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7/6/17 - This Is What Happens To Socialized Health Care? (Ben Shapiro Joins Glenn)

2017-07-06 | 🔗
Fighting for Charlie...The most important story not being talked about ...This is what death panels look like ...Russia, Belgium and Euthanasia ...Doctors misdiagnose more often than you think ...Ben Shapiro in studio to discuss the headlines of the day...Baby Charlie Gard, CNN's 'Clowntastic' news...weeding through the fake news. The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand. Hello, America and welcome the Glen Back Programme. I don't
if there is anything in the world literally, that is more important than the case in great Britain. I know our president needs to be prayed for needs divine protection over in european meeting in Poland. He is meeting with polluting the G20 in Germany. They have said that the soldiers that are protecting the G20 need to take their uniforms off for their own safety. There are expecting major riots. We have North Korea on the edge my wife was leaving this morning for the airport and I told her honey. I don't think this is gonna happen, but you're gone for a week in a half if war breaks out- and I call you and say get on an airplane, please get on an airplane and come home. The world is a mess. We are in a place where we could lose the western way of life, but I am more concerned about us losing our own humanity and it all comes down to a little child in intensive care in a hospital that has run literally by Peter PAN. The story of Charlie Guard vital to our humanity. We begin there right now. You should have entertained and didn't lighten the Green Charlie Guard, a story that
the English are very aware of and it is a really important case for the UN Tire West. It's a story that up until Matt Walsh reported this on the blaze. It was not being reported here in Amerika. That's gonna be on with this next hour, he broke this story really or broke it into the the consciousness of Amerika the story that he wrote about this infant, this baby, that is, fighting for its life. Charlie Guard. He's on life support in a London hospital. He has a rare, just genetic disorder. There's a lease eighteen people in the world that have had this. It prevents, is cells from producing enough energy to sustain his organs
at this moment he can't move or breathe on his own. The parents have raised one Six or seven million dollars to move early to an american hospital. Why would you move him to an american hospital? Well, because socialized medicine is not as good as the medicine here in the United States. There is doktor here at Columbia, that has dealt with this very general disorder before and there is a child that is living with this now five years after treatment and is better of the Vienna later. Beginning to move his hands and his feet. And the parents say he's a happy child. But does he have a life worth living?
what kind of life is that. The hospital took the parents to court they said they need the let the baby die. They want a series of court rulings the final one last He their Supreme Court was a EU decision. It allowed them to turn off the ventilator and the feeding machines that are keeping Charlie alive they. Asked for just a few more days. They say, there's this experimental therapy in the United States They have the money the Pope has offered help Donald Trump has offered help yet Teresa may is
The child has to die. Where did I tell you this story today. Because this is a this- is not about an isolated child. Sleep magazine. Alright, immediately. Put bout, a story, the right it is going to make this into a horror story for socialized medicine and death panels. Yes, we're not. Make it into a story, we're going to tell you the truth This is what death panels look like there is. Group of people at the hospital who say this child has no livable life of quality, and they don't. Want the child to live anymore. Why why
why not give the child back to the parents Why not let the child go, overseas for x experimental surgery or experimental treatment, why not well, it's causing the child, so much pain their living. Pain. May I ask you a question You know anybody who s cancer. Do. You know anybody who has stage for cancer and has been given the death set By the doctor, some those people say. Ok, you know what I just want to live my life. I don't want to. Go on more chemotherapy. I don't want anything, I'm going to use the last five two months a year of my life to live, it as fully as I can other people that I know
Are in so much pain they can barely move and their begging for experimental surgery begging for experimental therapy. Begging for experimental drugs and the case is the same, it might work Even if it doesn't it will further the medical understanding of cancer, and perhaps secure people later. Since, when do we accept a death penalty, Now that's different, then somebody is. A hundred years old, and they ve lived a great life. And we're doing everything we can and they have no money. Just keep them alive.
Each year is calling them home. But you could make the case yes, but if there. Experimental life, prolonging medicine out there. That the fountain of use. If that it. Ninety nine or a hundred years old says you know what I want to live longer and I have the money. And I want that experimental treatment. I don't a problem with it. Do you why, I care to their choice? does a baby The baby doesn't have a choice. And especially in the world of socialized medicine, nobody, eight attention to what was happening in the british courts in the British it's in two thousand and two is where they started. It was a landmark case were to siamese twins and
the siamese twins, the weaker of the twin girls was, Mary. Her heart and lungs were not fully developed and she was robbing the strength of the older one. Jody. They had? They remained conjoined. The judges believed that the best advice from the doctors is that they would both die the parents, said. No, we do want them split apart her lungs, we believe faith in through medicine in through time, we believe her lungs will develop and she will be stronger for the surgery later. The court said no cut them apart. They did. As a result, Mary died Jody lived,
doesn't know best. Father does know best. England insists that the state knows best You know what's best for other people's children and they have the power to act on it, even against the parents wishes so Why is this happening? Will this happen over in socialized medicine, come countries quite a bit, doesn't happen so much here because We don't. We have the power. We still think we have the power. That power is slipping through our fingers right now. Counts of two thirds of the National Institute of Health over National health services, their socialized medicine, two thirds Of the proprietor providers are in the red in twenty fifteen,
with the combined deficit of two points. Five billion euros last year her alone. The prime minister is saying we're going to give you an extra ten billion for the image ass by twenty twenty, So they're into rationing. When you're in the rationing we taught off, of this. When I was at Fox at the chalkboard when you ration, you need death panels to decide who is going. Yet the met the medicine who's. Not its some evil dressed in black. Like the Gestapo death panel, it's a people is a group of people, That care about people- and have to weigh the good, of the many against the good of the one. Well, that's. Not how I view my child.
But once socialism runs out of other people's money, there Trouble starts, because the age ass is paying. Four Charlie's he's done have insurance, he has government insurance. And because they are paying for the round the clock care the medical staff. Leaves that his condition is worsening the image ass? Is the bank the high little the parent and the oh of God, Though they believe government, believe, Erica, didn't. But we are headed down this road The government manages health wealth education and everything inside of our home. That they are the arbiter. They know best.
