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Billy Graham under fire for his 'Marriage Rule'...and why the left has a problem with it ...Ty Cobb is not the bad guy history tells us he was...Filmmaker Cullen Hobeck of 'Terms and Conditions May Apply' joins Glenn to discuss Congresses move to overturn the online privacy rules ...Hollywood Actor/Filmmaker Mark Duplass joins Glenn to talk about coming together..."It's like the country is in a terrible divorce"... The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio Facebook: Glenn BeckTwitter: @glennbeck

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ok, that's probably something has probably something that is apparent. I should have known in advance by the way you kid could be a lizard game. I'm just saying: Billy Gram is under fire Willy Brandt. How could Billy grab me under we'd nobody's seen Billy Gram? No, while these rules for married under fire. This is the MIKE Pence argument that happened last week. Let's get into that beginning right now, fusion of entertainment and didn't lighten the gleam.
I, The debate over MIKE paints and his power so policy of not eating dinner alone with a member of the opposite sex. Has created quite a stir in America because we don't have anything important going on right. I mean This is the most important thing we could argue about. Lafitte sluts, let's things into perspective, the thing we have to argue about is MIKE pens. Might pay, is not the guy who created the policy. It was craft back in the nineteen forties, and its known as the Billy Gram rule
named after Billy Gram, the evangelist who followed the same standard in his own life and ministry, Graham, is to say it is is said to have drafted the rule and nineteen. Forty eight as part of a four pronged moral approach to Ministry was important, uphold the highest standard of biblical morality and integrity according to Billy Grammar nineteen, forty eight, the rule, of the Billy Gram, rule work, just as I am, we all knew of evangelists who had fallen into immorality while separated from their families by travel we play, among ourselves to avoid any situation that would even have the appearance of compromise and suspicion from at day on. I did not travel meat or eat alone with any woman. Other than my wife, which start on that one why is that one? So bad. Special, listen, listen, listen! What did he what what? What? What did he say? Why
all know, evangelist who had fallen into immorality while separated from their families by travel. So try to take a step to solve that. Not only that wanting to make We pledged among ourselves to avoid any situation that would even have the appearance. Compromise or suspicion, We all know that because of what happened in the Eightys and Ninetys with me. You know Jim Baker and all that stuff that evangelists started to look? scumbags, all of the more dirt bags, How can the Ninetys it felt like every single guy who was east or a pastor was a dirt ban. The documentary Fletcher really come that are not really pretty well know, let's not really of documentary so What is he, what is he doing? now. You say this a nineteen forty eight, when apparently they were having problems with the two and he said: let's just avoid all appearance will that's
to restore the honour and the integrity of people of the cloth Is there anything wrong with that? So the inner I I can tell you. Obviously the left has lots of problems with us. Of course you do and you know I mean you can make an argument right. I mean it This in his standard is actually tougher than the pen standard, because it was not meet or IE. The current system is not yet meet meat or eat alone, with any woman other than my wife and that's even met even more strict, then that there was a sensible thing, Starkey article about how insulting that is an insulting view of men in limiting role for women, where either there to entice or domesticate as s not the point. It's all its evil. Here, it's avoid appearance at an olive oil temptation avoid any of them and it's also to avoid its also to avoid this. Situation that Sir one can say something happened at a meeting the right, Mappen Right
yeah. I mean they're there, certainly in under understandable thing, to protect yourself from we ve seen. Obviously many high profile people have been in situations where they ve been accused of things which they say. I mean who knows what the this, but they say they didn't do. Certainly some of those sorry to say this way. Is Roger Ale did Roger eels go after these women at Fox? I don't know, I don't know it see. Us seems what we don't want us there's a lot of seeing was losing him of doing that in the company paid out millions and millions of dollars. So So now next level is the possibility that he did some of these and he didn't do others. Yes, sharing, of course, so If he had this standard with and it happened now is. It would have been alone with him. I mean it could
happened, but it was that there would have been less evidence. It would have been less people probably believed it. You know we have no idea like. I have no personal knowledge of eminently like personal meaning either due to one of these women, so they could obviously say that that happened anyway, but you're right like if he was known for having a lot of these private meetings. It would be more believable mcbride that these things occurred measure, I think like there is there's a line there first of all, with the idea of doing it for appearance sake, which is you know it's not that's on. You if you have an inner, you have an inaccurate belief, of what's happening in my life and you decide to judge it that way. That's out on me now I have to do would the consequences if everyone believes some lie right, but it's not It's not my fault too. It's not my responsibility to cry after what your opinion is of me. It is, that is on you if you'd I too believe things at our true for whatever reason, because you think I'm having dinner
with somebody, that's really not my fault I'm. So I can understand that, being you know an argument and I'm from the left side and- and I make this- is a little The devil's. I advocate point the leftist saying look we all know- and this is true that if you're a guy and you get a chance to be. You know alone with a boss and make your case you have. You have a good, Chance a chance of improving, also by the way blowing your career up. Sometimes we Emmy those meetings happened to we're here that this nice, big meaning and come up with a great idea there, like that's the dumbest lady in the world, but that moment is important, especially if you're coming up in a company. If you You're able to impress Abbas and a one on one situation that could be big for your career, and what women are arguing is wait. A minute guys can do that with you, but I can't internet dinner. To do that, you can do that at the office, although that can happening Milligrams rule you wouldn't be able to do that pensive rule he did you say it was dinner. However, I mean this gets done in this country over dinner and drinks all the time
that's very calm, and so, if you, if the guy can go out with you, that's one thing: if you say I never meeting with anyone one on one but if you say I'm or on I'm going to meet with guys one on one and I am not going to eat mood women one on one now I think that's wrong. They can say that mean that I think that I think you can't say as a as a boss. You know, I feel we ve got. Some work to do is go grab a beer scissors after dinner and not do, with women. I dont think. I think that sets an unfair balance. Because there is bonding. You know, hey, you know what let's go play around of golf, just the two, so go play round of golf. I doubt that if you want play golf with everybody. Then you shouldn't play golf with anyone doesn't exactly? I don't think, that's the! I don't think. That's the point standard or most people have defended the pen standard were arguing thank, I don't think that's I can see how that is perceived as unfair. Look. You either
you're going to go out and bond with somebody and you are not giving me the chance to bond with you an end it comes to executive level positions it really is about who you can bond with and who you can trust. Now, I dont need to play around of golf. I don't need to go, have a private dinner with somebody. I mean is a guide you know of that is hired more women as executives than me. Now many Mary Ann. You obviously have met with all of them at one time or another, the raft of it. You have to have a system in your hired someone to a big position that you trust. You want to have a one on one cumbersome variant elements I would never travel. For instance, my assistant, Michelle I wouldn't travel alone with Michel, just the two of us going out. For you know I gotta go to San Francisco monsieur I'll, just the two nor would you would you invite woman out today Just the two of you. I can imagine that. Would you do that?
because I well, I don't do that with anybody. I could cite you re wife is, but again you also are any there's nothing wrong with taking your wife on on this trip with you with another woman and giving her a promotion. But like what you were, you think that a woman is that we have to have a chaperone. I can't have a I can have a moment with you like. Where You know there are moments and one on one where it. Yes, there are moments where one on one also create sex, which is precisely the point here. However, there are a lot of moments where one on one might create a real. Less than a business relationship and effect You have somebody else at the dinner. Do that my office. You can always do that at the office. Does the pattern in parallel and I would never do it. I started watching. When will we have marked a place on today? Who is very he's, an innocent filmmaker, but he also, you probably know him from the league. If you ve ever watched illegal, Facts is like the main character. That's right! So he's he's brilliant. He did a movie called Blue J. Now he's just done.
Three movie deal with Netflix, where, I don't even think they asked him for the day, for the movies. It is like a here's money go make three movie, there's really brilliant Watches movie Blue J started watching at last night and it is brilliant, real, brilliant and it's about to people that were teenage. You know love story and have just loved each other there in their forties now and they still love each other. But hadn't, seen each other for twenty five years, and there is some tension between them. Something happened and that's what broke them up, and so it with chronicle There are twenty four hours together of meeting again and the whole time Europe thinking, okay, alright she's married he's, not you're like okay. This isn't good to be able to cut. You want to come back to the house now, you're thinking! No, don't don't don't do that.
