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6/8/17 - Comey on the record. The audio. (Scottie Nell Hughes Joins The Program)

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The Blaze Radio's Mike Opelka in or Glenn ...There's more to life than politics ...Big day on Capitol Hill with James Comey ...Mike's US senator neighbor ...Free drink per tweet? ...Jerry Seinfeld refuses a hug ...How a child's simple act gives us hope ...The Blaze's Jason Buttrill visits to discuss these intense, historic times ...ISIS is everywhere and being used? ...Syria is going Marxist? ...US embassy attacked overseas?...Why the obsession over the Comey testimony ...Political commentator Scottie Nell Hughes tells us what else is happening in DC today ...Is it bad to ask for loyalty? ...Drink specials at bars across the nation including Clooney's in San Francisco ...Comey answers questions and we listen to his answers ...Mika Brzezinski questions President Trump's mental health...Why Mike is keeping a close eye on Wimbledon today ...More audio from the James Comey hearing ...'Lordy, I hope there are tapes.' ...Alan Dershowitz: President Trump isn't guilty of obstruction of justice ...Taking kids away from Christian parents? ...Is the Comey investigation all about payback or his firing? ...Hillary Clinton admits to using slave labor ...Strange day in DC (par for the course) The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand. Entertainment, hello, America, Michael Palca, in for my friend Glen back on the Glenn the program I am thrilled to be here. I am excited to be here, I'm angry about the day, but I'm all so very happy about the day, and how can I be both? Well, it's
probably because I'm reflecting much of the sentiment that felt all around the country. First, I should that's who I am and why I'm here I know I sound like a pros running mate, the eight admiral Stockdale, who am I? Why am I here, probably wondering. Well, I'm an old friend of glens. We go way back from our early days in a wacky morning, radio, when Glenn used to describe himself as a drunken rodeo clown. He sobered up he's still funny of course, I'm still drinking, but not now not this morning. I also the blaze and have written close to three thousand pieces that you can find on the blaze dot com and for the past three years have been working on the blaze radio with a little program called Pure Opelka. That follows this: should on the blaze radio network, so happy to be here, thrilled to be here kicking
if the first hour of what will be a marathon day for me and probably a marathon day for you if you are interested in the politics, but you should know today and tomorrow my fill here on the Glenn Beck program will not he just dedicated to or completely covering politics, there's more to life. This a whole lot more to life. We talking about this this morning in the in the production room before the show every is enamored of the wonder. Woman movie, I haven't seen it yet. I'm not a comic book movie Guy, but after hearing everybody talk about it now, I feel like I have to get out and see it, Ann, there's a whole lot more to life than politics. If you just open your eyes and turn off the news channels, I'm just stunned at how much coverage is, is wrapped up in this this test. Only that's going to happen.
The way that the country has, and now I say the country, because there are people that know anything about this. This event going on today, but it's being forced to them, but the way the news media is is just totally enamored of Jim Calming going to testify and honestly do. We know anything more today than we knew three weeks ago, four weeks ago, when combing talked about the fact memorialized his meeting with Donald Trump and the Trump then tweeted out that there might be tapes so call should be careful about what he might leak. Do we know anything else? No, we don't. We really don't and last night Jim CALL released the seven pages of his opening statement that it's going to be read. Although the whole world is read it right, the Instream Media's reddit they the to you. If you have
read it and seven pages, can everybody stop congratulating themselves for reading so open pages? I heard make say it. I heard the people on CNN said. I heard people on Fox say it. Oh, I read the cool thing: it was seven pages, pick up the Iliad. Why don't you read some Shakespeare? Seven pages does not a massive epic make so just every calm down a little bit. I think we're going to learn anything new today as said that we haven't already heard. No, probably not, if you think, I'm wrong, I want you to join the conversation in eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven back, eight hundred and eighty eight seven thousand two hundred and seventy two three hundred and twenty five is the number it's going to be open throughout the show you can also tweet. At me, my twitter handle is at stunt brain
all one word stunt b r a I n and you're, probably saying wait, stunt brain content right now, stone to brain. Think of a stunt man it's from a consulting company I had years ago, and that's how I met Glenn console thank him as a spare brain all right. So that's the that's the opening. That's the way. What are we going to do today? I have actually asked a neighbor of mine in Delaware, where we live most of the year to give us a call and Tell us what might happen today. His name is Chris Coons he's a senator and yes he's a Democrat he's a really really liberal, Democrat, but he's a good guy and he's a dad and he's a like I said, he's a neighbor and I I like him a lot if Chris Coons will call us before
we might be able to get a little insight to what's going on Coon like many democrats. They don't see any actual smoking gun. I don't see any evidence of collusion, but as they like to say. We don't know until we ask- and I look at him and, stay until we ask again and again and again and again it just keeps going so we will try and talk to Chris Coons before the testimony one of President Trump's most ardent supporters all throughout the campaign, this to be a friend of mine, her name, Scottie Nell Hughes we're going to try and get to Scotty just before the testimony starts and see what she's up so she doesn't work for the campaign. She doesn't work for the president, but she is involved in a group that is supporting Donald Trump, full disclosure. I voted for Donald Trump. He was not my first
voice. I, like many of you, voted for Donald Trump in hopes of keeping the Supreme Court conservative and I think that's really an important issue for all of us to remember. That at the end of the day, we want the Supreme Court to survive. Now there will be some discussions today and some examples of craziness in the mainstream media. Some examples of pure insanity this very morning, Micah bra in ski over at that morning, Joe thing a soon to be to Scarborough side will, do you think she'll hyphenate do I think she will be make a Brezinski Scarborough and if she is, will she make Joe will add her name and hyphenate? Will he be Joe Scarborough Brzezinski. That's going to be a really gigantic. Welcome mat! Isn't it if you have to put that disk
our world Brzezinski's the Brezinski Scarborough's, but there was craziness this morning on morning Joe and I've clipped it play it for you. We are also we're also going to talk outside of the politics, as I mentioned about a couple of situations going and in the country that I can't believe, are you a parent who has a kid in school sp? Can you imagine being told that you cannot watch your child compete? Can you imagine them if your child's playing a sport, whether it's football, soccer, baseball basketball? Can you imagine the school the athletic department telling you there will be no parents allowed to watch? What would your first question be? What are you doing? What are you hiding what's going on here? Well, it that's happening
and it's happening in a red state, so why why we'll get into that? I've got a mountain of stuff here amount of paper and things I want talk about all morning. I've also gotten just gotten a notification that we will be talking with one of the bars in Washington that has open early today and it's a bar that has decided that every time Donald Trump tweets during Comey's testimony that they're going to give a free drink, so it could be very expensive, could be very costly if, if Donald Trump would not tweet, I think it would be a terrific thing. I think that would be surprising to many people and I think it would throw the left off their game. They're, expecting Donald Trump to tweet, they're, expecting Donald Trump to whole James Comi, and I believe that if he were to remain silent, it would
be a massive distraction to so many on the left, who are just waiting there stand by there by their desks in their office, says in their liberal media offices, with a lighter ready to light their hair on fire an run around the office. The first time, Donald Trump tweets something during Jim Comey's testimony and each time it happen. Shaw's bar in Washington DC has promised to give a free drink for each tweet up up to twenty drinks. Because we all know at twenty drinks. That's where DC cuts. You off. You know you might in every other state in the union, you my say the bartender might say three or four drinks: hey. You need to calm down, especially if you're driving in DC, he only in DC. Do they set that bar at twenty, and I believe, that's known as the Kennedy Limit Kennedy Line Center,
or I think you may have had enough. Can I get your car for you just just a little sidebar, so we're going to check in with them there's also a bar in San Francisco that opened at six hundred o'clock this morning, which is just about the same time. This show start and they are reportedly experiencing a packed house already, and so we hope to get our hands on some of the merriment. Some of the revelry, some of the the people who look at politics is sport. On the day they like to look at as their super ball I want to Maxine Waters is today, is somewhere yelling impeach forty five impeach forty five, maybe maybe not. Before we get into all the hyper po political madness, that's going on in see today, there are some international events that we have to cover, but right at the bottom of the hour, we're going to welcome in Jason Petrelle, who will
this is what's going on? There was a massive terror attack in IRAN. Yesterday nobody's talking about it, there have been almost daily attacks during Ramadan that have taken lives all over the globe. You know about London, you know about Paris, but do you know, but the rest of the World and American Embassy was hit with an explosive device before dawn this morning? Have you heard it mentioned anywhere? Anybody do we care than an embassy where Americans work and represent us and are employed by this? A department was under attack this morning. Will talk to Jason, about that. But when we get back from break, I want to golf the day and some of the fun here with one most magical moments that appeared on internet yesterday. Now I'm not talking about Jerry Seinfeld, not recognizing Kesha and refusing to hug her
talking about a moment that shows that there's hope a moment that shows that there's simply a good group of kids growing up in this country do that. Next, when the Glenn Beck program returns, the Glenn Beck program. Mclaren take program, eight eight, eight hundred and seventy seven back. It is the number to call into the Glenn Beck program. My name is MIKE Opelka filling in for my friend, Glenn who's, vacationing he'll be back Monday, so don't worry, he'll be back, and if you, following Glenn on Facebook. You know he's not. This engaged he's very engaged so matter fact there been some he's on glennbeck dot com that I will get to later today. That have been to me as well speaking.
