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5/9/17 - What connects Jackie Robinson, John Adams and Johnny Cash ( Ed Henry Joins Glenn)

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What happened on Capitol Hill yesterday with James Clapper and Sally Yates as they discussed the possible connection between Donald Trump and Russia ...Jackie Robinson, John Adams, Johnny Cash and how they all leaned heavily on God ...Ed Henry of Fox News discusses the strong faith of baseball legend Jackie Robinson & his new book "42 Faith" ...Jackie Robinson, the Sunday school teacher and preacher? The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand. Hello America. Welcome to the programme lots to talk about today. There is a new pull out the press we'll get it a new pull out from the Atlantic on why people voted for Donald Trump. We will try to help through that are ready or not the robot society is coming and what it means for your job and the future of your children. Also Avanti Trump has a new book out called women who work the review of this are us tarnishing, No one could be this bad of a writer. I haven't read it, but I'm seeing the reviews or a little skewed, who would have thought that will actually ask for your help
the correct that here and a second also have reason to be joining us eased a new book out of forty two face. Can you erase the phase of legend? expect to understand their life is what society He is doing all the time at Henry is trying to restore the faith of one very famous person in history that, if Don't understand their faith, you don't understand their story served. I've, never read anything about this man space until today. Also the Senate, Sub Committee, hearing clapper and AIDS will give you the update, because quite on
That's all I can take of this beginning right now, the fusion of entertainment and didn't maintenance. The Glen or let's get started with the Senate judiciary. Sub committee hearing excuse. This is clap verses Yeats, of anybody watched it good for you. What the hell is wrong with you seriously. What is wrong with you at this point? That's what you pay us for in your time, we'll watch that crap. So you don't have to. Let me some eyes. What happened yesterday, the subcommittee-
the hearing about Russia's interference in the presidential election last fall. We heard from the director Actual intelligence day, James Clapper, I can't believe I use James Clapper and intelligence in the same in the same sentence, but he was with former acting attorney General Sally Yeats. Now, if you or, like me, that's enough to make Turn the radio off and just listen to the sweet hum of your engine, especially if you're in the garage still and the door is closed and your windows are open, just breathe, deep, it'll all be over soon As these hearings tend to go, we didn't get any actual. I don't know I like to call it information, that's important so The present colored palm cells- I guess I've settle for some actual information.
Clapper confirmed that European intelligence reports are accurate about contact between Trump advisers and russian officials. Before the election clapper said, the specifics are quite sensitive, but this is the same guy who told us a caliphate. Does dig killers, there's no such thing as muslim extremism. So I don't. He's really, not the guy that go to more anything, it was the theatrical of the day that further clarified the focus of both sides. There's gonna come as a shock to you, This, if you're, still awake in the garage just press, the brake pedal just a little bit cause it'll, make me feel better that you're not moving your car. When you hear this cuz, it's gonna to By surprise, what we found out yesterday is this is all about politics on both sides know
one in Washington, actually seems to be interested in finding what I like to call the truth. The administration, is there to defend their narrative at all costs. The opposition is there to destroy the president at all costs. Never mind the fact that Russia, actually, Screwed with our presidential election that they are in in saying we call of the United States of America and all don't mind that the government under the Burma Administration was leaking sensitive, critical doc. And names, and information don't worry about that guy or save in James Clapper has a record of credibility I want to say that is as long as Anthony's Anthony Wieners Cocoon, military, but that, probably anyway in open remarks. He said
russian government pursued a multi faceted inner influence campaign in the run up to the election. Yes, we know that we told you they would do that two years prior. Including the use of cyber capabilities, the halogens community assessment concluded first that President Putin direct in influence campaign to erode the face the confidence of the american people in our presidential election process? Yes, second did so to demean Secretary Clinton, yes and third, he sought to advantage Mr Trump, yes, not because he likes it or Mr Trump was involved the conclusion, and confidence levels reached at the time in January still stand end quote Lee.
He said the evidence of Russia. Interference in the election was quote overwhelming now, despite the fact that clapper is- is generally as believable as not on our United Airlines, customer or customer service represented As a representative, this is unprecedented. This is serious stuff. It is worth paying attention to is not just another. Stupid thing from Washington is just being treated as its if it's just another stupid thing in Washington, because both sides are involved. You know what this is: this a sandy burger getting caught in the national archives with documents in his underpants. You know Bush didn't do anything Clinton didn't do anything. Why? Because both of them are involved both sides. Nobody wants the truth to come out,
the president hopped on Twitter, and I can't believe I just said that sentence his targeted the choice of Sally Yeats. Now Yeats is the former. Thing attorney general that he fired because she wouldn't enforces first travel ban, you remember where the one where hated all Muslims and basically anybody who wasn't white and foreigners try to keep all of them out of America because they were muslim, non whites and foreigners. Yeddo remember her any either anyway. Donald Trump is still smarting from that executive order fail, so he was more concerned with insinuating that Sally late, Yeats, leaked classified information about general into the media, for the record Yeats told the sum subcommittee that she did not leak. Anything about Flynn to the media gates told the sub. Eddie, that she warned the White House legal counsel. That Flynn could be a risk of blackmail by the Russians because
they knew, he talked about the russian ambassador during the transition about possibly lifting sanctions against Russia, our side, knew that fleet knew that the Russians knew that, but he wasn't telling anybody about it Flynn. It or told my pants that he didn't discuss the sanctions, which is part of the reason he eventually got. The boat Yeats was fire. A few days later, presuming leave for refusing to enforce trumps travel ban now here, The only new revelation yesterday it was Obama apparently warned Trump not to hire Michael Flynn when Obama and met in the oval office? Two days after the election, the White House confirm this yesterday. Spy, Sir said Obama simply didn't like Flynn, because Flynn had been an outspoken critic of Obama's lack of strategies? This is what and when you politicize everything, if you ve politicize,
Everything and everyone when you try to give good solid advice to somebody on the other side there, like a hot, that's great. Thank you so much for that advice now get out. Spice are added that if Obama was seriously concerned about flints connections to Russia. He should have revoked flints security clearance Flynn was always a terrible appointment by Trump, but for some And I just don't think that Obama's words we're gonna change, anything, no matter what he said or did Obama's wreck of credibility is actually a tad lower, then crap than pepper or wiener, but maybe that's just me. I think, in the hierarchy, or in this case the lower our key of credibility. It goes clapper, Wiener Obama, three way tie
you throw away about modern of four hundred other representatives, a few thousand lobbyists and everyone else you seen quoted in the Washington Post, and you really have the ultimate tie in the race to the bottom, which I think is very nice and if it could be a bottom, if we can put a check, and maybe an anchor on that boat. I'm just saying. Now. Can you imagine the collective gasp if the Trump White House actually owned their mistake. If they actually just came out and said yeah, we screwed up, we didn't vet Flynn carefully enough and we regret hiring him Try to do better. Does we gotta get out of this russian mess or if the. The crab said. You know what, if Clinton one we wouldn't care about this at all and if sign, the Russians are helping us, we'll figure Any of this ever happen. We pro We need to work on that because we really suck to. Can you imagine hearing that? Well, I just want you to know
a thing like that happened yesterday. In fact, just the opposite, it would be like, It would be like them. Stepping up to a microphone say, you know why this doesn't make any sense, because we're all do it heroin. Here, that's what's happening, yes, America the state of our union. Are political union is still strong and very very fragrant. That is the update, and what happened yesterday with the with the Senate. Now, let's talk about anything that actually happened of importance to you, you're, not reporting on any of that. Goodnight everybody actually here is something that happened in Arizona. Then I'm to find out, because you know it's not
ported, and so I would think that it's not true. Then again. This is the kind of thing that they never report. So I don't know what to believe. Have you heard about the the shooter. In Arizona in Phoenix the they call him the Cereal Street shooter case they ve caught him. Erin Juan Sado, originally arrest- April nineteenth and connect with connection with a fatal shooting in twenty fifteen. He was report into the miracle many jail on Monday now faces twenty six charges related to the cereal shootings in Phoenix. This is incredible. The main because have you ever heard of the cereals shooter case adviser in Vienna I don't think it was the app store at all, not a big deal. Police chief.