She is really really strong. She's like he tries to kiss her and she says no blah blah blah and its It's really it's, but at the end because there is something between them they do. They do start to fuller Ratan she stopped, but they do to fool around you who couldn't see that coming now, not saying that every man and woman have that attraction to other I mean breath of Ladys with you. They did with eyes. Do. Has its unquestioned z can ever so many the reason that the Tabs, the gap is just the opposite, are either not see her face. I believe that we have seriously. Can see my tabs through my shirt- and I don't mean you- don't know that just now so big their pushing out and kind of stretching the buttons anyway, it's where that's no, that was an eye, but yes, what I wanna Belka have one giant sense interesting and a belly button image in the middle of it. But the is
so you know not everybody has that but as part of life that there is. The attraction of especially when you're going down the same path here on the same kind of career course. You know Tetra, For that stuff does happen and it in any should obviously be careful without weren't. Yet you know is if especially with a per person in an area, but I mean like having dinner with some business associate one on one in cut. We are talking about a and important business deal I mean that's like, I look just you guys. Like I mean you, you guys are not doing it and I think the criticism of this idea is ridiculous. Right I mean like it's, it's a tip stupid blown up and the media left wing story side. I'm not getting any credence but like if you guys went out with what, if you went out with a female executive for dinner, not he's gonna happen, because you don't want it happened. It's about you, making the choice and making the choice. Yes, leverage is
so she's out out. If you wanted to be an, you would still stop yourself, because that's what you're Digg is that you take your marriage somehow or another. She fell and her eyes started to see something that I looked. Appetising vs in me. She still would be all right, but but on you write like here's the thing, the appearance, the appear, that's on me, like the appearing urdu before other anxiety, you're doing here, Nothing, I'm always a celebrity. I understand that right, because people would might take pictures of you who's. This person Glenn backs what I get that at some level we average person. I don't think I take this back to because this is this is not just about women. I take this back to drinks. I meant colleagues, I never go to a cocktail party and
for a glass of water. I asked for a bottle of water if they don't have a bottle of water, I won't have water. I do not want a glass with ice in it and clear liquid. I want bottle of water. Now, what's the problem with that. There's no problem with it. However, the two things were a man are bring and if someone saw you with a clear like doesn't look what they might accuse you and probably would it be too late to learn about ten minutes? Hang a difference between our different between tell me the difference between a celebrity we're somebody's gonna. Take a picture of me and put it out there and blah blah blah and and me as just an average Joe Hucks, noting there's no that's not I know I don't know around Benares gossipy people in church shirt, you ve done it, meaning gossipy people in the office z. The ramifications are completely different scale right, I mean like it, Racine Opium. The people that, but so is your life is at a different scale. I mean it still your life yes however, what was it?
a million retreats when someone saw you in a scarf. Can you walk Glenn back and he also you were like the number one trending thing on Twitter, because your war is stupid, scarf one day or ass God, wherever the hacker was listening I ask because I know you hate it when I meet again like so, there is a different scale. There too, but the scale matter gale manner, ass, Jeffreys House in this before, but often people when it comes to blushing, began as it does. The Glen then re the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment the Glen Back Programme Mercury. Is the Glen Back Programme signed up for the newsletter and get all the youthful? You need to know what glad that dot com is the real.
Personal note for all those in? Thank you so much for praying for Tanya over the last couple of weeks. Tenuous diagnosed with that DR try, germinal nerve disorder, and it has been IX, excruciatingly, painful and to watch my wife like that for two weeks is just hurried and Friday, we were praying and just felt like that. Isn't it there's more to it and on Sunday She said I I think I have to go to the dentist again and the Dentist authority She goes into the dentist and it is a dead route that was into her tried, germinal nerve and she had ever Route canal yesterday and fixed it
wound. I grew, never been so she was on the throne and she's like I'm like good for you, so it was literally a can, ever been a delirium never been happy to have somebody have a route canal, and so thank you for your prayers and- and this too has passed so coupled to italian anarchy, precision! Listening to you talk now. The issue is women? Could never have that rule they would jobs or promotions? Don't you could get a prize without going taking only started going to dinner tonight, if somebody upper mouldering
scientists, do anything, does it have to be a dinner right? And I just think that what I mean when events like Ben, like a bed conversation, do you have to come into my bed and we will do it there. What is to be put in a lot of does TIM dinner at dinner. Meetings are very standard fail. Then here's the deal under inside they get me off is being deal. The marriage is more important than the job and and if you don't like that, you know tough, but here's the thing you should You should have a consistent rule. I mean is twenty seven, as he knows, you're going with a very likely to go out to dinner with a gay man is ok what about a straight man? What about a man who still questioning that? Ok, why not just no dinner alone, with anyone, that's the way it should be, Probably all considered no dinner at all honestly
for six months about forty forty towels. Is crap welcome to the programmes so glad that you are here today. There is something that is a fascinating in character, traits of path that I I just figured out, and I think we have all come to this conclusion that pad if he hears one little fact, about something that is really usually not that interesting. He will. Go down a rabbit, Halloa and he'll just continue to dig in dig in dig the funding of enjoying yeah. He did. This was foreigner and it doesn't really ever merit any
fruit urges never there's never something in it. I don't I I agree with this analysis. I find it interesting because what you get it bears really good for resonating facts, so nothing ever value their changes like foreign are still not in the rug out alone. I guess and change the world necessarily viennese moments, but it does improve my life a little bit because what happens is a name maybe pat and thought about in a while. I never heard of gets into his the Pat gray lexicon, and then He will spend every free moment for about a week who is and who is the losing her. The most recent example of this is ensuring, which is tat had never heard of as opposed as about three weeks ago, and we brought about random conversation and then make a brute get in the make up of red letter, which is worrying way. We, that is a good play. Its majority stock is reminding her. I make up right away. We never allow a woman in the make up room now, whenever I alone not so
so I don't know what they have a business doing in the make up room in the first place. Thank you, they're showered and there are planning to go ahead of us, Oh, we brought up ensuring a review, if not only as a big star, huge mixed, something like sixty million dollars a year he's like number thirty or forty on the Forbes celebrity, listen a huge amount of money and maybe even higher than the other of the story because I had was saying whether they made up money and he wasn't giving his friend Oh yeah, the representative friends, were bug in him warm for money and, unlike whose yet Shirin I'm money raised. But what happens the fruit of this is every day for about a week. You really Patty spent at least an hour on the internet, researching this person any comes in with this is always thinking about it. You get those on one track, mine mode every day he comes in with a little nuggets of information that are really interesting about his person, but it changes its legacy. It
Nobody changes his lexicon. Where you do know, did you know that ensure and slept with many people in Taylor, Swift Squad of ITALY? I didn't know that no sad, a squaw airily nine Taylor herself, but a lot of the squad these been with now got with them, and I mean this seriously. That was like the first sentence, Pat said to me. One day was what the sentence I just want to add a patent grace now talking about Taylor Swift Squad with the words squad utilise then I realized. Apparently squad is a thing now right now, it's right, so that is so you're still learning I'm still alert, and yes, it is, it is really continuing education. That really is what does it it's pack grace continuing education goal is always interesting. The latest thing is we just found this Ty COM, Prager you a discussion about, tie com, not being who you think he is now because
I am a big baseball, then I know we're all sports and what have you heard about tat? Cobb do. Do you know about tat carbon know, I just know he's a bad guy. That's dirt! That's all right, but he knows of race, raised baseball player, racist dirty play Kill the guy, I paid for it spiked people when he slid into second base as often as he could. You know that kind of thing. Well, listen to this. He was Major League baseball's first superstore, the first and ever inducted into the baseball hall of Fame, and he still- as the games highest career, batting outrage, three sixty six Ninety years after he retired, while his name is tie Cobb. Yet despite his historic achievements, has often remembered for being the worst racist and the dirtiest player ever to take the field. If you know baseball, you ve heard the stories tie, Cobbler pistol whip lack many pay. On the street. He won't stay after TAT, the black waiter in Cleveland, just because the young man was acting up ready on the field,
said to sharpen you're lying to cut up rival. Do you suppose it? We had no friends, the movie field of dreams shores. Joe Jackson says that Cobb wasn't invited to the ghostly cornfield reunion, because quote no one like the son of a bitch lifelong baseball fan. I believe these stories when I set out to write the first. Authoritative biography of carbon twenty years. I've been hearing them all my life and like a lot of people, I took the repetition as evidence but, to my astonishment is ideal. So the source, material, newspaper census, reports and personal letters. I couldn't find any proof that they were true. Contrary cops, teammates on the whole scene to respect him defending on the field and off his opponents said. He played the game hard but clean while they Sheng veteran catcher was typical. He once said Cobb never cut me up. He was too prettiest slider to hurt anyone who put the ball on him right.