The phone number Dan in New York, is called in Dan Good Morning. Welcome to the Glenn Beck show good morning thanks for having me now you're, more than welcome what part of New York, Sir I'm in Syracuse Central New York. Also sort of normal New York, not not New York City, where now nowhere near that to well what's going on in Syracuse today. What do you want to discuss this morning? Well, I just like to say you know. First, thank you to you guys and Johnston Rhode should all you guys for being on the radio and bring us the news that you do and keeping us informed of the real news. Thank you to Steve, I'm just sick of all these politicians. I am fifty seven years old, I'm a registered independent I voted for Trump, I'm a union carpenter. They wanted us to vote for Hillary and there was no way I was going to give her my vote or Bernie, and I just sick, a politician
we thought we needed some new blood in there and, I think, he's a good businessman. I think people just got to calm down and give them some time. You know they're just so hyper they're, just spending too much time on him about just get together and run the country do what's right, they know in their hearts of hearts was supposed to be done, but for what ever reason. They can't do it because it's not the right idea. Then you only with partisanship is just I'm sorry, it's just ridiculous. Okay, that's it's one, that's the first one. It didn't take me a half hour Glenn to get one throw, but hopefully they caught that Dan. You bring up a really good point and one of the big problems that that we have as a nation is. We recognize that we have the power to change it. Then we have the responsibility, the obligation to change it and we need to do it by trying to force politicians really make term limits happen and term limited the president, why don't term limits the house in the Senate? We turn
limit the governors in many states Why don't we do it for the national representatives and the answer? Is they don't let it happen? And unless, until we as voters, take that power back from the and remove this entitled royal class from really couldn't pulling our wallets? They set the taxation. They write the regulations there is the to have their foot on our throats and uh. Unless we change it, and it really is our job, it's never going to change now. Every time you bring up term limits, somebody who's in as term limits says. Well your vote this term limits you vote every time. You vote you express' term limits. No, no! That's not true, because there's such an advantage to an incumbent and you'll see that so we need to start pressuring guys, like TED Cruz, like Ben Sasse, likely to speak up for term limits
and you hope that Washington doesn't corrupt them. But if we can't move those guys out if we can't rotate that government, every few years we're going to be doing the same thing over and over again, there are seats that are called family seats. For example, Michigan has a seat in Congress, that's basically known as the dangled seat, because somebody with last name, Dingle has been in that seat for decades. I think, with their close to seven decker, it's with a dingle in that seat, now. I know nobody in their right mind wants to say I'm taking the Dingle seat 'cause, it sounds filthy, but we need replace those people left and right who believe that they should be there for the rest of their lives and they uh. There is many republicans as there are democrats, but we need to make that change so Dan. I appreciate you for being out there. I support you on this. I
I've been a little message during the break 'cause. I said I to play a clip from yesterday that may I feel good that made me happy and, and somebody said, you're not going to play the Seinfeld clip and then I thought well, maybe maybe not everybody has heard or seen the Seinfeld clip. So before get to the one that elevated my spirits, I'm going to share the Seinfeld clip with you, Jerry Seinfeld was at a red carpet event and if you've ever ever into one of these, you know what it is. It's a gauntlet lined with different press people, and the slabs walk down the line and their pr people stop and say you need to talk to this guy he's bill from such and such radio station or tv station well Jerry Seinfeld was being interviewed by a guy named Tommy Mcfly and in the middle of this little interview a pop star. Yes, wait, I'm sorry
pop star I had to put in the air quotes named. Kesha shows up and she's all dressed up in her red carpet outfit. She looks like a celebrity, but Seinfeld does recognize her and it produced one of the more wonderful uncomfortable moments of yesterday hard to just sleep when you're tired, because people are tired most of the time thanks a little bit yeah. No thanks! I don't know who that was Kesha, ok! Well, I wish you the best. He still doesn't know who that was still has no idea who that was, but it's uh wonderful moment and Jerry Seinfeld does what everybody should do when they're in an uncomfortable moment at least try and laugh it off. So, if you instead, there it is. But now the moment, I'm talking about, happened yesterday and it went viral.
I have these ring doorbells at our house they're all over the property. If you get anywhere within twenty five feet of the house, I'm going add an alert on my phone and be able to talk to you- and you know what I blathered on so long, I have to do bag it over the bottom of the hour. I'll play it for you. It's such a magical moment and it'll make you feel better. Jason betrayal is going to join us and uh we're going to talk about the world and what you need to know next on the Glenn Beck program come on back. This is the Glenn Beck program, mercury. The Glenn Beck program welcome back to the Glenn Beck program, Michael Pelka sitting in for my friend Glenn back today and tomorrow, and
immediately following this show on the blaze. Radio network is my own radio program, pure opelka you're. Welcome to stick around tell your friends. You're also welcome to go to the blaze, dot com and the section that says channels. You can click on my face. You know you can click as hard as you want. It won't hurt me and follow me, and that means every time we release a special story. You will get a copy of it like a little later today, I'm going to play you something that going to blow your mind. Hillary Clinton had slaves and she admits it. Not not the parsing any words here. I'm not screwing around Hillary and Bill had slaves and she talked about it. I know why didn't we know this, how did you become senator? How did become secretary of state? How did she almost become president yeah you're going to like this
before we went away? I was teasing something I've been teasing all day and it's a clip. That made me feel good because there's a whole lot to feel nervous about this in action in DC the wave the Democrats have managed to wrangle this investigation into Jim call me and the hello Jenn russian collusion with the Trump campaign has frozen Washington. You know for eight years the Democrats screamed about the obstructionist Republicans and now, in less than two hundred days, they have frozen the repo Look administration in place, so nothing is getting done and it just feels like we were so hopeful. We were so positive after the election and now it's all stopped so in a will will hopefully break through that will through this, when we realize this is a nothingburger, but in order too, two
the load a little bit. I have to share with you this clip and I mentioned the ring doorbell and there's a hundred different kinds of these doorbells now, but I have the ring doorbell, you put it up, it charge it the charge lasts a month and it connects WI, FI, etc, but somebody shows up and the Did they get the second? They get twenty five feet from your house. The camera goes on and it starts streaming to your phone, so this happened. Day or two ago and a little kid was riding a bike over to his friends house probably wanted to go play ball in the park and as he gets off the bike. Well, he stops. Because he notices the american flag is flying in front of the house nobody's around. Remember Glenn always says you want to know about somebody you pay attention to,
what they're doing when nobody's watching you want to know someone's character. Do they act when they're not being observed? Well, in this case, this little guy stops sees american flag and without any prompting he it's saying the pledge of allegiance, listen United States of America. What station this one, despite up to ring the doorbell and he pushes the button- rings the doorbell here it rain.
Please waiting he steps back, and what does he do he stares at the flag? It's just one of the greatest moments. Nobody watching this kid and yeah. He did the right thing. I saw it yesterday and thought we're going to be. Okay, we're good. Be alright. If this is what the kids do, if It's know this and whomever that child's parents are. Thank you thank for making the rest of us realize that there's hope that there are good folks out there. So a wonderful video I may have to play that every hour today I stand and the pledge in my head is the kids doing it, but I love that he also corrected himself. Did you hear what he said? Liberty and school liberty and justice for all? Smart kid? I hope a kid that ends up in government in the near future,
We talked about term limits, we'll get back to that, but I have a guest here who have been dragged away from his his work. The blaze Jason, but trail is here and or buck troll. I keep saying again: yes, the the the plan. If you're listening it's it's bought trail, not the trail. The Jason is head writer and a guy who understands global security, because you were in the intelligence business you serve this country and you're a guy who gets it and as as the whole nation is wrapped up in obsessed with the comb. Testimony we're were checking sound and I'm looking online in IRAN in Tehran. The UN just announced we're flying our flag at half mast. In honor of the victims of the terror attacks from two days ago, the world still on fire and, as matter fact, Flames seem to be getting bigger.