William said at least two more murders, including the twenty fifteen shooting, had been linked to the cereal shootings, bring the death toll. Who nine but brought the total number of brings to twelve? Can somebody quickly look up you remember this? after that. The US sniper Washington Dc John Alan Mohammed leaving over, which had nothing to do with anything? Why are you bringing up all hammered? I was reminded name, I thought this important little say his name, what a racist he shot set. It killed seventeen. He killed seventeen Juryman, how big that was when he was up to five we haven't heard this is never shootings, nine And the number of killed, I'm sorry number of killed, nine shootings, twelve phoenix is a lot smaller than Washington D C How is it this isn't everywhere.
Other then hear me out. The Mohammed thing was burning in the nations capital where all of the elites and the press always hang out, and so when the press is affected like snow storms, if it knows in Washington, DC or New York. My gosh, that's all they cover, but if it snows like it always does everywhere else, not covering it. There say this wall to Wall coverage, because it doesn't affect them where do you if it doesn't happen in LOS Angeles, a washing easy or New York. I just didn't happen just a nap and they wonder why people voted for Donald Trump. Wonder why people don't trust the media because you won't admit that you can't even see out
side of your own towns have not heard of the cereal shooter in Phoenix Arizona. They just caught him and when I read it, I his name he may have been born in America. Lived in America may be here legally. We have Sierra Dirt bags but you never report on. If this guy is legal or not,. You never report if more, Hammad was Hammad and Muslim, or not that I have nothing to do with it has it doesn't fit your agenda when you do cover it. I have no idea what the truth is of the story, but we're looking into it now. The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment,
The Glen Back Programme, Mercury AAA seventh himself back the glass grab by the way the someone's Marshall just tweets. I live in Phoenix and I've never heard of the serial killer. Go ahead, the Gimme that again. I didn't hear I've. I live and feelings that I've never heard of the serial killer. That's on Lisette possible I would have to imagine that was the biggest story in Phoenix for a long time now I mean I write it people killed now. Here is the possibility of. Why was never recovered apparently was happening in a bad section of town, So how many people are like our oil reserves? Not know? No dozen, you know like we're done
bring Chicago all the time right and it could be that area and could it because this will I hear this all the time all the time now the violence and the kidnappings stuff there not bad Phoenix to cite Felix is the capital was, it won't, be I'm and those with those words stuff with staff, but yet there the right that what is at least top two or three one of the big complaints about it, though, was out. These are just drug dealers, CO, another drug dealer, correct and under no I mean the kidnapping, capital, kidnapping, drug dealers, kidnapping other drug dealer. I it was like he was it's crazy. It's leads. We ve beat me Bogota Colombia now, where that stuff, stands today on always sought a couple whom you know a few years ago, but it still is still in the top three or five Now, how is that possible in the United States of America, because once do said, The idea was just drug dealers, you know, kidnapping other illegal drug dealers, children are or illegal drug dealers kidnapping, illegal aliens, ah
Oh I don't care I care about people whether there I don't look you're in the mere drug dealer there there is a certain to that profession but I would say, is implied when you started ensure sure that that, they need the murder rate. There's gonna be higher than you know: obstetrician dusted, obstetrician this in hand and arguments in Yemen, certainly Toby higher. However, I do think that there is a daunting is an obstetrician in today's world. You have a better chance of going to jail then, if you were in a legal alien drug dealing has probably tyrant yeah. That's probably true, but I mean there is an element of news, is progressing on the abnormal right in the if people just standing at their gas pump, for no reason being shot out of nowhere,
This guy was a stay at St Andrews. Shooting people get away with it incredible streets, real killer, never heard of him. They arrested him in Phoenix, Why haven't we heard of that story back in a minute? this is the Glen Back programme. Mercury. Program the guardians of the galaxy last night with the kids, took the whole family. I made a huge fan guardians of the galaxy, the whole family is were huge fans of the of the sound I mean the summer that that came out. We run vacation, we sought on vacation and it lasted all summer. Let me we may jokes. I am Groot low. All summer lie. It was a summer that will be
burned into the memories of my kids for their whole life the summer. Of guardians of the galaxy just to put it into perspective gay. I heard all of these movie reviews that set odds. The greatest so much better than the first one, and, unlike me, ok. Well as he does, it never happens Wednesday time. You saw movie that was better than the first one that and the first one has to be good. I don't remember where there has been a long time like what is it cloverleaf lane Conversely, I sort of clover field that one that one came out new high, ok, but then the sequel to them was much much better.
Weird examining it I'm sorry, I think I am trying to think of anything more than ever is marvellous, where they made a sequel right back of the seventies. Maybe right the godfather to is certainly one that would point to an that conversation I mean empire strikes back is certainly one. I would point to I'm. There are few exam. But its re rewrite rare so yeah yeah, whatever. I think this movie is close to the most perfect movie, I've ever yeah I loved it. I loved it Tanya had the only complete in the family. She thought the music was better in the first one, but, as you know kid of the seventies, not that somehow chow. I thought they did some really good stuff. But the star with I'm, not gonna, give any spoilers way. I won't tell you anything about the the the movie itself knows quite forgotten about the flowers it, but I will things like see. Gee I wish
That you don't got all believers e g I see gee. I got to the point where you like: ok, whatever I'm, ok, everything's exploding got it, Do some scenes in here with some amazing things. You know battle scenes and everything else that are incredible, but I can get seat go see I in space all day long. See I in the opening seen they take and I'm not spoiled anything Kurt rustlers in this movie? They take. Russell and they had they use e g. I to create the Kurt Russell that you remember growing up in the nineteen seventies gay and I tell it see July Tanya said Who is that? How did they get him to look so much? I said honey, that's e g! I know it Yeah it is. I cannot see the e g I it is I mean it's the most incredible. I see the cd just came out the new, star wars with.
Remember when the general and then later Fisher, ok, they acted spot that a million looks like to me: it looked like a game and you know it's good, see gee I, but it doesn't look real. I cannot tell the difference. Between real and Cd Imus, it's on believable gay, so the special effects are credible. They do things like seeing the shock way. Off of the wings of things when they're in the atmosphere that nobody's gonna really appreciate. But it was the attention to detail that was just incredible: the script, Does funnier, I thought than the first one: hard hard laughs, Even the new characters in I was like is that girl that And she gonna be a jar jar top. She was They all were great it in our eyes like the old alike.