One famous photograph of nineteen twelve shows cop flying fleet first into the crash of Saint Louis Browns, catch her poor creature. It looks bad, but pictures can be deceiving in Rio. Cod is kicking the bulwark rituals glove. He didn't spiked catcher creature later said, in a way. It was really my fault. I was standing in front of the plate instead of on the side where I could tag tie as he slid, and indeed in nineteen ten Cobb, actually s the lean to require that players double their spikes and what about the bigotry? How can a man born in Georgia in eighteen? Eighty six not be racist? Well, is it Just type Cobb descended from a long line of abolitionists. His great grandfather was a minister who preach against slavery was run out of ten for his trouble. His grandfather refused to fight in the confederate Army.
So, the slavery issue. While and his father, an educator once broke up a Lynch mob on the subjects of blacks playing with whites. Cop said the negro should be accepted, whole heartedly and not grudgingly. The negro has the right to play profession. Baseball and who's to say he has not so how many need really game, sometimes drawing out the first pitch and sitting in the dugout with the players he said, Willie Mays was the only modern day player he paid to see as for that, black waiter who supposedly killed, well in reality he was a hotel, night watchman and carved and kill him. He just scuffle with him and oh yeah. The guy was a white now TAT was like the rest of us are highly imperfect, being too quick to take offence to intolerant of those who do not strive for excellence with the same, almost crazy zeal that he did, but a racist, a dirty player not true what is true that almost every accusation against high Cobb's character finds its way
in the same source on fact, checked articles in books, published after his death by a bitter, opportunistic journalists named Al Stump, whom cop at once threatened to see, for making up stories about and it didn't matter that stump had spent little time with Cobb or that all of some sort we're anonymous at sports writers who knew Cobb rushed to his defence or that stump himself had been banned from publications for writing. Lies scandal was titillating and it stuck when the legend beats the facts, when for legend. Meanwhile, a good man's reputation, wise and ruins there lessons to be learned here. First, it's all too easy to believe lies about people, especially successful ones. Lies take achievers down a few notches and we like to hear that and second, if Elias repeated, often enough, it becomes accepted. As fact this has consequences lies are the source of much of the world's evil, the evil of destroying a man's legacy.
In this case, a legacy that should be celebrate, Tie Cobb was the most exciting baseball player of all time. He once dull, second third, in home, on three consecutive pictures he once she's hark back to the pitcher into an inside the pork homerun racist scrolling cheat it's time to tell the truth about Tie Cobb the entrails, listen author of Thai carve, a terrible beauty or yet ever there s everything you didn't believe about Tight Cobb in five minutes, nothing a sacred as it's incredible to anything about it. In today's contacts with fake news, first of all, fake news been gone. A long time partly is not is not. Anybody doesn't think that you know the king was paying the town criers to go out and and cry out with fake news.
Crazy. Equally coarsely what's been going on for ever and right, and you see this, this is one I mean, even as a person who has spent way too many hours focusing on sports were all huge sports fans, with the exception, of course, Glenn who doesn't know the difference between baseball and football. I do we do we. Yes, ok the ball size. Yes right! That's it! That's the only difference, but I think a lot of time talking about and the color of brown ones, White Vega, she very good. You could go with this a week ago the lot of the answers, different, ok, the shape- Smaller ones. Bigger point is I even believe that right like having we all my are totally thought that was true. Great player get her back. That was my now. You just believe that about take up, and you know I always that's always the name that comes up when you're talkin about she arose in the Hall of Fame, you're tellin me type clubs in the Hall of Fame, but not PETE rose for I mean he did compared to beat rose. I I've heard that a hundred times in underground
it like we all recognize. This is true in the area like, for example, politics in the Vienna, the great depression like all these things that we know overtime. You look at your wait, a minute? That's not right! This isn't right, but when we get to certain level of interest like if you hit like a sports like I'm interested in Ty Cobb, because I think you know I like sports, but, like I dedicated my life to looking at Ty Cobb. Like this author, has and it's like when you actually look at these things so many times there. The opposite, I mean I don't want, rose what star yet Tokyo rose. You ve done with Turkey rose. Was our Wilson Wilson. I it struck me. What have we hit me? Initially, it was a sports reference. Would we had John Ziegler in here a couple weeks, your tongue human hand, stating in Joe paternal being the main part of that of like there's, a guy who was fired, is reputation ruined and really in retrospect, it's pretty hard to make the case that paternal, in particular, amidst Ziegler, goes even further than this, but paternal in particular its hard to make them
faced with this guy had a lengthy knowledge of these things and did something horrific because he wanted to endanger children. You know it's, it's really It's bizarre! When you stop and you can get past the sort of craziness of the moment, and really examine these things. How your opinion changes? I would love to hear it, in fact, No, I guess I sent send it to Pat Gray at Glinda. Come I would. Like the here who has been besmirched, who who needs to be restored. Let me interesting, analyse credit A billion has been destroyed. That needs to have it restored and- and let's take it out of the last twenty years- NEA, because if he can car it's too controversial last twenty years and you cause, you know, doesn't ended, tie Cobb and Tokyo rose, there's gotta be hungry
I mean that until he rose thing, blew me away. Yeah blew me away. We had no idea tat, none other nothing. I thought of it. We good start, because when Tokyo rose she died two thousand sex. She died in two thousand six live longer yeah and I mean most of my life. She was alive yeah. Why didn't? I ever talk to toe your. What did I ever reach out? We worry that right, but didn't even not knowing the story. What would happen? but why? Why wouldn't do that? who was it somebody that just died and then to day I saw the picture the guy who'd, you remember that really famous fire fighter in the Oklahoma City bombing that was carrying the baby. The little girl member then he's just retired awhile, it's hard to believe does he was young and that a retired from the fire department.
We should find people from history, the Tokyo roasts size that are, here available and just nobody's talking to Before they die knows you know, I mean I'd love to talk to some of those people by the way you know, tie Cobb hit over four hundred three separate see this This is going happen for three weeks. We will be in the middle of a conversation with something totally different and we can do for twenty one year before twenty. Twenty one, that's all you're, saying Volta, that's all he'll say and will all go and then right into the conversation at the fact that this is the glad that programme carry.
The bridegroom and welcome program, I like the idea of finding these characters. What is it tat? Gray gone back. Decamp, yes, have someone from history who you think needs to be rehabilitated or maybe is it? What about the other side? Glenview someone who's thought of as this God Yo Yo, that you can take down. Edison thing of what we have learned ourselves now. Edison George Bernard Shaw, George Bernard Shaw rate, one horrible when I was gonna want afforded zoo, called ruining your heroes, which has come. And if this, although of course the negative side have chosen Many of these costs are so many from history that have just been well look at algorithm Still Harold Wu Wu? Woodrow Wilson is still among. The Thai by the time, I think by the time I retire,
We might have done the job we might have a number of six, yet it will have a glow ass. For I mean he is starting to be known. Allowed is starting to acknowledge, raises brazier herbal horrible races, vessels back grab mercury. This is the police. Radio on demand Erica. Last week we were talking about how I s, peace, are taking your data. The government
decided to roll back the laws that were made during the Obama administration and call on her back was supposed to be with us and we added technical, which we wanted to bring them in, because he is really truly fascinating. He's he's got a couple of a couple of movies monster camp in terms and conditions may apply terms and conditions may apply really where we want to go with him, one of the leading voices What did you just sign when you just click? Ok, we go there right now, the fusion of entertainment and didn't lightened- and this is
Glenn pray? Tell unwelcome the programme area figured it out, the institute here, yes, nice to have you here. We we wanted to talk to you about this. This I m p discussed that was going on last week with the guy went rolling back and we had a discussion here that I dont like the government. Getting involved in price relationships? I have a relationship company. I don't like it. I go switch to another company right You are saying that there is a difference between that and an apple, the ice is different, then apple? Well, I mean he's very different than a Google or a facebook right, because with a company like Google, it's a search engine company. Primarily, they also provide email, but you can go to some other search. Engines jumps out, go here.
