weeks or a few as we were there remember I was like we have got to get out of, I don't know when it's going to happen, but gun club is going to implode. This whole place
going to implode and we don't want to be anywhere near this place so that many times I mean almost every day I got so again. I see things like a walls that when I feel things you know it feels like it's going to. And right now This is what it was like. This place is going to down and when it comes crashing down, it's going to be ugly and we don't want to be within a hundred miles and those two Murdoch. Sons have big plans for continuing the destruction of Fox NEWS, as it currently correct and they don't want anything to do with what is. But what is the problem with Fox news? What was the problem? Go Back to that pull my thought of this yesterday, as I was thinking about the implosion of Fox NEWS when Well lately, when all men, all men are paid for existing. And no man must pay for his sins. That's where we are at all men are just paid for existing.
Doesn't matter. What you do doesn't matter you know merit doesn't matter honest hard. Doesn't matter character, doesn't matter you just paid to exist. And no man must pay for his sins. That's when the truth is restored and the truth when it's restored it burns everything down with terror. Slaughter return. If you don't know what I'm talking about just Google search gods of the copybook headings by Rudyard Kipling, It was written right after World WAR one and he was warning our time and saying this is going to happen again, don't go down this road and we're doing it, and I think we're approaching the end of that poem this when this thing resets when three sets and it will we can't just keep living the
is lies we can't we can't go down the road of actually thinking that we are God and look. It look for our university said this week? What what university was it? That said, the truth is mythical that truth doesn't exist. It's a myth. Well, you know what is on that yeah in use. Just Google search that that headline the truth is a myth. Why is the truth? The met math, because who, through Is it what we use to agree? It was God's truth. We don't agree on truth anymore. There is no truth anymore. They are now teaching in universities that God, that I'm sorry that truth Is a myth, There is no universal truth. Call Mona College. Yes, I got news for you.
There is truth, there is truth and when it's restored it's going to hurt seven Glenn, seven back, play it back program, the program David Limbaugh, is going to be joining us here, will talk to him about the news of the day, but he also has a new book out called the true Jesus uncovering covering the divinity of Christ in the gospel and he's gonna settle a dispute. That's going on right now, because Jeffy asked the other day that you know he said I have a shot at Heaven, just like everybody else,
No, no! No! No! No! No, and you don't think so that I am. I am not right. There's no thinking about, I don't think so Jesse, but I'm I'm still with the I'm kitchen for you, but I don't think so. I mean we're not as a judge, I'm just saying he's going to burn in the fires of hell right right. You know for all eternity right, let's always burning, never never consumed right now I mean the really interesting question is not whether he's going to get in or not, but whether God will bother even bring him up. There. It'll take a look, like maybe you just you just gotta, be straight he's like I've seen enough yeah, we don't. We don't need to make the trip not to save the safety of airline mileage. Thank you might live forever. He might have just forgotten about you. It might just forget to even take you. You might just live forever kind of feeling so yeah yeah, except still a roach yeah yeah? so we'll we'll see if David wants to look under our fridge and was living down there, the true Jesus David Limbaugh
I heard that name before coming up next hello,. The Blaze radio network on demand. A friend of the show and they really thoughtful.
I and I would leave that office wants to be on this. Show David Limbaugh. We start there right now, entertainment. They were led by time when you thought to yourself. This made the bottom of my career and was it today but many moments I think today is not the day to tell. How are you great? How are you very good thanks for having me on really a privilege? Thank you, sir. Thank you I'm going to,
I want to delve a little bit into you first, because you are so well known as a political guy, but that's not what drives you right and you've done now. This, your third right Christ right right and you're writing really comprehensive books on the gospel and I mean, as you read this book, the true Jesus it's like is is the I mean it's a your, read the gospel you're, getting lost, you don't know, you're breaking it all down and explaining what he meant by it. What is happening I mean you really delve into that. Tell me about you in your journey? I am. I started out
We we grew up in a in a church is a good shirt. I think the message didn't really catch on with me, and it's probably because I was so scatterbrained the hand just and get engaged for so many years and then When I was a young adult, I always was seeker- and I always believed in god- but I didn't in the God of the Bible. Didn't disbelieve! I just didn't, wasn't engaged enough. Ok, what is it? What is that? What is out of the Bible that you understood then well, I didn't know if Jesus with, I remember is Jesus son of God, I didn't know if he was just a profit or deity. I would you believe you believe that he did live. Oh yes, yeah, ok, but that isn't even a great accomplishment, intellectually, because I didn't engage only believe because my parents, tell me idea, he ever even given a thought which is embarrassing and shameful, but I did that's where everybody is yeah. I mean on on my more than just that, I think most of us I credit my Alka.