There was a court case here in the United States. Supreme Court pray versus Massachusetts. Nineteen, forty, four, the Cream court held that the government has quote broad authority to regulate the actions and the treatment of children, Parental authority is not absolute can be restricted, if doing so is in the interest of a child's welfare. This, will come here. You and I have spent a long time worrying about our country. And I have told you that we first had to restore honor, which meant restore the truth,
No, what you believed and then be a person of honour and integrity. Then we restored bridge because I was gonna come a time when. When you are going to need to stand to defend that truth, and it would be really unpopular. And that we were headed towards a world where the most vulnerable, the children. The Jew. Or people without any kind of political power out or power. We're gonna come under attack. And we needed to stand, even when it wasn't in our own best interests, even when it hurt even when it was people we didn't want to defend we had
this stand for their constitutional rights and the last one was restore love. Make sure that your heart doesn't soften. And to do that, we all to Birmingham? And we start- the fight for the most vulnerable. The Christians their children who were in by ices,. This audience has saved twenty thousand. People we have moved, set thousand people, we have moved out of the Middle EAST when the so the world said they can Figure it out, we did, they figure out over the good guys. The bad guys are. We have. We can't get involved. We did. We can save those children from their there
prison, rape rooms where the mothers are being forced to watch their daughters being raped five and six times a day and the daughters are forced to watch their mothers being raped. The world sat on their hands and did nothing less too complex. It's too difficult. It's too dangerous. This audience knew every single life is worth saving. You don't know, Charlie. You. Dont know his parents. But the more that I read this story, and the more I hear about their plight and his plight, we are all the parents of Charlie Garden, will tell you how you can help
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are these parents are saying now, and I dont know if this is true- and I hope it's not, but Charlie guards- parents are saying that Twitter, editing their twitter feed and their account. I can't believe that's true, but they're, trying to get the word out all around the world then there asked for your help. So please, read this news. He's only got about a week. Before they take him off yeah. It's only the Supreme good are waiting on the Supreme Court decision in in great Britain. So and it's gonna come back and he has got to go back to courts, have already ruled against them. The interesting thing is, they have said they are in touch with with Trump and the White House and he's been great with this right it in you know, let me tell you something if Trump really, if I could give I stood Donald Trump, this is something that he should own Yeah-
This is something that he and don't make it about. Politics don't make. About politics, make it about this child. Do you will that Russia has stopped all adoptions in to Sweden and the Netherlands in others,. This is how this is how this is remember. I said that Putin would. Start to be the guy who held the banner up for the west and said you guys have gone insane and reclaim your values with me, you're killing, kids we'll tell you about it. How it's happening, youth Children, and so they don't want to do business with the Netherlands, because they say life is
and they are going to exterminate children back programme. Mercury. That was one of the clearest thinkers available today and that saying something Is there not a lot of clear thinkers out there? There hard defined, Matt Walls find the blaze dot. Com he's got a book out the unholy trinity blocking the you the assault on life, marriage and gender? Make sure you pick it up if your fan of Matt Walls, make sure you grab the book and also you can find him at the blaze. Dotcom Matt welcome to the programme, for example so you were the one who really has brought this story to the tension of
of America. Charlie Guard story this story of this eleven unfold child who has been fighting for his life again. Since the socialized medicine situation in England for months, I can tell you why they're not covering it here in Amerika? How are they covering it over in England now over their spend, your cent per month expand its Burma. Be another story: is that all the boys in the been on all of their country, time, shows and spend it s, sort of like what the shy voters what year in terms, just the intensity of coverage. Are Are they as divided as we were with Shiloh for my real situation there they're just as divided Nanda, it's kind of that's down the same line and you have other, I think, Europe may have fewer worse or on the product,
although it on other men here anymore either, but I don't know you remember this mad, but Pat play the the audio clip this a few years ago, unlike there, breakfast show on the BBC. This is a guest and they are talking about socialized, medicine and and what to do with undesirable children was this may strike. Your listeners is way out is, as true man I think fit haven't. If I were a mother of suffering child, I would be the first to want eminent, deeply suffering child. I would be the first one to put a pin I ever its main doktor peace, rather than as I will agree that Golly any suddenly, and I think that differences that my feeling of horror suffering is much greater than my feeling of getting rid of a couple of cells because suffering can go on wine years. I'm I'm sorry too smart to introduce another guess there, but that was a ass, a pretty horrifying thing. What to say
of course, as was, if I was a child, I really love tourists in agony. I think any good mother would, while wow Matt Yours is coming from there is another you play that I do remember that, and that is just the idea that you're gonna kill your own child at apply. Beside the killing of love is not any differ. Then, he heard this horrifying mentally to start mothers, thereby Andrea dates, drowned or five given about up and did it because I because you love them so I'll, get any definite, look different ones, start going down. This is this a train that that's worth heads, but this work I'm from. As you know, we know in across the world, there is a it just a fundamental inability that some people have to recognise that life is sacred to recognise, that life has inherent value and slowly starting they seized they, the sale of their suffering or the disabled are their door their poor.
They ve got these other external factors that make their life was desirable. We might as well get rid of them because I have no reason to keep them around. So there's a catholic utilitarian material, your wife, that it wanted to use all abounded as your balls on that, continue to those around the issue itself, keep around, but once said, and then we get rid of it, and it's just that it's a horrified when I try to explain a run about this. Is that once you once you put your I want that side of the argument you innocent man, hyperbole. You have put yourself on the same side at all of the worst people in the history of you're than all the worst atrocities than ever been committed have always been committed with that kind of thinking. So you that's all you placed herself on that and I would like to make it so dessert? Do you find any oz of concern. Have you have you read what the Pope
actually said, not just the release, but we are the newspaper account from it, but but what he actually the entire thing the Vatican than at first date they be up. Comes out with a statement that all but explicitly endorses. The courts in the hospital and takes their side in it, which was which is hard maybe I couldn't as cynical as I am especially by sport. Sometimes I couldn't I couldn't believe that I couldn't believe it actually did that we need? We need that. Does the Vatican, the catholic church to be pro life to be its wouldn't want beyond, Prologue institution was standing in the idea that would go away to me. Firstly, the Catholic I just can stomach, but am depart comes out and that kind of a vague tweet Nay comes out in any says, we need to support the up the child. Then the Vatican offers. Do you not take the job?
the hospital which, of course, the other possible the that. But if the same story, this is kind of conflict. Messages and are obviously preferences doesn't have control of what's going on over there? But I still to me but we have still not enough. I need the pope the come out in it. Longer language and act Milo, doesn't like doing this kind of including needs, but there's no there's a damn. He condemns he condemns capitalism. He condemns a lot of things but he did not condemn, The snuffing out, of this child's life? And Here's what he said, the complexity of the situation and the rendering pain of the parents and the efforts of so many to determine what is best for Charlie, we to acknowledge. We do sometimes after recognise the line petitions of what can be done in modern medicine. Well,
where's the talk about you know, the sanctity of all life. Where is the talk about miracles, whereas I I don't understand this. We would stop all cancer treatment, the except for the the most benign of cancers. We, be doing experiments with people who work in state for cancer we would just say you know what let's, except the the limits of modern medicine, that is, We stop pro to save lives. Medicines stops moving forward. Doesn't it proved a defeat for entire purposes of medicine? But that's the problem. I want you, In short, this, as we have in the worst once you ve insurance- abortion? I'm an answer euthanasia and keep in mind that in Europe, in some hunters in Europe that you do
euthanasia, the nature terminally ill. You can get euthanasia Of euthanasia, alcoholics, depressive, the children, so They're just getting rid of everybody on both ends of the spectrum over there and it completely perverted, be there concept of medicine, which must always do know. Hippocratic oath to always treat and heal do what you can and that's the thing that its sole purifying the Vatican business aspect. Not just you know it's bad enough they didn't say enough on the site you. Why does Europe, but this is the fundamental issue here- is that the parents have their own money and they just want to take. The word was donated to Gonna. Take the kid bring until America interests. Try, try something rather than just one in time? Of course, I want to do that if they had the means to do so. This is just it's just that Slater sum of spiritual slate is as written in article the right
is turning the Charlie Guard tragedy into a case against single payer health care. It's the opposite, that's their headline and, first of all, Is this not a case against single payer? Healthcare? even though these they these parents have the money one. Your trapped into that system. That's The system must be absolute. You can't let people make their own decisions, so it must the absolute. Is that not the only reason why there not allowing this child to leave the hospital, because the state must have control and be able to say I of the control of God over life and death, and you. Do once you check into our system. Its oh tell. California is all about, of course, with others that flight, for you always missing the point
That, of course, is also not single out turn about site get like those of the two issues. This is about. Animal parental rights gives an illusory, and it's always of course, but then came the nationalists who should have the final say on these medical decisions. Should it be A patient and all the patients caregiver the current, or should it be the state, those debts, the question when it comes down to it decides what treatment given and which lives are worth saving and in a single pair healthcare system. Of course, we will be given control over to the governments of the government's gonna make those decisions got us all about efficiency and it's all about. Well, that's not waste. Our time gimme that so many people fail to see. That becomes so obvious that, whilst the author of the article that I I because hey we're all gonna die anyway. What you put up one was tainted Answer me: there many kinds of cancer that can be treated, but it probably
shortening lifespan, even if you to pass the first bout of it when many diseases like that. So once you start travelling honest what it cost us really dark places and its some astounding to me that so many people fail to see that become so obvious That was the author of the article that I I believe was the first started, oh really to bring this to light in America. The story of Charlie Guard is slate rights and just think about what you just said: Matt slate right. The the right will raise the spectre of death panels which you said who makes the decision of who lives or dies, which is exactly what's happening. These, Let's have turned one hard case into a sweeping referendum on the inherent justice and effectiveness of socialized medicine. It's as if the death of one child matters, but the death. Thousands is the key. Still reform,
or as if intervening in one complex and tragic cases heroic, but building system that would prevent the suffering of many is more tall, intolerable overreach. How do we respond? Well, that is, first of all only through such right, but this is not a hard case. This is not hard to this very basic, no brainer case but you know, the parent should be obligatory for the job period there. Oh there's no other way of looking at it. There's no other way to the same person, but the second that's the whole point. We're trying to organise this idea where you want to do many health care of it. I'm supposed to be. That way, will we don't look Charlie Garden in their wallets WI him against a thousand people it over these years? One individual! Every life is of incident value and that's how those life should be. What then, should retreated wonder whether in the hospital, certainly parents should have the right to treat their own children lives. That way.