We have achieved since they would face, but there are other social media tools out there and the free it. I m P were already pay We are, however, much they can charges depending on how much competition is in the region. Right and many people only have one option especially when it comes to a higher speed broadband. So warm Actually saying now? Is that you get the internet or you don't, and if you want the internet well, every you do online now is the property of that internet provider is forest terms. Conditions apply out at the start with you did you just curious about what all these rules and regulations were, that we were a greening too and then you started reading them? How did this begin lot of boring reading some, so you actually did read the terms and conditions that do apply. I I
one and that actually or the one is actually a lot of these companies is copy paste. Other people, other companies terms, do they really are they don't even word for word and ends an end. So how long are these things generally, and one the longest you ve seen. I think a between apple and then Lincoln has some of the most egregious terms and apples is out to protect themselves are not really in the business of taking your data because they're trying to sell you really expensive products, so apple just read through everything they ve got it. I mean they go the extent to protect themselves from an incident where you may use their technology too starting nuclear war they give you read, is seriously yeah. They say we are not reliable. If our technology, you are not allowed to use it for this purpose. Therefore,
if you feel we're not liable, that's what I thought I could I possibly by on Itunes there start a new while the documentary and what, if I could just as pretty mechanism message just for him so and so how much trouble are we in with privacy, for instance, Stuart? I used to be the biggest advocate of of keeping our finger prints sacred, you're, not know you're, not taking. My fingerprints and He handed them over. We actually don mind. It now has we're so mentally laid back. Ass, do loves it Sancho off the air, because I had a moment of orders to three years ago or something is right when the fingerprinting came out for iphones- and I didn't have it yet and I it was kind of story at the time, while you're putting your finger printing in these things and its digital, and maybe it is locally stored. But still it was like another step of you,
for giving up to two technology and at the time I was we were talking about that? I was critical of it in that, like just like this kind of freaks meal. Now the one tenth of a second that saves me every time I log in my phone is irreplaceable. I would I wouldn't followed my sword to defend it and if it because it any time you can improved convenience just a little bit. These things seem to go down that down the tubes, any you're right I mean with each step we're just turning up ahead on ourselves. A little bit more in the council. Fishing guarantees as a reasonable right to privacy. What don't ones are reasonable expectation of of privacy and when we come to accept a fingerprint scanning or we come to accept going through an airport, and you know having some kind of new monitoring of our our bodies. The bar keeps getting pushed back
and so now I think when it comes to all of the technologies that were using and our experience has online what are we willing to accept, and I think that its very difficult right now for people to feel cost of digital services, spying on them, because they can't see it in what you can see. Hard to feel like what do we? What should we feel every time, you should feel like a bunch of hundreds of- we're people you ve never met are looking through your arise through your window. Life through your diary. Getting your brain and trying to know you better than you know. Yours truly are doing this they're they're going through all our stuff, or is it generally do iron and they could go through it if they wanted to well, there's, not some sitting around here with me: is there not looking at pad per se rather looking at matter? Habits yeah
Was there Rennes, don't know you're the one who's haven't you ever see there? You have the company has a right, and then you have the government in the really is no separation between the two really that's a bit. Problem. Why do you say that the government has access to the things that Google and Apple collect get I mean this is what Edward Nationalism Programme Biota. There was back to access and there's something called the Third Party doctrine it's a ruling from the early eighties, which says if you give your information to a third party, a Google Facebook, a bank, you ve, given up your right to come for all information- and that includes going to the government and in it is a good way easier for the government to go to one of those companies and get our information thing, get it directly from us. There's this virtually no firewall, let's get into the time tunnel Glenn and go back three days now. How do you feel
Ok. What? Because that changes it no right and that changes it, because the government is involved is not just selling to private companies. The government doesn't the problem you have there- is the firewall between government in cork courage. I still don't think the government should be passing laws, I mean that's it passing another bad gun law passed them. Law put a fire wall between the government and the private companies, and we ve argue with that. On this note, without Snowden information I mean we disagree with a lot of people who would be conservative in the audience and a lot of the candidates that ran last year because a lot of them embrace, that sort of an essay needs to be seeing everything that you're doing and had then we are not on the bandwagon conversation initially started here. It is trusting one and that we would this ice p ruling. Where they're talking about you know, can you can rise pieces of data Pat was arguing, I think the same way, the euro. No, we you have this agreement. We were kind of arguing. I dont want a gun involved in that I dont want the government too, to make.
Rule, saint a mandate and me issue that is While I agree with you, it's a terrible policy and it should one of those things that they shouldn't do? They should not sell your data, but even if we just take it to a crazy extreme there's only provider- and they sell, say everything that you search for I'm good we're going to publicly put in our twitter page If your name and face and we are going to identify every aspect of what you ve done online publicly every single time and where you're only option still, the government does not have a role there because of the fact that the government, it does not give you the right to get on the internet. If a corporation decides to build this infrastructure that lets you get on the internet, well, then they can put the terms that that they want to. I allow you to access it. It's not the governments job to guarantee you acts and then tat. I wanted to say that you're my argument hasn't changed. Your argument, exchange you're, saying
because the government, what hasn't how's your files, Rock David shame, but you know that you're saying that well now, Glenn Young European changed as a government can get. It will know. You are saying, is the government's getting it whether they sell it or not. The governments getting it The problem is not selling it. The prob I still its government is getting it but rather than I think, Let us do that you're here. I think we can all agree. We like the constitution, refers big fancy right now. The constitution doesn't apply on anything, does an important amendment. In particular, it does follow us into the digital realm, and so it when the government I think, passes laws related to the constitution on the internet, we're not talking about agree this regulation for talking about constitutional regulation, which is different. It's different in essence they are blocking themselves from easily getting access to this information, though
As peace are required to retain, I think we should be moving more in the direction of ways to stop the government from being able to address. Yes, and I agree that that is a constitution. Is it human on what the government can do. Not want a private corporation can do or can't do so. I dont have a right to privacy in my inward, I have a heavy imply aid contract of privacy with Apple, but not a constant. To snow right to privacy with Apple. That's the government. I of a constitutional right to privacy with a government, and they are not fulfilling that in he way, shape or form and they're trying to look like they're good guys by saying look: we're protecting your privacy with the highest peak. No you're, not you're, not do you're, not you're, not you're, not filling your fundamental mandate of the fourth amendment in the first place, so this is all a puppet show. So if If there was a your phone provider. Suddenly it
the tool where they could hear all of your thoughts and maybe they didn't tell you that this is this is going on Is there then a role for the government to say no, you can't record people's thoughts and not let them know about that. If they didn't oh people, yes, but I think there would be such an uproar that this phone company had installed there. And didn't? Let anybody know about it. So us many many years ago, when I first made terms and conditions I discovered. I wasn't me I just if there were lots. No, I just knew that there were key loggers recur. Every single thing that we do on our phones, all of it. Without her knowledge, there was never uproar, company, reaches our terms and conditions. No, no! No, but They would have some way to justify it. If you, you're, a good lawyer. You can kind of come up with some wishy washy ways. Did they weren't, because they were specifically say mere recording every stroke does the gang, I think, bother you at all that
It doesn't seem to be any restraint on anyone any more. As you know, in in especially technology. It's it's not. Should we do it? It's can we do it? Can it be done? Yeah, ok, do there's no there's no reason to be real ethics applied on a lot of things and when we get into a I we're you're starting to get into territory. Now that things are going to Church in so rapidly and were really be boxed in to I mean you know: fingerprints, six years ago, when I can use fingerprints outdated loud, you think very now. Ok because it's convenient brave new world was correct, not nineteen. Eighty four they're just package. Everything the way we want. It is concern with you on where we're headed. I mean it