Well, there are holes in the storyline, you, kids, been ivory sphere is theirs and it's a raccoon driving on the ship. So please don't talk to me about holes in the plot. I didn't see any I'm not one of those guys who looks for those kinds of things. I'm going to see a show about a talking raccoon. I thought it was as close to the a perfect movie as anything I've seen you're saying in the gene, raw or you're, saying overall movies, aimed Nay movies. You think we're pretty darn perfect. I mean, I know a guy. I guess you're, going to look more like Oscar winning types. We put it in writing worthy the eye. Could within Oscar for several things while, but I won't but it Now I mean it might make. I mean a hundred and forty six million dollars opening weekend. Now guardians
I see the original did. Ninety forum was gigantic listed one. Forty Second biggest building that domestic workers well what is already done. Four hundred and twenty seven million on a thing is this is a bean are. Let me ask you to our seventeen minutes. The problem will Not a problem, never slowed down, never felt long. Never looked at my watch never thought about G's. How long is this going to go? I mean in about it. Didn't think of us see, I can't think of a scene that felt long didn't know it was that long yeah did didn't know that long I mean this. This thing I mean I'd No, especially when you have a sequel. You know, then the movie exactly like we could make a brilliant dollars. Look, there's one quick, get some more people than think it through and that they have all room full of people that are like known or all that might offend this group. So you know
do that. Will I not Donald friend that group we go without joke and they wreck the movie I don't know how they pulled. This went off it's better than the first and I Think I mean I know there are. I know there are other movies that are out there. That are we just flaw unless you know but in this gene raw, it is by far the best marvel by far the best marble and I like Marvel movies. Do doesn't I love? I see every marvel movie that comes out. I love them me. This is by far the best you're, not going seagulls. Let me most people. The standard is typically speed to cruise control. Now, don't know, don't don't even go there. That was a flop. That was a flaw, no I'm sure, as that was per and slowly hooker. There was a colourless that was colourless. What a huge risk
they didn't get all the original people back that what you want you want, as I go out, does, does burning money by the way it is guardians of the Galaxy volume to is the number two hundred and nineteen movie all time. Worldwide after four days, I mean it this is gonna, be I gotta be a hits can be successful. Pratt is I mean he's key to this movie they always earlier. All so good that Chris Pratt is just he is. He on his way to being the Jimmy Stuart Tom Hanks of this general he's money, printing machinery and honeys likeable visited living in parallel, because I mean CUP came from comedy yep. You now have a has that sensibility, but also can really act, can apple everything is known as a nice guy. Never guess is you off. I mean it, He now he's he's gone. He is he. He has a very vague
very, very long career? If I were you, I would not be overly concerned with my for one k I mean like that, I wouldn't be. I would, I might put it in riskier investments and risk anal potentially using some in in a market correction right, that's a sort of its choice as making while as goods that type of life. So you actually like guardians a galaxy. I don't want any of these movies. As you know, I'm not I'm not a superhero movie fan per se. I am I typically and a lot more when their sort of sarcastic and self aware apparent us all Aren't all avenger movies kind of now I mean that's. Why like, if I'm gonna pick from like the mainstay that's happening out with the iron man like like as I like his attitude. Do you not captain America? Colleagues- and I are you, love that winter soldier or over the combating of these Eu Latin American, but most of the time I don't? can. I did like dead pool for the same reasons, I think so I didn't see dead poyser like fifteen minutes a dead full and was just too much it. Was this
I didn't. I didn't think you know me. I have a very dark sense of humor. I don't I don't. I don't get dead pool, that's weird for me. That's uprising, bagman you'll, be also solve only fifteen minutes submitted turning around. I did like that. One, but I mean that's the type I like most of them. I don't but guardians a galaxy. I when I remember when I saw the first three you forgot guardians of the galaxy. Now I have named familiar at all with the comic book. I know I didn't know it existed. It looked like legitimately the worst decision I ever gotta talking raccoon and three in the movie. That's that's and anywhere within the big hookahs they're playing Cosette types of eighty songs is really tested. I mean it, but I mean the preview when I first signs that this is going to lose billion dollars and by the way, tribe, is everything to lose the election
loser. Bailing out, I sat in the movie last night, laughed really loud. My love to listen to my wife, what we used to watch the office and honestly she watched the office. I watched her I'd sit back on the couch and I would just watch her just laugh. I love my wife's laugh and- and so we ask They last night she was laughing so hard and I just of anything that makes her laugh, I'm in love with and so we're laughing together really really funny parts, but as many times. As I laughed is, I'm taking the movie and as weight, and nobody else would I just kept. I bet I bet I said four times how myself, while just thinking while I mean this, is perfect. You know you looking at the the script and the air. Ding and the sea
the eye and the pacing and then the king. We all of it together and the music. Just there are several times I just I second movie theater at least four and just went well. It's a good movie. That is not only high praise from you, but also the fact that you didn't spoil anything in the movies Turning to me, the United Realities is on the floor and whatever happens, think let me leave. You did not ruin them. That is probably the most flawless movie review. I have done better. What about the triple eight. Seventy seven back. Mercury waste is the Glen Back Programme, our right, I stand corrected on one part, the curd rust Seen there saying is not all see July but its make up, but when you see the opening sixty seconds of
guardians of the galaxy. Kurt Russell comes on end, you you're like that started? That's not Kerr! Rustled! Today, that's Kurt rustled! Thirty years ago I mean exact, And I thought that they had done remember what was it in ah sheet the ANT man Michael, you didn't see it, anybody see it Michael Douglas comes out and he looks like the young Michael Douglas. That's all see gee. I now good, but that's not there's this. According according to Cinema Bland, cut Russell says I have a terrific make up guy. We ve done twenty eight movies together he did a lot of make up with me. It was some of his own tricks and it's just about ninety percent. They didn't new, do much digitally. It's amazing what you could do and what you can do with a wig. And then you know, light near voice, pick up your physicality and play you just play young
I will tell you why he pulled that off. They were. I mean it was stunning when you see this its dunning, how they ve done that where to get to the point where computers are destroying everything, from acting to some reading an article yesterday about Coca COLA and I'll Coca COLA? Now is digital digital jingle machine, so writing their music and their jingles. It's all artificial intelligence. There like starting to get rid of people. Did did preservatives you pull any of that. Those examples go ahead and play. This so is the first example is the first example of Fiji, I subject ay, I written music
everything sounds like normal pianoforte? That's a big deal. Would you dont have a human being doing it's rough heaps, because I mean how do you even teach you how to maybe garbage in garbage out, and Apparently they ve got this It's running classical music pop music jingles. Now this isn't so hard. I mean it's likely is like jazz. You don't understand you're like unto that doesn't really work and other impressed. I mean when I work. This is act this pieces at ease, the first a I constructed peace. I believe ever like someone playing violent when they're really cold homes, so I dont know how Coke is using it. I just saw the treaty and article on the coming,
a I yesterday and it says and all these different companies instead, Coke is using all kinds of a high technology to write music, end and jingles for the company now of like. When did this happen? What really unity so shocked to find out? We ve been see I and a high for a very long time and intelligence is not really the operative word there, but it's artificial something but we ve been doing back in just a minute This is the clan back programme. Mercury.
The blaze radio network on demand, hello, America, common sense and America now, just a basic understanding of what it means to be in Amerika would mean to be an American would help. You understand why people are disgusted with Washington, and the media, but the meat still can't get up other getting closer the adults. And take has a story today. It was cultural anxiety that drove white working class voters to trump I want you to listen to this story, what they found, and then I would love for the media and the elites in Washington to hear my response, because they're, making the easy things hard quickly.
This has been more time making the hard things easy. Don't you think we start there? Right now, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment these days. The Glen programme- According to the Atlantic White Americans carried Donald Trump to the White House. One college, educated white voters by four point margin over Hillary Clinton, upholding according to exit polls, but is real he was among members of the white Working class, twice as many of those voters cast their ballots for the president as of And, as for Clinton, in the wake of,
surprise, win. Some journalists, scholars and political strategists argued that economic anxiety drove these Americans to Trump, but new. Formation post election survey dated connected conducted by the public religion, Research Institute the Atlantic. Something difference, evidence suggests that financially troubled voters in the white Working Class actually preferred Clinton over Trump. Beside her affiliation? It was cultural anxiety feeling Listen to this sounds at all. Like anything, we ve talked about for the last four years feeling a stranger in America, people who voted for Donald Trump. Many of them felt like a star danger in their own country? We said
That there were, there are three things that drove Americans that you need to understand. One nobody's listening to me. Two, I don't feel like. I belong anywhere. Three I have no control over my own life. Those are the three drivers right now. Nobody is listening to me somebody- listen to me- please, based their listening, but they turn around. Do the exact opposite thing, they're, not really listening. I dont I belong here any more cunning, the recognize my own country. I told you, you wouldn't that's, what's happening to us. That's why Donald Trump one, and once you understand that, then you change your behaviour to lead us out of this.