We don't want to get into a situation where the garden is coming in and stored up. They have their formulas and earth statistics. The count everybody spreadsheet and they The side wallets. What's what was emphasised this life over that one, We will want to do that at all. I thought we were trying to avoid that, and so that's why You allow individuals to make a decision to the free market to cure a sure terrain and also that we don't have these kinds of Wang this again today, because it shouldn't it shouldn't, be there's no reason for it to be. No. There is no reason why we should have the way, Charlie guards life against anything else. Because The parents have the money, they just want to get treatment, and so they should be able to do it, but it does. It will need to look at anybody anything else or any other situation. They should be able to do They want to do and have the resources capability to map. Thank you very much. You can follow. Matt at the blaze. Also follow him at Matt, wash blue
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this fight is the twitter page, Charlie's fight for two they They have put a new page together. It was fight for Charlie, And this is according to the family, twitter is censure, censoring our page and so fight for Charlie Account head? six thousand followers they had to start a new campaign and chain for some reason because of twitter, this, What they say I dont know Dave, accused twitter, being disgraceful and anti life you can. Now follow them at Charlie's fight and there king. This is the family twitter, essential answering this page. Please had over two Charlie's fight new page and get tweeting like cry We need to spread the word. We need your help. Hashtag,
early guard and its g. A r d know you Charlie Guard. This is this is a this is something that will determine who we become I started the hour by saying we have worried about our country for a long time I am more worried about, losing our humanity. Then I am about losing our country, we are on the verge of losing our humanity and that will guarantee that we lose the western way of life. I want to show you what some of the leaders of doing what some people are doing. Some really inspirational things that,
People are doing all around the world to help and help children like this, and I want to take you down history. When we come back to this house, the back programme. The blaze radio network on Demand- America welcomes these Glinda programme,
There is a story of Charlie Guard that you need to know about, and we only have days to spread. The word trolley guard is an eleven months old baby in the United Kingdom, that is being told by the courts that they have to starving to death and remove the ventilator parents, say okay, but we ve raised one point: seven million dollars. There is a doctor here in Amerika that will treat our child that gives our child a chance to live there. Only sixteen children that I've ever had this disease, two of them are doing. Fine. Two of them are living today. One is in America and five years now. The other one is over ten living in ITALY and boy scouts and everything else. What does a family do when the government, because they are socialized medicine and they deem that they now have control over your life? Won't, let you take your child out of the hospital instead is giving your child a death sentence. Where is this leading? Well, you want to see the future first glance at the past. We go there right now. You should of entertainment and didn't lighten the Green Russia has banned in
adoption going out to Belgium. So if you're from Belgium, you We are not allowed to adopt any russian children and Russia says that they will not do any business with adopt. In Belgium, because they may be utilised, now listen to this. This is from Russia quote, it is high time that we not only make friends but also appreciate the condition of the society we plan to contact with. Therefore, We say that the society which officially favours murdering children is unhealthy. Russia, has decided to protect its citizens from euthanasia. People often adopt children with disabilities. Russia has made a good decision to protect russian children from being opted by citizens of countries that allowed euthanasia of children one hour,
talking about what counts These are allowing euthanasia of children. While we now have the case of Charlie Guard the eleven months old who is not being allowed, even though the parents have the money they are, doctors and hospitals willing to treat here in the United States. The english government, the death panels, make no mistake. These are death panels. Yes, there judges, but they are looking and saying what is in the best interest of the child, he's pain, let him die the parents can do nothing about it. Is The kind of medicine that we in the West Feel is right and righteous and good. No, it's not like the parents don't have their options. They do and they have resources to be able to pay, for them
Why would you stop this? Because, There is something else going on and it is socialized medicine Russia, making that stance is Putin following do gins plan. To gain is one of the main advisers and he said basically become the vicar of Christ. The true vicar of Christ stand up for these principles and don't- be ashamed of it. Now. Here's a guy who throws people off of tops of buildings and shoots them in elevators and he standing up for life, Traditional values: yes, because he's trying to pull people over to his side by being the only person that makes sense, even though he doesn't believe it when he said we do not want to battle against Christianity. On the contrary, we have to declare ourselves to be the only true Christians, Christianity
is the slogan under which we will eradicate the preachers. She's course that I don't think that's I think that's Hitler than in ITALY Idler. That was his quote. I'm right! He was do it's the same thing, And yet everybody says that that was that he doing things in the name of Christianity is glanced early. The first thing he wanted to know whether they be a christian to an eight year himself to them at the very beginning. Within six months he said we had to eradicate the old testament from the Bible because it had Jews in it. The first for the study and eradication of jewish influence on german church life, which aimed to rule Say that drew Jesus was not jewish, I'll tell Missus gardener was garbage because it was written by juice. Ok, it was a biscuit alien when let's take this, let's take this into modern day. Can we look at what is? Can we look What is happening in Belgium? Why did Russia say this.
Belgium had its first case of child euthanasia in twenty. Sixteen. But the Netherlands have allowed minors to request and receive euthanasia. Dutch children down to the age of sixteen can re receive euthanasia without pair consent. Children impede, killed by doctors with parental consent, starting at the age of twelve Belgium, has no age limit and Instead of requiring that a minor demonstrate a capacity to make decisions. For receiving a suicide. They know how to do so I old can cannot enter into legal content contracts. Can't even get a tat too in Belgium but at any age they can request. Doktor, assisted suicide. This is where were headed. Any other unresolved at everybody, not just request, but they receive it now there are three things that they have to
they have to meet these requirements. The baby or the child has to have no chance of survival. Well one of these are all three he's, just one, my my daughter right now is I'm waiting for her to come in to the office, she's, bring something in from my home library that I that I need to, tour about an hour ago on the phone and Ok, no right where it is I'll, bring it in by the way she was. I was told that she would never walk, talk or feed herself, but don't worry about They were completely wrong so, and they often are yes, baby has no chance of survival. Inject the baby may survive after a period of intensive treatment, but expectations for their future are very grim so another way they don't have any real quality of life. Three
the baby does not depend on technology for physiology stability, but has suffering that is severe, sustained and cannot be alleviated. So, in other words,. They don't need anything, but there in paying. You meet those three Or one of the one alone, every one of those who had a third when you can have the euthanasia, yet an you, can they will inject poison into the child? but to be Malaysia in Asia. I think they don't allow for some reason. Not youth now and the elderly, and why is the youth of it so so here's the thing now you can Now, let me this is Peter singer stuff. Peter singer is the the chair of ethics at Princeton University, and this couple human being, but I am glad that he is teaching. I'm
I was glad that he's balance by somebody like Robbie George, Stan University. Who is a total defender of life, but Peter singer is: is the guy who says you can kill a child. Really, up until they realise that there is a tomorrow soon, as they realize there's that tomorrow, that's what makes them human hidden, relieving wanna put an age on it, because that could have right and any citizen. I you know, there's a tomorrow, you stop being human, so you get you know you have Alzheimer's, You don't realize that tomorrow this coming, we can kill you not a person you're, not a person in a lot of people, leak. Prognosis that turn out to be wrong. We, we have four who said stage for cancer, sixty they told him when he when they wanted, Got to that stage. This you ve got days or weeks, maybe months
but they said: nobody's lived past five years, yeah he's gone through twenty years now. Twenty, you still alive, he just hand like his seventy six round of chemo he's still alive. It's crazy they don't know- and sky has accomplished in those twenty years more than I probably accomplished in my entire life. Now the reason why we're bringing this up is because this is what happens with socialized medicine. You must devalue life because There is not enough money. The slave magazine is making this thing with Charlie Guard into he's, got one point: six or seven million dollars that the family raised. Four is healthcare that health care These two go to somebody else that money should be used for the masses, not for him. It's not about the individual. This is danger of a wee society.