you look at what happened with privacy since basically the events, have the internet the mob is moving more and more aware more more towards does this kind of idea of total transparency, but that total, transparency doesn't seem to apply to the government. Roger so its they want us to be as Transport possible have as much access to everything that we're doing, but then surely what should be the opposite way? Yogi we should do, is watching the watchers riding and when you talk about this kind of technology is indirect relationship to how much information is share. Captured in the background Google's master plan. Why they it's why they want us to share all of our searches and desires with Edward Snowden, hero trader somewhere in between
It somewhere it somewhere in between. I consider him a patriot I he he made that decision not for his own benefit. He'll do pretty sweet life in Hawaii, making it wage either with a pretty hungry friends. I think we're not bad for a moment to tell you there a lot worse in Russia for him right now than they were. I think, What's a challenge here for him or for me at least with what he did, he released documents that were beyond just domestic spying. So had released documents related to Angela Merkel. You had released documents related to five programmes abroad and and that's where I think things start to get kind of grey, I wish you just focus on domestic, but again we're talking about one individual tens of thousands of documents. It was difficult for him to go through that. He trusted a news outlet to then
disseminate information in a way that was responsible. So that's where I think it's great, when I find it incredible that we went through this noted thing. All the conspiracy theories leading up to that would have said this is happening. This is happening and that efforts shows it was actually happen and there was an affair and we still are going down this road faster and faster and faster. I thought everything was going to change over. Certain came out with those documents, and I was so a full and the only thing the Congress Pass, was something that separates their ability to directly have met a data. Now it's in the hands of the company, but we know that they can eat is discovering the right messages, angle that really change everything in the last two cents Snowden in this last election, everything I thought about the american people, unlike oh. I forgot about using that word, american people. I do not think it means that you think me. Thank you. So much for for being over, there is appreciated here, melodic glad I was in town yeah. That's where we're should people go to to check out yourself ocean
Well, this film was terms and conditions may apply the new ones. What lies upstream in actually, I was in Dallas at the Dallas International Film Festival, with this new power of eyes again. It's investigating corruption, narrowly coming out of the atrocities love or on the internet, has been released. Italy in theatres, Lubyanka, ready on the far right grass for them the others. What ways to see a good, please send us a privy copy, so we can so we can see it had looked to see it. Here we have a conversation about corruption at the EPA you're back very narrow. Thank you. So much your were listening to the Glen Back Programme. That Glenn Beck programme really fascinating final colon offer just asked in
you know you concerned about technology. We need to set up a target of the areas because we do have actors. Our legs forgot get out now, don't say another word diseases the law. He said you know I'm. I met this place. Where I'm I'm wondering. Is technology going to destroy us or set us free and I a race to see which happens first right and read. It really. Is there that the promise of technology is more freedom than the than mankind has ever known, but If we don't guard it. And we are not careful, it will mean the biggest it will in a global prison camp it Which one gets their first and it is all lies on us as he was saying about Edward Snowden. You know nobody. Nobody cared when only cared so as these things start to happen. If nobody cares, if
when he cares about the constitution. If nobody cares about rights, if nobody cares of the government is doing that. Oh well course doing that will then you're gonna, it's it's gonna, get worse and worse and worse, it's up to us to care and be consistent, no Our principles are what's that word understand me. The term consistent I'm not sure what it means. I used to think that it means you believe in something new apply no matter what no matter, no matter whose President Arafat and believe strung rough I got that works. A guy were the guy with a did, work, consistency, cow Coolidge Cereal. You are going to love. This of cereals, Calvin cool the greatest president of the twentieth century. You don't know anything about net back programmes.
Program when it comes to american President's scholars and historians alike, love to sing the praises of progressive, like Franklin, Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson Fdi. Is continually voted, one of our top five president's ever, despite the fact that he actually prolong the great depression by at least a decade, in turning the Japanese Americans and the increase the size of the federal government exponentially until recently Wilson was also a perennial top ten member, Oh, he was known to be in extreme races. He also in turned away I can citizens, he broke his promise to keep em out of war? He instituted the federal income tax and we know that and he began Federal Reserve and he had an open distaste for both the declaration of independence.
The United States constitution. He was, one of the worst presidents the United States has ever had inexplicably, these same scholars and historians. Always take a decidedly negative approach when assessing our thirtieth american President, Calvin Coolidge. There was a recent c span: Poland Coolidge ranks just twenty seventh, hardly ah inspiring. Yet his presidency actually was. Over the details of what made him a much better president than he was given credit for an upcoming episodes. But first, let's start at the beginning appropriate. Lee Kelvin Coolidge was born on our nations. Ninety six birthday July. Fourth, eighteen, seventy two he was born in, Plymouth Notch Vermont. Amity slaves of the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation friend of
programme one of the best authors out their author of the must red book, the forgotten man and the book coolly, describes young cabins early years Coolidge. Was from a wonderful family would. And the family had a lot of gap. So I just had a commitment to public life to service and to going into government. Sadly, bridges childhood was stricken by tragedy. When his mother died, Calvin was only twelve years old and is only sibling. His younger sister passed away when he was eighteen alma, didn't make it. Years he was kind of a sickly boy. He almost didn't make and a college had to stay out a year? He almost didn't make as in a hurry in Northampton. When he started his career, he almost didn't find a wife and yet each time he succeeded. So he's very inspiring fellow cause.
It was not a huge found out. He was not number one in his class. He was not guy everybody loved and yet he failed through share hard work, as historian and author of the book, Kelvin Coolidge Documentary Biography, David, Patricia, explains most didn't see the potential in the younger Calvin college is, is not exactly the most likely they succeed, even in college, even as a young man, Even for a nineteenth century vermonter he taciturn withdrawn he's not courted by any that fraternities at school is Associate Dwight Moreau is he will become eventually cool. Yes M I said or to Mexico. No one thinks much Calvin colleges chances, except for moral who does see something in Coolidge B If you look beyond the silent exterior, you see a very solid in
carrier and when he runs for office, when the people take a look at what Coolidge has to offer, they know this is a person they can. Trust is a person who is not going to pander to them and he is going to work for their best interest as a whole, not necessarily for special interests. But rising up the country and the economy as a whole turns out. Dwight was right. It really is hard to get more successful than the president. The United States, especially at that time, most of these traits that Dwight Moral recognised were instilled in a young Calvin by his father, who was honest and hard working, John Calvin Coolidge Senior it was no Rob Vermont as a prosperous farmer, storekeeper and a public servant. More from Amity slaves and some families. People are just
expressions of the family. You know the sun is the fathers ambassador or the other way. The qualities were like that Coolidge ended up graduating calmly. From M Hearst. With a law degree, he opened up his own practice, eighteen, ninety, eight and along the way Coolidge became- in a political career, that same year he won the election to the North, Hampton City, Council later. He was elected to the offices of City solicitor and clerk of courts. Now as the clerk of Courts, it wasn't allowed to practice law, so he stayed in his office for just a year and instead in nineteen o four, he ran for a position on the school board suffering. The only loss at the ballot box of his political career. He was told by several is that the reason they didn't vote for him for the office was that he didn't have any children who would be going to the schools in which he would govern too. That Coolidge replied. You might give me some time.
In fact, starting a family would be just around the corner for Coolidge as patrols explains Calvin Cool age is a young bachelor attorney in Northampton Massachusetts. And one day he is shaving and grace good. You walked by and seas. This young fellow shaving bodies shaving in a sort of odd way, he's wearing a derby have for some reason, as he's doing this, and she looked up and burst into laughter and looks down as that of being annoyed. By that he knows a good thing or good woman when he sees one and determines he is going to court her and while he is not the most overtly courtly courting kind. He certainly succeed in his courtship with her and they will marry not too long afterwards?