This data adds to the public mosaic like understanding of the twenty six election. Twenty sixteen election, its exact, suggest trumps. Most power. Message at least among some Americans was about defending the cut the country's culture, because this message seem to have resonated so deeply with voters, trumps policy speeches. Eventually, reelection may depend on their part of how well he fulfils it. The Ex surveyed american voters and how they were feeling about politics they focused on working class voters, people without college degrees or salary jobs. This group accounts for one third of american adults. They make up a bigger share of the population in the Midwest than they do in any other region, and more than half of rule or Americans are part of the white Working class. As it turns out this, become one of the most decisive groups of voters in the election they wanted to sense of why they found sixty four percent of these voters have trot chosen Trump, thirty, two Clinton
Why none college educated voters tend to prefer Republicans trump one them by a larger margin than any presidential candidates since nineteen eighty. So why handful of factor they say, drove the white working class voters, things have changed, so that I often feel like a stranger in my own country now. So this is not hatred. This isn't xenophobia, it's not bigotry! It's not sexism! It's it's! Not big tree of life limbs, fear of Muslims, it's not bigotry of Hispanics and that's why the press is in making any progress because they only see it that way, and it's not
It is the american people standing up and saying idle know how to protect. My children any more I don't know we are so far out of whack, with the things that I have always believed and I'm willing to change I'm willing to make progress here. Country and because we are a good country we, You guys are mistakes that we move forward and we were making progress, but you have to there's an moved it so far so fast, I don't even know it's true anymore, and your tongue me to deny everything that I've always known is true. For instance, less started the easy one thirty. One percent of Americans now support the House GEO P Healthcare bill Thirty one percent, and they telling us is the greatest thing since sliced bread, I do not believe them because they didn't
see everything that was in it, they didn't wait for real scores. And you know in your God. It's the same thing if not worse, they're lying to you. That's the easy place to go. It gets harder when you read a story like this are to start this story. Last night, Ellison of this. This is from the daily mail if you're relationship. Going through a rough patch and feels like you, ve, exhausted. All of your options you might want to read one experts advice, the author of key, his history of dating his shared insightful guide and how to salvage any relationship a few small steps. It's cool say to say that all relationships take work to make them work, but I've just written here we have dating, and it's definitely true that beyond me,
some major lies. Current generations need to do better at sticking out the tedious patches if they want to reap the rewards of long term love, ok, advice. My grandmother would have given here's a guy blah blah blah. If you're having doubts about your relationship. First, you need to draw up an inventory of what you really want out of a relationship and whether falling short ass, your partner, Jews, but be realistic. Most of our partners to fulfil too. Many of our needs quite different than what our grandparents and great grandparents expected human connection. Generally made on five broad areas: sexual emotional, spiritual, political, educational, work based if you're connecting three of the five, these areas with their current partner- that's pretty good going, but ideally you want to connect. Most of the important ones? the ones that are most important to you, fixing the physical, so first, the first they go to is fixing the physical.
Not being compatible, isn't a reason to break up desire, comes and goes long term relationships. So you can ask yourself and ask your spouse or partner, open up about the discussion about sex, that you're having versus sex you'd like to have makes a list of things. You'd to try pledge to be open to try something off each other's blah, blah blah blah blah human connection is based on those five areas, the first being sexual, if you're connecting three out of five places printed like this, I'm just a second. Who is sexes? the only thing troubling the relationship, perhaps as an otherwise successful long term. Marriage with children, then as allow resort ask your partner of their open to negotiating sex with other people. What what? What so make a list and then try that and I think, actually
we're too, and this was printed wrong for some recent number, two, I think was given a rest for awhile abstain for awhile and if that doesn't work, try Swingers clubs, it actually is in here save their open to together. Swingers parties or separate visa private arrangements O K. No, I don't think that's while that's your third point of advice Your first place to go on dating is sex. Make a list give it a rest. Try swinging. I don't fit in the. I read I read this last night. I went okay. Well, it's not me, and I dont know who would say that, but apparently the culture now try this one. Could it be from they d come stay at home. Moms are bad for children. Studies confirm common sense or they're wrong, blah blah blah.
Recent New York Times Story report, a document mounting evidence of advantage of children of working mothers, not benefits vantages prefer- Walter mothers who don't work outside the preferable to them. So don't work outside the home, my Stay at home, moms, announcing our bad somehow or another about this one? Ten year olds, suspend for making fingers into the shape of guns. How many times we read that story middle school, in suspended for liking a photo of a gun on Instagram. Should it be illegal to be a stay at home, mom was school age, kids, that's build, on the New York Times story. Why the forty our work week is dying. Another story you're old, suspended finger gun. Dad says he was using off with friends so didn't happen, not I
on a zero tolerance policy. Then how many gender is. Do we have quick to male female? Now we don't I ask, do I said: can you the list of the genders- and he said yeah, but there's only if only fifty three now on Facebook Nope been updated. It's over sixty now, but that doesn't include all of them which, I've seen a list is, is largest ninety one. There is a gender. A dragoon is by gender sis. Sis gender says Female Sis males this man's. This woman system their female sis gender males. This gender man's is gender woman female to male, F, TM, gender, fluid gender, not informing by the way. This is the list on Facebook. When you want to say who you are just variant, gender, queer, intersects mail to female, empty f. Neither Newt trawl neutral.
Who draws non binary. Other pan, gender trans Trans with the asterisk strands, female trans, asterisks, female trends, male Trans Astro male Trans man, Trans Asterisks Man, Trans person, understand gonna, keep going through all these trans, feminine, transgender, transgender, female, transgender, male, transgender man, transgender person, transgendered woman, Trans Masculine, transsexual, transsexual, female, transsexual male, transsexual man, transsexual person, and sexual woman to Spirit I love the tooth. I, what are you all? I'm two speakers. Ok, all right, gender. Gender. I don't know how to navigate the world when it is him her. Or a them and we're talking but one individual, which is what one of them presenters of the MTV Musical or movie awards on Sunday refers to them
elves as them. It's one person and the press needed to tell me how normal that was. It's, not I'm, sorry, Now, maybe that's the future, but don't like everybody who doesn't get it right is somehow I hate longer on day number one. I care people but with all of them, try this one. Why did President Trump win the election. Why did president from actually win the election well Intend once again that it is because we don't feel we sit in. We don't Recognize quote: I consider myself trans species, that's the headline. Fantasy fan transforms himself
Twin elf, we twenty five thousand dollars of plastic surgery, including full Herr removal, skin bleaching. I colouring a fantasy fanatical spent the twenty five thousand dollars and plastic surgery as he wants to be A real life else he sees he's. Else he's never going to be enough. He's a man who has has led a very sad life he has. He has. Had a horrible childhood, where you didn't feel. Nike Fit in. And now to be different. He feels he needs, to live as an elf. To be happy, that's a sad story, that's not a happy store that's not even the story of society.
Pity and how we're changing. That is a sad and tragic story. How do we not see it that way? when we, when we are forced to say, Bruce Jenner is now Caitlin Jenner, which nobody had a problem with. Did you notice that Nobody had a problem elected the rock Hussein Obama, we Obama sounds like Osama the number one guy we were trying to kill in a war, and Hussein was the number two guy we were trying to kill nobody had a problem with that. It was fodder for jokes, but we could even tell the jokes Bruce Jenner, becoming Caitlin Jenner. You know why we didn't have a problem because we're decent human beings- and we saw whose Jenner and fought my gosh this whole time he's been in our lives.
He's lived with this in his head. He's live with this torture, afraid to say anything. I M, God bless him. I dont condemning him. I feel It is hard to make our broke form when I heard that story. Okay, so here going to become a woman. Ok, that's his choice, but then I worth to say he makes a beautiful woman or I'm a big it. That's it. Sanity. You want to know why Donald Trump One and people like Donald Trump, will continue to win over and over and over and over again, because I'm sorry nineteen. Eighty four was called newspeak where they strap, or rather to your face. Until you agree that two plus two is five.
One never gonna go there. People are afraid and they're not afraid. Of things that are different, they're afraid of losing things. They know they can count on. They want to make sure they dont lose a connection to each other and to lasting principles. You ve taken almost every lasting principle as leaves and then just called us bigots, because we don't agree with you on day number one people are saying enough is enough have enough to be worried about their jobs and their finance.