A me society generally, because everybody's me me me. He later, Group together and say we are going to kill these people because they are in our way. Usually knees are stopped. But when you're in a wee society which we are now and the whole western world is in, when you're in a wee society the way goes knots. It's funny. I think people are caught up with Charlie Guard thing on his chance of survival with this treatment. And that even the doktor who would give the treatment believe It might only help might only be short term, might help Charlie smile and and hold on two things for a short time. Even it might be the solution but take it out, I take it, you remove the idea that the Charlie could possibly be cured here. Why on earth would Family be able to take the child, into a hospice situation and die at home,
I mean that is something that happens all over the place right. Why he not be able to be removed from the hospital under that care. And have his pain, alleviated and die with dignity home liberals love the fancy pet funerals where you like. Do you have that you get you have your dog at home instead of at the EU in a cold hospital, the EU play did Just liberals, liberals love it. You you're being consistent there, That's my point and it's a situation where even if there was a zero percent chance of survival, zero dead, zero? Why wouldn't they allow this child to be removed from the hospital anyway the answer is under this system in place. In this system you have allowed the state to make that decision. It is. Your child, it is theirs so now listen to this
It is really extraordinary that people refuse to apply to human beings such elementary knowledge, as every successful farmer is obliged to supply to his own stock breeding. Any group, but farmers who permitted their best stock not to breed and all the increase come from. The worst stock would be treated as fit in me. Its foreign asylum. Yet we failed to understand that such content conduct is rational compared to the conduct of a nation, It permits unlimited breeding from the worst stocks physically and morally. While encourages or connives at the cold selfishness or the twisted sentimentality, as a result of which men and women ought to marry and if married have large families remains celibate or have no children orally one or two some day. We will realise that the prime duty, an inescapable duty of the good citizen of the right type
to lead his leave, is blood behind in the world so that we have no business to perpetuate the citizens of the wrong type. Who wrote that take a guess you know. So I think I heard you talking about an earlier Theodora Roosevelt this is the progressive mindset, That's a visit that that's a guy who report a lotta republicans say was their visa president and he was the first to suggest socialized medicine. Listen to this. You will be interested to know that your work has played a powerful part in shaping the opinions of a group of intellectuals who are behind Hitler in this epoch. Making programme. Everywhere. I sense that their opinions have been tremendously stimulated by american thought and particular
led by the work of the Human betterment foundation I you, my dear friend, to carry with you this thought for the rest of your life. You have really jolted into action. A great government of Steve million people. This is from human betterment Foundation, nonprofit corporation in Pasadena, California. Its date is nineteen. Thirty, five near the river Yes, this is the real document and they worked with the doktor is of eugenics, in Sweden, in Germany in New York, Ohio. I told you this yesterday- that it this utopian view that.
Life isn't worth living. Unless you have the perfect life and some lives, Just too much suffering but once you start going down that road, where do you stop? Yes, they on the air. I told you the story about baby. Now our maybe now our was the first baby. You shouldn't zero of the Holocaust, the, The baby's father had written Hitler in nineteen, thirty, nine asking for permission to kill his blind and deformed son. They Doktor said the father of a deformed child rode to the future, with a request to be allowed to take the life of this child or this creature Hitler ordered me to take care of this case. The child had been born. Blind seemed seemed to be idiotic. And a leg in parts of an arm we're missing. So
What happened we? oh they killed baby now our, but how did they kill them what has just been confirmed. Now through research that happen after baby, our a child that head No chance at a future was in pain, wouldn't have a life that was worth living. What happen we'll share that next, with the actual documents when we come back, Our sponsor this half hour, we are is to have simply safe. Getting a good night's sleep is easier said than done, especially if you think you heard a noise downstairs. I mean personally, I go right back to sleep. My wife is up for an hour. I'm telling Glenn wake up wake up. There's some there's nothin I heard a noise
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Maybe now it was the first see euthanasia victim, of Hitler, was conveyed. Instead of compassion to put this, Poor little boy that was blind missing part of an arm and a leg, to sleep? because he had no quality of life? This up until two thousand three baby. Now our was not known they did. I know who this baby was just referred to his case k and all of them. Doctors involved, everybody change their name and after years and years and years of researching they. Finally,
exactly what happened to case K. What we now know is baby now our spelled would pay. We have the evidence. That is glad that were curious. Program Who are we as people? We must fix. Reason firmly in her seat in question, with boldness who are we as people and sometimes Those decisions are really hard and painful and easier to look the other way round, Sometimes the
Sometimes the wrong choice is cloaked as compassion and care. There is a baby eleven, unfold. Charlie guard, please tweet. Your friends about it will have all the information. The stories at Glennbeck outcome in the blaze. But he has days to live their weight. For another court there supreme port to rule on whether or not the life support should be pulled. This baby rare disease, no quality of life gonna be in pain the parents have the money, went to pull the child out of the hospital in London brain tumor Where there's a hospital one hospital said will treat him for free another but all said treat him. They have one point, seven million dollars. If they ve raised, we. Freedom. We have one of the best doctors in the world for this particular disease. Dont know how
It's gonna work out, but let's give it a try. England. The National Health Institute says no. The child has to have its life support, pulled and die with dignity This is really interesting. Because mercy killings started by putting children to sleep in Germany, Tajikistan, about baby now, our baby that was born without part of one leg part of one arm and and was blind and father and mother just didn't know what to do would be a burden on the family and a burden on society. Probably become one of those useless eaters. They. To Hitler, Hitler sent his doctors out. They euthanize the boy put him to sleep because he didn't have any. Quality of life. He
he didn't have a future. As soon as baby. Now, our which was known as key Kay up until two thousand three. Nobody, nobody could train, everything back, but they are Spent decades decades. Looking for who was the first victim of the Holocaust in two thousand three. It was directly can Did to baby now our which was a very public event night thirty nine. As soon as baby now our was killed. Hitler came and Decreed that they we needed to have quote mirth He killings three hundred thousand mentally and physically handicapped people.
The children were forcibly tat from their parents to be killed. They were first institutionalized in the hospital and then said thing would go wrong. Most of the parents got a fake notice that something had happened while they systematically killing all of these children, because even the Germans back then would have been horrified. I need to know that Our government was killing the handicapped or children who didn't have any quality of life. Even The Germans in nineteen, thirty nine would have known that was wrong, and so they kept secret And all of the doctors that signed the death certificates change their names. No one wanted this to be known.
Two hundred and seventy five thousand victims later Holocaust, was moving in full gear. Their work six hospitals? that were devoted to processing cases, processing meant that they would be killed. Poland and the Czech Republic, children and adults were drugged, gassed or start to death, the UK, a is starving this child to death. The guy who is in charge a lot of this at the children's hospital Keyser Wilhelm Institute. Was Doktor Mengele who wear on to do some other things with children that we all know this
I had to take. I don't have the original it's locked up in a safe off premises, so I don't have the original. I thought we did. This is part of the mercury one collection, this is the last prescription Written by Mengele at the children's hospital it significant Because he is ordering for the hospital a large quantity. Of luminal. We now know in two thousand three that Luman all was the way they were killing all of the children it would put, them to sleep and within five days, they'd be dead This is mangle as actual per corruption to help those children die, with dignity. This is what's happening now
wanna die with dignity. We follow the course of a man in in LOS Angeles who is adopting those children who nobody wants to adopt because they're, all dying, and therein foster care. And he will only adopt children who are dying so they can die with dignity. He brings them into the family. How about this one, elderly woman in China rescues thirty abandoned babies from the trash gives. All a chance at life. She saved the lives of thirty abandoned baby. Since nineteen seventy two these eighty eight years old now now in China. We don't understand this, but remember yesterday was talking about the difference of Bee Bee people. Ancient Israel and being people of Rome.