in nineteen o five Coolidge married grace and good Hugh. The couple had two children John, I was born in one thousand nine hundred and six and who believe it or not, live long enough to see the beginning of the presidential campaign between Al Gore, and W Bush in two thousand and ten when Junior, who just it Sixteen years old in a bizarre twist of fate developed, a simple blue stir on his toe. This make you appreciate modern day medicine that bliss You're became infected and he died a blood poisoning and the law was devastating to Calvin and his wife in I he ran foreign was elected to the mass juices house of representatives. I run equally at this time of his life Coolidge, was known as a progressive Republican, mostly over his support for women's right to vote and direct election of the senators he said
two terms in the house before returning home to spend more time with his family, and while there was elected twice as the city's mayor during his first term. As mayor in Northampton, he increase teachers, salaries and paid down. Much of the city's debt, while still managing to provide residents with slight tax decreases his conservative policies paid huge dividends. His entire career and Coolidge became more and more popular, so much so when the state senator from his area retired, he went to court. Led to encourage him to run for his seat in the nineteen twelve sessions. Coolidge agreed and won the seat easily. So now here is the time of Wilson. In the Senate and after two very successful terms in the state Senate Coolidge. Ready to retire, as was the custom of the time, but the president The Senate was defeated in his election, so he decided to run for a third term. He
on the seat again and ass, The truce explains cool one more than that cool It has done all this work with his fellow legislators with it, twenty four hours. He has sewed up the votes to be then Senate president. Any has begun the Republicans voting for him, he has a the share of Democrats the next year, when he's reelected for the Senate, he is elected unanimously. Every Democrat in the House votes he has he has a way of reaching out to Democrats and to Catholics and to the Irish, which are so important in Massachusetts politics. Coolidge was writing really high in Massachusetts, politics and a nineteen fourteen as Senate president. He delivered this poppy
and very memorable speech to the state and his colleagues entitled have faith in Massachusetts. Do the days work. If it be true protecting the rights of the weak. Whoever object knew it if it be to come about full cooperation better to serve the people However, the opposition do that expect to be called. Stand, patter, but don't be a stand. Fatter expect to be called a demagogic, but don't be demagogue. Don't hesitate to be as revolutionary as science: don't have, take to be as reactionary as the multiplication table. Don't expect to build up the weight by pulling down no strong, don't hurry, legislating gear up, illustration a chance to catch up legislation. The speech
held him to new heights and caught the interest of power brokers in the state and around the nation, some of whom believed he was now ready to run for lieutenant governor or even Governor Coolidge was convinced This was the time to aim even higher any entered primary election for Lieutenant Governor he was dominated to run. Alongside gubernatorial candidate Samuel, W Mccall Coolidge was leading vote getter in the republican primary and in nineteen fifteen the pair were elected to their first one year term. They want to gain an one thousand nine hundred and sixteen seventeen and when Mccall stepped aside at one thousand nine hundred and eighteen Coolidge, for governor on a platform of school conservatism, lukewarm up this to prohibition, support for women suffrage ends, Board for America's involvement in World war, one now the war
or at the time, was a hugely divisive issue forum, especially among the Irish in german Americans, which may have been the reason that Coolidge was elected only by a margin of sixteen thousand seven hundred and thirty three votes over his opponent. It was his smallest margin of victory in any statewide election. So here as governor waiting to rise to national prominence, his I'm came when he had to crush a police strike. It happened in Boston, any took on the powerful and legendary AFL President's Samuel dampers in the process. Coolidge talks. And decisive steps from the start of the strike, relieving the pie please, commissioner, of his duties. He then hold in the national guard. Any personally took control. Of the police force ones. Order was restored, a place. The police commission back in his position and then fired every single, striking officer. Coolidge then
the call for an entirely new police force when I Just read this. I thought This sounds like would Ronald Reagan did to the striking air traffic controllers back in his term its probably not a coincidence and seeing that rum Reagan's favoured president was Calvin Coolidge when coppers tempted to enforce his will, I'm the situation firing off of protesting Telegram Coolidge, the popular governor responded publicly emphatically stating in art. There is no right to strike against the public safety by anyone anywhere. Any time I m equally determined to defend the sovereignty of Massachusetts and maintain the authority and jurisdiction over public officers. It has been placed by the constitution.
Laws: her people so like Reagan, Calvin Coolidge became instant national conservative hero they had found someone. Finally, they believe, that, if necessary, could stand it the red scare of communism that had grip the country in light? the recent revolutions in Russia, Hungary and in Germany again Doesn't that sound an awful lot like Ronald Reagan? Who, coincidentally, when Coolidge, was president? Ronald Reagan was a young man, the state, It was now said for Calvin Coolidge to realise its full potential in night in twenty destiny, would come calling literally on the phone retail that story. Next time tomorrow and the Glinda Programme in chapter two of our cereal and Kelvin Coolidge you'll learn about colleges. First experience in the White House: Listen LAW
if or online Glinda Dotcom slash cereals. The glad that programme were. This is the glad that programme is, if it Isn t this article of leaves it to the next area. Multiplies on in just a minute. I'm really excited is wanted. First interviews were: all of us are really excited for different reasons to talk. Somebody listening Everyone, despite income, should be encouraged to take care of their health. I actually like socialized medicine share in one of the focus group. Participants told us this was unexplored, did socialized medicine, canadian, canadian style Healthcare Single pair, whatever you want to call it. That's typically champ. By the far left. Bernie Sanders is
proposed a single player plan during his presidential run. Progressive legislators in California in New York of Intergroup introduce single payer bills in their respective state houses, but at our focus group are participants were onto something lately, there's been a surprising groundswell of support for universal coverage, even single payer among Trump voters, This was a focus group of Trump supporters. All starting turn void single payer healthcare. Congratulations. America more on this, as this article will blow your mind, coming up. Bank were.
This is the police, radio on demand, so for the last few years I have been saying that We need to get out of our own, but above we need to start listening to people start talking to people We need to take responsibility for what we ve done, don't worry about what others have done and start come together on things that really matter one another I'm driving home from south by southwest a couple of weeks ago, and I saw an interview with marked class, who is a film director and Producers and he's made just a rate rate cold, blue J of anybody's ever seen it, but it's just tremendous, and
I'm watching this interview- and he says I'm gonna- give twenty five thousand dollars to anybody on the right. If we could come together, I'm going to I'm going to donate it to a charity, let's reach out to each other. Let's start working together, let's just start having conversations play, mediately, wrote to him and I've been waiting for this conversation. He is on the phone joins us right the fusion of entertainment and didn't might- and this is the Glen March last week with a programme sir, how are you there are things would have a very good
the first one sister with this, where were big fans I didn't know stew was a big fan of yours, I believe, is a tremendous legend Arusha. And I have seen I've seen Blue J and Pat actually saw parts of it as well, and it is is this genius work. Just genius work is done much. I very much welcome. So it. Let's start here: first of all, the audience should know that this never happens The calls in in our producers talked to him a couple weeks ago and he said: look I don't want you, don't please don't promote anything of mind, don't talk about anything of my eye. This really want to have a conversation about what's happening in the world. I just want to. You know that that's the kind of character this has coming to the table you are
a Hollywood guy, you're, obviously on the left and ashamed of being on. The left What I would even go so far as to say I myself, professed semi, elitist Hollywood live tired of so so what what are you? What are you doing? I ok personal Don't really know I'm jumping into something without having fully educated about what these consequence but something in my something in my deep God has been telling me that the divide we're experience saying right now, politically, it is obviously it's gotten so
incendiary, and it's gotten so gridlock that, quite frankly, it dovetails with something that While I am not as politically astute as when well read, as most people who are having these conversations my whole life about relationships the healing a relationship relationship here about going to in relationship right. I I work with and sleep now my wife every night, brother and I will, in a business together my parents and I I have two miles from each other and we see each other every Sunday. I know deeply what it's like to be close with people and how to work for issues, and when I went, I sense the way that people are communicating through each other, so gridlocked in her position, just firing away with incendiary criticism. I thought to myself, I feel
I know how to operate in this space a little bits, I'm gonna try to jump in and see what I have to offer. So what do you do I ever more? Well, I guess I guess you know the first thing then I noticed, is now it feels like the country eight and a terrible marriage right and left them sort where, where you get to that point, we just like you know what I can't even have a civil coming this idea, because I've, I've failure constantly under attack and end up They're in relationships with who, I think everybody has a certain degree and- and my my whole serious, like that movie and at that book, love story that came out and like ninety seven, I think, did until terrible to service to all relationships. Bye, bye propagating that quote love means never having to say. You're. Sorry, for me, is the worst that you can copy
if it's an amazing falsehood me were in the place where love means always having to say you're, sorry, even if, at times, your pretty sure the other person tol me man need the kind of Unita just step up for a second and just then just say hey. I probably did some of this. I'm sorry for that, and let and let the healing began in my life, and I always joke like when we get to that gridlock place. We have to go to the lowest common denominator of connection, and that for us, is we put on the big Lebowski and we get a six pack a beer and we sit next to each other impotent joy. And then the good Bob start to happen, and then slowly whatever says, hey I'll order, some typhoid. Let me do it and then the other person is all that was nice and then the other person brings, food and then literally brick by brick, you get yourself back to the place of.