What are we missing in the Middle EAST Jason? What is this tsuneishi a split? Somebody like me who doesn't understand it. How can we grasp it? This is what we're missing and it's actually Amazingly historical, because I would say the first time the lines of the map of the Middle EAST were redrawn in modern history was just after World war, one, the English and the French got together the famous sites. Pico agreement and they redrew the lines in the Middle EAST. So that was basically the first time in history. We are seeing on pretty much the same exact scale same thing happening right now, only the differences before It was foreign countries, you know. Even Russia was involved, France, England, all these foreign countries. They were take control, control, the Middle now we have the people that actually live. There are doing it by via means redrawing it themselves, so basically SIRI doesn't even exist as a country anymore. I mean it's basically like a statelet in Damascus being propped up by Russia. It probably wouldn't even be
today. If it wasn't for Russia, you have the Kurds who we have just signed on to arm them, and it's actually there's a big distinction between the Kurds there in Syria. The Kurds that are in Iraq. The Kurds in Iraq are and ended the r I democratically baser they're completely different in a different language. They read the language difference between the Kurds in Iraq and Syria is dancing german and English really different it. That different they're, both called Kurds, but there are all ethnically Kurds but their leader, the syrian Kurds, their leader is a marxist Leninist, he's a marxist Leninist trying to set up a marxist leninist state in northern yeah. That's who were supporting that's it, we're backing that Crocker right. That's the guy, wear arming exactly so. If this, if this surge proves successful, the guy in charge is a marxist leninist. Who now has the weapons that we've given him that so we're looking at taking charge of northern Syria after ISIS is being expelled? Okay, so that's one of the lines that
going to there's going to be a marxist leninist state in northern Syria. It's probably going to happen if turkeys and I have something to say about it, but that's uh other line, a new brand new country that might exist now in the meantime, ISIS has carve their own territory right now. Ice is in. This goes towards the terror attack. The just happening in in IRAN. Isis is the problem that everybody I have to deal with. The Arabs have to deal with them. Everyone has to deal with them. Iran now has to deal with them, but nobody wants to deal with him they want to do is use is as an excuse to help carve out their own territory, the Middle EAST, so ISIS is so ISIS is against the wall. Every I'm pretty much knows that eventually, they're probably going to be on their caliphates going to be gone, but what they do right now is they're using this Sunni Shia split to carve their own in areas out of the Middle EAST. Now, for the longest time, IRAN has not had to deal with sunni terrorism. Now, why is that? I don't know they. Never it they have never gotten hit. The reason is is because the US trade
re released a report right after nine hundred and eleven during and after the nine Slash Eleven Commission that said we have evidence that there is a pact between Tehran and Al Qaeda Osama Bin Lot self, that they will not mess with each other what IRAN will do so I I it will not attack IRAN. What they get and turn for that is, Tehran will allow them safe haven in IRAN, their intelligence. Services allows gives them a pipeline to travel through IRAN as long as they go and hit western interests or Other interests was only see. It truly is the enemy of my enemy. Is my friend exactly and never mind that their enemies at the end of the day, once the nobody realizes once the friend are, the the the enemy you have in common is eliminated that you're just going to go by active fighting each other right and that's what we have here, and so it came from Hussein himself. Saddam Hussein himself inks this day
Delta to give Al Queda a free pass in or if you guys can come and go as you. Please use our trance station get in and out of here as long as you're hitting western influences Osama Bin LA Osama Bin Lot beings that deal with with to run yeah but That deal is still alive today. Well now it begs the question is so this is historical, because now this deal was struck. Basically, they, the predecessor when before ISIS was ice, is they're all Kate in Iraq. They had to abide by those rules. They one two they were, they had a very, very harsh rhetoric and someone had to put them in check. We actually have speeches like actual transcripts of Osama Bin Laden, saying hey guys, do not attack IRAN. We have a deal with them, do not mess with them. An ISIS has abided by that up until this past weekend. Is it because I it has been steadily its borders than I used borders very loosely, but the territory that ISIS had claimed, which is pretty substantial at one point- is now shrinking and getting small
learn smaller. So it's as if the ISIS forces are, being shoved down towards IRAN and they're, claiming territory that IRAN is deciding. Maybe they don't want to cede? Yes, so ISIS has had a problem with supporters. The recruits they're losing people by by the thousands they need more people so c as as they're losing the territory we seen an increase. An up tick in all their foreign attacks with this doing is, is galvanizing all of the soon as soon as the hottest out there, not one of the things that they all agreed on was. They could not stand the agreement that Al Qaeda made with IRAN because they want to attack IRAN. The Shiites are just as much as infidels as the rest of us are they want to so what this does is this key for ISIS. They just got a lot more. Street cred with a lot more sinister hottest that were not willing to to take that next leap and join ISIS and join the caliphate. Now they're sitting back thinking, okay, there's a
You know that there's a big a lot now they're on the reels, hide that we that we were that we were on now they're willing to take it to the Untouchables which IRAN has been for so long, so now that they're going to get a whole lot more support. I take what MIKE I was in Iraq just a few months ago, not too long ago, and was hanging out with some peshmerga soldiers on the front lines, and I was like what is the next ISIS? What do you guys worried about next? And they said the thing or what about the most is the iranian Shia Crescent? It is about to go from IRAN through Iraq. You are, you are territory through Syria to Lebanon, that is their main geopolitical goal right now, destroying ISIS is not taking advantage of the Sunni Shia split. That is what they're worried about. It's gone are there actually building if they built this. I think ten foot tall berm to separate the peshmerga lines from the shia militia is that are trained and funded in IRAN, because they know that the shia militias in rn they're taking their territory next. That is the next ISIS
that's what's gonna happen in those the new borders that are about to be drawn after ISIS is pushed out a permanently, so the the borders that came out in the late forties when when the rest of the world got drunk one night and drew the map of the Middle EAST and said: ok you're, going to get this you're going to get that Israel you're going to get this little quarter we're here. Those are already just kind of wiped out and we should basically couple now be ready for completely re completely remapped Middle EAST. Maybe with countries we've never seen before, Theocracy's we've never seen before and just be ready, because everything's changing everything is changing and then everyone is trying to be the leader of this new redraw it inside Turkey. Just that just now the position, oops down in Qatar because the guitar is and the and the other Gulf states don't like each other. They just radically push this legislation to station troops took her is trying to the Muslim Brotherhood they're, trying to align with guitar they're all turning against Saudi Arabia.
The Gulf Nations everyone right now is trying to jump on to be the leader of this. I ran the Turkey guitar Everyone is at ahead right now. I'm about this is an amazing things. Hang out once can. Can you stick around for one more break because I'm gonna there to an explosive device thrown at American Embassy overnight. I want to talk about that and wrap up everything before we get into crazy coming and will do with that? Next on the Glenn Beck program, Glenn Beck program, eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven back mercury. Glenn Beck program, we have just a few precious moments left in this first hour. I Michael Pelko substituting for my friend Glenn back, Joined by our friend and colleague, adjacent Buttrill and isn't it we were talking about international stuff and in this little window of time, our
Missy in Ukraine was hit with an explosive device, but it apparently not a big deal. Yeah someone, someone lobbed over, it seems like a small, explicit advice, but this comes on the back of a huge escalation in the fighting in eastern Ukraine. Now at this point, because islamic extremism is so bad at this point is that no one claimed responsibility that that to me says that it's probably wasn't as long Amazon. It was probably part of this ramped up new wave of fighting in eastern Ukraine, which is going to get a lot worse. Will have to keep an eye on that? No injuries, no, no real damage, the embassy still open the other one. In about three thousand five hundred and forty seconds N Korea lobbed a bunch of short range missiles. They traveled one hundred and twenty plus miles uh, we gotta, be worried, but nobody's talking about it, yeah direct response. In my opinion to the third carrier, that's about to show up there, they are displaying that they have a counter to ships that are showing up. We haven't seen three carriers show up when, since the Balkan WAR or since both of the desert storm
and then and during freedom. Something like that. Something is about to go down pretty fast, so You should be keeping an eye on North Korea on the whole sea of Japan, area, pray for people in the Ukraine and everywhere and will Then focus on the. What is it called FEI Fei, two thousand and seventeen is that we're going to call Kobe FEI Fei coming up next on the Glenn Beck program, The Glenn Beck. Graham Mercury. The blaze radio network on demand.