All Poland drug abuse for taking me up cuz. Don't know if I would have ever found the truth. Had I burned myself down to the ground. It's so interesting. You say that and I don't think it's cliche. I think people that hit rock bottom have a closer a better chance of meeting. Because you know they say: there's no atheists in foxholes ring when we're down and if you have a blessed life, but I got a pretty blessed life. You you, don't you think Self, sufficient, your your own god. I don't mean that blasphemously, I don't mean it literally, but you just Think. Why do I need one last? Why why? Why would I question my if it's going well, yes, I don't need anything else. It's going well exactly. I've said this and I'm so torn. I say I thought I speak at churches. If I ever talk about my conversion and my life at all I'll say, look I
I don't want kids, I am not sending the message Bernier I don't know around, but I honestly I needed the redemptive power of Christ So much I mean David. I stood Waters of baptism at baptized me and we web for how long before you get the words out because He knew what this would mean to me 'cause, he knew I was taking it seriously and I was and because I was crying out to him saying you're promising me you're promising, if you don't come through with the piece that you promised. If I do what you tell me to do, not real you're, not god right and when you really need it like that, oh my gosh, the fullness of it is the s and that's a great story and been great truth seeking usual
I knock on the door will be open to it. It's open to everyone, and I make that point not I make it, but I record that point that the gospels record, because it's so important people dismiss that. But I will say this that, even though I was blessed continue to be blessed and we don't wish harm upon ourselves or other people just so we can find, but it's not the only way. I also was always curious why How did you know the big question is? How did we get here and all that and you look at the glory of God's original design and you say it has to be caught that cream. Yes, but you don't know what God's nature is you don't really think about it? You don't know about his son. Jesus Christ is intelligent, design, intelligent design, I meant to say so good, and so I began speaking and reading everything I could find and discovering Christianity's truth claims are backed up evidence. Did you did you read 'cause like when I first started? I read I mean I went to school and Pat Pat said to me.
You're going to jail. Your to find the opposite, and I did I found all the arguments against God Salute, but it was because of those arguments that I actually found him note I mean and I'm rock solid. Did you go through the totally? Why would an all loving God who is all power, will permit evil in the world, and course now that's a reason. It's a of my faith rather than a reasonable skepticism, but it's Lee Strobel story in his case for Christ. I hate to promote another thing on the show room- and I said it's a great movie- it's a moving movie and he he he set out to disprove the gospel and and end up being slayed by it. I just that's, awesome story? And it's really what happened to me in less dramatic way? I didn't set out to do prove it 'cause? I really wanted it to be true. I was on the right team. I want
to be on that team. I just couldn't embrace it until I studied it and the evidence overwhelmingly. So what was first of? Was there a Is there a pivot in your life? Was there a moment where you felt like I've got a change? Yes? Well, intellectually, and I don't mean to say I'm real brilliant, and this is I mean the intellectual thinking through things, steady kind of intellectual study books by Paul little know what and why you believe, Josh Mcdowell, Norman Guys, are all the great apologists reading the Bible itself and the real pivotal moment? actually was when I was exposed to the messianic prophecies. Believable prophecies that were written in many cases, hundreds of years before Christ, birth he realized all he fulfilled all those people talk about some of them. Yes, absolutely, and so it was after that that I trusted Christ but I'm saying Alexa I had to get over these hurdles so that I could open up. Is
amazing, how so many people this just just look at the prophecies of Israel being restored, no point in human history has anything like Israel ever happened, never and then to add, on top of it, that it was all foretold told, of years ago its destruction, it's it's scattering, bringing back together from all corners of the earth, its re establishment, I mean that's incredible in and of itself it and people dismiss it, gives you goosebumps and when God set apart are called a bra, Abram at the time we will. Let you later named Abraham out of the land. I will show you. I will make a great nation out of you. I will bless all people through you, so we, labor ham from the land of Chaldeans, are of the county to the to Canaan,
form. The nation through Abraham Abraham Isaac, Jacob an David, the line of kings, and he said he would bless all people and so Christ. You can try is Lenny edge through David through Abraham all the way back. And he will reign forever in the promised land at any came. Originally the promised land which was guaranteed to Israel as an everlasting possession, and, as you say, they were dispersed many times an after two thousand years, most most nation, our lose their identity, national identity after three, four five generations after two thousand- the Israelis. These Israelites came back to the people to that land and in one thousand nine hundred and forty eight it was re established. As you know, we have been scattered, and we've almost lost our identity. And then those those five or six arab nations around Israel tried to destroy that tiny little nation, an it
it up and kick their rear ends. Is that not totally exciting? Is that not God at work and they kept trying to do it? Six thousand seven hundred and seventy three an Israel that's why I know I was it just it Israel Frye ten days ago came first time. I've ever been, which is, as you know, spectacular experience. Did you? How do you write three books on the Bible and now is the first time you went to Jerusalem? it's amazing and I don't know right rely so heavily on what other people, the other peoples studies totally different. It's game changer in life yeah, I said if I could say if I could to be king, and say we're going to spend money on. One thing it would be: everybody should go to Israel. Yeah will change your life, your unders, standing of the world, your understanding of your place in it, God everything totally changes, yeah totally changes and this