Christians of ancient Israel know that they serve God and it gives them humility. They know God decides who wins, not man, Man does his best effort to serve God. Rome is about man and winning in conquering. Rome, it was- because of the Christians that this practice stopped. In ancient Rome they had garbage barges, people would take their filth and throw it out into the river on these garbage barges and The garbage barges at that time moved, I don't mean float floated. I mean rised, because people would go to the garbage barge and throw their unwanted babies on. The garbage barge nobody cared.
It was the western idea of Jesus. That saved those children. We were, we were built on a different ethic. The guy who has a child like Charlie, here in Amerika in fact, is the one who reached out Overseas to the UK, to Charlie's parents and said: there's a d do you guys have to meet, but all the good british government won't let them come to America for this treatment. His child was treated here in Amerika, same disease. His boy is now six years old. He said he's a strong and happy boy, the the doktor said he only had two months to live here. Six now he said I feel very fortunate to be an american and not british. If I
lived in the! U K my son would be dead today. And let me give you, may give you Another story about a a woman who refuse to give up her disabled son- When he she gave To her son in China. In China the doctors told that his life was not worth saving. Because he had a birth complication, nearly suffocated. It left him with cerebral palsy. The doctor said he doesn't have a life he's: gonna have its enemy, disable these in a very low intelligence, mom, disagreed with doctors, dad agreed with the doctors kill him he's gonna, be a burden on the family forever Imagine saying that.
Mom said no. Gotta divorce got her son from the chinese hospital. She spent her entire life working with with him in her spare time she took. To rehabilitation sessions she He taught herself how did massages stiff muscles. She play Educational games with him she, system from the start that he would learn and he would overcome his disabilities. Well, she worked so hard. She insisted cheat teaching them how to use chopsticks during meal times even he found it extraordinarily difficult because of his cerebral palsy. She said. I didn't want him to feel ashamed about his physical problems, one the thing tat. He had inferior abilities, which he did in many areas, but I was quite Strict on him to work hard and catch up where he had difficulties.
He graduated with a degree environmental science from Peking University in twenty eleven. Always now working on his doctorate. While attending Harvard LAW School but remember, Doktor said he didn't, have a life where living somebody else, Stephen Hawking, only had two years to live the difference he made after polio? paralyze from the waist down. Of Braun guy, you not heard of you should hear the guy was born with muscular dystrophy? He star? it is career in nineteen sixty six, because he the inventor of the wheelchair, accessible Van.
About Marley Matlin is Her- will steaming. Wonder: was his life worth living? Did you know that free there was in a wheelchair. The artist Frida was in a wheelchair. Helen Keller, my daughter. And the millions like her all around the world who most people in the world will not know her name she hasn't done anything famous, but she has changed my life. She has changed the life of her family. She has changed the life of others who know her.
Who are you to judge who has a life worth living? What is it with this society that we think that its compassionate to take away all consequences or all pain? Pain is a basic part of life it tee, does us. The stove is hot, don't put her hand on the hot stove people who have a condition of they can't feel pain have to walk around almost
is, if there, in a bubble, the pain that parents feel With a differently able to child is extreme at times, but it is glorious most of the time. We have to decide who we are, because we're not in danger of losing just our country or our good doctors. Or even the western way of life. We are losing our humanity. And rushing towards the garbage
barges of Rome of days gone by. My patriot supplies are sponsor this half hour. You see the emergency session at the. U N yesterday in Nicky Hayley called North Korea, their launch a clear and sharp military escalation. You Military action remains on the table for dessert. Isn't it need prayers this week, while he's meeting with Russia in Everybody else in the G20, this a serious, serious situation. Emergency food is all about self reliance? It takes your hope they will deprive and turns it into confidence. I know my family's gonna be fine. There is so much p. In that knowledge.
Now they have their new survival food supply, which includes a hundred into adult servings, a breakfast lunches and dinner for only ninety nine dollars. The world is cheap, doing so rapidly, and we, Not out of the woods please please we are. Towards the dark, as parts of the woods call one eight hundred, two hundred seven thousand one hundred and sixty three eight hundred two hundred seven thousand one hundred and sixty three or go to preparewithglenn dot com- that's prepare, we'd Glenn, dot com, the glad that programme were. Promoting the hero is in the house, he'll be joining us here and just to the second and interesting thing about the baby. Now our stories they when the parents requested the baby to be euthanize, the Hitler regime went to the parents and said you can,
it can be done. However, it's not you requesting it, it is I the Fuhrer, because we will take that burden away from you. We don't want you to wake up in ten years and think did I do something wrong to my child. I will do it. I am the only one who can make that decision and so cloaked in compassion taking full control of everyone's medical choices. Nice compassionate move out, starts fight for Charlie Gard, Charlie Gard know you and guard.
The blaze radio network on demand, There will be a few real intellectual leaders that will gather Americans around the tent pole of right and wrong, Good and evil and the constitution again, and one of those leaders happens to be in our studio now. His name is Ben Shapiro from the daily wire really really smart, very, very brave
and we're in a tackle we're to solve all of the world's problems in the next about fifty four minutes. It's gonna be a rock in our here. We go begins right now, using of entertainment and didn't lightened the green bench a bureau could have. The programme that in honor, of course, good abbe here I just
this one a run down, just a few of the things that are going on in the world and just get your take on where we are. What we're headed towards first of all, quickly its touch on the topic that we ve been on all day, Charlie Guard, the little eleven eleven months old child whose parents have the money to take him to America to get treatment, the courts and the national terraces system in great Britain, says no he's to die in a british hospital literally has got to die in a british hospital. Magazine just said that they write is going to use. This is a case for death panels and against. Socialized medicine yeah. Where do you stand on? The Emily seems like a very solid case against death and organizational I've met you I wouldn't possibly rioters cudgel by you. I mean I think that it might my wife is a doctor she's and residency in short in the hospital, and she deals with terminal people all the time and
doctors will say that it's that they'll give the loud all the choices for people who are terminal miss it. Maybe you'd prefer not to be potent prodded every five hours. Maybe you want to die at home, but this is all about the choice of the patient in here and Charlie Guards case. Obviously it's not about the choice of the patient is not about the choice of the parents. When a government, then a society decide. The quantity of life is less important than quality of life. I have been a really dire situation, because the goal of the government at least show IE, to preserve quantity of life is your job to decide what Quality of life you want enjoy, and we all have our different moral standards on that? But, The government decides that it gets to decide what quality of life is worth living. Then you don't run into some serious, so we were. I had my staff reach out to leaders of the churches and faith over in England yesterday, And got several responses. One of them was from a pastor who said look
the churches in the pulpits? They are not dealing with this there not talking about it at all. However, the Christians in England are talking about it. It's interesting that he heave let the boy snow white Flag and says the pulpit including mine. You have surrendered on this, but the people are talking about it. So there is a huge disconnect there. But he said Please tell Glenn but this is not a case of the government just taking away the rights of a child rights of parents. It is It is more so that the government paid for this childs healthcare. He said now that they have the money to take him to America. I see no reason. Why can't go to the go to America? However, There isn't enough money to work cases like that here in England, so
he was making the case that, if you don't have money that it would be right and righteous to say: let him die. If you are in a socialized healthcare system, and you don't have the money. Is it brought On what what do you do? mom, and this is why socialize healthcare systems workmen, eventually somebody's making the final call even mean. Isn't these parents were born into wealth and they raise this money from a bunch of charitable people right so that they can take their kid out and try and say right kid where's the issue would lead the pulpit- and this is something that happens in the United States- also, they more water when the great tragedies of the latter half of the twentieth century is that pulpit figures across the board, in Judaism in Christianity, have fled from, Crucial moral battles that are happening in the now in or to keep on the goods,
head of government because they're afraid that the government is going to come against them, and so they ve run from these moral battles. And you see it all the time. It's it's really devastating. It's. It's sucks. The marrow from the bones religions so that much let's go to another moral question, my of course it. Why are you here less importance, the the CNN battle with W W F video guy, Don't I have I'm having a really hard time with this, because I don't see a good guy on either side. I see the president doing something that if rock Obama would have the head. If we just would have retweeted, not saying that, Donald Trump did anything but retweeted. If he, if Barack Obama would have retweeted something that had an old clip of him beating this not out of somebody and its four imposed teabag over the guy's head, we would have gone ape.