Entertainment, it is the Glenn Beck program. My name is Micah Opelka host of pure Opelka on the blaze radio network, and but you can also hear me on I heart station in Wilmington DE, if you're around there, but today, I'm in for my friend, Glenn Beck here on this program, and I will stick around and host mine after this. It's a sort of a pure Opelka Thon, that's happening here today, six hours nonstop, I bet I talk longer than Jim Comi does today
and we are obsessed sort of we. I mean the nation with Jim Comi and his testimony today, comb has arrived there covering it, all the news nets are covering it and the people. I, who should be really angry today C span, because this is their turf in on a c span work a real gang they'd, be going over to all the networks and cutting their cables going you're in our turf. Today, man, you need to back it down, get off. My land were c span. We were, the things are boring stuff coming out of DC. Not you guys go. Take Europe in journalism elsewhere, we're giving you unfiltered access so after decades be in the channel of nerds guess what now, C span, invited to the cool kids table CNN and MSNBC, and Fox and everybody's there. It's too much
really is too much to help me understand. This is a friend of mine, again full disclosure on this show I like to tell you all the inside stuff- and I do this on my show too so adding Nell Hughes is someone you saw during the entire trump campaign. She's been a friend of mine for six years, going on seven somebody who's been a leader not only among women, but among conservative somebody who understands the benefits, the values of holding up the principles that the founders gave us and she's also been, as I said, someone who's been a spokesperson and out there supporting Donald Trump well, now, she's part of a new growth group that is supporting in defending the president, and I will to get her before we got knee deep into the Komi testimony. 'cause, let's face it, even if he star talk and now he still gotta, read seven pages that have been read to us for the last fourteen hours, so nothing new
happening good morning, my friend, how are you. Good morning MIKE and thank you, you went right down the path that I was hoping you would go, but you hit the nail on the head people who were watching the Komi folks right now, they're folks, that have time to take out of their day out of their job and watch a wide variety of television stations that have listen to a media circus, seven pages that we've already read and dissected and the rest of us in the real world had to leave for work this morning and we're lucky if we only have to work one job. At five I'm wondering how our day was gonna go where call me with something that we're thinking we're just going to read on social media, because we have to deal with real world issues, so I want to start this off 'cause. Your listeners are very hard working, loyal listeners because I'm one of them- and I want to let them know that Comey's, not the only thing going on today about. I love the media circus. Everything is a huge distraction, because this
morning you have Secretary Ryan Zinke, who had on the house for right now talking to balance budgets with the House appropriations GOP committee about the issues going on in the interior. You have Senator Mitch Mcconnell just proposed a fast track to the House bill for the repeal, replace, affordable care act. So luckily there are things going on on Capitol Hill right now, which acts affect everyday main street Americans live other than this circus. That is quite disgusting. I'm not going to lie to you to watch, but in the end I think we're going to find today in the end of tomorrow. It's going to blow up on the Democrats, not Republicans, hence why you seen these leaks and these big distraction the last forty eight hours, because the Democrats realized the Komi interview actually has a chance to potential chance to hurt their fund raising and there their negative connotation of the present
and destroy that more than any damage it can do to the Trump administration or anyone affiliated with it. Well, we agree on so much here, Scotty and digestion gonna for breakfast. Well, it is, but it's also really important for us to realize that other things are going on. I've been ranting for a few days now saying that the the Democrats, by constantly opening up more hearings and more hearings, despite the fact they have a special counsel, are investigating this all they're doing is stopping every republican moment or pushed to try at the agenda through it's kind of heartening to hear Mitch. Mcconnell is actually trying to fast track that bill and you know what, if he does and manages to do it, because so many Democrats are not in in their offices today and not on the Senate floor, then for him. Smart for him to push that through, I know I know Rand Paul has been in front of the media saying we need to get the
text program in. We need to get the health care repeal in so I know there are some people trying, but I also look at the Chuck Schumer's the Nancy Polo who Nancy, because he would rather show up on the view to talk impeachment maxi waters would rather show up on the view to talk in p, then deny impeachment. Then they would to uh to do the jobs they are hired and paid to do so. I'm glad to hear the Scotty. Can I ask you a question about the hearing today? Ask okay! If you were panelist? If you were one of the senators, I don't care left dried, independent, Bernie Sanders, socialist, whatever what the one or two things you would want to ask Jim call that don't already know. First question: why
weight training gallery asks you under oath that you knew weeks were coming from your department? Did you refuse to say that you were? You were used to investigate the laces on your your own department? Why do you feel like that right? What is the right answer? Why do you refuse to investigate your own FBI? You know that, don't you know if you know, there's problems within your department. What did you want to take care of those cars? Well, that's it! That's the only the stance I think we should take. You know before you go looking for problems in somebody else's house. You should really turn up your own house. First, and therein lies- I see part of the problem. I hadn't even thought about that. What's your other question to ask him because you know if this is truly the Senate hearing the intelligence Committee, you get the full five minutes on the first round. Oh thank you. I appreciate that. The second question there's lots of questions, but what I think the two questions have not been a second question:
is if you were so concerned about Russia, even though you've been I'd at three times that President Trump was being investigated or candidate Trump would be investigated. If you were so concerned about the russian intervention in the russian hacking especially considering the main, the main part of evidence to supposedly the Dnc Wikileaks why did you never asked for the Dnc servers to look at the emails yourself and to go through and look at the security on the server do? Do we know that he never asked for those servers the Dnc servers? Well, I mean don't you think if the director of the FBI asked form he would've but we know that they were never looked into by the by the FBI. That's amazing and as someone who had his own phone number leaked and one of my emails late because of the Dnc hack, I'm not happy about that, and I would have loved to have gotten more information I would have loved to known about those servers
I'm just amazed the question I would ask and I'm betting it's going to be asked. If hasn't been. If he's not through his first seven pages of testimony the quest I I would love to say, director call me after you, got out of Trump tower after you got into your government provided FBI car, and started. Writing your notes, you're contemporaneous notes! Why didn't you act on them the next day, if you believed you were actually being squeezed just in this, this scene that now people are painting the liberal media is painting is something out of the godfather series that you were squeezed. Do this favor for Mr Trump? Why didn't you act on it? Why didn't you throw the flag and say hold on a second? The president is trying to influence Maine, and I think that lays out on the sidewalk that, though he didn't really believe the president was trying to influence him. He may have thought he
is being given a little bit of a push, but is on Dershowitz said it's within the presidents view to do this? It's part of the. Sense executive privilege to actually be able to say I don't want you to investigate this guy, I'm going to pardon him and let it go, and yet he did now thing. He did nothing of the sort Doesn't anybody wonder that absolutely and if it was so much it remember that, according to the Trump tower that I'm attorney General Jeff sessions, he did not recuse himself from this. Investigation for two more weeks. So at the very least, why did you not go to the attorney general, your higher up, your hierarchy? Why did you at least not mention to him, but MIKE you brought up a very good point about these memos. Once again, we are seeing this idea these concepts, these things being thrown out there like memos? Yet we have yet to see the?
actual minimum? Why has he not release the memos? Are they going back We, how are we supposed to have any sort of credibility? Are we just supposed to take their word to be truthful after two, some time again they have lied and with the american people. That's the whole thing about Russia. There's still no tangible evidence that any of this exist is all he said. She said middle school drama, that the truth is I have to wonder Democrats. I know you died more deaths than a cat since election day because I watched the funeral daily. Is this like the big way in celebration you're looking for that, I think in the end, you're going to find out that the groom is left at the altar we're going to step aside and take a quick break. I have some questions what the President's doing today and will fall pull up on that when the Glenn Beck program returns. This is the Glenn Beck program. Mercury
this is the Glenn Beck program. It is the Glenn Beck program, Michael Pelka, sitting in for my friend, Glenn back by the way Friday on Glenn Show bill? O'reilly has been joining Glen in this set, in an hour of the show- and he will continue to do so, but he refuses to appear with Maine. Now, that's not true. O'Reilly and Glenn just have a special friendship and he not going to appear with anybody else but Glenn so next Friday a day a week in a day from right now, Bill Reilly will be on in his usual spot with gland. The two of them will be sparring verbally and and eventually physically. I thank and and the so, while Glenn has, the age advantage O'Reilly's a wily veteran, I think, he's a wily fighter and I
I think it would be one that I would, despite my friendship with Glenn my long time, friendship with Glenn. I would have put some money on O'Reilly. I I think I agree I think, Riley be like a W. W e wrestler he'd have like a handful of dust in the throat and glanced face and then take him out, sweep the leg. Take him out anyway. That's some sort of weird fantasy just came True, we are here on the Glenn Beck program. As I've said, you can join the conversation eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven back are, but Scotty. Nail Hughes, who is someone has been a long supporter of Mister Trump and a longer friend of mine of weed. Each other for quite awhile, attended, c packs together and covered conventions together and now we're watching coma FEI Fei, two thousand and seventeen together, Scotty it's beyond crazy for me what's happening here. Is I don't remember
any Hillary hearings getting this much coverage? I don't even remember the the the was did the Clarence Tom confirmation hearings getting this much coverage. Let's go with. Let's go down the list of things that happen, underneath President Obama, I don't remember any of this media circus and I don't I don't know where I drop off the moment before. But here's the deal I get a Democrat you have do you have more wives than cats, because I've been watching the funeral on and then your everyday. When I turn on the tv I get today is like this wedding celebration that you have been waiting for for a very long time and you are running in it, but I have to tell you I think you're grooms can be left at the altar and you're going to be stuck with a high bill, because
you have put so much into the testimony and what we already know. The main issue is that there was no investigation to President Trump that right there makes all of this circus looked to be completely what it is. It's a pr message for the Democrats that I think has a real great check the beach broiled today, because in the end the american people are going to see. This is why there that was justified in firing Comey. Well, I I hope you're right and I hope we can get past all this. Instead of just inspiring more commit more demands, more commands for more. In, to get a which is, I I think that's what the the democratic prescription is because let's face it, we have not seen smoking guns, you had Senator Warner say we haven't seen a since you had Maxine waters, the leader of the impeach, forty five chant crew, saying we have not seen any evidence of collusion and now
call me who yesterday, when he released the opening statement, actually verify five. What President Trump had told us weeks ago, that Jim CALL had confirmed with him through three separate times that he was being targeted by the FBI for an investigation and the fact that call verified it. Yesterday I thought was a huge win for the President I thought was a huge win for the for the GOP and yet we're going to be mired in this for a while, if the den this, the big loser, who
ultimately is the real winner here, because I I don't as an American, I don't feel like I'm winning anything today, but can I get a chance for Americans to win, as we start out by saying, there's a real good things that are going through right now on on the hill, which I don't know if it's good or bad, whether they're getting press attention, because maybe without the cameras on them, we might be able to get something accomplished that we need to do for everyday Americans, because what we're watching right now is called me is truly just like a disgruntled ex employee who had every chance you can. You has the bully pulpit to go after his former boss, who was justified in firing your because both sides at different points called for it to have Well, it is true that I think that's what the Senate should be doing this. I think that's how most Americans, you have a logical mind, are viewing this, then all their doing is allowing this man to go on and have a free, open, open mic to bash this administration that he only served under for a shorter
well, here's here's the weird thing, I I don't fully understand it's not even a question you can answer. Why it's been brought back because we we've had this dance before, if there's any anything, that's really new to be revealed, I don't see it happening. I just give us your notes. Tell us that we're going to get how many hours of of kiss by the Democrats who then I had originally called for his firing and you're going to get a few. There's kissing from the Republicans we're going to say. Thank you Your service you've been a good, loyal, employee. Now tell us what really happened and he's going to say it's confidential. It's it's top classified stuff! I can't talk about on television, I'll, tell you when we go to the private session, so I don't see is learning anything new. I think a giant waste of time which ultimately becomes a giant. Nothing burger. In my book, to quote Hillary Clinton- and I
yes see the rest of the world saying, how can you be focusing and this America, while well. First of all London's trying to re, elect a government or form a new government. They're trying to do with terrorism, Paris's got people running around with hammers and knives. Trying to attack guessing, you've got stuff blowing up all over the world. We looks like we are a high school clique. That is arguing over whether at new kid who has all the money is cool enough to sit at our table. It's maddening to Maine Scotty. I appreciate you, I hope you'll stay in touch and you'll. If you're if you're out at a call me Faifai Party, I hope you'll tell us what you see and give us an update, they enjoy hosting the rest of the five hours, fifty five hours and forty five minutes you're on air. Thank you. It's the the pure Opelka Thon take care, my friend and there she goes. You should oh Scotty on on the twitter, because she is an unabashed
supporter. If you're Trump supporter, I think, she's fair to and she, but that parodied on SNL something that never happened to me. Thank God. When we get we're going to try and reach one of the Co Meath if a bars and see if we can get an update on the action and if anything big happens in the hearings will share that two plus Hillary slaves yeah and she talked about it- will play that, for you too Beck program
is the cliff walk program. Welcome back to the Glenn Beck program, MIKE Opelka, from pure opelka hosting for my friend, Glenn Beck Anwer, try keep abreast on everything from Comi, FEI, FEI, two thousand and seventeen going on right now. So far, nothing really breaking, except that J Comi reportedly said the Trump Administration quote, chose two. The same may yeah welcome to politics, punky! That's the way it goes we'll see if we can pull that clip from him, but I have Sharon from Mississippi checking in this.