the idea see I that that Israel ought to give back some of the land, the land that they they took. After being it's at the Golan Heights where they can see Syria and the they can't afford of that land back because they don't want destroy other nations. Other nations want to destroy them. Jeffin I stood at the top of the Golan Heights. You know that cliff yes and we put up there and everybody is talking about the Golan Heights. They should give the lines back until you step, on that land is available stand, there were like that suicide not to do it. It's suicide! Last Israel tried to give back some of the land and establish a tooth, solution- an they reject it. They want to be victims, know fenced any people out there listening, but it's a strict- and I don't understand why So this through this charade, nobody even knows that they were, they were given a country. At the same time, Palestine was set up, win Israel yes and they rejected that and very briefly read right
You see the uh. To promote somebody else's, but what made it always in the name does for your Prager University he's awesome. He is so long yeah what that guy. He just had lunch in town and he was doing a fundraiser for that you, his universe and so I went he didn't know, I was going to show up and I we bought table and we all went from the office and sitting there They look in his eyes when he walked out and he was like Glenn Beck. He and I said to him what you've done den I can only dream of doing. I feel like a worm when I look at what how he's actually impacting the culture but he did something on Israel about the two state solution who actually is trying to settle it and who wants to be a victim? Yes and it's brilliant in three minutes in fact, Dennis Prager is one of the clearest thinkers. Yes and
indicators. I resent him, you know what it is. I is honestly, I think, a you spend much time with jewish people. Yeah, oh yeah, their intellect, because of way they learn. The Torah I totally agree is how that venture, pero yeah they hate him too. Did you know that word is real means to wrestle with the Lord, and that is in their heritage. They they wrestle, and so intellectually there just rigorous. In fact, Ben Shapiro told me that his if I buy out on this misquoting and then I apologize Ben. If I have that his rigorous training in the Torah and reading it is, is real but helped him through Harvard LAW School make Harvard LAW school easier. Oh of course he's so smart. It wouldn't have been mattered, but, but I will tell you I think, there's a correlation between Smart and Taurus a. I think, there's good point, the lesser discipline to yeah this yeah. Well,
that sounded racist, didn't it a compliment David Limbaugh. His new book is the true Jesus uncovering the divinity of Christ in the gospel, it is talking yesterday in the hallway about dominant crossing, it's kind of the opposite of dominant crossing who Remember stew: we had him on one Easter years ago and we had him on and I thought he had a really interesting, take it things and yada yada Ann right before Easter, and we got to the end of the interview, and I said so you do you believe the crucifixion is like. Oh no, that ever happened and I would be on the air like Happy Easter, everybody I mean crazy. Can you explain to me why why a guy like John Dominic Crossan and I've been exposed him early on, and this isn't
that I don't know the guy personally, why is he devote his whole life to undermining something? It's like he's got demons, and I don't know it, thing a guy like him. They isn't it curious. They would devote our whole life to something they don't believe in to display it. What are Christians going around killing people now? So what's his motivation, Chris Christianity's, a positive force for the wedding leave it alone. Well, he's he's one of the theologians for the catholic Church, those and he's involved with what part part of the you know that kind of that I don't know, but that the believing non believing we'll see we believe, but we don't believe in any of it. Kind of part of the Catholic Sino totally did believe in and they would reject his no light. The catholic Sino yeah he's a he's an outright atheist Disney, or am I wrong now? I don't think he is he doesn't believe in. He doesn't even the what he calls magic tricks. Okay, Ok then denies the supernatural and yet, and yet, if he believes in God he has to believe God create
everything and nothing is a bigger miracle, then snapping the world. Since breathing the world isn't in existence. I mean this. Is you don't believe in the supernatural? Well, where did this come from? I mean: where did it start? How did it start? There's something that we don't understand. We call it supernatural because we don't understand it. You go back. You know two hundred years with a flashlight, yeah they're, going to think it's supernatural. Well, that's who we are compared to God, in fact we're not even that, where the cave men and it's a searchlight, For us, this sign up for the newsletter and get all the info. You need to know what glennbeck dot com, mercury. Atlantic program. Eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven thanks David Limbaugh- is here Is the author of a new book, the true Jesus, uncovering the divinity of Christ in the gospel
The one thing you know I went to school as we told you and I was looking for the truth. I just want the truth, and so I took the history departments at Yale, the history of what's called early Christ Ology the making of the image if Christ will that'll make you a a non believer so fast your head will spin, but what it did do was give me a rock solid understanding of who this guy was as a man. It had. The full the theology on top of it, but to no how things worked back then what the world was like when he was it and why the the gospels were sometimes written the way they were that's kind of what you're doing here, except you don't throw out all the divinity stuff right right and yeah, and the gospels do portray cry.