Good feeling and communications. I I started thinking like what is lowest common denominator here between. You know, conservatives between level also, what is I think that we can share without screaming, and I thought to myself well in a what what about charitable I continually here. You know that conservatives actually give more to charity than that Otto's. Liberals do and I know that a lot a lot of church based and everybody can get into an argument about that. But whatever put that away, everybody likes to take care of sick kid, everybody believes that clean water systems installed in third world countries for relatively cheap that are sustainable are a good thing and I said well, but if I can find- and some people reach out over funds for these campaigns, and maybe maybe
we could share in and in the positive spirit of giving if our yelling at each other just books on giving? Maybe you might or something I don't have it so early on them all half baked in my head. To be honest, but this is: does the better the pool I'm trying to step into it? how does it make you feel that that is exactly the same pool that when back Batman, Rawlins, I'd say about you mark really seriously zones, you better, not open up your twitter, it's fun, I mean. Obviously this is like all I'm looking for right now is is a connection point, and I hope that I was so guilty in MID November of like getting on twitter and prosper, the thing about why I was right and finding new and interesting and multi syllabic ways.
So I m trump you we were very another point in Cotonou. Has I look? back- and I like- why am I doing this? This is at best. Other marginalizing us you know, and at worst just losing happen advance, who don't even care about what I'm saying now and I started to think this is this doesn't feel like the right way and deepen my god. I know that when my brother and I get into a most a trouble. My wife and I want my friends and I want my parents do that that always the way forward is to regardless of whether who started. Regardless of who was more unfair or who was loud with a word. I always know deep, my god, I have to step forward first, I have to be the one. I would love to someone else. Did it, but you want who cares? Put that away
one step forward and then, when you do, that at usually ends up workin out pretty well, so in our fur? For me, the fact that, like you, heard that a new rule doubt and said you know I'm on my programme. Let's talk about this. This is super exciting to me, because I guess I'm a bit of it: fact gathering mode like I first started talking to people with the question of you held your nose at all for Trump. I get you. I have nothing against that. Like nobody has a favorite politician and more in our work, but you aware of the machinations. We reach a much news. So if you just thought you yourself know what it is. Frankly, just come in our long term, get it the GB guy there, so that now now get the writer. Gee or
I may one issue voter such as Unama per lifeboat like I can understand that, but if you're on fire for Trump, if you're in love with the guy tell me why it out, but we can help you with the feed We can you knew that mark. I don't know if you know anything about us at all, but we can help me at one end and you don't feel exactly the same way. No one, no one however, there are a couple of really frightening people on Twitter, who are alone, but runaway they're just made us frightening people on the left. So that's not a party to I think it is always the outliers there. So so what I have learned. Interestingly enough, in doing that is, is no one's on fire. There are, though you know tons of reason so I think I wanna do is be renewed, in any way about a large group of people who might have voted for it, but I keep getting is really, I guess, faceted answers for me, which
sort of like I felt hopeless, I felt let me behind this guy, a hail Mary, I didn't know what he was going to do. He was in other, and he and I felt the lack of political jargon. I stopped his candour and just a feeling that he was being truthful and his words warrant well. Rehearsed made them feel like you would like them to this. That I want to take a chance on. Ok that I can actually understood As you know, people saying he's he's telling he's going to bring jobs. No one is talking to me in saying that they're gonna bring jobs. I I'm choosing to believe it. Ok, I can get behind that. I can understand, where you're coming from. So I used to do that. Thirty thousand full view of it from he has been now. I live in LOS Angeles and
we live in a bubble in as much as I tell myself, you know I open up my twitter feed. I look at Fox NEWS once a day to see what's happening, the truth, is I mostly hearing from people who are terrified of this man and its effects. Your base thing and, and the rhetoric is incendiary and most of the Trump supporters that I have talked you are, so appreciate is to have me come forward and call them racist and not just Are you telling them about why the wrong? Why the ruin of the country- and I do that it is pretty tremendous b. I guess I would say how easy it is to establish a connection, talk. You do a marked a policy is a film director and producer, an actor seemingly somebody who is really rooted in common sense will contain.
Our conversation here, just a say in the bank work. Glenn Programme so marked. Let me tell you a little bit about my experience this we're on the same exact course? I would we can see people on both sides that are in pain and what honestly we didn't take the time to really look or listen Ellie. I should speak for me. Just convinced that I'm right and I know exactly what you're thinking and it really wasn't what people were thinking and and by my actions. In my words, I took half the country, the the left, half and just threw it away.
And and just assume that, wouldn't you get it because it's right and what else stupid? Is that, and now. I'm trying to reach out to the left and doing the same thing. I'm I'm doing work with operation underground rail road, which is freeing slaves and kids in sex slavery in its it's an amazing thing and so far. I have gotten Samantha B. Henry Battle and that's it and and my audience is saying to me all the time Glenn, that nobody on the left is gonna, do this is as a worthless cause? It's not gonna happen, I imagine you're feeling the same way. Are you getting anybody on, though the right to join you in, say things like I have I get it. I was wrong Sorry for the things that I did changing my butt
changing my principles, but I certainly am apologising for the things that I but made people feel bad. The truth is why you and our colleague, from the same exact place I really haven't asked that specific question of the right and an aura. Anyone who honestly doesnt agree with my political principles and I dont even animals like. I don't even need that step right now. I don't need the the admittance of any wrong. I don't need the acknowledgment nano hanging onto sick. I actually haven't. I mean I haven't, I'm not really asking that. I would like to see that from the pressed only because early, because the print it would show that they get it I don't need that from people, but what I am asking, as you know you wanna, join me on some projects. Lisco work together. Lets you know, put our audiences together in go, do a service project or something
Is there anybody on the right that has responded to you positive way and said I get it How so I am, I went to speak with Steven Crowder, who was really really great. You know like I, I watch one of his shows and, quite frankly I was terrified. He's big he's mainly intelligent, he's good, looking people I beat me up, I don't know, what's gonna to happen and he was very, very respectful and I talked a lot about you know charitable causes on his programme and is a place where you know. I believe that we could You know I cross the divide a little bit You know it was interesting, because I think that you know really respect him, but his his motor to assert degree is to engage in political debate and I think that a lot of and one reach across our motors, are set to debate, and that is one thing that I have I'm trying.
To get good at disarming a bit so that I can just cut the bottom level a little bit more, which is I mean it's just gonna happening quite frankly, naturally with with you here, because I think that you and I haven't to share. I don't know what it is. I was. I was the outcome. I grew up in an alcoholic family and I was the please I was the one that said everybody let's get along quite honestly, yet like sounds like now that you got beat up a little bit. Lifestyle Benda therapy even handed some sort of those a humility. I've had that I've dealt with depression and anxiety and artistic failure and all that stuff, and I just I feel this week in the world, and I am not certain that I am right anymore and I wanted to hear how people mostly not knowing greet intimacy in my opinion- and I I can't be bombastic at times like I just
look. I know what I'm doing in the film industry and I can go to Sunday to stop us up lessons be confidently about that. I'm still these bigger issues, I feel I think I have to tell you I. I would hope that We all do. We all got us here and none of it is working hang on just a second back with market less in just the same back programmes. This is in fact programme motive. Losses with me is a self described. Elite is out of touch. Hollywood. Lib tarred
which is pretty brutally honest and welcome back to the World Bank. The programme, a guy who said three months ago, I was tweeting things out nasty things about Donald Trump and his supporters, and I realize what the hell am I doing mark. Can I take you? Can I take you to the movie Blue J for a second, please help that movie, which honestly is brilliant. Unlike anything that I have seen it. It is perfect We captures an on comfortable conversation between two people, it it is perfect in its unrequited love I mean it just it's just a brilliant film. But in it, and I dont want to spoil it for anybody, but I'm going to You find out that the the what
and when she was a teenager had an abortion. Of your baby, as you played the male role, Wait when you're, both teenagers- and you said horrible things to each other in the whole relationship broke apart and its obvious, you two still love each other. Twenty five years later, Is that as I it's that film. I I did. I thought that is a great pro life movie, It is also you could say its approach, choice movie because she made the decision and- and she has dealt with the consequences of that decision. But is her decision to make yadda yadda. You could look that movie- and it was no straw man on either side- and so many and I want to pull out my own side, so many christian movies? I can say this about the left, but let me say it about the right. So many Christian, Movies make anyone who
displaying the character of the woman in your movie. Look like them. Evil, which imaginable, and so there's no honesty I really think that that's all that p, We are looking for is I'm not a monster, you're, not a monster, can't we just come together and talk about them. I don't want to this waiting or book I hope you're right. I hope there is a a rising tide for this and I am willing to bet a bunch. Of money on it and that's kind of what you know. My mission is right. Now is to create these sort of bible, It is a non partisan. What everyone, a college charitable giving campaign has been allowed on reaching out to. A lot of my supporters on Twitter, Alot of Stephen Crowded, is immune from your fancy. My family, was coming here and I said, but what are the causes? we can all agree on you know, and it was really fascinating because again,
Conservatives like to give to their churches allow level. I feel like I'm not so sure about that the sceptical of religion as like, ok Look we're going to argue here we're gonna, look for the baseline stuff, you know, and you know really education for kids, sick, kids, highly efficient, giving programmes clean water systems, You know that was really good, and then I found out some blind spots of my own, which were great. I got my own education. Ultraconservative said why I dont you guys ever talk about veterans. What is it- and I said you were? It's really weird. I do get a lot of charter giving I dont often think about veterans, and I think it's time to this defensiveness at the left has that we spend, too much corn code on the military so that it often gets grouped into that, and you forget, like she's, as these are the people who have served and we need to take care of them, and so I got it education on that front and then likewise, I was able to speak with some of my conservative.