The sherin! Welcome to the Glenn Beck program. How are you morning MIKE I'm great and I'm enjoying the shadows, but I have a couple of things. I'd like to point out. All right is when he was asking call me for my gosh. Now I'm gonna forget loyalty. No, I don't yeah. Thank you. Loyalty to me means two things number one. You do not live too many and you number to you do not lie about me. It does not mean that you have to lie for me. That's a great great point. Yeah! I don't want you to lie to me. I don't such a lie about Maine, and I do, much of the life for me exactly and they agreed honest loyalty which to me that sums that up that's what honest loyalty means to me. Well, you know uh sharing I think I think part of the issue here is that
was some wiggle room on that discussion between Trump and Comi Comi. I think there was wiggle room for Trump to interpret that as comb pledging his loyalty to him and Comi had some wiggle room there thinking. Well, I told him I was going to be honest. And that's basically, what he thought would can mean different things. You know if you're pledging loyalty to someone it's different than just pledging your honesty to them. I think, but- is getting it was coming, had told him by that time, at least once that he was not the subject of and investigate and I think what he meant was don't lie to me about that. Well, Tell me I'm not a subject and then be going around behind my back bugging the you know the oval office, I well. I I I
I can see that now. I want to wait to see if we hear more about that and the possible tapes that come out if they do if they are, if they exist, we should hear them. I have to say thank you sherron for checking in and holding if you want to the conversation eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven back, seven hundred and twenty seven, two thousand three hundred and twenty five one of the places that decided to be a great capital list and take advantage of this situation is Clooney's pub in San Fran's, just go and their way out on the left coast they open, this morning at six hundred o'clock and they normally close at two hundred am so you know the workers. Are there they're doing double duty today, thin is checking in with us from Clooney's pub in Sanford, go a good morning to you Finn and welcome to the Glenn Beck program, how's business, it's doing good today? How are you I'm good. I guess you got no sleep last night very little.
Now, do you have any drink specials for today? Is there a is it half off on white, Russians or black Russians? Today but we do have some specials. Actually we made some jokingly laugh we had a good time making them What what are the specials are? We allowed to say it on the radio? Well, we had flu ginger ale and brandy we had impeachments. Oh, I see what you're saying impeachment flavored drinks very good with peach and cream Dement peach snobs Cream Dement, that's the impeachment Sir Clooney's, and about how many folks do you normally get on a night? And how many do you have right now in the bar? It looks well besides daylight. It was looks like it. The warriors k,
last. Oh wow, so you got a good full bar about yeah. I would say it's about the same man, okay, well, very good! Well, thank you for checking in. I salute your capitalist spirit taking advantage of this historic moment: that's if out on the West Coast in your anywhere near the mission district in San Francisco, it's Clooney's. And they've got they still got a few more seats, but they We are doing as much business right now as they did during the NBA Finals game last night, when the warriors took the three game to the advantage over Lebron? I feel bad for Lebron, but you know he's up against the super team. Kevin Durant is just ridiculous. It's I know it's not I'm for sports MIKE for those of you who are wondering, what's with the bullhorn I've on bull horn in the office, and I picked it up in some. It doesn't work,
don't bother with that. Didn't have batteries, it works now and I might be needing it today. I'm just saying- We were talking about Jim CALL and, yes, we do have a statement from call talking about the Trump Administration trying to defame him. This is from sack a go at the at the hearing, the San intelligence hearing, as as is carried live. I was also confused by the initial explanation that was offered publicly that I was fired because of the decisions I had made during the election year. That didn't make sense to me for a whole bunch of reasons, including the time and all the water that have gone under the bridge. Since those hard decision it had to be made first of all, doesn't every employee wonder or kind of not understand fully why they are terminated? I mean unless you're caught stealing
on the company red handed on a security videotape sometime, there's a little squishiness in the termination, and you always wonder: well, they didn't really have to fire me. So it's kind of a normal reaction from somebody who's been fired. Let's let him continue that didn't make any sense to me. Of course not. And although the law required no reason at all to fire, an FBI director, the administration venture owes to defame me and, more importantly, the FBI. By saying that the organization was in disarray, is there any question that the fact that the Democrats called for call to be fired and then the publicans were calling for Comey to be fired? Is there any question that that consensus might be indication that there was some justifiable reason for the firing of James Comi, and maybe that's an explanation of the reason that there might be some
disarray within the ranks of the FBI. It just seems fair to me. Let's, let's let the former director continue. It was poorly led that the workforce had lost confidence in its leader. Those were lies plain and simple, and I am so sorry that the FBI Workforce had to hear them and I'm so sorry that the american people were told them. I worked every day at the FBI to help make that great organization better and I say help because I did nothing alone at the FBI. There are no in despair, simple people at the FBI. The organization's great strength is that its values and abilities run deep and wide. Well, he's he's throwing some platitude he's out. There he's throwing out some great statements about the men and women, and there are many men and women at the FBI, but, as he mentioned he serves at the play you're the president and the President did not need a reason to get rid of James Comi and
at when it happened. Comi, didn't appreciate it amazing and in terms of was or any evidence any doubt that Russia Attack did into here with our election akomi and no doubt, but was any evidence that they actually actually made a diff is that they actually changed even one vote. No now, there's no evidence of that, and Comi has said that this morning, This really is a gigantic. Nothing burger, I'm going to keep saying that Comi if they, I hope, I hope, you're bringing in a ton of money and speaking of which there is an ad is being run on. The cable networks. Today, that's in support of president Trump. Somebody took the opportunity to realize that this was going to be one of the most watched news days, in our recent history
and I'll see if we can get that and play it for you now how about the obstruction of Justice Comi was due speaking just a few minutes ago about the meddling, but what about the obstruction of justice? Did the Russians succeed in in changing our election? No, but did the Prez and in his meeting with call me the same meeting we're talking about, did he ask or actually show purposeful obstruction of justice? There might have been discrepancies between facts and his FBI. Testimony in your estimation, was general Flynn at that time in serious legal jeopardy, and in addition to that, do you sense that the president was trying to obstruct justice or just seek
four away from MIKE Flynn to save face, given he had already been fired. The general Flynn at that point in time was in legal jeopardy. There was an open FBI, criminal investigation of his statements in connection with the russian contacts and the contacts themselves, and so that was my assessment at the time. I don't think it's for me to say whether the conversation I had with the president was an effort to obstruct. I took it as a very disturbing thing very concerning, but that's a conclusion. I'm sure the special counsel Will towards to try and understand what the intention was there and whether that's an offense, so we're going to leave this to the special counsel. But he can't say why can't you say you've, you will pine down everything else: you're, no longer an employee you're no longer held to the same requirements of FBI director. Why can't you say would love to hear
absolutely love to hear we'll see if there's more breaking news out of this. So far, there has it's just kind of been bent news that hasn't been actual breaking news. Nothing really big happening, and I do I have to get to Hillary Clinton and her slaves, because I we have audio, it's not a joke. She actually had claims she and bill and she talked about it. She knew it and she let it continue, because I guess she didn't want to make waves I'll get that for you. Next The Glenn Beck program continues: you're listening to the Glenn Beck program. Like you me, your listing the Glenn Beck program. Welcome back to the Glenn Beck program, Michael Pelka, filling in for my friend Glenn back you're welcome to join the conversation, eight thousand eight hundred and eighty seven
7B Eck, that's two thousand three hundred and twenty five you're not doing the alphanumeric thing. I'm going to get tenel in Florida in just a minute. But I have to play you something that I heard this morning I got a very early combing through all the stuff ahead of CO, Fafi, two thousand and seventeen Comi FEI Fei, two thousand and seventeen, and I heard Mika Brzezinski. Lose their mind and she lost her mind by saying the President's lost his mind. It's it's about fifty seconds, but listen to the future. Mister Brezinski's car talk to Comica in off the ledge as she pleaded declare the present president to be mentally ill. I don't buy it, he knew exactly what he was doing. Well, I think he's such a narcissist. It is possible that he's mentally ill in a way, and this is on
table. I said it months ago and now everybody is starting to say it like it's new and it's ok to say he's not well at the very least he's not well and he's so narcissistic. He does not the rules applied to him. Wait wait, wait, wait, wait, wait make a year pointing a finger at the incident and saying he's narcissistic and not mentally okay he's unwell. Three fingers pointing back at you Micah. Let's let her go because they're just kind of let it roll Joel and Willie and the MIKE Barnicle in the crew there. Just let her go there. Just he'd keep feeding her a little more rope make a keep going. That's where the difference label may apply, because this is a man who says he can grab women anywhere because he's famous well, that's why I think, there's innuendo to perhaps the other sex, but anyhow everyone has their ideas about why he said what he said Joe