As a fully human and fully divine, and we said that, but it's when you were, you really study them. You see his humanity, he whipped over Jerusalem and he walked among people and they invite, even when he came back and body, Resurrection form they touched him he's a really wasn't some spirit Well, creating they not know- and I know you address this in the book- come on How did they not know? Well, I think that the jewish Messianic expected it was a military and political conquer, and that's what the prophecies mostly said. There was also a smattering of prophecies, quite a few properties that about a suffering servant. You can read Isaiah fifty three and some twenty two and give you goosebumps again about how accurately they portray Christ crucifixion, but according to Michael Heiser who's, a phd, a friend of mine through studying this stuff,
that it was presented in a mosaic and not necessarily directly so only after looking? the new testament lenses, can we see that the suffering servant was also going to be the Messiah and it is really jeez, but they expected the Messiah to be someone who would conquer the roman as I have a theory on a theory on Judas that I'd like to share. I know you covered to we'll get into that David Limbaugh, the true Jesus available in bookstores right now and online. The true Jesus by David Limbaugh, more with him on this and news of the day, coming up the Glenn Beck program yeah. This is the Glenn Beck. Program a David Limbaugh just having a conversation off there. When I get back to his book, the true Jesus we're just having a conversation about the flash of all
and our kids. I have a thirteen year old. Your son is twelve. Yes, our kids are experts everything that is not important- I mean Absolutely everything! I worry. I don't know about you, but I look at my kid and I'm, as part of me, is so glad it's not worried about the things I'm worried about right now, but I do worry it I mean, but I'm a catastrophes. I do see my son, you know in and end times sort of apocalyptic blade. Runner situation. Where he's like, I don't know, is there a gaming, system to this I mean this is just like episode, one hundred and forty two section b, oh yeah, every episode of doctor who the flash he can tell me dad that's earth. Eighteen, I know like ok, and they're not showing off his. You know part of their make up, but I think in there's a possibility that the skills that has not
holy and dynamite would say these skills they can apply later 'cause. They really are intelligent. This stuff is heavy stuff, it just doesn't matter but Yeah and they know it inside analogously gaming thing- I just keep thinking well. I know he'll be on the right side of a drone, with all due respect, I'm so glad he's not he's in school and not listening to your show. Right now, so David David Limbaugh wrote the true Jesus uncovering the divinity of Christ and the gospel. He writes it in such a way that it's really really fascinating. Specially. If you know the gospels it's great, but even if you don't, it really helps you. Get yourself into it and really understand how it happened, what happened, etc. Judas I look at Judas an. I always grew up being taught that Judas was, you know with the devil and he was you know, evil and everything else. I look at you,
is in a totally different light. Now I look at Judas as a real zealot, because, that's you know if you read Josephus, that's the way they describe Jesus. He was one of the zealots up in the mountains. There was a lot of people that were claiming that they were the Messiah at the time and they up in the mountains and they'd come down and- and you know, preach repentance and everything else and so they were looking for a warrior and I think This was one of those guys and when he realized we're coming into town, and you're not you're, not going to overthrow this you're you're, not the guy I think he was so illusion because he couldn't understand the message of peace and of changing the world. The way Christ was looking at it that he thought
you've betrayed me. You've lied to me, and so you kind of look at Judas and say I'm not that he was a good guy, but I understand I understand how he got there yeah and- and I have no idea- if, if what he he was like it, it's a plausible theory, me not that I'm in the arbiter of plausible theories, but yeah, I don't know any scriptural evidence for that, but And I pretty much rely on that, but there may be no scriptural evidence of any other No, no, I'm not so yeah absolutely and it's a fascinating thought, because I was another point. I want to do this it since you brought him out. I don't really. Call TIM in one way. Either Jesus was born to die. Heat heat, he in the Holy Spirit and in the father create knowing we're going to fall, an knowing that the Father would have to send the sun. Send the sun earth to become a human being and to die for our sins, so