Crazy, we would have gone, we would have become. Animals are gone, not right. Visual, ok, so. Why don't we see now We would have reacted the same way there. The left is reacting to this end, and forget it how others erecting worry about how we are acting because we don't care how we're academic more private, always to care about, is the three Generic nature of of politics right now, it's why president from has like a ninety percent approval rating among Republicans and attend and are proliferating among Democrats and the same thing by the end of the Obama term was basically true, we're so Paulo, as that they were using the polarisation in polarization polarisation as an excuse for bad behaviour and was an eye My entire life, my entire adult life, fighting the left- and I was not expecting. Moral leadership from
I've never expected moral leadership from left because they believe in the same values that I believe in, but I did expect moral leadership from the right really see how moral leadership is advanced by tweeting out. Gifts of W W e rustling CNN logos minutes was once in office occupied by George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, its the clown drastic, too much the present every journalist stuff, and we just surrendered to counter We climbed has learnt anything that would be. The republican party is broken down into the air and the conservative moon is broken down and it maybe three groups group number one or people who say this is It was an insult there's. No way should be doing this group to is this, is Nicholas and silly, but at least we got corset, and then good three are the people, and this is the growing group, is the one that actually worried the most about is people who, actively celebrate this, where this is a feature, not a bug. It's not well you're going at the zoo. Tweet from time to time, but at least you get Scott Brood over an EPA pairing back, the regulations is the people who
early care. What's got route is doing so much. We gonna pay attention to that and gorse at yea, but what I'm really interesting, what we're really gets you jazzed up is the tweeted make a brilliant skis, bloody face, lift or from tackling CNN logo. Like that's really what gets me going for its amazingly as we used to say when I was at Fox, why The other hand, and the other hand. I don't, I don't think their core stated, I think both hands or just plainly, but you could make the case that their very strategic, because as we are, We're we're not talking about a health care reform that is absolutely awful, stop what it's not any better I'm always hesitancy credit strategy to President Trump when Sheer unbridled id would do it. I think that this wasn't you thought. You know what I really need distraction from a health reform bill summits. We doubted them, give ya think it was
somebody for me: don't give ha ha ha, wouldn't it be hilarious if I put it up on my twitter feed, and it really was that amount of consideration right. So so, in order for it to be a diversion and aversion usually requires something for you. For detention from- I don't think- he's diverting attention necessarily from the health care, because that's a giant made like right now, it's it's is a closet or so what kills me is that there are a lot of people that part willing, very smart people that are willing to say help me understand it Ben that are willing to say this is ok, Let the helm here, religious sale, everything else is saying this is that the p I trust now are not likely there are what's his face turtle face from Kentucky Economic Model and Bulgaria. They are true sting Mcconnell over people MIKE yeah Helping figure that out nothing, nothing, break timid,
stand. Other groups are. I think there are two groups of people here. One is the people who Wanna see policy wind for Trump. Something has to pass and since I'm gonna pass simple, repeal because Trump, basically for closed Adam. He forbade that during the campaign he made a bunch of promises that are not in in coordination with simple repeal- and he said I can let anybody go without health care. The governments can make sure that everybody is covered, and he said this stuff in the campaign to this kind of difficult to say that no one in a repeal, I'm gonna, cut back Medicaid, so there group number one. I just wanna see trunk gonna win and then there's group number two who say: ok, now, I'm gonna be honest. We were lying for seven years, Republicans relying for seven years when they said they're going to repeal this thing. Now we gotta be honest, we're not repealing it, but the best that we can do is medicate restructuring and attacks got that That's the best that we're gonna do here and will call it Obamacare appeals so that all the other area tat blindly we're little Billy. That is there a group, a growing group of conservatives that bill even socialized everything
me I'm, and I think that that there is a growing group of conservatives who did we don't care or apathetic who arms? interested again in the me fight against what they perceived to be the laughed than they are in the fight against leftist policy. So they they There is a mistake has been made, which is to identify the entirety of leftism as residing of the hall in the halls of CNN or the New York Times. The universities, but one left. Naturally starts to infect you or party. Then it can be in fact you're particles, hey we're Republicans, we're not we're not, conservatives, where we believe in though, when I left us I mean come on. We hate those guys and doesn't matter that this is why, in a city, bad in the White House, she strategist he was out floating travellers about raising taxes on the rich and their bunch. People go well yeah? Why not do that where we, what I've been there for a while does anyone but people saying well, I mean, if that's good policy, and if that will help us win democratic voters and all the rest of it, then why not do it again? I think that what people
the stuff that you and I were looking at during the campaign. We're saying this is really like some of the activity that the Trump was pushing or things like forty two Montana body, slamming reporter things where you and I were going. This is crazy, like how is this happening there? the people who are seen not as a in spite that we're happy, because we're getting some good policy, the policy. Actually matter. All that matters is we for so long hated losing to the left. People, literally body slamming importers, or just going out there labeling everything, fake news or wrestling gifts, are all this stuff is action. That's what we want and we elected that right. What we wanted was the twitter obey. The twitter is not an obstacle to getting what we want. The twitter is what we want the policies the obstacle to getting, what we want, because we might not get more twitter if he doesn't. Yet policy pass that allows him to to get real action, to be honest with ourselves about whether were more jazzed up about the wrestling gift or whether jazz doubly corset, because I think that were there, up. Above the rest, I think that's right now think things that's right
which is why he keeps doing erratic it's more laws doing now than he does with conservative policy Backward Ben Shapiro here in a second while we are celebrating our countries independence this week, keep in mind all of those who fought to defend our freedoms, but one and when the bad guys just aren't overseas and adjust terrorist overseas, but in your own home town. This is something that Germany is really ratcheting up poor for tomorrow for the G20 summit, they that thing could just be a and sink hole of of Mechanism and violence tomorrow it a matter of time before it comes here, cause we're really not doing the things that we need to do the? U S easier knows that in today's unpredictable world self, the fancy, some much more of an entire necessity than ever before. They are the first and largest organization to be solely dedicated to the protection of responsible gun owners before dawn and after a self defense incident
You have no idea, we all prepare to to pull the trigger mentally prepare for that moment and know the difference between now and not now, and all that stuff. We dont think about what happens after we pulled the trigger. Your life has changed for at least three years. Just even if you pull the trigger- and you don't even hit anybody You need somebody now protecting you, the protector, That's exactly what the USA does find out all about it to protect and defend dot com also get registered for their great american giveaway five Lucky winners going to win one thousand seven hundred and seventy six dollars for guns and ammo by the gun of your dream. Do it this week might as well be you five people are going to be selected. All you have to do is go and register it preferred to perfect protect defend, Dotcom, that's protect and
and dot com go there. Now today, at five p M Eastern Hannah, please tv glimmers taking your calls live for a full, our call. Eighty eight seventy seven be easy Kay. Glenn anything today at five p m Eastern, please TV back programme, correct, he's the Glen sign up or the newsletter and get all the info. You need to know what Glenda dotcom good friend to the programme good friend and, and also a good friend to the constitution deeply rooted in in logical thought, which is rare Ben. It appears from the daily wire is here with us, and smarter than us, somebody asked the question: the the CNN, their reaction to the wrestling situate, which
As you know them saying well, we won't release a name you know. If you act badly, we might NEA I was reminded system, as it was a weird way: phrasing it, and now I am not defending CNN unwilling handle. It was very clunky, its best surprise on that sort of uniform reaction on the right of, at least in the passionate response from the right saying, serve giving this real reverence, too, is an online pseudonym, a guy. If this really means that you're anonymous, I mean like you know, you could try to be anonymous, but that does not guarantee your right and beyond that, the that you can kind of go Who are you mad at your mad at CNN here whose essentially, let's say, and in the school situation, that the principal punishing your kid for? Doing something wrong right, they're, doing their punishing you're givers beings in IRAN. I always see the right as the people who are Mahathir kid. Not the school right,
The left is the one that goes in white about the school hey. Why did you get my kid in trouble? You're you're, causing real detriment where the latter were word. The rights must be the one thing we need more on a kid: don't: post anti semitic stuff, don't don't don't some online. You want to associate rays of work. What am I missing, and while I mean I think they did their bows and you're missing anything with the basic calculus as far as the right is supposed to be treating people when they do this sort of stuff, although during the last elections cycle as the number one recipient of anti semitic tweets and the drastic community ordering anxiety, all forty percent of all anti semitic, tweets directed a journalist came to me personally, turning regular congratulating greater trophy on my death have hated you in America, which are the real accomplishment, adds great but the beer? I think that This story is a little bit more than that couple reasons. One is that the to link Trump with the guy who created the meme and then to link him with all the other stuff that this guy had ever created?