Mrs who would say in America. First man we're gonna, take care of our people at home what you don't reach out. You know across its borders like we're stuck one here and I would say but yeah for like eighty cents, we, I know a clean water system in the third world like and then we don't but I have to be there every day, fixing it it's dire. We lead the horse, the water has done and, as it were, a big stone So what didn't I? I learned, something you learn something here. We are I just tired to full time cycle. Interests for a shelter for a buck it said had been used in the sex slave trade too. Full time, doctors for four hundred dollars a month in Thailand. You got to my challenges and I'm counting the left mostly right out much my friends who sang guys
You were ready to pay a lot attacks. As you voted for a woman who was not attack. You you're gonna save a lot of money next year. Congratulations now, You already spend that money away with your vote. So what I want to do is take that whatever you If Rancho, if you're, not top, you know tat bracket, you say when eight percent aren't you Take a large chunk of that, and I want you to come with me down and we're gonna reach out and say: hey everybody come join us in a man. Just dollar for dollar? I did want to put an you know that thousand dollars all my friends? Can they mass me dollar dollar? We made it into twenty. Our region google Gilda damn, and I said you know a picture
you can use, as was that other twenty and will turn in the forty grant we're does. I did the same thing with Google and I said I won't take a picture with you and we worked in her to his granted. I'm ready to stretch this idea out an end, and you know I'm developing one first thoughts or care programmes which spend a really easy thing that everybody agrees on. You know left right and in our trend look I'm not above gonna! Well, Spargo, guys you pretty bad right now, the money I'll take your hand, bigger picture. If you give me a bunch the match or totally guilt him into another great approach, it works. We can do you not liking to change the world, but maybe some positivity in at an end. Importantly, I just I really want. While I have the the of people right now, who probably a lot of them didn't boat like I did, I don't believe like I do. I just want you to know that my
and then I will may gather for dinner my latest. How would lead tarred bodies at all over here screaming. Terrible you are, there are few people on Twitter doing that and yes, they do believe that way, but by the wake everyday aunt but our on getting people from the right screaming atrocities at me. I'm not going to allow the sooner we find all of you. Please do not allow that define all of us and know that we we are interested. We are curious, we're trying to figure things out and were were making that move so I am mark. I have to tell you I have been As the guys know, and many of the listeners know in this programme, I have been searching for people like you for two least two years. Yes, just of a real to talk you, I know you guys exist. I just know you exist
to have the balls to stand up and to do what you are doing is, remarkable, just remarkable it's real honour to talk to you appreciate it did. I feel I feel the same way and universal unite like a bunch of things and and just a little about that. What are we we're we're? Can we? What do we do, You know I, like I said, I'm starting a new campaign right now in the early stages that I was gonna be targeted. Words. Foster care in my goal is to achieve I'm the year just basically say here. I am down the money first and then get some of my people around me. You have enough extra cash. Thank God. I am grossly over stage. What I do I'm not going to apologize for it, but I'm going to use some of that stuff cuz. I don't need it and cry capital and again, just as you have said, I am willing to be deferred I want to say I'm sorry, I'm willing to take the first step in I'm. Looking for people do, to be frank. I said, let me do that. Come on. Let's go out match you'd,
That's you dollar for dollar and what what you're doing you wanna put up another ten grand or whatever all match you on that. Will you because I am an feel free to say no, because I understand everybody schedules. You are going to come to Africa with me, Are you willing to spent? Will we you're willing to get on a plane and ngo? and bring awareness to the slave trade that is currently happening in Africa with operation Underground rail road. It won't hold you to your answer now, because I want you to do your research and see what it's all about. But are you willing cleaner? Normally people ask me out for like a milkshake yeah. I don't care how many kids you? Why have you forgotten if you wanna milkshake, I can put one on replaying, but by the way by the way I will one hundred percent going to argue with you, because this is this, life- I mean when going back.
Come on. My show em and I'm gonna bring you to Africa to do this and this time and the fact that You and I, on paper technically, I think, should screaming at each other in general, vile here we're not and where agreeing I feel like, we owe it. Our ourselves, dive into this little, more and united at the very least each other in Africa. I would totally watch the movie Glenn in market go to go to what are the odds that one of us is left in Africa. It is truly ban a privilege to talk to. I think courage is contagious. And I I so I commend you for what you are doing. I know the risk you're taking.
I know the hits are gonna take from both sides. Believe me and and I'm I'm just its Bob, thrilled and let's stay in touch and, you tell me and please come back on, and you tell me what you're doing and all right the check and I'll be in touch and tell you where to me the plain and we'll go, save some kids. That's great Milkshakes Africa, some charitable, giving we start nice and easy and that small Africa today Mars tomorrow, a bit of a nice mark fly separately less than I appreciate you guys being open and having. Let me point to get a little bit here and I will for sure be in touch, and you not very very, ironing out most conversation like this, and I look forward to more like, whereas thank you marketplace. Thank you. So much is awesome. He is right now
and you know what pat same guy- that we saw in the movie Gloody Riah, just honest. Justice, honest raw, real guy, I know how you here. He you hit him with a trip to Africa. Great flying with you. I do actors have to do all day. I will allow get they walk around and lemme get themselves in the mirror, the dog for a walk legally valid for a. Why look as a guy who's been there? No matter what tragedy he sees, that flight is the real tragedy, light land back. Where he's talking you about sex slavery for fifteen hours, huh Oh man, you're gonna wish you're gonna wish once what do you say? What are the key admit? What are you? What are the odds? I can make him cry by the time, not pry just to get off the plane like. Please, God get me off this planet. We are blocked,
you gotta be I'll, get a vibrant cry. I think they are way out. That's what I want to say that before you at the ocean, you're, still a middle way realizes what a mistake he is and what are the odds that he said to me? You know what I taking a flight back or I'm taking a giraffe back, I'm going back on the back of a giraffe triple eight. Seventy seven back carry. This is the clear I was a remarkable. Just a remarkable conversation. One idea again, really unwanted one on which you good remark. Yes, What is it
because you are mad that it happened in the bats. Vienna here is great and get army. We learnt from the good guy. We went from last hour talking to a guy, we're all wet, were doomed, this hours and there's hope yet, maybe maybe out of other women we in order when I really liked, as he said, look I just want you to know that there are those people and an that's a message. You know that that I should bring to to their side more often, yes, there are people that are you know, saying: oh Hollywood, socks blah blah blah blah blah, but There is also a lot of people who aren't spending any time. Thinking about that. The thing about How can we get together? How can it be better? American was interesting to see him come to describe how he's in the middle of going through it. We are we jump in the middle of that process. He didn't like decide. This is the right thing to do three years ago and telling us how to do it.
Kind of learning as he went, I mean he set himself three months ago on the internet, so doing things I'm embarrassed about and we ve. Had those moment moments where, like you, realized she. So my back, I am I doing that thing that I hate and he was man enough to admit to himself your kind of em. How do I change? I know it's not all boy just being on this show how much you gonna get us he's gonna get up to harness crap, you mean you may not want anything to do with going to Africa. Would you know you may now you may not, and I would understand it may do escaped remember too, to ever voided a sound one. I know I didn't. I thought he was a lie and that's why I shot him now he wasn't a lie and I knew it was glad the back programme.
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