was the only person, as Bishop Fulton Sheen said ever, who ever lived his life backwards from the cross? or it is all about the cross. He was born to die. So if Judas hadn't betrayed it him, someone else would, in God's providential sovereignty. Now that doesn't mean Judas. Good guy for doing it, but it that doesn't mean it yet didn't have free, will and doing it, but we owe him because Christ, if he if Christ, had not died, we wouldn't be able to live, and I said that kind of a mix thing. I don't mean we I'm glad he betrayed him, but it's an interesting thing. Christ came to die for our sins. I love a guy who just casually mentions Bish Fulton sheen. I never knew who this guy was until somebody said to me. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, yes, and they said You remind me so much of Bishop wow, that's a great company. They didn't mean
that way, okay, what they meant was his show with the chalk boards and being able to explain everything and I went Museum of television history to look up this bishop in his robes on television, explaining common zoom and explain yes, I mean it's a different world No in his book on the life of Christ, I would quoted that one of my books and I went back It was really influential book aunt for Maine and he's talking about communism, like my dad was yeah wow yeah, really- we have lossed- I mean that's at a time when Christianity was convicted, that if you become a godless society, you're done and communism was nothing if not godless right is evil. It was evil and it still is.
Yes, as we see in North Korea. Yes, we're not willing to say that anymore now and I slaughtered they slaughtered a hundred million people, possibly in the 20th century the thirty million in but Union Red China all over the place it Cambodia people this. Nor the left to give them a pass because they think the logical extent well I don't know, I don't want to get into that yeah tangled web uh. Let me switch gears with you uh. What do you think happens to and it allowed to talk about your brother, but I mean your Limbaugh yesterday was an end of an era. There are two icons that stood in the doorway and stopped
the Huns from rushing in one is rush. Limbaugh and the other has been bill. O'reilly bill is a movement conservative, but he was a cultural conservative and they made him into. You know the most evil. Conservative man, the planet, which I don't think he was, I think it was more common sense. You know kind of just middle of the road kind of right, but now that he's gone and the way he was taken out was from pressure from media matters, an advertiser LOS. I said yesterday, okay, so now who the big dog that you're going to have to get up media matters going to have to get off Sean Hannity, so Sean will be a target then, once
box, is gone. We we're hearing about the Murdocks veto, changing all of Fox and wanting to make it mainstream, and you know you're in talks about Oprah Winfrey Right Fox done. It brings all of the focus on the two places. Small little things on the internet that are Linda stay alive: all of us are struggling to stay alive because we're in our infancy and talk radio. What is Bill O'Reilly leaving Mean, do you think well as you mentioned earlier, I think on the tv show, we don't know, we gotta be clear to differentiate this or I do that. We don't know what the facts were. It's every bit true or every bit false or partially true, partially false it. True. Then he should go away. We can't we can't tolerate that. Yeah right
I dismiss if it we don't know that so that's right and so, and so, but I don't want people that misconstrue this intentionally. What we're saying we're not saying don't look at the evidence correctly. Evidence speaks for itself, correct what we are saying. I don't speak for you here, but I think what we are saying is. They are salivating they've been salivating, the media matters in the other leftist extremists to go after, as you say, conservative icon its concerned and they they do it all the time. They're relentless, that's what they exist for. I don't think they would deny it they claim. Riley O'Reilly Scout, didn't they I don't know yet if they didn't, I apologize, but I think I read something: no, they did here's. What I want to point out in terms of people trying to figure out the way the left and the right, and this is kids that go to school. You know the best way to tell people about the left. And what they really are about. They,
always said, including when I was in college. The what they had on us was basic claim to have compassion. So you see in concert to skill, collect paint them as racist, bigots and compassionate. That's why? Liberals are liberals, because we aren't combat it's a lie, but that's what they have their foot in the door and that's how they convince kids to go to the other side. There are the ones who are hateful, intolerant and compassion, and I have have some young kids. I've talked to who have experienced the salivating meanness of the left at the in town, though to be a liberal now, because they now know how mean these people are now. This is give you seven ways mention this. No conservative ever tries to press the speech of a level, none that I know we believe in the play some ideas. The there. Our ideas will triumph. If given a full airing, liberals apparently either don't believe. They don't care, they want to suppress us an and I mean that they want to suppress our space, our religious freedom and