And if you think that didn't play a role, your fooling yourself that played a big role but worried about that and then their worried about Lucy Everything that they ever felt was true. When is anybody in Washington or them you're gonna, get it if the Glen Panorama, so here is the opposite of that one of Americans done. Americans have found some place where they feel normal. They feel they recognize it and they leave it on in their house all the time it's hdtv, especially with chip and Joanna, The chip and Joanna our normal people- she just some advice. She said trust your instinct go with your God. Don't try to please
crowd all the time, and I am proud to call Texas home practical, Waco Home think about what Waco was before they got their wacko wake up, and now this thriving little grey town Bakery- oh my god, the bakery in their places real, that's who America? That's? Who Erica, really. Is I ve Joanna more like that and will feel at home again back programmes. In its point, we're talking about shipping Joanna gains from my Waco in each tv and and One of the reasons why they come under attack is because our people, a faith and peace
faith are or not wanted within the mainstream media, and in and you know you, you look a term- you look at term. The heroes and our culture- and we have raised almost everything what what makes chip and Joanna Chip and Joanna is their faith according to them and how is had hurting buddy and why shouldn't we focus on that. Why do we not talk about it for a couple of reasons, we're Americans and we don't like somebody preaching about their faith, but there's a difference between talking about how great God is
and preaching about face, but I remember for a long time, a long time most of my career, been in this month, I been in broadcasts for forty years this month. Really yes, while forty years this, in that sense, either the aid through the eighteenth. I can remember which- but that's my first broadcast forty years ago this month and At the beginning, I didn't have a problem. I wouldn't have a problem saying about God or anything else, and then it just changed, and you didn't say God you didn't talk about church. You didn't talk about. You wanted to distance yourself a little bit from that cause. I wasn't cool and then nobody talks about that. And there was a change in me
seventeen years ago, my longer than that pretty twenty years ago now, the second half of my career, the successful suicide. Was one as I got. I don't care, you can't understand people, especially as about some people. That's what drives them. What drove Jackie Robinson. We know Jackie Robinson. We know him is courageous. Guy, first, black player in major League baseball had death threats. Sniper those yet to take him out soon ass. He stepped up to the plate, courage. Did you know that he gave sermons on Sunday? Do you know that here wrote a collection of sermons that just profound.
Do you know what actually drove him. Do you know what drove some of the White layers around him to stand up and when somebody was gonna take a shot at him. He raises and he said I ll stand right behind him. There, their worst ways to go. You know drove back. I did you even know that story now. Seventeen. Seventy seven Benjamin rush, attended. And I'll Congress in Philadelphia set down x to a man and asked him if he thought they'd be successful in their struggle with great Britain. The man said: yes,. Clearly, yes, if We fear God and repent for our sins. The man Benjamin Rush was sitting next to John Adams,.
You re John Adams. Today, you really anything about John Adams that stuff you note four modern history books historian been painting Adams as an enemy of Christians. But is that who he was God is semantically been written out of every single story from Adams, life and most people I have no idea who he really was, but it's not just Adams, its everybody did. You ever see walk the line story of Johnny Cash. Great movie, I talked to Johnny Cash. Son, because I know the life of Johnny Cash, Johnny cash is the first time I ever saw all in my grandfather's face I was really young, he to the Piano Fair Johnny Cash did. Grandfather ran the chicken coop or the Chicken house, in the few all affair, the barn
So we would go every year. I would never go to the shows. Grandma was busy talk. The people in whatever he wanted cash- and I stood next to him- and all I remember- is this bus coming out into the field pulling up the stage see a man get out walk right up onto the stage. He was dressed in black? and I don't remember exactly what he said, but I now know was hello: my name is Johnny Cash and I remember my grandfather jumping to his feet and I look at it age I looked up at my grandfather as he was plotting. I never see my grandfather do some like that where he was a fan. And until I knew the Johnny Cash story, I you know I got older to listen to the music. You know I killed a man just to watch him die, I mean who and father was not into the prison San Quentin. What what? Why is he a fan, and this guy
because of who he was Johnny Cash, his son, I said how did you leave all of that God stuff out? Either we drive, but He was telling me did you know my father Johnny Cash, Did you know that when he changed when he really became a follower of God. He looked at me Instead, we got a seller cadillac. What are we doing? We don't need this. Cadillac. We don't need this big house who do we we follow. Are we a servant? Are we are we a shepherd? Are we a steward or do we own this stuff? They got rid of it all, took everybody on their staff and went to muslim for a while, and he read said his whole life and said this is who we are, and then they went back out on the road. That's the guy. My grandfather stood for But you would know that about Johnny Cash they left out
This is kind of a major thing. The height of Johnny Cash is depression. And now the height of his drug use, Johnny Cash drove out to a series of caves. He went, they're all by himself didn't tell anybody depressed strung out wanted to end his life in those Tennessee caves. He said he rode later, as he lay there in the dark. Something happened there, quoting him in naked jack Cave, I became so conscience. Conscious of a very clear, simple idea, I'm not in out of my destiny, I'm not ensure of my life, my death, I was gonna die. God's time, not mine, and prayed over my decision to see death in the cave, but that hadn't stopped God for intervening said he felt an urge
and a breeze moving him in a specific direction. He got lost in the cave, but- felt follow this breeze it at to the exit of the cave. When he got out from the cave, there June and his mom waiting at the edge of the cave with food and water. When he got out of here when he got out. He said how did you know I was here. They said they knew that wasn't right and they needed to go, find Johnny and they just were told, wait here. God save Johnny Cash from killing himself. That's his words. He stopped using drugs was performing again by November eighteen sixty seven and all they.
At about that in the movie. Is you know what connection to God? How can you tell us worry of Johnny Cash is second part of his life and the most amazing part of it so another story of a time of great political upheaval, this mom and dad Kind of outcasts in the community, actually the mom. Nobody trusts these people at all In fact, the leadership of the community. And people from all over the big great powers they send people to watch. They send people trying to find them. One group of guys meat
at mom and dad were now parents. And they warn them, but you're in trouble here then try to escape the sinister nature of this meeting is quite obvious. I, who else? Why would important men meet with this guy's listed tradesmen, Why are they meeting in a place where its clandestine and then this the the kids? bringing is even more suspicious, he goes missing, for eighteen years and then suddenly he resurface as a rebel gets in all kinds of political, missed undermines the local government officials, Why is constantly trying to trick people avenged He gains a bunch of followers all over. This versus movement, is on the verge of overthrow.
Everything because these revolutionaries are coming from small town, a small town and all gathering support and then hiding out just as the movement descends on the capital. The guy is the guy's turned in because he's not going to kill everybody in the capital, so he's executed His followers then have this great plan to steal his body and utilise a double to make. It appear, wasn't killed it all. Was a bloodless coup d up and the system change the course of history. That's the story of Jesus. Without God. How can you possibly? How can the greatest story ever be told when you're not telling the greatest part of the stories. If you leave out God in faith for many,
people. It can't be done. The story, comes something entirely different, a mixer plot lines of CHE Guevara and Harry Potter. A magician was also a rebel. The story of John Adams Johnny Cash with other stories of faith in God. Its aims, who they are. We have to decide who we are and what we're going to accept and we need to start looking for those lorries in our life and then make sure we are telling. Does the real story of people. That's the problem. We have started the hour with trying to explain to the mainstream media law. Donald from the Atlantic is still looking. Why did Donald Trump when they sent it
it's not really bout now, except for culture. Now that I mean yes, it had something to do with the economy, but it also has something to do with culture, because I felt like they didn't belong anymore yeah, we don't because you belittle. Or a race. Everything we know it's true and they're not going to change that and that's ok. They can would they do, let's just make sure we're doing what we are supposed to do. Do it we're here or your were listening to the Glen Back Programme. Program. Seventy seven back to me The story of the Jackie Robinson, the rest of the Jackie Robinson story It's a new book called forty two faith and Ed Henry from Fox NEWS.
It's gonna be joining us here and a second. He is the big chief national correspondents. Her Fox NEWS base in Washington DC he's one of the few guy in journalism who has stayed the course you know through Burma and through Donald Trump, as well asking the tough questions. Great journalist, we're gonna talk to him in just a few minutes about his book in speaking of books, do you guys know anything about the new vodka trump book women who work? I have only seen this. Of mocking review. All like I have that there's plenty of marking review of community law has nothing to do with the greatest. Just that's the way I took just they don't like Donald Trump, see, remember Jack, who wrote the overturn window with me This is a guy who they said he a combination of Stephen King and Stephen King and Tom Clancy, the greatest right wherever he goes, wrote
the Overton Window with me and all of a sudden there was written by a four year old, some may amazing they're doing it out you have on controls on. I want some next hour. I've been asked for for women that are willing to read this, I don't want you to be a big prompt supporter or a big antitrust person. I just want to be regular down the middle, and you want to read this book called me. Bank programme mercury. The blaze radio network on demand Mr Daul has been banned from the Ukraine for five years. Now,
up to Vladimir Putin Crap. I can't go to the Ukraine Zoo vacation. Really states is weird how many people are causing us to. Let him your Putin time as a loophole out thirty one to thirty. One percent of american support. The house GEO P Health bill Stew s some interesting facts from the last healthcare bill which does not bode well, for the GEO P will get into that. Also, we dispose of Taiwan on how America tell stories how we are leaving out really important facts were we're not just leaving got out any more. We are truly cutting him. I mean we are cutting around sharp corners to make sure that you never see anyone was is influenced by God. We think we know the Jackie Robinson story. We don't,
Ed Henry one of us, a journalist and chief national correspondent for Fox NEWS Channel based in Washington, one of the real good guys, a guy who stood and and held principles firm during Obama and is doing the same again under Donald Trump. That we really respect joins us now. Talking about his newborn called forty two face the rest of the Jackie Robinson story, and it will blow your mind what has been left out of his story. We go there right now, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment.