obviously, a stretch and labour in an unfair and readily friend it's in in obviously in a hit job on Trump. So that was CNN, going over its keys on their ok, so assume and say: ok, fine! Well, they disagree. They think that if you say that the Trump associating with the red at crowd, he gets whatever he's. Whoever he's linked to were now going to search for all their ancillary material. Linked to that which, again I had a problem with that's on them. Number one state mistake: number two is that a pair They got the wrong guy. So apparently they actually you didn't even get the right guy and then mistake. Number three is that they apparently called him and before he returned. There call he's ok, CNN on my tail eminent apologizing, Paul this September. I call them back. He does that. He calls me back and then they run that story where they say: keep him anonymous if he obeys our orders and ok? That's no longer journalism, that's no activism! So if you're an activist group, that's ok right, I mean it's still. What do you know the idea that Stew floated yesterday that
really the Buzz feed crew, that kind of came in yeah that was pushing back again see and am because they are more activist Yan but you don't get me wrong. I worked at CNN. They are activism as well, but not like them. I do think the media have become just generally more activists and Trump was elected. I mean I think that it is in our sea. It is their ironic national view. I said that the dichotomy right now in the american discourse is that, though Sees themselves in the media see themselves, as these are better French cut wherein guys we're snooping on the streets in every nook and cranny for all the corruption of our trump anyhow, and then the right sees Trump as a sore Playboy billion AIR Bruce Wayne Type, who you know, is an idiot during the day and night. He dines the bat capon in, goes out and brings justice to make a Brzezinski face. So I'm not sure it's a bridge. They can ever be gap, a gap that never be bridged, but your eyes whereas CNN behaviour on this thing, reacted very strongly to this because the scene and is not the gatekeeper of telling people,
What they can do or we're going to release act is either newsworthy and release it more than others worthy and let it go you don't get us also generally sunset. I dont understand I mean today. I saw this for the first time this apparently what was on that guy's feed or whenever area this comes from a pro Hitler group aging you're not on this, but this is all their name is a name in this way. I know: there's all the Jews that working environment and keep a command. So there are Jews that work at sea and may show this amazing because it has all their faces with a star of David. Next to it I mean so clearly Hitler about going to stop by by saying: hey we're not going to release this stuff, they actually I don't think I did go as far as they could have to
tromp to this kind of stuff if they would have spent two days showing this stuff and say as some kind of stuff that he was though, and blah blah blah? Then it would have been worse. I dont understand their strategy of yellow that it made just a second back programmes. This is the collapsed back paragraph one the programme and to Ben Shapiro, who is from the daily wire and a really bright. I who is out of where we have very different approaches. The two of us, but I think we believe much of the same,
write your nightmares and I'm not said. No. I want to talk to you a little bit about that and for women before we go, that's not it. I mean what I think: you're a bomb thrower by any stretch of the imagination we are talking about this earlier today, you're very logical and you don't mind confrontation, Moran, not a bomb thrower, there's a difference between a bomb, thrower and a you know. You're you're not quite Robbie Zacharias. I don't care who doesn't appear, but but you're in that mean that on that road by appreciated, thank it yeah, yeah yeah. I d like to think that I'm more precedent, saying things that I think are true, that amateur funding people and if the things that I think are to refund people than sellers are totally different. I mean some people go out to make headlines into offend. I dont think I've never seen you do that, ok. I did something that I that I do take some pride in and it's one of the reasons why it so funny else becomes college campuses, nobody's major protests in, and quasi riots and all this and then when
one on the left actually come to lecture, though say they don't understand what that was now about who's gonna be ok. Go back to where we were before the break. You were about to answer something, I don't say anything Vienna, so gay. So what is seen in strategy on the way they dealt with all of this, I think that the entire media right now are so, as I haven't worn, a reactionary period which is really dangerous because, whatever happens out of reactionary period, it's really good bye, in the media, are are so reaction. They think every stories Akel shot and so they are. They are interested in just getting the story out fast, open, elderly and I'll kill shot on this one yeah exactly I mean I can, but they think everything is ready me. Will you have democratic regime based on his tweets last week with MSNBC? He should be impeach. So really that's your grounds. That was it like. We didn't have you not spent a thriving rhyme or a misdemeanor, which is what our clause of the constant him and they ve put a lot of other clauses in order that they may end up about one in there too, but they
they really are concerned the in order for them to maintain ratings and or also because they they should believe this they our living this mythical world, where, if they break the right story, then we'll just collapse and who will be present anymore and entire reality will change, and this is why CNN was pumping the Trump Russia Collusion stuff, not just saying that you know that People who trumpets associated with who have russian connections, which is true but take the risk. Of collusion and in trying to blow this happened. Some big scandal, no evidence there's no evidence of none and they are doing this for a year and an prettily post election. They are doing it because their viewers are invested in the idea that, if they want they want to be watching CNN at equally the moment when goes down. If it don't they hear here, that's true, but don't they understand that we kind of already even that ground and again birth to the birth, hers, okay and for years into it. Donald Trump is doing all birth certificate thing, which only hard news- is porters.