and evidence of that is they're, triumphant that this happened O'Reilly they, I don't, I can't imagine, going there a liberal icon? I don't want to get those people off the. In fact, there are great advertisement for conservatism because they are so mean and intolerant. The more they flourish in their little world the better they expose themselves this right. I think MSNBC has done more for the conservative movement. Exactly then then Fox in all of its years, plus, I don't wish feel on him personally. No, I can't stand what Bill Maher stands for and the way he treats people, but I don't wish him ill these kind- I don't know, I don't think he actually wishes some people ill, but the point- and it is a free speech guy anyway, yeah he's one of the few liberal yeah, but you know he's he's crazy, the ease he's very, very liberal, but at times very libertarian so these are mix in sometimes he's exactly right,
sometimes you're like what Lee agree. Yeah totally, but most liberals that are prominent, and even that aren't even on college campuses. They are, they are intolerant and they I shut you down because they deem your ideas so toxic that they can't be there. Is there air, they will lead to violence, and do you know how ridiculous they are in the name of stopping violence that could come from speech. Theoretically, can service fees good cause violence which is absurd by the way? But let's except at the right, they will commit violence to stops it's that could possibly lead to violence. There amazing and they don't eat there, so unself self reflective that they even realize how absurd they are, where what do you think is coming where? Where are we? If we don't turn a corner, we keep going down this road. Where are we in ten years. Well, I happen to be an optimist I hope not a naive optimist, because I Do you believe we're in a war? And I- and I mean
cultural war political war, the left wants to take us at the left wants to try and it's totalitarian, it's mine said it's worldviews views hotel if they. Their way. They would wipe us out. I don't mean physically and literally, although you wonder Intellectually, so there'd be one type of thought out there they're trying. What frustrates me is can service. You don't realize we're in a war, and so they laid back and they don't fight that George W Bush. What a sweet what a God fearing man he wouldn't fight back. He wouldn't even defend himself. We have to We have to be a large this on every day, and if we are, we will beat them back because we bliss that's. Why trump One so David. Let me ask you this: do you think we? I could talk to you for another hour? Do you think that? Because I am trying to reach out to the people who can not
I'm not going to reach out to Nancy Pelosi and the people in washing they're not going to change. I got her number and I got her number two, but I'm not talking about the political people I'm talking about. I think, there's a ton of people who are Democrats who are saying I don't want anymore of this either I mean, I think I think, there's some ijaw the people that are looking for reasonable people that you know with? Why can't we get back together and I think the edges are going to lose their power. If class, president in leg, irons, either the fascist or the communists. You know, I think, if the people will rise up and together, there's more that we agree on, then we disagree yeah. Even most liberals. I think I don't look at it liberal is evil. I look at some of the liberal leaders. Borderline evil and fooling people dipping them into thinking we're evil, and so they got
so and so but I am not a naive after this, as I say, but I think in wild politics is downstream from culture. We have to work on the calls we have to be influential in the culture and that gets us back to Christianity. We have to be a beating, the Christ and hopefully will influence the culture will be ambassadors for Christ and will have a positive influence and it'll go upstream into politics. Hopefully the problem is in America. Is our kids are not getting the teaching of the scriptures that we had? They don't relate to it. Anymore. David's got a great book that might help bridge that gap. It's called the true Jesus by David Limbaugh number four last week it they just announced it so it'll be two weeks but there's a delay in gradually. Yes, congratulations! Very so much and a great book book and well worth your time. The true Jesus David Limbaugh thanks so much for having clamp
appreciate it. This is the Glenn Beck program, mercury. All right we're just sitting here just talking to David Limbaugh bottle delightful man and a great book that you can sushi pick up. Anything that we should we don't we're not concerned that the world is going to vaporize. Alright, last week we were, of the moon, spinning out of orbit and crashing into is this week or is it still just nuclear vaporization? Thank you
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