The Glen Programme, while the new programme is Henry. How are you, sir, thanks for the ongoing you bet, I would love to talk to you about politics and what you see going on, but I really want to spend some time talking about Jackie Robinson, because I think until we Until we get the story of America right and the story of our heroes, we're never gonna be able if we're playing games and we're never gonna be able to fix our country. So I'm glad you're here and your book is absolutely fantastic idle I don't follow story. You know, I don't follow sports but even I know who Jackie Robinson is at least that's what I thought until I read your book library it advocates having there's a whole lot more of the story and Hollywood doesn't want, as you know, better than anyone to touch face and God talk about that, so there was a movie. Forty two about Jack Iraq branch Ricky, the General Andrew conductors beside him to the first contract to break
a barrier emigrate baseball which obviously, as you suggested, that is cheap sports. It changed America for the better forever, but Hollywood it up. The forty two movie was wonderful, but it did not a barely mentioned God. I found out new information, which is why I wrote this book. The brand Ricky right before saying Jackie to the first contract in nineteen. Forty five secretly had doubts. He had second thoughts, he almost pulled out, but it was a secret meeting with a minister input
had a wonderful church. It still stands today, Plymouth Church, which was a stop on the underground rail road and the eighteen hundred. So we talk about getting our history right. This was a pivotal church in helping in slavery, the eighteen hundred and then in eighteen, forty five branch Ricky. I learn it in forty. Two fake basically goes to this Ministrant, as I don't know, if I can go through with this, because this was such a controversial issue in forty five to move to integrate major league baseball and after pacing preying on all of this, a forty five minute meeting that I uncover the details of which this Minister Brooklyn Branch Ricky finally sits down, starts cry and says to the minister at decided
decide Jackie, the first contract I needed to be your presidency says the minister I needed to be a guard presents to know it was the right thing today. So now this story is news story were told today or happened today. Here's how the story would be spun that branch Ricky one. To do it because he was gonna, have all kinds of publicity, and that would be good for the club, and he made this this pilgrimage to a black church that was the perfect church because of the history, so everybody would now and he was only doing this for show, rapporteur. I think it is correct that I would be corrected. That would be the way it might be played now, but the fact of the matter is what I want. This led me to do was going to journey and think and figure out in researching, spend almost ten years doing this on the side on the back burner war covering politics, as you said at the top, it made me say, wait a second. How much
God and faith in God play in this multi modal decision that were again was just about baseball, but maybe more importantly, how much would it safe play in helping Jackie Robinson overcome people shouting inward out of people literally threatening his wife, because you want to play baseball and I found a lot of new information. I tell you want quick story about Branch Ricky in the early nineteen hundred grows up on a farm and Ohio along the Kentucky border, and he goes to his mom brain tricky doesn't is I want to become a big report player? She says no she's a Baptist and said all baseball players do is drinkin swear and party, and your do that or pressure he goes back to the next day. This is somebody who did take no for an answer. I was sure he might have backed down. Not integrated gave a baseball decades later, but in the early
in order to set mom. If you let me chase my dream to play Bigley baseball, I will never play on Sunday, and you know that Ricky became a vaguely ballplayer before he was a famous executive. Why people dont know that he never played on Sunday is one reason why he got caught because owners are various team said. Why am I pay you for weeks salary when you won't play on Sunday to honour God and in fast forward to after he sighed Jackie Robinson, any favours executive for the Brooklyn daughters? I interviewed rhetoric is Grandsire branch Ricky. The thirty still lie. He says that in the forties and fifty's,
Ricky would never go to every field in Brooklyn on Sunday, even though he rewarding the t his parents had died. Glenn he had already in other committee made to his parents was basically Nolan boy, but he felt like needed to honour that that shows commitment character. We don't see today. It shows a commitment to God that people are frankly scared to talk about him and say out loud today, but Branch Ricky ejaculate. They were one why one black different generations did not a lot in common, but they both at a deep faith in God, and that's why I think there's a lot more to the story: the people have not wanted to talk about. So let's talk about Jackie Robinson, I had absolutely no idea. He was a Sunday school teacher and that he gave
a lot of sermons, yes- and I want to tell you about some of them- are first of all in terms of Sunday School is aware. Jackie Robinson grows up bread. He was raised by a single mom in Pasadena California. We hear about this a lot today, not just to the Afghan Iraqi Cuba, to release all round the country. They were these these kids into joining gangs in and they got no hope. Well guess what Jackie Robinson Joint again he's a teenager in Pasadena. He has a criminal record, he was arrested several times. Glad and people don't know that about the story, and you know how he got out of it is barely Mary Robinson was a woman of faith. She happened to also be a method, is like Branch Ricky in his family, interesting
connection coincidental perhaps, but still interesting and a christian minister me they were called out in Pasadena, pull Jackie Assize teenager and said you go in the wrong way. Unless you get your life back on track, you ve been always dollars athletic talent, so the Sunday school you. Yes, I find it my research Jackie becomes is for letter man. I see like baseball basketball football track and feel stars as football player, usually on saturdays gets up. Sunday is available, so is beaten, improves like any other running back, and what did you do on Sunday morning gets out of that gets off that you see, I kept as it goes back capacity in order to teach Sunday School with reverent crawled out, didn't minister had saved his life and he felt like he had a commitment.