trying to reel or in the fiance is trying to say coming off the ledge maker come on in. I think I think you're a little out there on this one, listen to Joe he's minus saver, but the make a can't be derailed by the point is that he feels he can say or do things that are different than the norm, because he's famous because he said celebrity justice power and you know why did exact button. I need an eject button. I'm feed an eject button. Oh poor Joe, I think Joe needs a hug me said the president is crazy and she's paid no ins millions to do what she does all in Florida. How are you this morning where I was doing good? I heard that it's a little bizarre. Isn't it it's very!
These are now I I I was going to ask a question, but I actually questions to, and I just want to make a statement. Ok with this, with this going online and when I out that there's nothing is, will there be an investor don't see and hear, and because they conspired to obstruct the election when they gave Hillary Clinton. All the questions to their debate to unfairly give her an advantage on a national television audience. Does the first thing that I would hope that we can do since we're just objective society now and we're thinking in terms of rational and rationale now the second question is. The real question? Is I'm seeing a lot of people run by like fifty? They count it down when Comey's testimony was going to be like serious, you know I I'm up against I'm up against the wall. Now I'll answer your question about the
possible lawsuits against CNN n. I don't think it's happening investigation and we'll get into Hillary slaves. Next, on the Glenn Beck program, the Glenn Beck program. The blaze radio network on demand.
Entertainment this program. My name is MIKE Opelka. I am filling in for my friend Glenn back today and tomorrow on the blaze radio network and here on your local radio station on the premiere radio networks. I appreciate you sticking with us today the phone number eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven Beck. Seven million two hundred and seventy two thousand three hundred and twenty five. If you don't want to do the letters you want to do the numbers 'cause a lot of We'll do that We used to have all kinds of funky numbers that spelled things. I know my
my phone number, my personal phone number, ends in the letters that spell MIKE and my dad always was amazed at that, and then he went out and had his cell phone number changed to eh Greg The apple doesn't fall far from the tree couple of geeks. They have to have give a little update. The sports update, those of you who know me know. I have a nephew who's, a little bit of a tennis phenom, so keep your eyes field for young Reilly Opelka, he won his first round match trying to get into Wimbledon. So we're keeping on keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He's a good kid. Nineteen years old, one of the I sing american stars, of course, we're watching Comi Faith E, two thousand and seventeen Comi Fafi, two thousand and seventeen is got the nations. Attention, or at least everybody who could avoid going to work today, sitting at home and watching Jim Comi tell us either nothing
or that he'll tell the senators in private or is rehashing things we already knew so gigantic. It is time for this Jaya Nothingburger, except there was a moment that was just captured as Diane Stein. The senator from California was talking to TIM call me an mentioned: the tapes, the tapes the Donald Trump alluded to when he tweeted av you're Comi, talked about his memo when Donald Trump tweeted that Jim Comi, better hope, better hope, but I don't have tapes it before. He starts leaking thing, and this was the exchange. Why didn't you stop and say? Mister president, this is wrong. I cannot discuss this with you. It's a great question. Maybe if I were stronger I would have. I was so stunned by the conversation that
I just took it in and the only thing I could think to say 'cause I was playing in my mind. 'cause I gotta remember. Every word he said was playing in my mind. What should my response be and that's why I very carefully chose the words and I've seen the tweet about tapes lordy. I hope there are tapes. I remember saying I agree, he's a good guy as a way of saying I'm not agreeing with what you just asked me to do again. Maybe other people would be stronger in that circumstance but that that was that's how I conducted myself. I hope I never have another opportunity. Maybe if I did it again, I would do it better and how long before we have t shirts that say this I've seen the tweet about tapes lordy. I hope there are tapes lordy. I hope there are ten. This is getting more bizarre by the moment. Can't even imagine this, and I I also wonder what the hell the rest of the world's thinking now one of
great legal minds in this world is a guy named Alan Dershowitz. Alan Dershowitz is a liberal aldershof. This is not a guy that the GOP would normally call in to say, it can you back us up on this and Alan Dershowitz was talking with Andrew Cooper last night on CNN and they were discussing the seven page statement that Comey put out. That was his opening state today. So the whole world saw the opening statement already and in there we have said there is no evidence of obstruction of justice. While the Democrats are all saying this is all obstruction of justice, at least the the guy who at CNN will say that is Jeffrey Toobin and in every Democrat Democrat Quote, Steuben saying Tube and says it. It must be obstruction, but Alan Dershowitz, Gay,
some great clarity on the FED's reverse. What you said. This is not obstruction of justice by the president actually strengthens his positioning instructor coming house. The first was look at the big constitutional picture. The president could have told call me you are commanded directed to drop the prosecution against plant. The president has the right to do that. Call me a good knowledge is that he says in the statement that historically his store, ically presidents have done that to the Justice Department, but so, first of all, let's remember this historically prez Hence have been able to tell the Justice Department and actually have told the Justice Department stop this investigation. It's within the power of the president. It's the presidents write it. Part of his executive powers. Dershowitz continues as few years we've had a tradition of separation, but that tradition
doesn't create crime. Remember also with the president could have done. He could have said to call me stop this investigation. I am now pardoning twin in two important points there. In what they're the word said, and one that's key is saying there was a tradition of separation between the executive branch and the Department of Justice, even though the head of FBI and the attorney general all serve at the behest of the president, but he said tradition does not make a crime addition does not make a crime a really key point there, and he did say they. The president has the right to say. I'm pardoning Flynn, therefore, for there's no need for an investigation, ended here. Donald Trump didn't do that he had the power comb
e n are a Dershowitz continues. That's what President Bush did in the beginning of the investigation of Caspar Weinberger, which could have led back to the White House to the first President Bush President Bush, on the eve of the trial, Pardon Caspar, Weinberger, pardon six people and a special counsel war said this is outrageous. He stopping the investigation. Nobody talked about obstruction of justice. You cannot have instruction of justice when the President exercises his constitutional authority to pardon his constitutional authority to fire the director of the FBI or is constitutional authority Tell the director of the FBI who to prosecute who not to prosecute so, let's get out of the weeds and let's look at the car, so there it is, from one of the most respected legal minds in the country, who also happens to be a liberal, can cannot have obstruction of justice. Here. And what happened
in no way was was anywhere near obstruction of justice. So how will chuck Schumer? How will Nancy hello see? How will Maxine waters? How will all the hand wringing Democrats deal with this? Well, you can bet to keep hammering they're going to keep hammering until they get something else, something else that that will slow down the process. There was also discussion, and I've been following thanks to the crew. Here, the research crew here Keith, has been digging up a different quotes on this I need pre who is covers covers Congress for couple. Different radio and tv outlets has been cherry. Picking some of the most interesting moments from this hearing and call me wrote memos about the Trump meetings and said quote: I was honestly concerned he might lie about the nature of our meeting. That's why he wrote it so if he was actually nervous about it, we have to go
back to the one question I would ask Homey: why can you bring it up? Why did you wait till after you were fired? Why did this all happen? Only after you were fired, the other payment. That really really makes me crazy is a saying that the attorney General Loretta Lynch Bill Clinton meeting on the tarmac meeting that that all us realized- was not about grandkids and golf that any thinking sane person say no they're not talking grandkids kids in golf for forty five minutes, because he and I a golfer who obsess about playing the game. No, the you will bore the tar out of people. If you talk about golf for longer than five minutes, even golfers get tired of it. We don't I hear about it. We want to play so sitting on the tarmac for forty five minutes. Just your when your wife Hillary happens to be under investigation. Oh, I don't know and facing a possible
breakdown in her dreams to become the president and your got the attorney general in front of you g. Do you think they were talking about grandkids and golf no, but CALL says the Ag Lynch and Bill Clinton Tarmac meeting was the real. Then he went public with the email investigation. Really. Was it because that meeting at We had something else going on and you couldn't let it slide away. So you had to bring up the email investigation in order to maybe bring back some reality to the world. This is amazing on so many levels. Very amazing. I'm going to step aside from Comi, FEI Fei twenty seven. Paying for just a few minutes and and take a look into the the real world out there? I?