All that does, and so by by CNN, making everything into an impeach grounds of impeachment. In a constitutional crisis, there only hardening both sides I don't care and hip, why would they care, and I think that on the right way, when people on the right care. I mean it used to be able to say two things number one: it's bad for the american body Politic to have these hardening of positions number we're is. I can bring a victory, but clearly that's not true. Rhyming clearly needed We on the right, keep saying we're in the democratic and provide propose something wondered whether they can bring their solutions where they don't need to Ok, let's, let's not pretend here the Republicans brought no solutions for eight years, while a bomb was president and they yelled at him. And then the guy who said that he was born in Kenya is the President of the United States. It is very difficult to make the argument that what we really need is a great unify our normal when elections, when I can't say that we were Sadly, the party of unification- if that doesn't say, there's something to unify with the left, was in providing a lot for us too to unify
over, while President Obama was president was providing his own form. Polarisation and racial extremism in terms of polarizing various racial groups for political gain by its it. But right now, there's not a lot of of incentive on any side for a rhetoric of unity, for a general rather ago a rhetoric of reason in unity, and I don't like his pole. Sees at all was Mitt Romney, yes and he was right down the traditional middle and everything else and he will Much more conservative than this. An intense in many ways. Yet we didn't unify around that If we use to fight against somebody who's, gonna punch back, that's then that's the whole thing. I think that this is a rage moment in one of the things that happening for politicians and the media is there's a lot of money and a lot of political gain to made in humoring people's anger in I'm as apparent one things: I've two kids who are under the age of four, and
which means you deal tantrums a lot and the things that you do with the kid dictators having a from is, you have to say Why are you having the tantrum? Is the anger, justified right and usually angers, not three and a half year old Raymond? Why the and the anger usually isn't when, when people were adults are angry. We no longer even bother asking them. Is your anger justified? Are you mad for a good reason, or are you just mad and then, if their mad, we say, okay? Well, we can grab that we can use that. We can channel that anger into something politically useful in electing me or raising money for this cause or intervene. Nothing to be angry at or there is less to be angry at than you think then parry, And take advantage of that- and I think that's what you see happening on both sides of the house on the left, their say the worst president. Whoever ever was Larry and its nothing's happening guys like nothing Euro things have happened right up, I mean Judge Gorse, it replaced Judge Justice Scalia right It makes it clear that no nothing happened, nothing's happening right, run it and there has been general major pieces of legislation passed and signed by this president, thereby bunch of room peals of small laws under under the entered Obama, but
like commodities has been friends formation presidency. None anyway, has been transformational, but the left is treating it like. You have reason to be angry. There's a reason. You're mad, not and on the right. You have people, they present something this during the campaign to great effect where he was going into these small towns that we're shutting down, because the industry's had laughed and saying what the reason that you have a right to be angry and not a right to be angry at me over regulation, which is legit, but you have a right to be angry because the Chinese and the Mexicans are stealing your job and we just really. We just went again. If we didn't have XL these idiots and we just went again, then we would be able to bring everything back all these facts. Become flowing back in and, of course, none of that is true, and so what we have right now is the media trying for buck to promote anger, and you have the politicians for vote to try and promote anger and never at any point does anybody. It makes a pathological country may Jonathan Height social psychologist, everyone why you. About how, when it comes to psychology, the signal best method
been devised for psychologists is cognitive behavioral therapy, where they try to take somebody who's having a chain of bad thoughts. Is leading to depression and then they try to say, ok well, why is it that Europe is possible? You're, exaggerating. The situation is possible. You're reading somebody wrong. You break the chain of bad thoughts by saying, maybe your feelings are not justified. Maybe should re examine your own feelings and control over your own feelings, and then you can control yourself as a human being politics opposite of that. Now it's to take that rage and exacerbated and magnify it and make a bigger and broader and louder Ben's. That brings me write to you, you and me- and I know I wouldn't put it- I wouldn't put us indifferent categories. You just approach. Differently. You are approaching it with reason, don't mind the battle I kind of sea beds in Euro as a dead, with a logical argument to the three and a half year old, she's, a very logical three are still very two half they actually get it back running shoes is the correct temperature and you're right are you saying-
And are you even looking for those people. Not on the left, but the reasonable people? I think there is I don't even know what the number is there. Today. I think it's thirty percent on a good day. I think it's, maybe seventy percent of Americans who, if were presented with a group of adults, that could all get along, even though they disagree and we're San. You know I just come over and watch that stuff burn down over here. We're just gonna start moving and getting some things done kind of the room. Publican party in the eighteen fifty's really was mainly made up of Democrats at the time. That said, you're not serious and the whigs that joined them said might sides not serious either, and we actually want to solve this slavery thing. Do you do you see,
To those reasonable people out there, I do actually. I think that it is a growing number of people who are disillusioned with the with the W w e of it all and in our and are sick of it, and they see that kind of thing. That really too people who are making money in an agreement on the left as well I think I mean. I think that when I get a lot of letters from college kids Gillespie go out to colleagues in they watch my videos and I get a lot of letters from college kids. You say I was on the left and I was you know, motivated to believe the people on the right were nasty and mean and cruel and- and then I watch some here. And now I it's open my mind, I'm doing some reading of my own. Like tat kind of examined ideas differently, and I think that there are those people who are who are getting over this, I think that, what's lit the few Four conservatism is not going
complete Reagan. Conservatism can be almost a conservative libertarian merger can be leave me alone, yes thing because we're so sick of everybody and our businesses. In fact, I think that that's actually the strongest pitch the conservatives can make right now to people on the left is not come on over here and join us on the trunk trade agree. You hate trump. Ok, I hated Obama thought was terrible. Well, I have a solution for all of this, which is haven't. We just take the power away from everyone in Washington DC, and then you don't have to care. Is the president just some guy who lives in a how we're not going to change your life? You live what you like, don't change? What how I lived my life rushest live side by side. I think there is a real case to be made. I think that's what's gonna come out of this. I was just I was in Hollywood of all places, all last week- and I at with group after, After group, some of them were hardened, at least one in each group of the Polish ten me things that I had at least one was hardened against me when I first walked in and
it became a joke of the tea. That was going with me, because they were like how long before they turn how long before they turn to every single one of them because of The height naturally him to his method of talking their language making reason. Being humble friendly. A couple laugh laugh at yourself, laugh at the other side. Immediately turn I had huge or else come to me and say, I am more afraid of the left. Then I am of your side now. The who, because of what's happening on college campuses this the kind of round people up energy, usually Jews, know there were then there were the liberal Jews that we're saying these kinds of things to me. Why? I think that the political situation right now it's it's, certainly gave a ping pong and eventually the the people
Get tired of of bouncing between the two polar extremes: between the Bernie Sanders laughed and likewise matter laughed and the in. A hard core. Do you think that there is enough Democrats that are still out there. That say I don't want Bernie Sanders, because the Democrats are moving towards that kind of thing. By wiping Bernie Sanders is an interesting case, because centres is smart enough to actually not play the intersection of game as much as he plays the socialist game, so he's actually more unifying figure for Americans, then Kemal herons for general, and so was this hinders, is actually did. The great danger from the Democrats is coming. I agree with a hard left in the Democratic Party is Bernie Sanders. I didn't the actual future in the Democratic Party and their victory is going to live with people like Bernie Sanders and not with not with this where people by the rays and then you're on the typical democratic platform, I mean, I think, that its if sanders had actually been the nominee. I think there
much more significant chance that he is president than than Hilary angry, probably ones Michigan pretty easily. I agree so it's that's the danger that not just because of his ideas is because he is because he has steadfastly refused to Engage in some of the blame game, the exactly not lay in the union's right, you do. You want more without a no politics at all. Here I am fascinated by boat, something you ve done recently, which is I just. I just took my kid to hit the first, our first baseball game boom he's fine. I'm indoctrinated him to be a tron obliges fan. Absolutely no that's Roxy Annabelle reason: Vida you! She just write a book about Europe, experience. Go through the two thousand five white socks championship or how to come about this. Really, I think it's a fascinating. As my dad and I are huge waits accidents. I picked up on my dad sports allegiance, so he's from Chicago my mom's from Chicago Osborne, no eyes. That means I've never really been to home, get my husband visiting games and in so we're huge white accents and in two thousand five hours it dead, Harvard LAW and
when it was kind of a rough year and whose haven't rough year- and so we just decided we're gonna watch every White Saxony, between the two of us watched every way: tax game that season and ended up putting the world series, and so we wrote this Where were they have? The book? Is us writing notes to each other? How are you doing, and we just piled. All of that into into book so took notes on the games, and then chair Roach about that you said it's. A sports books are really no big deal. That's all sports book that Dad India, that's a father and son Bore oh yeah. I'd have at any rate it is it is it. I mean it's a lot of fun. It is if you're Bay, How can you get a lot more out of ex? There is a lot of baseball. I mean we do our baseball's there's a lot of baseball in there, but yeah it's, It's my dad telling stories about his dad and mean my dad interrelated, and so that's. What's the name of the book is called say it. So ok is Ben Shapiro. He'll beyond with us. I think we're doing a facebook thing and we're so Thrilled the heavier and and really keep up the good as it is, an honour and pleasure we re always thank you- are sponsor this half hour is gold. Lying
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