Again it to me: there's a wonderful parallel therewith branch rikiu at that commitment to his parents, about fate and claiming that working on Sundays, Jackie Robinson, how many athletes today the college reproach get out of bed on Sunday morning and say you know what I'm gonna teach Sunday school before before I go to the game or before I do this, or that this assembly, who gave back and understood it wouldn't get into the servant, is well did he did after is playing days, but I think I think faith in God is at the centre of the story and that's why we called forty two. I will tell you the term Eyeteeth Sunday school and it is impossible I would almost every week I think I'm gonna call is sick. I just got something going on global, I'm not Jackie, Robinson, Jackie Round. Sin is not only playing and doing all of these things, but also through his life? He is pushed up against the wall when
first comes out and he's set to make his debut there's a sniper that has threatened and said I'm takin him out. If he steps up too bad, I'm taking him, yeah- and you know what happened we see in the movie. Forty two little white players from the deep south who circulated a petition instead of Jackie, has promoted the big leaks of nineteen. Forty seven we're gonna walk, and so we can't sanitized that history, their white players teammate or do you want to play with them? But you know what I found my researches Norway teammates like Rout Branca, a very tall pitcher and your right. There were these reports. It came into the doubters April, fifteen nineteen, forty seven, the stout seventieth anniversary that were celebrating of Jackie's first game. He said: there's a snipers gonna be able to kill you
keep? It goes on the field and real progress made a show on the field of standing next to Jackie, cannot droning arm around him and Jackie, thankfully not shot, but after the game when a break his brothers terms, rushing up to me a big family said roughly, what were you thinking? You were standing right next to the sky? Is black player who's gonna get shot, there's a sniper out there and you were standing next to what would you thinking and he said there are worse ways to go, then to stand up for a t make that was a white pitchers like six three six or it was a big target for snipers
I have mentioned, is high and yet is white players, and I'm going to stand up for black. He made tat to me is all about not its fate, but about american about one another. To you talk about commitment from Jack. You talk about yourself teaching Sunday school Jack, his wife Rachel still live about ninety five years. All any remembers that first sheer when Jackie had Cyprus out there, you people sending a letter saying would kill you. People shall again word from stand. She says that after playing it ever sealed every every day after he take the subway home to the small apartment they added but hat and before he went to bed. You know a jack, you Robert said this famous ballplayer did she says he got down on his hands and knees and pray to God, and I think again that commitment that I am not saying that face was the only thing that enable them to play it s like still. He had courage, he a character, but faith in God was at the centre of Jack. Your average life in it's not something alot of people talk about before for various reasons, and I think what that that image of this famous ballplayer getting there,
This had to be pray to God, everyday before that shows that he got it. He understood that despite his fame, despite being pulling a civil right icon, he was imperfect and still wanted to bow down before that. I will tell you that I know the pendulum is a friend of mine, an atheist, and he has courage and and and principles, but and I know a lot of religious people who don't have courage and principles, but somebody like Jackie Robinson, it's hard to believe that it didn't that's with that one what was really driving we're talking to add Henry of the Fox NEWS Channel written a new book called forty two faith, the rest of the Jackie Robinson story. As you were researching this. Did anyone come to mind at all? We are used to seeing these people add in your everyday life, for you seeing them anywhere in positions of power. Now I think, that's
Something I am an optimistic person, but it someone is as a research as I thought, about men of character like brain tricky, like Jackie Robinson, like love Blanker, who I mentioned, who stood up on on on faith and in Euro you mentioned the sermons ejected gave. I mean I found in his personal papers at the Library of Congress. All of these sermons, Jackie gave at churches all across Amerika than I did sixties. He had hung up his glove at the beginning of fifty seven baseball club, so the sixties retired is working for talk for nuts. He makes the baseball faint, but again it gives back. He goes to churches, not just black churches, but churches all around America. Let me read one quick passage when he talked about how he was sceptical, sceptical about federal government assistance programmes being what help
deal with the civil rights crisis would deal with the long hot summer of nineteen sixty seven. This was a sermon in sixty seven be said, my dear friends of his congregation, I think the black man, it's just a little weary of its past and talk of helping him. I think, to a large degree, the poverty programmes have fallen flat on their face coming to resemble just some more handouts occur higher than welfare. God helps mankind, Jackie Robinson said, but he helps those who help themselves. So here is a civil rights icon, saying that in nineteen sixty seven, not in a public square but in a church number one glance and number two nineteen sixty seven fifty years ago think about that statement. Today we don't have a lot of people in public life, saying that. And here is a black leader saying a black box. I also made the whole thing and then I got so at you, you and I both know what the last the since nine eleven has been like, especially at the fox
channel you been there for a long time longer than I did. I was an and you know It was like when I was there, and mainly because because He causing trouble. Sorry for that, it was about an hour ago and with our I'm going is. This was this your way of searching for some sort of bedrock that made life make sense that gave you courage to stand it was this just a This just your stamp collecting thing just to take your mind, what what what happen, do you know my stamp collective collecting in that I've got a passion for baseball and a lot of people ask me why why the world right a baseball book I mean number one. I dont think the world is, is begging for a book about Obama.
For my part, I feel like you're a hidden families. Arctic are out there. No thanks to my colleagues for anyone. A number two: is it's not really baseball book about faith in God? I'm a Catholic, I'm imperfect, but you always try to be better and Jackie Robinson said in his personal papers. I found there are better Christians than be I'm imperfect and ears. Jackie Robinson but you don't close to prove it, but he said I just did the best. I knew how paraphrasing and I didn't want to let down my mother or Mr Ricky always called Mr Ricky and what it mister in general, about rapid carbon with Jackie Robinson other get different generations different skin color came of age in different parts of the country by Paypal you both Robinson Families and Ricky Families, had
deep faith in God and when Jackie Robinson says, look, I'm not imperfect, but I did the best. I knew her for being so project kind of fines of deeper meeting and I think in in Jack. You Robinson: it's not just a baseball story to base its a story about life, ass, a story about how paper guys lives. Whether people want to say it out loud or not. I will tell you that This book, endorsed by Bill, O Reilly, Brad Thor. One Williams and Larry King. You couldn't get more eclectic than that own end and Jim Brown, so not no more So, thank you and thank you. Some. The name of the book is forty one faith, a great red to forty two faded forgotten. That's it, that's the pre cools coming out there I gotta go. I understand forty to a family run forty one end and just think he's gonna be the bad guys Henry. Thank you very much much success, this is the Glen
program carry these days the glad that programme here. So, let's looted term, let's what shift gears here a little bit and go to, though care and the stats, because this is really important. Now thirty seven percent of the american people say they are for that. YO, Peas, New Obama CARE. Well last time has passed it. Asked with miserable numbers, but not anywhere close to thirty seven percent? Yes, so the this is. What kind of interesting is that it was? in others, different pulls like right now. The poles rain from thirty six, thirty seven, but down to about thirty three percent of soup, of support for GEO P Healthcare. In fact, latin normally much support, even in GNP districts, which is problematic, but the above Obamacare Pass was about between usually between forty and
pretty ate it pulled before the election on the election has turned a big is created. A big upturn in support for a bomb occur so now its popular it's a bit o above water. By about ten its, but back in the day when it was people were judging it more in the policy making in politics, it was around it was. It would bottom out in the rain forty and go up to run forty eight and will be able to typically in that in that little can other, but this is a. This is right now wrote at thirty three to thirty, seven, so significant less popular. But if you go back and look at the effect democratic candidates, democratic incumbents, who voted for Obamacare lost, ten to fifteen points of war vote margin in the two thousand TED Midterms. Ten to fifteen points, Sylvia is from needs over if you are democratic incumbent oil to include the election by eleven point that you voted for Obamacare, you probably lost, and it's worse this time
or Republicans they are even for those so lacking of their life. A reverse tea party made their way back into the bank program or fury, Glenn Bag programme a couple minutes here on the points I find it interesting his students. I have very little money in Bitcoin just that you were like? Ok, I can walk away from this and not worry about so we both have about six dollars in seventy five cents in it. You ritual blood, but I haven't other so Stu bought it three hundred dollars coin and is now, is it about a clause? The eighteen hundred Mark Nance right around there
one hundred dollars per Bitcoin, forcing a lot of it goes to the vet in China. Oh yeah inability and its true China, both of those, are sure instability and should the chinese market is blown baloney. Their nerve, throwing money into this like crazy and Mama it has in. We have even hit a point where there is an actual collapse of an economy and a lot of people think that if this happens, we're currency collapses in this environment, a country may switch to bid when as its actual currency. I know I mean if that were to happen. I mean. Thirdly, knows what can happen to this? I have no idea I made at the same time. It could completely collapsing go nowhere. It could be zero tomorrow, yet out acts without any doubt at all, like I was one of those things that do you know that you're either gonna. Look like a genius or a dummy. If you put a lot of money into it, you have a better chance, look like a dummy, but
You know this is something that your family could talk. Awhile for generations yeah. I know my great gray. And father he bought Bitcoin own. It was three hundred dollars, allows When it was why we're goin, who knows what but there's changes going on with that, and I think we're gonna win. Things go unstable at least until they can get their arms around see this, what happen gold look at Bitcoin. This makes no sense. Bitcoin now is more expensive than gold. That doesn't make sense our strengths and that's because they do reverse treasuries and all those games they shut this down and they play all kinds of games with the manipulation of the price of gold. Because they know that people see old as a signal of trouble and
when they see gold start to fluctuate in big jobs, they freak out goal should probably probably be closer to two thousand and twenty five hundred. If it wasn't the artificial barriers it at least I bet you would be two thousand dollars, but these are we barriers, keep em down and that's what happens. I think big quince even more susceptible of that right, this established, I dunno- not it's not it's not so simple. I dont know if anybody's try to keep it down, but the but peep don't know and it's not stable and it could go to zero gold will never go to zero in order being right. It depends on what happens does do they see same with Bitcoin? sees it. Do they not seize it? Do they make an elite? for trading in it I don't know, that's my biggest concern my biggest concern, as is. My biggest concern with everything. Is the government coming in and say you know what people are doing,
x y and see that we dont like with this currency? Therefore it will no longer exist and the people who love Bitcoin say where they can never do that, it's it's digital and goes around the governments and all that's true like that is through. It would be very difficult for the government outside of shutting the internet down completely to turn off Bitcoin. However, if you make it so that you can, if, if the government creates a law- and some It makes it possible buddy. You know what you're not allowed to accept that coin. No one is allowed to have Bitcoin, it's gonna chase ever You like me out of it, because in favour, big on the wrong side of other looking to make some whereby we know currency point here. I find it kind of be generally interesting and at that point while yes, it will still exist in some world. It will no longer, I think, have the the number of people involved in it. That will create being in invaluable, unless unless China says that's our current That's how we're going. If China does it, then
still have all that money in Bitcoin available inside of your job is to get to China. You know if you had ten million dollars and bit controls and because you bought it, it is the crazy because you bought it today and see went out and China said. Oh by the way this is our currency and a few markets were using. That is currency. You could see that view see ten million dollars in bed going now get to it. You couldn't do it here in the United States, but if you could get to some place where it was free, that's I mean there's one thing about. You know people Nineteen thirty's had to try to smuggle everything out. They were eaten diamonds and everything else to try to smuggle it out this all up in your head, different than gold or anything else. You don't have to move around with it. You just to find a way to access it, which you know today, is easy, but if you had real global, you know authoritarianism.