was wandering over to glennbeck dot com, and I encourage you to check out glennbeck dot com because they stories that are just vital to What we're dealing with in the world but they're, not all politics based, for example, our neighbors to the north, America's favorite suburb or as Homer Simpson, calls Canada. America's hat. In Ontario they pass a bill. That's been called a totalitarian bill which allows the government to take kids away from. Are you ready christian homes. And if you don't think it can happen here so much of what going on in Canada is creeping into this country, including what they have under their healthcare system, but the store he is out of Toronto and it's Ontario's Kathleen Wynne Kathleen Wynne. It says the liberals have passed what critics described as a totalitarian bill
by a vote of sixty three to two thousand three hundred and sixty three to twenty three. So this wasn't a squeak pro family advocates. Warn that bill. Eighty nine gives the state more power to seize kids from families that oppose L, G B, T Q, R S, T U Y X, W c and under ideology, agenda, government agencies can go in an banh couples who disagree with that agenda from fostering or adopting kids? Can you imagine, can you imagine the situation? It also is now added gender identity and gender expression as factors to be considered in the best interests of the child. The state is taking over. If it's it's mad thing, if we don't stand up now and say no hands off the kids, I'm warning you to keep an eye out for you home schoolers, the homeschool families,
I'm guessing the government's coming for you next. It would be a great concern for me if I was home schooling, we have to protect your rights to be. I believe that there are so many progressives out there who actually think, as Hillary Clinton did in her book, it takes a village that the kids are part of all of ours. There are Reese Sponse ability. There are property, we must shape them, mold them. Well. Speaking of that book, I want to play you a quote from that book and it kind of exposes the fact that Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton had slaves I'll play it for you. Next, when the Glenn Beck program returns, the Glenn Beck Program
relate seven hundred and twenty seven back the Glenn Beck program. It is the Glenn Beck program, Michael Pelka, hosting for my friend Glenn Beck I'll, be here today and tomorrow. And my program will continue on the blaze radio network after this is called pure Opelka. You're welcome to join you're. Welcome to follow me on twitter at stunts brain all. One word s, t! U n t b r, a I and is the announcer guy said: you're welcome to call in and discuss the day's events or anything, eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven back, which is two thousand three hundred and twenty five back spells two thousand three hundred and twenty five are us from Iowa is checking in Russ. Welcome to the program uh, I see an exclamation exclamation point after your your summary of what I want to talk about, I'm guessing you're charged up about something. Well, I'm I'm just watching this an this obvious. This is pay
back to be a rocket scientist to figure out that to me. Same with one intent. That was that- and you know my my complaint about call me is- he could have said all these things in closed session. If it was that big a deal before he was ever fired. Yes, economic I'll make two predictions. Some republicans are gonna, fall away like a sixty cent and sixty cents, socks and wet the Democrats pull together and they're, not gonna. Let this go period. This is not matter what happens, especially with the press. You know special prosecutor, I mean that he was a protege. Have called
is going to do everything he can to left call me up and make him look as good as you can in this investigation, and all I can say is the you know. I I pray for for Trump every day, but I also pray that number one. He doesn't stick his foot in his mouth and nothing else comes up because they're going to turn over, every rock, from Luda Wisy to Russia to find something on the sky and you better watch out you're right Ross, and I appreciate your call thank you for weighing in people from Iowa Iowa but is a fantastic state. I've known people from Iowa for decades and at one Iowa tried to change the state model to a state of minds, and I guess they didn't make happened, but it's true it's so true. So I appreciate your us. You've come up with some great thoughts. This thing needs to be watched. The Democrats are given up. Ross is absolutely a hundred percent right Trump. Has you
side. The Democrats, we would have thought a Hillary Clinton presidency would have fight them know they have. They have come together in in their defeat, and it's been one of the most interesting things. I've seen politically in all my years of covering the politics, alright shifting back to my years of covering the Clintons back in the 90s and when it take of it takes a village, not one thousand nine hundred and ninety six Hillary Clinton got so many different. I think she won a Grammy for her recording of it takes a village, actually believe she beat out several different people in the area of spoken word. It should have been in the car. Any category maybe now just spoke, but she did win the Grammy a. We know She didn't write the whole book she had help, but that's what happens with these political books? They're put out they try to show your your real true political roots and her progress.
Is an was on display when she gave us it takes a village. It's it's- there, but also within the book was Hillary Clinton's admission of owning slaves and I said that this morning and have the heads in here went what had slaves. Yes, she did and she talked about it. It's in the book. You can hire learned a lot as I go Heller. We enforce the rules strictly and sent back to prison. Any inmate who broke one One unusual aspect of living in the Arkansas Governor's mansion was getting to know prison inmates who were assigned to work in the house and the yard when we moved- and I was told that using prison labor at the governor's mansion was a long standing tradition that kept down costs, and I was assured that the inmates were carefully screened now. I had defended several clients in
no cases but seeing them in jail or in court was not the same as encountering a convicted murderer in the kitchen. Every morning I was apprehensive, but agreed to abide by tradition until I had a chance to see for myself. So Hillary ten admits that when she even bill moved into the governor's mansion when who was governor of Arkansas, that they use labor prison labor for ten years, did they a used unpaid labor people that had been screened? They told had been. They pick the best. Does this remind you of anything if you remove the word prisoner or inmate, and you insert the word slave. Does it change anything
for my money? This is Hillary Clinton and why this never came out before why this woman was allowed to be the senator from New York and the Secretary of State and damn here the president astounds me. If you don't, Believe me, it's all over the place now came out two days ago. Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton. They didn't stay it up and say: no, we don't want these people unpaid, prison labor slave labor from the state. I'm not crazy, am I Michael pal? Can the Glenn Beck program will be back after the break? Don't answer that question? It was rhetorical. The Glenn Beck program. The Glenn Beck program
The Glenn Beck program, Michael Pelka, sitting in from my friend Glenn back and before we went away. I played a clip. That's from Hillary Clinton's audio book from it takes a village. It's where Hillary admits that she and bill for ten years used to unpaid prison labor in the governor's mansion, because it was good for the budget. It was money saving and that they knew. These were good in May that these were the inmates that have been screened, that they were safe and I said that they were slaves which basically, I still stand by- that a Stacy and Indiana is calling me out on this, and I welcome this kind of dialogue. Stacy welcome the Glenn Beck program nice to make your acquaintance. You say: I'm pushing it. You think so, oh just little bit mostly mostly because you know well, first off if you're in prison you're paying it
to society, and, and they have they have work, release programs and all that I doubt it. You know I I in what he said this in the part that you had played of of of her reading. She made the comment about having a murderer in her kitchen. I call I'm calling that one out big time they, I seriously doubt any state and what ever release a murderer or put a murder and work release in the governor's house? Well, that's a good point. So you see you're saying she may have even exaggerated that that, but in a dance, though, even though they are under the control of the state. That's they providing manpower at no cost to the governor's mansion. These are essentially, Sir prince living or working under the rule chief of the governor in the first lady of Arkansa to me you know I smells like slavery. If you're going to tell me well guess what yeah you're
stay here. Every night you can't leave your property of the right now and while you're here, you also going go, do things for the governor and we're only going to take the ones we think are worthy of being around the governor. It sounds a little slave e to me or you're allowed to disagree. All you want, but that's what this country is about if you're saying on that yeah exactly to clarify that sometimes what hyperboles all about I'm just saying it's odd, to me that this never came up during any of her campaigns. I lived worked in New York when she ran as the carpet bagging senator and and she was our Secretary of State an almost president, Damn near president. It should be on her business card. Hillary Clinton Damn near president, but but you know I appreciate you weighing in on his Stacy, that's what this is about. I was thinking that
I guess I was saying reason I said it was pushing a little bit was because you know I mean when you're, if you're in prison, which I've never been but but work release and the governor's mansion would be a cakewalk compared to sitting in a prison soon, if you are doing work for the governor and everything, that's why I say it's it's. I can kinda see it both as I get what you're saying about it, because, yes, it is forced labor, but then again, if you're paying your debt to society, you know, would you rather be sitting in at cell and playing in the prison yard and maybe getting shanked, or would you rather be working in the governor's mansion, I'm betting, those guys got, screened in uh? Maybe they didn't? Maybe they had a choice? maybe they did- and I don't know, but I get what you're Hey I know I mean I can see it from both sides. Thank you. Stacy. There are some people who would say they would prefer hard labor in the yard, as opposed to hanging out with Hillary and listening to that shrill voice. I exam. Great again to clarify Susan in Rhode, island, this checking in Susan. How are you what's going on
good morning, Mr Telco you're doing a great job. Thank you for your vote of confidence. Please be here tomorrow. We need all of you, I'm with the Glenn Beck program every morning, good good, I'm here every day as far How is the whole slave thing? Look they make license play. It's up here in Rhode, island, so they're always working is always working there on the highway there everywhere. Well, the question would probably be where they paid, because back the day I went, I went twenty five cents an hour yeah, they don't get minimum wage. You know, and if if Hillary was really the advocate, that she claims to be You would have demanded minimum wage or you know the fight for fifteen is we're hearing today. What's on your mind that what else is happening? What's really on my mind, is this you're not the last call of the Kuala before when he talked about? He is afraid that the Democrats are not going to let go over this. Of course, they're not
they're not going to let go this thing with Trump and call me, etc until Trump resigns. I am a devout conservative, a devout Christian. I supported TED Cruz, even after he got out of the race. Wanted something spectacular to happen at the convention and it didn't my I see here in all of this and what's a lot of people are not talking about, as they should be, whether there is any ties to Russia not whether he actually asked call me to lay off the investigation or not. What it's doing is damaging the conservative brand. And that's the thing we have to be most aware of, because right now he a that ahead of the party and a lot of people out.