It changes, but that she does everything anyway, exactly at that point you're at the point where you know you're beyond there's no hair for there's no there's no scenario of outlets. Blade runner comes true, their active and there's no scenarios for blade runner, Alameda, considering there's a sequel coming out very soon. Ok! Well then, I gotta know carefully to the documentary bleeding twenty forty nine right. Let's look at your looks entering this really that's the thing with this is the key This scenario in which Bitcoin goes to ten million is that the world is so such a crazy place. He almost can prepare for that. The serious situation in which you know, let's say shock. Humor decides you don't watch people should be able to have the freedom with their currency, so we're going to ban it. That's not it! I mean unrealistic scenario at all to me, and even if there are The world continues to use it if, if you're an american citizen in any one of you like I'm, not interested in being on the wrong side of the law. No minority in Armenia nobody, nobody except Jeffrey, is interested, and I so
the business climate, nobody nobody is like Jeff such emulator? Ok, but like the businesses, will stop accepting right. I mean you know they'll, just that won't happen anymore, and when that happens it just becomes. Irrelevant to the average person in America, they could be voted for gold or silver, and not you know it's true, but gold or silver, so much more established right like this is something we have referred. It knows nothing wrong and I guarantee you the government. It will at some point if it crashes, the government will have to get control of of the currency. They're going to have to get troll, and so they will say. The only way you can sell is with. Ex wire z. Then you just have to have the courage to barter it's one thing to have gold varied in your backyard, which I would never do
and I wanted to dig what would you say so anyway, because one they have gold buried in your backyard and then do not take it out slyly to your neighbour and say: hey, look very this in your backyard. I need to buy. You know a chicken. Or whatever chicken. Well, that's the only guy. Let's be honest guys right, I mean if you're buying rules like I do, I'm not by for the investment by vehicle for the investment I buy it for an insurance policy that the whole. World is burning down, so I will be in the market for a chicken again how an egg I will be in the market for keen. Why? Because I'm, as you know, a vegetarian and in that scenario, where your trading chickens, bitcoins. I say something: I want coups coos. Isn't it? Is it coups closer to him? Why it's one of those that is now start being some. We know South American try above there keen. Why gets what is like? That is? Like wheat
this one area, okay and become As keen law has taken off, so big America is buying up all the key and the people who used to live on keen what can no longer afford it. They should try wheat, Christ try anything to think up anything gluten, there's that apparently no one ear ones that gesture to an all gluten diet. Univee, it's that live like a miracle of science, wondered Dodson water, whereas those are all. Chemicals represent a different molecule of chemicals and you put it all together and knew tat the magical, wonder bread, snap seeing the ground. Decided in pretty well when it decided it wanted to gluten a good run. I would say now urgent we're turning it around. I mean I don't know if it's a good idea as Pat, if he were here, would say: staff of life I've got it. I don't know the half of life, so perhaps
maybe it's not. The evil were turning it into. Today I don't know man, I mean lactose intolerant, gluten all this stuff. That is is happening now, people who are lactose in collar too to my children, lactose intolerant! Stop it! Why don't you stop it? Stop it Oh, I never thought of that. Film is another area where there are clear to recover the aren't we lent dietary the stuff we ve been following. I never thought of that is so much you. That's cheese to the disease is tat, dark sky, ok to stirred what do you think you're doing? Why did make fun for a while. You can't have Irene who your birthday guess
daddy guy, let the ice cream over an ice cream birthday game, so stop it blow off the candle hot springs up an interesting point by the way Mr Fischer here jiffy in, and I would like to ask you if you would like to be a part What we are in the middle of We go on vacation in approximately eighteen. Yes, we have launched the eighteen day, Jeff Fisher, guide challenge and the idea is to not eat. Like a hippopotamus, Who enjoys junk food. For it is in all now, just up to vacation in his ears is the problem. Here is, if I eighty more days like I've been eating lately, and then we can. Comes on. Come back.
You can see me in a doctor's office in Houston on my six hundred pound life now will not be able to get out of your vacation. The fire department may have to cook yet what we could actually we're going to get out of the first euro. Eighty two hundred pounds show rock right now. That is a way to go. You want to lose this. Seeking to be used it now, and then you get all kinds of free press if we're all over sixty about until she has great distribution so that it might be the way to go and find with that. But I mean I'm gonna. Ten has just this detached itself to the town. Now I I'm looking to tempt to ITALY lose some weight for vacation, though I had been on this diet. For I don't know I love for weeks now. Three we ever do to your honour, not losing anything. I dive diets work if you act,
we follow them, they work, I dont know. What do you know how you have weird? I did the seventeen day juice cleanse. I finished it in full. Ass ours. So don't tell me, I don't know things about diet. Seventeen days of Jews for nine hours it little lose a damn. Power only helps a sick because of it don't do it. I don't know what you're dieters, but I've been Ike of unwilling to my time is the diet that I've been out that I was supposed to be, and then I got operators forestry, Because a member I lost like thirty pounds and then some happen to my body again and all sudden over. Like three weeks I gained twice, pounds I went to the doctors say. Something will happen to your body again, would be that you were putting more food now. Why is it that it really was an intangible verify now problem ten pounds of this. Fatness has come from stuffing my face because I got so depressed
been back on that diet and I've even be needing like half portions, it least of, One study would have like a third bourse and at least at lunch- and I guess four pounds, I can't lose it. I cannot loser. Ok, thank you for turning into the view today, as well as our weight issues, but it's true. I dont look. We are sure we believe and federalism do we not. Your will be Gilbert were yes, We believe in federalism or all basically the size of a state, so maybe we could all have we, I willing for I'm willing to let you set your standards here now the issue of You like to stop gaining on a dialogue with Turkey here that I think it should be all ever letter of the law and then subtract twenty percent That, whatever letter of the law and I'll do that and what I mean our worries. I may gain way now you can you don't know what I wanted and other new failed there's. No, if you gave what you failed. That's that's about me,
If I do letter of the law letter law plus twenty percent, and weight. Well then this is suicide. That's all that's left for me. Just suicide or just Just keep gaining wait until I am onto Elsie is one of the two, but either I mean look either way to go: right. So what do I am rejecting the israeli leaders? It doesn't matter so so I'll try to okay, so eating during vacation doesn't like pigs on vacation. I mean I'm gonna say no now, but yes, I'm on it When I try to walk, I want to try to walk at least two miles a day Downhill both ways The glad that programme mercury. The programme was under the programme Why are you here tonight at five o clock,
we talk a little bit about the Trump presidency and where it is moved in the last couple of months, there's been some tracking of there policies, and it is its fascinating, fascinating. Mr Trump Moved his policy dramatically, we'll talk about it, five lock only on the blaze tv patents do or coming up next by we pass out this week, his mothers gravely ill. We ask for your back programme,
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