Say he is a conservative and he's not we've heard this argument before, but what it's doing is damaging the things that we wanted to see done. Yes, we got judge, Gorsuch amen. I say prayers of. Thank you every night for that, but there's been nothing since now: Mitch Mcconnell pushing the house bill, ramming that through no repeal Obamacare at all. He we heard today from Scottie Nell Hughes earlier was Mitch. Mcconnell is pushing through the Senate Bill and we haven't seen it. So that's what Michael, Question should have been to Scotty was what's in the Senate, because I would love to know what the heck is in it and I you said they've written their own bill, but have you seen it? No, I haven't seen it. I would love to see it and will see and in terms of
Trump resigning. I think the only thing keeping the Democrats from going whole hog on impeachment or trying to get Donald Trump out are the words President Pence. 'cause, they know what a strong conservative president pence is, and my liberal friends are more terrified of him. Then they are of Donald Trump. Thank you for your call. Susan in Rhode, Island Greg in Utah is, checking in all over the country Greg welcome to the Glenn Beck program. Thank you and I up to me. It's obvious that the Russians wanted Hillary to win, not trump, and it bothers me that no Republican '
seem to be pointing this out. Well, can you layout the case for the Russians? What would lead you to believe the Russians would want Hillary to win life. Five quick freezes, first missile defense taken away from Poland and the Czech Republic. Second, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four 3d broken Russia takes over Crimea. Third, first time since the 1970s, Russia gets back in a dominant position in the Middle EAST. For with defense spending, obviously Trump's going to spend a lot more on defence, five, obviously trump to really ramp up Energie production, which Hillary would never have done knocked down. The price of oil and hurts Russia and there's lots of other reasons to it. No one seems to be pointing this out for the Republicans. Well, you bring you bring up some solid points Greg, especially points about the fact that a democratic administration would pretty much let Russia and Putin and his agenda continue pushing forward and
a guy like Trump who will push our energy agenda and that gives the problems, because Putin is the guy who wants to go into the arctic circle and claim the arctic circle. All and all of the energy It's underneath. It which we understand is massive is is the property of Russia. He wants to run a pipeline under the ice grab all the gas in the oil that's there and the also does want to shape the Middle EAST. He wants to get control as much of the world as he can and you're right Hillary would probably have backed off so it does. It does bring some interesting questions to bear on whether or not that's the case. Thank you for your call, sir. I just I just have and trying to grab a quick story from that. Eh some money 'cause, it's still going on and every networks covering it ABC Cb Cnn Msnbc Fox NEWS, NBC itself, the New York time has an army of people covering it. Pbs is
Twitter is live streaming it. If you want to see the full list of who's obsessed and covering Comi, FEI Fei, two thousand and seventeen glennbeck dot com. He has it posted under the headline obsessed. Much me, we offer nonstop streaming of the Jim Comi testifying and there will be endless analysis. We will be honest. We cover some of the bars that are open early, we talked to a bar in Sanford GO, and we talked to a bar in DC that have all open early today to cover this, but here's the here's, the curious thought about the car rich and I try to be a little bit of a media watchdog. That's one of the things I attempt to look at is bending their agenda bending their coverage to meet their agenda on all of this news Ann
all morning, Long CNN's been cutting and posting little bits and pieces of Comey's testimony and one of them interesting things is not what they're posting, but it's what's and then is not posting. That has me asking the question and what are you really saying CNN accord to Jamie Depree, a guy we monitor on Twitter, who gives, I think, a pretty good accounting of things. Margo Rubio the Senate from Florida, the the guy that ran a pretty reasonable campaign until he ran into into Donald Trump Marco Rubio Rubio asked three questions or talked about. The three trump asks to call me: Trump asked Comey to be loyal to Flingo and to tell public that Donald Trump is not under investigation, but you know what's missing in that
five minutes of Marco Rubio's questioning can call me you can't fight it on CNN right now. They decided not to put this on, and I talked to Keith in the back during the break. He, if you want to know why Donald Trump will be exonerated, will come out of this with a victory. Okay did exonerated three watch the testimony of Marco Rubio or the questioning of Marco Rubio and Jim call me. He said there in lies the complete answer, and I haven't seen it because guess what CNN not running it when we take a break, I'm going to look over and see if Fox is posting any of it will find out if Where is real, fair and balanced reporting going on on Comi, FEI Fei, two thousand and seventeen be right back on the Glenn Beck program.
Grab Mercury, the Glen that program it is the glue that program Michael Pelka, Rapid up my first day of a two day, phil- and I hope you will be here tomorrow, as we finish the week and finished when's vacation. We another episode of the Glenn Beck program. We're go to break down in a more detailed fashion. The best moments from today's Comi they FE two thousand and seventeen, it doesn't really roll off the tongue. Does it Comi Feifei, it sounds like some sort. Strange language, that the people on survivor created Coma, Feve, yes, and We will I'm going to grab a quick call before we get outta here TIM from Sao
Carolina's calling TIM. I love your state. I love the golf courses. I love the food. I love the people. Welcome to the Glenn Beck Show, thanks to a great job filling in. Thank you, except I just I didn't say program, I'm going to get a demerit for not saying the Glenn Beck program. No, I know stuff. I hear hey, I'm just calling give you a quick comment on that. The video book that you play from Hillary yeah, maybe that murders, here's your turning to being in the governor's mansion kitchen would have been her, but not a convict, you're saying that Hillary clinton- was the murderer in the kitchen. Well, here's where you're wrong on that. That would have presumed that Hillary would then have been doing the cooking or the claim and we know that didn't happen, so I'm shooting on your theory. But I appreciate you being here with you very much one of the weirdest moments. That's gone on in the day the gym
testimony today and I'm glad we to cover with Jason Buttrill some of the store happening around the world. It wasn't all just call me Faye Faye. Today, I'm glad we got to cover what happens in a random. What what happened with our embassy in Ukraine? I didn't get to fast and furious and going to continue on my blaze radio program talking about the latest on fast and furious, but one of the stray just moments in this marathon day just happened when called explained how the meeting with Trump actually got scheduled. He called he called me at my desk at lunch time and asked me. Was I free for dinner that night? The call himself and said: can you come over for dinner tonight? I said yes, sir. He several
six work. I thought you said six first and then he said I was going to get your whole family, but will do that next time due to come over, and is that a good time? I said, Sir, whatever works for you and then he said how about six hundred and thirty, and I said whatever works for you, sir, and then I hung up, and I had to call my wife and break a date with. I was supposed to take her out to dinner that night and that's one of the all time great excuses for breaking it. In retrospect, I would have I love spending time with my wife. I wish I'd been there that night. I think this is almost on par with, with the questioning of clearance to miss and the Anita Hill hearings where we're starting to get into really bizarre territory. I can't wait to see what else pops up, but I I pledged you I'm going to through Marco Rubio's segment, since they won't show it to us. Still maintain the greatest way to get.
These hearings done properly and expeditiously would to force the is Bobo's to do the entire hearing, standing up, because none of them would bloviate for the eight hours or whatever it's going to take today. They ask their question. We get our answers and what all he done join me and tomorrow, on the Glenn Beck program Testudo, my friends, Testudo the one thank thank.
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